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Bad Product
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Dexol gopher gassers do not ignite and do not work properly, I recently bought two boxes at Wal-Mart in the first box none of the cartridges would ignite via the fuse and the powder inside would not burn, I burned out three plastic cigarette lighters and probably damaged my lungs on the smoke that actually did come out trying to get the things lit, in the second box the powder inside ignited but produced a flame thrower that produced almost none of the effective white smoke.

This is yet another bad product manufactured in China who's sole purpose is to inrich executives at the expense of consumers and the American economy. Boycott all products made in China now.
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User Replies:
heaven17 on 05/16/2007:
Gopher gassers? I didn't know there was such a thing. How disturbing.
adzidek on 05/16/2007:
Boycott all products made in China? Are you serious?

And what exactly does "inrich" mean, anyway?
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/16/2007:
You got a bad batch. You have to keep your powder dry. When you get good ones they work like a champ - big fluffy clouds of gopher and mole killing smoke.
Sarah May on 05/16/2007:
I guess the Chinese just don't understand how important it is to Americans to kill innocent animals quickly and easily to show up their neighbors with nicer lawns.
Okay, that was mean. But killing gophers is mean. And boycotting all products made in China is absurd.
My advice: Try managing with gophers. They're creatures like the rest of us.
Noneill on 05/16/2007:
Obviously Sarah, you are not a gardener.
Sarah May on 05/16/2007:
Is it that obvious? Well, I suppose I'm a tad humbled by that, but I still wouldn't sacrifice the life of a living thing that feels pain for that of one that doesn't. (To simplify - I care more about animals than plants. Plants are better of not existing in the first place rather than gophers dying of toxic gas inhalation, you see.)
Skye on 05/16/2007:
They are living creatures, and have the right to be here amongst us. I think it's horrid to want to gas them out. But hey, that's just me.

I've read that gophers can't stand the smell of castor oil (can't say I blame them) and that spraying a diluted mix on the ground is enough to make them skedaddle. There's also some evidence that gophers don't like mulch, so you could try mulching a buffer area around plantings. Or you could encourage predators to come feast on your rich gopher supply ' installing owl boxes in a nearby woods might be a good start.

I would never suggest poison, because any dog or cat, that eats a poisoned gopher, will most likely die from it.
Sarah May on 05/16/2007:
Wow, great advice Skye! Thank you for that! We've got some ground moles (not that I've seen them, just the holes) and I've been content to leave them be, but my fiancé finds it really annoying. I'll pass along these suggestions to him. Then maybe they'll attack our neighbor's lawn instead and those cross-hatching, fertilizing, landscaping turds can stop making us look bad. ;-)
Steve Doak on 03/19/2013:
Bought two 6-packs and got 3 duds. I'm no math whiz, but the failure rate is higher than I will accept...I'll try another method.
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