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Dell Computer Corporation
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682-0001
800-289-3355 (ph)
512-728-4238 (fax)
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Dell's Horrible Customer Service.
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Doesn't matter what Dell product you have, customer service sucks. My brother in law leased a Dell Computer, then died. I called Dell Financial Services at least 6 times, somewhere in India/Pakistan, their English was always poor and the knowledge was worse. I also sent a copy of the death certificate, return receipt, they got it. I was never able to close the account, still getting bills. The probate lawyer charged us $400 for dealings with Dell, he couldn't get anyone that understood or knew how to close an account after a death. I finally gave the computer to a senior center.

Studio Desktop 540 Just Simply Stopped Working After 17 Month of Service
By -

I told myself before - no business with Dell, but I did it again. And it was even worse. 17 month - that's it. And now, I need to buy an extended warranty. But the quality electronics are supposed to work at least twice longer without requiring any repair! Moreover, if you add up the price the interest, and the extended warranty, the price of the computer becomes twice of what the item was listed when you bought it! Go somewhere else - you will see a free shipping, interest free, etc, but not with Dell! Dell does not offer the best price and quality! Why people keep buying from Dell?!

Never Again Dell
By -

In 2005 I purchased the high end Dell XPS desktop computer. The computer began failing in 2009. I spent a considerable amount of money to have it fixed. Eight months later the unit's motherboard failed from multiple capacitor failure. The capacitors were known to be defective and Dell refused to address the problem by telling me that my warranty had expired. Dell officials hid the truth about the defective capacitors and blamed the consumer for the failures. I will NEVER purchase another Dell product again and I was always a Dell user. They failed to own up to the problem and caused undue financial hardship on the consumer.

Dell Corporation Does NOT Help the Consumer Trying to Get Out of Debt.
By -

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- In 2007 I opened a small home-based business and got a Dell Desktop computer. I had $2,000.00 available credit. Within one year, I had to close my business and was left trying to pay all the companies I owed money to. I even joined Consumer Credit Counseling Services. Dell Corporation does NOT participate with decreasing their finance charges nor their percentage rates. The annual percentage rate kept going up year after year. Even with the minimum payments I sent I would be billed $39.00 for late charges (for 1 day or more late) plus $45.94 for finance charges.

To make the long story short, I was still paying this computer in 2010. I got a personal loan jut to pay these people off; otherwise, if I continued making the minimum payment of $42.00 a month, it was going to take me 17 years to pay off balance of $1,390.00. Don't get a computer from Dell on credit. They are not consumer-friendly.

Delayed Shipping
By -

I ordered 2 computers from Dell online on November 16th. The expected delivery date was December 7th. I used standard, 5-7 day delivery. Then, on December 3rd, I received an email that says, "We have adjusted the estimated delivery date and are confident your order will be delivered on or before this new date: December 14th." However, it is still showing as in production.

When I call their call center (in India), I am told that I will not receive it by December 14th, and they have no idea when I can expect it. I did some googling and called their Spanish Customer Service number, which is in the United States. They put in a request to production to expedite it, and will contact me within 24 hours to update me on the status.

VERY VERY Poor Customer Service
By -

I will keep it short: The customer service of DELL is amongnst the worst I've ever experienced.. Despite being a fairly able Techie, due to warranty requirements I end up calling DELL. On EACH occasion, they've spent at least 4 hours just to understand the problem. They require you to verify every damn thing which is unrelated to the problem being discussed. And when they do manage to understand, they offer a solution which is the most damaging one..

E.g. my digital video card developed faults, the representative insists that I should go back to a VGA display and if I haven't got a VGA cable then I should order 1 before they will even want to talk about the problem of the display card. At one point their service was really good, but it's NOT anymore. It's absolutely worthless to spend even a single penny on any of their products.

My Computer Desktop 4600
By -

WATERDOWN ON CANADA -- My first PC was a Dell 4600 desktop. Almost from day one I was getting a blue screen of death. Bought it in May 04, now it is January 09. My PC was reformatted a least 8 times or more and they can't fix the problem. I bought extended warranty last year, and had paid $77.97 to Dell to fix the problems that I have been having. They told me not to call no more - they don't want nothing to do with me.

They also said for me to take it to a shop and have them fix it at my expense. I wasted my money on extended warranty that I can no longer use and they refuse to give it back to me plus the $77.97 that I paid to them and they didn't fix nothing. I would never buy another PC from Dell. They are a bunch of crooks.

Poor Product Performance
By -

COCONUT CREEK, FLORIDA -- On 9/3/08 we purchased a Dell Inspiron 5305 and waited for delivery. Initially the computer was fine. On October 10th, my husband called tech support and described the problem we were having... we tried to reboot the tower to no avail. We had nothing but the Dell Screen and the mouse and keyboard were powerless.

Of course, the outsourced tech support was extremely hard to understand because of their Indian dialect. After an hour (per the tech's instructions) of shutting the computer off, holding the power button for 10-15 seconds, removing all the cables, it was the opinion of the tech who kept making reference to his manual which was quite time consuming and annoying, that a problem existed with the mouse and keyboard. They sent us a new mouse and a keyboard. However, after about two hours, the computer came back up and was operating normally. The same thing occurred today in that when we rebooted the system we had the same problem.

Again a call was placed to the techs in India. Since the system was not even a month old, we demanded a new tower and a pickup order for the one we now have. We were told that Dell's return policy was three weeks!!! All we were met with was frustration. These idiots did not listen to a word we said and instructed us to remove the back of the tower and they would try to troubleshoot. We ADAMANTLY REFUSED as we are NOT computer techs and we said if there was a problem with the system, we wanted it replaced. After not even a month (as the first incident occurred on 10/10) we wanted a replacement.

In our opinion, it was totally unacceptable for us to be asked to fiddle around with computer parts which we had absolutely no knowledge about. It was totally horrendous experience and we would NOT recommend anyone to patronize Dell. They do not stand behind their products and do not give a damn about the customer.

We tried in vain to reach ANYONE in the US and it is virtually impossible to get a phone number. They are so well insulated that all telephone numbers are exported to India. When previous complainers say DELL HELL, we totally understand where they are coming from. We will probably have to pay for some professional computer repair but it is not worth the aggravation - it will cost emotionally to try to deal with Dell.

What the Hell??
By -

I bought a new Dell XPS 412 in November 2006 ($2,000). From day 1 several annoying issues were occurring - including strange behavior from some programs I was running. I'm an A+ certified tech., so I was able to tweak and work through it. However within 4 months the hard drive completely failed. (Now thinking back on the issues, I think it was bad from day 1...)

Dell replaced the hard drive the very next day. Then a couple of months later one of my 2 DVD ROM drives failed. Dell replaced that the very next day. HOWEVER A FEW MONTHS LATER (SEPT.07) THE PROCESSOR FAILED... HERE'S 10 months with my new computer and 3 Major failures. I requested a new replacement system... which Dell approved immediately. I received it 8 days later... BUT 6 DAYS AFTER BOOTING IT UP, THE HARD DRIVE "failed" and Dell replaced it - that was last Wed., Sept. 19 '07...

BUT.... last night Sat. Sept 22, the following parts failed on this brand newly replaced system. 1. memory modules, 2. processor AGAIN (Intel dual core), 3. motherboard AND the hard drive AGAIN... all this was discovered through diagnostic tests Dell includes with the system. All these parts will be installed/replaced by Dell on Tuesday, Sept.23, BUT...

I must say throughout these past 3 weeks of dealing with this with Dell tech support I have had some of the best tech support I've ever experienced and Dell handled each request such as system replacement, and a Tech to replace the parts they've shipped (because I am disabled, cannot do the physical work in the computer) Dell has been so excellent in this area. And I KNOW you will not get this type of support from the Computer maker, and their tech support phone staff as I got from Dell... By the way I still have My Dell computer from 1981 which has not given me 1 single problem ever...

PC warranty
By -

IOWA -- My PC's motherboard went suddenly out 2 weeks after my 1 year warranty was up. I would think that Dell would have worked with me to get this situation fixed. I thought wrong. Mind you I have in the past gotten an eight year old Maytag washing machine fixed, the warranty well past by at least 7 years. The motor went out, and Maytag asked no questions, and replaced the part and paid for the service man to install it. But Dell would not even discuss fixing the motherboard, since the warranty was over by TWO weeks!

I asked to talk to supervisor, was put on hold for 18 minutes, then I got disconnected. So I called again, asked to speak to supervisor, put on hold and lo and behold I got disconnected AGAIN! Called back, was told no super was on the floor, was given extended warranty #, called them, after pushing 1 for this, and 2 for that, I finally got a live person who gave me the price for an extended warranty, which I can not afford right now. Finally got her down to the 1 year, $99.00 PLUS $49.00??? Does Dell make the computers to go out right after warranty so we will have to spend more time on the phone and more money?

I will NEVER buy a Dell, NEVER! This PC is going in the trash! Get some people who speak English, and know how to deal with people. AND sometimes, if you want to keep customers, you have to work with them. 2 weeks over the warranty expiration! I think many companies would have overlooked that it was expired by 2 weeks and fixed it, NOT DELL!!!

You have many bad complaints about your company that I wish I would have read BEFORE I bought my computer, you probably won't miss my business, but if this continues, you will lose a ton of customers. When I told your rep that I would not buy a Dell again (unless I get some kind of compensation), she was silent then asked 'is there anything else I could help you with today?', I stated 'no' and she said 'have a good day' and hung up. I'll be reading about your hitting rock bottom on my new Presario!

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