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Deer Valley Auto Fleet is MOTORS DE AMIGOS INC.
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- In Nov of 2009 I bought a Honda Accord with 1,000 down. Payments were a little high but nothing major. Car had damage they promised to fix and never did but the thing got me to work and back. Well that car was totaled I got full blue book value for the Honda which was almost $7000. So needless to say I paid the car off for $4000. Come to find out none of my payments reached a bank nor did they get sent to the credit bureau. So hear I am 23 yrs old and still no credit after I was promised that even though I was in house financed they would send everything to the credit bureau. So Pat (the old guy who owns the place) says for the trouble he'll get me in to a 2003 BMW for a little over 10,000 out the door. Ran mine and my grandmothers credit and said my payments would be no hire than 300 monthly and I agreed to put down 3000. So BMW and 300 a month hmm... Lets do it I said. Now he says he'll give me a call sometime next week to give me all my options for a finacing agreement but I had to take the car that day. Now I'm getting a little sketched out but whatever I put no money down and he's letting me take the car. I get a call about 4 days later of never hearing from him damanding I write him a check for 3,000. I told him but I haven't been financed officially and there is no deal yet. Well he says he needs it now or no car. So I wrote him a check for 1500 and said he'll get the other half after the deal has gone through. Calls me up the next day says I have some good financing offers for you get here when you can. I get there and sure enough nothing under 450 a month. I said no way I'm giving the car back and I want my money back. He proceeded to try to talk me into buying another car I said no I'm done with this place I want my money now. He told my that there is a restocking fee of $550 and a fee of 545 for mileage put on the car. As you probably would of guessed I made nothing short of a scene. I said attorney he said get out. Never paid me a dime. Come to find out they used to be called MOTORS DE AMIGOS but now goes by the name of DEER VALLEY AUTO FLEET. Its all a scam do not even give these people the time of day. They are nothing but low life crooks. Whoever else has had a problem with these people it would really help if we team up.
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Alain on 10/23/2010:
You should have stopped dealing with them after the Honda problems, but you know that now.
Huse on 10/28/2010:
I was lied to, and believe me I do feel stupid.
jktshff1 on 10/28/2010:
good luck..hard lesson learned.
myun on 12/10/2010:
I was taken for 3000 on the same car just weeks ago. I would like to talk. Please email me at I already notified the better business burrow and the attorney general and I am taking them to court.
myun on 12/12/2010:
Regarding a similar case with the BMW I purchased I realized very early on hay I made a wrong decision. I know have an attorney, the BBB, and AG' office. I encourage anyone who encounters these illegal acts and contract liabilities to contact the police, BBB, and lawyer. For me the money is mow due to the moral concept verses the equal anger towards both the previous van I turned over and signifIcant cash I put down. They are counting on people not following through. They either do not have the resources to meet the required governmental agencies needs or attorneys required for court or trial. My thought is that more people need to value the importance of their own time, money, and right to carry these practices out from a criminal, legal, and state attorney Generals Office.
SASHAK02 on 02/13/2011:
I recently purchased a 2003 Saturn Vue for $4000 cash at Deer Valley Auto Sales on 02/03/2011. I was working with the salesperson, Jerry, and he said the truck was going for $3800. After test driving the truck and finally deciding that I was ready to purchase the vehicle, I'm sitting in the office ready to sign paperwork and then I am told I was given a misquote on the Vue. Its really $4700. I say no way, that's beyond my price limit. So Jerry comes back from talking with Pat, the owner, and says they will cut me a deal. If I pay them the $4000 cash and give them my 1998 Toyota Camry, I can have the car. They won't charge me any sales tax. I said OK. It sounded like a good deal.
I go with Jerry and get the cash and pay them. So its getting close to 5pm and I have to drive all the way to Tempe to pick up my girls from daycare at 6pm. So we decide that they will prepare all the paperwork for me and I will come back and sign all the papers the next day. I drive the truck to go get the girls from daycare, and within 15 minutes of being on the freeway the check engine light comes on. This worries me. The next day, I leave to go down to the dealership and I see a puddle under the truck. When I get there, I tell them that my truck is leaking fluid and my check engine light is on. I tell Jerry that I needed a reliable vehicle and I don't feel comfortable with problems already happening within minutes of driving it home. The owner Pat says that the truck has been sitting and that caused the check engine light to come on. I tell him, I don't think so. He says that he will offer me a 50/50 warranty on the car for the next 90 days. I pay 50% of repair charges, he will pay 50%. I say no way! I just gave him $4000 cash and I'm not giving him another penny. He needs to fix the truck. He says no.
I say I'm not signing anything until it gets fixed. So I tell him I want my Camry back and my money, they can take the car back.He says sorry, your money has already been sent to California. I say then get it back. I don't want this truck if you won't fix it. To make a long story short, I left the dealership with no money back, no title to the Vue, no signed contract, and no Camry. I don't know what to do. I spoke to my insurance agent and my mechanic, and they said the transaction we did at the dealership is illegal. It's called Curbing Cars. It's illegal for them to sell me a car through a dealership and charge no tax. They basically sold me a car through the dealership, but treated the transaction as a private party sale.
So after much thought, I am contacting 3 On Your Side, the AZ Dept of Revenue, and the attorney general's office for some help here.
My ultimate goal here is to have the dealership either fix my car completely, or give me my money and my old car back. I am not asking anything unreasonable. I am a single mom of 2 toddlers and this company robbed me of all of my tax return money, and I'm sure they will continue to do this to others until they are stopped. Especially with tax season right around the corner.
HUSE on 07/02/2012:
Its terrible how they take advantage of people there. I tried 3 on your side as well but received no help. Its not right these people still have a business. Check out the reviews on this has obviously happened to many people. At this point I care more about shutting this place down than even getting my money back. I feel bad for the next person that walks into that POS office and gets bold faced LIED TO.
Jon on 12/03/2013:
I have a 10k plus Audi A6 paperweight that was guaranteed by there shady sales people, Lenny, and junk mechanic to be in perfect running order. Was told the cd player worked, doesn't. Was told the car had never been in an accident, was confirmed by Audi that it was. Was told it even had bluetooth, NO car had bluetooth in 04 which should have been my first indication that these people were just trying to get my money. I literally could write an entire page of things I was told that are not true or were fine off the lot and broke a week later. I had to put 6k into the car literally a week after I bought it and now it just sits because of some other mechanical error probably done by there "mechanic" they have on site. Went back to see what could have been done and it was like tough sh*t, sold as is. Basically told me that I got screwed and there was nothing that could be done other than trade for another less expensive car on the lot. I am now in the hole 16k because I paid cash for a car that I cannot even drive. The amount of bs I was fed, the swindling, outright lies, and obvious lack of customer service is unbelievable. Please I beg you, don't get robbed like I did. Take your money to a reputable dealer and someone with a soul that won't do what these horrible people did to me and my family.
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