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Dell PC Crashes and Dell Fails on all accounts
Posted by Gillyboy4000 on 01/02/2006
NEW PALTZ, NEW YORK -- I purchased a Dell 8400 in June 2005. By November it crashed. I called Dell and spent over 172 minutes on the phone (the shortest)multiple times. They sent out three hard drives but forgot to send the OS, then a tech was sent out after I complained numerous times about the time and effort on the phone with multiple agents. They tricked me into opening a credit account, and never were able to figure it out. I found the processor was the problem not the drive, and no one knew how to explain regaining my old settings. I went on a do it your self site and took the gamble. My ideas worked theirs didn't. I avoided computer stores because of Dell's name brand recognition, but after experiencing their customer service and their trouble shooting, never again. I would prefer to go to a store where I could walk in with my complaint, my receipt and the computer and demand results.

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Posted by guchiedad on 2006-01-02:
The problem with all these online companies is that, while they are cheaper than most, if a problem arises, you're screwed trying to get a hold of them to do something. It's definitely worth paying a little extra for a local company, so that if a problem occurs, you can physically strangle someone.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-01-02:
I agree. As much as I don't like best buy, I can at least physically take my computer there and raise hell until they either fix or replace whatever I bought that is broken.
Posted by arizonabadboy on 2007-06-17:
I also have had trouble with Dell pc's mine crashed five times since dec 07 they finally sent a serv tech to replace the mother board and memory i hope this works
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Can't Take It Anymore too
Posted by DonL on 06/24/2005
CALIFORNIA -- Have a Dimension 8400 that is about 5 months old. Been getting blue screen errors and, finally, the system stopped working. Tried for hours to get through to tech support (in India) where they jacked me around for another 6 hours trying to prove the software was the problem. Very difficult to understand the person trying to help. I lost all my data when they had me format the disc 3 times only to decide the hard drive was bad and the memory chips were bad. They even had me pay for software tech support so they could help me save my data (I proved my ignorance). Days later, a new drive and memory show up to be installed by a tech. Drives installed and, voila, the fan goes crazy and the computer completely quits. Another 4 hours and two days to get help. Now they decide the fans are bad.... Tech says the mother board is actually bad. Now another weekend waiting for fans and then more time to fix the motherboard. Asked them to replace my computer or take it back, which the Indian tech support avoided at all cost. I'm sick of being on the phone for hours talking to India. Forget buying Dell. They spend hours trying to point a finger at the operating system and zero time fixing bad components to avoid fixing their problems. Phone calls are routed through automated attendants and then you are put on hold for hours. Well, I got a Dell, dude, and would love to give it back. I have purchased dozens and dozens of computers and have never had such a terrible experience. Never again. Looking at the complaints, I guess I'm not alone. Oh, forget trying to talk to customer service...it's in India too. What a shame that a company I perceived as the top of the line is run this way.
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Posted by groveman55 on 2005-06-24:
It is really sad to see Dell go down hill. I must have one of the last decent computers they put out. It is three years old and I realize it will not last forever.
I planned on buying Dell again but after reading all the troubles everyone has now and seeing the problems friends have I will never buy Dell again.

It seems though all the major brands but one have many complaints. That one is IBM which I will buy next time.
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Poor Quality, Poor Service
Posted by Manoa001 on 03/29/2006
HONOLULU, HAWAII -- I am a long time consumer and fan of Dell Computers going back 15 years and about 3-4 PCs and recommended 2-3 to others. I bought a Dell Dimension 4800 a little over a year ago back in February 2005. I extended my service contract to 2008. The first problem came up 1 month later with a replaced motherboard after my PC showed symptoms of a HD randomly seizing. At that time, tech support kept recommending I reformat the drive and reinstall everything from scratch. It took a LONG time to diagnose this problem. The 2nd problem occurred 2 weeks ago when the power supply started showing problems. They tech couldn't decide what to replace and decided to send a power supply and video card. I told them to send to parts to me, they send send it to the on site technician. The power supply is replaced, but the video card is the wrong part. They re-send the video card - 2 days later I get a box with the same wrong part. Its been 1 week without a working computer. I contact the same technician that I've been working with for the past week. They promise to call me back in 30 minutes to verify the right card is sent... no callback after 2.5 hours. Finally, I call another dell tech. They promise to send the right video card again - I tell them to send it to me to verify its the right part. Today I'm told they sent it to the technician again ! I go down to Costco and get a HP desktop.

I've worked with Dell Tech support for years and years and only now that I've noticed their impeccable and reliable service has gone so far downhill, I won't even count on a using the repaired Dell desktop for my primary tasks anymore. Not only that, the reliable Dell desktop showed a troubling trend which I can't rightfully recommend to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Its a very disappointing fact, but I guess life must go on and I guess I must as well. DO NOT invest in Dell Computers in either its product, service, or its stock until they can fix their house... and soon.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-03-29:
It is sad that this once reliable computer company has become the least reliable due to poor support, cheap parts and greed. The amazing thing to me is their prices still reflect the old Dell quality you didn't mind paying an extra few hundred for. Now they should be pricing themselves as the low-end. They made all the cuts to support and quality, now make a cut to the prices.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-03-29:
I own Dell and HP computers and both there support has been going down hill a few years now. It's gone down hill since they sent support overseas. There support goes by a script. The list gives known problems and solutions. The problem is, if your problem is not on the scipt list, support is lost. Did you ever think about building your own pc? You can build yourself a good pc cheaper than Dell or HP. Also you'll get the satisfaction of building your own.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-29:
I am not sure of the % split, but Dell still gets most of their income from the business side of the company. They brought support for this back from India and work to keep companies happy. They really do not care much for the home user and have no issues with losing many of them. The savings from providing the absolute min tech suppport outweight the lose of customers.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-29:
Building your own PC is the way to go these days. If it was not for the support needed afterwards, I would restart building PC to sell locally again. There are lots of website explaining how to do it, once you have your list of items, go to newegg.com and search for the best parts based on price/review. You learn a great deal, save money in the long run and can upgrade your computer instead of buying a new one each time.
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Don't Buy a Dell
Posted by Vinatieri1fan on 01/08/2005
I cannot explain how aggravated, outraged and how sick to my stomach I am over the experiences I have had with Dell. I first purchased a computer on 8/27/04, this past summer. Around 10/26, my Dell Support Alert (which comes with the system) popped up a message to download Service Pack 2. Being a message alert from Dell, I did what I was told. Well, that just screwed up the entire computer....I could no longer access my start up task bar, the internet, any of my pictures, nothing...not a thing! So, the phone calls started, the first call was on the 26th of October and I spent over 4 1/2 hours on the phone with Technical Support. I have a 9 month old baby, I had to spend this time on the phone past 8pm, so I was up very late.

They told me that I needed to have my operating system re-installed and that someone would call me back with the resolution. He also told me that there had been other customers with the same problem all related to downloading the Service Pack 2. I waited, and waited for someone to call me back until two days after. I called back. After again explaining the situation to customer service, they transferred me back to Technical support. They tried to remove the Service Pack 2 from my system. That did not fix the problem They tried to tell me that I should have never downloaded the Service Pack 2 and this is a Microsoft issue and that I need to contact them. When I told them that I was asked to download the Service Pack 2 from the Dell Support Alerts that pop up on my screen every day, you will never believe what they told me.....they said that it is possible that I downloaded something from the internet and someone was posing as Dell. He told me that Dell does not send out support alerts!!!! I couldn't believe it. If that is not bad enough, he told me that I should have shut off the alerts so I didn't get them because they were not important. So, then why is that option installed on my computer? As a new buyer, how was I supposed to know. And how can they not take responsibility for something that has their name on it? And to tell me that it does not exist.....I am so outraged! Then nearly every other day, and I once waited a week to call back because I was so boiling mad, I would spend hours and hours trying to reinstall the operating system, they sent me new disks to reinstall my operating system, tried a system restore and so on.....nothing worked.

I went on to tell them that I wanted my money back (just the amount I paid toward financing the PC). The response was, "you must pay to ship the PC back to us and pay 15 percent of the cost of the PC for a restocking fee. After argument, I decided to try to have them fix the computer again. Nothing worked and I had already spent a few weeks or so just talking with technical support for hours, I mean hours at a time. Finally, I called customer service again and told them that I was planning on making a complaint to the Attorney General, and taking them to court. The man told me then that he would have replacement computer sent to me, this was on 11/18/04. He told me that I can expect my system in 3-5 business days....This was a Thursday, meaning the following Wednesday 11/24, I should have my computer. I waited until Monday November 29th, and still no PC. So, I called customer service again. They told me that the computer was sent and shipped on 11/18 and they gave me DHL's phone number and the tracking number of the package.

I called DHL, the tracking number they gave me was for the CD's they sent me a on 11/12/04 to have my operating system reinstalled. That same day I called customer service back and they tell me that the computer was never ordered and he wanted to know who I talked to. I told him the first name of the representative I talked to and again, I told them of the situation which I had to do every single time I called, I mean all 100 times I called, I told the story from the beginning, they asked me for the information, they couldn't look it up? Finally, I was told that the computer was ordered again and I would receive it within 3-5 business days again. So, ordered on 11/29, should be received by Monday December 6th. So, by Tuesday December 7th, I was looking for the PC. I called customer service again. They told me that the system will ship on or before December 14th. Finally, I received the computer two days later on the 9th.

So, this process goes on from 10/26/04 until I received a replacement system on 12/9/04. Now, I try to burn pictures and CD's because I have that capability, and I can't. The program does not recognize the disk in the drive, it keeps telling me to insert a writable disk in the drive. So I received the replacement computer nearly a month and a half later and after hours and hours and days and days spent on the phone. Four days later, I still am not able to do what I purchased this PC for! I am so frustrated. I called Dell again today 12/13/04. I spent over 57 minutes checking the drives, and reinstalling software to burn pictures and music. Once that did not work, the technical support representative told me that I needed to have my Operating System Reinstalled. I almost went through the roof. Since I did not get off the phone with him until quater to midnight, I have to wait till tomorrow to call Customer Service. I just want my money back and I want you to take this computer back. I called Customer Service the next day. I was very angry and unhappy.

The representative told me that I should box up all the computers and have them ready for pick up on the following day. He also stated that I would not be charged for the shipping or for the restocking of the PC's. He wanted my digital camera that was a free gift, I told him that it is now mine for all the aggravation you people have put me through, it was free and given to me for purchasing your coomputer, I don't think that you deserve it back for all the trouble, time and aggravation you have put me through. He said I would get a full refund, I could keep the camera, and the computers would be picked up the following day. Of course, more broken promises from Dell. No one came.....I still have these computers. I cannot call again, I cannot begin to tell you how angry I am and how excited I am to finally think this is resolved once again, and then, broken promises from Dell again.

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Posted by kiducation on 2005-01-11:
I have felt the same frustration you have at Direct TV. Every time I called back I had to start over
with the customer service people. I just wanted to
reach through the phone and strangle them. Sometimes they had the notes from my call in there, and sometimes it was like I never called.
And then I couldnt be transferred to someone who was familiar with the situation, I had to start all over and get transferred all around the company. I even talked to a "supervisor" and when
he did no good, I told him I wanted to talk to someone who was higher up on the food chain and who worked for the president, he told me "he worked for the president of the company"

Your experience sounds HORRIBLE. There should be a 3rd party we can call in situations like this when
a company does not stand behind their product.
Posted by merldbg on 2005-01-19:
I don't know what my3cents policy is on contacting people in this forum but I would like to contact you regarding this issue. I have the same major problems with Dell. I do highly recommend you file a complaint against Dell through the FTC, they are putting information together to see if this is a case.
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Poor service
Posted by Dickens on 08/23/2004
HOLIDAY, FLORIDA -- I purchased my Dell Dimension 8200 at the end of 2003. Over the Memorial Day weekend my hard drive suddenly crashed. I called support and they said they would mail out a new hard drive and send someone to install it. I asked about retrieving my files and they said there was another company that could do that for me at a minimum charge of $500 just to look at it. I asked if they would reload windows and my programs that came with the computer to bring it up to the same state as when I purchased it and they assured me the tech would do that. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise, the tech arrived and said he was not allowed to do that. I called Dell again and they now told me that I had to do all that. What a nightmare. Support from India. The guy I tried to speak with could not understand me and verse versa. Bottom line is that their service is not great. They should put the computer back in the shape it was when shipped out from the factory especially when it is still under warranty. I will never purchase another Dell again. I know three other people who bought various models in the past year and all had hard disk crashes and received no assistance from Dell with restoring their system.
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Posted by davie7 on 2004-08-24:
Dell computers are not even worth filling up landfill space. JUNK.
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Dude, you're getting a dud!
Posted by Rhondiac on 08/15/2004
NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered a Dell computer in November. Never did use it much. I only use it to check email and pay a few bills. It had a bug a couple of months later and I called Dell and walked me through it. After that, things were never the same with this computer. Next thing I knew, bam, hard drive was gone. I called them and after walking me through 2 hours worth of troubleshooting they finally decided that it was the hard drive. They sent someone out to put it in and then the hell began. I had to call Dell to help me put the drivers and software back on. This took approx. 3 hours and they knew nothing. I finally got fed up and stayed on the phone with them for about 8 hours that day. I told them that I wanted to send the computer back and they could just send me another one or fix this one. They said I could do neither. So I told them that I would send it back and they could send me my money. They didn't want to do that either but I was persistant. Finally, after being hung up on and switched to 7 different people that do not speak English I got them to agree. Of course, I would have to accept a depreciation value of 45%. So be it. I was getting this thing out of my house. Now it is in there hands and I have seen no money. They said it could take as much as 30 days. It's been 11 days and counting. We shall see. My advice to anyone in the market for a computer is do not buy a Dell. They will rip you a new one and their customer service stinks.
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Posted by Mistress on 2004-08-23:
Here's some friendly advice. Take the money you get back, go on the internet, and build your own pc. DELL computers are not worth the headaches.
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Dell PC + Customer Service. MUST vent!
Posted by Twistedfunk on 06/22/2006
I just stumbled onto this site while googling for info relevant to my dell pc, ironically, since i needed the info to make sure the tech support i was talking to had their facts correct while working out yet *another* problem. And what do i find? wow. you all inspired me to vent. it can't be helped now.

i bought the computer in question about 1.5yrs ago, and was not very current with the "tech beat" at the time, and i guess i missed the memo when dell went from an excellent company to complete crap.

3 onsite visits, 2 fans, 2 motherboards, a power supply, a hard drive, and a stick of ram later, i get the point. i still look longingly at my old dual p3 800mhz dell that worked flawlessly for ... well it still works, it just got too outdated for my needs. what happened dell?

to dell's credit - after going through the motions of talking to "tech support" and letting them read their scripts, i inevitably managed to get them to schedule a tech to come replace the necessary part(s) on each occasion. also, the 2 motherboards were not broken up front, but were being fried by a failing power supply (very difficult to diagnose, trust me), which was finally fixed.

also, the stick (1gig) of ram was a casualty of war - somehow the tech killed it while replacing the hard disk. dont ask me how, he seemed a capable enough guy - always called the next working day, not 10 days later... worked fast and efficiently despite hardly speaking a word of english (ukranian maybe?) but i've had similar mishaps in my career, and nobody's perfect.

ok, so in reality, i got a bad power supply (failed after ~1yr) and a cheap hard drive that failed. so not as bad as it sounded, but frankly, i expect better brand name parts than what i found inside (i got samsung, not kingston ram. maxtor, not seagate harddrive, etc. - though i noticed the replacement drive was seagate, maybe they're learning) on a $3500 system, especially when i could swear, albeit a long time ago, they listed the good brand names on the website when i was customising it...

with that out of my system - to dell's DIScredit:

i used to work for a company that handled outsorced phone support for a ton of companies - at&t worldnet, aol, compuserve, ups, and a handfull of airlines, and unsolved mysteries phone-in tips, just to name a few. i was a floor supervisor and it disguested me daily the way the system worked. the scripted crap, the lies (never say the network is done, it's being "upgraded") and knowing that, being completely seperate from the actual company (and not allowed to admit such), there wasn't a thing i could do to help people unless it was a problem on their end - and even then, minimally.

BUT - we were located in the same country as the people using the services we supported and we ALL spoke ENGLISH, and most of the phone reps really did *try* to help and/or be kind and understanding, knowing the service we supported was... unstable on a good day. it wasn't the reps' fault, it was a job - we all gotta eat. people screamed at me daily when a rep would send up a flare for "they want a manager/supervisor". i never hung up on them, insulted them, berated them, or left them on hold for years, and tried real hard to talk around the subject rather than lie like i was supposed to. (and no, i'm not telling you what company this was for, nor what service we were supporting).

i didn't last long in tech support, even as a supervisor. stupid morals and stuff. i got moved to corporate, so i supported the company i worked for. my soul was put to rest. at least i could fix things, and if not, it was my own fault.

SOOOO... anyway. New Dell Computer runs happily along. one day, we (me and my significant other who actually uses the machine in question) wake to find the dreaded blue screen. reboot, bad/missing file trying to start windows. check this and that... determine disk has bad sectors that have crept into the windows critical file area. (did i mention i was a bench tech and fixed PC's previous to above mentioned tech support? ok, i'm a little out of date, but a disk is a disk. this isn't rocket science.)

but really, and i know this from experience, if you tell the person on the phone you know what you're doing, it instantly translates (i dont care what language they speak) to "i'm an idiot end user that's just going to make this call more difficult by thinking i know far more than i really do", and yes, that is often the case - those people were *quite* adamant that it *was* a cup holder, and "why didn't the internet come installed on my computer?" and "i ordered a 486 plentium damn you!" - it really makes it difficult when you DO know what you're doing. *sigh*

when a disk goes bad, it can go *CLANK* (or a number of other unpleasant noises), or it can slowly deteriorate over time, which can take awhile when you're talking well over a hundred gigs. i've seen it many, many times, ever since it happened on my first, beloved, 20MB (yes M not G) drive. i call tech support to get it replaced, via my shiney warranty.

i tell the tech what the problem is (note, tell, not ask). he says it's software configuration. windows "randomly marks sectors as bad sometimes and causes this" he says in extremely broken english. bull!@#$. he has me go through a slew of steps; removing and reinserting the bios battery (nearly impossible do to it's placement among other parts). using a jumper to short the bios and cause it to reset. re-seating the RAM and graphics(?!) card. then boot to the utility partition, and reinstall windows. viola! the computer is up and running, and he is proud to have shown me how ignorant i am. i tell him thanks, we'll call back when it happens again, which it will, in due time.

time passes...

wake up one morning (this computer ONLY dies during the night - or day if i stay up all night, i swear!) and the screen doesn't come on when the mouse is moved. finally the screen produces "no input device". this means nothing is come out through the graphics card. this is bad. again, i go through my personal troubleshooting system and determine that the motherboard and/or processor is dead. i call tech support.

i tell them the problem, which is this time backed up by the diagnostic lights on the back of the computer, and the fact that the cpu fan isn't working. again, i'm to open the case, reseat the ram and graphics card, and i flat out refused to take out the battery again stating that whatever their screen said it WASN'T causing a problem and the last cuts were still healing... ok, so i was right and wrong. the motherboard WAS dead, i just didn't realize that it wasn't suicide, but murder by a 3rd party. either way, after much to-do, i was granted my on-site tech with a new motherboard. hurray!

a few weeks later, the exact scenerio happens again. wake up, dead machine. laugh cry and scream all at once. call tech support. same problem. explain to foreigner what a "no lemon law" is, he doesn't get it. we finally get somebody to get a manager to authorize that if it happens again, we get a new machine. tech guy comes, and brings new power supply, and new motherboard. i'm still not sure who or how they figured it out, the guy on the phone hadn't let on if he had... but whatever, if it works, i'll be happy. ok, so yay! it's working again - the only caveat being that after attaching and de-taching the monitor cable a few times, the vga to digial adapter literally just fell apart, so i have to give the male MY 21" sony flatpanel for his 19", since my graphics card has a vga port, and his didn't. i suggested swapping cards, but he didn't buy it.

time passes...

it's the male's birthday. he wakes up (don't ask why) at 30min past midnight. it's JUST turned his birthday. he turns on the monitor. blue screen. he nearly starts to cry. i, being just about to go to sleep, realize i've just had a change of plans. (he does not "do" computers, he just uses them).

reboot. missing windows file. boot to dell utility thing, run hard drive diagnostics, get error code 7. google for info on my (working) computer (which isn't a Dell), truckloads of posts on message boards and such about it. always a bad disk, support always ended up having to replace. suprise suprise. i call tech support.

i TELL them the problem, and tell them to read the notes that i KNOW they're supposed to keep for each customer ticket/problem, and explain that i'm more than a tad annoyed i (he) will be yet again without his computer when i explicitly said this was going to happen. the only thing they hate more than an irate know-it-all is an irate female telling them they're wrong. only men use computers, duh.

in broken english we wade through the problem. he makes me run the disk diagnostics - again. i tell him the error - again. he runs some other diagnostic thing dell had hidden somewhere on the disk, it fails when it gets to the cd drive, so the test stops prematurely. he says it'd have said there was a problem, "disk is checked before cd drive." "don't these programs usually report a summary of errors when they COMPLETE?" i ask ever so innocently... he mumbles some irritated sounding jibberish and starts in about how we're going to reinstall windows, then check the disk, "and disk will be fine. this is software configuration error, disk is fine. we re-install windows and you see when we run test." can't we just fix the installation? you get that option on the windows install. no.. windows is installed on special partition. no fix, only reinstall. (thank you microsoft, for deciding customers no longer needed real windows installation disks anymore, and "system restore" disks would cure your piracy problems!)

so i reinstall, losing all hope of recovering the non-corrupt data from the disk. why? because i can't afford new parts for this system and if i go through their "troubleshooting" i dont get the tech and replacement part that i paid for via that god-send of a warranty (what if i hadn't bought it? i usually never do. why would i? dells are (were) reliable that i knew. woman's intuition. must be.) ok so windows reinstalls, his tone changes to something resembling gloating, even through the accent. ok, now we run hard disk diagnostics again. i do. fail - error code 7. you can hear his ego fall through the chair and *splut* on the floor. he will not be defeated! we go back to dell's util partition and run a custom test and tell it to check the disk sector by sector. low and behold, at 20% i get an error. then another. then another. wow, bad sectors abound! read failures! no additional sense data! he grunts and puts me on hold.

i realize he's only gone to so much trouble to diagnose the problem because he was determined to prove me wrong. i believe this is where they hang up on most people. he comes back, creates the order for the on-site tech and admits defeat. we will get a new hard disk, but they wont install windows. they only do that in the first few months. "but this disk WAS defective then, you just didn't believe me". no go. just a blank disk. and some restore cds. we argue, he digs in his heals, finally we give up. fine. a disk. a working disk is good.

don't give up on me now, dear reader, this is where it gets good.

next morning the on-site guy calls. we get the same one every time. i guess people around here dont have many dell problems, because he's always here in 24-48hrs, and he seems to be the only tech. my boyfriend just says his name and the guy says he'll be right over, he knows the directions by heart by now.

he replaces the disk, closes the box, and is gone in 10min or less.

we plug in the computer preparing for the grueling installation of windows, drivers, updates, and a crapload of personal software. but hark? i know that sound, those beeps. bios error codes. no. hard drives dont cause beeps. a system will boot fine with no hard drive, it's not a critical error. something ELSE is wrong.

you all know what happened if you've been paying attention so far. i look up bios codes on the net, on dell's website, in the computer's owner's manual. i look at the lights on the back and compare. yes. they all agree. i re-seat the ram, and even the graphics card, just so i dont have to give them the joy of hearing my pain during the inevitable call. i take out chip #2. no beeps. i remove chip #1 and put #2 in #1's slot. beeps. again, not rocket science. i put #1 back into #1's slot and proceed to start the install-fest 1gig short. the male calls tech support.

he explains what happened. they go back and forth, and armed with the beep/no beep pure simple logic, he is able to dupe them into actually admitting we seem to have a dead ram stick without going through 3hrs of "troubleshooting." ok, but customer care needs to handle this. i'll transfer you. *click*

... "if you'd like to make a call, please hang up and..."

he calls back, and gets another "tech." he re-explains the issue, then looks over at my vexed expression and his computer - which is not installing windows - and starts to say something about it and ... *click* this time the guy just hung up. no hold, no transfer.

truely, i'm fighting with the computer. i wont go into details (this is long enough eh?) but suffice it to say, the thing was being purely posessed. by now we have a 3rd guy on the line, and he's been filled in, he says to give me the phone and he'll "walk me through installing windows." he tells me to turn off the computer. i do. then turn on and hit f2. i do, and am back at the bios screen i was looking at when handed the phone... he asks me if i can locate the arrow keys on my keyboard. "would i know what a bios screen was if i didn't know what @#*$(@ arrow keys are?!" i held my tongue. i just thought that. really loud.

he goes through the most obvious steps that i've already done at least 5 times each. he relents, mumbles, i give the phone back, and my dear beloved actually gets successfully transferred to customer care. .who quickly inform him that tech support needs to handle this. ok. he asks for a manager. the customer care lady tries to convince him otherwise, and that he should talk to tech support. because of his refusal, she asserts that she can't help him if he refuses to try and troubleshoot the issue with tech support. his eyes turned chrimson and fire licked out from his nostrils. in moments she was apologizing and said she would get a manager.

he waited on hold for over 30min. the music wasn't even that good. finally, an answer. wait a minute, are you a manager? this is TECH SUPPORT? he demands again to speak to a manager. he's transfered back to customer care where he informs them of this latest transaction and says he. will. speak. to. a. manager. NOW.

eventually, somebody comes on the line. he starts to go through the re-explaining and stops... the man says all the calls are recorded and archived as part of your account history and he's just listened to them, hence the 2nd long hold time. please, dont explain, he's already writing up the paperwork to have a new machine sent out to us right away! refurbished? no, brand new. promise? yes. with ALL the upgrades i ordered that came with this one? yes, i have the original order details right here.

says it'll be 7-10 days to assemble the new machine. this sounds promising as it indicates a real, new machine. we'll get a box, we put the old machine back in, flip on the airbill, and at no cost our lemon is gone and replaced.

so far, i dont see any activity denoting this on the "my account" page on dell's website. i was happy till i started reading this site, now i'm seriously worried. it sounded genuine. will the new machine come? will it WORK? to be continued...

seriously folks. this isn't a problem with Dell being a crappy company. i mean, it is, but it's just a symptom of a much greater one. i'm a highly trained, experienced professional in the IT industry. i've been more unemployed than not since the tech crash. i've watched friends lose jobs as call centers closed as they were outsourced to india and others. i've seen much more than tech support outsourced. they send out contracts to have software written - the quality of which has never disappointed my expectations - complete crap that somebody usually has to put in extra hours to fix, or just re-write, on salary with no overtime.

WHY are we paying people in another country to NOT do what we're paying them to do at the expense of our own economy and workforce? can anybody please explain? sure, they're cheap - but when it comes down to time, miss-ordered parts, hell - the long distance charges for the 100s of hours we sit on the phone with them overseas! can it *really* be cost effective? even if it is, is it SO much that it's worth *THE* #1 rated computer company only a few years ago is now the #1 complained about computer company?! i am a geek, not an economist. somebody explain this to me, please. then tell me how the economy is looking up, only half the large companies had lay-offs this year as last! and the government sees no reason to stem the in-flux of forign workers - nevermind the outflux of jobs. i dont get it.

i'm done. thank you if you read all that. it doesn't work to vent unless somebody hears you, or i'd write a letter to Dell Corp.

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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-06-23:
Dell used to put quality parts in their machines (pre-2000). But somewhere along the line they got greedy, stopped testing their builds, started using cheap parts and moved their customer service to India. Hence they dropped from being number one in my book, to my last choice.
Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-06-23:
Could be worse, you could have bought an emachine. Bottom line here is all PC's sold to the "home consumer market" are basicly cheap, and customer service is a thing of the past.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-23:
The quality will further degrade and the customer service will only get worse (It's hard to imagine how, unless a call to a CSR results in Dell shipping a box of purulent feces to the caller). The situation will worsen until we all unite and agree to stop buying their junk. The choice is entirely ours. We can just "vent" or we can be proactive.
Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-06-23:
Well said Doc J! It is indeed up to us to make this change.
Posted by twistedfunk on 2006-06-23:
I agree completely Doc J. i will not be buying anything new from dell (or any other company that follows this type of 'screw the end-user' philosophy to save a buck). and we all know it's not limited to the computer industry - customer dis-service is the new standard in retail chains and online businesses alike. unless a store is paying comissions for sales, good luck finding somebody. even then, it's iffy. and man, ever tried calling a major store like best buy or compusa or walmart? it just doesn't happen. somehow we, as consumers at large, have to reach a critical mass and stop tolerating this crap before it's going to get better.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-23:
A couple things. 1/make a copy of your boot disc to floppy (write protect it) and a CD-R. 1a/You MAY need to start doing disc defrags more often 2/Brush up on your DOS commands (see the net) 3/You need to become aquinted with your Control Panel | System Properties | Device Manager, I repeat do not meddle with it unless you know what your doing! 4. Almost any comp problem can be solved by going to Google | Groups | Advanced Search, or searching the alt.windows, or comp.sys hierarchies. Remember "Don't let the computer master you...you master it" repeat it again, and again work that flabby chin. Good luck
Posted by twistedfunk on 2006-06-24:
Thanks for the would-be helpful advice Mrs M, but 1) i dont have a floppy drive (who the hell does?), 1a) a fragmented disk does not cause bad sector errors and drive failures. 2) i used a 286 for some 5yrs. I know it fine, and dont see where it's applicable here since DOS boot disks are a thing of the past (see 1, no floppy). 3) I've worked on computers for over a decade fixing, supporting, building, networking, and programming them. i think i can use windows control panel. i dont think you actually read my post or you'd know this. :) it's almost as frustrating as the guy from dell support asking if i can "locate the arrow keys on my keyboard".
Posted by twistedfunk on 2006-06-24:
i feel i should reiterate again: please READ the post before making ridiculous and completely innacurate comments. i can only assume you're a forum troll, because that was simply the most inane response i've read on this board yet.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-24:
In regards to my statement "or searching the alt.windows, or comp.sys hierarchies" take note that Google archives all posts forever (a remnant of Deja News but can be deleted through finding the link). My point DON'T POST to a google group without realizing they keep all posts. Ok.
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Technical Service / Customer Service Issues
Posted by Xsgt1 on 03/23/2005
ILLINOIS -- I purchased my Dell Dimension 8200 in May of 2002 for just over three large... I purchased extended warranty in case of problems later on...

Well for the last week I have spoken to numerous technicians from India who have been extremely hard to understand (I usually would have to ask them to repeat their instructions at least twice but usually more like three to four times)... The advice from technician to technician was so radically different that I was scratching my head wondering why their proposed solution to the same problems expressed to them could vary so much...

After finally losing my patience with the last technician. I asked for a supervisor... After the usual long, long, long,wait I finally got to speak to the SUPERVISOR... I explained to her as I did all of the other technicians what the problems were... She promptly decided (I don't really think that you could call it a diagnoses)that what I have are Software Issues... She also advised me that I do not have the appropriate (additional) warranty services for Software Issues... I explained that my sales rep. failed to inform me of the need for such additional warranty... She offered to sell me the required services and I respectfully declined...

I then requested her supervisor and was told that no one else was available... I informed her that I would wait... She said that someone would be with me in about five minutes... (Five minutes in Dell time apparently means more like 15 to 20 minutes)... Anyway some guy named Jason comes on and states that he is the Supervisor's Supervisor ( I really have my doubt's here on that matter)...

After detailing everything to him and receiving no answer or solution I requested the mailing address of Corporate at DELL INC...

I spent a great deal of time explaining in detail what transpired and why I am dissatisfied with Dell Tech. Services and Dell Customer Services... I have not yet received a response from them...

I really think that DELL INC. has made a very serious mistake by outsourcing... I only hope that they see the light and change their ways...


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Posted by xsgt1 on 2005-04-17:
Just a little update... I spoke with a customer service representative Jennifer McDade (1800-624-9897 Dell extension number 7248123... She stated that they had received my letter of complaint and that the only thing that they would or (could) do is issue a coupon... I am still waiting on the e-mail issues coupon from Dell for $100.00... I have been following other complaints where coupons or rebates have been issued but not followed up on or totally ignored... I'm sorry but I still think that Dell Computer just does not get it... I think that Michael Dell and the rest of the board need to get together and re-evaluate what customer service practices are in place and how to better respond to customer questions, problems, and most importantly customer complaints... Thank you for you time D. Payne Customer ID#021541515
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Purchase of Dell Computer Online
Posted by Lucycat on 05/08/2006
RIVA, MARYLAND -- On May 1, 2006, I purchased a Dell Dimension B110 computer and printer. I paid cash for this order. I was told by the sales representative that I would receive an email informing me when my computer would be shipped. I received no email. On May 3, the monitor and printer arrived at my home address and was signed for, but the computer never arrived. I emailed the Sales Representative and he emailed me the tracking number for the computer, which was a separate order from the printer. The address that they had been attempting to deliver the computer to was in Landover, Maryland, 40 miles from my home and the delivery address.

On Friday, May 5, I finally got through to a human being at UPS who informed me that the package got separated from the original order and was being sent to an address in Landover, Maryland. She gave me a phone number to call at Dell. I got a woman, with very limited ability to speak English ("outsourcing," Dell?), who kept me on the phone for approximately 20 minutes, put me on hold at least six times, and then informed me that the computer would be delivered to my home on that day. (May 5). No computer was ever delivered to my home on May 5. I emailed the sales representative, expressing my total dissatisfaction with the way I have been treated. Evidently, after he made his "sale" this was out of his hands.

I happen to work for the largest law firm in this area, and I intend to file a Complaint in the District Court for misrepresentation and fraud. It is quite obvious to me, after dealing with Dell, that all they care about is making their sale, and then hell be damned.

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Lack of Customer Service - Follow Through
Posted by Xsgt1 on 04/17/2005
ILLINOIS -- Original Purchase date May 8th. 2002 on a Dell Dimension 8200 Invoice amount $3089.07...

Contact was made to Dell Corporate via USPS letter (signature required)...

Customer service representative Jennifer McDade
1-800-624-9897 Ext. 7248123 called and responded to letter of complaint about technical issues and customer service dept. issues...

She (Jennifer) stated that Dell was willing to issue a $100.00 e-mail coupon good for 6 - months from date of issue to use toward other Dell products or software...

I am still awaiting the issuance of the e-mail coupon but after reading other complaints in regard to Dell's handling of e-mail coupons and rebates it seems to be a futile attempt by Dell
Computer to appease customers who have valid complaints against their company...

I suppose another letter to corporate would do no good but what other recourse is there???
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