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Order System
Posted by on
Interested in buying a laptop. Based on a review I'd seen, a Dell XPS laptop seemed like a really good buy. Since I'd used a Dell system for some 8 years and was quite satisfied with it, seemed like a no brainer.

Unfortunately, their current ordering site, and their support back up, turned out to be a nightmare. And they'll get no order from me.

Blew some 5 - 6 hours trying unsuccessfully to spend money with them. First day was spent selecting and configuring a system to order. And finally getting to their checkout point and then being rejected because the email address I wanted to register was disallowed since it was already registered. And I didn't know my password. From my previous purchase from 7 or 8 years ago, I guess.

Attempts to get an email from them indicating my password failed. Then went to their "have someone call me" system. Got connected to someone in India, who couldn't initially comprehend the nature of my call. Mainly, can you find the system I just configured and allow me to order it. Basic answer was that he could not find any record of my existence, let alone my order. Then the phone connection failed. Relogged into the site based on an email received a few hours later with an update on my 7 year old password, but found nothing about my attempt to order.

Next day, 11-24, and decide to give it a new try. So, log in first, just to verify that I exist and they recognize me. Go through an hour or so of making the configuration selections. Not a fast process, but one that seemed pretty friendly overall. Just as it had the day before.

Get to the end, and finally can place an order. And guess what, my configuration shows up in My Cart as an order. But for two PC's, not one, and at double the price, of course. And with no simple way to reduce the quantity that I could find. In fact the quantity fields remained consistently set at one, just the price reflected twice what the cost was. Bizarre, and no way provided to change it.

After several attempts to find a way a way on the screens to get just one PC ordered, gave up on that. So revert again to the Chat and phone support options. Chat worked quickly, only to be notified as the previous day that I and my order did not exist. Maybe a language barrier thing.

Phone support was also relatively quick (Gary?), but relatively useless. After 10 minutes or so, Gary did concede that I existed, but could find no record of an order or of a pending order. Maybe I'd want to step through a configuration session with him. Right, and concede that my previous 5 or 6 hours on line and involved with them meant nothing.

Yes, I did hang up. But I was called back in a short time by a supervisor. Who indicated that he was sorry about the conclusion of my call before, but that they'd never had an issue with their ordering system reported to them. He could not understand how my order had disappeared, was I sure that I had really tried to order from them.

At which point, another hangup and then HP and other alternatives appeared very large in my future plans. The Dell system seemed just like what I wanted, buy if they really don't want to accept an order that badly, then I guess it is fate that I go elsewhere.

Long winded, but moral of the story, don't waste your time with Dell. At least with their on-line ordering system. And if you wonder why the American economy is in such failing shape, Dell might provide an excellent case study. Getting people to spend money, real money, should be the hard part - not allowing them to spend it shouldn't be a factor.

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$4000 And 6 Months Old... Can't Use
Posted by on
I started having an issue with my Dell computer that is only 6 months old...The total price of the computer is $3800.00. This issue was very minor, at least to me it was. Sometimes, very rarely, when using an application, a beeping noise would start and then my computer would shut down. I called Dell for their assistance from technical support since I have free technical support- note this is my first time calling them and that minor problem has occurred for over 4 months. The first representative went into my computer using remote access and deleted a lot of stuff from system configuration and registry. He also made a lot of changes to the registry. He did a couple of other things that I couldn't keep track of since he was moving so fast.

He then told me the problem should be fixed. Well, since I spoke with him 6/7/2008 at 7 am, I have been having MAJOR problems with my computer. Now, I can hardly boot my computer. The screen will just turn white. Or, I can boot it and when I get into my system, none of the applications tend to respond. I have informed many reps of this and they keep informing me to run a diagnostics test first, and then they say "back up your data" so that we can do factory image reset. Well, I have informed the reps every time that my computer doesn't allow me to either boot or when I log in the applications do not work so there is no way I can save my data. They tell me to save anyway. I don't know how I would have been able to do that. Anyway. I have spoken to a approximately 27 representatives from Dell, online and on the phone. Everyone one of them has told me to run a diagnostics test and every time it has passed with flying colors. I finally ended up doing factory reset without being allowed to save my data and that has not fixed the issue. So every time I call, they know of this, and they keep referring to a blue screen...I don't get a blue screen. I have informed them of this. They tell me my computer is working fine, though I CANNOT use it. Also, the outerpart of my computer has little Bits and Pieces that have started to break off...

Every time I speak with one of their reps, they fail to assist me and I am the one that caused the problem. It has been over a week now and I CANNOT use my computer and they refuse to help me. I still cannot get them to have a technician come out to my house either. This computer that I have spent $4000 on is useless and they refuse to do anything about it. I would understand if the computer was maybe 8 years old and cost me about $600, but its only 6 months old. Every time I speak to them anything that happens is my fault. I have informed them that any errors during start up repair that comes on states "unexplained changes in system configuration" that didn't start happening until after the guy went into my computer with remote access and also "system volume disk is corrupt" but I have not seen ONE person try to assist me in this matter. I keep getting told to tell them the message about the blue screen that I see and to run system diagnostics test.

THERE IS NO BLUE SCREEN- they know this AND SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS PASSES EVERY TIME. I then have asked for a technician, I have asked for replacement parts, I have asked for a replacement computer, and I have asked for a refund. All of which cannot be done for me. I have written to customer service and wrote a complaint. I received a generic response in reference to all of this. I will never ever buy anything from Dell Computers again.
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User Replies:
MRM on 2008-06-14:
Bring your ailing computer to a local computer shop and it shall be fixed immediately.
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Computer is great, everything else, not so much
Posted by on
In 2007, my husband custom ordered an XPS420 desktop for me for Christmas. It was on the expensive side but one plus was the 1 yr no interest. A couple months go by and we finally get a bill with the amount being almost double what he was told his bill would be. He called up about it and found out he was being charged interest. He questioned it and was told that since he didn't pay his first bill he was being charged the interest. His bill was only going to be interest free as long as he paid on time every time. How can you pay a bill if one never comes? They refused any explanation on why we never got a bill before that one and now because of this, a $1400 computer has turned into $2800. After talking to others we have found this is a very common problem with Dell. They will make sure they get their money plus more. When I get my laptop, I am making darn sure it isn't a Dell. Probably going with Apple since their customer service rated highest in all computer companies. I'll pay the extra money for much much better service
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 2011-04-14:
Here is the problem. All companies (or the banks that sponsor the offer), including Dell, that make these "interest free" offers, are banking on a certain percentage of customers to default on the terms. And when that happens, they charge interest for the full term as described in the agreement.

Therefore, if you EVER use an "interest free" promotion, you have to be diligent about paying on time all the time.

Turning to the issue of not receiving a bill. With all credit, you are responsible regardless of if you receive a bill. Therefore you must be proactive and call if you don't receive one within a few weeks, to check the status.

As much as I loathe Dell for various reasons, I don't think there is evidence they did anything wrong.
momsey on 2011-04-14:
If a couple of months went by without receiving a bill, didn't you wonder where your bill was? As trmn8r said, if you didn't see a bill, you should have realized that you should have seen a bill. It would be nice if they forgave you the mistake, but they are looking for people to make mistakes.

I also don't see why the price of the computer has doubled.
Cwazychicken on 2011-04-14:
I have a toshiba laptop, works great..better than my dell ever did and only 700 bucks...well my brother bought it for me on cyber Monday for 600..I do not deal with dell any more. After my computer died right after the warranty, that was it for me. 1000 bucks down the drain.

But I agree with the above statements, If in doubt of a bill, always call the company and ask them what your balance is and when its due. That is what I do with my bills, so I don't have to worry about not getting a paper bill. Sometimes some companies do not send paper bills.
jkb10 on 2011-04-14:
We didn't receive the first bill and at the time I was a new mom and on Active Duty while he was deployed. The fact that the first bill hadn't come wasn't exactly my first priority. When the bill did come it was the second bill according to them and found no fault that we never received a first bill. All our fault. They were very rude to me and later to him when he was able to call about it. We have been informed by them that the price of the computer will lower if we pay more on the bill each month. All I know is with me not being the only one with this same thing that happened I will not buy from Dell ever again and have informed others of the poor customer service.
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Do Not Buy Dell Products
Posted by on
My last Dell computer has lasted me over 10 years and never has been worked on. So I decided to by a new one studioxps. Dell has become the worse company I have ever dealt with. I have had to pay for tech support and had to have 4 things fixed. But I had to pay over 200.00. Now tonight I have another problem with the software and I am told I have to pay even more. No one speaks where you can understand them. No understandable English. Dell sucks. I will never buy from you again. And will tell people how I have been treated and the service I have received. You do nothing but take honest peoples money. If I could send this damn thing back I surely would. You are not the same people you were back when I bought my 1st computer in 1999. I used to brag about you, but that will never happen again. Also I have seen on other web sites the complaint people have made about you.

I wish I had seen it 1st because then I would have never bought from you. I have wasted almost 2000.00 on this computer since I got it and the computer tower was priced at over 1000.00. You have charge all the rest to set this up.

How can you live with yourself? Oh that's right, all you care about is taking peoples money, hell with your product.
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Don't buy Dell!
Posted by on
LAVERGNE,, TENNESSEE -- We purchased a computer just after Thanksgiving. On New Years Eve we finally got the monitor. In checking with our Fed Ex number we were notified that the computer should arrive on January 8. On January 9 we found out that the package was damaged and shipped back to Dell. On the 11th we called Dell to inform them on how I was unhappy with their performance so far and inquired upon their actions. They said that they would be sending me the computer only. When I told them that I had not received the mouse, keyboard and speakers, they agreed to send them. On the 13th I got a package from Dell. It had a Studio mt... not the studio xps that I had ordered. Also I was still missing the mouse, keyboard and speakers. The invoice said that I did not order them. I called Dell that day and they agreed that the above parts were ordered but were not shipped, but I was shipped the computer that I ordered. The studio mt was not even available on their ads. They even asked me how I was able to order it. I was given the option of accepting the inferior computer that I did not order or send back the equipment sent. On the 14th I spoke with a return specialist for an hour and 10 minutes. Throughout this entire process I never got 1 call or e-mail from Dell about my order. I guess they don't care about customer satisfaction. The computer went back to Dell on January 15th. I won't feel comfortable about this whole situation until they have their outdated computer back and I have my money. I feel that this is an example of bait and switch and will be contacting the state department of consumer affairs. Dell sucks!
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User Replies:
ndrulez on 2010-01-16:
I skimmed over your complaint. Meaning all complaints on that company are generally the same. Reply: Get in line. Hopefully the state department of consumer affairs doesn't farm out their service desk to India/Pakistan like Dell does. You should've read some reviews and done some basic research before sending your hard earned money to that company. That's a good tip. Sorry.
Anonymous on 2010-01-16:
Our school district buys Dells. They are horrible. They bought 100 new Dells for our building and less than half of them are working two years later.
Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
Wait a second. Dell ships the computer. It is damaged by FedEx and shipped back to Dell;, and the OP is calling Dell and is "unhappy with their performance so far". So far? They shipped you a perfectly good computer that got damaged by the shipper. Now they have to ship you another one. I would say so far, their performance has been excellent.

Bait and switch. Those words. It sounds like a huge mix up. But with that phone call you made for things that was NOT Dell's fault, I would have refunded you and canceled your order.
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Posted by on
I have had this computer since June 09. I have nothing but problems. The computer worked as specified for 2 weeks. Then we had to reinstall all software. Next the printer drivers would eraze on its owm. Next the TV card stopped working and we had to reinstall all over - took about 5 hours to trouble shoot the TV card and to make it work. Several weeks later I tried to the DVD dock -it had quit working. Took me several calls and 6 hours to get this resolved. Recently I tried the built in camera - it did not work either. I was told that the software was missing. So we went through troubleshooting the camera - took several hours. Today, the internet stopped working - took me 3 hours to troubleshoot after being transferred on three calls that lasted 147 minutes. All they did was to reset the computer to a previous restore point. During the call I found out that the anti virus program was not installed either. It has become a never ending thing.

Every time I have called, I have been transferred multiple times. To get someone to help is a pain where all reps tell me that the hardware is supported for one year and I have to "buy" an oncall session to troubleshoot software issues, even though the XPS1 is supported by a specialized team. I can understand 3rd party software, but what about the programs installed by Dell? There is no executive team phone number I can get to, to file an official complaint. Nonetheless I have had credit card issues as well where I have not received any statements for the last six months. They have blocked my account for non payment even though I am current. Calling their CC customer service did not matter either.

To everyone out there - please stay away from Dell. They are becoming bad to worse in customer and tech support. I have had five Dell units in the last five years - 2 laptops, 2 desktops and now this XPS1. I regret spending $1400 for purchasing a membership of trouble.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2009-11-16:
Doesn't sound like Dell's fault. Sounds like a virus. Software just doesn't stop working all of a sudden for no reason.

Most computers these days come with a trial version of anti-virus. After the trial, it is up to YOU to either pay for the license or buy your own.

MRM on 2009-11-16:
Do not own a computer to save yourself from headaches.
Anonymous on 2009-11-16:
"During the call I found out that the anti virus program was not installed either. It has become a never ending thing. "

That could pretty much explain all the previous problems.
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Dell Debt Fiasco
Posted by on
IDUNNO, CALIFORNIA -- I wrote this note to Dell. It is important to remember when someone or something or a Dell has behaved so egregiously as with won'ton disregard for their contractual obligation with customers or with other business parties the contract becomes useless, non-binding, unenforceable and VOID. So consider this when affirming your rights after being cheated, robbed and exploited.

And read the Agreement of Discontinuance which describes what Dell must faithfully obey. Its pretty rudimentary what with this Dell creature having perhaps some deficiency of ethic the moral equivalent of a morbid animal let out on a leash. Needs to be told what and what not to do.

Billing Inquiry
Department March 29, 2009
Dell Preferred Account
Account Number
C. c. Attorney General’s Office
State of California

I am requesting from Dell copies of all activities including ALL monthly statements from the date of purchase on this account.

It has come to my attention that Dell has agreed to refund, repair all negative credit scores reported by Dell in consequence to Dell’s recent settlement with state of California secondary to investigation into business practices in which Dell has entered into an Assurance of Discontinuance to which Dell is legally bound.

In April 2005 I made a purchase of a Dell XPS personal computer. Dell offered me one full year of zero percent financing starting on date of purchase. Dell began to add unauthorized financial charges shortly after the purchase essentially charging me interest that I never agreed to. And now I’ve incurred unexpected fees, interest rates and late charges that I do not owe.

Even though I’ve made consistent payments to Dell which should have satisfied my obligation, I am presently suffering invasive phone calls from collections and my current bill statement from Dell shows over $2,600.00 still owed on a fourteen hundred dollar purchase.

In conjunction with the recent settlement between Dell and the state of California
I am mandating that Dell cease all collections, over charges, other charges and repair all negative statements on my credit report and provide this customer with documented proof.

My previous communications with Dell personnel has left me frustrated because Dell has not provided me these account documents contrary to Dell’s promise of discontinuance.

It is impossible to know the exact dollar amount if any that I might owe Dell or the refund amount owed to me by Dell until I receive these necessary documents.

As a rule and in matters of legal opinion Dell has forfeited all rights stipulated in the initial contract with its customer secondary to Dell’s breach of such contract and rendering such contract completely null and void.

Account Holder

ADDENDUM: Subsequent to the settlement resolution by the state of California against the defendant, Dell, this customer has received restitution made payable by Dell. And I owe Dell nothing. In fact none of us do.
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Bad Computer, Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
Sounds like I have been cursed by the same problems that many other reviewers have experienced. Computer has already given me system errors and the speaker that came with it gives a terrible distortion and feedback. Of course when I tried to return it I was given the run around and just told point blank I was past the 21 days. oops my mistake I didn't get it till two weeks after I ordered it. So I should have gotten it back to them the week I got it. I should have smelled a rat and cancelled the order when they kept sending me notices that the computer would be late.

The whole computer is a flimsy design and actually you won't have to worry about encountering this problem because since I purchased it they no longer sell it! I feel like the last sucker they got to buy this thing. I anticipate even more problems after reading all the technical problems that others have had. I will never do business with Dell again and yes the fact that the customer and tech reps are in a far away distant land makes me feel so helpless. I am sure they get a kick out of the thousands of consumers calling about the terrible quality of the Dell products. I wonder if they even use Dell computers over there? They must not since they have to have working computers to help hapless consumers.

So will I be stuck with a possible 1,400 dollar paperweight? Most likely if the first 21 days are any indication. Will I get any help with technical issues. Obviously not since my first call to Dell did nothing to resolve the issues. I won't get into that here but let's just say it was my fault according to the tech and if I have another problems please feel to contact a Dell representative and they will blame you again but it a sincere, polite way.
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User Replies:
anniea24 on 2008-08-22:
I was going to buy a dell, but after reading the stories on this board, I opted out.
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Avoid Dell computer financing!!!
Posted by on
I purchased a laptop computer from Dell over a year ago. I bought it through their financing plan which turned out to be a very bad mistake.

I have been paying the monthly bills on time, and usually even pay over the minimum amount. I also had my warranty extended, which may have led to the following problem:

I found out a couple of weeks ago when I got my bill that instead of the usual finance charges of around 4 dollars, that I was now being billed 196.86!!!

I called their service rep who told me that I was billed this outrageous amount because my promotion plan had run out.

I thought that the whole reason I began to be billed 4 bucks a month in finance charges in the first place, was because my promo plan had already run out after the first year had ended. But their rep told me that was a separate finance charge for “service calls”!?!?

I was never told that I would be getting finance charges for service calls!! and it DOES NOT SAY THIS ON MY BILL!!! Also, what service calls!? If I was in danger of being billed almost 2 hundred dollars in finance charges then why did the bill before this one say that I WAS ONLY DUE TO PAY A MINIMUM AMOUNT OF 20 DOLLARS!?! Was Dell deliberately trying to mislead me so that they could hit me with a 196.86 bill!?

What I had to do was go ahead and pay off the rest of the bill—which is what I could have done a long time ago had I known about this scheme.

A Dell rep did eventually get back to me and told me there was nothing that they were going to do about it.
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User Replies:
DianeBaby on 2008-02-09:
I had a very similar problem. I sent a letter of complaint to the attorney generals office about 7 months ago and surprise, a month ago they sent a letter that they had received my letter of complaint and were checking into it. Apparently quite a few people have similar "overbilling of finance-related charge" complaints. I've not heard anything back, but if its possible for you to do so, you might check into that. I can't remember how I got an email address for the complaint it was so long ago, but at least they did get back to me. It looks like it will be awhile before I hear back from them. Diane
DianeBaby on 2009-07-25:
UPDATE!!! This week, I actually received a letter from an attorney's office regarding my complaint against Dell, and attached was a settlement check for $369.00. What a wonderful surprise!
DebtorBasher on 2009-07-25:
Great Diane! Congrates! Maybe more people will take that extra step as well!
Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-25:
Welcome back, I'm glad your situation is resolved.
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Customer Care
Posted by on
TEXAS -- Let me share my recent and last experience with Dell. I recently ordered a computer online (XPS) and later discovered a coupon Dell had sent me for 25% off an online purchase of $999 or higher. I attempted to use the coupon and was informed by customer care to cancel my order and reorder the same computer with the coupon. The problem was; the coupon would not validate online. The coupon stated it was good until 4/22/06. After talking to 5 customer care reps and 2 sales reps the issue could not be rectified. Customer care personnel were condescending and unprofessional throughout. They even argued with the sales department on a three way call of which I was a party. Finally, a supervisor in customer care authorized the discount and the computer was ordered. Three days later Dell cancelled the order. The customer care response was to lie and attempt to pass the buck to Dell financing. Eventually they admitted the order was cancelled to avoid applying the discount. I later found out after I had filed a BBB complaint that customer care placed another order on my behalf at full price (without my permission). They tried to convince that me that I had placed the order but financing confirmed that it originated in customer care. I decided to cancel my Dell preferred account to prevent future occurrences at which time I heard clapping and cheering by customer care personnel. The issue really is one of false advertising vs poor customer care due to outsourcing. These folks in India or Pakistan do not adhere to our accepted customer service practices, nor do they care. I would suggest everyone pay attention to the similarity of complaints filed by others and Dell's unwillingness to resolve these issues. BUY AMERICAN AND DEAL WITH AMERICANS>
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User Replies:
dsmith68 on 2006-04-06:
Buy American computer parts? Good luck!!
miketech on 2006-04-06:
You might could find a computer case made in America. Other than that you will be sol, unless you want to buy one that is 6 years old or older. Not much made in America anymore.
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