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D T E ripping people off
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D T E was called out to my old address 14 days before I moved. I am on disability and receive SSI. No one came out to disconnect my lights in those 14 days. There was a second call to D T E still no one came out. I moved out and now here it is one year later and D T E is billing me $3000. Bills ssi paid $752.00 which is what D T E said I owed but now D T E is coming back charging me $3000.00 for their mistake.

I have of other complaint from other people but no one know how to stop D T E from robbing the poor. Can you point me in the direction of getting help they want to turn my light out for their mistake. Help I am legally blind. My e-mail tonettedukes10 at
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Anonymous on 04/09/2008:
Wayne State University has a legal clinic that may assist you. Call them for instructions on how to access free/low-cost legal advice.
Anonymous on 04/10/2008:
Contact the Michigan Public Service Commission.

They are your state's governing agency for public utility companies. They take complaints and help resolve billing and service issues.

Their web site should provide contact information.
Fannie on 06/02/2012:
It appears that DTE has all the control and the MPC and FTC hasn't taken the time to review all the billing complaints. There are many who complain everyday about DTE billing issues and anyone who makes a complaint DTE flags their name.
Jray on 06/03/2012:
My friend had purchased a home and the first two years renovated the home. DTE sent him a bill for 15,000 dollars and said it was illegal use. He had to obtain an attorney to prove that he didn't have a furnance or any plumbing in the house and receive a bill for 15,000. DTE budget plan was another rip off for another friend of the family she made her monthly payment each month and was never late but she had a 900.00 balance that she had to pay. People complain but the State Attorney General, Michigan Public Service and FTC have not investagated any of the billing issues. DTE also start with 3,000 dollars for one or two year bill. If residential bills are that high then why haven't our elected Representatives investagated this company it is clear that something is wrong. People are complaining everyday but DTE continues to rob the poor, so good luck. That are so many complaints against this company I wish that someone would have a class action lawsuit against DTE.
Lojpike on 06/04/2012:
I am really puzzel how the average gas is turned on for heat about six months out of a year, meaning that from October to March DTE gas bill is 3,000. Also, DTE never give confirmation, they find ways to stick the consumer with anything because they are never questioned. I would say it is clear that either our elected officials are sleeping or forgot who voted for them. This is a perfect example why we need to register to vote to send a message to the State. The consumer has not been protected in many years. DTE, is known for giving verbal billings and later sending a bill to back up their questional billing. This is so common, because there are not one petition being signed to force our State Attorney General, State Representatives,Senators and Michigan Public Services to implement laws to protect the consumers. The only way to truly uncover DTE shaded billing will require complete investagation requiring legal testimonies of their employees in the billing department. Almost, like the Detroit Board shake up and other financial shake ups like banks. I personally feel that it is a shame that this company continues to rip off the tax payers and consumers.You may try CNN news because we are not getting anywhere on the State level.
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