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Fraud? rip off by by Kurt B The Liquidation Group, LLC in Scottsdale AZ
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SCOTTSDALE AZ, ARIZONA -- Here is what happened, it is very horrible worse ever shopping experience's on Oct, 2012 I purchased $5178.42 for Michel Kors Handbag from website http://www/. designerliquidations. com/. payment paid by Bank wire payment. the owner and it is only one seller, this guy name is Kurt B , it is only one seller only one person answer the your phone and email. I never get the merchandise, I never got the payment refund . I paid the Wire Transfer payment

I was looking for buying authentic brand handbag lot for Christmas gift ., I found this seller from a , he used to be recommend seller in the list. and website http://www/. designerliquidations. com/ has over 5 year business experience, and I contact the phone number 866-567-8989 which show on the shopping site.

Kurt, B He told me shipment deliver 10 days after payment, shipped from US, I though he has merchandise in US stock from Macy's return apartment. After few phone chatting and few email go and forward. I submitted the payment on OCT 2012. this site payment request is wire transfer payment only. After 10 days, I did not received the merchandise from sellers . I asked . He said the handbag he order from someone in Italy first,then ship to his stock house, but the shipment has problem cannot be deliver to him, shipment can’t go through customs of Italy in his supplier country customs, be returned to his supplier in Italy. So he did not have the merchandise sell and ship to me . I told him I want fully refund. After more 10 more day. We still did not receive anything neither merchandise or payment refund. we asked fully refund again. this guy said he is dealing with his supplier, he will give refund soon. We waited days. We didn't get refund at all . we email him and asked him a deadline for payment refund. he said 1 week. after 1 week. and week, month, Nothing. We warned Kurt B if we didn't get refund, we will write review for our business experience online aware people, and claim to police, or you can do right thing refund the payment to buyers, he said reporting police is threat. Reporting police is threat? really? later he sent me a agreement, in the agreement, asked we agree not write any negative feedback or review on our experience, if we do, we are responsible for the lawyer or any cost if cause this matter, in the agreement does not mentioned any refund deadline. he wanted to protect his reputations and sent a cheat agreement. I asked lawyer, say it is not legal contacts, the contact is seller shall offer something, and asked buyer agree something . but this agreement it only seller ask we do something for him.he didnot offer anything liks refund deadline. not sure this guy is fool or think people is fool. of course we refused to sign such agreement, and I am getting upsetting . This guy tried to set up me shut up the mouth for what he done. Till now, we got Nothing refund. he did called us explain what happen, it is lots excuse such like he met some business problem he has no money no merchandise even a replacement. Latest update he said he will sell his website and get the funds so then has money refund to us after 1 week.

we patience to wait other week, Nothing. I contacted him, no responded. Till 2013 May, We did not get any refund, for totally email with him over 100, Kurt B tried to play around. he said it is business issue. so he can run away. I gave him a chance and time to fix for 6 month was waiting for he do right thing.but nothing, after I wrote review, he misrepresent the facts by replying review. I have contacted the owner Kurt b for over 100 email. after excuse and refund delay, I realized he just play.
I warned the seller if I did not get refund merchandise, I will report it to police, the seller Kurt b said I threatened him. The seller said he will help me refund money, if I write review online, he will not help me. This guy took over $5000 from me, he said “ Help me”.
the seller sent us a ill-legal agreement tried to fool me sign the agreement, so we cannot free to write our worse experience, he shall try hard collect money to refund customers but not play hard tried to run away and get customer shut up if he is responsible person.

I wrote the review on yelp. com but the seller Kurt b wrote other review, he signed up as other customers rating his own business 5 start and cook up a false story, he said I tried to get free item from him, he said we refuse to get replacement or rebate, and he said we (buyer) asked him do drop-ship replica channel bag in his site . after this guy took me $5000, I will ask him sell counterfeit bag behalf me in his site? I already lost $5000 in this guy how I will do business with him ? this guy make up false and fool story. we has never asked he selling anything for us, we asked replace and rebate all the time. I think this guy is getting sick lie about anything tried to hide and turn on buyer bad as revenge . For what he did, I saw it is dishonest and I won’t believe he can refund money even sold his site.

and then I got threaten from Kurt B, he said he is going to sue me bra bra, I asked my lawyer, as customers I am 100% free right to write my review and feedback for my real experience. this guy if has money sue customers, why not use the money refund the customers that he took it over $5000 for 6 months.
so now what do you think this guy?

my lesson : never sent payment by wire transfer / west unin ,money order if you don't know them. it might just turn to business issue you will have to sue them, more hassle and more cost, if police cannot involved help you as fraud case. we are buyer, we think paid amount $5000 if no merchandise then we think it will be fraud case , report to police ask help, but sometime not the simply. if police told you they cannot help you, only sue his business. those people know how to play the game, they will told you it is business issue, not fraud. beware some seller/business even do 7 years business . for this guy revenge on my review post buyers personal information , and misrepresent the facts ( said we asked him sell counterfeit coach/Chanel bag. said we refused his rebate and tried to get free item. we are file a lawsuit to against his slander.

Company Response 06/06/2013:
Emily Lee and Randy Hui are simply people who cannot accept how the off-price and liquidation business works with regards to how goods are purchased, imported and then sold. Goods are *always* purchased in advance with funds, and that's how things operate industry-wide...from buying from Macy's warehouses to independent importers. Anyone familiar with import/export knows this.

The interesting thing all of the amateur detectives on this review site are not aware of is that these people received goods and were simply unsatisfied with delivery time, for which we offered resolution. They refused tried sending the product back, and wanted additional considerations no reasonable business would put up with, all under the threat of negative online reviews.

Once we additionally refused to be essentially extorted and likewise, also refused to sell their counterfeit goods through our online channel without consideration of lawful practices, the online negative reviews began.

This all aside from the fact we also lost money through the years on some deals which we absorbed, knowing full well that this side of the apparel business is always riskier than the retail side. Brokering off-price goods deals with product that fall out of the market. It is not widely realized that it is an essential part of a typical brand's cash flow to manage reverse distribution of goods in a manner that does not harm the brand...and it is an essential part.

We have been consistently working on this end of the market for the better part of a decade, however we certainly never felt self-entitled to attempt to illegally libel and defame people personally as we have been when a deal is not perfect, though we always striven to please our customers.

After eight (8) solid years in business and after dealing with a vastly changing landscape of the brokering side of the business and tightening requirements to import many luxury brands, we decided to not incur any more risk on behalf of ourselves and our customers. Thus, we decided to close the site.

When dealing with people who expect to do business and are not prepared for some calculated risk, it seems rather petulant to lash out after resolutions were offered and denied, but these were the risks we fully accepted, however these allegedly aggrieved parties were not.

This is all about only *LATE* product that got caught up in customs for an additional week, and people who tried to take advantage of a situation and go far over a red line to get their way. It was ridiculously mishandled by the customer making things public and breaking the law at the same time.

So, suing for defamation is our only recourse which we are pursuing, as according to our own investigations, this is not the first time these kinds of stunts were pulled against other suppliers where these two people didn't get their way.

Lastly, these people were referred to us by an industry guide where we have been positively reviewed since we launched the site in 2006.

We believe this response is adequate to address the false representations by Ms. Lee and Mr. Hui.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 05/22/2013:
Wire transfer only? Yes, you got scammed.
trmn8r on 05/22/2013:
What do I think this guy? I think he ripped you off right from the start.

$5000 for a handbag is astonishing. This must be what causes some guys to refer to their women as "high maintenance."
BigAl on 05/23/2013:
I think you may need a new lawyer also. Your current one seems clueless.
Cwazychicken on 05/23/2013:
Never ever wire money to someone you don't know.....a lawyer can't help with this.
Cwazychicken on 05/23/2013:
If its not traceable, not sure cops can do anything. Kind of like those Nigerian scams, hard to tell who's behind the computer and hard to prove.
DebtorBasher on 05/23/2013:
Nothing comes up on their website...only their name.
DebtorBasher on 05/23/2013:
I did some research on him and found some contact information on him, address, business phone, home phone, etc, if you need it. But, I can't post his personal info here. He's had several different clothing business' in Scottsdale...he's also recently filed bankruptcy while going through a divorce....
BobSF on 05/23/2013:
You learned a hard lesson learned. If you are going to spend that much on a product you better go to a bricks-and-mortar store or use a reputable stores online website. Just picking a website at random and NOT being able to use a credit card will most likely be a scam. It is the same as a guy selling purses out of the trunk of his car.
Cwazychicken on 05/23/2013:
Good maybe they can get the scumbag.........some info is better than none!
DebtorBasher on 05/23/2013:
The page that the link went to, showed credit cards at the bottom, one would think they accepted it...however, it's a dead site that only has its name on the homepage and nothing to get 'into' the website. I'm thinking after he filed bankruptcy, he closed is site....just a guess.
emily95shop on 05/25/2013:
Thank you DebtorBasher. I have his full name and his business address.I didnot random , I did some search, I paid and be membership in, and I got the information for the trust seller for wholesale authentiuc brand handbag supplier. this guy and website in the list. otherwise I will never sent wire transfer payment to anyone I do not know. I paid $5000 for 10 is combined purchased with few friends. this guy he has our $5000 ,but keep to tell me it is not fraud,it just business issue, police cannot do anything to me. I am going to fil a lawsuit against him, if he filed bankruptcy, not sure I can get money back.I will ask lawyer advise. I am going to sue him misrepresent the fast post our personal information ,cook up false story revenge my review. here is his false rebuttal. his fully story is lie. it make me feel so disgusting such person to deal with. not fit the problem, but fully misrepresent and turn on buyer,and post buyer personal information.
emily95shop on 05/25/2013:

please email me ,emily95shop at gmail
DebtorBasher on 05/25/2013:
Email sent.
emily95shop on 05/26/2013:
the seller Kurt B is not just run one web-site. he own mu-lit store,, people check the link , be aware you donot want to be next victim.

Kurt, B keep to threat me will sue me for write review. this is what I reply his email:
Let me tell you clear, Threat to sue me no going to work, If you want to file our lawsuit, go head, $25000 sue me for negative feedback review. your lawsuit will be completely frivolous, you will pay lots money on lawyer get nothing, max if you do win the case, you can able to remove some part but nothing law protect customer free speak and my review 100% real. I never said you are fraud,if I said I am defraud .even so , you will not win the case and judge you won't get any money. second, if you do file lawsuit, new-paper online news have your name and our case all over the world. you will be famous as a rip off scam seller who took customer $5000 and sue her for truth negative review. you hurting itself by suing customers. by you name could never have restart-over. everyone know you are asshole. remember you have other business and different wholesale retail company. you ruin your all wholesale cloth's, handbag network know who you are.
PS You have the money hire lawyer? lol No you don't , and , you win percent is 1%. You broken now .

Second, You need to worry yourself be sue as libel and post customer personal information.
you will be sued. to go to jail, it is worst you can get, not because you rip me off $5000 never refund, it is about you revenge on customer review by cook up libel a false story and post customer personal information in revenge plan. If I am going to file a lawsuit against you, our case will all over the news your business name will be known anyone from what happen, you will be famous asshole every one know how you rip off customer how you take people money, kurt b** you are 45 just divorced you need your business go on your life. I will suggest return my money , otherwise you will see how is go, Oh I have money sue you I am not broken like you .who will be my witness? Vikor and the Canada police man. they has your email and he heard your story. even Vikot give me word he will try to refund me money.

what kind of man he is ? I think it is best idea ignore his threat idea and I am going to file lawsuit .
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