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Stupid Policies Lose Customers For Life
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Why is American business failing? Stupid policies, offshore customer service, and arrogant "corporate" representatives. I had a laptop that quit charging. I ordered a power cord online from Dell to replace an existing one that looked frayed. Since that didn't fix my problem, I ordered a new battery. When that didn't fix the problem I took the laptop to a local repair shop and found out that the motherboard had failed and the computer (which was old) could not be fixed.

I contacted Dell to return the power cord and battery, to find out about possible repairs, and if needed to buy a replacement computer. I was told they would not take back my power cord or battery because I had exceeded their 21-day return policy. (By the time I had worked my way through the diagnostic process, bought the two pieces of equipment I thought I needed, then had the computer looked at by a professional, it had been 23 days.) I spent half a day on the phone, making my way to the highest levels of "American" customer service support - all in India.

I went through four levels of "help," and I got no assistance, just scripted English replies from people who obviously didn't understand much of anything I was saying. When I challenged their understanding of my request, I got arrogance, a lack of caring, and really stupid "corp speak." No one cared that they were making a loyal Dell customer very, very angry. No one seemed to understand that if they just bent a little on their 21-day policy and took back the items I had purchased and that could be restocked and resold, I would purchase a replacement laptop from Dell.

It seems like a no-brainer to me - take back $250 in unused equipment that can be restocked and resold and in exchange make a sale worth more than $1400. Isn't that good business? No, obviously not. It made no sense to anyone in India/Dell. Since I had bought the items using my Dell finance account, I contacted Dell Finance and told them I would not be paying for those items. They told me to write a letter to that effect, which I did.

In response (either to that letter or to a scathing email I wrote), I got a call - again from someone in India - who called to "remedy" my complaint. In fact, he called only to tell me why he would not be making a return policy exception. He also was arrogant, rude, and when I asked him, "Why did you call me? Was it to make me even madder?" He acted as though he couldn't understand why I would be mad. I will never buy another Dell. In fact, I went out and spent $2100 on a new Mac, and then I bought my son a Toshiba laptop. Both of those sales would have been Dells' if they had only worked with me. What a stupid company. What a stupid policy.

Is there anyone else out there that thinks it's smart to disallow the return of $250 worth and then lose a sale worth between $1400 and $4000? Is it just me? If I wasn't so busy making sure everyone I know NEVER BUYS DELL, I'd drive down the two hours to Austin and tell Michael Dell himself how STUPID he is for creating inflexible, ridiculous policies that lose American companies business. Shame on you, Michael Dell. You are a perfect example of why people don't buy American goods. Dumb policies.

Bad Customer Service, and a "don't give a pooh" mentality communicated to YOUR customers by foreign "experts" who haven't got a clue how to treat customers. I will never buy Dell, and I won't pay for the items I bought from Dell. Ding my credit, I don't care. Dell will never get another dime out of me.

Dell Financial Services is Robbing Dell Customers
By -

WASHINGTON -- At the request of a Dell sales person, I accepted a Dell line of credit last year. I wasn't looking for credit but I was buying a new computer for my son and thought that since I would pay off my purchase quickly, it couldn't hurt. I had purchase five computers from Dell previously. I wanted to pay automatically online and was assured that after my first bill was received that this would be no problem. My first bill arrived but my automatic payments were not started and my second bill never arrived. I was called by a Dell Financial Services person who said my payment was late and immediately paid.

I was shocked to hear that the transaction had cost me $13.95 along with a $39 late fee. I was furious and called customer service - and as you know, there is no number to call to speak with people in the U.S. Those customer service employees in India are allowed to waive only one $39 late fee per year. This was promised to me along with a promise to ensure that I received email alerts. This never happened. In fact the next time I heard from Dell was not through seeing an automatic payment, but through an email payment notice that arrived over a day after my payment was delinquent.

From there things got worse. I have called and emailed their customer service more than twenty times. At one point a person from India succeeded in getting me signed in to my web account. This lasted for one sign in and was not valid afterwards. Long story short, I have $156 in late fees charged to my account and have just recently been able to sign in to my online account again. My auto pay attempts have never been successful.

I suspect that there is a model at Dell Financial that shows that by charging high interest and taking on service and late fees fraudulently that so few people will complain if they keep it hard to reach anyone with a complaint that Dell can make its profits from financial charges rather than from product sales. This is just a heads up but I welcome hearing from anyone else who has the same problems. I live in Washington State and the Attorney General has won an award for damages against Dell in our state but I think this is just scratching the surface.

Do Not Buy Dell Under Any Circumstances!
By -

WASHINGTON -- My horrific experience with Dell began within several days of purchase. They have replaced the hard drive, reset the computer to factory settings repeatedly, have had me wipe out and reload everything (and losing all my info in the process in 2 of the 6 occasions of wiping my hard drive out, (however, remember, they repeatedly would try to sell me an external hard drive for $199). I also purchased a 2-yr warranty from Staples which Dell claims is a waste - They wanted me to buy more "customer support" so my call would be answered within 2 minutes. What a laugh for them to have the nerve to ask me to spend more money with them!

The last occasion was 2/06/09 when Dell told me they wanted me to wipe out my computer and reload it yet again and within 10 days of the most recent wipeout/reload - they told me it was the Buck Roger's virus protection (that they told me was the best on the market when I bought their computer) so I called Kaspersky (who are very knowledgeable and have excellent expertise) and they tried to work on it saying they had never seen a computer act this extreme and told me they felt it a serious internal problem with the computer and in fact it had no signs of a virus. The bottom line is that the computer was dying, literally - froze up & couldn't even start it manually.

I took it to Staples whose techs couldn't do anything with it either saying it was a registry problem and probably the motherboard so they sent it back to Dell. Since then, Dell has not even acknowledged that they have received it back. Staples was curious about why Dell had not offered to replace it as they too have lengthy documentation of the ongoing and never-ending problems with this computer.

During my dozens and dozens of conversations with Dell, I would ask for a new computer and they would give me nothing but their condescending apologies and assurances that whatever person I was talking to in India was the most experienced and knowledgeable expert that Dell employed (which was a lie and a joke as they all suggested the same wipe out and reload and forget why this was happening). I would ask for supervisors and got the same story along with a "direct line" which NEVER worked!!!! I repeatedly told the techs and supervisors that I felt I had gotten a lemon and asked them to replace it and I was denied.

I warn anyone/everyone - DO NOT BUY DELL!! If anyone knows of a class action, please contact me as well! Also any suggestions as to where I can post more complaints would be welcomed as well. People need to be warned against purchasing Dell. My income is dependent upon my computer. I have suffered great economic losses and Dell just doesn't care and has actually said so when I would ask them why I should have to sit on hold for hours at a time and wasn't my time worth money too?

Just look at me sitting here now 5 weeks into them having my computer and they can't even acknowledge the receiving it. I want to jump on the bandwagon with a class action. If anyone hears of one - please, please keep me in mind.

Why Dell Is The Worst To Do Business With
By -

TONAWANDA, NEW YORK -- Well I am not jumping through any more hoops. My boss pays me quite well to be doing IT work not answering emails, and tracking someone down and spending hours on the phone repeating myself to someone that doesn't care or understand what the problem is. Consider this a discontinuance of our services, relationship and any and all contracts between Worldwide Travel Staffing and Dell. This is something the representative should have done from the get go. I never got confirmation of the order, (I had to call to see if the order was even placed 2 weeks later because we were never notified by email.). I never got sent an actual itemized order to review.

I am just plain fed up with the passing of the buck. We will no longer purchase anything and I do mean ANYTHING from Dell. You would believe that someone would care how their customers are being treated... and trust me I have filled out every single one of those STUPID surveys because maybe someone that was sitting down and sipping a coffee and stuffing their face with a donut would possibly read some of them. Obviously they DON'T. Obviously someone should go over and knock on Mr. Dell's door and say "Ummm sir I think we have not a problem but several problems." I am so sick of "Well customer care will fix it".

I have a copy of all the RUDE and I do mean RUDE emails from customer care and I have all ones I have sent to customer care... because I have had to repeat myself several times to them because they DON'T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. I still have an ISSUE SINCE LAST OCTOBER THAT HAS NOT been rectified as to this very day. It was a return of a battery backup that was MIS-ORDERED. Hmmmm detecting a pattern here which we sent back and still have not received credit for and it's been 4 MONTHS.

Trust me if customer care doesn't get their package back to them in 24 hours they call, whine, be rude and demand you get it back... but when it's your money look out! The definition of insanity.... doing something over and over again and expecting a different result when the result is always the SAME... in this case Dell not caring, not answering, and messing up orders. AND TRUST ME I DON'T WANT TO HEAR FROM ANOTHER CUSTOMER CARE PERSON EVER!!!! I shouldn't in the first FRICKING PLACE!!! This company in as little as 6 months of dealing with our business has messed up orders and shipping them to the wrong addresses.

Their customer care... well it should be CUSTOMER 'WE DON'T CARE' is at best the worst use of human man power in the world. They are rude, hard to understand, and are not flexible. They are definitely reading from computer screens to your responses they give you. When they make a mistake at DELL be sure the buck gets passed around! Ample responses call customer care .. where you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes to be told "Have you talked to Technical Support? No? Well I will transfer you." Yet I didn't have a technical support issue but a missing part issue.

Then in a day or two you get this wonderful email with a question about how CUSTOMER 'WE DON'T CARE' did handling your problem. Yet I have filled out every single one of them and guess what? TYPICAL DELL no one contacts you to find out why you filled out the survey the way you did. Or guess what? Dell customer 'we don't care' and Dell executives don't care... or something should have been done in 6 months time! When there is a problem YOU will have to jump through a lot of hoops... and believe me there is nothing more frustrating than trying to just get what you want done.

Now don't get me wrong... DELL sells some great products, trust me they do... it's just they won't STAND BEHIND THEM, because they screwed up your order, sent it to the wrong address, or tried to return a defective part, or tried to get a part they FORGOT to include in the order!

Now Dante's Inferno would be a better place to do business with than Dell trust me. I have tried to get a hold of someone (English speaking, warm-blooded, and that cared... but Michael Dell's mom must be in a secured padded room in the DELL CUSTOMER 'WE DON'T CARE' building.)

Bait & Switch Sales Tactics
By -

I purchased a Dell Computer System via a phone conversation with a Dell Sales Rep. named ** and was told that I would have 6 months of no interest and no payments and that prior to the end of the 6 months period, I could pay off my original balance with my MasterCard. I also ordered a wireless mouse which I have never received. Shortly after receiving my computer, I received an invoice indicating accrued interest and a payment due. I was not alarmed as I had been confirmed as NO INTEREST and NO PAYMENTS for 6 months. On my next couple of invoices, I was accessed late fees as well as interest.

I have called numerous times to resolve this with no cooperation. I finally made a large payment and did pay off my entire purchase balance prior to the 6 months. I completed my purchase according to my agreement with ** and verified the terms with her several times. Now Dell says that I owe more money and I refuse to pay it as it is only bogus late fees and interest on the late fees. Has anyone else experienced this?

Most of the people that I talk with are in India, Kuwait, the Philippines or some other foreign country, and I can never talk with anyone who understands and no one can find ** to verify what I was told or even allow me to review or hear my original conversation as I know it was recorded for training purposes. BAD DELL - BAIT AND SWITCH!!!!!! Some of these data is new and may be helpful to me in resolving my situation, but I do not place much faith in it or Dell. I have sent numerous emails, faxes, and made numerous calls to Dell including the Dell Financial in Austin, Texas.

It appears they all have a 1 track mind, 1 track answers and cannot think or resolve issues by themselves. They all treat me the same, like I am a bum not paying my bills, and have even been called that by one of their employees. I am steadfast in that I do not owe the money, as it is only bogus charges derived from the late fees and interest assessed as a result of their changing our agreement after the purchase was made.

Dell tells me to call Dell Financial and Dell Financial tells me to call Dell or the Pentagroup Financial Collection Agency (which is also a part of Dell.) They in turn say they cannot do nothing unless Dell says so and Dell says it is out of their hands as it is now in collections, etc. It is a vicious circle and I am caught in the middle. I do not owe the money, will not be paying it, and may take my case to a small claims court if the charges are not removed and my credit file cleared.

I am a 63 years old Vietnam Combat Wounded Purple Heart Veteran, retired after 32 years in the Marine Corps, and retired 18 year Federal Employee and do not appreciate this type of service or insinuations. I am honest and would not try to get something that I had not agreed to.

All I can say is if Dell wants to pursue this, then I will let the world know of their deceptive practices with all the resources within my power, friends, websites, blogs, etc. I paid 100% of my purchase within my allotted time and do not owe them any more and will not be purchasing any more Dells in my lifetime!!!!! Again, thanks for your reply and data. HOW about a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT on DECEPTIVE SALES and COLLECTIONS PRACTICES?????

Customer Service from Hell!
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Where do I start, as I sit here on the phone with Dell? I have had 4 Dell computers and when I had a repair issue, I called technical support, they sent the box to my address (in Georgia) and I shipped the computer back. Since this was an easy fix, I called 3 weeks later and they said it left Dell 13 days ago! When they looked into it further, they said that DHL couldn't deliver it to my address. Why you ask? Because....they delivered it to the address I lived at when I bought the computer (in TEXAS!) Well that really made me angry because Dell assigns you a new customer number every time you order a computer--and I have asked them NUMEROUS times to make sure all my computers and customer numbers have my current address--but it was like I was asking them to create a book! So the girl I was on the phone with said she would fill out a logistics ticket with the correct address so it could be shipped here. So she called DHL and told them to hold it until they received the ticket. OK, fine, it would be delivered within the week. Now I tell her this would not have happened if she would update my address.

She agreed to do it and sent me an email with the Case number. 9 days go by (today) and I call Dell, (so far I have talked with 9 people and have been on the phone almost 3 hours!) I talk to one person who asks for my info, looks into it, puts me on hold and then tells me they need to transfer me...I find out the computer is still in Texas at DHL and my address was NOT updated on my file and no one sent DHL this damn logistics ticket! I get a couple more people and then I demand to talk to a supervisor! Angelo tells me they are very busy and they would tell me the same thing that he would so why don't I talk to him! That really pisses me off now and I tell him I want to talk to one anyway and he said that I will probably be on hold for a while. I SAY FINE!!! So then I get a supervisor who listens to my story and puts me on hold on and off for over an hour--then my phone dies while I am on hold.

So I call back and ask to speak to Heather who works in Customer care and is a supervisor of Angelo. OMG! The lady had to talk to her supervisor to see if she could transfer me. Her supervisor says no, she will email Angelo to tell his supervisor to call me! Now I am tired and no further along than when I started! I asked why she did not call and she said quote "it is not protocol to call each other in the company, the proper way to contact each other was through email!" WHAT DO I SAY TO THIS????

So, I call DHL and they said the computer is in Texas and yes they see they picked it up in Georgia and yes it is the same person (ME)--but they cannot do anything I have to call Dell. So, I call Dell again--don't even try to find this Heather person and I start over with someone new. This is the 9th person I have talked with and he finds out that HEATHER did not send the logistics ticket, my phone number wasn't updated and he calls DHL who says they are sending the computer back to DELL! So this 9th person says he will check with so and so and see if he can still have it shipped to me. In the meantime, I find this site and start typing! OK this is not over--but 9th person can't find anyone to help--so he will try to send out a logistics ticket (even though it takes at least 48 hrs and then 24 hrs for DHL to act on it) anyway and see if it makes it before it gets sent back to Dell! BUT if it reaches Dell, he will make sure it gets shipped to the Georgia address. I ask him--does anyone at Dell care that this happens to people? Does anyone care there is no follow through? What can I do about this? I ask him to call Heather and he repeats that he can only email. I tell him who I work for and asked him if he ever heard of the company and he says YES! (think Texas, rich, well known)—I told him that if we treated our customers that way, we would not have any and it would never be tolerated. (I think he feels I am telling him this to get him to help me) so my 9th person says--He then says he will take care of this and not to worry, he will call on Monday. By this time, I am exhausted, my shoulder hurts, I have gone through 3 cordless phones and I can't even say--at least it was taken care of! NO! The saga with Dell continues... I AM NOT BUYING ANOTHER DELL!!!

Dell Service and Support
By -

Here's the letter I sent to Dell:

I'm a Computer Science professor at a large Midwestern university. I have been recommending Dell computers to my students for years. In fact, I own two Dell laptops and a Dell desktop, and I recommended the Dell computer that my daughter bought last year. I would like to start this letter from a quote of the first sentence of your “About Dell” web page: “Dell listens to customers…” Right.

My experiences with Dell service in the last three years have finally put me over the edge, and I now actively recommend that my friends, my family, and my students avoid Dell. Your service people don't understand vernacular English (one of your techs insisted that I should "boot" from a blank floppy disk, for example). They are compelled to follow a script that often has nothing whatsoever to with the problem at hand, akin to my physician recommending a brain scan if I were complaining of an ingrown toenail.

Then there was your inability or unwillingness to sell me a replacement fan and power supply when mine died. It's not that the part wasn't available; when you wouldn't supply it, I found it out on the web. You should have helped me keep that computer going, rather than just cavalierly assuming that I should replace a computer that was adequate for my purposes.

And another thing... your failure to support the software that is factory-installed on your new computers is huge mistake. Now, I understand how you might not want to support the software a year down the road. But when factory-installed Norton products (unrequested, by the way) were wrecking havoc with all of the software on my daughter's new computer, all within a month of purchase, you should have been responsible for resolving the issue. I did finally diagnose the problem (after investing many hours of time) and remove Norton, and now all is well. But a customer without my computer experience would have had a dickens of a time stabilizing that computer.

Even your hardware is less reliable these days. I've replaced the video card in a five-year-old desktop three times. Each time, I chose a top-of-the-line video card. Each time the card failed in a little over a year. I bought different brands each time, so we can't blame a particular brand of card. The only thing those video cards had in common was the Dell computer in which they were installed. That leads me to believe there are some electrical issues in the computer itself.

In my dealings with Dell over the last three years or so, I have almost never gotten an effective diagnosis, much less resolution, to any of my problems. Instead, I've replaced parts such as under-warranty network cards and video cards at my own expense, because it was easier than spending ineffectual hours on the phone with your tech support folks.

You want to know why your company is struggling? Because your service stinks and your hardware seems to be heading that direction as well. Your reputation has suffered mightily over the last couple of years. Forget servers and AMD chips and all of the other tactics you've been pursuing. Deliver a great product at a reasonable price, with acceptable service, and you'd do fine. Just like you did fine just a few short years ago. All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't buy your stock a few years ago, when I was considering it.

Worst Customer Service (or lack thereof) In The World!
By -

HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- Dell Computers officially has the worst customer service I have ever experienced! And the irony is the biggest reason I chose to purchase a Dell computer was because of their reputation for having outstanding customer service.

In January of last year I purchased a Dell Dimension 8400 valued at over $3,000. I only paid about $2,300 after rebates. I was initially happy with the system. Then after a while problems started to happen. I called Dell for numerous problems that I won't go into detail about on here because it will stray from this topic.

I called Dell MANY MANY times since I've gotten the system. I am far from a racist but something is very fishy with Dell. They seem to hire nothing but foreigner who barely speak a lick of English and haven't the slightest clue what they are talking about. Their words are so scripted that it would be plainly obvious to even the most challenged person that they are simply divulging answers from a manual sitting in front of them.

Every time I call Dell about a problem (that I spell out in detail by the way) I am always given a resolution to a completely different problem. Earlier this week I contacted Dell online and told them that my computer was malfunctioning in some area that it caused my Verizon DSL to constantly and uncommandedly force me to completely close-out of the program. This always happens with my photo editing programs as well. Imagine my disdain when after already wasting well over 20-minutes with this person, the cust. svc. rep. provided me with a link to some sort of 3rd rate anti-virus free trial software!!! I asked what the h*** did that have to do with my issue at hand? I have Norton Anti-Virus, the #1 anti-virus program on the market. Why was she giving me a link to this when I was telling her my computer had some sort of software glitch??? The last 10 times that I have contact Dell I have ended the chat session without a resolution, except for when I had to call them to get my $50 rebate for renewing my Tech Support warranty because Dell claimed they never got the rebate submittal! I demanded that they pay me my $50 which they did and they also gave me a $30 courtesy credit.

Other than that, Dell's customer service is non-existent. I have given up completely on trying to contact Dell via telephone. Other than the fact that you have to go through a million different menu options just to get routed to the right people (which is nearly impossible because the phone system is NOT user-friendly), its taken me over an hour on many occasions just to troubleshoot with a tech only to have my situation unresolved. When I chat online or on the phone, after going through all the B.S. just to talk to someone, I always end up having to be redirected to another Dell division because Dell claims that since I own a Media Center PC, I can only talk to special Media Center technicians.

Every time I have an issue or conflict with my computer, after spending over $300 in warranties over the last year and three months, Dell always tells me I have a software problem and transfer me to some service that I have to PAY FOR to so much as even get advice on the issue. So let me get this straight Dell...I already paid $300+ for this warranty that's supposed to cover most issues that may arise, and now you expect me to pay up to $100 a call in additional money for tech support that should be included??? Never again, never again.

My advice, contact the Better Business Bureau. Its the only way to get through to Dell. I contacted the BBB twice. I am actually dealing with Dell's corporate division now after a complaint I had to file a few weeks ago because I wasn't getting anywhere via phone or online chat. If you contact the BBB, there is a good change you'll actually be able to talk to an English-speaking American who knows what they are talking about and is knowledgeable and isn't reading bogus solutions to you from a standardized manual.

I will never buy another Dell product again!

Save yourself the agony--just stab yourself in the head a few times with an ice pick. The end result will be the same as trying to
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I bought a "new" desktop from these hoodlums on 2/12/0627 phone calls later, I do what I should have done in the first place. Unable to communicate in Indian, I explained to my credit card co. that I bought a "new" computer and they sent a refurbished one. It's now in their ballpark.

When I told the gal at dell it was refurbished she said, and I quote " that isn't possible that's illegal." I explained to her that because the thing was such a piece of crap and was only slightly more efficient than an adding machine (got every upgrade $837), I investigated the thing. I found over 49000 files, added from 2001 to 2005--music, documents games and websites.Funny she didn't sound very surprised, but the "kind" soul was willing to send me another refurbished computer. My question is Are they really this dumb or do they just pretend to be so that you never really do get what you want. I think it's a game with them--they get points for ticking people off. And when you decide you just can't take it anymore, they get bonus points by pushing you over the edge with "is there anything else we can help you with ?

I'm not going to tell you about all of the other inane "conversations/frustrations/disconnects/extended holds etc. Believe me I've read over 100 reviews (much too late of course) and this seems to be standard for them.

To those of you thinking of buying a Dell do the icepick in the head thingthe agony will be much, much shorter in duration.

To those poor souls who are pleased with your dellexamine it for old files and hope you don't EVER have to deal with the hellians at customer "support".

And for those of you who have already found out how crappy the computer that you were so excited to get isI feel your pain.

The Downfall of Dell service
By -

It is a sad state of events reading these issues with Dell. I once worked for Dell both in their tech support and in their sales dept. During those days we had a goal FTR (First Time Resolution) We did it not because it was our goal, but because we had pride; pride in our product and pride in our abilities to get the job done right the first time!
Things were really good for a few years there. Dell Tech support was winning all kinds of awards and we felt good about ourselves. Of course all good things must come to an end and they did!
Suddenly tech support was off to India, and here are the basics of that. In India these techs need a four year degree to qualify for a position, and in comparison their paychecks are nothing compared to what ours were- of course in India these paychecks are really good. I don't have a four year degree, but I do have my certifications and to be real honest-after having listened to these fools my certifications are worth twice their four year degrees.
After my job went to India Dell was kind enough to put me in sales, and I found myself with the same issues as tech support, but with a different slant. The conversations would start like this...Thank God, someone who speaks English I can understand. I have a tech issue and I know you're in sales, but I don't know where to turn. Even though I was not supposed to do it, as long as the person on the other end of the phone wasn't screaming and cursing at me I'd help them. Usually I could resolve their issues in under 10 minutes, and if I couldn't I would advise them on what exactly to say to tech support to have their issue resolved.
One of the reasons we did so well wasn't solely because of our product knowledge, but because we could navigate through the Dell red tape. We knew how to get results, because we could make informed decisions and used our own initiative. Problem is that the techs in India don't have initiative, If it's not in the script then it isn't!
Not that it may do much anymore, but you can always write Dell to complain:

Dell Corporation
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682-0001

They will never bring back consumer tech support to the US, but they did bring back corporate tech support back.

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