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Authentication Number
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I purchases a dell computer and its authentication number sticker was not inside the CPU. When my computer failed and I had to reload the system operating disk I did not have the number to reinstall the disk. Then the disk did not have the drivers and utilities on them and Dell had to resend me the right disk.

When I called them for the authentication number they said it is inside the CPU somewhere and you will have to find it or purchase another Windows XP, we can not give you the number for your computer. Well too bad for me.
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dimplepie on 05/27/2008:
Ohh sheewwt!
madconsumer on 05/27/2008:
if you registired your new computer with microsoft, you can gewt the nyumber form them. if you did not registire it, then you will need to purchase another copy.

the re-build cd from dell should contain an exact image of the way your computer shipped.

there are also progrms that can retrieve the number if you can start up and open windows.
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Poor hardware, weak service
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NORTH DAKOTA -- Should have known as soon as I opened the box and started taking out EVERY piece of hardware labeled "Made in China". Sure enough, the keyboard had some keystroke issues, specifically, the arrow keys, the space bar, and some of the number keys on the number pad would run off a long string of zeros as soon as they were hit. This was more than annoying. It made it impossible to type my passwords, because I could not see the keystrokes that were being entered.

I called Dell support, and was not surprised to find that, while Dell has exported all the hardware manufacturing jobs out of this country to China, they have moved all the tech support jobs out of the US to India.

I was asked by the tech support person to tell here a product serial number that was supposed to be written on the outside of the box. The problem with that was that there were around half a dozen numbers written on the outside of the box, and none of them was identified as the "product serial number". After some small confusion (due in part to the language barrier), during which I rattled off every number I could find on the box, and being told that none of them were correct, the tech person (who did seem genuinely eager to help) managed to help me reformat and restart my computer (minus any password to protect my personal login). All of this was actually before I found that the keyboard was part of the problem.

Now, here is where it gets even better! I called the closest Walmart (where I bought the computer) and explained the problem with the keyboard, and was told that I couldn't just bring in the keyboard for replacement, but would have to rebox the ENTIRE product and bring it back. The closest Walmart, BTW, is 70 miles from where I live. (The recent SHODDINESS of Walmart service I will save for another review.)

You would think that both Dell and Walmart would want to make the customer support as simple and easy for the customer as possible, and allow replacement of individual non-conforming components at the point of purchase.
I just went to a DIFFERENT discount mega store and bought a compatible keyboard (NOT A DELL). I still have the old one, if any of you folks at either Dell or Walmart would like me to send it to you so you can place it in a place where the sun doesn't shine!

I definitely will shop elsewhere than Walmart, and look at anything other than a Dell, the next time I am looking for a computer.

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sabletaz on 09/23/2007:
Unfortunately, most everything is made in China, so it really doesn't matter what brand you get. You'll going to have problems.
Halo611 on 09/23/2007:
I have a Dell desktop and a Dell laptop and have not had any issues with either of them. I purchased directly from Dell and had my computers made the way I wanted them.

Sorry, but Wal-mart would be the last place I would purchase a computer.

MRM on 09/23/2007:
Replacing a keyboard is no big deal. Go to thrift store and buy a major brand name keyboard for $2.00 and it works just fine.
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Purchase of Dell Computer Online
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RIVA, MARYLAND -- On May 1, 2006, I purchased a Dell Dimension B110 computer and printer. I paid cash for this order. I was told by the sales representative that I would receive an email informing me when my computer would be shipped. I received no email. On May 3, the monitor and printer arrived at my home address and was signed for, but the computer never arrived. I emailed the Sales Representative and he emailed me the tracking number for the computer, which was a separate order from the printer. The address that they had been attempting to deliver the computer to was in Landover, Maryland, 40 miles from my home and the delivery address.

On Friday, May 5, I finally got through to a human being at UPS who informed me that the package got separated from the original order and was being sent to an address in Landover, Maryland. She gave me a phone number to call at Dell. I got a woman, with very limited ability to speak English ("outsourcing," Dell?), who kept me on the phone for approximately 20 minutes, put me on hold at least six times, and then informed me that the computer would be delivered to my home on that day. (May 5). No computer was ever delivered to my home on May 5. I emailed the sales representative, expressing my total dissatisfaction with the way I have been treated. Evidently, after he made his "sale" this was out of his hands.

I happen to work for the largest law firm in this area, and I intend to file a Complaint in the District Court for misrepresentation and fraud. It is quite obvious to me, after dealing with Dell, that all they care about is making their sale, and then hell be damned.

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Dell customer service/tech support
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VIRGINIA -- I purchased a Dimension 3000 in July 2005. In September 2005 my sound became garbled and distorted. I contacted customer service and was switched to tech support. They keep you on the phone or on line for hours. The last time I called they told me to completely uninstall all my software including the operating system (Windows XP). I am not a technician and I told him I was not comfortable doing that but was assured he would be able to help me. After you make all the changes in the configuration, and uninstall everything they leave you hanging. You don't know what changes you have made and then you find out you don't even have the correct CD's to reinstall. Their customer service is a joke and the tech support is even worse. I paid for a warranty through 2009 but every time I call they tell me it is a software issue. They won't send anyone to check it out even though I was led to believe I paid for that service. You never get to talk to the same tech twice and you are constantly telling someone what you called for, what you already did, and then you are put on hold forever.
I have been on line with them for a total of over 20 hours trying to get this issue solved and they finally had to the nerve to tell me when I complained "if you don't want our help take it to Best Buy and get it fixed". What a ripoff. I will never buy ANYTHING from Dell. They have no customer service and their tech support is horrible. Now I am stuck with a $1400 computer that I have to pay to have repaired!!!!! And they don't care. This has been the most horrible experience I have had as a consumer.
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User Replies:
miketech on 03/25/2006:
Do you know if your sound card is on the motherboard on a pci slot? If it's on the motherboard and garbling then you are probably using the computer past it's ability to process the sound and perform other computing tasks. In that case I'd suggest a pci sound card. Some are cheap some are expensive.
MAGICKEEPER on 03/26/2006:
miketech: Our company tech told me the same thing about the sound card so I guess I will have to try that..he says it is probably on the motherboard but he can override the original sound card. I really don't want to go that route --I paid for warranty but it was a waste of money. They really ripped me off. And now more money out of my pocket when they should bear the expense.
MarshaLyn on 11/27/2006:
I don't know if MAGICKEEPER is still around but for those who might have come here off a search engine with Dimension 3000 sound problems, there is a solution. The sound is only a symptom of a bigger problem which slows the system down to a crawl. We have fought this for 15 months and have restored the system to the factory settings over and over. I finally found the solution today on another message board. It is to go into device manager and uninstall both IDE controllers. (I recommend doing the secondary one first because uninstalling the primary one prompts a restart.) When the computer restarts Windows will reinstall the CD and DVD drives. This fixed the sound problem (and the related high CPU use peaks) for me. What a relief to find a fix. Dell support was useless other than for revealing that there's a way to go back to the factory settings.
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TAMPA, GEORGIA -- On Thursday, January 27th, 2006, I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a Dell sales representative designing a computer. The expected ship date was Friday Feb. 3, 2006. On Monday Jan. 30, 2006 a computer showed up by FedEx. Of course this was not the computer I had custom ordered. It was a stock computer. If I had not noticed the mouse was not wireless...It may have been months before I realized this was not my computer. Dell put me in touch with a great American English Speaker that helped try and resolve the problem. It took two attemps by UPS to pick up the computer. Although she sent me a second computer that still was not what I had wanted...but close enough that I accepted it. Next I open the boxes only to discover the wireless mouse was sent with the computer. I called in yet again and was told they would send me the mouse, but it would be up to 12 days before it would ship. This was ridiculous to have a computer that I could not use. Now today the computer has failed to boot properly. The only way I could power it down…was to hold in the on/off button. I went on line to chat with tech support and that was I told the tech I had used the system restore to try to correct the problem...his/her answer was that the system would now work correctly after using the restore. I don't think I should have to use the system restore on a computer that has been plugged in for 2 days, nor lose my desk top information that is deleted when using the restore. The bottom line: this has been a nightmare experience to a total of thousands of dollars that I get to wait and have credited to my account. Now the extremely rude CSR in returns informs me I have to pay $99 to return the computer to Dell since I am unsatisfied...not that is may not be working correctly. BEWARE OF DELL...READ ALL THE REVIEWS BEFORE BUYING A COMPUTER FROM THEM.
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Sparticus on 02/08/2006:
What a nightmare. I was lucky enough to have purchased my Dell 6 years ago when they still did "burn in" testing on every system before it shipped. I don't think they practice that same level of quality assurance any more. If I were to buy a new PC today, it definitely would not be a Dell.
miketech on 02/08/2006:
I talked 2 people out of buying a Dell this week :) Yay me.
tander on 02/08/2006:
Probably talked 3 out of a Dell!
dsmith68 on 02/09/2006:
"hold the on/off button for 5-10 seconds" That is a hard shutdown.. ie, you effectively crash the pc. Generally done when windows has frozen.
KateM on 02/10/2006:
I got to ask what type of computer would you "experts" recommend?
dsmith68 on 02/13/2006:
With all the cheap intergated components, these days I recommend building it yourself. I research each part, look at the reviews, search for cheap or free shipping etc and put it together myself. If one of the parts fail, you can replace it or RMA it back. Most motherboards, processors, memory and discs have 3-5 year warranty.
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Dell's Customer Service
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- While I was casually warned by a friend about Dell's ineffectiveness in handling customer complaints, I dismissed his remark, thinking naively to myself, that this, after all, is a Dell, the ultimate in PC's, and mine was brand new, custom built to my specifications, and one of their higher end pieces. What could I possibly complain about?! Right? WRONG. After a 30 day wait, (I paid extra for 3 day shipping) I contacted them to find that my order wasn't even in the system (even though my Credit Card was charged at the time the order was placed). After several days of sorting out this mess, another 30 day wait, only to find that I was shipped a laptop, instead of the desktop that I ordered. The label had my address, but someone else's name. I find out that my order was shipped to someone else, and his was shipped to me. Why? We share the same state, CA. I can see how this can be confusing. After several days of (mis)communication, and a few weeks' wait. I finally get my state of the art PC. Thrilled, excited, and experiencing a range of other rather complex emotions, I bid adieu to my outdated & over-worked eMachine). I open the boxes eagerly, and begin to assemble my "toys", only to find out that the sound card is defective. I contact CS and they suggested that I try to play a CD to determine if it is indeed the Sound Card. Hmmm.. Why didn't I think of that?! Then they suggested that I play another CD, in case the first CD was defective. 5 CD's, 2 near heart attacks, and 1 mega migraine later, they suggested that the problem might be from defective speakers. Mind you, I ordered the speakers from them, and they arrived in the same box. After walking me through every possible scenario (OK..OK.. I'm a Liberal Arts major), our knowledgeable and experienced tech diagnosed the problem. It was, to my astonishment, a defective sound card.

Round 3: I ship it back, and await my replacement. Sure enough, it arrives, as expected, in the longest amount of time possible. This time, the replacement was missing every additional software & program that I ordered to be installed, and had paid a small fortune for. I take that back, it was a huge fortune $2800 in all to be precise.

Round 4: Ship back. Receive replacement. 6 days later it crashes. TOTALLY.

Round 5: I receive a replacement. All good. Missing remote.

Round 6: The remote is shipped separately.

And on the Seventh try, the Heavens rested. And to those of you who are skeptical in nature, I promise you this is not a work of fiction.
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Lack of Customer Service - Follow Through
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ILLINOIS -- Original Purchase date May 8th. 2002 on a Dell Dimension 8200 Invoice amount $3089.07...

Contact was made to Dell Corporate via USPS letter (signature required)...

Customer service representative Jennifer McDade
1-800-624-9897 Ext. 7248123 called and responded to letter of complaint about technical issues and customer service dept. issues...

She (Jennifer) stated that Dell was willing to issue a $100.00 e-mail coupon good for 6 - months from date of issue to use toward other Dell products or software...

I am still awaiting the issuance of the e-mail coupon but after reading other complaints in regard to Dell's handling of e-mail coupons and rebates it seems to be a futile attempt by Dell
Computer to appease customers who have valid complaints against their company...

I suppose another letter to corporate would do no good but what other recourse is there???
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90 day warranty
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- 04-14-05
From : Ben Brothers
My computer: Dell Dimension 3000 / Windows XP
Customer # 51365074
Order # 154543237
Service Tag 4M1XF61
Key Code 1LETR
Service code 10040624137
Last Case # 098798358 04/14/05

My name is Ben Brothers
I purchased my Dell Dimension in Jan. 05 for over $600.00. I’ve owned another Dell for over 10 years and I’ve had no problems so I hoped I would have the same luck with a much newer one with all the new and better components Dell advertises night and day on the T.V., radio,newspapers and the internet. I guess I was wrong.
I’ve had this computer for approx. 100 days, just 10 days past the free 90 day warranty. Then, for no reason or warning, it just shut down. I called Dell technical support and after waiting at least ½ hour I get through. After another hour, I was told either my Video card was no good or my motherboard was junk and my warranty was gone. I took my computer to a repair shop and after $40.00 and another hour, I was told the motherboard was junk and or the processor was bad. I was also told the fans that cool the computer were not working properly and you can not turn off the computer manually.
It seems to me that Dell wants you to buy their extended warranty for $169.00 on top of the price of the computer. With this in mind, I think Dell doesn’t trust their own product and with all the money they make they can afford to replace the ones that have the extended warranty and the others, too bad.
I want to send this letter to any and everyone I can to let them know how terrible the product Dell makes and all the technical support does not come from the United States and there are no managers to talk to.
If you know of anyway I can get help, or anyone I can report them to, please call or email me.
Thank you,
Ben Brothers

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User Replies:
pattye on 04/19/2005:
Try the Better Business Bureau and as far as I can tell, the one for Austin, TX. I am filing a complaint with them and also the BBB here in Nevada.

I am soooooo very angry with my situation with Dell, that I am filing a complaint with both these bureaus and WILL contact my State Attorney General's office and the FCC if my complaint is not settled soon.

I have been in a nightmare with Dell since January.

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Dell preferred account and CIT Bank
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CAROL CITY, ILLINOIS -- On Dec.3,2004 I ordered a computer and processor
from Dell in which I had 90 days to pay it off
before the finance charge was to start I paid $100.00 on my Jan. account then the trouble started I got my Feb. billing I was hit with a $35.00 late fee a deferred finance charage of $12.85 plus the finance charge for my Feb. bill in the amount of $16.98 this makes a total of $64.83of charges I should not have had when I did not receive my statement until Feb.24,2005 and the due date is the 26th. they had 6 working days before they received my payment I have no
idea how long they had it before it was posted on
March 5,2005 I wrote them and have contacted them several times on this matter and have had no response at all on it. I have contacted Dell
by phone which is a nightmare to talk to anyone
you can understand and they were so rude I actually cried I was trying to tell them I thought they had sold me a refurbished computer
because of the length of time it takes to boot up
it takes 5 minutes for it to do anything plus it
is very slow going from one web site to the other
he was rude enough to tell me I didn't know what I was doing and that I should take lessons and besides it was in my internet connection is he so
dumb what few words you could understand that he
actually believes that to boot up you have to be on the internet ?
This is my second computer the first one I had no trouble with CIT Bank and their help was very
good was the reason I ordered my second one from Dell.
I will never do business with Dell or CIT bank again and I guess I will have late fee for March
its already the 10th of the month and I have not
received my March statement. Just how far does this company think they can go with the tricks they are pulling ?
All I want is my computer fixed and my money back they charged for the late fee but when you
are unable to contact anyone that knows or can speak proper English what do you do?
Dell and CIT Bank is the worse company I have ever come across to have once been a good company. Please do not buy a Dell you will get burned.
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virginiasoreback on 03/20/2005:
"Dell Preferred Account and CIT Bank"

I can identify with your frustration with Dell and its financial arm. It seems that Dell’s behavior was callous and underhanded; especially for a company that has enjoyed some measure of prestige among America’s corporate giants.

It did not enhance its standing in the public’s perception of what constitutes and builds corporate goodwill.

The sluggish delivery of your monthly statement followed closely by the “hair trigger” tactic of assessing a late charge based on their crediting “timetable” seems to suggest a practice of a “got-you-if-you-do;” got-you-if-you-don’t;” con.

I had held Dell in high esteem until an experience about two years ago. Dell offered me a Dell Preferred Account with a $50.00 credit incentive. The company accepted my order for a $2,000.00 plus Notebook PC. But, while assessing my credit worthiness, which was positively “solid,” the processing of the order “timed-out.” I was not notified that the order had been dropped and it practically “took an act of Congress” to talk to an associate because of the incessant ringing and unanswered telephone calls.

When I did get through to Dell they offered to reinstate the order but, I declined; and immediately purchased an hp pavilion ze5200 series Notebook.

My attitude towards the company that grew from a humble beginning to industry leader went from -“Praises to Dell” to “Dell – go to hell.”

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Issues with LEASE; wanted 60 days same as cash
Posted by on
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- At checkout, when purchasing my Dell 8400 in late December 2004, I received a pop-up to receive an additional 10% off on my purchase by going through Dell Financial Services. Having already spent a great deal of time with the online ordering process, I clicked lease instead of the 60 days Same As Cash option. The Computer arrived 12/23. Dell Financial sent me an invoice for 1 month on 1/11. Unfortunately, it did not have the grand total posted on it and did not say I had until 21 days to return the computer/cancel the lease.
I was confused by the invoice but did not get to call until 2/4. On 2/4/05 I found out that I was LOCKED into the lease. My computer equipment went up a whopping $886.12 in lease/finance charges. I spoke to 7-10 people [around the globe] between Dell and Dell Financial all of whom told me that it was TOO LATE. After being brought to tears by one of the DFS customer service reps, I paid off my lease [including the $886.12 in LEASE FEES] (within 60 days)just to get off the phone with them. HOWEVER, I have now LOST $886.12 due to the mistake.

Buyer Beware!!! If you want to use the Same as cash options, make sure you click it!!

DO NOT click on the lease button by accident unless you actually want a long-term commitment. If you wanted to pay it off within 60 days, You will be charged for the FULL term of the lease, Fair Market Value, and a 3% early payoff FEE.

DELL.COM agreed to a $150 credit for my hassles, which will take 30 days to process, but it is a far cry from $886.12 I have lost and ALL the hassles I have had with the global customer "Care" people at Dell and DFS.
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