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Denny's Restaurant
203 East Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29319-9966
864-597-8000 (ph)
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Waitresses and Waiters
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Rating: 1/51

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I was in Rapid City, S.D. on June 29th around lunch time. Three hours earlier I had come from ICU Rapid City Regional where I had lost my husband. My daughter and best friend were with me and they insisted I have something to eat. I am 64 yrs old and I wait tables at a very busy place for 45 yrs. so I have knowledge of the ins and outs of cafe business - have had one of my own.

What I saw at the one we ate at near the hospital is the worst display of horsing around in a eatery in my life. It took us over a half hour to get our food - it had sat under lights for sometime. I know lights don't keep it hot. My spaghetti was cold and crusty around the edges, toast was crisp on the edges and other side wet and soggy. My daughter's soup cold, my friend's eggs cold as were the grits. She asked for a glass of milk and they brought her a tiny little pitcher of milk. We asked to have food heated and while we were there all that time these kids were whooping and laughing and horsing around.

Finally I stood up and asked if we could get our food that was supposedly being heated. I was in grief to begin with and then to go in and see something like that with NO responsible adult in there. That was my first visit to a Denny's and my last. That was so unacceptable, chasing one another around laughing and squealing. What the ** has become of common sense and serving the customer. If I done that at Murdo S.D. I would make no tips what so ever and my boss would fire my ** in a blink of a eye.

We pd. a lot of money for the worst service I have ever endured. My friend is a waitress too and my daughter is a lab tech at Sanford. We were all just flabbergasted. What a waste, and to top it off we seen a table get up and walk out and there were four of them and I heard the lady say, "We have sat here for 15 min. and not even been acknowledged." Is this how all your places are run???

Terrible End to a Perfect Day
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- On June 9, 2013 we stopped at Denny's in Brookville for dinner at 6:30 pm after traveling through Cook's forest. The waitress brought my husband cold coffee. After telling her, she then brought hot coffee but took 20 minutes to bring cream, which made his coffee cold again. Then he had to use the bathroom but the men's bathroom was being cleaned or so we thought. Apparently the bathroom door fell off the hinges that morning and they were fixing it, (must take 10 hours to put a door up!) when my husband returned after waiting 30 minutes they had put a vending machine in front of the door to keep people out.

Then my 89 year old disabled father had to use the restroom and it was still out of order, so he had to walk with a walker across the restaurant, across the attached convenience store into the bathrooms/shower area more than 50 feet away. My father can hardly walk 10 feet but when nature calls... When he entered the bathrooms/shower there was feces all over the toilet seat and on the wall! I would imagine the men employees at the restaurant had to use those same toilets! Did they wash their hands, I wonder? My father was very upset and exhausted, he has a bad heart and should never have walked that far to use the restrooms!

I complained to the manager who smirked and shrugged and said the door was being fixed. I said that's no excuse for not having a restroom open for the men closer to the restaurant. We won't be back! She just laughed and shrugged her shoulders. Also when we checked out of the restaurant no one was at the cashier desk, a line started forming of customers waiting to pay, some were talking about walking out without paying. After 7-8 minutes I went back to the kitchen to get someone to check us out. A young man came to the cash register finally! I hope he washed his hands!

Rude Employee, Great Management, Service and Food

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- Last night a group of us went to Denny's for dinner to celebrate my sister in law's birthday. Our group consisted of 10 adults and 5 kids, ranging in ages from 3-7 years old. We were seated in a section of the restaurant that was separated from the rest of the diners. We had the whole section to ourselves. The kids all wanted to sit in a booth on their own. They were enjoying looking out the windows and were watching the cars go by and were laughing and talking amongst themselves.

Our waitress had already taken our order and we were waiting for our food when another employee approached the table. She told us that other diners had complained about the level of noise from the kids. She told us that the kids had to sit at our table and that we had to make them be quiet. She said it was against Denny's policy for kids to sitting at a different table than the adults.

One of the adults in our party asked to speak to a manager. The employee just said 'fine' and turned and walked away. The manager came over and we asked if it was okay for the kids to sit in their own booth next to our table. She explained that the kids were enjoying looking out the window. The manager was very nice and said that was fine, as long as the kids weren't running around the restaurant (which they weren't). We asked if it was against Denny's policy for the kids to be sitting in their own booth. She said no as long as we were nearby.

We also asked about the noise level of the kids. They were having a good time and we didn't think that the noise level was unacceptable. The manager said she has kids too and that she didn't think the kids were being too loud. We did tell her that the other employee should be updated on Denny's policies. She said she would talk to that employee and we thanked her for her time.

I am writing this as a compliment because the manager was very understanding and our waitress was wonderful. She was very patient with the kids and had a pleasant attitude the whole time she was waiting on us. I would also like to compliment the food. I haven't eaten at Denny's in a few years.

The food has really improved. I got a classic burger and seasoned fries. The burger was juicy and looked like someone had actually formed it into a patty before placing it on the grill because it wasn't perfectly round, like pre-shaped patties are. The fries were the best I've had in a while. I hardly ever eat more than a few fries with my meal as I do not care for salty foods. But I ate the entire plate of fries. I also noticed a lot more variety on the menu than before. With the exception of the rude employee, I enjoyed my dining experience at Denny's.

Horrible Food/Good Manager
By -

KENTUCKY -- This morning we stopped at Denny's for breakfast after an early appointment. Little man had an alien pancake kids meal, my husband got a grand slam, and I got a Belgian Waffle platter. The waitress was very nice and had our drinks served before we could even unroll our silverware. We put our order in and within 15 minutes got our food. That is where it went downhill.

What was served to us was some of the most DISGUSTING food I've ever had the displeasure of eating. How this slop left the kitchen the way it was served to us is beyond comprehension. My son's alien pancakes were supposed to be served with whipped cream and strawberries, didn't have it. I didn't complain because he didn't really care. My husband's scrambled eggs for his grand slam were undercooked and runny on some parts and over cooked and burnt on others. His pancakes were raw in the middle and when he cut them open pancake batter ran all over his plate. His potatoes were so oily that they sparkled under the light of our table.

My waffle was also undercooked and rubbery. The butter that they served on top of the waffle wasn't even able to melt because it was so cold and soggy. It almost seemed like the waffle itself was put in a steam bath to cook rather than a waffle maker. When I took a bite of my sausage it was ice cold and still frozen in the middle.

To say I was disgusted was an understatement. I cannot believe that not only did the person cooking this food allow it to leave the kitchen, but the waitress even bothered to serve it. When our server came and asked us how everything was we told her what was wrong with our food and requested the manager. We didn't want them to make us more food, at this point we just wanted to leave.

The manager came to our table right away and took our plates into the back. She came back within 5 minutes apologizing and told us that our meal was on the house and that she couldn't believe we were served food like that. All in all this was probably the worst food I've ever eaten in a restaurant. So much so that I probably will not be going back to this location.

Worst Denny's in America
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- It was my 1st time at the Denny's location (San Mateo/-I-40). The food was way below par for a Denny's but the bathroom was the WORST I have ever seen: filthy, sticky, totally out of soap, no paper towels (wimpy tiny hand dryer blowing cool air, NO HOT WATER - it was ice cold).

The server (**) was nice and very good. I was not greeted upon entering (waited several minutes looking for someone to seat me). No manager on site to complain to. My Ticket No was ** @ 3:49 on 1/5/15 Store # 6212. I personally will never return EVER - and intend on telling many of my friends to STAY AWAY from that location because it's a DUMP, No Manager, & no one seems to care (except the server doing her job). I recently went to the Denny's on Gibson and it was the BEST Denny's I have ever ate in. Fabulous Manager & crew.

Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

BLACKSBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I visited the Denny's in Blacksburg SC on Friday evening of 10/10/14. I must admit that the food was great but the service was lacking to say the least... Our server ** took our order, brought the food, and was never see of again. I had to get up to fill the drink glasses myself and at that time another waiter seen me do that and ask where I was sitting (and I showed her). She apologized and said she would keep an eye on us. Like I said I never saw the original waiter and the one who said she would keep an eye on us never saw her either.. and for the second time I had to fill our beverage glasses.

We sat for a while waiting on the bill to arrive but it never did. We had to go to the register where we had to wait about 8 min for someone to even realize that we were needing to pay. This was the first time in a long long time that I have visited Denny's, sad to say the food was good but I'm not sure if I will visit again anytime in the near future.

Bill Error
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Rating: 1/51

RIPON, CALIFORNIA -- We went to Denny's in Ripon Friday night on the way to Grass Valley. When we arrived at Grass Valley we discovered that they gave us the wrong bill. We went back on the way home and stopped to tell them about the error. The manager was very rude and yelled at us. He accused us of shorting them by $9.00 because he said our bill was $38. There is no way our bill was that much because we ordered 2 half salads, 1 hamburger, 1 Side Salad, 1 cup of soup and 3 drinks. The manager told us there was nothing he could do to correct the error. I guess there the customer is always wrong.

Best Service
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Rating: 5/51

BELLMEAD, TEXAS -- I had the best experience even though it was only a to go order. My food was amazing and the manager was extremely nice and made sure I was happy with my food. Before I left he opened it all up so I could see how it looked. Presentation was amazing. The waitress was so sweet. I wish I got her name. I'm a waitress so I know what I expect even if it's a to go order. I feel the company I work for has nothing on the Denny's I went to. It's way better. Good job Denny's in Bellmead TX.

Dirty Coffee Cup
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON HIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- We have eaten here several times, but this past Thursday we stopped there for breakfast and the waiter brought me a cup of coffee! I was looking at the menu and didn't pay attention to my coffee cup until I went to take a sip, and I noticed red lipstick on my cup!!! It was a dirty cup, I called the waiter over and I pointed to the cup and he tried to make a joke out of it by saying it was mine. I said, "Do you see lipstick on me," and he laughed. I said, "Well I at least should get my Coffee free today," and no comment, well I still had to pay for my cup of coffee - now I wonder about their tableware's cleanliness!!!

Heck I could have made a big stink about by wanting to see a manager and I didn't. They could have given me a free cup of coffee or a free Breakfast - even Better!!! I'm not going to lie - we always enjoy Denny's food not a problem there but I felt the waiter could have at least gave me my coffee free but he didn't even offer!

Overcharge on Bill
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Rating: 2/51

EUSTIS, FLORIDA -- I was in your Denny's Restaurant in Eustis, Fl last week 11/18/13 and again today 11/25/13 and ordered the same items from your menu. Last week I paid $3.21 and today $4.38. My order was from the $2.00 menu and it was biscuit, gravy, and hash browns and also ordered coffee.

I am a senior citizen and am on a fixed income, so I have to make my money stretch as far as I can.The price was one thing, but the rudeness of the manager was another. There was no reasoning with him. I checked out around 10:30 am so he should be easy to track down and have this addressed to him and correct such behavior. There are too many places to go that you can be treated with respect.

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