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My Delta Nightmare
Posted by Rstipster on 04/24/2010
Our Delta Nightmare

On March 24th, 2010 my wife, and son, were traveling from Orlando, Florida to Moscow, Russia on Delta airlines. They had connecting flights in Atlanta and New York city (JFK). Below is a chronological list of what transpired that day that culminated in an aborted trip, a berated wife, and a traumatized family.
• At 8:00 am on 3/24/10 my family departed Orlando for Atlanta aboard flight #1304
• At 10:00 am they arrived in Atlanta safely and made their way to the proper gate for the connecting flight to New York (JFK)
• At 11:30 am Delta personnel informed my wife and son that flight #166 had been canceled and that they would not be able to fly to JFK in time to catch flight #30 and that they would have to fly to LaGuardia (New York) and take a taxi (courtesy of Delta) to JFK (they assured us that they would make it to JFK in plenty of time to make flight #30 to Moscow).
• At 11:40 am they departed Atlanta aboard flight #1778 to LaGuardia
• At approximately 3:00 pm they arrived at LaGuardia (I was in constant contact with my wife and I informed her to go to the baggage area to claim her bags for the taxi ride. She did not locate her bags). I informed my wife to go to the nearest Delta personnel in the baggage area and report her bags missing. She did so, and they informed her to go to JFK in a taxi and not to worry about the bags.
• They left for JFK via taxi
• At 3:30 pm they arrived at JFK
• At approximately 3:50 pm they arrived at terminal 3 gate 7
• I informed my wife to speak with Delta personnel at the gate (T. Therline) and report that her bags had not been located due to a Delta mix-up
• T. Therline informs my wife to wait until 5:05 pm and come back to speak with her about her bags
• My wife informed me of that via cell phone. I immediately called Delta customer service 800-212-1212 and spoke with a Joan or a Jean about our predicament. (my family could not risk continuing to Moscow without baggage)
• At 5:00 pm I was on my home phone with Delta customer service and my wife via my cell phone when T. Therline informed my wife that she could not locate her bags. Delta personnel informed me to tell my wife to speak with a Delta manager and to get the name of the Delta person at the gate. My wife informed T. Therline of the request T. Therline became agitated (I was listening in horror) and said, “If you want my name, I’ll give it to you”. She could not locate the baggage still.
• At approximately 5:20 pm Delta manager Mohammed (we know his first name only) came to assist my wife regarding locating the bags. He could not locate them either. (I was still speaking with customer service on my home phone).
• At 5:25 pm flight #30 departed JFK enroute to Moscow without my wife and son on board. Delta still had no idea where their bags were.
• My wife and son were charged for a ticket back to Orlando and Delta refused to refund our money
I immediately called Delta customer service back to inquire about a refund and a flight back to Orlando courtesy of Delta. While in the process, Delta personnel (unnamed) provided my wife with two (2) vouchers for $649.62. I was informed of that fact at a later time and was infuriated as Delta should have refunded the entire amount of the trip ($1,726) and flown my family home. I informed Delta customer service that I would NEVER fly Delta again and that the vouchers were useless to me, and that I wanted a full refund. They basically told me that I was out of luck. Over the next two days I attempted to speak with Delta customer service and Corporate Delta customer service. I have a list of the names and numbers of the people that I spoke with. However, this information is irrelevant as they all stated the same thing, “no full refund”. Remember, my bags were still missing as of March 25 midday.
As of April 7th, 2010, I spoke with Andrea at Delta Corporate customer service, I was unable to obtain a any cash refund from Delta. All that I was able to obtain were the aforementioned vouchers that are worthless to me.
Parenthetically, my bags were located and returned to me 3 ½ days (Saturday March 27th, 2010) afterwards for the first one, and 6 days for the second one (Tuesday March 30th, 2010) for the second one. This is proof positive that Delta had no idea where our bags were and that they caused my wife to miss her flight to Russia. Remember, my wife and son were not traveling to Moscow as a final destination and that they could not continue and wait in Moscow for their bags to be located. They were traveling to another city (about 1000 miles north east of Moscow) and had a train ticket for this travel already in hand.
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-04-24:
All airlines lose bags. When your wife was switched to the LaGuardia flight, her bags probably were not. They were probably buried on a cart waiting for the next flight to JFK. When a person get re-routed, the bag tag does not magically change to reflect the new itinerary unfortunately.

I personally don't ever say things like "I will never fly Delta again" because it gives the airline less of an incentive to make you happy. Why spend the money fixing something for a customer you will never see again?

If arriving with luggage is so critical that you can't live a few days without it, you might want to consider spending the extra money to take a more direct routing. One connection instead of two greatly reduced the change of a bag going astray.
Posted by YunkaG on 2010-04-25:
I agree with Ben There, the bags would have arrived in Moscow either with or shortly after your wife. In traveling, my bags have gone on different flights and showed up at my destination in a timely manner and I always ask, "Are my bags checked through to my destination?", then I know if I have to pick them up enroute. Unfortunately, you got the idea that your wife had to pick up the luggage in LaGuardia and nowhere in the OP did I see an agent telling your wife or you to do that. Should the luggage have been located more easily, sure it should have but the luggage was on its way to Moscow and you canceled the trip because your wife couldn't find it in LaGuardia.
Posted by jimworcs on 2010-06-04:
Ben there.. you will defend the airline no matter what. It is not unreasonable for a customer to expect their luggage to arrive with them. If Delta was able to reassure the customer that their luggage would arrvie with them in Moscow, there would have been no problem. As Delta cancelled the flight, I think at the minimum they should get a full, cash not voucher, refund. This poster should complain to the DOT... I think Delta are one of the worst airlines in the world for customer service. Don't ever fly with them.
Posted by goduke on 2010-06-04:
I don't think Ben's defending the airline. He's offering alternatives. I don't disagree at all that a customer has a right to expect the bags to arrive with them (I personally think it's pretty reasonable), but I'm not sure launching at Ben is particularly useful. He usually has a pretty good perspective on things.

Unfortunately, the time to cancel the trip and get a full refund was when the family was in Atlanta and told the flight was cancelled. If Delta were interested in building customer loyalty, they'd probably do something about it. I don't know that they are that concerned with loyalty when most airlines have their flights sold out due to the cutback in routes being travelled. In their minds, it may just be that if you choose not to fly them again, someone else will take your place. It's not a great philosophy, but it's not particularly untrue, either.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-06-04:
I was just trying to offer ideas to help reduce the chance of bags getting lost. I had a bag go missing temporarily this week in Dallas on American Airlines, so I know the frustration... That said, it would be very unrealistic of me to find an airline that does not lose bags from time to time... I would quickly run out of airlines to fly. It is not unreasonable for a passenger to expect bags to arrive, but it is unrealistic to think that a bag will never get misdirected, especially during irregular operations... Bag tags don't magically change.

I also don't know of any airline that will offer a refund en route because bags do not arrive to a connection point. I hope the OP finds an airline that will offer refunds of flights already taken or checked in simply because a bag is misdirected due to a cancellation, but it might mean never flying again.

Spending more money to cut out connections really does help... The less times your bag has to be moved, the more likely it will arrive.
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Nightmare flight with Delta ..... Xmas 2009
Posted by Bajanboy on 01/11/2010
January 6th 2010

Richard H. Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
P. O. Box 20706
Atlanta, Georgia 30320-6001

Re: December 23rd 2009 flight #1297 JFK, New York to Atlanta

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday and all the best to you for 2010. Unfortunately my wife and I had our worst flight experience with Delta airlines on our recent holiday trip to Barbados.

We purchased a flight online on June 12th 2009 for our trip to Barbados with Delta confirmation #XXXXXXX. The first leg of the flight was flight #1297 departing JFK, New York for Atlanta at 6:00am. We were then supposed to connect with Delta flight # 659 departing Atlanta for Barbados at 9:40am. We arrived at the Delta counter at JFK around 3:45am and after checking in our luggage with our customer service agent we were told to proceed through TSA security and to the Delta gate where our seats would be assigned. Upon arrival at the Delta gate we were then told that the flight had in fact been severely overbooked and that were no longer any assigned seats. After about a frustrating hour and a half of limited communication from the Delta service manager at the gate a large group of about thirty passengers including my wife and I were all informed that we would not be seated on flight #1297 from JFK to Atlanta. For us this was very frustrating as we had bought our tickets six months in advance and had tried unsuccessfully to confirm our seats over the last few months with your customer service agents. We had been told that our seats would be assigned at check-in at the JFK airport on Dec 23rd.

Close to 7:00am on Dec 23rd we were finally told by one of your customer service agents at the JFK counter that we would be refunded for the portion of our flight down to Barbados as our delay to Barbados was greater than the acceptable timeframe stipulated by airline rules. We would however be on our own to find an alternative carrier to Barbados. We were also told that our flight back up from Barbados would however remain intact with Delta. This was a most startling proposal as it was two days before Christmas and we were basically left to find a flight down to Barbados which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. After several frantic calls to numerous of your competitor airlines we were able to miraculously find the last two seats on a JetBlue flight #871 down to Barbados leaving that same morning at 8:30am. The two last minute JetBlue flight basically cost the same as the one-way ticket refund that we received from Delta for the cancellation of our seats to Barbados.

We informed your Delta customer service agent at the JFK gate that we would be taking the 8:30am JetBlue flight. He informed us that Delta would still take our checked-in luggage down to Barbados on their flight # 1297 as that flight was taking off. We were told by your customer service agent that we would be able to collect our luggage upon our arrival in Barbados on the JetBlue flight that was scheduled to arrive later that same day.

We arrived in Barbados later that same day on JetBlue. Unfortunately our luggage didn’t arrive on the Delta flight as promised from earlier that morning. When we asked the Delta agent in Barbados about our luggage they informed us that we had to talk to JetBlue about our missing luggage even though Delta indicated they would deliver our luggage to Barbados. Of course the JetBlue agent could not understand the rational why they would be responsible for luggage we never checked in with their airline and which Delta had indicated was on a flight connecting out of JFK, New York through Atlanta to Barbados. At this point we were now stuck in Barbados with no luggage and limited effective assistance from the local Delta customer service representative. Later on that night (December 23rd) I sent Delta Online Support an email message indicating that our four pieces of luggage had been lost. I got an email response that same night indicating that we could expect a response in three to four days!!!!!!!!!!! (See the attached email)

The next morning December 24th I called Delta’s 800-number and I was told that our bags were left in Atlanta and that they would be forwarded down to Barbados via Puerto Rico around 11:30pm on an American Airlines flight. I called later that same day to confirm our luggage had made the flight going through Puerto Rico and I was told by XXXXX XXXXX one of your customer service agents that our luggage was now being sent back to JFK, New York instead as Delta had no evidence that we had indeed arrived in Barbados. I explained to XXXXX XXXXX that I was indeed Mr. XXXXXXXXX and that I was currently stranded in Barbados without any clothing and toiletries. XXXXX XXXXX indicated we would now receive our luggage upon our return to New York from vacation in Barbados. In addition she also indicated that we would not get any reimbursement to purchase emergency clothing nor toiletries while stranded in Barbados. I think our call with XXXXX XXXXX was recorded so you can verify this exasperating conversation with your customer service agent who obviously didn’t grasp the concept of customer service. On Dec 24th we spent about $450 on emergency clothing and toiletries as the local Barbadians had explained to us that the island celebrates Boxing Day on Dec 26th. Most stores in Barbados would therefore be closed for an extended weekend from the Thursday (Christmas Day) until the following Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Friday December 26th we finally got a surprise call from Delta that our luggage had arrived in Barbados. At that point we had not only spent several hundred dollars on emergency clothing and toiletries but we had also incurred a large international telephone call bill trying in vain to resolve and track our luggage with your customer service agents back in the USA.

The trip got worst on our way back. There was there a one hour departure delay on our connecting Delta flight #488 out of Port-of-Spain in Trinidad to JFK, New York on Jan 2nd. In addition when our luggage arrived at JFK, New York two pieces of our luggage were badly damaged. On December 3rd I filed two damaged luggage claims #XXXXXXXXX and # XXXXXXXXX. Upon filing these two claims I was told I now have to find a FedEx office to ship the damaged luggage back to your facility in Carrollton in Texas. This is just another inconvenience for us relating to this already horrible trip experience with your airline.

I apologize for the length of this letter but I think you can sense we are highly annoyed with this extremely poor level of service that we received from Delta. I did a quick scan of the internet tonight to determine whether they were any online websites we could also post a copy of this letter on so that we could expose a wider swath of your current and potential customers to our recent trip experience. We found the following websites:

• http://www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/delta.htm
• http://www.airlinecomplaints.org/
• http://www.my3cents.com/
• http://delta-airlines. pissedconsumer.com/
• http://www.complaintsboard.com/
• http://www.complaints.com/

Upon browsing these websites it appears this poor level of customer service has also been experienced by several other customers of your airline. I’ll spend some time over the upcoming weekend to make sure I post this letter on these online websites and with the relevant identifying personal information redacted. Delta has been a disappointing service provider for this recent trip. You are very aware that word of mouth is vital to companies such as yours operating in an industry that is very competitive. My wife and I will also make sure that we share this Delta flight experience with as many friends, family and colleagues that we come across over the upcoming months.

At this point we are merely asking for some compensation to recoup the money we spent on emergency clothing and toiletries in Barbados and to recover the cost of the lengthy international telephone calls we made to Delta’s customer service bureau in the USA from Barbados as we tracked our missing luggage. I think you’ll agree that some reimbursement would be a small gesture of goodwill as your airline almost ruined our fond memories of Barbados.

If you have any additional questions I can be reached at XXX XXX XXXX.



c. c: Stephen E. Gorman, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-11:
What's your problem? You had a tropical vacation that freezing New Yorkers would envy. Just deal with the financial part simply. You purchased a few hundred dollars of essential items? List out your purchases and get your receipts. Forget about Fedexing luggage anywhere. Claim against them the cost of essential items and the value of your luggage. Tell them you can deliver it somewhere in New York if they pay your taxi otherwise you will discard the luggage and claim it against the airline (send copies of receipts). If they don't pay, take them to New York Small claims court. Forms are available on line, and the Court is user friendly.
Posted by dan gordon on 2010-01-11:
telling the ceo of an airline that your going to post a terrible review of their airline on every conceivable website you can imagine then actually list them for him, gives him pretty much no incentive to do anything for you. You wrote a nice novel but I wouldn't be sitting by the mailbox waiting for a check.
Posted by goduke on 2010-01-12:
Yeah, what James said.
Posted by Inat on 2010-01-12:
anyone who travels internationally has had to deal with luggage woes. it SUCKS! but you learn after the first time to do exactly what you did - get your toiletries once you get to your destination and pray your clothes arrive (take some extra on your carry-on). We had this happen in Rome - and our attitude was "while in Rome, do as the romans" so we bought some toiletries and some local clothes. Was kinda fun :)
Posted by Abbalino on 2010-03-12:
I've had my own nightmare with Delta in the past and swore I'd never fly with them again, but here we are again attempting to get to Florida on a Delta flight. 3 out of 4 flights have seat assignments because 1 out of 4 agents gave us was kind enough to get us seats. The 1 leg of our journey that is not assigned has me VERY nervous. I was going to check my bags with the airline, but after reading your comments, I've regained my sanity and have decided that everything will be carry on. Thanks for sharing!
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Worst ever experience
Posted by Akarm1 on 09/09/2009
September 8, 2009. Flight to Europe from John F. Kennedy airport. At the check in we told that the gate had been closed for the flight despite of the fact that it was 65 minutes before departure time. According to the statement in the ticket a passenger must be checked in at least 45 minutes before scheduled departure. Because of that other eight people – several different groups – were ‘late’ to check in, in spite of the fact that all of them spent an hour patiently stayed in huge lines having no idea how they would be let down. After long discussions with the personnel, the only choice that all we got – go to the ticketing stand and try to book the nearest flights. Fondly hoped that Delta understands their mistake I thought it would not be extra charge. No way - the new ticket was $1300 more expansive and as I saw many of the passengers booked the flight for that price.

If you dealing with Delta please be prepared to be ripped off even if you do not make any mistake, beside of dealing with Delta, of course.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-09:
International flights you should be at the airport at least three hours from departure time. Now you know why. You were late.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-09:
I suggest that you check in online next time. While you still need to allow more time than you did to check bags, at least half the process is already done and the airline is less likely to give away your seat earlier on.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
When I travel internationally, I never arrive 3 hours early and have never been denied boarding. Here in Singapore, I arrive about 1 1/2 hours before the flight--again no problems, ever.

I have never heard of a flight being closed that far in advance of boarding. I have connections that I make internationally with less time. It sounds like Delta broke their own 45 minute rule. I can't believe they charged you too, to make matters even worse. You should definitely contact them through their website. You were not late. Most airlines (that I fly anyway) take into consideration the long lines at JFK and do what they can for their passengers.

Thanks for your post. I hope you can get something (if not all of the money) back from them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
You are misinterpreting what the ticket says. 45 min prior to departure is when the aircraft is loaded. Min check in internationally is 1 hr but for many cities more than that - listed on their website.
The counter reps are "locked" out of the system at 1 hr, so the GA's can batch work on upgrades, standbys and manifest. Either your watch was off by 5 min or you were going to a city listed as requiring more time.
Arriving earlier, as things can always go wrong and checking in online are two very helpful suggestions.
Posted by jimworcs on 2009-09-10:
The solution is to never fly internationally with a US based airline. US airlines exploit their domestic complex monopolies to rip off consumers. They know that most people do not have a viable choice, because they operate from "fortress hubs" which create local monopolies with a fig leaf of competition. As a result, they are not interested if you threaten to take your business elsewhere... they know that the vast majority of people can't or don't. Congress protects them from real competition and de-regulation legislation protects them from enforcement by the states of consumer law. The only circumstances in which they face real competition, is on international routes. It is very rare that they are better than the foreign competition.. the only solution is never to fly US based airlines on international routes. That particularly applies to Delta who are amongst the worst.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
vf--I fly quite a bit and we never load 45 minutes early on any flight that I've taken in the recent past--or ever that I can remember. That includes my international flights. Where do they do this?

I know that JFK, in particular, can be tough. But, if the airline knows the lines are long, they need to put more people up at the counter during peak times to get people through in a more timely manner. If the op was waiting in a long line (as they said) and had 65 minutes by the time he got up to the front, I really don't think they are at fault. We don't know when they arrived at the airport or how long they had to stand in line. Also, if he was checking his cell phone time, for instance, the time wouldn't be off at all. I don't like blaming the passenger for the airline's screwups. It just seems to happen too much.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-09-10:
When I discuss being late with people, I tell them what if someone had $10,000.00 to give you but you had to meet them at the corner of main and 1st street at 10:00 a.m., but they would leave at 10:05. What would you do to be on time? Do you think they would leave early to be on time?

I don't think drifting into JFK and expecting to get through the crowds in an hour or two is reasonable. I think under the above standard, you would have shown up 3 hours or more before to make sure you were there. This no longer is a system where you can expect an hour or two is enough time to get onto international flights.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
Is on-line check-in even available for International flights? I don't think it is anymore. That is why they need to add more agents for the one-and-a-half-hour lines. Yep, I stood in line for that long once, but I had a long layover so I didn't mind. Other people did though, because they had to still go through security and customs. There were about 300 people for two agents. That is ridiculous no matter how you slice it. (This was an Asian airline BTW, so there goes that theory.)
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-10:
KIA2 - most airlines have online check in for international these days. You still have a document check at the counter or the gate, but it has worked nice for me. I have also noticed that boarding happens a lot earlier lately. We started boarding 40 minutes before departure on my flight from NYC on Tuesday. Doors were shut 10 minutes out and we landed early. Other flight have boarded 15 minutes before.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
ben, most may, but my last flight to Singapore was on UAL. (I love to check in on-line when I can.) I couldn't check-in until I arrived at the counter and I had my excessive amount of luggage. It doesn't take that long at PDX anyway, but if I had 250-300 people in front of me, each person seems takes an eternity. Have you ever noticed that when you get up it only takes a couple of minutes, but for others, it just goes on and on. I can never figure that one out! I think the earliest I've ever boarded was 30 minutes--and like you said, some 15 minutes. I really don't want to sit on the plane any longer than I have to, so 45 minutes would be torturous, lol.
Posted by jimworcs on 2009-09-10:
JR - drifting in to an airport and expecting them to process check-in and take you bags in 2 hours is not reasonable? ~That is ridiculous.. what is not reasonable is that airlines don't have enough staff to manage the service that they have sold. If I buy a service from an airline, I expect the airline to staff it to be able to provide the service in a reasonable time. Furthermore, the customer has no idea how many customers the airline has booked at any given time on any given day. The airline on the other hand knows EXACTLY how many customers will turn it. They should staff accordingly.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-10:
Ryanair in Europe has eliminated airport check in so you must check in online. While I don't expect a lot of airlines to follow immediately, I expect carriers to continue to reduce the airport counter staff as more and more people move towards electronic check in. Lots of flights even allow you to check in with your cell phone and use it as your boarding pass.
Posted by CSD on 2009-09-10:
The airlines do not staff the TSA. It doesnt matter how many people they staff to check you in. You still have to go through security.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
You can still find a Ryan Air agent down the escalators at Heathrow is you're in a pinch and need help.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-10:
Can't be that much help since they don't fly to Heathrow Superbowl:)
Posted by jimworcs on 2009-09-10:
Ryanair have indeed tried to eliminate check in, but you still have to have a bag drop off and for non EU citizen's a further "passport check" before going through security. God help us all if we are going to follow the Ryanair example of customer service. US Airlines are atrocious, Ryanair is beyond description
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
jim, sometimes they are, but I've been having good flights on UAL lately. It's been on-time for every flight and they've been courteous and helpful. I don't usually need the help, but it's nice to know they are still providing it, especially for those that aren't travel saavy. I've been on a couple of foreign carriers recently that I wouldn't use again either. I guess it just depends.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
Ben There, please excuse me for typing something wrong, God forbid anyone make a mistake around here. Gatwick OK, my mistake, 20 lashes for me. With four airports yes I screwed up on which one we flew into from Dublin.

For those that don't sit around waiting for someone to make a typo so they can jump on them here is a web site that really takes Ryan to it's knee's:

Why I would rather walk than fly RyanAir,
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-10:
Wow Superbowl... I was only kidding. Don't you know a smiley face at the end?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-10:
I was too :) Surprise!
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-10:
Whew, I was hoping that you knew smiley was the international sign of just screwing with you.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-09-10:
Glad ya'll kissed and made up.
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Stolen Items From Luggage
Posted by TheRitezz on 12/23/2008
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Well, Merry Christmas, the season of giving. At least, that's what I thought.
You see, recently on flying on Delta airlines to visit my mother, my baggage way "lost" during my travel. While that was an inconvenience, I can understand errors occur and mistakes happen. And they delivered my luggage to me promptly.
Now, I opened my bag almost immediately when I received it, and to my horror, my Christmas gifts, three video games, had been stolen from my bag. Now, I immediately called delta services, they directed me to the site and I filed a claim and I'm still still pestering them, even now. However, the mere process of filing a report on stolen items, with little hope of hearing back about it, is shameful. You feel wronged and violated, and Delta seems to avert their eyes and disassociate themselves.

I've flown with delta my entire life, this is no exaggeration, but this act of violation and indifference is making me consider taking my business elsewhere, as I have no wish to pay these people to take advantage of my trust.

I know these things happen, but they shouldn't, and neither should you or the company let it happen.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-23:
Just go to this post and save everybody a lot of typing
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Delta Steals Young Man's Money
Posted by 1luxdei on 03/27/2014
ATLANTA GEOTGIA -- The following letter that I sent, complaining to Delta, will explain our problem

Dear Mr. Richard Hirst, Legal Vice-President with Delta,

Please pardon my having to contact you directly, but no one else at Delta (at least so far) has gotten back to my issue.

We have a young Scottish boy who is the Delta ticket holder, ticket # 0062180808133) who came to visit our church (he's 19 years old and will soon be the new choir director at our church ) and when he came into the U.S., the Immigration Dept. only allowed him 30 days to visit, and yet his pre-paid return ticket was for 90 days later. This naturally necessitated his having to change his ticket. The travel agent in London changed his departure date and charged him $561.00 which obviously being young he simply didn't have this extra money, so I got the money together for him, and subsequently when the time for his departure came, we took him to the Knoxville, TN airport. He arrived at the air port at 4:20 on 3/24/2014 and went to check in. While he was in-line at 4:300, someone of your staff came to him and said that he would have to take another flight as that one was leaving early. We later found out that what they had really done was to insinuate that he had something that they would only call “questionable in his pocket without saying exactly what it was that hw had in his pocket ( I would respectfully remind you: WITHOUT STATING EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS THAT HE WAS ALLEGED TO HAVE IN HIS POCKET). Of course, it turned out to only be some American coins that he had forgotten were in his pocket.

If you yourself were to see this fine young man then you would know (common sense would tell you) that this is not the sort of person who would intentionally carry something “questionable” on a plane. It is obvious to anyone who should meet Jamie that he is a very clean-cut, honorable young lad.

So being the very polite and humble young man that he is, he simply "Thanked" them, thinking that they would put him on a later flight (remember, he was told nothing except that he would have to take a later flight). He then called me when I was in-route to my home in Knoxville, TN, and he told me what happened. Now, today when we contacted the travel agent in London to book his alternative flight they tell the poor boy (I mean "poor" literally as in orphan) that he may have to pay for a new ticket. I called the British Embassy and told them what happened, and they suggested that I contact you folks directly, for as of 3/26/2014 his thirty day stay approval by customs is cancelled, and he will be in violation of U.S. law. I hope you folks still have a heart and can do something to help this young man get home, after all he not only bought a ticket but paid an $561.00 extension as well. He simply has no money with which to purchase another expensive ticket.

Anyway, it was very arbitrary and clearly unfair in the way that your personnel handled this matter at the airport. I mean, if he truly had something “questionable” in his pocket, then why it was not specified in order to be documented as to exactly what it was that he had. They simply told the travel agent that it was “questionable,” whatever that might mean. If he did indeed have some thing “questionable” then why was he not arrested and detained. I should think something really “questionable” would be important enough ---- especially if you are going to take some one’s money for a ticket then deny him the right to that ticket --- that you would have to document for legal purposes exactly what it was that he had that should cause you to deny his constitutional rights. I think any reasonable person would agree with this as being truly a mistake on Delta’s part. The way to correct that mistake and end this matter is to give him the ticket which he has legally paid for. I hope that you who are reading this email can see the mistake that has been made here and will rectify the situation without delay. Again, this matter has forced him to violate U.S. Immigration law. Please, he needs his ticket immediately so that he can get back home to Scotland.

Also, Delta has sent his bag, s which were already loaded, to Detroit

I just hope Delta will do the tight thing here so that this matter can be resolved and this fine young minister can get home, as well as preventing us from pursuing other, more constitutionally legal courses of action.

Thank you,
David Edwards
2411 Berry Road
Knoxville, TN
Email: 1luxdei@gmail.com
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Dont Fly Delta
Posted by NICOLE3250 on 11/25/2013
NEW YORK -- Worst experience ever don't ever fly delta!!!
Upon arrival I had an hour to spare. I got something to eat and proceeded to go to the gate they told me to go to. Once I arrived I was then taken from that gate to a different gate. When I arrived at the last gate they where in the process of closing the door. Even though I was only 2 minutes late and not due to my mistake because they had given me the wrong gate to go to in the first place. I begged to be let on the plane and she smiled in my face and told me to bad stating that she could not open the door (when I first arrived and asked to be let on they had not been locked yet). She then proceeded to tell me that she would be charging me $300.00 for my daughter and I to take the next flight. When I asked for a manager the man standing next to her told me he was it. After stating I would be social networking what happened they then got the real manager. Who was as helpless as the first guy who had lied about being the manager!! I understand if it was my mistake and that is why I missed my flight but it was not!! I was there with over an hour to spare but given misinformation!! Then after all of this they where mean and rude. They have lost a customer for life and anyone who reads this picks a different airline!!
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Posted by ontario_girl on 2013-11-26:
That's why I never trust what I'm told. I look at the gate number printed on my ticket.
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Vindictive Delta Reps
Posted by Monkeyboy4life on 11/07/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This complaint was met with the typical Bureaucratic talk around and no reconciliation whatsoever despite several emails back and forth with Delta's customer service department. I was basically told that they have the right to not allow anyone from boarding their planes for any reason. That is pretty sad after having to pay thousands of dollars for their services and then be denied access for the services you paid for because one of their employees has a problem with you. This is the complaint I submitted:

My flight experience from AUH to PIT on 25 July 2013. First of all, I was not able to obtain a boarding pass for my Paris to PIT flight even my bags were checked all the way from AUH to PIT. This was a huge inconvenience, but not the reason for my complaint. After departing AUH and my layover in AMS I arrived to Paris and after walking around the airport terminals for a while I finally found the proper check in counter for my flight to PIT. The First Delta Representative I encountered was extremely rude. I had just completed about 15 hours of travel and on my 2nd layover and was very tired. I told him that finding the right ticket counter had been very difficult; he replied that it wasn't his problem. This upset me as I imagine it would anyone under normal circumstances, let alone after traveling for so long and not having enough sleep.

After his rude and discourteous response, I proceeded to the counter to complete my check in so I could get my boarding pass and complete my long journey home. When the boarding pass was being handed to me, a Delta supervisor came over and said I had not completed the security screening and needed to go back in the check in line. I asked him if he could just complete the security questions there as I had already finish checking in and was about to receive me boarding pass. I also told him about the rude Delta Rep I had encountered and the fact he did not ask me any questions and allowed me to walk on to the counter. He argued with me and made me go back to the line. I went back and they asked me if I had packed my own bags, etc (This was quite pointless as I had already checked my bags in AUH all the way to PIT and only had my carry on with me at the time). The supervisor and Delta Rep also kept asking me about my association with the US Military and information pertaining to my job. I answered the questions regarding security but not about my association with the US military or my job as these should not have any bearing for me to fly.

After the questioning I was then escorted back to the counter to get my boarding pass which now bore the dreaded SSSS on it. They had labeled me as a security risk and I was treated as a criminal/terrorist the rest of the time I was in France. They kept asking if I was US military and what my job was at each point I was stopped to be checked. I felt like I was being targeted because of my association with the US military.They also searched my carry on and frisked me at every possible point on the way to the plane. I was journeying home for my sons 2nd birthday party and to attend a family Reunion that weekend as I work overseas in support of the military. I subsequently missed my sons birthday party as I was denied boarding on my scheduled flight even after being thoroughly searched as the Captain had been told I was a security risk and told them not to let me board the plane.

They waited till the plane was boarding to deny me access and embarrassed me in front of the other passengers. After the flight departed I was told I had to pay an additional $1666.13 USD in order to fly on the next days flight and if I didn't pay they would cancel my returning flights as well. I also had to purchase a hotel room for the night. This is outrageous. Then upon finally arriving to PIT, after my sons birthday party, my checked baggage just happened to get 'lost'. It was lost until the day I left PIT and continued on my journey to Indonesia, the Philippines and then back to Abu Dhabi. It was obvious that after my experience with the Delta Reps in Paris that my luggage was lost in spite. Its too much of a coincidence to have not been on purpose. I have been traveling for years. I have visited over 50 countries and flown several airlines and this is by far the worst experience I have ever encountered.

I know that I will be made out to be the bad guy from the workers there in Paris as I was alone and have no witnesses on my behalf, but I know I was treated incredibly unfairly and targeted because of my association with the US military. I was subject to less then hospitable treatment and suffered undue stress as well as undue expenses. Most importantly I missed out on a day with my family and my son's 2nd birthday party. I only get to see my family once every 6 months for a couple of weeks and each day is very precious.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-11-09:
"I told him that finding the right ticket counter had been very difficult"

After dealing with many customers on a daily basis, what was the agent suppose to say to your above statement?

Don't every be rude to airline employees. As you now "suspect" they can make your experience a living hell. I worked for an airline for 8 years and I can clearly admit, "Do not give an airport airline employee a hard time!" They can use your original comment about being hard to find them to put you on the SSSS list on a flight that's oversold and need either volunteers or "involuntary" denied passengers.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-11-09:
File a complaint with the DOT:

You may also qualify for denied boarding compensation under EU 261. Here is the complaint form:
Posted by Paul on 2013-11-09:
I don't understand what "reconciliation" you feel you are entitled to. Their reply makes sense, based on the details that you provided.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-11:
" I answered the questions regarding security but not about my association with the US military or my job as these should not have any bearing for me to fly. "

Perhaps they thought that your job that involved the military was relevant to security. Would it have been that big of a deal to let them know what you do with the military? By not answering their questions or being evasive, then I could see where that would give then reason to be apprehensive. You don't have the same rights when it comes to security or air travel in general in Abu Dhabi as you do in the U.S.
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Horrible International Travel Experience With Delta
Posted by Rtulsyani on 07/27/2013
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Left following feedback three times on Delta.com site, no response from them. Started my travel from US to India via Europe, with wife and 2 very young kids. All papers were checked by Delta staff at US airport, no issues. In Europe, they didn't let us board the connecting flight, saying there is an issue with paper work. We were stuck for a day, and had to rush to different offices in an unknown country. Sad thing is no from Delta has time to respond to the 3 times feedback over last 3 weeks, so not sure why they have any feedback mechanism to begin with.


Confirmation# : HG6ZUZ

I hope my feedback here is viewed in right perspective. We started our trip from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA to Delhi, India via Amsterdam. Each one of us has American Passport, and were carrying OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card. It was our understanding that it was all we needed to travel to India. Our travel documents were fully verified by the Delta Staff at Fort Lauderdale airport (American Passport and OCI card for each of us). We took the fight to Atlanta, and then a connecting flight to Amsterdam. After the security check at Amsterdam airport, we were denied to board the plane and were sent to KLM Transfer desk. The gentlemen at the transfer desk told us the kids need to get Indian Visa from the local Indian Embassy in Amsterdam. We were completely shocked as the documents were fully checked at the start of our journey by Delta staff at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Anyhow, we had no choice, so we rushed to the Indian Embassy, got the Visa done and rushed back to the airport. You can imagine the state of a person traveling with his family with two kids, stuck in middle of unknown place trying to get whatever was instructed. Anyhow, after reaching back to Amsterdam airport, the KLM staff told us that the next day’s only KLM flight to Delhi was fully booked. We were then sent to Paris, where we had to spend the night since our connecting flight to Delhi was next day (04-Jul-2013).
All of this nightmare for us could have avoided if we were stopped at the starting airport (Fort Lauderdale) only, which is where we live. Going into an unknown country, and running from one place to the other with the family is an unforgettable experience. I lost my one day of work, and my family lost one day of vacation, not to mention the trauma that kids had to go through.
I also wanted to mention a point for Delta staff training. The immigration officer at Delhi airport told us that they the OCI card for each one of us was enough to get the entry to India even If the so called sticker wasn’t available.
To add to the adventure, none of our 7 checked-in bags arrived to the final destination (Delhi) with us, though we were told at Paris airport that they will be on the same flight AF 226. So here I am waiting with my family inside the airport, and then the relatives waiting outside the airport.

But the saddest thing is that it has been three weeks and I have left feedback at Delta.com three times with no response from them.
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Posted by olie on 2013-07-28:
I think it's the traveler's responsibility to make sure that all necessary passports, visas, and ID cards are obtained before traveling.

I can't imagine being an employee at Ft. Lauderdale and having to know what all the requirements are for ALL flights headed into Amsterdam. Surely there were passengers staying in Amsterdam, and others traveling on to Germany, France, Russia, and other European destinations, as well as Asian destinations such as New Delhi.

I'd think that the Ft. Lauderdale responsibility was that you were able to leave the US and land in Amsterdam.
Posted by Bee on 2013-07-28:
I am sorry but it is your responsibility to make sure you have all the proper documents prior to travel.
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Worst Customer Service Experience Ever.
Posted by Lovelaughing101 on 07/04/2013
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- Because I was literally 2 minutes late for my flight, the automated check-in computers wouldn't let me check in. After flagging down a service rep, her name is Anna, she said, "Nope, sorry!" and giggled. She couldn't care less. She then told me I had to pay $100 more for a different flight; I was appalled! She was so disrespectful. And mind you, Louisville airport is very small, and the screen at the desk said they were still boarding- I could have made my flight easily, and so could have my one checked bag. After paying $100 plus the $25 fee for my bag, I then had to wait for six hours for my flight. When I wrote Delta to complain about my experience, they sent me two automated responses, neither came from a human. They each contained a $25 gift card for me to redeem (for different random companies, like Land's End and Boston Steaks) by mid-August. Here I am now, in very early July, wanting to redeem my giftcards (it isn't much, and certainly doesn't make up for what happened), and guess what? They took one of the giftcards back! I could only redeem one. I ended up paying more than $600 for a flight because of them, and was treated very rudely by Anna, and all I get is a $25 gift card to a place I don't even shop?

Being especially a SkyMiles and Delta card member, I definitely expected far more than what I got, both in service and apology. I'm cancelling both, as are my family members. Ridiculous. I've always liked and flown Delta, but not anymore.
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Posted by Ben There on 2013-07-04:
I think Louisville minimum check in is 30 minutes, which meant you got there 28 minutes before departure?

I think you will find that any airline will refuse to check you in with a bag at this point - unfortunately for late passengers there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than simply you clearing security and getting on the plane. You bag must be handed over to TSA, cleared, delivered back to the airline, and sent out to the plane... where they may have already shut the cargo doors since you mentioned that boarding was already in progress when you got to the airport.

In the minutes leading up to a flight, they must also finish up the final passenger list and submit the names of everyone on board, calculate weights, clear standby passengers, and accommodate any last minute seat changes. A late passenger means these steps be done over, which can delay the flight and all the people who managed to show up on time.

If there is a chance I will be cutting it close to departure time, I check in on my phone in advance and ensure I have just a carry on bag...
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-04:
Welcome to the wonderful world of TSA and your friendly government and it's insane regulations. If it is any consolation, you might get lucky and be groped by the TSA on a future flight.
Posted by Ben There on 2013-07-05:
John Nicholson, the TSA and the government had nothing to with this complaint. Delta Air Lines sets its own policies for minimum check in times.

The TSA just screens bags and mans security check points, and they don't care how early or late you check in.
Posted by info352 on 2013-07-05:
you completely missed what John said. What he said was that the airline has to take account of how long it takes for TSA on average to screen a bag otherwise that bag will not make it to the plane. The average time is 10 minutes. After that the bag doesn't magically appear planeside, it has to be taken there by people who might be busy with other tasks. There are cut off times for very good reasons, I'm not sure why we are even arguing that.
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False Information
Posted by Robbiecard_2000 on 06/21/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I've done an extensive search on travel plans. I have 27,000 miles accrued on my frequent flier miles. The site indicated that the scope of possible flights included up to the northern sphere of South America: A good deal, right! Nope. There are a few domestic flight available. Most domestic flights that I checked require many more miles.

I'm done with this! I'll tear up the American Express Card *in which I will not re-coop losses, and I'll call my Senators requesting that information provided be clear. This is a case of bait, bait, bait ect....
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-21:
If you actually read the terms and conditions of their program, you'll probably see for yourself that the information IS clear.
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