Deer Valley Auto & Fleet Sales

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Deer Valley Auto & Fleet Sales
2126 W Deer Valley Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85027
623-780-0754 (ph)
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Deer Valley Auto Fleet is MOTORS DE AMIGOS INC.
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- In Nov of 2009 I bought a Honda Accord with 1,000 down. Payments were a little high but nothing major. Car had damage they promised to fix and never did but the thing got me to work and back. Well that car was totaled I got full blue book value for the Honda which was almost $7000. So needless to say I paid the car off for $4000. Come to find out none of my payments reached a bank nor did they get sent to the credit bureau. So hear I am 23 yrs old and still no credit after I was promised that even though I was in house financed they would send everything to the credit bureau. So Pat (the old guy who owns the place) says for the trouble he'll get me in to a 2003 BMW for a little over 10,000 out the door. Ran mine and my grandmothers credit and said my payments would be no hire than 300 monthly and I agreed to put down 3000. So BMW and 300 a month hmm... Lets do it I said. Now he says he'll give me a call sometime next week to give me all my options for a finacing agreement but I had to take the car that day. Now I'm getting a little sketched out but whatever I put no money down and he's letting me take the car. I get a call about 4 days later of never hearing from him damanding I write him a check for 3,000. I told him but I haven't been financed officially and there is no deal yet. Well he says he needs it now or no car. So I wrote him a check for 1500 and said he'll get the other half after the deal has gone through. Calls me up the next day says I have some good financing offers for you get here when you can. I get there and sure enough nothing under 450 a month. I said no way I'm giving the car back and I want my money back. He proceeded to try to talk me into buying another car I said no I'm done with this place I want my money now. He told my that there is a restocking fee of $550 and a fee of 545 for mileage put on the car. As you probably would of guessed I made nothing short of a scene. I said attorney he said get out. Never paid me a dime. Come to find out they used to be called MOTORS DE AMIGOS but now goes by the name of DEER VALLEY AUTO FLEET. Its all a scam do not even give these people the time of day. They are nothing but low life crooks. Whoever else has had a problem with these people it would really help if we team up.

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