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Just a Bad Dining Experience...
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Rating: 1/51

PALM SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- My wife and I went for a late night meal at this restaurant. We were seated quickly (the restaurant was almost empty) and were greeted by the manager (I believe that her name was **). She promptly took our order, we both ordered eggs in skillets and omelets. ** was very attentive, but literally every 10 minutes she had been going outside to smoke, and when she returned we had to endure her breath (I'm guessing that she was smoking Newports by the stench, I was a smoker for many years, etc).

We got our meals in about 10 minutes, no problems there. The eggs were literally still covered in vegetable oil and were undercooked as well. We just ate as much as we could stand to and left. Just an all-around terrible experience.

Sunday Night Oct 13 Manager 8:30 PM
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Rating: 1/51

HUMBLE HWY 59, TEXAS -- Rude, belligerent, would not admit the potatoes were not an upcharge. She took them off but tried telling us there should have been a charge then verbally attacked me saying all her waitresses know about me! I thought she was nuts! She was yelling at me from her register while my 67 yr old fiancé and I were eating at the table!! All I tried to do was have her look at the menu so she would not tell her waitresses the wrong thing. She kept yelling at me!

We paid our bill and I told her to start looking for another job. She then threatens to call the police! She followed fiancé and me to the car threatening us to call the police. Do yourself a favor - if you want a relaxing dinner do not go there!!! Never seen such belligerence.

Half-Cooked Chicken, Slow Service
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Rating: 1/51

CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE -- I have been to Denny's a lot, mostly at night when it's not crowded. Tonight we had the worst service we have ever had. It took so long to get our food. When we ordered, we ordered chicken to go for our dog. When we finally got our food, my husband's omelet did not have everything on it. What it did have was skimpy. I don't know if the people walking around were cooks, but they walked in and out a lot. When we got ready to leave our server went to get our to go order. The guy in back got smart with our server because he told him the chicken was to go. When we got home the chicken was pink. Needless to say, our dog didn't get her chicken. We had to throw it away.

I don't know if the lady in the green blouse was a manager or just a cashier but if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have gotten our drinks refilled. I thought maybe our server was new, but it wasn't his fault our food wasn't what it was supposed to be. The cooks should have been cooking instead of walking around. It wasn't only us that had to wait forever to get their food. I hope their food was better than ours. We will be going elsewhere from now on, but Denny's needs to hire a cook for night or teach the young man to cook.

Deplorable Conditions
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Rating: 1/51

LAFAYETTE, INDIANA -- We went to Denny's for dinner and my grandson was seated in a booster chair. All of a sudden he went head first to the floor, seat and all. Luckily he was not injured. We found the strap had not been buckled because it was broken. They said how sorry they were and got him another seat (that worked). Next our meal was served and my granddaughter was eating chili and bit down on something strange. She pulled it out of her mouth and it was a piece of plastic from evidently a sack or something that had fallen in her chili.

They did not even come to say anything to us, just that she talked to the manager and they would credit for her bowl of chili. I filled out a complaint form and truly expected to hear back from them. We had to pay for our full bill and not even an apology for the seat or the chili.

What can be done about such things? I do not believe in lawsuits, but I believe in fair treatment. This was VERY unfair as our meal was ruined by my grandson's fall and scare and the soup was the topping on the cake. Obviously we left without hardly eating and paid a big price for it. The date was 6/28/13 at Denny's in Lafayette, IN on 4260 South St.

Rude Employee, Great Management, Service and Food

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- Last night a group of us went to Denny's for dinner to celebrate my sister in law's birthday. Our group consisted of 10 adults and 5 kids, ranging in ages from 3-7 years old. We were seated in a section of the restaurant that was separated from the rest of the diners. We had the whole section to ourselves. The kids all wanted to sit in a booth on their own. They were enjoying looking out the windows and were watching the cars go by and were laughing and talking amongst themselves.

Our waitress had already taken our order and we were waiting for our food when another employee approached the table. She told us that other diners had complained about the level of noise from the kids. She told us that the kids had to sit at our table and that we had to make them be quiet. She said it was against Denny's policy for kids to sitting at a different table than the adults.

One of the adults in our party asked to speak to a manager. The employee just said 'fine' and turned and walked away. The manager came over and we asked if it was okay for the kids to sit in their own booth next to our table. She explained that the kids were enjoying looking out the window. The manager was very nice and said that was fine, as long as the kids weren't running around the restaurant (which they weren't). We asked if it was against Denny's policy for the kids to be sitting in their own booth. She said no as long as we were nearby.

We also asked about the noise level of the kids. They were having a good time and we didn't think that the noise level was unacceptable. The manager said she has kids too and that she didn't think the kids were being too loud. We did tell her that the other employee should be updated on Denny's policies. She said she would talk to that employee and we thanked her for her time.

I am writing this as a compliment because the manager was very understanding and our waitress was wonderful. She was very patient with the kids and had a pleasant attitude the whole time she was waiting on us. I would also like to compliment the food. I haven't eaten at Denny's in a few years.

The food has really improved. I got a classic burger and seasoned fries. The burger was juicy and looked like someone had actually formed it into a patty before placing it on the grill because it wasn't perfectly round, like pre-shaped patties are. The fries were the best I've had in a while. I hardly ever eat more than a few fries with my meal as I do not care for salty foods. But I ate the entire plate of fries. I also noticed a lot more variety on the menu than before. With the exception of the rude employee, I enjoyed my dining experience at Denny's.

Dining Experience Ruined By Poor Dessert / Service
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- This one time, my sister and I decided to stop and have dinner at a nearby Denny's restaurant after catching "War of the Worlds" starring Tom Cruise at the movie theater. Little did I know this would turn out to be a big mistake.

First off, we had to wait about 2 minutes for the greeter to seat a couple in front of us before finally returning to seat us - only we were forced to sit at a table as opposed to a booth which would have been greatly preferred. I feel guests such as myself should not be forced to wait for a table and Denny's should hire additional wait staff to serve as greeters. In any event, after we were finally seated and served our meals we had a unremarkable experience except for being forced to endure the conversations of annoying diners also in our general area.

Upon completing our meals, we decided to order desserts. My sister chose some type of pie (I don't remember exactly which, it's been awhile this this occurred) while I ordered a classic hot fudge sundae. When the desserts finally arrived, I was very disappointed to say the least. My so called "hot fudge" sundae tasted like Hershey's syrup that they just pulled out of the refrigerator. I forced down and suffered through as much of the sundae as I could which was a little more than half before having my sister try it.

Once I finally managed to get the attention of our incompetent server I informed her of the problem. I told her that Hershey's syrup did not constitute a hot fudge sundae. I returned to her the remaining third of my sundae and told her I deserved a more acceptable replacement. After waiting approximately 3 MORE minutes for my new sundae to arrive, the topping was indeed hot, but the vanilla ice cream was far more melty than my first sundae. I couldn't believe this.

While choking down this second sundae and trying to keep the meal I just ate from coming back up, the waitress returned to see if the new sundae was satisfactory. My sister replied something along the lines of "far from it, but you've done enough." I wish I could have given her a piece of my mind at this time, but I was phoning my brother and filling him in on the details of the movie.

Upon finishing this sorry excuse for a dessert, we went and spoke to the manager standing near the cash register. I explained to him the lackluster service and the two terrible desserts I was forced to endure and demanded to know how he planned to placate me. At first he offered to deduct the cost of both my sister and my own desserts from our bill. I couldn't believe this. I scoffed and told him that this was completely unacceptable to the point of being humiliating.

I told him that our entire meal and beverages should be completely free of charge. The manager refused this citing that no one received any complaints about the meals. At this point my sister stepped in to defuse the situation and offered to pay the bill. I was still in a state of disbelief over the quality of my sundae and the treatment I received by the wait staff and manager that I returned to the table and replaced the tip my sister had left with a stick of gum and a button that I found at the bottom of my purse. I also loosened the cap on the salt shaker. Now were even Denny's. I'll be glad to never visit there again!

Bad Management
By -

TEXAS -- I am a very upset mother. I loved Denny's, I never thought bad about the servers, cooks and hostesses until my daughter started working with Denny's. I have a 16 year old daughter that started working at Denny's since March 2006 till now - Sept. 06. She is a very smart girl, but very rebellious at this point in her life. I made a choice to allow her to work to see if this would change her ways of thinking and to become more responsible. She is wondering about who she really is. Well, it's been HELL!!!

Since she has started working there, she has become comfortable in thinking that smoking is cool, cocaine snorting on the job is cool, opening whip cream bottles with her co-workers to suck up the air it contains to feel wheezy, and staying at her will way beyond her punch out time, (might I add that now I have an idea as to why she might be staying there late, she might be snorting crap to feel good with the rest of the junkies), having that this goes against the Texas Law allowing a minor to work past 10:30pm on school nights and 11:30pm weekends.

One time she worked from 6pm to 5:45am saying that they needed help. If she goes in at 6pm she is supposed to stop work at 11:00pm but she is never ready when I go pick her up. She has excuses that they are short handed, blah blah blah. Maybe this drug makes her feel like staying there and not come home, but, one manager is aware of this. I have already complained to one manager that I suspected she doing drugs and she was getting it at work. I also suggested they do a random drug screening and all she told me was that if she did a random drug test that she would have to fire every employee.

Then I suggested they needed to pull my daughter in and give her a great big scare and tell her drugs are not allowed in the workplace and that they are illegal and restricted in the workplace or else one would be fired on the spot. You see, I am seeking managements help to help my 16 year old make better choices and that was not what I expected coming from a manager. The smoking was also mentioned, so they said they talked with her. She is not to take 15 minute breaks outside, but they still let her. A manager should not allow a minor to work past the Texas Law requirements.

They do not seem to be strict with policy and they tell her nothing, or write her up or demand she clock out at the time she is supposed to. In other words if my 16 year old is willing to slave till the next day they will take advantage of a 16 year old. I have learned a lot of crap that goes on in that work place. I REGRET letting her work there.

But now she loves her job so much and is a very dependable worker. Her registers are always balanced. These managers obviously don't really see that if they don't hear me and acknowledge my concerns for my 16 year old, then I have no other choice but to go to corporate office and clean house. I have to mention that I have been tempted to report the selling of drugs to a minor in the Denny's location. I read their employee policy handbook it does mention a drug free work place, but management is to busy or tired or even both to care about a drug free environment.

Monday August 28, 2006 she came home with cocaine, I did not realize it till the daylight hours that she had stayed up all night, wired. I was so angry, yes, she makes her choices but the managers have not done crap about this problem. One of her co-workers is selling it to her. This is just recent she started doing this crap. She is using all her tip money on this crap. One manager told me that she knows that one woman is a cocaine addict and one guy does marijuana.

I NEED VERY GOOD ADVISE AS TO HOW TO APPROACH THIS MATTER TO THE MANAGERS. I don't want them to fire my daughter but I don't need her to be led the wrong path of junky low life people. Those employees need strict, honest, smart, responsible and caring Managers. They set the example. I already rang a bell to the corporate office asking them what they would do if they suspected drugs in the workplace, they referred my question to the owner of this location.

My daughter was upset saying that someone sent the managers a letter about cocaine and now they are requesting random drug screening. She feels its her fault if any co-workers get fired. WHAT DOES ANYONE THINK ABOUT MY PROBLEM? WHAT ADVISE CAN YOU GIVE ME? Need much feedback. Stressed, worried, mom.

Bad customer service. Will not return to any Denny's.
By -

DUARTE, CALIFORNIA -- Below is an email I sent to Denny's through their website. I did receive a response asking for my telephone number, but was never contacted. Since the incident, I have not returned to any Denny's and am not planning to. I have convinced several friends and family members to stay away from Denny's.

Let me begin by saying that before 3/31-4/1/06 I was a very satisfied Denny's customer. I loved the food, atmosphere, and the friendly employees. My girlfriend and I would go to Denny's every week, but since then I have not returned to any of your restaurants.

On 3/31 a friend and I went to a concert an hour and a half away from our homes. The concert ended late so we arrived back to our area around 12:30 am PDT on 4/1/06. We decided to go to the Denny's in Duarte since neither of us had eaten the whole night. Like I said, Denny's has always been a favorite of mine and I always enjoyed the experience. So the host sat us and we ordered our drinks and food. As we waited for our drinks we noticed a friend of ours was sitting close by with a group of his friends. At that time the waitress came over with our drinks. As she went to place the tray of drinks on our table, my drink tilted and fell.

My diet coke spilled all over my pants and the lower part of my shirt. Ice cubes were everywhere. The waitress began to apologize and I could tell it was an accident. She quickly ran to get some towels. She came back quickly with towels and I could see how embarrassed she was. I understand how these things happen. Even though this had never happened to me before I knew it was an accident and had confidence the manager would take care of everything. So we waited for our food with my pants completely wet and soaking through to my boxers. It was a cold night and I was shivering the whole time. Forty-five minutes later we received our food.

The waitress tried to make things better by offering me a free dessert. I declined her offer. I have never ordered a dessert since the food always fills my hunger. I still thought the manager would surely do something to satisfy me. I thought at least he would comp me for a part of my meal. So we ate and the waitress brought us our bill. The bill was for the total amount so I asked to speak to the manager. I believe the manager's name was Daniel. I explained to Daniel what had happened and how cold and upset I was. I told him that I did not expect to pay full price for my meal.

At first he thought I had spilled the drink on myself, and told me to pay full price. I quickly explained his waitress had spilled it over me. He gave the waitress a look as she stood next to him. I thought he would correct his attitude and fix the bill appropriately. Instead he said I would have to pay the full bill and he would reimburse me for cleaning my pants. He gave the bill to an employee and walked away. He didn't apologize or do anything to change my mood. The employee that was charging me was very nice. In fact every employee in that restaurant was nice and polite except for the manager. I expected the manager to be the most customer friendly, but I was wrong.

I have not gone back to give the manager my bill from the cleaners. The restaurant is almost 9 miles away, so I'm not going to drive back for the value to clean my pants and shirt. I was very upset with how the manager treated me. I am a college student and I have learned that the number one component of any business is your customers. I was disrespected and embarrassed. I have not and will not ever go back to any Denny's. I understand that this doesn't happen at every restaurant, but I expect the best from Denny's.

I expected a Denny's manager to know that it is easier and cheaper to keep an established customer than to acquire a new one. All he had to do was comp me a few dollars and I would have walked away happy. Instead I walked away cold and upset. A few dollars would have kept my loyalty. I thank you for your time.

Do Not Buy Any Kind of Drink at Denny's. Their Policy to the Waiter Is, "One Cup That's It"
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Rating: 3/51

VISALIA, CALIFORNIA -- I was asked at Denny's if I would like coffee for my beverage. I then ask "Do you give refills?" She answered "Oh, yes" and I replied "Then I'll have a cup" (Knowing that this is not their "secret" policy, because of many past examples of service and watching their other tables also). I think that Denny's Restaurant's slogan should be called "One cup that's it" (This is true of all Denny's Restaurants).

Horrible Service
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Rating: 3/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- We waited for at least 15 minutes to get our drink ordered then another 10 minutes to get our drinks out. Our food took approximately 30 minutes. Once we had our food we were never waited on. We never received refills or anything. When we paying out we asked to speak to the manager, the manager never came out.

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