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Where To Find IMO ?
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I've had Interstitial Cysitis for 20 years and IMO was recommende by The Interstitial Cysitis Network. I'm also lactose intolerant. I use IMO not only on my potatoes, but I make dressings out of it. (all dressings have vinegar. we cannot tolerate vinegar) I make it with spices. Also It's my
tartar sauce for fish. It's my "Ranch Dressing" when I add Almond milk and spices. I use it many ways. Every week I buy two containers. Ralphs, used to carry it, Pavilion used to carry it. Then I found it at State Bros. when they all quit carrying it. Yesterday Stater Bros. stopped carrying it. NOW WHAT DO I DO? WHERE ELSE CAN I GET IT? There are so few things I CAN EAT, and that made it possible with what I CAN EAT. No more salads? because I don't have a homemade salad dressing? WITH IMO??

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Skye on 11/26/2011:
Dean National Brand Group Inc

Address: 300 Industrial Dr E
Sulphur Springs, TX,

Phone: 903-885-0881

Fax: 903-885-9875


Starlord on 11/27/2011:
That is the route I took once. I love IMO, and can't stand sour cream. IMO does not separate and go really bad, as it lasts much, much longer than sour cream, and tastes a lot better.
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Where's the IMO?
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I can't find IMO in any of my local grocery stores. I have a dairy allergy. I have used IMO for decades in cooking for my whole family. Without it I would not have been able to enjoy many of my favorite foods, such as Stroganoff, Chicken Paprika, baked potatoes!!!!!, and many other delicious recipes. I am having "sour cream withdrawal"! Please help. Bring back my IMO!!!!!!! R. G. in Washington State
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Alain on 05/29/2011:
The only thing I could find was on:
momsey on 05/29/2011:
All I found when I googled it was other people asking the same question. I'd go right to the company and ask them. I suspect it's not made anymore.
Starlord on 05/31/2011:
I don't know what part of Washington the OP resides in, but I do know that the Safeway and Albertson stores in Lacey both carry IMO. Down below this, there is a click spot for other Dean Foods or IMO reviews, I spoke to a CSR at Dean, and was assured that Dean's makes thousands of containers of IMO every week, and I posted the contact number for Dean's. You also need to speak to the people at your local stores, as this is a health issue. I have a sister-in-law who is lactose intolerant, and my wife is allergice to shellfish, so I understand.
cheryl on 09/06/2013:
Can not find IMO anywhere in Hayward,Ca. I have dairy and shellfish allergies. I only know of IMO as a nondairy product. Please help me to find it....
David on 10/24/2013:
We are looking for IMO too. It is a great product that my wife has built into almost all of her recipes that call for sour cream. Have spent a lot of time, on the internet and the phone, trying to find it. Help!
melanie on 11/05/2013:
I live in Carson city Nev. in the past months I have been unable to find IMO.Raleys used to carry it but no more. Smiths ,Savemart, Walmart don't carry it. has it been discontinued?anyone in Carson know of a source?it is vastly superior to sour
N. Carver on 11/28/2013:
Please bring IMO back if it has been discontinued
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IMO distribution
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We just moved from Washington State to Wisconsin and can't find IMO anywhere!! It was bad enough when Fred Meyers and Safeway quit carrying it, we became Albertson customers ASAP as they carry it all the time!! But now we read all the reviews and it appears it's only distributed out on the west coast?? WHY?? There are people moving to the midwest and east coast all the time!! How do I find out how to get it carried in my area? We have Festival Foods and Piggly Wiggly stores here. Does Walgreens carry it? We use IMO in place of sour cream in every dish, on tacos, in dressings, dips.

Help....stranded without IMO in Green Bay!!
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Starlord on 10/31/2010:
Dean's Foods makes IMO, and you can find Dean's Foods on the net. They may be able to help find some way to get IMO to you. I wish you the best. I know how it is when I can't get IMO.
old fart on 10/31/2010:
What is IMO,?
Starlord on 10/31/2010:
IMO is a sour cream substitute made by Dean's Foods, the makers of various dips. It has an extremely long shelf life in the fridge, does not separate and get icky like sour cream, and has a much better flavor. Perhaps the most important feature is that it contains no dairy, so it can be used freely by those who are lactose intolerant. I use it with Mrs. Grass onion soup mix to make chip dip, and on tacos, in short, anyplace you would normally use sour cream.
old fart on 10/31/2010:
Thank you Starlord....
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