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Dirty Coffee Cup
Posted by Deecar210 on 12/21/2013
ARLINGTON HIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- We have eaten here several times, but this past Thursday we stopped there for breakfast and the waiter brought me a cup of coffee!!! I was looking at the menu and didn't pay attention to my coffee cup until I went to take a sip, and I noticed red lipstick on my cup!!! It was a dirty cup, I called the waiter over and I pointed to the cup and and he tried to make a Joke out of it by saying it was mine. I said do you see Lipstick on me and he laughed I said well I at least should get my Coffee free today and no comment, well I still had to pay for my cup of coffee now I wonder about there tablewares cleanliness!!! Heck I could have made a big stink about by wanting to see a manager and I didn't they could have given me a free cup of coffee or a free Breakfast even Better!!! I'm not gonna lie we always enjoy Denny's food not a problem there but I felt the waiter could have at least gave me my coffee free but he didn't even offer!!!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-22:
It would've been a nice gesture, but as long as you were given a clean cup of coffee as a replacement, and if this was just a one time occurrence, then I'd let it side.
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The Restaurant Was Very Cold
Posted by Msimpson on 12/08/2013
The restaurant was very cold due to a non-working heater. Food and drinks got cold very fast. We complained to the waitresses. Manager hadn't paid attention to the workers' complaints since the first day heater stopped working.
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Cold Cold Food
Posted by Maryll2003 on 12/01/2013
We are regular customers and the service and food are usually very good. Today the food was very cold. We told the waiter and he was totally unimpressed. We were really disappointed because we like Dennys.
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Overcharge on Bill
Posted by Grh612 on 11/25/2013
EUSTIS, FLORIDA -- I was in your Denny's Restaurant in Eustis, Fl last week 11/18/13 and again today 11/25/13 and ordered the same items from your menu.Last week I paid $3.21 and today $4.38.My order was from the $ 2.00 menu and it was biscuit gravy and hash browns and also ordered coffee.

I am a senior citizen and am on a fixed income, so I have to make my money stretch as far as I can.The price was one thing, but the rudeness of the manager was another.There was no reasoning with him.I checked out around 10:30 am so he should be easy to track down and have this addressed to him and correct such behavior.There are too many places to go that you can be treated with respect.

Gary R. Haight
cell: 352-321-2517
e-mail: grh612@gmail.com
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Bugs Flying Everywhere, Chips of the Ceiling Falling Onto Our Table and Poorly Cooked Food
Posted by Lilliedavalos on 11/17/2013
OAKLAND, FLORIDA -- Our service person was excellent, the building was dirty, multiple flying bugs that landed on our dorks and food, parts of the ceiling falling onto our table and the food was not so great! Spoke to the general manager who acted like he was doing me a favor and gave us a 15.00 credit of our 42.00 bill! Left the [server] a ten dollar tip and will never return! The GM told me there were several health code violations and he "was trying" to get it together! try harder buddy! DO NOT go to this restaurant, my husband threw up and my son and I didn't even eat the food. Worst experience ever
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-11-20:
I suggest filing a complaint to the health department yourself, the more complaints they get they may be compelled to shut it down.
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Great Management Support
Posted by Praisehim1 on 11/13/2013
GLEN CARBON, ILLINOIS -- We have been in the Denny's Restaurant in Glen Carbon several times in the past few months. Almost all of the times, China was the Manager on Duty. Most of the times we were there, we sat at the counter, so we had a closer view of the "team at work." And a TEAM it was - which is clearly a reflection of her leadership! You could see that China is one who "leads by example." She worked WITH her crew and they operated like a well-oiled machine. Furthermore, the atmosphere was upbeat and pleasant, even when it was very busy; and she kept it all running smoothly.

I am writing this to give credit where it is due, and to say that we believe China is worthy of your recognition. You probably already know what an asset she is to your company, as I can imagine we are not the first to write and tell you about her. We always look forward to going to Denny's in Glen Carbon. I wish we knew all the names of her crew, as they deserve kudos, as well. I do remember one. And that is Cheryl. She is always pleasant and acts like she's glad to see us.

I have one thing left to say and that is this: With employees like these, Denny's, you're looking good!

With Best Regards,
Bob and Cathy
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Just a Bad Dining experience...
Posted by Toejam999 on 11/12/2013
PALM SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- My wife and I went for a late night meal at this restaurant. We were seated quickly (the restaurant was almost empty) and were greeted by the manager (I believe that her name was Marilyn). She promptly took our order, we both ordered eggs in skillets and omelets. Marilyn was very attentive, but literally every 10 minutes she had been going outside to smoke, and when she returned we had to endure her breath (I'm guessing that she was smoking Newports by the stench, I was a smoker for many years, etc). We got our meals in about 10 minutes, no problems there. The eggs were literally still covered in vegetable oil and were undercooked as well. We just ate as much as we could stand to and left. Just an all around terrible experience.
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Posted by Zack on 2013-11-14:
Good for you, you got crappy food so you ate and left without paying your bill. But you should have said something.
Posted by firstborntriplet on 2013-11-14:
I can see why you just left without paying, but next time be careful in case they get your license plate number.
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Bad Cooking and Quality of Food
Posted by Beschrojo on 11/04/2013
Cob salad seemed like left over chicken, left over bacon. Omelet does something to your stomach. Recommend cook be instructed. Perhaps health inspection due.
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Rude Management, Dirty Deplorable Store
Posted by Carrcundiff7 on 10/19/2013
Visited the location in Daytona Beach, Florida. The service by the waiter named Corey was the only thing worth the visit. He did a great job. The walls had black mold, the ceiling leaked on me, the manager took my husband's pancakes from his order and loudly. So I plan to complain further.

The dripping ceiling dropped water or whatever it was in my food!!

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-10-23:
File a complaint with the Volusia County Health Department or code enforcement.
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Sunday Night Oct 13 Manager 8:30 Pm
Posted by Sagea20082746 on 10/14/2013
HUMBLE HWY 59, TEXAS -- Rude belligerent would not admit the potatoes were not an up charge. She took them off but tried telling us there should have been a charge then verbally attacked me saying all her waitresses know about me! I thought she was nuts! She was yelling at me from her register while my 67 yr old fiancé and I were eating at the table!! All I tried to do was have her look at the menu so she would not tell her waitresses the wrong thing. She kept yelling at me! We paid our bill and I told her to start looking for another job. She then threatens to call the police! She followed fiancé and me to the car threatening us to call the police. Do yourself a favor if you want a relaxing dinner do not go there!!! Never seen such belligerence
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