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Dell Computer Corporation
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Dell Customer Service and Product Quality
By -

My father, **, purchased a Dell PC in March 2005, and has had nothing but problems ever since. This is one of their more expensive models, not just the cheap basic model. His PC has not worked 90% of the time he has had it. Dell has replaced the memory, hard drive, the motherboard, and various other parts and still they cannot get the PC up and working. We have spent over 4 days (hours added up) on the phone and still Dell hasn't gotten anywhere and they refuse to replace the PC or refund money because it is after the first 3 months of owning the PC, but they advertise a 1 year warranty.

When we spoke to 3 different Dell phone representative, they each claimed to be a supervisor and said they would handle the situation and call us back in 30 minutes and they never did. When we called back and explain the situation for the 100th time and said we were speaking to the supervisor named ** they say that there is no supervisor named **. This has happen with 3 different names. We have kept a log of who we called, how long we were on hold, etc... and it is over 6 pages long.

Dell's tech support has come out to the house numerous times and never showed up on time, or even on the day they say they are going to, and then they left without the PC having been fixed. We are at wit's end. My father is planning on going to the state's attorney office to file a complaint.

We know 4 people just in the immediate neighborhood who have had the same complaints and issues about Dell and we are considering contacting an attorney. If there are that many people in the 1 mile radius, how many are there in our county, state, or country wide. My family and friends all work with the public, and we all plan to tell everyone we come across how horrific Dell's equipment and customer service is.

As a resolution, I would like the following: My father would like his money back, or for Dell to fix the PC so it can be used for homework etc. as it was meant to be plus a 3 year warranty to ensure he will not be facing this same situation down the line. It is only fair to correct the problems with their product that he paid for in a timely and efficient manner, 4 months and over 72 hours on the phone with customer service is not acceptable. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Technical Service/Customer Service Issues
By -

ILLINOIS -- I purchased my Dell Dimension 8200 in May of 2002 for just over three large. I purchased extended warranty in case of problems later on. Well for the last week I have spoken to numerous technicians from India who have been extremely hard to understand (I usually would have to ask them to repeat their instructions at least twice but usually more like three to four times)... The advice from technician to technician was so radically different that I was scratching my head wondering why their proposed solution to the same problems expressed to them could vary so much.

After finally losing my patience with the last technician. I asked for a supervisor... After the usual long, long, long, wait I finally got to speak to the SUPERVISOR. I explained to her as I did all of the other technicians what the problems were... She promptly decided (I don't really think that you could call it a diagnosis) that what I have are Software Issues. She also advised me that I do not have the appropriate (additional) warranty services for Software Issues. I explained that my sales rep. failed to inform me of the need for such additional warranty. She offered to sell me the required services and I respectfully declined...

I then requested her supervisor and was told that no one else was available. I informed her that I would wait... She said that someone would be with me in about five minutes. (Five minutes in Dell time apparently means more like 15 to 20 minutes.) Anyway some guy named ** comes on and states that he is the Supervisor's Supervisor (I really have my doubts here on that matter).

After detailing everything to him and receiving no answer or solution I requested the mailing address of Corporate at DELL INC... I spent a great deal of time explaining in detail what transpired and why I am dissatisfied with Dell Tech. Services and Dell Customer Services... I have not yet received a response from them. I really think that DELL INC. has made a very serious mistake by outsourcing... I only hope that they see the light and change their ways. See Rule #1 - THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

Dude, You're Getting a Dud!
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered a Dell computer in November. Never did use it much. I only use it to check email and pay a few bills. It had a bug a couple of months later and I called Dell and walked me through it. After that, things were never the same with this computer. Next thing I knew, bam, hard drive was gone. I called them and after walking me through 2 hours worth of troubleshooting they finally decided that it was the hard drive. They sent someone out to put it in and then the hell began. I had to call Dell to help me put the drivers and software back on. This took approx. 3 hours and they knew nothing.

I finally got fed up and stayed on the phone with them for about 8 hours that day. I told them that I wanted to send the computer back and they could just send me another one or fix this one. They said I could do neither. So I told them that I would send it back and they could send me my money. They didn't want to do that either but I was persistent. Finally, after being hung up on and switched to 7 different people that do not speak English I got them to agree. Of course, I would have to accept a depreciation value of 45%. So be it. I was getting this thing out of my house.

Now it is in their hands and I have seen no money. They said it could take as much as 30 days. It's been 11 days and counting. We shall see. My advice to anyone in the market for a computer is do not buy a Dell. They will rip you a new one and their customer service stinks.

Dell Computer Backup Disc
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- We requested Backup Discs after realizing an original back up disc they sent had gotten damaged. Emailed Dell. First Dell said that even though our service warranty had expired a few months ago that they would send us a complimentary copy because we were a valued customer. To make a long story short we got another email shortly thereafter saying that since our warranty had expired that Dell Computer would not send send us the Backup Discs after all. We responded in a nice manner that we were given double talk. The funny thing is, the email they sent agreeing to and disagreeing to send the Backup discs are all attached to each other.

The "Blinking Amber Light"
By -

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I am one of the victims of the “blinking Amber light.” Just after the computer is out of warranty, the power button blinks amber. “Means power supply problem.” After doing some research on the Internet I came to find out this is a wide spread problem. Dell should be extending the warranty. Apparently this is some sort of short on the motherboard, a serious problem, requiring a new motherboard or power supply, which means that you might as well replace the system. This is ridiculous for an almost new system.

This happened to me after I just tried to buy a new Dell system two months ago & had to return it, it would repeatedly reboot itself during the day, Dell could not fix it. Shame on you Dell, I used to be a big Dell customer, I am trying HP now.

Authentication Number
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I purchases a dell computer and its authentication number sticker was not inside the CPU. When my computer failed and I had to reload the system operating disk I did not have the number to reinstall the disk. Then the disk did not have the drivers and utilities on them and Dell had to resend me the right disk.

When I called them for the authentication number they said it is inside the CPU somewhere and you will have to find it or purchase another Windows XP, we can not give you the number for your computer. Well too bad for me.

Customer Service
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I purchased a computer system from Dell on January 29th. The sales representative promised me a $75.00 credit in Dell Dollars as part of the purchase agreement. I have been unable to collect the credit I was promised. I did receive a $50.00 “concession coupon” that was issued by Customer Care. I attempted to use the coupon on a recent purchase, but it was rejected. Now Dell is threatening to charge me interest on that purchase.

I have yet to receive the additional $25.00 I was promised and have been unable to collect on the $50.00 I did receive.

In an effort to collect the $75.00 Dell Dollars that was part of my purchase agreement, I have called Dell on numerous occasions, emailed your “Customer Service”, and spoken with the sales representative on more than one occasion, all to no avail.

Based on my experience with this purchase, I could not recommend this company.

No Line-In Audio
By -

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA -- I was very happy with my new Dimension XPS 410 with Windows Vista until I discovered that the Line-In audio jack only works for recording! You cannot feed the audio to the normal audio output like you always used to. My application (a shortwave radio card) requires this feature. Dell has said their driver no longer supports this functionality. THIS IS A STANDARD FEATURE! I would no more have asked if it was available than to ask if it had a power cord. I feel cheated by Dell. I won't order a computer mail-order again and this was my fifth.

Problem with ram memory upgrade
By -

First, I would like to say that my past experiences with Dell have been excellent. The present bad experience was with Dell Sales to order the correct memory chip (ram) to speed up my slow computer. I gave the order person the info. on my Dell computer and he suggested a 1 gig card. I ordered the card he recommended and it arrived a few days later. To be doubly sure the card would work, I called the card manufacturer tech. dept. The rep. checked the computer specs and told me the card was not the right one and might damage my computer if I tried to install it. I called Dell Sales and relayed the problem and this rep. (who was knowledgeable) also said the chip I received was wrong. He suggested a replacement and I ordered it. I was switched to another rep. to return the wrong chip. Although very pleasant, she kept me on the line about 20 minutes, apparently not being able to fill my request without frequent pauses to get back up. I finally asked for a supervisor to complete the simple return for "full credit" including pick up.
I probably spent more than an hour with this experience, fortunately, on toll free numbers, between Dell and the chip manufacturer. The bottom line is that I have lost faith in Dell's ability to provide proper assistance to the buyer as some of their reps. lack proper training or knowledge.

Dell cuts you no slack, Jack
By -

I ordered a Dimension 8100 on December 13 last year for my wife for Christmas. On December 21 this year the hard drive failed. I called Dell, thinking they might have a goodwill policy that would allow that since the computer didn't go into service until after Christmas, it could still be considered under the year warranty. Not! I asked about perhaps letting me retroactively purchase an extended warranty--Not! Will I ever buy another Dell computer? Not! Will I let Dell get involved in fixing this one? Not! I didn't know their quality and service had declined so much in recent years--wish I'd read the customer reviews. Unfortunately, it looks like the once-stellar computer company is going to be the new Ford or GM of its field.

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