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DFS, Inspiron 1545, V515W Printer, Lost Payments, Check Free, No Help
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I made the mistake of ordering a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop and v515w printer a year ago. Needless to say, the laptop and printer never worked and I spent untold hours with Dell techs who did their best to help. They know they have a terrible product and try anyway. Hats off to the techs who were unable to resolve issues Dell causes. At least they tried.

When I tried to resolve the horrendous issues with the screwed up billing, lost payments through Dell vendors and assignment of late fees for payments made and then lost through Check Free, I spent hours talking with DFS. Their lack of response is breathtaking.

I have been through hell recently with a representative in Austin who, I thought, finally might help resolve anything with the mess Dell created. Instead of helping, after I sent reams of information to the Dell research team, I got a stunning lack of performance and now have a higher balance, no help, assignment of fees, creative accounting including a higher balance due and no calls back from anyone re this disaster.

I have never seen any company behave as irresponsibly and unethically as this. I am still trying to find a way to deal with this technical and financial disaster. Dell has nearly put me out of business all by itself. What an achievement when all I wanted was a working laptop and printer. They have single-handedly caused me and my family income, a business and peace of mind.
I can't afford another computer and printer. Why should I have to buy one? This Dell system is still new.

When a company refuses to deal with a service regarded as crucial to a new business, it affects more than just work product. It can ruin a start-up's future as competitors are free to continue with customers while a new business deals with fouled-up basic communications and work product with a company like Dell.

This needs to change. It is not enough to vent on sites like these. Dell needs to be brought up short re these situations and until consumers of Dell products can find a way to reach a resolution with Dell, consumers across this country will refuse to buy. Maybe that will take care of these ridiculous products and policies which cause untold hell for consumers. There are over 800 complaints against Dell on this site alone.

When does someone in Washington decide that consumers, especially in business, deserve some redress from Dell and its outsourced products? When does anyone decide to hold their financial services division accountable for their well known ripoffs? This harms businesses and consumers and is acknowledged by everyone I know in business and elsewhere.
I will never buy Dell or recommend any of its products to anyone, least of all to any fellow business owners.
When does a class action start for Inspiron 1545 laptops and v515w printers? Please count me in when someone starts one. I will be there.

Inability to Correct Issues
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We lease several computers through DFS. They had our address wrong on one of our computer leases (transposed 2 of the digits in our PO Box number) so we did not receive the invoices. I tried many times to correct the address error, each time I was assured it was corrected, but it took over 9 months to actually correct. When our payment was late, due to not receiving the invoice, we would get daily calls from collections that bordered on harassment. Each time I would explain that if they sent me an invoice, I would pay promptly. Each time I was told that the invoice is just a courtesy and I need to pay with or without it. So, I sent payment for this account without the pay stub but referencing the account number on the check, and they mis-allocated the money to another one of our accounts. Then the collections calls started again. Every day I had to explain the situation to someone new, since apparently they don't take notes on the conversations. Finally they discovered the mis-allocation and said that to correct it I needed to send a letter authorizing them to transfer the money to the correct account and a copy of the front and back of the original check. I don't understand why I had to go through all the extra work and effort (my bank does not send cleared checks back to us) when this was 100% their error from the beginning. I paid all of my invoices on time and paid even without the invoice yet I was treated like a criminal and harassed for money that I had already paid. The icing on the cake is that I asked to make a formal complaint to corporate and was told that they do not take complaints!

Harassment! I Get 20 Phone Calls A Day... Even If I Spoke To Them The Day Before!
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I work for a company in Boston with 50+ employees and ever single employee has a Dell computer which is leased. We pay almost $4,000 a month to Dell for computers that are 7 years old. Leasing computers is a VERY bad idea. We've been in business for 50 years and happened to have a bad year this year falling behind in some payments because of cash flow. Dell happened to be one of the accounts that got behind one or two months but we consistently made monthly payments. Even though we were making monthly payments we were still ALWAYS behind a month and just could catch up. Dell has an automated call center that calls customers with past due invoices on a DAILY Basis. Even if you talk to them on a Monday and tell them you won't be able to pay for another 15 days they will call you again on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

On top of that. EACH computer has their own invoice # and the calls are made for EACH invoice. On a daily basis I get 16- 20 phone calls from DELL EVERY day. I told them it was harassment and they don't really care.

They said "its an automated call system and there is nothing they can do about it" Don't lease your computers from DELL... its time for us to get new computers and will be going somewhere else.

Worst people to deal with and they are worthless cheats
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Please everyone, do not buy a Dell if you are going to finance it. If you pay on line and have them take out the date it's due than Dell Financial Services will charge you a late charge. They have been charging me for over a year until I found out what they were doing. The refused to refund all my money and told me that they service they deal with will take the money out on the due date but it does not post to them until the next day. I have closed my account and will never deal with these people over in India again. They are the ones that own Dell! Don't buy a Dell.

A Warning to Dell Financial Account Holders
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BUTTE, MONTANTA -- I would like to caution Dell Financial account holders that IF they have an open account which hasn't been used in several years or more to immediately close it out!

Even though alerted someone had accessed the account, and they said the purchase had been stopped, I was notified that I had to pay the $1,000 forgery to the account.

I did all they requested, calling, answering questions, filling out forms to no avail.

This Service seems to be run by conniving, money-hungry people who thrive by bilking their customers and giving them a royal run-around when
pursuing resolution of problems.

Phone Harassment by Dell Financial
By -

I am continually receiving calls from Dell Financial Services for a personal with a similar name to mine. When I inform them that no such person resides here they reply *Are you sure?* - Well, of course, I'm sure. I have been nice, I have been polite, I have been nasty and rude. It doesn't matter, they just don't get it. They have repeatedly promised to remove this number(and it will be quiet for a while - then the calls start up again). I have never owned, nor will I ever purchase any Dell products if this is how they treat people.

Declined But I Have Excellent Credit
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WARNERVILLE, NEW YORK -- By the advise of a friend, I wanted to order a Dell Laptop for my son for Christmas. I called Customer Service to process my order and they sent me to their financial dept to check my credit. They declined me. I have a Credit Score of 783 and did not understand why they were declining me. The Rep told me it may be because I have a PO box mailing address, a residence address, and a different ship to address for the laptop because it had to be signed for. I appealed it and they called me back at work the next day at a time when I was not available to take their call. I called them back from work and was told their computers were down and call them back in an hour. I went home early and called them back from my cell and they wouldn't process my order because I was not able to call them back from my work phone.

These people are ridiculous. I did order the laptop, but put it on my Mastercard who has been more than willing to give me credit for the last 15 years. I can buy a brand new car at sticker price but cannot purchase a 500.00 computer.

Dell Financial Services -lowered My Business Limit & Worse!!
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MONROE -- I have been a Dell Business and personal account holder for over three years now.

My Business account with Dell Financial Services has always had a credit limit of $10k. The highest balance I have ever had on this account was $4k. I have always made at least minimum payments on this account with NO LATE PAYMENTS.

Yet, I noted two billing cycles ago that my credit limit had been reduced to my current balance. On the current bill, DFS shows that, although I have continued to pay the minimums on time, that I am now "over my credit limit as adjusted based on my credit report."

I was told I should contact the credit reporting agency. After much frustration on the phone with someone who spoke broken English, I am at my wits end.

Although I NEVER exceeded my credit balance, have not had any new charges in months, and have always paid on time, DFS is now reporting me as "above my credit limit."

I will NEVER buy another Dell product. Closing and paying off these two accounts as soon as I can. Will be reporting this to the BBB and monitoring my credit report and appealing as necessary.

Be VERY CAREFUL in dealing with DFS (Dell Financial Services)...they are up to no good!!!


Don't EVER, EVER, EVER do business with Dell Financial Services!!!
By -

Dell Financial Services is an absolute NIGHTMARE! They use every loan shark policy in the book. You will be harassed in the middle of the night, on weekends, and on holidays for their mistakes. They will not answer email or letters. Phone calls are from/to non-English speaking robots reading scripts. BEWARE -- IF YOU DEAL WITH DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES, YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

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