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Dell Customer Service is the Pitts..
By -

I am a commercial customer of Dell and have purchased over 100 pcs in the last 15 years. I am totally shocked at the horrific service I have received from Dell. On December 20th I received a new Dell Vostro Desktop 220S. This was the second machine I had purchased in the month of December alone. While trying to install my 2008 version of Quicken I received an error and research indicated that I needed the new 2010 version to run on this machine. I searched the Internet for a download copy and the Dell site came up with a $29 download deal. I entered my credit card and purchased the 2010 version of Quicken.

Shortly after my card was charged I received a notification that it would take 1-2 business days for the email with download instructions to be mailed. “Download to me should be Immediate”. I waited the 4 days due to the holiday and still no download email. I then contacted Dell support via chat and waited for the 22 people in front of me for my turn. After waiting some 45 minutes I was greeted by the Dell representative and told that the order was already shipped.

When I explained that it was a download order, He said he knew nothing about how download orders worked and that I needed to contact Dell Customer Care via phone during normal business hours. The next day I waded through the voicemail system (again some 45 minutes) to reach a foreign speaking individual who informed me I needed Business Customer Service due to being a commercial account. He said he would transfer me (only to hang up in me).

I then called back waded through the same voicemail system (another 45 minutes) to reach the business support who said he also knew nothing about how to get a download product. I then said "Just credit this product". He said he would need to be transfer me to the person who issued credits and when he transfer me he hang up on me also. I called back again (45 minute process) to reach the credit department only to be told that download orders were not refundable. I said "Send me the download link or credit me". The agent said he would have to forward the request to management and this process would take up to 1 week.

The moral of the story is… “no matter how good of a customer you are Dell dumps on everyone”. (It took over 3 hours of phone time only to be told no one can help). I have had good luck with Dell equipment of the years but this service is Horrific. It is a shame that a $29 order has cost them a good customer.

1-14-2010 I received a call today from Dell stating my credit card had been refunded for the Quicken product. I asked if there was someone in management I could relay this experience to in order for them to learn form the issue. The agent said I would need to call tech support if I had any other problems and please don't tell her about my problem for she was busy and could not help me further. (Just thought management should know of the problem so it does not happen to others.... perhaps they will read this review?)

Worst. Customer Support. EVER.
By -

Dear Readers, At the risk of coming off as talcum powder in amidst a blizzard of other unhappy customers, I urge you to look at HP or any of the other numerous high-quality brands of computer manufacturers (they're a dime a dozen these days). I got my Vostro 1400 a little over two years ago - the customer support was passable during the support window which was sufficient. However, approximately 3 or 4 months ago I began having graphical issues with my laptop which soon resulted in a PC that wouldn't boot or POST.

I researched my laptop, and I found that there were many lines of laptops from Dell that suffered from a hardware defect pertaining to the nVidia 8400M graphics card that is integrated into the motherboard. I contacted Dell, and after a lot of fussing I was finally able to contact a supervisor who was able to find documentation about an extended warranty that applied to these affected models. And thus my real hardship began... I sent my laptop to Dell to replace the motherboard which the technician determined to be the root of the issue. The laptop worked fine for about a week and then - kaput - the exact same issues surfaced again.

I promptly contacted Dell and after several more hours of phone calls and arbitrary troubleshooting procedures, Dell agreed to replace the laptop for a second time. I finally received my laptop back again, and two weeks later the exact same issue occurred for a THIRD time. Again, around-and-around I went with Dell amidst accusations that the system was out of warranty and pointless troubleshooting. Reluctantly, Dell gave in again and replaced the motherboard for the third time.

Guess what? And this is a huge shocker - THE MOTHERBOARD FAILED FOR A FOURTH CONSECUTIVE TIME! Ring, ring - "Hello, Dell Computers, this is ** how many I help you?" and around we go again!!! The supervisor I talked to this time agreed to replace the entire PC after reviewing the entire case. I thought, "Finally, could this be? Competent technical support from Dell?" NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! The engineer places an order for the replacement PC which is cancelled a few days later with NO phone call, NO email, and absolutely NO attempts from Dell to tell me why!

After expecting the PC for 2 weeks, I log in to discover this information. After waiting on hold for approximately two hours, I'm told for no less than the 100th time (I really, truly wish this was an exaggeration) that the system is out of warranty and I'm S.O.L.

The icing on the cake is that, after telling the engineer that I'm about to go buy a new laptop from HP (I already purchased a new tower from HP during this whole debacle since I was left without a PC for so long) - guess what he says? THE DELL ENGINEER RECOMMENDS I PURCHASE A NEW LAPTOP FROM HP!!! With customer support engineers like this, who needs enemies? Needless to say, I will not be buying another thing from Dell. This is **, fading back into the white noise of complains about Dell's horrible customer service. Over and out.

Waiting, Waiting and Still Waiting
By -

PICTURE BUTTE, ALASKA -- On November 11, 2009, I ordered a Dell Studio Slim Desktop online through the Dell Canada website. On November 12, 2009 the order was approved. Dell did not provide me with a shipping date. I assumed that late November, maybe early December the computer would have been shipped and at home. That would allow me to have the computer easily in time for Christmas. I was mistaken.

On November 23, 2009 Dell sent me a e-mail notifying me that the computer was delayed. Considering that it was a customized desktop I didn't find this any cause for alarm. In the e-mail Dell requested me to contact them if the order had not been shipped in 5 days and if I hadn't received any further notification from Dell. After the 5 days came and went I sent them a e-mail notifying them of the delay and requesting information about my order. In the e-mail I sent Dell I allowed Dell a 5 business day response time with the suggestion that if there was no response within 5 business days that I would be seeking a refund on my order.

After 5 business days had come and gone I still hadn't received any response from Dell. Just as I was about to give up on ever getting a response Dell finally sent a e-mail. This was on December 12, 2009. Dell apologized for not responding in the time period given saying they were experiencing a high volume of emails. Then they informed me again that there was a delay in the order. They also informed me that there would be no refund and the only way to get money back would be to return the order once it shipped. I was requested to reply for shipping information in 48-72 hours.

On December 15, 2009, I replied with a request for the shipping information. On December 16, 2009, Dell replied with the same information. The order was delayed. I was to contact them in 48-72 hours. On December 18, 2009, I replied again and requested an update on the order. On December 21, 2009, Dell responded. This time they requested that I provide the first and last name associated with the account for some security reason and to verify information of the account. I responded On December 21, 2009, by providing them with all the information including first and last name, associated with the account.

On December 22, 2009 Dell responded with a e-mail very similar to the ones they sent me on the 15th and 18th. Dell continues to inform me of my order being on back order and that there is no estimated delivery date. Dell says they have sent an e-mail internally to obtain this information and that I am to contact them for it in 48-72 hours. However, I continue to wait and wait and wait.

As I am a resident of Canada and the order is coming from the United States. I can forget about it being here by Christmas. I also recognize that because it is a customized desktop that it may take a little longer to get shipped. At the same time, considering the ordered was confirmed on November 12, 2009, it's seems to be taking extremely long. And on top of it all, I still have no indication that the order is any closer to being shipped than I did on November 12, 2009. How patient must I be?

Dell Tech Repairman Caused Fire
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Here is the copy of the letter I wrote to Michael Dell. I need to preface this with letting you know, the letter got me a fast phone call from his representative in INDIA! SHAME ON YOU MICHAEL DELL!!

Excerpts of letter: On Monday, November 2nd, my Dell XPS 710 turned itself off and would not go on anymore. After one and a half hours on the phone with the Philippines they agreed to send a service technician to my home. He came on Thursday. When he was done replacing the mother board among other things, my husband walked him out to his car and came back in the house to get ready to leave on an appointment. Fortunately, he did that because he came in to find our office was filled with smoke and the computer on fire!! I hate to think of what could have happened. My dog could have been killed and my home destroyed!

My husband had the technicians phone number and called him immediately after unplugging the computer. The technicians response was that he could not return without a written work order from Dell. How ridiculous is that! My calls to tech support, once again in the Philippines initially got me, “So sorry Miss”.

When I pressed the facts that a Dell representative, nearly caused my home to go up in smoke, they moved me up to the resolution level and it was agreed they would send me another computer equal or better to replace this one. Beyond that point I can get nowhere. They also asked my husband to plug in the computer to see if it went on. Plug it in? What? Cause another fire? I don't think so.

I was told the following: It would be a built using refurbished parts - NOT acceptable to me. I want new with full warranties and service; It would take up to 3 weeks for the computer to ship - Again, NOT acceptable. I am virtually unemployed without this computer. What do I explain to clients who have set deadlines for their work. Additionally I will be away for 10 days after November 18th. It cannot be delivered. AND I have to finish work before I leave. NOTE: IT IS NOW THE 19TH, IT IS NOT BUILT, LET ALONE SHIPPED.

If I ordered a new computer on line it wouldn't take that long to build it! I requested that a service tech come out when the new computer comes to rescue whatever can be salvaged off the hard drive of my now useless computer. My recent work and programs are on there! I was told “So sorry, we don't do that: You will have to hire a technician on your own". I have to pay? I didn't cause the fire!

Mr Dell, we have had only Dell computers for the going back 12-15 years. Ever since you sent you outsourced your technical and customer service to overseas, the service has been slow and ever so frustrating, while listing to someone you can barely understand, read out of a manual. They are respectful and courteous to a point of frustration because they tell you nothing!

With the utmost respect I want to say that my house could have burned to the ground, my dog could have been killed, and to hear days of, 'Yes mam, so sorry to hear this mam.” And, “This is all we can do, you have reached the top level of our support team."

When you do not get called back as promised, and a message is left that they will call again in a few days”. This is not acceptable anymore. When you are told there is no one on the escalation team available and they mysteriously find one, who just happens to be the woman who left the message, she would call again on Monday. On top of that she tells you she was too busy to call you again, but that I call too much. Well that is just over the top.

I would like to resolve this replacement of the computer, I am unemployed until this happens. My business is in jeopardy because I cannot meet client deadlines and my house could have burned down. I would think it would behoove Dell to want this taken care of, and me to be satisfied so this would just go away.

It is very simple and easy. Send me a new computer, not a refurbished one, equal to the XPS 710 as soon as possible. At the very least I would like delivery before I leave on November 18th. Send a technician who can retrieve the information on the hard drive of the damaged computer.

I do not think I am being unreasonable in my request, as this could well have caused the death of my pet, damaged to my home, and altered my life in too many ways, due to something a Dell representative did or didn't do while repairing my computer. Dell's liability would have been far greater than just replacing a computer.

Took Funds from the Bank without permission
By -

We purchased Dell products when the catalog we were mailed offered a great deal. Twice I caught them putting a higher total price on our purchases. I had them change it. Now they won't allow us to see what they are charging. They only show us the balance. They said they don't believe it, truly, is us. I asked why and they say with an overseas Indian accent (every call) "We are not allowed to discuss this security matter with you." We had to send a faulty computer back from ** and got the new upgrade replacement 1525. I could not use it for some games..which we purchased it for.

The topper to this was that we began paying $100.00 over our usual monthly payment to get the interest down. We never ever signed any type of agreement to continue it, or allow any direct draw on a continued basis. When we stopped paying that $100.00 to Dell, Dell continued to take the $100.00 out of the bank over and over from our bank...while still paying the low regular monthly payments to them. I sent emails and called the financial department to make them stop (As a "preferred customer"). There was a month they stopped taking the $100.00... A month later I had to begin it again, as Dell started pulling the hundred again.

With no late payments, ever, they began pulling an extra $100.00 above our monthly payments. Stopped them for a month and last month they began again. B of A says they can replace money from India if they try that out of their accounts, but our hometown bank could not. I tried stop payments. It did not keep them out... seriously! Now I am still not allowed to get into the Dell accounts we pay on, and they rip off a full one hundred dollars a month... and see how much money they actually have taken and where it went.

The security problem came when we took a trip in our RV. I had a home away from home address in that RV, when we stayed on base in San Antonio. When I explained my husband was a Vietnam War Veteran and had to be there for his war-related disability... that is when the trouble began and I believe they are against us because of the word "Vietnam War Veteran". So feel free to mention ** a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Vietnam War Veteran, and his wife, ** who he actually fed many starving children of Vietnam in the war.

He is unable to work due to his war disability (a plastic plate over much of his skull) and we worked 7 years to get his disability pay which was far easier than working with India, I promise. We are moving our bank account out of a small hometown bank, sadly. We are upset the Bank of Beaver City, Beaver, OK. could not keep the "Stop payment" working against India's computer savvy Dell employees. Tell Dell you are concerned about how the ** family of ** have been treated, go ahead.

Signed, Mr.& Mrs. ** (Do you like American Candy?) I was told to FAX Dell at 713 977 0119 to explain the problems by faxing bank records which I shall do tomorrow. Pray for us. We need some Godly power to intervene. I called our government and they seem confused.

Two Reps Two Different Info 129 to Fix Their Mistake
By -

Note: This falls into the categories of service fee's, rep mistakes, poor customer service, warranty, repair services, reliability, product quality, product performance, & quality of service. So two weeks ago I bought a brand new 1075 dollar laptop. Two week later (today) my screen's shutting off repeatedly blue screen. I call tech support which I have free for a year, mind you no one speaks fluent English. I got hung up on 4 times, each time after putting in my code, giving my code to a rep, being transferred, and giving my code again, after literally 30 minutes each.

The second time I gave the man a # to call back in case it hung up because I told him I'd been hung up on. Well he never called back. The third guy said my issue was Microsoft update. So he said to do a system restore and it would work. Well I did that. When I cut it back on, my computer was no long protected. Mind you I paid over $100 for 3 year protection! Why is my computer not protected??? It won't let me fix the problem, and it won't let me do a quick or full system scan. And it's telling me that my computer and e-mail files need attention. So I call back. Another 45 min on hold, this guys transfers me and tells me I'll have to pay.

I said "no thank you" because I am not willing to pay. He said "I will see if we can get something worked out" or something like that so I wouldn't have to pay. Well this guy tells me that it's a software issue and I have a virus. Why did the last guy not tell me I had a virus? He said that it was Microsoft update and that a lot of calls were about that! But I gave him the same error message. Wth is going on? Not only do I have a virus now, but I have to pay $129 to get them to tell me how to fix it. What? I was protected before the last guy said to do a system restore to a previous point.

Are you serious? He really didn't give a freaking frack when I said I am not paying for something that was fine before I called you guys. And $129? How do I even know that it's a virus? The last guy didn't say that and I gave him the same error message. If he knew it was a virus why didn't he tell me that? And how do I have a virus when I have a hundred something dollar virus protection software? Now I'm being jipped. What do I do now? A two week old computer? The internet won't connect? And that's what I need it for. I take online classes and I needed it for school. I'm very disappointed in this service. Dell doesn't give a rats booty about its customers.

If they don't do something I'm going to go as far as I can go. I'm being ripped off completely. How could you charge 129 dollars for something that should really be covered. They only care about the money. No one but their own pockets. And the customer service is the worst ever. The very worst customer service I've ever experienced!! Ever. I'll be writing letters, emails, making calls and everything I can get my hands on until this issue is resolved. But for now this is my 3 cents (please excuse my grammar and punctuation, I'm on a Blackberry since my computer is unusable and very tired after my 3 1/2 hour holding hang up session with Dell).

Nightmare at Dell
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- At the beginning of my conversation with the sales representative I informed him I had a Texas State Tax ID #. At that point he stated we would get to that later. The events surrounding my experienced are as follows: During the purchase the price quoted (by a representative) was around $100-200 too high. This occurred several times during the telephone call with the representative. Each time I pointed out the error referring him to the website. It can be confusing to customers purchasing customized computers with the add-ons.

If the sales representative repeatedly misquotes the totals, each time in favor of Dell, how can the customer be expected to stay on top of this? Sound fishy? The advertisements on TV stated free shipping. However, the shipments were divided up into several smaller shipments. There were charges for some shipments and not others? The invoices were e-mailed to me with incorrect placements of shipping charges. I pointed it out and was told this could not be corrected. I informed ** that I would cancel the order if I did not receive correct receipts. He finally sent me corrected invoices by e-mail.

I was informed on Friday that Dell would not honor my Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit. Their customer service representative decided it was for personal use. I then began to circle back to get this corrected without receiving any response from either the original sales representative or customer service rep. Tax exempt status was a condition of my order. I made this perfectly clear at the beginning of the order, during the order, and in closing of the order. I only found out by accident this was not handled correctly at the point of sale. I have made repeated attempts to get this corrected but I encounter a roadblock at every turn.

On August 7th I copied the sales representative the following reply to the customer service rep'€™s e-mail informing me she has determined this computer is for personal use: "I have a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit with a State Tax ID Number issued from the Comptroller of Public Accounts. This certificate allows me to make tax free purchases. As instructed from the sales representative copies of the certificate and the invoices were mailed to:
Dell c/o Tax Department, One Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas 78664.

Please know, if this certificate is not honored by Dell I will return the items and purchase another computer from another seller. This is not negotiable. I have a tax ID number and I expect it to be honored. I will give you until 3:00 Pm Monday, August 10th. If I do not hear from you by then I will return the items Tuesday morning by USPS."

Then after hearing nothing from anyone on August 10th I e-mailed sales representative - Still nothing. How would you rate this experience if you were asked to do so? I have either refused delivery or returned all items to Dell at the specified address. I have made numerous telephone calls to get this order canceled and the Dell Preferred Account closed effectively. I can not get through to any one regardless of what I do. I have filed a formal complaint with the Attorney General's Office and to Susan Combs, Comptroller of the State of Texas. I have also mailed Kevin Rollins, COO copies of e-mail communications regarding my experience.

What Just Happened?
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- A simple request to return and or exchange a product that I was misinformed about has been a nightmare. My experience with Dell has been nothing short of appalling. The customer service reps are inadequately educated in their jobs. Also there are no other contact numbers outside of customer service to help. I'm going to keep this brief and not include all the issues that arose while placing this order, waiting for delivery and the multiple attempts to get this rectified. I will focus on the very last call which is a perfect example of my experience with Dell. The External blu-ray drive part number 313-7799 is what I have been trying to return or exchange.

I purposely contacted CS prior to purchasing, to find out if the drive was compatible with my pc and was told it was. Upon arriving, I found that the drive was not at all compatible. When I contacted Dell I was told I needed to purchase another component to make it work. Had I been told this in advance I would have purchased another model. Instead of purchasing the rather pricey extra component I opted to return the drive and purchase a different model. I have yet to be able to do so. When I contact CS, I am transferred endlessly and each person listens to my case and just keeps transferring me.

Finally I was directed to my final representative who tried to convince me that there was no blu-ray drive on my account, even though I had the paper invoice in front of me and the electronic one up on my pc screen as well as the fact that every representative before was able to see it, she attempted to end the call by saying she could not help me. I told her this was unacceptable and she would either need to help or find someone who could. She then tried to convince me that the drive was a gift with purchase. I politely informed her that this was a 300-dollar unit which I picked out after contacting Dell over compatibility, and I HAVE THE INVOICE.

She kept telling me she could not help. I told her this call was not going to end till she did or found someone who could. I was placed on hold for about 15 mins, this is after spending an hour and half getting redirected. Finally she came back and said that the monitor I had purchased and the drive were a combo unit. I again explained, that they are not a combo unit, the reason I was returning the drive is because it is incompatible with my pc, and does not connect to the monitor either. they were chosen on different pages and have nothing to do with each-other.

She continued to try to convince me that they were a combo unit. I told her I could give her the model number for the unit and she could see for herself that the drive is not sold with a monitor. She would not take the model number, and went back to her original theory that it was a promotional gift. So after losing my cool and loudly demanding she put someone on who knew what they were doing. She again placed me on hold and this time I was disconnected.. This was my third and most frustrating attempt to return this blu-ray drive. My 21-day return window is fast approaching and I'm out of options.

I'm starting to feel as though this model was sold to me with the intention to force me to buy additional components. My Desired Resolution: I would just like to exchange this for a blu-ray drive with a standard USB connection and not the pci sata controller card port required for this model, which apparently no pc store sells or was even aware it was being used. Am I asking for so much? I am willing to pay the difference if the model is more expensive. What is the problem?

After submitting this report to the BBB I again attempted to contact and was told I had to return my monitor along with the drive, which makes no sense. They are separate items and I am quite happy with the monitor, I just want to exchange my drive. I ended up buying the additional component only to still have this drive not work. customer service is useless

Defective Computer
By -

I purchased a Dell Inspirion 1525 on Dec. 14th, 2008 and 8 months later it died! The first thing to go was the AC adapter which became soooo hot that I had to handle it with an oven mitt. The electric current in my house is normal. The next thing that happened is that the computer just died. There was about one minute of reserve battery left and within that time frame, I saw that the screen had a black spot about the size of a toddlers fist and there were horizontal lines rendering a clear resolution to nothing.

I called Dell's support center, or shall I say India, and they gave me steps to take to troubleshoot despite the fact that I said the computer died. They ultimately sent a box so that I could ship it out for repairs. About 4-5 days later I received a call from Dell and they accused me of damaging the unit and that the computer was heading to the out of warranty dept. The computer was only 8 months old and should have been covered under the Limited Warranty but instead they used the loophole of 'if the system is damaged they will not honor the warranty'.

They basically accused me of damaging it! I was told that the diagnostics showed that it needed and new LCD screen as well as a new motherboard. I would have had to chuck the laptop off a cliff to create that kind of damage! I've read other such similar stories to mine and have concluded that Dell makes inferior equipment; they lie, make up stories, scam people and shouldn't be allowed to do business!

I also saw on my state's attorney general site that Dell was involved in a lawsuit for not honoring warranties as well as other (scams) they were induldged in and I missed the claim deadline by four months. This was a purchase timing issue. Nonetheless I am still pressing forward to filing a complaint with the AG office as well as the BBB and anyone else who will hear me.

I really did a disservice to myself for researching this laptop after the fact, but I've owned a Dell desktop computer for seven years now and haven't had any issues whatsoever. I trusted that the laptop would have the same or better results. I guess I'm never to old to learn a lesson. I hope that this review as well as the other scammed people's review will stop others from purchasing anything from Dell. DON'T TAKE A CHANCE and think that it can't happen to you! DELL DOESN'T CARE WHO THEY SCAM! DELL MAKES INFERIOR PRODUCTS! DELL SELLS DEFECTIVE LAPTOPS! DON'T BUY FROM DELL!!!

I ultimately told them to ship the computer back unrepaired so that I can take it to someone I trust for the repairs. And, they are being very kind to send me a REFURBISHED adapter which was probably what I had originallywho knows? They also gave me the option to upgrade my warranty for 326.00 to the complete care warranty which covers physical damage - how generous. Never again will I deal with Dell!!!

Don't Buy A Dell! 21 Days From Date Of Purchases To Be Able To Return!
By -

My husband bought a computer for me for a Christmas present because our other computer was old and freezing all the time. He spent way more than I expected including at home support to make sure if there was a problem I could get help. It used to be with Dell (I have purchased printers from them) that if you had a problem, they would IMMEDIATELY take care of it and if necessary, ship a replacement printer to you with the box to be used to send the old one back with a prepaid UPS postage. Those were the days... and they are gone. I started having problems from the beginning.

I called "technical support" and they did the trivial things: take the battery off, restart, delete internet history files, etc. I had numerous problems and numerous "help". Finally, I got sick of the hanging and the freezing and I did the Function button at the beginning when the computer started up to run a hardware diagnostic. (I was previously told by a Dell tech that it was not hardware related). It came up with an error message and stopped. I called Dell and they told me I had a bad hard drive. Then the tech started telling me to do something. I finally realized he was instructing me on how to remove my hard drive from my computer!

I had at home added, remember, but apparently "THAT" is not covered. So they were going to send me a new hard drive and I was supposed to put it in AND then I had to send my old hard drive back (so of course, they can refurbish it and send it to some other poor soul). I didn't want that because we had personal information on there and I couldn't trust Dell. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The hard drive was bad and I was going to have to send it back. Whatever.

Then my husband spend one day backing everything up and the other day putting the new drive in (thankfully my husband knows something about computers). That took all day and into the evening because for some reason everything was slow! We bought the maximum amount of ram for it too so slowness shouldn't have been a problem and top "speed" from FIOS. Whatever! Two days later, I opened my computer from hibernation and it comes up with a black screen showing "Fixed disk error 0". So, I had to restart by holding the power button down. It then wouldn't start at all. It's frozen on the progress bar.

So, I took the battery out (I knew how to do that, I had practiced it so many times). I had to do that multiple times before it would restart. I have been having many errors and hanging. I am so frustrated. Then I called back the manager who got involved with the replacement hard drive. I called a couple of times - He never returned my calls... surprise, surprise. Then I tried customer service but they can't help me because it's past my 21-day (yes, 21 days!) time that I can return this. So, they sent me to technical support.

First they sent me to the wrong place.... they always do. And that person said I couldn't return it but they would do everything they could to help me! Right. Rip off company. I had warranty! What does that mean to anyone anymore?

One of my MANY phone calls, in the midst of transferring (because they transferred me to the wrong dept... AGAIN), the lady asked if I wanted to pay to extend my warranty! I told her, "I am not giving more money to Del"l. She continued! I finally said "I don't think I would be interested". She said "so you don't want to extend your warranty?" (ARE YOU DEAF?!) I finally said "NO, I DON"T WANT TO EXTEND MY WARRANTY! NOW TRANSFER ME TO THE RIGHT DEPT."

I cannot express how irritated I am with this whole situation and there's nothing I can do about it except spread the word that Dell is a rip off company with 21 days to return and don't buy it unless you want to throw your money away!

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