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Dell Erased My Hard Drive Then Did Nothing
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I bought his Dell XPS system less than 2 months ago. About the second week I had it I started noticing little things going wrong. Like the computer was lagging really bad and some programs weren't working and so on. So I began talking with Dell customer support, which is a lie because there is NO support given there. So anyway, after describing my problem and trying a few different things my laptop was still malfunctioning. I was mad at this point because I paid a little over $5,000 for this system. I did not like the thought that my money was being flushed down the toilet. Dell then told me that I would have to reinstall the operating system on my computer. So after about 3 weeks of waiting on the disks that they said would take 3 days I finally sat down with Dell last night to reinstall everything. The first person I spoke with only walked me through the first step. He told me it would take 20 minutes for it to finish gave me a case number and told me to call back. I mean I was doing brain surgery on my laptop and they wanted me to call back??!! So I did as he told me and called back. I was pretty confident that he got me through successfully. So then when I called back the woman that I spoke with asked me after about 45 minutes what I thought she should do. IF I COULD DO THAT I WOULD BE WORKING THERE AND NOT HER!!!!! She had NO IDEA what she was doing. But would also not transfer me to someone who could help me. So now my computer has nothing on it with the exception of Internet Explorer. My whole computer is jacked up and they are not trying to help me fix it. They told me they would send me another hard drive for me to install. I have never had a Dell computer before and this will be the last.
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miketech on 03/25/2006:
What programs did you have on there that you used. Most people don't explain what reinstalling Windows really does. There is one method that saves your documents and appears to save your programs but you have to reinstall them. Another method that wipes it all. As for 20 mins. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to reinstall windows and properly update it, spyware protect best you can, antivirus an firewall. That doesn't count installing a printer and whatever programs you have you need back on it. When I wipe my harddrive it takes about 2 days to get all my programs back on.
tander on 03/25/2006:
Yep Mike is right after deleting your hard drive, you re-install windows but from there it can take days to re-install all the other programs you had, it's quite the hassle.
David on 03/26/2006:
Hard drives eventually fail. On a desktop, you can have a RAID 1 array set up and be protected from losing anything when a hard drive fails. On a notebook, your best bet is a large USB drive to Ghost the notebook drive to on a regular basis. This will allow you to restore your computer as it was when you used Ghost to back it up. If you don't know how to do this, find someone who does to set it up for you and instruct you on doing it. Warranty tech support will never do more than replace parts and bring the PC back to it's original configuration - with none of your data or software installed. It is your responsibility to back up your critical data.
Anonymous on 03/26/2006:
What you really need to do first is get anti-virus, and anti-spyware installed. If the reinstallion of the OS fixed your problems, then spyware and malware caused them. You need to practice safe surfing!
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Late Charge And Never Billed
Posted by on
At the beginning of January of 2009 I ordered a dell xps420. At first I was OK with it but never received a bill for it so I called them on the 5th of February of 09. After that call I was harassed by 31 phone calls in a 24 hour period stating that I was late on my payment.

When I talked to the representatives I told them I wanted a bill and they would hang up on me. After several hours of trying I was allowed to talk to someone that said they were a supervisor which told me to pay it and hung up on me. So as for me this is my first and last dell computer I will never buy another. Seems that once they get your money your screwed.
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Anonymous on 02/26/2009:
Another reason Dell makes a lot of first sales only. If there were 31 calls in a 24 hour period, this is clearly abusive. But, I'm puzzled, why did you keep talking to collectors who could do nothing except demand money? A call to regular Dell customer service could have gotten you an e-mailed statement of account which you could have paid on the same day by credit card. Collectors are not there to provide customer service, they are single-minded low-lifes bred only to extract money.
Anonymous on 02/27/2009:
"they are single-minded low-lifes bred only to extract money." All except for DB...she's a love muffin.

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Dell Financial Lies And Accuses Me Of Fraud
Posted by on
I got a computer through Dell financial services. I lived out of town at the time so used my friends name and address. Dell had my SIN number, my bank info, and my email address. I find out 2 months later that somehow Dell said that its not under my credit but my friends

After dealing with that situation I got an email from Dell saying its under me and that its not a problem. A few months later Dell phones my friend cause I missed a payment. They told him its under his credit and to go to the police and file a fraud report because I used his SIN number and agreed to put it under his credit because I was declined. Even tho After I got the computer, I bought a car, got a $1000 credit card and a $3000 loan from my bank because of my "Amazing credit for someone my age"

Long story short Dell said they fixed the problem but didn't, refuse to do anything about it and after countless calls and emails there only solution for there screw up is to have fraud charges pressed against me. Apparently my friends credit is screwed because of this and he can't get anything on credit because of the balance on the computer.

If Dell would have said they didn't fix the problem, I could have found a way to pay this off ASAP. And not have him go to the cops to file a fraud report so his credit can go back to normal. Frustrating.
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Anonymous on 05/15/2008:
Something is missing here. You gave DELL your friends name and address but used YOUR SSN# and yet somehow the loan ended up being under your friend's SSN#? First off, I can't imagine any company approving a loan in one person's name and address and another person's SSN# and secondly, someone had to have given them your friend's SSN#, it didn't just appear out of nowhere, right?
Anonymous on 05/16/2008:
What does living out of town have to do with with putting it under your friends name and address? Use your permanent address.

I agree. There seems to be more to this story. Especially if the OP claims to have gotten a car loan a credit card and a bank loan and still missed a payment.
Ponie on 05/16/2008:
Does your friend still consider you a 'friend?' I doubt it because of the way you zapped him.
tnchuck100 on 05/16/2008:
Sounds like fraud to me. You may not have intended it to be that way but you sure put all the pieces in place to give it that appearance. Then you miss a payment and draw attention to your mess.
Anonymous on 05/16/2008:
If you didn't provide it, how did they get your friend's SSN? And unless you live next to the Dell factory, your' friend's house is every bit as 'out of town' as your own home, so why give someone else's address instead of your own. Intentional or not, this is clearly fraudulent on your part. Unless you can clear this up with Dell pretty quickly, you can kiss your 'amazing credit' goodbye.
lobo65 on 05/16/2008:
That was a boneheaded move putting it in your friend's name. You really screwed up his credit. Now you are made at Dell? Some friend you are. I think if anyone has a legitimate complaint here it is your friend, or ex-friend.
smmmokin on 05/18/2008:
Hey I'm the original poster. I posted the whole story here,p,44504.html#44504

Expect a long read but it explains it all. It will make more sense. Thanks

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Customer Service
Posted by on
My hard drive crashed after 4 months. It has been a disaster since. Phone call after phone call, dropped calls, loads of time spent on hold. This place has no idea how to treat their customers other than to say "I am sorry" over and over. I will never bother to purchase another one of their products. If Consumer Reports were to rate their customer service and not just their products I can't imagine they would rate them well at all!!!!
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Anonymous on 09/04/2010:
Jeeze, 4 months? ridiculous. That should still be under warranty, shouldn't it?
getoverit on 09/04/2010:
The hard drive was almost undoubtedly not manufactured by Dell, so they're probably directly not at fault. But my own experience with Dell customer suport was similar to tryingtogetby's. You wait on hold (forever!)...people make hear nothing call again, and your back to square one because the next person you talk to has no information on what's transpired before.

We actually had the experience where, after weeks of going around in circles with those people they finally did send someone out to replace a DVD burner. It didn't work because of a software problem they had misdiagnosed in the first place. The guy just left, saying that we had to download and install the software, etc. He didn't accomplish diddley.

Hard drives aren't that expensive. Personally, I would just go out and buy one, install it, and get on with my life. If you want to continue to do battle, call up some vice-president or somebody and demand to be reimbursed for the drive plus your time.

It's a shame but Dell Customer Support is less than useless. It's a drain of your time and energy.
MRM on 09/04/2010:
"Getoverit" I was going to suggest the same thing to replace the harddrive but then I would hear comments saying that Dell should take care of it.
madconsumer on 09/04/2010:
I was never satisfied by dell either.
Anonymous on 09/04/2010:
getoverit and MRM, I think that is the best solution too. I recently had an experience with Dell where they said there was nothing wrong with my computer--just a server problem. So, I called the cable company out and they diagnosed a problem--with my computer. That cost me $50. Then we bought a new hard drive--about $150 Singapore dollars. Unfortunately, our Dell was too old to salvage and we bought a new computer--not a Dell, thankfully. Our laptop was 6 years old, so I can't really complain. I think they made some of the old ones better than they make them now. But, Dell was no help at all.
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DELL computers are bad apples!
Posted by on
I have over $4,000.00 in a DELL XPS 410 and it is a piece of junk! DELL support is a big joke. I have paid out the wazoo for support and every time I call they try to sell me something else. This is the last DELL I will ever buy.
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madconsumer on 06/07/2009:
I too got off dell computer when we received 25 of them, and in 6 months 18 of them needed new motherboards.

most times it is best to find a local tech, and you will save lots over dell pay for services.
Anonymous on 06/07/2009:
That's how they got the nick name DELL Hell.
gabbott on 06/07/2009:
I will NEVER buy another Dell, after 10 months I needed a new hard drive. I had the customer service contract but dealing with them and getting what you paid for is easier said than done. I had my computer guy replace the hard drive...Dell is a done deal with me.
luckstar on 06/15/2009:
I have the same problem with Dell I just brought this laptop and gave me nothing but problems since I brought last year. I thought that warranty was supposed to have covered everything, but didn't so if I wanted tech support I had to pay $149.00 for only 1 year and now since I have a software problem like a virus I have pay $129.00 just to get my software fixed. You don't make that much money has it is and so this laptop cost me a lot of money and then Dell wants more money to get it fixed so I'm stuck with a laptop that doesn't work properly and more money to pay my Dell account to pay this laptop and my printer this company is a rip off and I'm thinking of taking them to court if they don't fix my problem it chaeper to take them to court then keep paying for something that is going to keep having problem after problem and then paying more money because they demand it. So I know what I support you all that had problems with your Dell computers, laptop, TV's and printers!After this laptop is paid for or if get my money and contract is over I selling laptop to someone else and getting a new laptop somewhere else. I called company Dell Devil!!!!!!!!!!!
ok4now on 06/25/2009:
Dell will be the next G.M. They are selling an over priced inferior product with no customer support. I made a purchase in 2000 and learned from my mistake. They low ball you with the price of the computer (junk parts) so you think that you're getting a deal. Then they try to sell you high profit extras. Extended warranty and Tech Support (from India where you can't understand one word) Dell makes their money on high volume sales. You place an order and the computer is thrown together on a production line. Good computers are hand built by highly knowledable people using top of the line parts and fully tested before being shipped. You might pay a little more but it's worth it. Do your homework first and you will come out ahead.
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Posted by on
Dell does not support their product for long. Every time you call for service its $49.00. They are 1st class thieves.

They tried to charge me $10.00 Dollars for a disk they never supplied to me, even after they were sued and lost for the very same practice.

I am not a computer expert, but I sure know when people are getting the shaft.

Last Dell for me!!
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DigitalCommando on 05/21/2009:
HP is no better. We had a laptop at work that took a dive (which of course came with no CD) We paid 16.00 to get the wrong CD the first time, they would not credit us for their mistake and charged for a second CD that ended up not working either. Those India call centers should be outlawed.
Anonymous on 05/21/2009:
From what I hear those Indian call centers are like sweat shops.
DigitalCommando on 05/22/2009:
I believe those India people sweat curry sauce so just grab a slice of bread and wipe. Voila, you've got a meal!
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Posted by on
FRANKLIN, GEORGIA -- I am a very disappointed Dell owner. I got my Dell almost two years ago and have hated it every day. But I just can't do a thing about it. I should have known there was a problem when just a short time after getting the damn thing it required a power supply. In there defense they did come right out and replace the power supply and again it worked for a time. It was never as fast and strong as it was advertised to be and I build,repair and program computers. But I am getting old and took a short cut and got the Dell. Big mistake!!!!
If you don't get the extended warranty you are on your own, even if it is manufacturing defect.

They can't even tell you who builds the parts in there computers.
I called when it went to the great computer grave yard in the garage and the tech guy did try to help but he hit the same brick wall I did and even admitted his home computer is another brand and not a DEll. So after a great deal of time on the phone and him trying to convince the company to replace the system there cost was more than I am willing to pay and in the length of time I have had the thing it is cheaper to replace the parts and I have decided to replace the board and processor myself. But be wise don't get a Dell.

They do not stand behind there product and if warranty runs out you are domed.
Thank you for letting me voice my opinion
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Anonymous on 10/19/2007:
Welcome to DELL He11.
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Dell- Refuses to obey the law & warranty
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Dell has given our family grief for over 1 year now dealing with 2 separate computers of the 400 series. We have gone through (between myself and my husband) 17 computers in 13 months time. Yes returns, DHL knows us by name now and we have warned many against this company due to warranty fraud as well as unwillingness to cooperate while we are now going on 6 months with no working computer which has led to loss of income as well as school time (we both attend full time online) and has caused stress related illnesses in us both. The circle of names and extensions at the Phoenix Arizona location have driven us mad! We are currently still awaiting a supposed upgrade to the 710 series because they admitted (in writing) that their 400 series will soon no longer be sold and that there is known issue with the motherboards.

Their lack of customer service/care and the ignorance or unwillingness to assist paying customers is abhorrent. Where did the days of the "customer comes first" go, it seems that big corporations just figure we NEED them and can treat us how they want and take our money while leaving us with no working product and we are supposed to take it lying down.
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User Replies:
Extended Warranty on 09/02/2007:
While I agree Dell is terrible, I think they have tried to help by giving you 17 computers...
Anonymous on 09/02/2007:
17 computers in 13 months.
What were the problems that they keep replacing PC?
trumania on 09/02/2007:
If you've gone through 17 computers... perhaps it's not the computer company... maybe it's you? You're not frying the computers with your power outlets are you? Perhaps you get a lot of power spikes or power surges which can kill your computer?

Seems like Dell is trying to help you out.
CrazyRedHead on 09/04/2007:
So where are they breaking the law and where is the warranty fraud coming into play?
jompster on 09/04/2007:
the days of "customer always right" ended when companies realized they were getting cheated by dumb people... PEBCAK... Problem exists between chair and keyboard.
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Dell using Microsoft Vista
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- A word to the wise about anyone wanting to buy a computer using Vista. My recent Dell purchase XPS 410 was a disaster using the only operating system offered Vista. NONE of the XP software would load-incompatible. If you use WORD or Outlook Express on your old machine you must PURCHASE the Vista compatible software (Office/Outlook) for $149.00. Previously installed on all other Dell machines for free.

Since Vista was such a new system released on 1/31/07 to Everyone. None of the hardware or software manufactures had a chance to design software and hardware that would plug and play on to Vista. I decided to return the machine to Dell. I was not going to wait for the Service packs and patches from Microsoft and Dell.
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MRM on 03/20/2007:
You have learned your is not always better. If it aint broke, don't fix it. Windows XP will do just fine in running all of your programs. No need to rush to buy Vista PC since it has a lot of glitches and bugs.
Sparticus on 03/20/2007:
I'm steering clear of Vista for a few years. Hardware requirements are a bit strict. I like to run on technology from a few years ago, helps keep costs down. Sounds like Vista needs the latest and greatest to run smoothly. I'm fine with my XP for now! When I do decide to upgrade... my next computer might be a Mac!
Anonymous on 03/20/2007:
I have the luxury of test machines. I upgraded to Vista, and had no problems with my Outlook nor my Word. I didn't upgrade either of them. Mine was an upgrade, not a new install, but in the case of a new machine you'd have to purchase Office anyway.

I am not crazy about the Vista interface, but I haven't found it to be buggy or unstable at all. It just doesn't feel as comfortable to me as XP.
MRM on 03/20/2007:
After using Vista Ultimate for a couple of months, I love my XP even more!
Nohandle on 03/20/2007:
Isettakurt, thanks for the verification on what I was told a couple of months ago my by local independent computer company. When quizzed about the Vista, they simply suggested to wait a while and let others who enjoy being the first with the latest gadget/technology get the kinks worked out.

My computer at home is strictly for pleasure and I have no desire to spend half the evening trying to straighten problems out. Those who enjoy that sort of challenge, let us know when everything is running smoothly.
findgold on 10/13/2008:
even a year and a half later windows vixta (a better name then vista) still sucks the big one and here also my next computer will be a Mac
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Rude and unethical treatment
Posted by on
I understood on June 14th that I had purchased a Dell computer and printer for $3700 and that 18 months of credit with no interest was approved. Three days later with no confirmation, I ascertained that the order had been cancelled because I asked that it be shipped to my new house in another state. I spent 3 1/2 hours to learn why the order was cancelled. NO ONE from Dell had the courtesy to call and let me know there was a problem. Every person I talked to, when the calls when through, pushed me off to someone else. No showed any responsibility for getting the problem corrected. I finally was told to go home and call from my current home phone and they would approve the credit. When I said I thought this was riduculous I was told Dell had strict standards--like I was some crumb bum. The telephone system is terrible, often calls were dropped and no one seemed to have any authority to either explain the problem or even answer basic questions.
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Sparticus on 06/16/2006:
Oh the great Dell run-a-round from India. Let me guess, the support folks were very friendly (unusually friendly) and about as helpful as a sack of rocks? My only comfort is that Dell is probably saving a bundle by hiring cheap labor to help avoid actually having to support their crappy products.
miketech on 06/16/2006:
I'm sure Michael Dell is pleased with his cash flow and growth. I don't know how he sleeps at night knowing what a once great company he has built up and run into the ground. People I'm telling you don't buy a Dell if you have any scence. Years ago yes Dell was great, today not so much.
Anonymous on 06/16/2006:
Whoa, whoa, whoa stop! Do you really need a 3,700+ big dollar not including interest computer? Why not get a newspaper, a free adversting rag, look through the ads and see if you can find one for dirt cheap (lookey here too Deals are out there you just got to do a lot of lookin' sugar pie. If you got to do the new thing, save up at least half the cash, then put the money down and try the credit thang again.
bill on 06/16/2006:
Maybe he does need a big computer. Who knows what kind of applications he will be running. Maybe he is buying a server. It doesn't matter. The point is he wasn't notified that his order was cancelled and he didn't get any help for the call center.
Doc J on 06/16/2006:
Nice comment Bill, I agree 100%. I'm sure Dell sees this as a "customer service" to prevent credit fraud. In the words of Dell's mud hut help desk. "You are please excusing me. It ish not being our polishy for making calls to our esteemed kind customers. If I am being aproving dish order to a maybe wrong addresh, I be in water all boiling hot, by Jove".
Anonymous on 06/16/2006:
Read the comment "18 months of credit with no interest was approved." Bernanke's going to keep raising the interest rate people who make big credit purchases like these will find themselves in the 'debt bucket fast.' " I be in water all boiling hot, by Jove." Oh he will be when his tally ends up over $5000! Moi!
Anonymous on 06/16/2006:
$250.00 a month payment that's all.
Doc J on 06/17/2006:
Mrs. M: I think I love you! Wonderful insight!!! I'm glad you mentioned it.
beanbagbritches on 06/17/2006:
What is a crumb bum?
miketech on 06/17/2006:
Couple of very good thoughts there Mrs M. The $3,700 dollar computer with Vista coming out soon is probably not a good idea at all regardless of what you are going to use it for. I have a feeling vista is going to wind up taking more resourses than we can even imagine right now. I'd wait on a monster computer till after Vista.
Anonymous on 06/17/2006:
I have a cheesy 700 dollar gateway laptop. The MS vista upgrade advisor said my computer could run the core Windows vista but not the complete Aero experience (what ever that is). As always good input miketech & Mrs Manischewitz.
Anonymous on 06/17/2006:
Thank you gentlemen.
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