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Dell, Me and the Black Hole of Calcutta
By -

TEXAS -- Two months after receiving my system, the remote speaker unit, which houses the left and right rear speakers, failed. In other words, there was no 5.1 surround sound. The first time I called Dell I assumed I would be sent a replacement part. I'm an experienced software/hardware engineer, and before calling Dell I spent more than an hour running tests.
Because at the time I did not have a broadband connection on that PC, the representative was unable to do a remote diagnosis.

I waited a day and called back twice. I spoke to a representative with a thick Indian accent. I described the problem and recounted all the tests I had performed. Unfortunately the language barrier made it difficult for us to understand each other. Nevertheless, he insisted that I go through the same testing routine I had already performed. He told me to repeat the tests and then call back the next day.

Before hanging up I insisted that Dell send me a replacement speaker unit but the representative turned me down. The next day I called Dell and spoke to a different representative with a better command of English (but a poor knowledge of PCs). Well, guess what? He insisted that I repeat the same tests. He put me on hold for ten minutes. When he returned, he added a new twist; he instructed me to uninstall my Bluetooth software. I told him that the speakers had nothing to do with Bluetooth, but he insisted that it was a Bluetooth problem. Of course, it wasn't.

I ignored his instructions but pretended that I had uninstalled Bluetooth. He had me unplug and plug several cables, but my speakers were still dead. After 15 more minutes of listening to him thumb through some pages, I became exasperated and ended the call. A week later I again called Dell. The rep's English was so bad that we constantly had to repeat almost everything we said to each other. After studying the history of my problem, he insisted that I repeat the tests. I refused and told him it was a waste of time, but he would not proceed until I did the tests again.

After pretending to do the tests, he had me turn off the PC and disconnect every cable. While cursing him under my breath, I complied. Ah, the speakers began to work. I was pleased and thought I finally had surround sound. The representative did tell me to disconnect and reconnect all the speaker wires once a week. I ended the call by thanking him profusely. But after 15 minutes, the speakers died, along with any hope I had of resolving the problem.

The next day I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, who gave me some mumbo-jumbo about why Dell could not send me a new speaker unit. I became furious and threatened to complain to the state attorney general's offices in Texas and California. Perhaps it was my anger more than my threats that finally got results. Two days later, a complete set of new speakers arrived at my home. They've been working well ever since. NOTE: I plan to build my next PC from scratch.

Defective Computer
By -

I purchased a Dell Inspirion 1525 on Dec. 14th, 2008 and 8 months later it died! The first thing to go was the AC adapter which became soooo hot that I had to handle it with an oven mitt. The electric current in my house is normal. The next thing that happened is that the computer just died. There was about one minute of reserve battery left and within that time frame, I saw that the screen had a black spot about the size of a toddlers fist and there were horizontal lines rendering a clear resolution to nothing.

I called Dell's support center, or shall I say India, and they gave me steps to take to troubleshoot despite the fact that I said the computer died. They ultimately sent a box so that I could ship it out for repairs. About 4-5 days later I received a call from Dell and they accused me of damaging the unit and that the computer was heading to the out of warranty dept. The computer was only 8 months old and should have been covered under the Limited Warranty but instead they used the loophole of 'if the system is damaged they will not honor the warranty'.

They basically accused me of damaging it! I was told that the diagnostics showed that it needed and new LCD screen as well as a new motherboard. I would have had to chuck the laptop off a cliff to create that kind of damage! I've read other such similar stories to mine and have concluded that Dell makes inferior equipment; they lie, make up stories, scam people and shouldn't be allowed to do business!

I also saw on my state's attorney general site that Dell was involved in a lawsuit for not honoring warranties as well as other (scams) they were induldged in and I missed the claim deadline by four months. This was a purchase timing issue. Nonetheless I am still pressing forward to filing a complaint with the AG office as well as the BBB and anyone else who will hear me.

I really did a disservice to myself for researching this laptop after the fact, but I've owned a Dell desktop computer for seven years now and haven't had any issues whatsoever. I trusted that the laptop would have the same or better results. I guess I'm never to old to learn a lesson. I hope that this review as well as the other scammed people's review will stop others from purchasing anything from Dell. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE and think that it can't happen to you! DELL DOESN'T CARE WHO THEY SCAM! DELL MAKES INFERIOR PRODUCTS! DELL SELLS DEFECTIVE LAPTOPS! DON'T BUY FROM DELL!!!

I ultimately told them to ship the computer back unrepaired so that I can take it to someone I trust for the repairs. And, they are being very kind to send me a REFURBISHED adapter which was probably what I had originallywho knows? They also gave me the option to upgrade my warranty for 326.00 to the complete care warranty which covers physical damage - how generous. Never again will I deal with Dell!!!

I Got A Dell! Yeah A Dell
By -

YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN -- I think I'm beginning to feel sick! I bought a new Inspiron 1525 with Vista about two weeks ago. It seemed OK & I, of course, was so excited. That is until I tried to install my printer and either it wouldn't install or if it did, it would suddenly disappear - that's right, gone! I read everything in their installed help desk, which half the time made no sense & was no help. So I called Dell, I called Windows & even called HP, my printer, to find out what I needed to do, with no avail.

One leaves you on hold 'til some little girl in India who insists on all your information, before you can tell her anything and then advises she has to transfer you elsewhere to wait some more. Seems just because Windows Vista is part of their machine, it doesn't have any thing to do with it. BUT (and they actually tell you this??) they can hook you up with an American tech in this country if you're willing to pay $129.00 for one incident. Did I mention I JUST bought it?

I had similar consequences with HP, who finally sent me an updated driver for $15 plus as was the same with Dell. TAX! Just to talk to an American in this country. Windows was no better, they had me sign up for their on-line help and the site was just like "My Space" or something, "put in you profile and tell us about yourself, then you can get online a chat". About what?? What a rip off they are? I just wanted some help.

By the way I received the update disc which installed easily but no sign of it on the computer except under uninstall programs. I you try to open HP essentials, screen goes black for a second & comes back totally messed up. I have online classes, so that means I need my computer & printer. The printer is an All-In-One C3100, only about 6 months old. Dell suggested I buy a new one. Hahaha that's funny. The machine also keeps telling me I need to download, Windows Service Pack 1, but it won't, just keeps saying 'Error'.

Of course that's a separate problem & another charge. Oh when I try to install the printer, the computer tells me it wants to run in Service Pack 2; there isn't one, at least not yet. I've spent days on this, 'til 5 am sometimes, 'til I could almost cry and even missed one of my assignments. Will most likely have to pay to have it fixed. I thought I got such a good deal & I even saved up to buy it because my old Thinkpad was giving up the ghost. I wish I had it back now. Maybe it didn't always start but when she did, she ran like a nylon. :)

I really did some research before I bought this junk! Now I keep coming across all these horror-stories and like I said earlier, I think I'm going to be sick! What am I going to do now? I'm disabled, just had my hip replaced & I live on SS except for my schooling. I just want to know, isn't there anybody in that stinking company that cares anything at all for their consumers?!

I wish I could write their president, I'd surely give him an earful, but instead I'm venting on some site that probably is just for that and know one will ever see this. It's so unfair I tell you, I'm just trying to get through school and this DELL has made my life a living hell. Thank you Dell for using your own subtle way, through India of course, to say: "See ya around sucker!!" Wish I could see 'em!

An unreasonable response to a reasonable request
By -

Let me start by saying I serve in the US Navy in Japan. Two months ago I purchased a Dell Inspiron 530s from the Navy Exchange on our base. At $750 it seemed too good to pass up. Last week (just over two months from the day I brought it home), the hard drive died. The tech that diagnosed the problem told me that because I live overseas, Dell doesn't recognize me as the computer's actual owner.

"Well that's kind of funny", I thought. After all, it is in my home, the NEX sold it to me and let me leave the store with it. Well, it's just a stupid formality I'm sure. I'll just explain it to them in the morning when I speak with customer care. I called and very calmly explained the situation to the representative who listened and then told me that Dell couldn't help me and that I should go to the NEX and try to get them to help. I was stunned.

After, I reasoned, didn't it say DELL proudly on the side of my computer? It certainly didn't say NEX. I asked him about this, but he held resolutely to his stance. So, I asked for his manager. He is just telling me what he has been told to tell me and so isn't equipped to help me. After all, I'm sure Dell didn't expect for their product to die on me...overseas. Surely I can get someone with more authority to assist me. But to my surprise, the representative refused to pass me on to his boss. "What?" That's what I said.

I am 39 years old AND I serve in the military. One thing I know for certain is that EVERYONE has a boss. I asked again, certain I heard him incorrectly but he said he was about the most senior person at the company and that anyone he passed me on to would only tell me the same thing. Frustrated and angry, I went to the NEX and explained to them the situation.

To my chagrin, they told me that Dell was the ONLY computer company they deal with that won't take returns, but unlike my Dell representative, this lady took my information and pass it on up the chain of command. Let me say that by doing this, she helped me FEEL better immediately because she seemed to be doing everything within her power to help me. I felt that if this issue was not resolve to my satisfaction, it would not be because she did not try. That is HUGE. That is customer service at its core.

Her boss called Dell and sent them e-mails on my behalf in an attempt to resolve this issue. Dell refused to budge. In the end, this situation was resolved to my satisfaction by the NEX. Realizing that they had sold me the product they had received from Dell, they refunded the money I spent entirely even though policy stated they didn't have to.

In the end, Dell has lost a customer that will probably be buying as many computers in his life as he will be buying cars. Also, the manager of the NEX is very unhappy with them and I suspect that if he has any say in it, Dell will not be sold at his store in the future and he will probably use me as a cautionary tale.

As for me, I look at it this way: I spent $750 of my military pay on an item for me and my family. That is a considerable sum for an E-4 with a family of three and a child support payment. I bought it from the NEX who bought it from Dell. Split between them 50/50 before expenses, they make $375 each. Dell could have replaced that hard drive for pennies but decided not to.

They are losing a customer who will probably buy at least 7-8 more computers, not to mention accessories from them in the future all for at best a $200 profit? Not to mention the stain on the company name and reputation. I am a reasonable man. Things happen. Parts break, especially when shipping to parts unknown. But to not accept responsibility for what is clearly a faulty product is wrong.

In my shoes, what might you do? How might you feel? How would you respond? I believe I showed restraint. I am not writing to receive anything except maybe an apology and assurance that this will not happen again to my fellow servicemen who may find themselves overseas.

Also, customer service should be just that, customer service. If you are incapable of helping, ask your boss. He is paid more because it is assumed he/she knows more and can make those decisions. To blatantly pass the buck the way he did told me that he didn't care and sends the message that in turn, Dell does not care. I suspect he was doing what he was trained to do and that should be addressed. This is no way to treat a person whose only crime in this was to support a company. Thanks.

Dell **
By -

MARYLAND -- I have read many reviews but mine takes the cake. I have been on the phone with Dell technical support for more than 22 hours during the past 4 weeks! Still do not have a working computer!!! They have sent replacement parts for nearly the entire computer...still no working computer!!! It took me 3 1/2 weeks and 19 hours on the phone to actually get to a Dell SUPERVISOR. I really did not think these people existed.

Dell is the very worst company I have ever dealt within my life. I am 54. They outright lie to you on the phone. They say they will call back and never do. Never. They just don't call back. And they say they will send parts. Sometimes they send them, sometimes not. I bought a 3 year "at-home" warranty. I did not realize that I WOULD BE DOING THE WORK AT MY HOME!!!!! They say they will send a technician to your home. They have NEVER come!!! NEVER. They say they will send DHL to pick up your computer so they can fix it. THEY HAVE NOT PICKED UP MY COMPUTER YET!!!!

I have talked to nearly every dell employee in India and the Philippines, but only one supervisor!!! None of them speaks English well enough for you to understand. And the phone lines are not always clear when you are talking halfway around the world. Sometime they just hang up on you. Sometimes you get disconnected. But EVERY TIME you will be put on hold. My record is 45 minutes waiting to talk to a supervisor. Then the phone just went dead.

And one time I waited 25 minutes to talk to a supervisor but a regular technician answered the phone. It was the same one that had put me on hold to talk to her supervisor!! And EVERY TIME they fail to fix your problem. I would NEVER buy a Dell and I plan to make it my life's work to ruin their business one customer at a time. Everyone I meet for the rest of my life will hear how poor Dell service is.

More Waiting, Less Tech Service - Dell TOPS the List
By -

OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE -- I ordered an Inspiron 6000 back in late July 2005. As part of my order, I upgraded the screen on the laptop to a 15.4 inch WXGA LCD Panel (this is supposedly a clearer screen for laptop on screen presentations). Unfortunately, within a few weeks, I began a very long, long meandering journey through the torrential HELL that Dell calls "Tech Support" based in India, Malysia, and other countries where the nationals speak broken English and adopt American names.

My ride began with a different problem than the ones commented about on this blog. However, during that very first conversation, I asked why my "upgraded" screen was "pixilated" -- the words and many graphics/photos appeared distorted and unreadable. When I mentioned this to the rep, I was told, "Well, that's just how that screen is." Unfortunately, 8 1/2 months later, it is STILL NOT repaired. From that initial phone call, reps have argued with me, refused to give me information, refused to pass me on to their supervisors, etc. It was all I could do to stay on hold for the hours and hours that I have had to wait for someone - anyone - to answer my calls.

To make this very LONG story brief, I continued to call about the screen. One rep took me through a troubleshooting process, and found no problems there. He transferred me to software support where I was expected to pay several hundred dollars for the help they provided. I was NOT about to pay for tech support for something that was internal. I called back again, waited more and more, hung up, called back again, waited longer - the process was repeated over and over again.

I finally got another rep who took me through the exact same troubleshooting procedure that I'd already gone through. He did finally admit that I needed to have something changed out. They sent someone within 48 hours, but the "repair" never changed the screen at all. I called back, and the rep wanted to go through the same troubleshooting exercise again. I refused. I called back again - same thing.

Finally, after waiting on hold over and over again, I refused to call back. I decided now that I'd send the computer back and just demand either a replacement OR a refund. The lid is now loose, the CD drive doesn't always open, the finish is coming off of the keys; when I "chat" online, the pop-up blocker warning appears (even when the pop-up blocker is OFF), etc., etc. More and more of the same.

I really wanted a Latitude, but was told by the initial rep I talked with that I could not get one because they were built for networking systems. I loved my Latitude at my last job, and had nothing but positive experiences with it. But, because I wanted it for "individual" use, they pushed me to buy an Inspiron 6000.

The service was and still is, crummy. The wait times are sheer torture. The reps cannot speak English very well, and they refuse to answer the questions they are asked. I finally met an employee here in town that is a manager in this area. But even he could not get me to an English-speaking rep. He says I have to call them back to get another service call, then MAYBE something else could be done IF the service techs they sent out were unable to repair the problems. He is NOW telling me it's a possible VIRUS or keyboard problem. Whatever it is, I need the computer repaired.

I am at the point where I plan on packing up the Inspiron, sending it back, and HOPING that they will respond positively. I spent over $1600 on this computer and feel very cheated by this system and the poor service that Dell supplies. After numerous contacts with Dell, I WOULD NOT EVER BUY THING from them. It is totally AWFUL. My next purchase will be a Sony VAIO computer - with AMERICAN tech support based in Florida.

Ignored and Lied to by Dell
By -

This is the letter I have emailed to Dell repeatedly! "I purchased a Dell laptop because I was under the impression that it was at least a decent computer and that they had excellent support and warranties. They have since proved me wrong over and over again. I paid nearly 2000 dollars for an Inspiron 5150, a three-year Complete Care Warranty and Preferred Technical Support with next day service.

I was relatively satisfied with the laptop until the end-November 2004. That is when the problems with the laptop began. In a period of about a month, everything in my computer was replaced because the part that was actually bad, the processor, was on back-order. The technical support people with Dell continued to try other parts instead of ordering the processor for me, despite that both the third party tech and myself repeatedly told technical support that the processor was the problem and not all the other parts they kept sending.

During this time period, I was hung up on by Dell technical support people twice. Both times they would ask if they could put me on hold when they were stumped by the problem with the computer, and instead of putting me on hold, they would hang up on me. Twice in this time period I was lied to about the availability of supervisors. One representative told me that his supervisor had gone home for the day and the other told me the a supervisor was not available and would not allow me to speak to them.

When I finally reached a supervisor, he was actually the first and only helpful person I have reached with Dell. He got my processor shipped as quickly as he possibly could, being that it was on back-order, and fixed the problem that I had with my service.

The problem I had and still have with my service contract is that when I purchased it, I was told I was getting next day service and preferred technical support. When I finally reached this supervisor, he informed me that I did not in fact have either one of the services. I was under the impression at that time that he had given me next day service for the remainder of my three-year Complete Care Warranty. However, this week I found out that I only have it through the end of this year.

The fact that I do not have it does not really matter that much to me because Dell has never been able to provide it anyway. On Thursday March 10, 2005, I once again called Dell because one of the few parts that had not previously been replaced in my laptop—the fan, has now gone bad. After going through all the troubleshooting with yet another representative, I could barely understand he wanted me to flash my BIOS. Flashing my BIOS is completely irrelevant to the problem I was having as were most of the other things he had me do.

At this point I asked to speak to a supervisor because this representative refused to go any further without me first flashing my BIOS. Once again I was lied to about the availability of a supervisor—he said that the supervisor was in a meeting and that it would be hours before he could return my call. After telling this representative that the previous supervisor I had spoken with had informed there is always a supervisor available, I was placed on hold for about twenty minutes while he filled out “paperwork” to transfer me.

He then finally transferred me to a supervisor who was rude and only helped by agreeing to send the fan and a few other parts I needed without any further troubleshooting. However, once again I did not receive next day service. The call was made at 3:30 on Thursday afternoon of March 10, 2005, and the tech cannot come to my house until Tuesday.

I am writing this letter because I believe I have a defective laptop. I also believe Dell's policy is to have representatives lie to customers about the availability of supervisors. Furthermore, I believe that the next day repair service offered by Dell is false advertising as I have never been able to receive any kind of repairs the next day. I was informed by the third party tech that came to my house that someone with next day service receives no priority over anyone else. They are not even informed of who does or does not have this next day service.

Finally, I paid for all these extra warranties and services because I need my laptop to work, and it has failed me every time I have needed it most and so has Dell's technical support costing me hundreds of dollars. The perfect solution to my problems with Dell would be for Dell to take the laptop back and refund me all of the money I paid for it, as well the money I have spent in cell phone bills and lost income due to not being able to work on projects when I needed to. I can be contacted at the address and phone number above. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated, although it seems that promptness and customer satisfaction is not a priority of Dell."

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have been dealing with Dell for over 30 days, and yet to have a resolution. They have been to my home 4 times, and can't seem to fix. The last visit was close, as the initial issue was resolved, but the keyboard does not function properly. The space bar does not work, nor does about 6 different keys, which tells me that the keyboard was installed improperly, and if they returned quickly, all would have been solved. Nevertheless, they have chosen not to return, or communicate in any way!

They can build a laptop in less than 60 minutes, but can't repair it in less than 30 days! I had to go to my yearly business show and carry a wireless keyboard and mouse around to function properly, which was a horrible inconvenience and embarrassing! Every time I communicate, they state that it is in the hands of the "Escalation" dept, and will be resolved. It has been 10 days and not a single call???

BTW, I was in warranty when this started, and now I am out of warranty, which is why I think they are dragging their feet! I was going to extend when this issue was repaired, but now I will donate this laptop to the Church and purchase another brand!

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have been dealing with Dell for over 30 days, and yet to have a resolution. They have been to my home 4 times, and can't seem to fix the issue. The last visit was close, as the initial issue was resolved, but the keyboard does not function properly. The space bar does not work, nor does about 6 different keys, which tells me that the keyboard was installed improperly, and if they returned quickly, all would have been solved! Nevertheless, they have chosen not to return, or communicate in any way! They can build a laptop in less than 60 minutes, but can't repair it in less than 30 days!

I had to go to my yearly business show and carry a wireless keyboard and mouse around to function properly, which was embarrassing and a horrible inconvenience! Every time I communicate, they state that it is in the hands of the "Escalation" dept, and will be resolved. It has been 10 days and not a single call??? BTW, I was in warranty when this started, and now I am out of warranty, which is why I think they are dragging their feet! I was going to extend when this issue was repaired, but now I will donate this laptop to the Church and purchase another brand!

Dell Inspiron, A Dud
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- Please avoid the Dell Inspiron 15" laptop notebook. I liked my Dell for about 5 min, until I discovered it has a "glitch" that causes the cursor to jump all over the place as I am typing. No matter the environment -- a Word doc, email, Facebook--it is impossible to type more than a few lines with this computer without enduring the annoying defect that the cursor jumps as you are typing, and suddenly you find yourself typing in the middle of a word, three lines above where you think you are.

I have spent three sessions with Tech Support, and all I have learned is that this is a common problem and there is apparently no solution for it. Because I have had the piece of junk more than 21 days, neither Walmart nor Dell will refund my money. I have learned my lesson. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DELL COMPUTER. (In typing this brief paragraph, I had 7 annoying jumps of the cursor.)

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