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Dell Computer Corporation
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682-0001
800-289-3355 (ph)
512-728-4238 (fax)
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Bad Computer, Bad Customer Service
By -

Sounds like I have been cursed by the same problems that many other reviewers have experienced. Computer has already given me system errors and the speaker that came with it gives a terrible distortion and feedback. Of course when I tried to return it I was given the run around and just told point blank I was past the 21 days. Oops my mistake I didn't get it till two weeks after I ordered it. So I should have gotten it back to them the week I got it. I should have smelled a rat and cancelled the order when they kept sending me notices that the computer would be late.

The whole computer is a flimsy design and actually you won't have to worry about encountering this problem because since I purchased it they no longer sell it! I feel like the last sucker they got to buy this thing. I anticipate even more problems after reading all the technical problems that others have had.

I will never do business with Dell again and yes the fact that the customer and tech reps are in a far away distant land makes me feel so helpless. I am sure they get a kick out of the thousands of consumers calling about the terrible quality of the Dell products. I wonder if they even use Dell computers over there? They must not since they have to have working computers to help hapless consumers.

So will I be stuck with a possible 1,400 dollar paperweight? Most likely if the first 21 days are any indication. Will I get any help with technical issues? Obviously not since my first call to Dell did nothing to resolve the issues. I won't get into that here but let's just say it was my fault according to the tech and if I have another problems please feel to contact a Dell representative and they will blame you again but it a sincere, polite way.

Avoid Dell computer financing!!!
By -

I purchased a laptop computer from Dell over a year ago. I bought it through their financing plan which turned out to be a very bad mistake. I have been paying the monthly bills on time, and usually even pay over the minimum amount. I also had my warranty extended, which may have led to the following problem: I found out a couple of weeks ago when I got my bill that instead of the usual finance charges of around 4 dollars, that I was now being billed 196.86!!!

I called their service rep who told me that I was billed this outrageous amount because my promotion plan had run out. I thought that the whole reason I began to be billed 4 bucks a month in finance charges in the first place, was because my promo plan had already run out after the first year had ended. But their rep told me that was a separate finance charge for service calls€!?!?

I was never told that I would be getting finance charges for service calls!! and it DOES NOT SAY THIS ON MY BILL!!! Also, what service calls!? If I was in danger of being billed almost 2 hundred dollars in finance charges then why did the bill before this one say that I WAS ONLY DUE TO PAY A MINIMUM AMOUNT OF 20 DOLLARS!?! Was Dell deliberately trying to mislead me so that they could hit me with a 196.86 bill!?

What I had to do was go ahead and pay off the rest of the bill €”which is what I could have done a long time ago had I known about this scheme. A Dell rep did eventually get back to me and told me there was nothing that they were going to do about it.

Customer Service
By -

My hard drive crashed after 4 months. It has been a disaster since. Phone call after phone call, dropped calls, loads of time spent on hold. This place has no idea how to treat their customers other than to say "I am sorry" over and over. I will never bother to purchase another one of their products. If Consumer Reports were to rate their customer service and not just their products I can't imagine they would rate them well at all!!!

DELL computers are bad apples!
By -

I have over $4,000.00 in a DELL XPS 410 and it is a piece of junk! DELL support is a big joke. I have paid out the wazoo for support and every time I call they try to sell me something else. This is the last DELL I will ever buy.

By -

Dell does not support their product for long. Every time you call for service its $49.00. They are 1st class thieves. They tried to charge me $10.00 Dollars for a disk they never supplied to me, even after they were sued and lost for the very same practice. I am not a computer expert, but I sure know when people are getting the shaft. Last Dell for me!!

Dell Financial Lies And Accuses Me Of Fraud
By -

I got a computer through Dell financial services. I lived out of town at the time so used my friends name and address. Dell had my SIN number, my bank info, and my email address. I find out 2 months later that somehow Dell said that its not under my credit but my friends

After dealing with that situation I got an email from Dell saying its under me and that its not a problem. A few months later Dell phones my friend cause I missed a payment. They told him its under his credit and to go to the police and file a fraud report because I used his SIN number and agreed to put it under his credit because I was declined. Even tho After I got the computer, I bought a car, got a $1000 credit card and a $3000 loan from my bank because of my "Amazing credit for someone my age"

Long story short Dell said they fixed the problem but didn't, refuse to do anything about it and after countless calls and emails there only solution for there screw up is to have fraud charges pressed against me. Apparently my friends credit is screwed because of this and he can't get anything on credit because of the balance on the computer.

If Dell would have said they didn't fix the problem, I could have found a way to pay this off ASAP. And not have him go to the cops to file a fraud report so his credit can go back to normal. Frustrating.

By -

FRANKLIN, GEORGIA -- I am a very disappointed Dell owner. I got my Dell almost two years ago and have hated it every day. But I just can't do a thing about it. I should have known there was a problem when just a short time after getting the damn thing it required a power supply. In there defense they did come right out and replace the power supply and again it worked for a time. It was never as fast and strong as it was advertised to be and I build,repair and program computers. But I am getting old and took a short cut and got the Dell. Big mistake!!!!
If you don't get the extended warranty you are on your own, even if it is manufacturing defect.

They can't even tell you who builds the parts in there computers.
I called when it went to the great computer grave yard in the garage and the tech guy did try to help but he hit the same brick wall I did and even admitted his home computer is another brand and not a DEll. So after a great deal of time on the phone and him trying to convince the company to replace the system there cost was more than I am willing to pay and in the length of time I have had the thing it is cheaper to replace the parts and I have decided to replace the board and processor myself. But be wise don't get a Dell.

They do not stand behind there product and if warranty runs out you are domed.
Thank you for letting me voice my opinion

Dell- Refuses to obey the law & warranty
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Dell has given our family grief for over 1 year now dealing with 2 separate computers of the 400 series. We have gone through (between myself and my husband) 17 computers in 13 months time. Yes returns, DHL knows us by name now and we have warned many against this company due to warranty fraud as well as unwillingness to cooperate while we are now going on 6 months with no working computer which has led to loss of income as well as school time (we both attend full time online) and has caused stress related illnesses in us both. The circle of names and extensions at the Phoenix Arizona location have driven us mad! We are currently still awaiting a supposed upgrade to the 710 series because they admitted (in writing) that their 400 series will soon no longer be sold and that there is known issue with the motherboards.

Their lack of customer service/care and the ignorance or unwillingness to assist paying customers is abhorrent. Where did the days of the "customer comes first" go, it seems that big corporations just figure we NEED them and can treat us how they want and take our money while leaving us with no working product and we are supposed to take it lying down.

Dell using Microsoft Vista
By -

MICHIGAN -- A word to the wise about anyone wanting to buy a computer using Vista. My recent Dell purchase XPS 410 was a disaster using the only operating system offered Vista. NONE of the XP software would load-incompatible. If you use WORD or Outlook Express on your old machine you must PURCHASE the Vista compatible software (Office/Outlook) for $149.00. Previously installed on all other Dell machines for free.

Since Vista was such a new system released on 1/31/07 to Everyone. None of the hardware or software manufactures had a chance to design software and hardware that would plug and play on to Vista. I decided to return the machine to Dell. I was not going to wait for the Service packs and patches from Microsoft and Dell.

Rude and unethical treatment
By -

I understood on June 14th that I had purchased a Dell computer and printer for $3700 and that 18 months of credit with no interest was approved. Three days later with no confirmation, I ascertained that the order had been cancelled because I asked that it be shipped to my new house in another state. I spent 3 1/2 hours to learn why the order was cancelled. NO ONE from Dell had the courtesy to call and let me know there was a problem. Every person I talked to, when the calls when through, pushed me off to someone else. No showed any responsibility for getting the problem corrected. I finally was told to go home and call from my current home phone and they would approve the credit. When I said I thought this was riduculous I was told Dell had strict standards--like I was some crumb bum. The telephone system is terrible, often calls were dropped and no one seemed to have any authority to either explain the problem or even answer basic questions.

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