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Dell Everything
Posted by on
DUNCAN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I got the all in one printer 924 with my computer and our sale rep left out that we would need to order ink cartridges but anyway the order was placed Thursday and ask it to be over night.You know they didn't get that right.I spoke to repHarrishh ex.5377910 and he said it would be $3.95 for overnight and I said OK.He said Mrs.Williams everything comes to $118.75 and gave me the order#.Yesterday has come and gone and still no ink cartridges.I called and spoke to Monica on 6-2-06 at 3:45pm and she said they would take off the overnight fee of $3.95 but it would take up to 5-7days just for $3.95.I called DHL and spoke to them myself and was told that it was never put in as overnight that it is ground and it would not be here until Tuesday of next week. Now with everything we have had to deal with about the computer and is still not right and know one has still not called my mother back because that is what she ask for.So she called to talk to someone about their poor service and they hug up on my mother.I could keep on talking about what has happen but I'm not because all it is giving me is a head ache but I can tell you what has not happen. We have heard Nothing from Dell.If I had the $200.00 I would send everything back to them. If anyone is reading this before they bye from Dell RUN THE OTHER WAY.....I have checked the box for Dell to respond just like I have on the first one and they have not.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2006-06-03:
Costco has the best pritner replacement prices, perhaps you can try them. Stop hagling over Dell pickle.
Bowlasoup on 2006-07-12:
Those DELL printers are rebranded and cartridge-crippled Lexmarks (Lexmark ink carts require mutilation to fit DELL Lexmarks). I made the mistake of letting them give me one of the free multifunctions, what garbage. I agree completely, don't bother with DELL branded printers.
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Dell Quality
Posted by on
This printer/scanner/copier has never been satisfactory. A colleague also purchased it, and Dell replaced it twice--it never worked properly and they finally gave her another model.

Unfortunately, I never pursued a replacement and am left with junk.
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Dell Printer ink Kx703
Posted by on
I agree with everyone else that purchased this printer. I think it has a built in evaporator!! I would be less expensive to throw away the printer and buy another than keep buying ink!!!!
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I Want To File Suit Against Dell Re: 962 All In One
Posted by on
The black printer cartridges I ordered from Dell in April and May 2009 work for about 24 hours, then my printer starts giving me error messages "left printer cartridge incorrect", "left printer cartridge out of line", etc. I've found similar complaints online. The cartridges are dummies.

I want to get a lawsuit regarding this settled with Dell. With all the Class A's that have been settled against them, they still don't get it.
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Printer Not Received And Dell Computers Making Me Pay For It
Posted by on
COLBERT, OKLAHOMA -- In Aug. 2008 ordered Laptop computer, wireless mouse and printer, from Dell corp..
Received computer and mouse but never received printer. Notified Dell and they told me they could not do anything about it and I would be charged for it anyway and they were very sorry.

Since this was not an accepted practice I called back to Dell many times, took many hours, at my expense, Dell said they weren't going to do anything about it and hung up on me.

Do I have any options at this point? I am mentally exhausted and very disappointed please help.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2008-11-26:
How did you pay for this? Is it a charge you could dispute with your CC company?
KASingleton on 2008-11-30:
Well what goes around comes around...
Why not play their game ? I would wrap it back up.. and send it back to them.. tell them since they were not sending the complete order.. you are canceling the order.
Then I'd get w/ my credit card company.. and in writing tell them.. what happened and what you did.

I would also get ahold of the state's attorney's office and send them a copy of the letter too.


PS.. I bought a lap top Dell.. early spring. I had it about 1 hr.., tried to set it up and had problems.. called tech support.. for a minor item, I couldn't adjust the sensitivity on the "mouse".
They wanted to charge me $25 to talk me through it!!

Remember it was just 1 hr old. I said no thanks.. this is the worse service I have ever had!
I put it back in the box... and took it directly to the post office! got a credit.
Criszilla on 2009-01-29:
File an online complaint with the BBB. I filed a complaint online and got a full refund for the system I purchased, including shipping & handling, within 30 days.
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Poor/Distrustful/Many hours/No Resolution
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- 2 yrs ago purchased a Dell All-In-One 962 printer with wireless adaptor. Throughout the 2 yrs our DSL provider upgraded our wireless router several times. And each time our wireless adapter & printer had to be reconfigured & it worked fine.
This past January our DSL provider once again upgraded the router after which the printer would not load into the computer (the wireless adaptor did).
Between Jan, 07 & Apr, 07, we have spent over 20 hrs with Dell trying to resolve this problem. Each phone call was exceedingly long with the same result: it is the fault of the DSL provider. (the wireless adaptor loaded up OK.)
Apr 6, 07, finally got someone to recognize that the fault was in the printer. We were told in that the 962 was no longer manufactured, we would receive a 966 (the newest version). Guess what - a refurbished 962 was sent. We called back and there is no record of the name the person gave us or any record of his conversation. He had even said he would send us an email with the same info. - None has arrived yet. No one wants to take Ownership, or else they aren't allowed to take ownership of problems. We are now waiting for a callback from corporate. It will be interesting to see "where the buck stops" next.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2007-04-10:
Where is the ripoff here? Your printer was 2 years old, I'd say you did well to even have it replaced. Was there an extended warranty that got left out of the post?
trumania on 2007-04-15:
I see no ripoff either. Printer should have been replaced. Some printers are not compatible with wired/wireless routers. Not to mention, after 2 years, the 1 year warranty would have been up on the printer.

Unless you had an extended warranty you didn't mention, I see no reason for you to get mad at Dell. They provide support only during the warranty period.
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Dell Printer
Posted by on
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Made a big mistake, ordering from Dell. The thing would not work properly out of the box. I called tech support and got some guy in India who barely spoke English.

Ah bulls*&^% I can't stand it anymore.

Screw you Mr Dell

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User Replies:
poppapia on 2007-04-18:
Very well said.
dfields on 2007-04-19:
be sure to return the item within the 21 days return policy or you will be stuck with it! don't let a tech try and solve the issue. this is a tactic used by Dell to get you passed the 21 days. if a product doesn't work, outta-the-box, always return it immediately!

also, require that the package be signed for. that way, if Dell say's they didn't get it back within the 21 days, you will have PROOF they are lying and demand your money back! I did that a few years ago when I returned a Verizon DSL modem. it cost me $1.80 (USPS) to require a signature and they NEVER charged me anything (they couldn't lie about not having received it).
Donttreadonme on 2007-08-16:
My Dell printer no longer will feed paper through it 2 weeks after its warranty. Now I'm stuck with a useless printer and printer cartridges. The first month I had my computer the hard drive failed and they replaced it with a used one. My DVD player no longer works as well. My daughters notebook had several problems: battery recall, keyboard problems, sound card failure, etc. The replacement battery from the recall only lasted 45 days and they tried to say it was past the original warranty. I threaten to turn them into the CPSC if they didn't replace it. We got a new one after that. There only one word I have for Dell and you guessed it!!! It rhymes with Dell.

One positive thing I can say is that all these people that got screwed over are more than happy to share some of their solutions on Dell's forum. Too bad their tech service totally sucks.
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