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Low Price Not Worth The Stress
Posted by on
My husband and I ordered a section from this company on October 28 of 2008 (Last Year) and we have not received the right one yet and it is April 2009. The company has low prices but you never get what you ordered. The first sofa was not the sofa we order, the second broke during shipment, the third was delivered in the wrong color again and fabric and the forth was supposed to be shipped to us by March 15th 2009 and then it changed to April 13th 2009. It is known April 16th and still no sofa. No word from the company, no word from the delivery company. The company basically put this off on the delivery company which happens to be a very badly delivery company. They have not checked to see if I have got the sofa or even checked that the delivery company has been doing their job right. They basically wrote an email thanking me for buy a product that I never got. I called the delivery company and they said the delivery date is only an estimate and they could not tell me when my sofa would be delivered. They mention it would be in my state by April 11th. It was not. It was still in Plainfield IN, where it had been for about a week and a half as far as I can tell from the tracking.
I finally received my sofa on April 24th. We found out the white glove service does not include installing the legs. My husband and I had to drill all the legs in ourselves. Not easy when the drill holes did not align with the metal. After recalling the swatch picture of my order I found the color was not right again. It was not black, it was a bluish gray. I emailed customer service and after a couple of days I got a respond. Basically I will have to go through this over again, waiting 4-6 weeks again, or just except $650 back and keep the sofa I don't want. My husband and I decided to keep the sofa because there is really no guaranteed that they will get it right the fifth time if they have been wrong every time. I will say their customer service was prompt to admit there was a mix up and to put in a new order but the wait time was still 4-6 weeks every time. Also they did admit that this was a rare case. But come on, four times mixing up the order, I don't know if I believe that.

I have been asked to take down this review by this company since they will be giving me $650 back but I have declined to take it down.

I still agree that there is no reason why a sofa should take almost half a year to be delivered! Actually it would be even longer if I hadn't agreed to keep this last one.

I am sharing my experience with this company with you so I can warn people. Their prices are not that low and not worth this stress and the time you spent waiting if things go wrong.
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Soaring Consumer on 04/16/2009:
11 months is long enough to get this right.

I suggest that you request a refund. If they refuse, sue them in small claims court.
BokiBean on 04/16/2009:
Thanks for sharing your bad experience, a helpful review.
glokith on 05/04/2009:
I am sorry the date was wrong. My original order was made in Oct 2008. It was more like 6 months. I have updated the review.
cognos74 on 04/02/2012:
I have never dealth with a company this dishonorable. Buyer beware. If you have any issues with your order be prepared to endure a long process of un-answered emails and phone calls with minimal response.

I chose one of the several couches that had in their description "adjustable headrests". The couch was 3 weeks late and upon discovery I found that the headrests were not adjustable at all. I talked to the customer service rep and she proceeded to email the corporate office. I received an email from the corporate office stating that they had to contact the manufacturer in China, but that they were closed for Chinese new years for the entire month of February.

A month later, I received a call from customer service stating that the manufacturer had confirmed that the headrests were not adjustable and that I could receive a $100 in store credit. I stated that this was not acceptable and that I wanted it replaced with a model that had the feature. The customer service rep sent my response back to the corporate office for a response. It took 3 weeks and at least 5 phone calls for me to get a response back which did not change.

I have now gone through American Express to dispute my charge and the company has come back to them saying that there is nothing in the description that states that the headrests are adjustable. Of course! The company promptly removed this description from the item on their website the day after they responded to me. I wish I had saved a copy of the original advertisement because Amex needs this in order to proceed further.

mike on 06/13/2013:
This company appears to be a third party conduit for Chinese made junk. Their refund policy is very scamy, and sales are a bait and switch operation.

Avoid them at all costs. I am considering a Class Action against them while consulting with several States Attorney Generals office for fruadulant business practices.

My order is just one of what appears to be many instances of ordering one thing and getting another.

They are located in Minneapolis and are a small company. My advice is immediate litigation.
mc on 10/31/2013:
DefySupply is the worst!!! I'm thinking of suing them!
I ordered a sectional sofa closeout item which stated that it will be delivered estimated time 1 to 2 weeks. it took more than a month to arrived at the location where supposedly should deliver the sofa to me. Then they tell me that a part of the sofa got lost. I asked for a refund since its not my fault they lost the furniture.They said I can't get 100% refund. I'm like what??? OK.. then they said I can get 75%. I accepted just to get this over with. It's been 3 weeks now, they are telling me I can't get 75% refund because the item was a fast shipping item nad a closeout item?? I'm so stressed!!! I'm going to sue this company even if it takes me more $ that what I spent. Do not buy from this company!! It's the worst!!!!!
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Horrible. Defy Supply's Business Model Is a Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MINNESOTA -- The following "Satisfaction Guarantee" is from their website. They lied to my wife and I about the quality of the product and the refund policy. The managers NEVER called back or had the fortitude to answers our calls or emails. They let the lackeys in the cubical farm pose as representatives of the company to handle the 100's of angry customer calls. Do an average Google search of the company and you will find the same story of their company model being a gigantic scam. Please do not buy from this company!! It looks like a good deal, but it is not. They will take your money and you will be left with an empty spot in your living room where your old couch used to be..

"Satisfaction Guarantee
When you shop at, you never have to worry (its a lie, you should run for the hills!!!). Our team scours the globe for high quality (cheapest stuff we could throw together) and low-cost products. Each of our manufacturers are hand selected and must pass our rigorous screening process(do you have a heart rate? Are you breathing? Then you pass for Defy Supply). All products are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year. It rarely happens, (actually it happens all the time but we do not care about you or your stupid couch, just put your credit card info and hit submit!!!), but if a product becomes defective, the manufacturer will simply send a replacement (the manufacturer in China, good luck getting ahold of them!!). We stand behind everything we sell and promise you a great experience( by great experience we mean we will charge your credit card immediately and never issue a refund even if the our crappy furniture burns down before it hits your front door, just hit submit!!!) . To hear what our customers have to say, check out a few DefySupply reviews."
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User Replies:
cmthru on 09/19/2013:
Regardless of your complaint I find it bad form of you by saying 'The following 'Satisfaction Guarantee' is from their website' when in fact you have edited it by including your own comments. This hurts your complaint.

Their list of consumer comments -100% of them positive and glowing - sends up the red flags. Never trust comments on a vendors own web pages.
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Will buy from again
Posted by on
I researched before ordering my sectional. I found a few bad reviews and it did worry me. I decided to email them and ask a few questions. I wanted up close pictures of the leather to make sure it was quality and I need to know exactly what 'caramel' and 'champagne' colors were. They sent me swatch photos and also photos of the sofa in those colors. Also told me the sofa I wanted was popular. I asked about the warranty and they assured me they have a 1 year quality guarantee backed by their manufacturers. So I purchased the sofa (I signed up for their newsletters a week earlier and got a 10% off coupon to use) and it shipped to me in 7 weeks total. While you have to be patient, it was worth the wait. I had been looking for this champagne color to match my home and this is it. The sectional is comfortable and sturdy. I am going to purchase a dining set from them in the near future.
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Completely ripped off
Posted by on
Ordered deck chairs and tables. They called me two days later and said they couldn't get
tables I ordered and offered different ones instead. They ones that they could get didn't
match the chairs so I told them I would have to cancel my order. They still billed me and
never sent me anything. Now they will give me a store credit minus a 20 percent re-stocking fee because I cancelled an order that they couldn't get. They burned me for 450
dollars. Please do yourself a favor and never order from Defy Supply, no matter the price
Tom Sposito
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User Replies:
JFF on 08/18/2012:
I am still fighting w a furniture company in Crosslake Mn on this identical issue. I have tried to get assistance from MasterCard - they sided with him instead of me, their customer
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Do Not Buy From Here
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
This is the worst experience I have ever had with any business, online or not. I ordered a table, chairs, and 2 barstools in June. 14 WEEKS later I finally received my items. both barstools I received were broken, the table and chairs had no instructions. The delivery men told me this was the worst delivery job they have ever done due to the lack of instructions. The holes in the table did not line up with the base, and the delivery men had to drill their own holes. All of the screws for the chairs were missing, so they could not assemble them. They ordered new screws, which took another 3 weeks, then it took another 3 weeks for the repairman to come out and assemble the chairs. He also said the barstools were beyond repair.

2 weeks later I was issued a refund for the stools. All in all the whole process took over 5 months, and I'm left with no barstools. The table and chairs are just OK quality. It's easy to tell that they were made in China. Additionally, the customer service is horrible. I called them at least 20 times (literally) and they all have canned responses ("oh I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do except escalate your issue"). There is no supervisor/manager to talk to, and they don't care at all about the customer. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.
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Do Not Buy From Them
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- This company is the worst, no customer service PERIOD. Once they have your money, the will not refund anything, and do nothing to assist you in your order period. so much for he satisfaction guarantee. I ordered 10 barstools from this company 7 weeks later they arrived... They were such poor quality I refused the shipment, the drivers grabbed the mess angrily threw it on the truck, and took it away, I called Defy Supply they stated I need to take pictures of the poor quality and send them in...

So they were redelivering the items to me so I could take pics, then I could file a claim, then they would place another order for them, ( btw I still have not received the re delivery of the damaged barstools its been 2 months) they lost the stools and I HAD TO INITIATE THE PACKAGE TRACE MYSELF!) any contact with their call center will result in , " I will forward this to management " who may or may not get back to you at all, my average wait was 5 days for a response if I got one at all. They have basically run me around in circles over and over, and everything is a process that takes weeks all this for sub quality import crap.

Now the compliments in here are all from the same IP address (and notice the date groupings) they correspond to similar reviews on other consumer review sites praising them, and linguistically all are identical. My ordeal started March 23, its now July 17 and still no closer to a Resolution.
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User Replies:
Jimmy J on 07/18/2013:
I'm thinking about purchasing a dining set from this company and I read your review. I've heard a mixture of good things and also how bad the wait is for custom furniture. I'm still on the fence, but the prices are definitely enticing.

Interesting find on the compliments on the site from the same IP. I'm a fairly tech savvy person and I don't see how you made this correlation as its not listed anywhere on this site
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Do not buy from them
Posted by on
Do not do buy anything from these guys. Product is horrible, damaged, and they will not refund your money. We ordered Chairs and a couch, both came in late .(6 months) When we tried to get refunds for the damaged product they would not give it to us. So, we had our credit card company refund us the money which they did but Defy supply charged our credit card again and this time they lied about us keeping the product for weeks before putting in a claim. Luck I keep all my emails. They said that they are going to tag our credit if we do not pay for the product we shipped back to them. Shady people!

Product came in with Mold all over the leather, chairs did not screw together, and grey spray paint on the black leather trying to cover up the rust on the metal. This is stuff that they shipped out after inspecting it them self, which they do inspect before shipping it out according to their web page.
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User Replies:
Alain on 01/13/2011:
It was smart of you to keep all your documents. A lot of folks forget to do that.
Jff on 08/18/2012:
Good for You! Furniture has one of the highest mark ups in any industry yet almost every company I know becomes difficult to work with when any problems occur. . .and they will occur.
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