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Total Crap Product
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Worked as promised for short period of time. Total piece of crap, over heats constantly, shuts down. Worthless.
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Horrible Experience
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I bought a Dell Inspiron 1470 from Best Buy sometime in Dec. Soon after, one of the keys popped up and was replaced by Dell through the mail where I had to remove the old keyboard and replace it myself. Keep in mind, that I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t have any instructions on how to do it. At the end of March while I was doing homework, the laptop crashed. I contacted Dell who sent me out a box (label provided) to return the laptop to be repaired. I immediately took the computer and the box to a drop-off location (what they suggested). About a week later (first week of April), I called Dell to check the status and they said that the computer was still being worked on. I called about two weeks later and this time they said that they haven’t received it yet. I called several times after that, and each time I called I had to tell the story from the beginning. I asked them how come they don’t keep notations in my record so I won’t have to go through this every time I call and they all claimed that they do. After attempting to track the package by myself and Dell, it was discovered that the tracking number that was sent with the box was from Dell to another customer in another city in 2009. They then told me to call FedEx to help track it and they had the same info from 2009. FedEx did not take fault for this and I refused to. After calling several more times, explaining myself all over AGAIN, being left on hold for hours, waiting 5-6 business days for someone to call me back, Dell FINALLY sent me out a REFURBISHED replacement in early May because I had just past the 90 day mark to receive a NEW replacement. I called Dell to let them know that the specs were not the same, but I could not be helped because the replacement’s service tag # was not attached to my account (this was after she asked me if I had sent the original back and telling the whole story again). When the service representative tried to attach the service tag # she said that I had to call back because she couldn’t do it at that time. I have yet to call back because of the hassle. Two weeks with the refurbished laptop, I have received letters, emails and phone calls to return the original because they have not received it yet. Are you kidding me?! It is now June and the last message I received was a threatening message that I will no longer be able to receive help until I return it. First of all, Dell HAS NOT helped me, has NEVER helped me, and this whole laptop situation was a horrible experience and very time consuming and I will NEVER buy another Dell or refer them to a friend!
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Lack of knowledgeable customer service
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I am writing this letter about Dell due to my grave dissatisfaction with the support I have tried to receive after purchasing an Inspiron 1521 notebook in October of 2007. The notebook I purchased has not worked properly since the 5th day I received it. The computer will continuously shut itself off on a daily basis, sometimes only minutes after being turned on. I called the support desk immediately after encountering the problem and have spent countless hours on the phone with Dell Support trying to get this remedied. On six separate occasions the support team had remotely logged into my computer, recognized there was a problem, restored my computer back to its original state and still the computer does not work properly. The support team even had me uninstall and reinstall the Operating System twice. I am by no means computer illiterate, but I feel that I should not have to do this to a computer I paid over $1200 for. They also sent me a new hard drive to install, and again, as a consumer, I feel this was not a part of what I paid for. As for actually getting through to Dell Support which took, on average, 17 minutes each time to get a live person, I would continuously get hung up on. I can’t begin to count the amount of times I was hung up on. To give an example, on December 4th, I was hung up on 4 times. To me, this is just poor business practice. I asked to speak with a Supervisor or Manager and was told no one was there, again poor business practice. My frustration level has been escalated each time because each time I was given a different response and clearly they recognized there was a problem with the computer. They even told me that the problem was with the operating system, but there was nothing they could do for me because they only warranty hardware. Again, I purchased the operating system with the computer because I had to, therefore I would have assumed there would not have been a problem with it. At this point I am going on over a year that the computer has not worked properly and it has been the same problem since I first got the computer. I was then told that I can no longer get service from Dell because my warranty expired and I would have to pay an additional $49 for them to talk to me. It is the same problem that was never fixed and yet Dell wants me to pay more money for an extended warranty. I can’t go into detail every call I made with Dell Support or every service tag I had with them because that was all saved on my computer and I no longer have a working computer. I have to believe there are ways for someone to research these calls to understand my frustration level. I purchased a Dell because of their reputation and I am beyond disappointed. I feel that as a consumer, if I purchase something that does not work, the company would or should stand behind their product. This has not been the case with Dell and I just feel that I should not still be dealing with an original problem on my computer that was there from day 5.I have sent a letter to Corporate because I was not getting anywhere with Dell Support and I was hoping someone could look into the problem and actually give me a solution. I am just a consumer who purchased a computer that assumed would work. Dell never got back to me. It is 2 1/2 years later and I had to purchase a new computer. Rest assured it was not a DEll.
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Dell, Me and the Black Hole of Calcutta
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Two months after receiving my system, the remote speaker unit, which houses the left and right rear speakers, failed. In other words, there was no 5.1 surround sound. The first time I called Dell I assumed I would be sent a replacement part. I'm an experienced software/hardware engineer, and before calling Dell I spent more than an hour running tests.
Because at the time I did not have a broadband connection on that PC, the representative was unable to do a remote diagnosis.

I waited a day and called back twice. I spoke to a representative with a thick Indian accent. I described the problem and recounted all the tests I had performed. Unfortunately the language barrier made it difficult for us to understand each other. Nevertheless, he insisted that I go through the same testing routine I had already performed. He told me to repeat the tests and then call back the next day.

Before hanging up I insisted that Dell send me a replacement speaker unit but the representative turned me down. The next day I called Dell and spoke to a different representative with a better command of English (but a poor knowledge of PCs). Well, guess what? He insisted that I repeat the same tests. He put me on hold for ten minutes. When he returned, he added a new twist; he instructed me to uninstall my Bluetooth software. I told him that the speakers had nothing to do with Bluetooth, but he insisted that it was a Bluetooth problem. Of course, it wasn't.

I ignored his instructions but pretended that I had uninstalled Bluetooth. He had me unplug and plug several cables, but my speakers were still dead. After 15 more minutes of listening to him thumb through some pages, I became exasperated and ended the call.

A week later I again called Dell. The rep's English was so bad that we constantly had to repeat almost everything we said to each other. After studying the history of my problem he insisted that I repeat the tests. I refused and told him it was a waste of time, but he would not proceed until I did the tests again.

After pretending to do the tests, he had me turn off the PC and disconnect every cable. While cursing him under my breath I complied. Ah, the speakers began to work. I was pleased and thought I finally had surround sound. The representative did tell me to disconnect and reconnect all the speaker wires once a week. I ended the call by thanking him profusely. But after 15 minutes, the speakers died, along with any hope I had of resolving the problem.

The next day I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, who gave me some mumbo-jumbo about why Dell could not send me a new speaker unit. I became furious and threatened to complain to the state attorney general's offices in Texas and California.

Perhaps it was my anger more than my threats that finally got results. Two days later a complete set of new speakers arrived at my home. They've been working well ever since.

NOTE: I plan to build my next PC from scratch.
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Defective Computer
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I purchased a Dell Inspirion 1525 on Dec. 14th, 2008 and 8 months later it died! The first thing to go was the ac adapter which became soooo hot that I had to handle it with an oven mit. The electric current in my house is normal. The next thing that happened is that the computer just died. There was about one minute of reserve battery left and within that time frame I saw that the screen had a black spot about the size of a toddlers fist and there were horizontal lines rendering a clear resolution to nothing.

I called Dell's support center or shall I say India and they gave me steps to take to troubleshoot despite the fact that I said the computer died. They ultimately sent a box so that I could ship it out for repairs. About 4-5 days later I received a call from Dell and they accused me of damaging the unit and that the computer was heading to the out of warranty dept.. The computer was only 8 months old and should have been covered under the Limited Warranty but instead they used the loophole of if the system is damaged they will not honor the warranty. They basically accused me of damaging it! I was told that the diagnostics showed that it needed and new LCD screen as well as a new motherboard. I would of had to chuck the laptop off a cliff to create that kind of damage! I've read other such similar stories to mine and have concluded that Dell makes inferior equipment, they lie, make up stories, scam people and shouldn't be allowed to do business! I also saw on my state's attorney general site that Dell was involved in a lawsuit for not honoring warranties as well as other (scams) they were induldged in and I missed the claim deadline by four months. This was a purchase timing issue none-the-less I am still pressing forward to filing a complaint with the AG office as well as the BBB and anyone else who will hear me.

I really did a dis-service to myself for researching this laptop after the fact but I've owned a Dell destop computer for seven years now and haven't had any issues what so ever. I trusted that the laptop would have the same or better results. I guess I'm never to old to learn a lesson. I hope that this review as well as the other scammed people's review will stop others from purchasing anything from Dell. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE and think that it can't happen to you! DELL DOESN'T CARE WHO THEY SCAM! DELL MAKES INFEREIOR PRODUCTS! DELL SELLS DEFECTIVE LAPTOPS! DON'T BUY FROM DELL!!!

I ultimately told them to ship the computer back unrepaired so that I can take it to someone I trust for the repairs. And, they are being very kind to send me a REFURBISHED adapter which was probably what I had originally---who knows? They also gave me the option to upgrade my warranty for 326.00 to the complete care warranty which covers physical damage-how generous.

Never again will I deal with Dell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
CrazyRedHead on 07/30/2009:
The damaged screen you are referring to is considered a bleeding lcd which is caused by either dropping it or hitting/bumping it against something or something against it. This is something that isn't covered under warranty and will void a warranty regardless if it caused the problem or not. It doesn't take much to cause this. I know you said that the adapter get's extremely hot, but did any other part of the computer get hot or warm to the touch?
PepperElf on 07/30/2009:
"soooo hot that I had to handle it with an oven mit. "

that's why you unplug it first and let it cool down

"I would of had to chuck the laptop off a cliff to create that kind of damage! "

Actually NO. All you have to do is drop it a few feet, or put something heavy on it.

One of my old co-workers even had screen burn .... just from some jerk putting his hot DVD player on top of the computer.
Ball Of Fire on 07/31/2009:
I needed to get the adapter off the floor so that it didn't burn a hole in my carpet! And, it was only plugged in for a couple of hours. Dell is sending a refurbished adapter and I hope that this one or any other for that matter doesn't heat up like the last one did! And, the laptop sits on my desk, has never hit the floor and nothing heavy has been put on it! You sound like the Dell reps from India! My husband has a laptop he uses for work (not from Dell) and he travels with it and it's constantly being jossled around and nothing has happened. Hmmmmmm
Ball Of Fire on 07/31/2009:
Crazy Red Head:
Ya, I kind of found out the hard way that broken lcd screens aren't covered under the Limited Warranty even though Dell states that they cover hardware. The frustrating thing is that the laptop sits on my desk and has never fell off or anything like that. Concerning the heat, I never thought that the computer itself felt overly hot. The ac adapter never heated like that before and I find it interesting that every problem (lcd screen etc) happened after discovering the super heated adapter. I only use the computer a few hours a day and it's shut down overnight. I'm hearing that it doesn't take much to damage lcd screens but I know a lot of people with children who have laptops and haven't had this issue! I truly believe that I purchased a defective piece of equipment! I appreciate your feed back.
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I Got A Dell! Yeah A Dell
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YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN -- I think I'm beginning to feel sick! I bought a new Inspiron 1525 with vista about two weeks ago.

It seemed OK & I, of course, was so exited. That is until I tried to install my printer and either it wouldn't install or if it did, it would suddenly disappear, that's right gone! I read everything in there installed help desk, which half the time made no sense & was no help. So I called Dell, I called windows & even called Hp, my printer, to find out what I needed to do, with no avail. One leaves you on hold till some little girl in India who insists on all your information, before you can tell her anything and then advises she has to transfer you elsewhere to wait some more. Seems just because Windows Vista is part of there machine it doesn't have any thing to do with it. BUT, and they actually tell you this??, they can hook you up with an American tech in this country if your willing to pay $129.00 for one incident. Did I mention I JUST bought it? I had similar consequences with Hp, who finally sent me an updated driver for $15 plus as was the same with Dell. TAX! Just to talk to an American in this country. Windows was no better, they had me sign up for their on-line help and the site was just like "My Space" or something, "put in you profile and tell us about your self, then you can get on line a chat:) about what?? what a rip off they are? I just wanted some help.

By the way I received the update disc which installed easily but no sign of it one the computer except under, uninstall programs. I you try to open H.P. essentials, screen goes black for a second & comes back totally [messed up]. I have online classes, so that means, I need my computer & printer. The printer is an All In One C3100, only about 6months old, Dell suggested I buy a new one. Hahaha that's funny. The machine also keeps telling me I need to download, Windows Service Pak 1, But it won't, just keeps saying Error.

Of course that's a separate problem & another charge. Oh when I try to install the printer, the computer tells me it wants to run in service pak 2, there isn't one, at least not yet. I've spent days on this till 5 am sometimes till I could almost cry and even missed one of my assignments. Will most likely have to pay to have it fixed. I thought I got such a good deal & I even saved up to buy it because my old Thinkpad was giving up the ghost. I wish I had it back now. Maybe it didn't always start but when she did, she ran like a nylon:) I really did some research before I bought this hunk! Now I keep coming across all these horror-stories and like I said earlier, I think I'm going to be sick! What am I going to do now?

I'm disabled, just had my hip replaced & I live on SS except for my schooling. I just want to know, isn't there anybody in that stinking company that cares anything at all for their consumers?! I wish I could write their president, I'd surely give him an earful, but instead I'm venting on some site that probably is just for that and know one will ever see this. It's so unfair I tell you, I'm just trying to get through school and this DELL has made my life a living hell.

Thank you Dell for using your own subtle way, through India of course, to say: "See ya around sucker!! Which I could see em! lilgrl-Q
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/07/2009:
It sounds like to me that they put a corrupt installation of Windows on your computer.

Since the computer was delivered this way, Dell is obligated to fixing this problem WITHOUT charge. If they refuse for any reason or ask you to pay more, request a refund and send the computer back.

If they refuse to take the computer back, sue in small claims court for the purchase price and the cost of the rip-off no-support.
Ball Of Fire on 07/29/2009:
Oh you are heard my friend just not by Dell. I too was scammed with the inspirion 0525 defective hunk 'o' crap! I wrote and complained to my state's attorney general and the BBB as well as asked them to ship my computer back unrepaired so I can take it to a reputable repair shop. Hopefully Dell lied about what was wrong and I won't have to pay too much for the repairs. Who knows? I might be out at least a grand when it's all said and done. I know it's not my fault what happened to you but I feel moved to say I'm sorry! I'm sorry for the inhumane, dark-hearted humans that work at/for Dell.
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An unreasonable response to a reasonable request
Posted by on
Let me start by saying I serve in the US Navy in Japan. Two months ago I purchased a Dell Inspiron530s from the Navy Exchange on our base. At $750 it seemed to good to pass up. Last week (just over two months from the day I brought it home), the hard drive died. The tech that diagnosed the problem told me that because I live overseas, Dell doesn't recognize me as the computers actual owner. "Well that's kind of funny" I thought. After all, it is in my home, the NEX sold it to me and let me leave the store with it. Well, it's just a stupid formality I'm sure. I'll just explain it to them in the morning when I speak with customer care. I called and very calmly explained the situation to the representative who listened and then told me that Dell couldn't help me and that I should go to the NEX and try to get them to help. I was stunned.

After, I reasoned, didn't it say DELL proudly on the side of my computer? It certainly didn't say NEX. I asked him about this, but he held resolutely to his stance. So, I asked for his manager. He is just telling me what he has been told to tell me and so isn't equipped to help me. After all, I'm sure Dell didn't expect for their product to die on me...overseas. Surely I can get someone with more authority to assist me. But to my surprise, the representative refused to pass me on to his boss. "What?" That's what I said. I am 39 years old AND I serve in the military. One thing I know for certain is that EVERYONE has a boss. I asked again, certain I heard him incorrectly but he said he was about the most senior person at the company and that anyone he passed me on too would only tell me the same thing. Frustrated and angry I went to the NEX and explained to them the situation.

To my chagrine, they told me that Dell was the ONLY computer company they deal with that won't take returns, but unlike my Dell representative, this lady took my information and past it on up the chain of command. Let me say that by doing this, she helped me FEEL better immediately because she seemed to be doing everything within her power to help me. I felt that if this issue was not resolve to my satisfaction it would not be because she did not try. That is HUGE. That is customer service at its core. Her boss called Dell and sent them e-mails on my behalf in an attempt to resolve this issue. Dell refused to budge. In the end, this situation was resolved to my satisfaction by the NEX. Realizing that they had sold me the product they had received from Dell, they refunded the money I spent entirely even though policy stated they didn't have to.

In the end Dell has lost a customer that will probably be buying as many computers in his life as he will be buying cars. Also, the manager of the NEX is very unhappy with them and I suspect that if he has any say in it, Dell will not be sold at his store in the future and he will probably use me as a cautionary tale. As for me, I look at it this way. I spent $750 of my military pay on an item for me and my family. That is a considerable sum for an E-4 with a family of three and a child support payment. I bought it from the NEX who bought it from Dell. Split between them 50/50 before expenses they make $375 each. Dell could have replaced that hard drive for pennies but decided not to. They are losing a customer who will probably buy at least 7-8 more computers, not to mention accessories from them in the future all for at best a $200 profit? Not to mention the stain on the company name and reputation. I am a reasonable man. Things happen. Parts break, especially when shipping to parts unknown. But to not accept responsibility for what is clearly a faulty product is wrong.

In my shoes, what might you do? How might you feel? How would you respond? I believe I showed restraint. I am not writing to receive anything except maybe an apology and assurance that this will not happen again to my fellow servicemen who may find themselves overseas. Also, customer service should be just that, customer service. If you are incapable of helping, ask your boss. He is paid more because it is assumed he/she knows more and can make those decisions. To blatantly pass the buck the way he did told me that he didn't care and sends the message that in turn, Dell does not care.

I suspect he was doing what he was trained to do and that should be addressed. This is no way to treat a person whose only crime in this was to support a company.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 01/25/2009:
Good post. Glad you got it taken care of.
Disaster Worker on 01/25/2009:
Excellent post. Thank you for your service!
madconsumer on 01/25/2009:
dell makes a poor quality product anyway.
Anonymous on 01/25/2009:
Dell sucks. Now here is a guy who puts the blame on a failed computer where it goes and is treated like this? He paid for it, but he's not the recognized owner? Boneheads! We have Dells at school and they are the biggest pieces of crap in the world. My eight year old Compaq works better than those brand new ones. Good review, and thanks for serving our country!:)
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Avoid Dell @ All Costs
Posted by on
I bought a Dell computer in April of 2008. Shortly thereafter I encountered many problems with the machine. The fan was making an awful noise. I called Dell and they promptly came out to my place of business and replaced the fan.

Two weeks later this new fan started making the same noise. They came out and replced the fan AND the motherboard. A week later the new fan started making noise. Noises that sounded like a drill from the dentist - loud! I had to lock the laptop in the bathroom while I met with customers!

In the midst of all of this, my computer stopped hibernating and the only way it would shut down is to hold the power button down. I called again and at this point (they tried to resolve the hibernating problem and was told they couldn't fix it), to my insistence, said that they would replace the lemon computer that I have. This was at the end of AUGUST.

I was promised many times that this new computer would be received the first few days in September. Then I was told the 8th of September, then 2-3 Business days more times then I can count. I have been given a 'special' number to call but no one has ever given me a call back when I have called.

I got a call sometimes, and then, nothing for over a week's time. I was given an order # and then was told it was canceled because of how long it has been. I got a new order number 10787791 and when I called their automated number said it was already delivered...December of 2004!!!!!

This special extension I was given, I was told if you call that number that someone calls you back within "1-2 hours" but like I said previously, to date, I have never received a call back.

I run a business and also take classes at a local University. And this doesn't account for any personal time that I use my laptop for. All I have ever asked from Dell is a computer that works. I have repeatedly been promised this replacement computer and constantly been lied to. They already have my money so I have no recourse in which to get what was promised to me and what was covered under warranty.

I called Dell on 10/1 to find out the status since my promised call of 9/30 never happened. I was on the phone for 2 hours, transferred 5 times and, after talking with a supervisor was HUNG UP ON. (This is not a new phenomenon, I have been hung up on 4 or 5 times now since this process started...I just now started to keep record of it.)

After a complaint to the BBB, the next night I had an email and voice mail on my home phone from an "Arun" at a new extension. I left a voice mail.

I received a call back 10/3 at my business where Arun proceeded to tell me that I would get my computer whenever it shipped. That is EXACTLY what I have been told since this process started!!!! I was first promised a new computer at the end of AUGUST and it is now October!! He was rude and told me that I could not speak to anyone else, not a supervisor.

I was told that it was scheduled to ship on September 29th. The parts are backordered and he doesn't know when they will come in!!!! And this is their resolution center??? I have NEVER in my life had such a horrible customer service experience.

The hours (I roughly counted them up, well over 30 hours worth) I have spent on trying to get a working computer could have easily paid for a replacement computer. Dell's employee Arun, who is supposedly a "Executive Support Resolver" told me nothing more than the lies I have been told until this point by other Dell agents.

It is now October 14th, I have NO working computer and no one has contacted me since from Dell. They have my money and I have a computer that is nothing more than a paperweight at this point.

Please, do yourself a HUGE favor and countless hours of a Toshiba, buy a HP, buy a Gateway...whatever, just don't buy a Dell.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/14/2008:
It's called DELL Hell.
madconsumer on 10/15/2008:
I have not had any luck with dell either. out of 25 computers, all were defective and needed some type of warranty work.
Squeaky Wheel on 10/15/2008:
Dell went to Hell several years ago.
Avo on 12/23/2008:
DELL is the worst in USA...."Out sourced" Customer Dis Service....ESL (English as Second Langauge) service...just a long line of total bullsh*t

NEVER BUY DELL...They WILL lie to you.....

Long story short....NEVER received today I CANCELLED the order...after being on hold 30 min and then disconnect by a Supervisor

Dell....go to Hell


BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dell will never see another penny of my money...
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Sales People Misrepresent The Product
Posted by on
KANSAS -- I ordered a Dell computer because Dell was having a very good saleand had heard they were a quality product with good customer service. Boy was I wrong. I talked with a salesperson and was configuring the computer I wanted to buy. I told the salesperson I had a one meg stick of ram that I had purchased for another computer but never used and could I install it in the new computer I was ordering. I wanted to order the computer with three megs of ram and then I could install my own one meg to give me four. I questioned her about the slots on the motherboard to make sure there would be room for my one meg stick. She put me on hold and said she would check with some "tech people", yeah right. She told me the system I was ordering would allow me room on the motherboard to install my one meg of ram.

I then ordered the system with three megs of ram. When the system came I opened it up to put in my own one meg stick and saw that all four slots were occupied. They had installed two one meg sticks and two 512kb sticks. If I removed a 512 and installed my one meg then I could only get 3.5 megs. I called the salesperson and complained that the system wasn't configured like I was told it would be and her resolution was for me to either buy another meg of ram or send the computer back. I really didn't want to go to all the trouble of sending the system back as I really needed a computer but I wasn't going to buy another meg of ram when I already had one. She put me to customer service which was a joke. I talked to three different people and could hardly understand any of them.

Could barely get about every third word. They refused to let me talk to a supervisor. Would do nothing to help me except to tell me to order another stick of ram or send the computer back. I proposed a solution that I thought was more than reasonable. I said I would send back the two 512kb sticks at my expense if they would send me one one meg stick. All they would be doing would be swapping one meg for one meg. It was just the configuration that was important to me.

They would not do that either. Would not budge. It really was frustrating. I am going to keep the computer as frankly It is a very nice system and I did get a good deal but I will never buy another system from Dell and will not recommend it to any of my associates.

Also did you know that your warranty and 21 day return privilege start the day they SHIP the computer. So if it takes a week to get there you are short one week of warranty and really only have 14 days to return. Don't know how they can legally advertise the one year warranty etc. when in fact that's not what you are getting. It's like ordering a new vehicle from GM and they start the warranty the day they ship it to the dealer. Oh well, lesson learned I guess. I just know now not to do business with Dell. It won't be long before they will go the way of Woolworth's, Montgomery Wards and so many others. They cannot continue to lie and cheat their customers and really expect to have any customers.
Resolution Update 10/26/2008:
After writing this review I was contacted by a Consumer relations person at Dell. Her name was Diva. She worked with me and got the issue resolved to my satisfaction. Actually went out of her way to make sure I was a happy customer. Restores my faith in Dell.
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Dell @#$%^@#$$
Posted by on
MARYLAND -- I have read many reviews but mine takes the cake.

I have been on the phone with dell technical support for more than 22 hours during the past 4 weeks!

Still do not have a working computer!!!

They have sent replacement parts for nearly the entire computer. . . . still no working computer!!!

It took me 3 1/2 weeks and 19 hours on the phone to actually get to a dell SUPERVISOR. I really did not think these people existed.

Dell is the very worst company I have ever dealt within my life. I am 54.

They outright lie to you on the phone. They say they will call back and never do. Never. They just don't call back. And they say they will send parts. Sometimes they send them, sometimes not.

I bought a 3 year "at-home" warranty. I did not realize that I WOULD BE DOING THE WORK AT MY HOME!!!!!

They say they will send a technician to your home. They have NEVER come!!! NEVER.

They say they will send DHL to pick up your computer so they can fix it. THEY HAVE NOT PICKED UP MY COMPUTER YET!!!!

I have talked to nearly every dell employee in India and the Philippines. But only one supervisor!!!

None of them speaks English well enough for you to understand. And the phone lines are not always clear when you are talking half way around the world.

Sometime they just hang up on you. Sometimes you get disconnected. But EVERY TIME you will be put on hold. My record is 45 minutes waiting to talk to a supervisor. Then the phone just went dead.

And one time I waited 25 minutes to talk to a supervisor but a regular technician answered the phone. It was the same one that had put me on hold to talk to her supervisor!!

And EVERY TIME they fail to fix your problem.

I would NEVER buy a dell and I plan to make it my life's work to ruin their business one customer at a time. Everyone I meet for the rest of my life will hear how poor dell service is.
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User Replies:
miketech on 04/14/2006:
Welcome to the club, sorry the membership dues were so high. I am a roaming computer tech for several small business in my area. I have personally cost dell several sales this year and switched most of the purchases to a small computer shop in my area.
Maybe you could find a good local computer store with a good reputation and trade your Dell in and get yourself a decent computer.
viperpa33s on 04/14/2006:
I agree with miketech, find a good local computer store. You ever think about building your own computer? I bought a how to book on building your own computer about a month ago. It's very easy even for a person who is not that technical. I built one already took me about 3 hours. You get the satisfaction, you know your computer inside and out, don't have to deal with these Big Guys tech support, it's cheaper cause there isn't that much overhead.
bama46 on 05/02/2006:
maybe I can help get that computer going.
mema124 on 05/09/2006:
OMG....It is so nice to hear that someone else hates Dell as much as I do....I think I have you beat, In the past 3 weeks I spent 10 hrs ( literally ) one day not to mention at least 15 days out of the last 21 have been spent on the phone with Dell. What started as a small problem became a huge problem that Dell itself created....Techs who don't read the notes that the previous Tech wrote and each tech has you doing something different until the one Tech had me chage all the OS around and delete important files.....I have received new memory, new cd/dvd drive, 2 new HD's the computer has been to the service center and came back EXACTLY as it was sent to them . I am now being told I will get a new computer...seeing is believing ! Today I went to the Kiosk where I bought it and in front of numerous customer I proceeded to tell them all what a terrible company Dell was and what awful customer service they have. There is no excuse for this sort of Customer Service especially for a 4 month old lap top....I will never buy from Dell again ! Hope your problem is finally getting resolved......PS DHL , at least for me has been superb....the delivery guys actually laugh now when the come to the door , they have been here 9 times in 3 weeks . They have said they will NEVER buy a Dell computer .
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