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Del Taco Needs To Get It Together
Posted by on
TORRANCE/GARDENA/OC, CALIFORNIA -- It is sad. There was a restaurant called Naugles and they were great. Dick Naugle owned the chain (in name) and had a motto of “serve it fresh, serve it fast and keep the place clean". When you ordered a double taco and asked for no lettuce/tomato you received what you asked for… huge meat and cheese filled crunchy taco that was perfect. Even if you had to drive back to work with it the taco shell stayed crunchy for a while. In the burrito department... the word "Macho Meat Burrito" meant you were beyond hungry. If you ordered and ate a Naugles Macho Meat Burrito with extra cheese at 11:30 am… you were not hungry the rest of the day. This was 1980-something. Time has passed and Dick Naugle and his namesake restaurant Naugles are no longer with us.

Del Taco bought the chain Naugles and in corporate splendor, Del Taco dissolved Naugles into themselves. The only “Naugle-isk” thing remaining at Del Taco is the word “Macho” on one of their burritos. Trust me… this is not even close to a Naugles “Macho Burrito”, but they bought it, so they can do whatever they want with it. It is my opinion, Del Taco is the worst Fast Food Mexican Restaurant in the U.S. Based on some of the QSR reviews, I have seen recently, I may not be too wrong in my opinion. I have complaints that include bad service, rude people behind the counter, a rude manager in two cases, ineptitude, and screwed up drive through orders. I live in the So. Cal area and it is astounding to me that this chain is still in operation with the service provided. I believe in the three strikes rule. I gave Del Taco three chances and they messed up everyone. All of the following I experienced directly:

The management is un-sympathetic to their stores screw-ups.

Drove to a Del Taco to order lunch and race back on my lunch break. I return to my desk to find that my order is wrong. Further I paid for extra cheese and received what I consider ‘hair strands” of cheese. I called the store and was told “bring it back”. Well I can’t… I’m at work and now my lunch is over… “well come back tomorrow”. When I returned the following day (and note... not that I wanted Mexican food two days in a row) I actually had one of their managers “snatch” and I mean literally snap my hand holding the receipt from my hand, (Torrance/Gardena CA area) and in Spanish tell his employee to “make sure you don’t screw up this guys order because he will be on the Internet making a complaint”.
Well too late pal… your people already had screwed up my order the previous day… and I made a complaint!!

It has been my unfortunate experience that in all three cases Del Taco management people DO NOT care. I am sure that somewhere is a Del Taco management person out there reading this right now and denying this sentiment. Well whoever you are... it is my opinion that you do not know what is happening in the real world at your stores.

I guess my point and opinion in regards to Del Taco is not favorable. Thus I shall never return.
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Anonymous on 03/17/2010:
If every company that was wished out of business actually did go out of business, then the complaints would be that no one had anywhere to shop because no one had a job.
Anonymous on 03/17/2010:
Lucky for you huh LadyS?
Anonymous on 03/17/2010:
Del Taco and Naugles were one and the same when first in business. The owners of the company had a disagreement and parted ways. That is how the two separate companies formed. The two, much later in time rejoined forces to become one company once again.

Now, they got your order wrong which is not acceptable but I doubt that it is reasonable to hope that a business that employees thousands of employees would go out of business because your order was not prepared correctly. I would be mad too, but never would I want a company to go out of business.
PepperElf on 03/17/2010:
I miss Del Taco. they don't have it up here in the north.
I remember liking it in cally
i_am_canadian on 03/17/2010:
If that's your attitude, may your company go out of business and you be out of a job also.
(I know this will probably get me my first strike but with remarks like this person made, I think it's worth it.)
revan on 03/18/2010:
The last time I had Naugles was about 1987 and I almost died from food
poisoning. Never had Del Taco, Taco Bell is pretty good.
Starlord on 03/18/2010:
We used to go to Del Taco in Casa Grande, AZ fairly often. It may not have been Rolberto's, but it beat them on price, and was a heck of a lot better than Taco Hell.
veronica Gonzales on 06/02/2013:
on the 30th of may I went to deltaco to buy some chicken soft and the meat was rotten and I went to go complain to the chef leader if I could change it and she started telling me horrible stuff and she just gave me someone else's food instead of what I wanted. Her name was cherri Thank You for reading .....
Cassandra gomez on 06/02/2013:
Del taco is horrible I'm a customer I go every day and I see that the chef leaders treat there cooks like crap !
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Rude Employees & Lazy
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
BRAWLEY, CALIFORNIA -- There is nothing worse than someone serving you that has a "What do you want attitude." I have found in my many many years in the business world that the employees reflect what they receive from the managers. The just enough to get my DOES NOT CUT IT in business. They do not clean the edges of the tables or remove gum under the edges. Nothing will take away your appetite more than grabbing the edge of the table and putting your hand in gum!!!!!!!! Del Taco! Wake up!!! The ones that do clean are brought out of the back, believe me the servers are not to busy to clean, just lazy!
I will give it ONE MORE CHANCE!
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Posted on
Rating: 5/51
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I decided to stop by Del Taco today for lunch. Got my usual steak and chicken Taco Del carbon combo. I also noticed they had 39 cent tacos on the menu, eh why not? I got two of those. I thought for 39 cents I would prob get a sliver of beef and a sliver of lettuce and cheese.

But, to my Surprise the 39 cent tacos were loaded with beef, lettuce and cheese. They were pretty filling as well. Another reason why Del taco rocks! and blows the competition away. The food is 100 times better than any of the stuff Taco bell serves.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 02/27/2012:
McDonalds is going to have 29 cent Big Macs with the purchase of a regular priced Big Mac on Leap Day, the 29th!!!
Anonymous on 02/27/2012:
Oh I'm there lol
Anonymous on 02/27/2012:
Wally, I've been telling you that Del taco has really good 39 cent tacos. About time you listened.
Churro on 02/27/2012:
Thanks Wally. I've never heard of Del Taco before but I'll be sure if I run across one to give it a try.
DebtorBasher on 02/27/2012:
Wally, you might want to check if they are doing this at the McDonalds in your area...I'm not sure if it's all McDonalds or just certain areas.
JISCal2 on 02/27/2012:
If there is such a thing as favorite fast food, Del Taco is mine!
madconsumer on 02/27/2012:
very helpful review!!
DebtorBasher on 02/27/2012:
I just looked at McDonalds' special for the 29th. You can also get a Quarter Pounder for 29 cents with the purchase of one at regular price. I like my BigMacs better.
Anonymous on 02/27/2012:
It was a dark day in my life, when Del Taco closed their doors for good in our city. Their Macho burrito was my favorite. Now a Serious Texas BBQ stands in its wake. Not bad either, but definitely not a Del Taco:(
jktshff1 on 02/27/2012:
Justice, first Basher, now you...There is no serious Texas bbq unless it's pork....BBQ is a dead pig meat cooked properly.
Anonymous on 02/27/2012:
Pulled pork sandwich is my favorite.
jktshff1 on 02/27/2012:
Good for you.
Anonymous on 02/27/2012:
That was rather rude.
jktshff1 on 02/27/2012:
What? That was a compliment.
Anonymous on 02/27/2012:
I wouldn't know good BBQ if it smacked me upside the head. Since I consider Walmart pulled pork sandwiches good lol
Anonymous on 02/27/2012:
Best bbq I've had was at Round Rock BBQ in Round Rock, TX. It's a small hole-in-the wall place, but man is it good!
DebtorBasher on 02/27/2012:
JKT, we've been through this many times...and all those times, I have proven that I was right when we talk BBQ! It's OK if you don't want to admit it...the fact that I'm right is good enough for me! ;)
Anonymous on 02/27/2012:
I consider BBQ anything you smear BBQ sauce on lol.
*runs for the hills*
JISCal2 on 02/27/2012:
Mmmhmmm, you two are going to get an arse kickin from Jkt! lol >:-)
DebtorBasher on 02/27/2012:
And you're selling tickets, right John? LOL!!!
JISCal2 on 02/27/2012:
Selling tickets and I am taking bets! haaaaaahahahaha
DebtorBasher on 02/27/2012:
Smart people would bet on me!
Starlord on 02/28/2012:
We mused to love eating at the Del Taco in Casa Grande, AZ. Far superior to Taco Bell. Here in Washington, we have Taco Time and Taco del Mar. Just don't go to the TdM in Lacey, the service there sucks big green rocks.
Alain on 02/28/2012:
Good review, Wally! Good comments. Now I'm hungry, but there's no Del Taco in PA. Getting towards breakfast. I guess I'll have to root around in the 'fridge and see what's available.
MRM on 02/28/2012:
I don't think theres Del Taco on the East Coast.
jktshff1 on 02/28/2012:
Hastily taping fingers......
DebtorBasher on 02/28/2012:
^^^See? I won already!^^^
MRM on 02/28/2012:
Hip Hip Hooray!
jktshff1 on 02/28/2012:
No you did not. I'm leaving it at this due to me winning our past conversations regarding this issue. No sense beating a dead cow.
bhskittykatt on 03/01/2012:
Hubby introduced me to Del Taco in Salem, OR. Like Taco Bell, but way better. Love their crispy fish tacos. Wish we had one of these were I live. Alas, the closest one is a five hour drive away. I miss Del Taco...
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Poor Customer Service (Employee Argumentative)
Posted by on
My wife and I patronized the Del Taco here in Boiling Springs, South Carolina recently. She ordered what she always orders (Taco Del Carbon). But when she got it, it was not in a taco shell as she had gotten before; it was in a tortilla wrap. I paid for another in a hard shell taco, but it did not contain the ingredients of a taco (lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream). My wife complained and the kid in the yellow shirt argued with her.

It was a terrible experience and a waste of money.
If you want to lose a customer to the competition, argue with his wife.

P.S: I have seen the Del Taco Carbon on the website and this one looked nothing like advertised. The one my wife got was with scant ingredients; it was not like the generous advertised Carbon.
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User Replies:
Mrs. V on 08/06/2011:
The Taco Del Carbon looks like it comes in a soft wrap without the lettuce, shredded cheese and sour cream.

From the menu:
Anonymous on 08/06/2011:
I have got this Taco before it does not come in a hard taco shell. It either comes in a soft corn tortilla or you can request a flower tortilla.

It also does not contain (lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream).
Old Timer on 08/06/2011:
I bet they speak English at the Del Taco's in S. Carolina. That's a big plus most of the time. Still like their stuff better than Taco Hell.
Anonymous on 08/06/2011:
Isn't the Taco del Carbon a street taco? Those come on a soft corn tortilla with carne asada, onions, cilantro, and pico de gallo
Anonymous on 08/06/2011:
Yeah yaya, those are the ingredients in the Taco del Carbon, its really good.
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Sewer sanitation and poor management
Posted by on
CITRUS HEIGHTS, CALIFORNIA -- Today is Wednesday, Sept.01,2010. My 8 yr old daughter and I frequent Del Taco for their tasty crunchy tacos once a week for fun. Today we did just that. We ordered our usual: cruncy tacos, cheese nachos and large soda. My daughter had to use the restroom but walked into sewer on way in. When I asked the front counter she had stepped in sewer and it was all over her feet, could I please have a large cup to use for water to wash off her feet I was denied the large cup. Also the woman denying didn't understand English is what the manager told me. As I began lecturing the manager about protocol and poor management considering the front counter tried cleaning up the sewer, and serving food also, rather concerned me. I asked for District Mngr's # but wasn't given that but instead an 1800 number in which I'm waiting to get a response from the message I left. And my point that didn't get across to manager on duty: OFFER US SOME SANITIZER IN THE LEAST! but I did get a big fat, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave". Wow. I would have expected two simple things from these employess: 1. Understand English well enough to handle these unforeseen events and 2. By the love of God, offer the customer a towel, some soap or something to for sanitation. On the better side of things, as a responsible mother I am, we did end up using a cup filled with water and washing my daughters feet and flip flops and then taking the hand sanitizer out from my car, and sanitizing her feet. And because of this poor situation and the conduct in which it was handled by Del Taco employees, that is the last visit for us. We will take out money and go back to ToGo Baskin Robbin's each week. Feels good to splurge. BTW I did take a photo of the sewer that the staff left alone so they could sell food. My view: Sanitation first!! Sad Sad Sad.
Resolution Update 09/05/2010:
As indicated in my last comments.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/01/2010:
what is sewer? Do you mean the bathroom had sewer water on the floor? What do you want them to do? YOu get mad they were trying to clean it up, but yet mad you stepped in it? You should complain to your fellow customer as someone probably fouled it up. If you were asked to leave, I'm sure there was a reason why. You seem like the type Id ask to leave too.
PepperElf on 09/01/2010:
call the health department

if they're cleaning up from an overflowing toilet and serving food without washing their hands ... then you simply call the health department and report them

TracyH on 09/01/2010:
Hi, Prince-Caesar. To answer your question "What do you want them to do about it?": If you read the review carefully, you will understand I simply feel as though the manager should have offered
a towel or some soap and absolutely never abandoned the safety hazard of the sewer she allowed to stay on the dining room floor while she walked back to the kitchen to assist the production of food. Hope you understand now. And you must work in that industry? I'm sorry if you got the wrong message. I'm hopeful that you are competent in your position and that people will treat you well.
TracyH on 09/01/2010:
Hi, PepperElf.
It's a sad time when it comes to this. It was after hours for the Health Department when this occurred although, there's always tomorrow. And besides, most times these complaints are made to departments, they are dismissed in a fashion that is otherwise known as a system. So, this was just a very poor shift of employees, with limited English speaking skills, along with incompetent management. Nothing new really. And if you are interested to know what I find out from the Health Department tomorrow, I will keep you updated.
oldisgood on 09/02/2010:
Perhaps I am just not getting it. Please explain what you mean by "sewer"? Was the bathroom toilet backed up onto the floor. Was the main dining room standing in water? What is "sewer"? I know what a sewer is, but in this concept I am not sure what you are talking about. You said she "walked into sewer on the way in" to the bathroom. So, the water was out the restroom door into the hallway???
TracyH on 09/02/2010:
Hi, oldisgood. Yes to all your questions.
TracyH on 09/02/2010:
Good morning. It's 9:30am in NoCal.(Northern California) Just got off the phone Dept of Health. If anyone is curious a report was made and the gentleman gave me a confirmation #. This is what it entailed: Locating the website 24/7 service that directed me with a phone number. After 10-12 mins and learning how to report an abandoned car, recycling and some other valuable info, a gentleman answered. I stated the situation and he said I was doing the right thing. He took a "report" and gave a conf#. The report is being sent to the Environmental management and they investigate I guess the building and such.) After two weeks have past, I may contact Environmental Management with my conf# and get details on the findings. Considering had my daughter and I been treated with dignity and respect, I would have never been provoked to report the sewer out of good faith that proper steps are taken to resolve the problem. So I believe our terrible experience was a door that needed to be open if there is a problem with that restaurant. If just a simple case of ignorant staff and incompetent management, then that's nothing new. And I'm still waiting on a call back from that 1800 # that the manager provided. I called it again this morning and only ringing no answering service. I'll continue to call that # and make a report.
TracyH on 09/02/2010:
Sept. 02,2010 Noon. 1800 Del Taco hotline telephoned me and said the District Manager would be contacting me. The General Manager for the San Juan Greenback location called instead. He was very professional and understanding. He stated that the manager on duty handle situation improperly and that the front counter also demonstrated poor judgment. He apologized several times for what happened especially considering a child was involved. Also he stated that he too has children and would be upset in the situation. I told him I wasn't trying to get anyone in trouble nor was I looking for compensation and that if we'd been offered a towel, sanitizer, some soap or something that I'd never been prompted to make a complaint. So, I'm feeling that a change will be made and hopefully the manager on duty will learn the proper way to handle these situations. Note: The restaurant building is so old, it does not has drains in the bathroom;therefore, when a overflow occurs, it flows into the dining room. Yuck!!!!And it's apparently within the "Grandfather" law for restaurant so it's allowed. Don't believe I'll be back in there! The General Manager was very helpful but he can't be in the restaurant 24/7.
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Customer Service
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
Seriously internet filters on the "free" wifi block out dam near everything worthless. Last time I eat there ever, Taco Bell lets you check your Facebook page while you eat screw you Del Censor
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 09/24/2014:
The provide the internet, they can filter it however they see fit. They may have had an episode where someone decided to spend a few hours there downloading off of torrents or something and they got red flagged by their ISP.
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Poor Business Management
Posted by on

We enjoy eating in your establishments but when I order two deluxe taco salads, pay for them and then ask for some jalapeños, they want more money!

Jack in The Box has them on the counter on ice with no additional charge. GUESS where we will eat in the future.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/14/2008:
just fork over the 20 cents or so and call it a day. Taco Bell charges money for jalapenos to they are a business. I have not had tacos at jack in the crack for almost a decade.
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
I can't even take this complaint seriously. I agree with Wally. Just give them the 20 cents. Geez!
Principissa on 12/15/2008:
Are they included with these salads? If not, they are extra items, there is a charge for extra items. I'm pretty sure it says so right on the menu.
jktshff1 on 12/15/2008:
I don't think Jack in the box serves very good Mexican food
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
No Princi, jalapeños are not included on Del Taco salads. They are an extra item. And you are right, they do charge for extra items like extra cheese, sour cream, and so on. I love me some Del Taco. LOL! It's one of the only fast food chains out here that I will go to. I do not think jalapeños are considered a condiment like salt and pepper, which is the category I think is what the OP would like them to be.
Mario The Great on 12/15/2008:
I'm curious as to who would really want to eat something out on the counter all day?
Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
Get your tacos from Del Taco and go to Jack in the Crack for allupinya's

Anonymous on 12/15/2008:
I guess you could swing by the market and pick some up, slip them in your pocket, and eat them at Del Taco, beating them out of a few shillings.

OOPS!... They're not free at the market either!
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Why are the servers not required to wear gloves when preparing food
Posted by on
91604 -- I just left the Del Taco,located on Laurel Canyon Blvd,in North Hollywood,Ca.

As I was deciding on what to order, I noticed that the food servers do not wear gloves or hair nets while they are preparing the orders.

I thought that the health department made it mandatory that any establishment that serves food to the public must have protected covering to prevent the spread of disease and germs.

when I spoke to the manager abot this, she just looked at me as if she did not understand English.So I demenstrated what I was trying to say and she still look at me as if she still do not under stand
what is going on with these places
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/16/2007:
while I agree they should wear gloves when handling food I believe they wash there hands before making the food. They should wear hear nets or hats when making the food I hate finding unknown hairs in my food. But I don’t think its mandatory for them to wear gloves by the health department it is mandatory for them to sanitize there hands before going near food.
*Brenda* on 12/16/2007:
Gloves can be just as dirty, if not dirtier, than gloves.
Principissa on 12/16/2007:
I don't eat at places where the employees wear gloves to make food. More bacteria that can make you sick hangs out in the pores of the gloves than it does on a washed hand. Hairnets I can see, but gloves are disgusting, unless they have an open wound on their hand.
Anonymous on 12/17/2007:
As always *Brenda*/principissa nailed it. Latex gloves are nasty. My granny never wore gloves nor my mother when cooking. Heck, who amongst adorns gloves when preparing the family meal. I think somebody has been brainwashed by the industrial latex complex.
Anonymous on 12/17/2007:
Just because you thought gloves are mandatory doesn't mean they are required by law. However those who handle cash should not also prepare food without washing hands.
sarahnkrystal on 12/17/2007:
I think that people wearing food should wear hair nets, one hair found in my food is enough to make me not finish my food, or any food from that establishment, but gloves? Gloves are nasty and dirty.
jktshff1 on 12/17/2007:
sarah, I also agree that people wearing food should wear hair nets, and a net on the rest of the body to keep the food on them and not getting all over the place!!:) LOL
Anonymous on 12/17/2007:
Wearing gloves when preparing food is OK IF the employee preparing/handling the food puts a new pair on every time they finish one order and start the next, which some restaurants require (along with frequent hand washing) - otherwise as others have stated, it's better not to wear them at all. Hairnets are a definite yes though - nothing is more disgusting then finding hair in one's food.
heaven17 on 12/17/2007:
Geez, this one will never die. Gloves are FALSE SECURITY. Next time you go into a restaurant and see the workers wearing gloves, think about this: how long have they had those gloves on? Do they change them regularly or do they wear the same pair their entire shift?
There are no guarantees when you eat food prepared by someone else. Eating out takes a certain amount of trust and, well, denial.
If it bothers you that much, make your own meals.
Slimjim on 12/17/2007:
"Eating out takes a certain amount of trust and, well, denial. "
How true is that!
Anonymous on 12/17/2007:
At the Subway near where I work, I used to observe employees wearing gloves to make a sandwich, then taking the cash and making change with gloves on, then back to the next sandwich. As the ladies say above, I'd much rather a clean, washed bare hand.
killerklown on 12/18/2007:
I'm confused...why is this mess in my inbox?

From I do not believ this on 12/17/2007 - Reply
Were you born in the cave and hillside of the Caucus Mountains in Eu-rope walking around on all four legs: Probably noy but your Ancester were. Do the knowledge. You Devil!!!!!
From I do not believ this on 12/17/2007 - Reply
whoa!I should have known it would be a devil like you who obvious have not done any research outside of your watered down history.

"Inhale Knowledge" "Exhale Wisdom" to bring fourth understanding. I bet that went over your head too devil.

Remember this sayining [removed]:
A wise man can play a fool! But a fool can never play wise! why? Because wisdom is infinite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DebtorBasher on 12/18/2007:
Subway workers uses disposable plastic gloves to handle food...when they handle money they take them is a health violation for the same person to handle money and food without washing. Subway workers uses hand sanitizers, gloves...and I think everyone should. Heck, I even wear plastic gloves when handling meat that I'm making for myself in my own kitchen.

Therefore, I have to agree with the poster 110%.
Ponie on 12/18/2007:
killer, looks like 'I do not believ this' likes you! :)

I'll go for good old soap and water hand washing any day before I want to see someone grease up with these hand sanitizer liquids! Don't put some gluck on your hands and then handle my food. Rinse it off! But then don't wipe your hands on your greasy apron. The only time that should be allowed is in a Coney Island joint. Helps improve the flavor.
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New 99 Cents 50% More TV Commercial
Posted by on
STANDIFORD AVE - MODESTO CALIFORNIA 95350, CALIFORNIA -- Del Taco location - Corner of Standiford Ave and Carver Road in Modesto California. We went to Del Taco after seeing your new TV Commercials (99 cents Soft Taco 50% more} around 4.00 PM. The portion of the chicken pieces looked much bigger. We ordered 6 of your advertised soft taco with few other items.
Our disappointment was when we got home and opened up to add hot sauce to the taco's, we noticed that there was only 4 small pieces of chicken. We ended up opening all of the tacos and counted the chicken pieces. Just ONE soft taco had 6 small pieces of chicken and the rest had fewer pieces in each of the taco's. The portion as advertised was definitely not there at all.


We called the phone number printed on the receipt for over an hour and phone seem to be off the hook. The restaurant was not busy at that time. I don't know if that one restaurant has that problem or is it a false advertising to get the customers to the facility.

We are a long time customer of Del Taco and live few blocks away and enjoy the 24 hour drive through very much.

I hope the employees are or can be well trained as per company policy.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
The food served in any fast food place never looks like the photos.
Ponie on 08/17/2007:
PB, and if it did, the price would be in excess of more than 50%. When will people learn the food items in commercials are completely staged, taking much, much more time to assemble than in real life?
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
Ponie is right.

From their web site:

Call us at 800.852.7204. Our ULTRA friendly Del Taco phone team is just sitting here, waiting for your call. (Between you and me, they really could use someone to talk to…)

World Headquarters
25521 Commercentre Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630 tel: 800 852-7204
fax: (949) 462- 7444

Starlord on 08/17/2007:
When a Food Stylist gets a job, they show up with two semis full of gear and spend at least eight hours custom-making one or two of the product to make it look as great as possible. What you get when you go to the counter or drive-through is thrown together by a group of people who couldn't get a better job, and take no pride in how the stuff arrives at the customer. I have considered starting a business going to FF joints, teaching the people marksmanship, so they can hit the bun with the meat patty.
One-Eyed Willie on 08/17/2007:
That's why you load it up with hot sauce
firengine103 on 08/17/2007:
Children everywhere are starving, world peace is in a delicate balance, the rain forest is being destroyed and your missing a piece of chicken. What's the world coming to.
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
firengien103, I say stuff like that all the time and all I get is "you don't understand" I am with you on this!
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
Lid's it's not the stupid a$$ missing piece of chicken. It's that another big business is scamming the consumer. I couldn't care less about Del Taco or it's taco's, what I do get bent about is they run the ad then screw over the people that respond to it. That pisses me off to no end.
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
I know when I purchase a NINETY NINE CENT TACO, I expect half of a chicken in mine!
rnick821 on 08/17/2007:
The picture on the website has more than 4 piece of does also say, however, "Price and participation may vary"....

This is a mystery, for sure!!!!

My recommendation would be to not eat there anymore...

Anonymous on 08/17/2007:
Super, are you trying to tell me I don't understand? LOL
firengine103 on 08/17/2007:
I hate it when I see a 12 foot taco on a billboard only to find out when I get there it's only 8 inches. another case of false advertising to fool the consumer!
PGLS on 08/28/2007:
the employees ARE trained properly - Everything is weighed The commercials take hours to shoot to insure all the food looks appealing - Guess they did their job
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