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Denny's Restaurant
203 East Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29319-9966
864-597-8000 (ph)
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ALL -- I just read the article where police detectives were asked to leave a Kentucky Denny's restaurant because they were armed. I was a police officer for 33 years and have always enjoyed and supported Denny's. This liberal insulting policy is unbelievable in a democracy where police are our first line of defense from all threats. SHAME ON YOU. I WILL NEVER VISIT DENNY'S AGAIN, SO YOU CAN REST EASY BECAUSE I AM ARMED AND DISGUSTED!

Cold Food
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Rating: 1/51

MIDLOTHIAN, VIRGINIA -- 1st visit - I brought my wife for breakfast. We were both served runny eggs (hers were sunny-side up and mine were scrambled). 2nd visit - My wife brought a coworker for lunch. The coworker got food poisoning and puked before she could even leave. 3rd visit - Last chance! My wife and I ordered the turkey and stuffing from the new "Hobbit" menu. The turkey and gravy were served CHILLED! Honestly, the cranberry sauce was warmer. I thought it was illegal to serve meat that hadn't been freshly cooked to a temperature high enough to kill Salmonella. We won't return!

Terrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH CAROLINA -- We went to eat at 800 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach. First, my niece's eggs were supposed to be over-easy, they were hard. When we sent them back they were barely different. We asked to just take that meal off the bill. The waitress said she would send the manager over but he never came. Finally when we got a refill on soda and notice, I said a refill. I asked about the store home number or any contact info.

So while we are waiting we watched a girl getting her hair and makeup done behind the wall where the drinks are fixed. Then they all moved to the register to ring up our bill which was $51.04 and one of the girls was still standing there stroking another waitress' hair. By this time the manager I think her name was ** came over and was very, very nice and said she would take care of the problem. But one can only hope.

Rude Waiter
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Rating: 1/51

CYPRESS, TEXAS -- I visited Denny's in Cypress TX 77429 at the corner of HWY 290 and Spring Cypress Rd at 06:00 am. The waiter dropped the menu in front of me without saying anything. After five minutes he was just standing about 5 feet from me and I said, "I am ready to order." He asked, "What do you want?" I asked if there was some type of problem. He said in a very loud voice, "Yes there is." and started walking towards me saying something like every damn week -- I stood up and backed out the door feeling very threatened. The waiter's name is **. He acted like he wanted to get into a fight!!!! I didn't want to fight. The next time I will call the police!!!

Rude Manager
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Rating: 4/51

NORTHRIDGE, CALIFORNIA -- I approached the register to pay my tab (Date 07-25-2012, 2:18 pm). Usually I am greeted by an employee taking my payment, always pleasant and courteous. In this case the manager (**), who had never before taken my payment, simply stared at me without saying a word. Annoyed by this discourtesy, I just stared back at him for a few seconds, then I said to him, "Do you speak?" Then he did.

When I presented my VISA card, he asked for ID. I explained that I had recently lost my billfold with ID. I had received the replacement VISA card but no other replacement cards yet. He insisted that he must have ID. (My VISA card is for debit, not credit. On that date there was slightly under $2,000 in my checking account. The amount of my check was $19.65). I told him that I, with a friend, routinely patronize this store about twice a week and have done so for at least three months. And that I had never been asked for ID!

Still the manager balked, directing my attention to a sign near the register stating that ID will be solicited under certain conditions. I repeated that in approximately 24 previous meals at this store over the last three months, never once had the acting cashier ever asked for ID, nor directed my attention to the sign. I replied, of course, that in any event there was firmly established precedent for my not needing to present ID. I needed a haircut; maybe that's what offended him.

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Rating: 2/51

PORTAGE, INDIANA -- We are very frequent customers at Denny's in Portage, IN. The smoking section is in the far corner of the building but as soon as you come in the doors, you are overcome by the smell of smoke. We sit in the very front of the restaurant by the door and by the time we leave, I am having a hard time breathing and my clothes reek of cigarette smoke. Please, please get with the program and make your facilities all non smoking. I know smokers can get through one meal without a cigarette. They do it all the time at other restaurants.

Equal Pay for Equal Work and Dedicated Service
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EL PASO, TEXAS -- I am a retired U.S. Army Disabled Vet and also a retired Civilian Law Enforcement Officer. I have been regularly visiting Denny's, located at Montwood and George Dieter, El Paso, Texas, for nearly four years. Since this time, I have gotten acquainted with nearly every manager, Cook, Server, and even dish washers. One of the things and most important, things I have always done as a Leader/Supervisor, is to reward my employee(s) as needed, based upon their performance; as well, disciplined those that did not perform. One of the things that most bothered me, was a cook by the name of Juan **.

I have gotten to know him quite well, not as a friend, but an acquaintance. During my discussions with him, I found that he has been a dedicated cook with Denny's for over 20 years. I, having been going to Denny's for nearly four years, without any doubt, found Juan to be above and beyond, the best of cooks; not only as a cook, but the amount of time it takes him to provide a multitude of orders at a time.

As I conversed with Juan, he shared his salary and amount of pay he has been receiving. I was most astonished, Denny's, being a large franchise, paying this cook, dedicated to Denny's, such a minimal salary. Especially, knowing there have been several other large restaurants attempting to recruit him. I want to express that I am not a friend to this cook, but only an acquaintance, as I am with all employees. Going further, this Denny's has gone through a large turnover, due to the new Managers on board. Presently, Alex is the acting Manager.

He as well, is truly a professional, and has made changes better for the restaurant. However, while he may agree, does not have such authority to increase ones' pay. Once it goes above local level, the Manager and cook are at the mercy of regional and corporate level.

Denny's, being such a large franchise, can surely identify those such as Juan, and at least, increase their wages, as an incentive for their dedication, devotion to duty, and services they provide the customers. I assure all, if they devote a little time to evaluate these type employees, it is advantageous to the Denny's restaurant. Hoping a little time will be invested, and this individual will be rewarded as such. Thanking you for your time.

By -

I am a former manager and general manager of Denny's I started 23 years ago with the corporate store and over the years they started franchising and it became such a stressful situation to try to stay with the corporate so I ended up with a franchise and then another and another. I have always tried to get the corporation be more strict with the franchises the problem is it's all about the money, if they fail an inspection they just pay Denny's corp. if they don't score well on a shopper they just pay. I have not worked for Denny's for about 7 months I had to get out I felt like a passenger on the Titanic which is very sad because about 10 years ago I would have never considered the thought of leaving. It is hard to watch them sink no body will listen or they only ask the questions they can get the right answer to. I have a Denny's shirt that we got when they joined forces with special Olympics and I threw it on went to change the tires on my car on my journey I saw three men at the tire shop each had a comment about whether or not I brought breakfast ha, ha, after which followed how bad the service was the last time they went to Denny's oddly enough three different locations. I found myself still trying to defend the brand. I then drove around the corner to the local second hand appliance store where I encountered yet two more men and they to ask did I bring the GranDSLam we laughed then the comment start that the service is so awful and the food quality has gone down one of the men went as far as to say you could "read the paper through the bacon" his name is Jim is is the owner of the appliance store. Now I wonder if I was only away from my house less than 2 miles and I got 5 (five) negative comments. Where are the people who work for the company, they are the ones refusing to work weekends or go out and talk to people. This is how you find out what people think about what you are selling, most of the people who can make a difference never come out and that is so different from before when Denny's corporate was being more active. I hate to think that if someone with a little ambition could start a run off of Denny's and make a lot of people very happy just with a big service and great food.

Many Positives And Also Negatives
By -

ANY STATE USA -- As A USA Over The Road Trucker, and also regular driving through the states
. Dennys as many positives, and also negatives. The Waitresses, in most Dennys
are very socialable, and friendly. They seldom give you any request as to the foods you must order, or to order any more than coffee, or a drink.(you
must purchase something)

Depending on the hour, which you arrive, and the place you choose to sit,
is mainly directed by the receptionist waitress. Mostly you can sit where
you wish, depending on the Dennys size, and hour. Sitting at the counter,
which is what most Dennys have, is optional all the time. Usually all you
have to order is a drink.

A Bottom Less cup of coffee, is great, or even tea. One can sit and talk
with other customers, or just sit, and watch other people, or small talk with
a waitress. The coffee usually flows, and even hours later, you can leave,
or sooner. Another time to stop, and usually after a few times, you will be
remembered. Once its established, you are a Trucker, or a regular resident,
you always have a great time, and good coffee.

When you are just a traveler, or an occasional patron, things are usually
very different. If you don't tip well, or give too many request, or are impersonal, the waitresses may be a little irritable if you take their table
when they need others to sit there, in rush hours. These people are usually
treated in different ways, and soon leave.

Waitresses do not make much money, but some are actually wealthier than
the customers they wait on. To many waitresses Dennys is just a place for
them to do something, and get out of the house and make friends. Many waitresses in some Dennys, are poorer than most employees, so this is a different Dennys, as many are not located in wealthy areas or hire wealthy employees.

Dennys is mostly a great place.

Delicious Burger
By -

MARTIN WAY E, LACEY, WA -- We ate at the Denny's on Martin Way E, in Lacey, WA recently, and decided to try the cheeseburger special. They said it was a new burger, with a new fries configuration. The burger looked more like a homemade burger than the conventional perfectly round or square patties. The meat patty was thick and very juicy, and had a fantastic flavor. The set-up was good, with dill pickle chips, sliced red onion and shredded lettuce (I do not have tomato on my burgers. The burger was served with a steak knife, and I recommend using the knife, as the sandwich is a real mouthful, and unless you are Joe E. Brown or Carol Channing, you will have trouble with the height of the burger. The fries that come with it are a new Denny's item, thick, and with groves on one side. They are crisp on the outside and the inside is tender and quite flavorful. The combo is served with a Coke, but you may substitute another soft drink, and they refil. All in all, the Better Burger deal is well worth the price they have on it, and we will have it again.

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