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What Just Happened
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- A simple request to return and or exchange a product that I was misinformed about has been a nightmare. my experience with Dell has been nothing short of appalling. The customer service reps are inadequately educated in their jobs. Also there are no other contact numbers outside of customer service to help. I'm am going to keep this brief and not include all the issues that arose while placing this order, waiting for delivery and the multiple attempts to get this rectified. I will focus on the very last call which is a perfect example of my experience with dell. The External bluray drive part number 313-7799 is what I have been trying to return or exchange. I purposely contacted CS prier to purchasing, to find out if the drive was compatible with my pc and was told it was. upon arriving, I found that the drive was not at all compatible. when I contacted Dell I was told I needed to purchase another component to make it work. Had I been told this in advance I would have purchased another model. Instead of purchasing the rather pricey extra component I opted to return the drive and purchase a different model. I have yet to be able to do so. When I contact CS, I am transferred endlessly and each person listens to my case and just keeps transferring me. finally I was directed to my final representative who tried to convince me that there was no blu ray drive on my account, even tho I had the paper invoice in front of me and the electronic one up on my pc screen as well as the fact that every representative before was able to see it, she attempted to end the call by saying she could not help me. I told her this was unacceptable and she would either need to help or find someone who could. She then tried to convince me that the drive was a gift with purchase. I politely informed her that this was a 300 dollar unit which I picked out after contacting Dell over compatibility, and I HAVE THE INVOICE.. She kept telling me she could not help. I told her this call was not going to end till she did or found someone who could. I was placed on hold for about 15mins, this is after spending an hour and half getting redirected. Finally she came back and said that the monitor I had purchased and the drive were a combo unit. I again explained, that they are not a combo unit, the reason I was returning the drive is because it is incompatible with my pc, and does not connect to the monitor either. they were chosen on different pages and have nothing to do with each-other. She continued to try to convince me that they were a combo unit. I told her I could give her the model number for the unit and she could see for herself that the drive is not sold with a monitor. she would not take the model number, and went back to her original theory that it was a permotional gift. So after losing my cool and loudly demanding she put someone on who knew what they were doing. she again placed me on hold and this time I was disconnected..this was my third and most frustrating attempt to return this blu ray drive. my 21 day return window is fast approaching and I'm out of options. I'm starting to feel as tho this model was sold to me with the intention to force me to buy additional components

My Desired Resolution:
I would just like to exchange this for a blu ray drive with a standard USB connection and not the pci sata controller card port required for this model, which apparently no pc store sells or was even aware it was being used. Am I asking for so much? I am willing to pay the difference if the model is more expensive. What is the problem?

after submitting this report to the BBB I again attempted to contact and was told I had to return my monitor along with the drive, which makes no sense they are separate items and I am quite happy with the monitor, I just want to exchange my drive, I ended up buying the additional component only to still have this drive not work. customer service is useless
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Soaring Consumer on 07/31/2009:
That is Dell Hell indeed. I suggest that you file a complaint with your state's Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.
hellonez on 07/31/2009:
Well hows this for a happy ending. Apparently all I had to do was take my story to a bunch of consumer reporting websites and submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, then send every available Hell *cough* I mean Dell email address I could find a link to all the online complaints and the BBB case number and suddenly I've got 2 customer services reps calling me and one emailing. And everyone wants to help now. took a 2 mins conversation to resolve my issue after nearly two days.
jktshff1 on 07/31/2009:
Thanks for letting us know.
Anonymous on 07/31/2009:
Here's your missing part, $13.99 at Newegg:

Do you have a cable?
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Don't Buy A Dell! 21 Days From Date Of Purchases To Be Able To Return!
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My husband bought a computer for me for a Christmas present because our other computer was old and freezing all the time. He spent way more than I expected including at home support to make sure if there was a problem I could get help. It used to be with Dell (I have purchased printers from them) that if you had a problem, they would IMMEDIATELY take care of it and if necessary, ship a replacement printer to you with the box to be used to send the old one back with a prepaid UPS postage. Those were the days... and they are gone. I started having problems from the beginning. I called "technical support" and they did the trivial things: take the battery off, restart, delete internet history files, etc.

I had numerous problems and numerous "help". Finally, I got sick of the hanging and the freezing and I did the Function button at the beginning when the computer started up to run a hardware diagnostic. (I was previously told by a Dell tech that it was not hardware related). It came up with an error message and stopped. I called Dell and they told me I had a bad hard drive. Then the tech started telling me to do something. I finally realized he was instructing me on how to remove my harddrive from my computer! I had at home added, remember, but apparently "THAT" is not covered. So they were going to send me a new hard drive and I was supposed to put it in AND then I had to send my old harddrive back (so of course, they can refurbish it and send it to some other poor soul). I didn't want that because we had personal information on there and I couldn't trust Dell. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The hard drive was bad and I was going to have to send it back. Whatever.

Then my husband spend one day backing everything up and the other day putting the new drive in (thankfully my husband knows something about computers). That took all day and into the evening because for some reason everything was slow! We bought the maximum amount of ram for it, too so slowness shouldn't have been a problem and top "speed" from FIOS. Whatever! Two days later, I opened my computer from hibernation and it comes up with a black screen showing "Fixed disk error 0". So, I had to restart by holding the power button down. It then wouldn't start at all. It frozen on the progress bar.

So, I took the battery out (I knew how to do that, I had practiced it so many times). I had to do that multiple times before it would restart. I have been having many errors and hanging. I am so frustrated. Then I called back the manager who got involved with the replacement hard drive. I called a couple of times. He never returned my calls... surprise, surprise. Then I tried customer service. But they can't help me because it's past my 21 day (yes... 21 days!) time that I can return this. So, they sent me to technical support. First they sent me to the wrong place.... they always do. And that person said I couldn't return it but they would do everything they could to help me! Right. Rip off company. I had warranty! What does that mean to anyone anymore! One of my MANY phone calls, in the midst of transferring (because they transferred me to the wrong dept... AGAIN)... the lady asked if I wanted to pay to extend my warranty! I told her, I am not giving more money to Dell. She continued! I finally said I don't think I would be interested. She said "so you don't want to extend your warranty". (ARE YOU DEAF?!) I finally said "NO< I DON"T WANT TO EXTEND MY WARRANTY! NOW TRANSFER ME TO THE RIGHT DEPT." I cannot express how irritated I am with this whole situation and there's nothing I can do about it. Except spread the word that Dell is a rip off company with 21 days to return and don't buy it unless you want to throw your money away!
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User Replies:
HaroldSays on 06/13/2009:
I am sorry to hear of your experience with Dell Computers. I have had quite a different experience with executives from the company I communicate with regarding customer service issues concerning Dell Computers...not only for my computer but regarding other consumer's Dell Computers as well. I wish you success with your efforts to try to get your complaint resolved.
luckstar on 06/15/2009:
Actually their something you can do about go to consumer affairs. And I have the same problem with my Dell laptop and I'm considering taking them to court if not fixed.
I support you on this complaint!
luckstar on 06/15/2009:
By the way Dell says they will help but at a price so don't get fooled my warning to Dell consumers!!!!!!!!!!
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Stupid Policies Lose Customers For Life
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Why is American business failing? Stupid policies, offshore customer service, and arrogant "corporate" representatives. I had a laptop that quit charging. I ordered a power cord online from Dell to replace an existing one that looked frayed. Since that didn't fix my problem, I ordered a new battery. When that didn't fix the problem I took the laptop to a local repair shop and found out that the mother board had failed and the computer (which was old) could not be fixed. I contacted Dell to return the power cord and battery, to find out about possible repairs, and if needed to buy a replacement computer. I was told they would not take back my power cord or battery because I had exceeded their 21 day return policy. (By the time I had worked my way through the diagnostic process, bought the two pieces of equipment I thought I needed, then had the computer looked at by a professional, it had been 23 days.)

I spent half a day on the phone, making my way to the highest levels of "American" customer service support -- all in India. I went through four levels of "help," and I got no assistance, just scripted English replies from people who obviously didn't understand much of anything I was saying. When I challenged their understanding of my request, I got arrogance, a lack of caring, and really stupid "corp speak." No one cared that they were making a loyal Dell customer very, very angry. No one seemed to understand that if they just bent a little on their 21 day policy and took back the items I had purchased and that could be restocked and resold, I would purchase a replacement lap top from Dell.

It seems like a no-brainer to me -- take back $250 in unused equipment that can be restocked and resold and in exchange make a sale worth more than $1400. Isn't that good business? No, obviously not. It made no sense to anyone in India/Dell. Since I had bought the items using my Dell finance account, I contacted Dell Finance and told them I would not be paying for those items. They told me to write a letter to that effect, which I did. In response (either to that letter or to a scathing email I wrote), I got a call -- again from someone in India -- who called to "remedy" my complaint. In fact, he called only to tell me why he would not be making a return policy exception. He also was arrogant, rude, and when I asked him, "Why did you call me? Was it to make me even madder?" he acted as though he couldn't understand why I would be mad. I will never buy another Dell.

In fact, I went out and spent $2100 on a new Mac, and then I bought my son a Toshiba laptop. Both of those sales would have been Dells if they had only worked with me. What a stupid company. What a stupid policy. Is there anyone else out there that thinks it's smart to disallow the return of $250 worth and then lose a sale worth between $1400 and $4000? Is it just me? If I wasn't so busy making sure everyone I know NEVER BUYS DELL, I'd drive down the two hours to Austin and tell Michael Dell himself how STUPID he is for creating inflexible, ridiculous policies that lose American companies business. Shame on you, Michael Dell. You are a perfect example of why people don't buy American goods. Dumb policies.

Bad Customer Service, and a "don't give a pooh" mentality communicated to YOUR customers by foreign "experts" who haven't got a clue how to treat customers. I will never buy Dell, and I won't pay for the items I bought from Dell. Ding my credit, I don't care. Dell will never get another dime out of me.
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Dell Financial Services is Robbing Dell Customers
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WASHINGTON -- At the request of a Dell sales person, I accepted a Dell line of credit last year. I wasn't looking for credit but I was buying a new computer for my son and thought that since I would pay off my purchase quickly, it couldn't hurt. I had purchase five computers from Dell previously. I wanted to pay automatically online and was assured that after my first bill was received that this would be no problem. My first bill arrived but my automatic payments were not started and my second bill never arrived. I was called by a Dell Financial Services person who said my payment was late and immediately paid. I was shocked to hear that the transaction had cost me $13.95 along with a $39 late fee. I was furious and called customer service - and as you know, there is no number to call to speak with people in the U.S. Those customer service employees in India are allowed to waive only one $39 late fee per year. This was promised to me along with a promise to ensure that I received email alerts. This never happened. In fact the next time I heard from Dell was not through seeing an automatic payment, but through an email payment notice that arrived over a day after my payment was delinquent. From there things got worse. I have called and emailed their customer service more than twenty times. At one point a person from India succeeded in getting me signed in to my web account. This lasted for one sign on and was not valid afterwords. Long story short, I have $156 in late fees charged to my account and have just recently been able to sign on to my online account again. My auto pay attempts have never been successful. I suspect that there is a model at Dell Financial that shows that by charging high interest and tacking on service and late fees fraudulently that so few people will complain if they keep it hard to reach anyone with a complaint that Dell can make its profits from financial charges rather than from product sales. This is just a heads up but I welcome hearing from anyone else who has the same problems. I live in Washington State and the Attorney General has won an award for damages against Dell in our state but I think this is just scratching the surface.
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User Replies:
Disgusted_beyond_repair on 05/19/2009:
OMG! I was promised the world by Dell and I bought in 2007 their top of the line lap top worth over $1,650 and it has been a LEMON from hell! It has never worked properly! I was told time and a gain that it would be replaced. The new computer never came and when I call in to complain I get non-English speakers in India or the Philippines! They refuse to connect me to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand. When I ask these corrupt and arrogant reps to repeat something that I truly do not understand, they go off on me and say abusive things. I get treated in a nasty manner and if I wish to speak to a supervisor, I end up holding for 2-3 hours at a time and get hung up on. I ask desperately, "Is there someone who speaks English?" And they say, "I am speaking English!" I then ask if they can speak more slowly and clearly and they get insulted start mumbling in Tagalog or Hindi or Punchabi and place me on hold for hours on end! MY DELL LAPTOP HAS NEVER EVER WORKED! It crashes constantly and I have to spend 100s of hours every month to BEG and PLEAD for help and for Dell employees to be merciful for my cause! As time progresses they get ruder and nastier and now they want to charge me between $49 and 69 per incident as the warranty has worn out! While hte product was in warranty they sweet talked me into believing that a replacement computer was on the way and now they say I should have called in more often (I called over 300 times) when the orignal replacement did not arrive! Dell has an uncanny way of training all their employees to turn any situation around and make it constantly the customer's fault! I recently learned that the founder of Dell, Inc. is a memberr of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS aka: "LDS" or Mormons! I have tried to express my disgust with Dell, the most dishonest organization of the world with Mormon neighbors and I have found out that Dell pays "Tithing" or HUGE sums of money to this church / cult in Salt Lake City so they can promote worldwide their doctrine of hatred, ignorance and intolerance! Dell needs to be destroyed! It is evil! I agree that Dell is robbing customers blind wholeheartedly!
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Do Not Buy Dell Under Any Circumstances!
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WASHINGTON -- My horrific experience with Dell began within several days of purchase. They have replaced the hard drive, reset the computer to factory settings repeatedly, have had me wipe out and reload everything (and losing all my info in the process in 2 of the 6 occasions of wiping my hard drive out, (however, remember, they repeatedly would try to sell me an external hard drive for $199)- - I also purchased a 2 yr warranty from Staples which Dell claims is a waste - They wanted me to buy more "customer support" so my call would be answered within 2 minutes - - what a laugh for them to have the nerve to ask me to spend more money with them!) The last occasion was 2/06/09 when Dell told me they wanted me to wipe out my computer and reload it yet again and within 10 days of the most recent wipeout/reload - they told me it was the Buck Roger's virus protection (that they told me was the best on the market when I bought their computer) so I called Kaspersky (who are very knowledgeable and have excellent expertise) and they tried to work on it saying they had never seen a computer act this extreme and told me they felt it a serious internal problem with the computer and in fact it had no signs of a virus.

The bottom line is that the computer was dying, literally - - froze up & couldn't even start it manually - - I took it to Staples whose tech's couldn't do anything with it either saying it was a registry problem and probably the mother board so they sent it back to Dell. Since then, Dell has not even acknowledged that they have received it back - - Staples was curious about why Dell had not offered to replace it as they too have lengthy documentation of the ongoing and never-ending problems with this computer.

During my dozens and dozens of conversations with Dell, I would ask for a new computer and they would give me nothing but their condescending apologies and assurances that whatever person I was talking to in India was the most experienced and knowledgeable expert that Dell employed (which was a lie and a joke as they all suggested the same wipe out and reload and forget why this was happening) I would ask for supervisors and got the same story along with a "direct line" which NEVER worked!!!! I repeatedly told the tech's and supervisors that I felt I had gotten a lemon and asked them to replace it and I was denied. I warn anyone/everyone - - DO NOT BUY DELL!! If anyone knows of a class action, please contact me as well! n Also any suggestions as to where I can post more complaints would be welcomed as well. People need to be warned against purchasing Dell.

My income is dependent upon my computer - - I have suffered great economic losses and Dell just doesn't care and has actually said so when I would ask them why I should have to sit on hold for hours at a time and wasn't my time worth money too - - - Just look at me sitting here now 5 weeks into them having my computer and they can't even acknowledge the receiving it. I want to jump on the bandwagon with a class action if anyone hears of one - - please, please keep me in mind.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/10/2009:
I suggest that you sue them in small claims court for the value of the computer plus punitive.

This is Dell Hell at its worst.
DStP on 03/12/2009:
Thanks - - - I'm looking into how to serve them and the venue - - any suggestions? Have you done this before with an international corporation?

Again, I appreciate your help.
AT the end on 03/14/2009:
I regret ever having bought a Dell.
Soaring Consumer on 03/15/2009:
Their address is:
1 Dell Way
Round Rock, TX 78682-2222

This link may help you:
BENBELLA on 06/25/2012:
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Why Dell Is The Worst To Do Business With
Posted by on
TONAWANDA, NEW YORK -- Well I am not jumping through any more hoops. My boss pays me quite well to be doing IT work not answering emails, and tracking someone down and spending hours on the phone repeating myself to someone that doesn't care or understand what the problem is. Consider this a discontinuance of our services, relationship and any and all contracts between Worldwide Travel Staffing and Dell. This is something the representative should have done from the get go. I never got confirmation of the order, (I had to call to see if the order was even placed! 2 weeks later because we were never notified by email.). I never got sent an actual itemized order to review. I am just plain fed up with the passing of the buck. We will no longer purchase anything and I do mean ANYTHING from Dell.

You would believe that someone would care how their customers are being treated... and trust me I have filled out every single one of those STUPID surveys because maybe someone that was sitting down and sipping a coffee and stuffing their face with a donut would possibly read some of them. Obviously they DON'T. Obviously someone should go over and knock on Mr. Dell's door and say .... UMMM sir I think WE HAVE not A PROBLEM but SEVERAL PROBLEMS. I am so sick of well customer care will fix it. I have a copy of all the RUDE and I do mean RUDE emails from customer care and I have all one's I have sent to CUSTOMER care ... because I have had to repeat myself several times to them because they DON'T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH.

I still have an ISSUE SINCE LAST OCTOBER THAT HAS NOT been rectified as to THIS VERY DAY. IT was a return of a battery backup that was MISS ORDERED .... hmmmm detecting a pattern here. Which we sent back and still have not received credit for and its been 4 MONTHS. Trust me if customer care doesn't get their PACKAGE back to them in 24 hours they call, whine, be rude and demand you get it back ... but when it's your money look out!

The definition of INSANITY .... doing something over and over again and expecting a different result when the result is always the SAME ... in this case DELL NOT CARING , NOT ANSWERING, AND MESSING UP ORDERS.


This company in as little as 6 months of dealing with our business has messed up orders and shipping them to the wrong addresses. Their CUSTOMER care ... well it should be CUSTOMER WE DON'T CARE is at best the worst use of human man power in the world. They are rude, hard to understand, and are not flexible. They are definitely reading from computer screens to your responses they give you.

When they make a mistake at DELL be sure the BUCK gets passed around! Ample responses call customer care ... where you have to wait 20 to 30 minutes to be told .... "Have you talked to Technical Support? No well I will transfer you." Yet I didn't have a technical support issue but a missing part issue.

Then in a day or two you get this wonderful email with a question about how CUSTOMER WE DON'T CARE did handling your problem. Yet I have filled out every single one of them and guess what .... TYPICAL DELL no one contacts you to find out why you filled out the survey the way you did. Or guess what ... DELL CUSTOMER WE DON'T CARE and DELL EXECUTIVES DON'T CARE ... or something should have been done in 6 months time!

When there is a problem YOU will have to jump through a lot of hoops ... and believe me there is nothing more frustrating than trying to just get what you want done. Now don't get me wrong ... DELL sells some great products, TRUST ME they do ... it's just they won't STAND BEHIND THEM, because they screwed up your order, sent it to the wrong address, or tried to return a defective part, or tried to get a part they FORGOT to include in the order!

Now Dante's Inferno would be a better place to do business with then DELL trust me. I have tried to get a hold of someone (English speaking, warm blooded, and that cared ... but Michael Dell's mom must be in a secured padded room in the DELL CUSTOMER WE DON'T CARE building.)
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User Replies:
danielle37 on 02/10/2009:
You are so very right and wish I had known about this blog sooner. I have had nothing but bad experiences with Dell. I bought a Desktop and a laptop through them. The laptop has already crashed twice and is only 3 months old, this crash was due to an important upgrade from dell that was not meant for the laptop and as a result, corrupted the entire system,this crash also resulted in a $250 CHARGE for fixing....also through Dell.... I didn't know I would end up paying thousands of dollars for their so called cutomer care...what a crock and I would like to get ahold of the New York district attorneys office for a little help lots of luck
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Technical Support Horror
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I called in on September 13 or 14, 2008 to get technical support number. I was unable to get a video to play that I was accessing through the Internet. (The video would stop and go.) The girl who answered me told me that they would be able to solve the problem directly, or minimally isolate the problem and tell me what steps I needed to take to get it solved.

I spent approximately one (agonizing) hour while a technician remotely took control of my computer to work on the problem. He was unable to either solve or isolate the problem. I became upset and asked to speak to his supervisor. The supervisor said that in order to solve it, I needed to give permission for a “PC Restore,” so that the computer would be back to its original condition as when it was first sent to me. I told him that this was completely unacceptable. He was also unprofessional and rude in the way he spoke to me. I hung up with him, not knowing what to do.

I called my Internet provider to ask if they had any advice for me. My Internet provider discovered that there was a problem with my modem! That turned out to be the sole reason I was having trouble with the Internet video!

I called Dell technical support again. I spoke with the only nice person I ever spoke with at Dell, a technician named Mohammed. He reversed all of the incorrect work done by the last technical team. I the spoke to his supervisor, a Mr. Brown, to express how much I appreciated Mohammed’s help but to please credit my account $49. He acted very hesitant, but said that he would have to check to see what he could do about it.

I received my bill and the $49 charge is still there! I then sent in an email to your “Unresolved Customer Service Issues." I was then called on the telephone by a supervisor named Arun. He robotically kept repeating the same information . . . that the amount is nonrefundable and that he will not credit my account. He also said that there is no place I can send my complaint to. He said that there is no one over him! He claims that he has no boss. I told hinm that was impossible and asked him if he owned Dell. Arun just kept repeated that there was no one over him.

Later, I called Customer Service to try to get an address to send a complaint to the Corporation itself. The agent refused saying that if "Arun" says no, it is no! (So, perhaps he really does own Dell!)

I have come to my wits end trying to get someone to understand that:

And, now they refuse to credit the charge of $49, when they should pay me $500 just for the hardship I had to go through!

I will never use Dell again.
Resolution Update 01/16/2009:
It was resolved. With the assistance of the Better Business Bureau, Dell agreed to credit my account the $49.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
Do I understand correctly that you called them with a problem that had nothing to do with them, used up an hour of a technician's time, and think you shouldn't have to pay for it? um...if you say so.

It's pretty hard to be sympathetic towards Dell, but I think you turned the trick.
Principissa on 11/11/2008:
Did you or did you not call tech support? If you called tech support, you owe them for their time. Have a nice day. :)
MRM on 11/11/2008:
This is an unbelievable complaint that has nothing to do with Dell. It was your internet connection that causes your video to play and pause, which is normal if you have DSL. I agree with Ken and Princi that you have wasted the technician's time. The technicians should be paid $49 for wasting their time. It was your internet connection that causes your video to play and pause.
MissTheBoat on 12/29/2008:
I guess MRM and "Ken and Princi" are best buds . . . (most likely Dell spies from the sounds of it.) Dell wasted my time and money and would have continued doing so, if I had allowed it. They jumped to the idea of doing a "reset." Had I let them, it would have taken more of their and my time and still not fixed the problem! Dell is supposed to, hopefully, fix the problem, but definitely DIAGNOSE the problem! Where was the diagnosis? I finally did it myself. Luckily, I actually found someone at Dell who did issue the credit to me. If you want a Dell problem handled, email your problem to the Better Business Bureau at
Anonymous on 12/29/2008:
What do you mean 'the customer'? Don't you mean yourself?
Anonymous on 12/29/2008:
Oh, I see. You edited your comment after I posted mine.

Criszilla on 01/29/2009:
File an online complaint with the BBB. I filed a complaint online and got a full refund for the system I purchased, including shipping & handling, within 30 days.
MissTheBoat on 01/29/2009:
Hi, Criszilla--- Yes, I already did that and got my refund. (Read my email from 12/29/2008.)I'm glad you got yours too.
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Dell Will Take Back Your Dell Dollars If You Return Defective Products
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I received a letter from Dell Computers on Feb. 27, 2008, verifying I had $100.00 in "Dell Dollars" from a previous computer purchase, to spend on any Dell Product. On that original purchase I paid an extra $169.00 for a promotion package they were offering that included an anti-virus program (which messed with my firewall and had to be removed from my computer) and an extended warranty, neither of which I cared about having. However, the salesperson convinced me that I would only be paying $69.00 for the package because I would receive $100.00 back in the form of Dell Dollars. So I paid it.

On 5-30-08 I spent those dollars on a Wireless Internet camera (TP-IP201W) online. After having it properly installed, it proved to be defective. It would only work if it was wired. It was NOT wireless. I was charged my Dell Dollars ($100.00) plus $86.01 which I paid through Paypal. I called Dell for Return instructions, at which time I asked about how the return of my money would be handled. The lady told me my Paypal account would be credited for $86.01 AND that I could still spend the Dell Dollars on another purchase. I complied with instructions to return the webcam via UPS. They received it and did credit my Paypal account $86.01. However, when I attempted to make another purchase, my Dell Dollars code was not accepted, the screen saying that my Dell Dollars had already been spent. On July 3, 2008, thinking this was an error, I called Dell to find out what had happened to my Dell Dollars when I tried to make this new purchase to replace the defective product they had sent me. They said those dollars were already spent (on defective merchandise, I might add) and I could NOT GET THEM BACK. In other words, Dell, in effect, stole $100.00 from me. I would never have purchased that $169.00 package originally had I known this would happen.

I kept calling Dell for days, spending the larger part of each day trying to find someone at Dell who cared that I was being ripped off, but only got passed around from sales, to technical support, to customer (no) service, etc., sometimes enduring as long as 22 minutes on HOLD, then talking to people who could barely speak or understand English, all parroting the same script, words to the effect of, "I'm sorry you are unhappy. When Dell Dollars are spent they cannot be spent again". It did not make any difference to anyone that I mwas sent defective merchandise for those Dell Dollars. I asked one of these service people to let me speak to his manager. He refused - saying "he will tell you the same thing".

I could not get beyond these people to someone higher in authority. Although, one of the sales people, Mike was his name, listened to my story and agreed that Dell should do something about it. He offered to talk with his manager about it and would call me back. He actually did call me back, only to tell me that once Dell Dollars are spent they cannot be spent again or reinstated. I stayed on this for DAYS and for hours each day, only getting more frustrated and totally outraged at being treated in such an unfair manner. I have purchased 3 computers from Dell over the past 2 -3 years. I expected better treatment, or at least, fair treatment. After realizing they were really not going to re-instate my Dell Dollars, I asked them to please return the defective webcam that I had returned to them, thinking I could get it repaired. They would not.

Dell owes me $100.00, but I probably will never see it.
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Dell Bait & Switch Gimmicks & Their India Customer Service Center
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MAINE -- I could write a book on the bad experience I had with Dell. But, I'll keep it short. About 3 years ago, I was in the market for a new computer & I definitely made up my mind to buy a Dell, as everyone I knew that had one, raved about the quality. I admit, I have not really had any problem to speak of with the computer, the BS I went through after I made the deal online was my nightmare. I admit, I was attracted by the "no interest for one year" deal they had going on at the time. I thought, "well I have pretty good credit, I'll see if I qualify". Well, I entered all of my personal information, & whalla! Instant financing for my new Dell computer. Great, now I can pay this off as I want to within a year & all will be good...... NOT.

I receive a bill after about 3 weeks after I purchase my computer, so I am under the assumption that they will still send invoices even though there will technically be nothing due. So, I set it aside. I receive another bill a few weeks later, again I set it aside. By month three, I get a phone call from "Dell customer service" -(India branch) In which I am told that I owe three payments..... I say "hey wait a minute, when I bought my computer I signed up for the "no interest for one year" deal. Which, the reply from the other end was "you qualified for preferred financing" Mr. Robert, not "no interest financing". I was confused.... seems to me, preferred financing would be.... well..... "preferred" & one would tend to think the word preferred would be really good." Well, I'm here to tell you, wrong...I was dead wrong. the word "Preferred" according to Dell, basically means sticking that no inerest deal straight up your "you know what" & making you think that everything feels good, when really it will hit you three months later after it is too late to send it back.

Anyway, I went round & round with this jerk off from India, in which I could understand about every third word from the guy & then I asked to speak to his supervisor, which was also Indian. I then asked to speak to someone that was NOT Indian, & the response I got was, "we are all Indian here". I'm thinking, "great". I ended up telling the Indians I am not making a payment & that I would contact Dell directly. So, I did. Basically, I got the same run around from them as the Indian customer service center. I received countless harassing phone calls & e-mails from these "you know what's", still I did not budge & did not pay them. I decided to make a complaint with the Better business bureau. After I did that, I received an E-mail from a higher up within the Dell corporation, which basically amounted to an apology, but no way would they honor the deal I signed up for. At the time, my credit was almost spotless. Not perfect, but very very good. Of course, letting payments go, is now effecting my credit thanks to Dell & their bait & switch tactics. I continued to receive harassing phone calls & e-mails...And, I basically got fed up with it all & just paid it off complete. I had the money to pay for it from the beginning, it was just the point of paying for it interest free over time that was attractive.

I don't know what kind of credit you have to have for dell to consider you in these interest free deals, but mine was almost perfect...And, that's not what really bothered me about the whole thing, it was just that I was led to believe that I was getting something I was not. From this experience, I will NEVER buy another DELL product.
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woodsk1 on 07/18/2008:
I receive a bill after about 3 weeks after I purchase my computer, so I am under the assumption that they will still send invoices even though there will technically be nothing due. So, I set it aside. I receive another bill a few weeks later, again I set it aside- OK lets take SOME responsibility here. Look at the bill, don't set it aside.. This is all on you.....
Anonymous on 07/18/2008:
Dell recently lost a lawsuit in New York over the exact same scam they did to you. Regardless of how good the customers credit was, no one ever got the interest free financing. They would say you are qualified but never say you were approved. The customer only finds out by the third bill, as you did, that they are charging interest and late fees. What you need to do is ask them what the payoff balance is and have them fax it to you. Send a certified check via overnight. You also want to demand a letter stating the account is paid off. If you don't do that they will wait a year and then hound you for late fees on account you thought was closed.
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Wireless problems and BAD tech support
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I have been in the search for a new lap top for a while. I really wanted a Mac - because they are AMAZING. But, the Mac I looked at was $1800 and that is a lot. So my mom suggested getting a Dell because they start at $800. This was much more appealing and so I agreed it was probably a better idea. So I started looking at the lap tops and looking at what I needed. It came out to about $1800 because unlike a Mac, you have to buy the software and pay for all of the things like wireless cards that just automatically come with a Mac. I also had to pay EXTRA to get Windows XP, the version before Vista. Let me say that again, I had to pay EXTRA to get the older version of Windows. I should have known after that not to buy a Dell but I did anyway. My mom actually had a credit card with them that would allow me to make monthly payments. So I thought OK this will be fine, I am not doing any photo work I really just need this for Internet and word processing. So the computer was ordered and delivered.

I started setting up the wireless network at my house with my Internet because what's the point of a lap top if you have to be plugged in?? So I got everything working with Netgear on the phone and set all my passwords etc but when we finished the computer wouldn't connect to the wireless network. It recognized the network but wouldn't connect. So we called Time Warner Cable and worked with them. They said the Internet was working and the wireless router was fine and that we needed to call Dell. So we called Dell. We were on the phone with them for over and hour and a half. They couldn't tell us what was wrong but said we could call their wireless specialists for a fee and they would fix it.

This was very upsetting - who wants to pay Dell to fix their brand new computer? So I took my computer to the studio where I work and tried to log onto the studio network. It didn't happen and when I asked the studio owner for help he said first "why did you buy a Dell?!" and second most PC's aren't compatible with the wireless networks in the studios we work in. OK, now I am really, really sorry I got a Dell. One more chance before giving up completely, I tried to log onto the free public network provided to the city - no dice! My computer asked for a network key to get onto every network I tried. You should need a pass word for a secure network that's it! And a free unlocked network is just that!

So I went home immediately and called Dell to return my computer. I got an operator and told him what was wrong and he asked me to tell him the date of my invoice. I did and he said I'm sorry ma'am your computer is 24 days old and we only return up to 21 days. Are you kidding me?!! You can return anything to Dell for up to 30 days - except the actual computer. I was PISSED! So I said I still wanted to talk to customer service so he connected me. 47 minutes later I was still on hold. So I hung up and called back and went to tech support. I figured one more shot..... they connected to my laptop through remote access and did the same stuff the Dell, Netgear and Time Warner people did the day before.

When the Dell tech couldn't fix it after 45 minutes he said you have 2 options: "You can call Netgear and ask them to "hide" your network so you can turn off your security system" - um no security protection at all and you think a hacker can't "find" my unprotected network?? So I asked what the other option was. The Dell tech said "Well You can call our Dell network experts and they can help you but you have to pay them". I'm sorry, I am paying $1800 for this computer and you want me to PAY for network help?!! The guy on the phone said I'm sorry ma'am, we don't guarantee network compatibility, we only guarantee the computer and the wireless card are good. I shouldn't have to settle when it comes to my NEW lap top and security system. The security system, by the way, was the one Dell sent with the computer: Trend Micro. Which happens to be very good, but you would think that Dell would make sure their computer work with the security system they are recommending and sending to their customers.

So you can buy a Dell lap top to use wirelessly but if it doesn't work - figure it out yourself and make sure you do it in 21 days. Oh, but remember if you return a Dell you are going to have to pay a 15% restocking fee. I can understand this because I am sure people buy lap tops and change their mind. But this is not a simple "I changed my mind". This is: I bought a lap top to use while I travel around and work in different locations and it is not compatible for what ever reason with wireless networks. It doesn't do what I bought it to do and what Dell advertises it can do.

Moral of the story: Don't buy a Dell!
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Anonymous on 05/21/2008:
If the laptop sees the network but will not connect, it is because it is not set up correctly. This isn't a hardware issue, it's a user issue. It's hard to defend Dell, because they're pretty bad, but the fact of the matter is that if you can't do the setup, you should hire someone to do it. It isn't their fault. You'd have had the same issue with Apple.
Who ever is telling you that Dell isn't compatible is either pulling your leg or just plain ignorant. Wireless networks are pretty standard, and unless you were trying to use a brand new protocol on an old network, there is no issue.
Education is your best defense. If you ask the right questions beforehand, you don't get blind-sided like this.
MRM on 05/21/2008:
There are several things you can try: Make sure that the firewall allows the wireless card to access the internet. The second would be to turn off your modem and the router for 10 seconds and turn it back on. I hope these tips will help. I hope its not too late to offer these tips as you may have already returned the laptop.
Anonymous on 05/22/2008:
"I have been in the search for a new lap top for a while. I really wanted a Mac - because they are AMAZING. But, the Mac I looked at was $1800 and that is a lot."

"Amazing" costs about $1000 more than 'barely adequate'. But, that train left the station and the poster is stuck with ho-hum and lousy customer support. Lesson? Defer gratification and save for 'amazing'. You won't be sorry.
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