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Dell Computer Corporation
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Dell Delivered Defective Computer No One Will Help
By -

Had I known that Dell would deliver a defective computer and that dealing with Dell would become a prolonged nightmare, I never would have bought this computer. And I will never again buy a Dell product. Here is why: My first mistake was ordering a Dell computer. The lady who took the order got the delivery address wrong. When I noticed the error on the confirmation email, I spent two hours trying to reach someone who would correct the error. Most of my time was spent on hold. The last person I talked to told me that I would have to send Dell "a legal document" to make the change. I was told that my only alternative was to cancel the order, which I did.

Within 30 minutes the lady who took the order called me, apologized, assured me that, if I re-ordered, she would give me a $30 discount and get the order right. She also assured me that I would not have any difficulty if I needed help from Dell technical support. This time she got the billing address wrong, but the order went through.

The computer arrived. I set it up and attempted to activate the Microsoft Office 2010 that Dell had loaded onto the computer. The computer would not accept my activation code. After two hours, most of which was spent on hold, and after talking with 8 people - two of whom said they were "Level II" techs - I was told that I would have to contact Microsoft. After finishing the call, I realized that the computer had been shipped with the number pad disengaged. I pressed the "numlk" button, the number pad was engaged, and the computer accepted my activation code. No one at Dell had thought of such a simple solution.

When I attempted to load my Rosetta Stone Spanish program, the CD drive would not accept it. Then the real nightmare began. I used the Dell chat. The person I talked to decided that the hard drive was defective and needed replacement. The replacement, however, would have none of the programs that Dell had sold me. When I tried to contact the self-proclaimed "expert" who was supposed to assure that my problem would be fixed, I received an email that said I could call him but he probably would not answer the phone because he preferred working by email.

Trying to communicate with him and with his immediate superior by email has proved to be an exercise in endless frustration. I will probably have to write this computer off as a loss and buy another. The next one I buy will not be a Dell.

Laptop computer
By -

We ordered an Alienware M15 for my son for college. It has been an absolute nightmare dealing with this company. As you know the computer costs almost $2000. On his second day of college the computer wouldn't even boot up. Tech support had him try reload his operating system which didn't work. My son told them he thought it was the hard drive and they wouldn't listen. After several attempts of trying to install the operating system they told him it was the CD so they sent him out a new one. When it came, the system did the same thing. A black screen with a cursor. They then said it was the opticals. Realize that seven days have now passed with him at college and no computer. Now they send out a technician (which according to the warranty they are supposed to do if the tech support on the phone can't fix it). The technician installed a new optical drive, put in the CD and still a black screen with a cursor. The technician said he couldn't fix it and left. We again called Dell and once again they try to get my son to install the CD. He refused. He said if the technician couldn't get it to install why did Dell think he can. The technician hung up on him. He called back again. Then they told him they wanted him to remove the hard drive and do something else. Mind you he is in a city he doesn't know and they tell him to go get a screw driver. He walked all over the city until he found one that would fit. By this time we had enough. We called tech support and spoke with a manager. She assured us that she would send a new hard drive out with over night delivery. Because the computer was over 21 days old, there is no return of the computer. Well, guess what, it is now 2 days after the hard drive was supposed to arrive and it hasn't. I called tech support and spoke with a manager. He tell us it isn't schedule to arrive until Tuesday which is 3 days from now. That's 5 days for an overnight package. The tech support manager said he has no control over Fedex. This is the worst support I have ever seen. One piece of advice, don't buy a Dell. I realize things break but stand behind your product!

Lies from support staff
By -

Our office:
..ordered a laptop from Dell.
..requested a brown wood-style casing and were told this was possible only
if we upgraded and added 3100 RMB to the price.
..ordered the laptop with specific casing after paying the premium price.
..received the laptop with a standard silver case.
..were told the case could be changed if we sent it back.
..were then told the case could NOT be changed.
..were then told that we had not ordered the brown casing in the first place (an outright falsehood) in spite of the fact that we have the original confirmation order sent to us from Dell.

The office in XiaMen told what was irrefutably a direct untruth when saying that the order stated standard silver casing. The support person said that our order stated "A" when I had in my hand the document from Dell stating "B". A member of my staff called Dell several times and was continually lied to regarding what was ordered and what was possible. After several days of this my patience was gone so I contacted Dell XiaMen personally and spent a very unproductive hour talking to a lady who told me she was the top manager of Dell XiaMen and had no superior I could contact. She also attempted to misrepresent the facts when we discussed the amount of money our office had wired to Dell for this laptop. I have in my hand the original order confirmation from Dell and the bank receipt for the wire transfer. I do not understand why telling the truth is so hard when the evidence is so obvious. The documents I am referring to are from Dell and a bank; none of them originated from our office.

Our office has been buying Dell computers for 10 years. I even bought my
home computer from Dell. Never again. Dell's support team did not feel the
need to be honest and attempted to blame us for the mistake they made even
when they knew that the Dell documentation proved otherwise. We will no
longer be purchasing anything from Dell.

Warning - DELL Laptop Burned my leg
By -

Please take care great care when using a DELL XPS laptop as my battery got so hot that my leg blistered - much like you would see if you burned yourself on the stove. I would advise to be very careful using this product - and really, do not use this laptop on your lap - especially if you have on shorts.

After my leg was blistered, I called DELL. After being transferred to every department, multiple, multiple times, I finally reached tech support who suggested they were not sure how to handle this problem - because I had a burned my leg while using the computer.

With respect, I am not at all certain the Indian man understood that I had burned my leg - because the battery had gotten so hot - and yes, that was a DELL issue. So, he told me not use my computer (very tough when you rely on it for most everything) and that had "escalated" my issue and someone would call within 48 hours. 48 hours - to respond to complaint that somone had burned themselves using a laptop..........Not good.

So, 48 hours comes and goes - and finally on day 5 of waiting - I called DELL again. Again, I get transferred - multiple times - to the order dept. The order department ( with wait times of over 12 minutes) tells me that they can not help me. Not a surprise. And now my blisters are starting to break open. Lovely site. But, no one from DELL seems interested that they have a product that is burying someone.

Finally, I get someone, again in tech support and after 1 hour or more on the phone, they tell me that will exchange my laptop - which I need for everyday use - - in 3 weeks. No comment on the burns, and I have to bring up that using the current laptop may be a dangerous, etc. But still I am expected to wait 3 weeks - when I can't really wait even 3 days - for a "laptop exchange" - - for a laptop that has burned my leg.

What a horrible experience with DELL. What a lack of customer service.

So, first, please be careful not use this laptop with shorts on, or you may end up where I did. Even with a blistered leg, it seems the DELL process mandates who is or in my case, who is not taken care of appropriately.

Customer Service Department Doesn't Exist
By -

I always heard Dell had a good reputation, so I was very excited to order my first laptop from them today. I had a good if slightly pushy experience picking a laptop and ordering it. When I hung up I received an e-mail confirmation of the order, and immediately noticed it was in the wrong name and phone number (although correct credit card naturally.) I attempted to call back and correct what I thought would be a simple problem. I then spent the next hour and a half on hold, being transferred to the next person, on hold again, etc. Eventually I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and this was not honored. I tried to cancel the order online with the intention of re-ordering and was unable to. I finally cancelled it by phone and then at least wanted to contact customer service to let them know about this horrible problem. There is absolutely no way to do so, so I have concluded that they don't actually have any customer service representatives. It's probably a good thing I didn't get the laptop through them, although now I have to start all over.

Dude, DON'T Get a Dell anymore!
By -

I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 in December 0f 2008. It arrived with a damaged case. They replaced it, and within a short time, the hard drive died. They replaced that one and again, hard drive failure.

After the second hard drive failure (3rd laptop) I told Dell that I just wanted my money back. They refused, and sent me a different model this time, A Studio 1555. THEN, they forgot to send the shipping label to return the latest Inspiron. They ended up sending two different shipping labels, then accused me of not returning the Inspiron. Once that got straightened out, I called again to make sure the Studio was under warranty - they dropped the ball on that.

OK, got the warranty reinstated, and it's a good thing I did, because next the video display went out on the Studio...not once, not twice, but now it's on the third time. Each time they put me through two hours (or more) of technical support before determining that they need to replace the video card - even though this is a KNOWN ISSUE in the Sutdio 1555 (it's even documented on Wikipedia, for crying out loud!) In between the second and third display failures, I also discovered that I was unable to download a browser (Opera) or open my after-market antivirus software (Trend), so there is yet another problem to be dealt with.

I was starting a new business at the beginning of 2009, and the Dell was to be my business laptop. But because of all the problems with Dell products, I re-activated an older laptop (from a different manufacturer) and have been using that for business instead. The Dell has been little better than a paper weight. The problems have dragged on for so long in part because each time a Dell fails, I set it aside and work on my old laptop because I just don't have time to deal with the Dell issues, which take multiple hours per issue. I have literally spent more time on the phone and online with Support than I have spent actually working on the computer I bought from them. I just got off of another two hour conversation with support, they are sending out a new video card and I will have to reformat the hard drive, again. I am out over $1,200, over 40 hours of my time on the phone with support and countless hours meeting with support reps, reformatting hard drives and reinstalling hardware. I used to be one of Dell's biggest supporters, but after this debacle, I will NEVER own another Dell product again.

I'll never deal with Dell again
By -

FRENCHS FOREST, NSW, 2086 -- December 11th 9:20am – Ordered a laptop for my sons Christmas from DELL Computers and received verbal and email confirmation that the unit was in stock and would be shipped next business day, credit card details supplied and monies taken from account for purchase.

December 11th 10:45am – Email from DELL advising that there had been a mistake and the said product was in fact not in stock, but advised that for an additional $300 another unit could be shipped. Obviously disappointed with this the offer was declined and we agreed that monies would be transferred back to my account in order to look for other options in time for getting the laptop for Xmas (the DELL representative was advised to call when this transaction had taken place and a mobile number as well as a landline was given for this purpose)
December 14th 9:00am – Called DELL representative to inquire as to status of account and return of funds but received an answering where a message was left but no return call.

December 15th 9:00am – Called DELL representative to inquire as to status of account and return of funds but received an answering where a message was left but no return call.

December 16th 8:30am – Called DELL customer service desk to ask of the status of the funds and express dissatisfaction with the service thus far. DELL customer service transferred the call to an automated answering service with no option of leaving a message.

December 18th 9:00am – Successfully got through to a DELL customer service representative who listened and agreed that the service had been less than satisfactory and ensured that she would be actioning all monies outstanding and would be calling by close of business that day to confirm (both mobile number and landline provided) – there was no call!!

December 21st 9:00am - Called the original DELL representative to inquire as to status of account and return of funds but yet again received an answering where a message was left but no return call.
December 22st 12:20pm – Funds returned to Visa card

I represent a large corporation operating in 55 countries and employing in excess of 388,000 employees worldwide with as you can imagine a large IT demand throughout and state here and now that we will never use a DELL product ever in the business from this experience and be assured this information will be cascaded throughout so as no one else has to go through this ordeal and being put through such trouble and hardship so close to Christmas. With funds back in my account I now have 2 days to find an alternative product from a reputable supplier.

Never ending order
By -

I placed an order for my laptop Studio 1745 in October. After several delays and numerous tries to find out why the laptop keep getting pushed back I finally had enough and cancelled the order. There was another reason for the order being canceled. After all the time that past Dell was offering the same computer with more in it for less money.
So I gave it another try on November 23rd 2009 I placed another order through the phone. I explained what had happen with the first order attempt, and they actually seemed to care. Well the order was placed and the sales person assured me that the laptop on his screen was showing 12/10/2009 to be delivered.
After a while I sent a message asking if this system was going to come on the 10th. Every time I looked it up it showed the 18th. I finally got an e-mail back for the sales person who now was advising me the 14th. Well the system has still not shipped yet and it's the 12th. Even if it went out today with the 5 to 7 day shipping that arrival date is gone.
I have made numerous attempts to contact Dell service by e-mail and phone. The only response I get is an auto message saying they will get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. That never happens. To date I have not received one response to all the E-mails I have sent.
Now the phone is another story. All you get is different countries where Dell has outsourced their service. If you get someone that you can understand they either switch you all over the place and finally disconnect you or have no answer except what they read of a screen. Buy the way the answer they give is nothing and usually they just say the system is delayed and next time you brings your order up there is a new arrival date. It is very frustrating when there is no one who can give you any kind of straight answer, or actually know what is going on.

Hells Dell's If Satan don't get you M. Dell @ His band of outsourced Indians will!
By -

FLORIDA -- Hi all,

The below story is only partially told and will be updated and edited frequently.

On approximately April 24th, 2009 after 2 weeks of shopping for a Dell online with approved Dell credit I settled on a refurbed Studio 1737 Laptop.

The desciption said "Vista Ultimate with XP
downgrade Re: The OS. When I received the initial receipt it showed Vista only.

I immediately picked up the phone and called
to cancel the order, I was told By a Rep WHo BTW:
was in India. This representative claimed he could not find the order # to call back the next Day. This continued, thus Dell could take advantage of the IN HOME Purchase Laws which give the
consumer the right to cancel the order without question in 72 hours.
(for in home purchases or contracts)

On day 4 they informed me the computer was shipped. This was several days before it was scheduled. Now this piece of crap arrives!

I call Dell to return it. They tell me they are going to charge a $80.00 re stocking fee.
I at that point start to get a bit nuts and hang up after being run around by an avg of 6 outsourced persons in India who not only run you around deliberately are hard to understand and are taking AMERICAN JOBS and giving them to unskilled workers overseas (sorry separate issue) Now I am receiving 4-10 calls a day from Dell financing. When I pick up the phone I am
asked to hold on after about a minute of waiting the outsourced underskilled Indian TELEMARKETER
does what most do nowadays; Just hang up and do not speak a word. By the way this is done to get their call quota in for the Day

This story is not nearly complete and will be continued.

For those reading I'd love to know if you have the same problems.

+++please note+++ Please do not use my qualifications as a reason NOT to get involved.

I am a retired Business Consultant, Former Head Of Marketing For Comtel Communications, GM of LAP Bonded Auctions etc. I know the Game that DEll plays and When WE are Done w/ this mess THERE WILL BE HELL to pay!

JP Lapidus,

Twitter: wjpTV1
Phone: 954-430-2222 2-5pm Est

Retired, BC, GM, copywriter and Marketer. Please fell free to contact me and make ONE BIG SQUEAKY WHEEL and get our OIL!

Sick, Abusive lacking support from Anti-Americans in Med East, India, etc.
By -

AUSTINT, TEXAS -- OMG! I was promised the world by Dell and I bought in 2007 their top of the line lap top worth over $1,650 and it has been a LEMON from hell! It has never worked properly! I was told time and a gain that it would be replaced. The new computer never came and when I call in to complain I get non-English speakers in India or the Philippines! They refuse to connect me to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand. When I ask these corrupt and arrogant reps to repeat something that I truly do not understand, they go off on me and say abusive things. I get treated in a nasty manner and if I wish to speak to a supervisor, I end up holding for 2-3 hours at a time and get hung up on. I ask desperately, "Is there someone who speaks English?" And they say, "I am speaking English!" I then ask if they can speak more slowly and clearly and they get insulted start mumbling in Tagalog or Hindi or Punchabi and place me on hold for hours on end! MY DELL LAPTOP HAS NEVER EVER WORKED! It crashes constantly and I have to spend 100s of hours every month to BEG and PLEAD for help and for Dell employees to be merciful for my cause! As time progresses they get ruder and nastier and now they want to charge me between $49 and 69 per incident as the warranty has worn out! While hte product was in warranty they sweet talked me into believing that a replacement computer was on the way and now they say I should have called in more often (I called over 300 times) when the orignal replacement did not arrive! Dell has an uncanny way of training all their employees to turn any situation around and make it constantly the customer's fault! I recently learned that the founder of Dell, Inc. is a memberr of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS aka: "LDS" or Mormons! I have tried to express my disgust with Dell, the most dishonest organization of the world with Mormon neighbors and I have found out that Dell pays "Tithing" or HUGE sums of money to this church / cult in Salt Lake City so they can promote worldwide their doctrine of hatred, ignorance and intolerance! Dell needs to be destroyed! It is evil!

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