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Need My Truck Issues Resolved
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CONROE, TEXAS -- 2009 Dodge 1500 pick up truck was taken into the dealer to correct the following issues:

1) Dangerous bouncing of the front end of the truck, especially on concrete roads and through curves. DeMontrond Dodge response: service representative said they looked from underneath and physically (by hand), shook the front suspension; nothing found. He stated that he could not check the alignment because he would have to charge me??? I don't care about the charges if you can fix this safety issue.

2) Truck mileage decreased dramatically after taking the truck for service. DeMontrond Dodge response: The service was at 35K miles. I had requested the 30K mile service. Prior to taking the truck to the dealership, I was obtaining approximately 18 mpg, city and 21 mpg, highway with the variable piston operation. After leaving the dealership, the mileage decreased to 15.5 city and 16.5 highway. After calling the dealership about the issue, I was told that the mileage I'm now getting on the truck in “normal”.

3) Truck doors creaked loudly after 10K miles. DeMontrond Dodge lubricated too briefly to quiet. Now the passenger door creaks loudly again. I apply WD-40 every month or two to quiet.

4) HVAC damper controlling the “recycle/outside air” vent system randomly opens and closes with no control changes. Demontrond Dodge investigated and said they found nothing wrong. HVAC damper issue still persists.

5) Loud tapping underneath passenger-side dash. Have found no correlation with the loud tapping and the operation of the truck. Occurs almost every startup and at times while driving down the road. Due to previous poor responses from DeMontrond Dodge Service, I have not taken the truck to them as they never resolve anything (see above listing).

My company has purchased four Dodge pick up trucks in four years. My truck will be the last Dodge, due to unresolved service issues by DeMontrond Dodge. They call the dealers “dodge” for a very good reason.

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