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Rude and Unprofessional - Depew Appliance and Service Austin TX
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Detail of my complaint:

On Oct 19, 2011, the undersigned called Whirpool at 800-253-1301 requesting to diagnose a problem with my washing machine. My machine stopped working and I just hear a motor sound. Whirpool then referred me to an Austin-base company named Depew Appliance and Service Inc. located at 5933 Burnet Rd, Austin TX (referred to as "Depew" in this letter).

On Oct 21, 2011 Depew sent their technician "Steve" to my residence to check my washing machine. I was in the house the whole duration of his visit. After testing he concluded that the Control Board of my machine is faulty.. Although he brought with him his own Control Board but he never showed me my machine working when he installed his control board even though I was in the house at the time. With my lack of knowledge at the time, I missed requesting that he show me the machine working with his control board.. But he should have involve me in the diagnosis since I was just home and should have been his initiative. Anyway Steve then said that the total cost of the control board plus service is $194.03 on top of the diagnosis fee of $81.19. I was taken aback with the cost since used working used washing machine on Craigslist just cost $150. So I said I can only pay him for his diagnosis of $81.19 by personal check. He issued me an invoice with account # 4250979. I also thought I also could get a cheaper control board online which I did. I ordered a control board from and also chatted with a technician named Kelly.. but base on the symptoms I related to her, Kelly confidently said that the issue is NOT with the control board but the Control panel is the one that is faulty. But since Steve has personally checked my machine I decided to purchase a control board. When the board arrived on Oct 25 I immediately installed it as its easy to install since I followed simple instructions how to install it myself. But when I installed the new control board it manifested the same issue as before.. So I called Steve over the phone and he said the new control board I purchased is also faulty and that I have to replace it... which I did.. Then the 2nd new control board arrived on Nov 8 and when I installed it, exactly same issue again manifested. That was when I suspected probably Steve misdiagnosed my Washing Machine. So I tried calling Depew the same day but wasn't able to reach Steve. Instead another guy named Kenneth answered the phone. He said that Steve has the right diagnosis but I insisted that I recalled Steve never showed me the washing machine working with his control board installed so I'm doubting he got the correct diagnosis. Since wasn't helping me at all, I decided to visit personally their store on Nov 8, 2011 at 5933 Burnet Rd Austin TX to request an audience with their manager. Then I met the manager named Michael who I believe is also the owner of the company..

After introducing myself and explained the issue and told him that I wasn't satisfied with the service rendered by Steve because with 2 new control boards why is my machine still not working so I doubt Steve got the correct diagnosis. I was a dissatisfied customer and I was hoping they would find a way to help me since I already paid them $81.19.. But to my surprise, this Michael was so rude, his response was "We have done our job, you are on your own now. We don't need your business. Good Bye" I said "Is this how you treat your customers?" he answered me "This is how I treat you".. I felt discriminated and insulted by his unprofessionalism. I couldn't imagine an owner of a business treating a customer like that.. Before I left I told him that I will report him
to Whirlpool since they referred Depew to me and I would also report to the Texas Atty General. He just said "Go ahead do what you want to do. We have nothing to do with you" I couldn't believe we have a business owner like this here in Austin TX.

I really appreciate you helping me with this issue with Depew Appliance esp with this issue with their manager Michael. I also demand refund of $81.19 for the diagnosis as they don't deserve to be paid and also they should pay me the cost of the control board $85.13. Lastly I like to request that whatever License this company is holding must be reviewed as his dealing with me as customer is nothing short of discriminatory.

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