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DHL delivery of package
Posted by Apfelockt on 04/14/2006
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On April 13, as I was leaving for work, I noticed a note in a front door. It was an attempt to deliver notice from DHL. I called their delivery number at 8:20 and explained that I just got the notice that morning and that there was nothing checked on the notice to guarantee delivery when I would not be home. The girl said that the driver would attempt delivery automatically on Thursday. I asked if he could deliver on Friday, and if he could, I would take the day off. She said there would be no problem and that she would advise him to deliver Friday. Of course, no one showed. At 5:00 I called the number again. After being on hold for seven minutes, the girl, (Joanne) came on to tell me my package had been sent back. I asked to speak to a supervisor and got Danielle Johns. I explained what had happened and how I made arrangements for delivery, her reply was basically "oh well you weren't home for delivery". I explained that they were very important tickets for next week, and that I made arrangements to take today off to meet the delivery person. Again, very rude and sarcastically said "oh well you should have made better arrangements."
I would strongly suggest that people use other delivery services if this is an indication how they will treat their customers. As a professional that deals with the public on a regular basis, I am appalled at the quality of DHL services.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-15:
I wish I would've known about the DHL advocacy group nevertheless I had a terrible problem a couple years ago when I went to the US post office to express mail a letter to Europe. Long story short DHL could'nt deliver as a result of a fault address then tried to bill me for the return. No help from US Postal but it worked out in my favor because the DHL delivery drive left the letter without collecting the postage due. Be careful when mailing to Europe via US Postal express mail.
Posted by mercury on 2006-08-09:
its too bad they treated you this way. but hello? there is little a cust srvc rep can do for you if the driver and station do not follow up on a request
Posted by Evil20071 on 2008-07-25:
DHL gave me quite a hassle as well. I was being shipped replacement parts for my laptop from Dell. They were shipped priority next day on the 20th of June, which was a Friday, so I wasn't expecting the package until the following Monday. The following Friday, I was on the phone with DHL's regional manager asking where my package was. She told me that the package wasn't mine, and that my name wasn't even anywhere on the paperwork! The package had been delivered to where I had purchased my laptop from! I continued to call for a month before they agreed to go retrieve the packages from the location they were taken to, and bring them to me. The next day, they called me to say they had left the packages in the Leasing office of the apartments I live in. They never even knocked at the door! I called the regional manager and got the number for the local DHL hub, and called to file a complaint. I then found out that the driver A) Didnt' get a signature B)Didn't get the name of who they left the package with and C) Didn't file the paperwork when they got back to the hub! By this time, I'm completely livid. I walked down to the leasing office to check and they hadn't even seen the DHL Currier that services the apartments since they got their shipment of supplies for the office nearly a month ago. Another call to DHL got the Hub manager on the line, once again, stating that the driver had just gone by not long before I called and verified that the package was, in fact, at the office of the apartments, and would have continued this line had it not been for me standing in the office and having out receptionist that receives packages tell him that, no, there had been no DHL driver there in nearly a month. At this point I called Dell and asked for a replacement for the parts, as DHL lost them somewhere. Once again, DHL was used to ship the packages and again they were shipped priority next day delivery. This time, it took a week for the packages to be delivered, but again, I had to retrieve the packages from the office. I have filed a complaint with the DHL corporate office for all of these occasions, but haven't heard anything of it since.

DHL = Worst shipping company in existance.
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Posted by Parrotthead on 01/03/2006
SELMA AL, ALABAMA -- Thursday dropped off at drop box in Atlanta
Friday morning scanned at the Montgomery Al. DHL center
Friday 11:30 DHL delivered a package to my next store neighbor but none to me?hum

Friday 11:35 called the DHL 800 # to inquire as to why my package wasn't delivered this is when I was told my first of many lies the CSR(and I use the title loosely) said that I must have the tracking # (the package was looked up several times after that without the #)

Friday 1:00 located the tracking # and called again CSR named (arquetta?) said they would contact the montgomery and find out where the package was I told her that the package contained time sensitive material that would be of no use if the package arrived after saturday I told her i would go to montgomery (1 hour away) and pick it up she said not to worry that she would find out where the package was and give me a call in 1 hour (lie # 2)

Friday 2:15 called the 800# again and talked to Amanda she informed me the driver was contacted and he "thought" the package was on the truck and would turn aroound and deliver it before 5:00 (you guessed it lie #3) I asked CSR Amanda to check and see if the montgomery office was working on saturday as it was new years eve. She checked and assured me that if the driver didn't bring the package before 5:00 it would be put on a truck and brought saturday (lie #4)

Friday 5:15 again called the "customer service " number was rudely informed maybe the driver had something happen but he would be there today(lie #5)
Saturday 8:30am called cs# again talked with don he said Arquetta was talking with the montgomery office and they had the package and would deliver it between 12 and 1:00 and they would leave it (even if noone was home) I informed him there would be someone there all day

Saturday 8:56am call comes in from the montgomery dhl office?(cell phone) person on the other in didn't identify themselves but infomed the package was in hand and the truck would be leaving by 10:00am and the package would be delivered between 12 and 1:00(same lie as before but from a different person so I am counting it # 6)
Saturday 1:15pm still no package called 800# I told the "CSR"who answered the phone my package was late "AGAIN" he informed me there was no way the package could have been promised by 1:00pm as it was after 1pm now and they werent there HUH?? then informs me they are scheduled by 5:00 I am frustrated and just hang up

Saturday 3:00pm really sweating now ... sis-in-law decides this needs the female touch she calls "CSR" # and asks for a supervisor talks to supervisor xxxxxx ha says he will get to the bottom of the situation and calls the manager of the montgomery station(lie #7) montgomery station manager alex calls sis-in-law back and says that we were told lies all day long as the montgomery station wasn't working today and there was no way the package was on its way but he would help us out and go down to the station(lie# 8) and look for the package himself when he finds it he will call us back and meet us with the package somewhere in prattville calls back in 1 hour saying package wasn't in the office(lie#9) and must be missing I say stolen he says yes then tells me he is sorry but there is nothing more he can do we will have to file a claim OMG wait a minute this guy is calling from the 720 area code this a-hole is calling from colorado what kind of operation are they running?

Saturday 4:00 I call back and raise a little more hell at the "supervisor" on duty falls on deaf ears I give up until tuesday where I can chew my way up the corprate ladder

Saturday 8:30 still no package just for fun go to google and type in the words dhl and complaint (over 10000 websites)

I know everyone wants to know what is in the package

2 tickets 50 yard line 6 rows from the field at the georgia dome to see

Micheal Vick and Atlanta Falcons play the Carolina Panthers 6 rows from the field 6 rows 6 ... how sick can you get a once in a lifetime experence nose bleed seats to see the falcons will run you $150 each I have 2 premium tickets sitting in montgomery I HATE DHL all the first lady i talked to had to do is tell me the tickets were in montgomery and i would have jumped in the car and went to get them, but all anyone at dhl did was tell me what i wanted to hear to get me off of the phone with them
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Posted by mercury on 2006-08-09:
you wanted the to search for a package w/out the tracking number? it can be done "zip code to zip code" when you called previously did they ask for the zips?
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DHL ROCKS (literally)
Posted by Chewinsett on 12/07/2009
I order very regularly from oversees. An average pkg takes usually takes 6 days to get to me from when I order including clearing customs. So I order the 20th this time, it takes until the 27th before it departs and arrives in Cin, Ohio the next day. From there it says Forwarded for Delivery. About the 2nd I start getting worried so I start calling DHL, they say they do not deliver in my area so it has been given to the post office for delivery. I call the post office and there is no record of the item. So now I'm scared for the next 3 days I've called both companies many many times and both are blaming the other. Finally on the 5th my package arrives. When I open the package I find(are you ready?) A B A G O F R O C K S!!!!!! A ziplock bag full of limestone rocks, these mother you know whats put a bag of rocks in my package to make it heavier and more expensive to ship. I couldn't believe it. Not only was there a complete breakdown of communication between the post office and DHL, the F****ers screwed my partner abroad. Oh and did I mention my package was ripped completely open and the contents were hanging out? Something is fishy fishy with DHL and their customer service reps were extremely rude and unknowledgeable. I told my partner who shipped DHL for he 1st time to never ever do it again and the agreed. Don't use them.
Order date 20th
Receive date: 5th
15 days, avg 6
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Posted by Michael on 2014-03-24:
I am so frustrated with the service I’ve been receiving from DHL . I ordered a phone from Orange Online store and within two days the phone arrived at the airport. I had to wait for it to be cleared and delivered. After a day or two I called DHL to ask if the parcel was going to be dispatched anytime soon to make sure someone would be home to collect and sign. They took my ID and told me that. “ we did not have your ID number so we couldn’t deliver ” and also that the parcel would be delivered tomorrow at 9am... 9 am came and 9 am went. Late that afternoon I called and asked why the parcel was not delivered at 9am. They told me they needed my ID number and had to put it into the system before they could deliver it. I told them that I had already provided them with my IDN just yesterday, so i didn't think much of it and gave it again. I asked when the parcel would be dispatched and delivered to my house and the same answer was given. About 9am tomorrow morning. This continued for about 5 days where everyday DHL would call me or I would call them providing my ID number until a week went by and i was getting fed up with this. I asked what was going on and why they needed my ID number every single day. They told me who ever was taking my ID number ( different employees at DHL ) was taking it down, but not entering it into the system.They refused to deliver it until they had my ID number which i gave them everyday! One last time they took my ID number and i did not put down the phone till I saw my DHL tracking log update. I told him I was not going to wait for a delivery, because I needed my phone before the end of next week ( friday ). He told me, I was not allowed to pick up my parcel at the airport, but would make an exception for me seeing as I had so much trouble with the service and it was urgent. That afternoon I went and fetched my phone. Excited and relieved that I finally had it after such a struggle. I turned it on and the screen was damaged. I have no idea whether it was DHL or just a faulty product. I contacted orange and told them about it. They took full responsibility after I had sent them proof of the damaged phone and told me I could send the phone back to the Uk for a replacement. Now DHL does not want to send it back to the uk, Orange provides customers free delivery and free returns with no extra tax if your product is over R1000 / $92.20. After going back and forth with them for 3 days and providing them with proof that I was not responsible for payments of shipping. They finally was going to send it back. After they put down the phone in my ear 2 times of course. Trying to call back the phones were engaged all day long. I’ve had enough with this. I called orange and they made special arrangements for me to ship the phone back with their own private DHL team. The problem is now in their hands and I am relieved, but now I will not have my phone before Friday and I am going away. DHL is slow, pathetic and gives their customers the bitterest of results. I will now be phoneless until i have returned back to my home town.
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Always a problem
Posted by Eveningstorm on 11/25/2007
CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- I order a lot of merchandise over the internet and have had a few companies ship to me via DHL. I must say that out of the last 5 deliveries, there have been problems with all 5. For example, I paid for Saturday delivery on one package and sure enough, the tracking showed out for delivery on that Saturday. Well, I stayed around all day, waiting for DHL. They never showed at all. Suddenly, the tracking updated to show "delivery attempt, not home" thing. Funny part was that the time it said they attempted delivery, I was practically staring at my driveway....no yellow truck ever showed. At 400pm, I called the 800 number and they said the truck was already back at the station and to call Monday. Finally got my Saturday delivery on Monday, and the driver told me that the girl who was driving on Saturday didn't know the area? So she just lied about attempting delivery and went home?

Next incident involved an overnight delivery by 300pm deal. Well, it got to be 400pm and no driver. Called the infamous 800 number and they said that the driver would be there within 45 minutes. At 900pm, I called back and asked where the driver was that should have been there by 445pm. They contacted the driver and had him call me directly. He was lost and literally was driving around about 4 miles from my house and was about to go back to the station. So, I ended up meeting him three miles up the road for my package at about 930pm. The driver even had a partner riding with him and neither one could figure out where they were. The real funny part was that when the tracking finally updated to show that it had been delivered, it showed that they had delivered to me at 230pm! Unreal.

Next incident involved another Saturday delivery (never pay for these). Since my last bad Sat. experience, I figured I would get the jump on them that day. I called first thing that morning and asked for an ETA for delivery. Well, they actually called me from the local hub a few minutes later and I was able to talk to the driver before she left the hub. I even offered to meet her in town to make sure I got delivery and to help her out. Otherwise, I prob. would have never seen the package until Monday. Okay, she agreed to meet me at 1100am about 15 minutes from my house. Okay...I went for it and was sitting in that parking lot at exactly 1100am. I waited for 30 minutes....no show. I drove back home and got a message on my answering machine that said "sorry, company policy won't let customers meet drivers up the road for delivery". So, I had one person telling me one thing and another person telling me another. I finally got a call from the driver and ended up meeting them up the road AGAIN because they were lost.

I could go on, but I'm actually tired of complaining. I understand that everyone has a job and mistakes can happen, but DHL has been so consistently screwy that GOOD service with them is actually an exception to the rule. I wish to the Good Lord that shippers would QUIT using DHL or they will definitely lose me as a customer. I run a business and exclusively ship USPS Priority mail and that service has been 100 percent better than DHL overnight.

However, I will leave one positive note at the end. There is ONE lady DHL driver that I have gotten to know that has always been prompt in delivering my packages. Too bad that she doesn't work every time I have a package coming as she is the ONLY driver that done a super job. Wonder what the interview process is like for drivers? Some of them really are out there.
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Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2007-11-25:
Could you check with whoever you buy from what packaging delivery service they use before you order from them?
Posted by eveningstorm on 2007-11-26:
Well yeah...but when companies that you've always dealt with start using them, it sort of puts you in a bad spot. Evidently, alot of companies are going for the better deal rather than the better service. With my business, I refuse to ship DHL whatsoever.
Posted by joonbeams on 2007-12-10:
I have found these exact issues with DHL and only DHL with my internet order deliveries. Happened again to me today. It is at the point now where once I see that DHL is the carrier, I panic because I know my order will not arrive on time or that there will be some other blunder. This time I asked for text (SMS) messages to notify me whent the package went on the truck and when a delivery attempt was made. Nothing - only to find out later that delivery was "attempted" and it will be reattempted tomorrow. Well, I'm traveling today and my package is a computer that I need TODAY! So frustrating!
Posted by homer53172 on 2007-12-18:
dhl's christmas time policy is ridiculous why reputable stores use them i dont know..
the week before christmas FedEx and UPS wont refund shipping for late delivers if the package is less than 90 min late. fair enough
for the 2 weeks leading to christmas DHL will not refund money regardless of how late your package is. So they have no accountability at all during christmas and basically can deliver at their convience and theres nothing to encourage them to do it.
So that order by the 19th 20th 22nd whatever date the retailer lists on their website when you order really doesn't mean a thing if you use DHL.

from http://www.dhl-usa.com/resources/DHL_Service_Guarantee_v6.pdf

DHL will, upon customer's request and subject to the restrictions described below, provide either a refund
or credit of customer's transportation charges, at DHL's option, for a U.S. origin, international outbound
shipment or U.S. domestic package that is delivered later than DHL's published delivery time.
This guarantee is subject to the following limitations:

10. Any package picked up or scheduled to be delivered between December 12 and December 25.

Posted by snafu on 2008-10-31:
DHL screwed up again. I was sent a package on the 27th with an estimated delivery of 30th. I checked the status on the 30th morning and was "arrived at DHL facility", just about 10 miles away from my place. I was keep checking the status until late night but the status was still showing delivery on the same day. Now it's the 31st and the status is still "arrived at DHL facility" with a delivery date of 30th. I have contacted DHL and they told me there has been a error in handling and my shipping was delayed. They assured me it will be delivered today (one day after the delivery date) unless some something unforseen will happen. Thanks DHL, from now one I won't use your services again. (Second time they screw things up on me)
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DHL will ruin Amazon.com
Posted by Pcgemini on 04/25/2006
OREGON -- I placed three orders in early April on Amazon.com, one for an external hard drive and two for books. Amazon now uses DHL's @Home service for delivery (at least to my area, rural Oregon). Tracking the external hard drive on DHL's website, it started out on 4/13 in Ohio and then went to Washington, then to Eugene Oregon (3-hours from my home). On 4/19, it went to Anchorage, AK! The next day it came back to OR, the following day to Washington state. Since 4/21 there is no entry... so the package has evidently "disappeared" or DHL has decided to stop tracking it. The other two packages had similar 'loopy shipments', going up to Washington after being shipped to OR, then winding up in Riverside CA. One even went BACK to Ohio, where it began. Today, April 25th, I finally received the two book orders after they shipped from Ohio on 4/13 and 4/17 respectively. Amazon has given me a discount on the hard drive but I still have no idea when, or rather IF, I will receive my package. Late last year, I never received an MP3 player that I had ordered from Amazon and which they shipped using DHL @home (they reshipped via FedEx or USPS). I have advised Amazon that I can no longer make purchases from its site as long as it uses DHL.

Customer Service at DHL told me there was a problem with the zip code on the packages but when the two book packages arrived, I saw that the zip code was correct.

It's amazing the number of complaints about DHL! How can a company this bad stay in business? Why would anyone ever use them?
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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-25:
According to Amazon's website, they will use different carriers for different shipping options. That's what I hate about Amazon, they don't tell you which shipper they use till after you pay for your order. Fire off a letter to Amazon corp. and let your complaint be known to them. They are not going to change it unless there are some serious shipping complaints against DHL. I agree, DHL has to be the worst shipper around.
Posted by yoke on 2006-04-26:
I ordered something from MLB.com. It was sent DHL. This was our first experince with DHL. I was suprised to find out that DHL does not deliver to your house. It gets delivered to the Post Office and the Post Office delivers the package to your house.
Posted by ky on 2006-06-07:
What people don't understand is that dhl have a service call @home shipment. @home shipment is mainly used through large companies such as amazon.com, mlb.com, outpost.com, etc. When amazon (for example) chooses @home shipment for you, dhl is require to pick up your package from the amazon and deliver it to the post office and the post office will deliver it to you within 1 or 2 business day. It it not dhl fault that they deliver to the usps b/c the shipper told them to. Next time when you order things online, please pay attention to how exactly your package will be ship.
Also, one for @home shipments, dhl cannot change the service type or deliver to your door because that is not what amazon have contracted dhl to do so, dhl was cleary to contracted to deliver to the usps and that is it, nothing more.

Posted by mercury on 2006-08-09:
ditto to the comment above. if you call dhl and ask them what @home service is they will explain its a different service type... so its not going reg ground or express its moving as "@home" which means PO delivers dhl does make deliveries just not when the service type chosen is @home!!!
Posted by J. Barnes on 2006-12-07:
I ordered a Nintendo Wii for a friend's birthday, but learned immediately after placing the order that I'd entered his old address rather then his current one. Since I selected one day delivery, I was not able to change the address with Amazon until the tracking number was issued by the shipper.

The next day, I contacted Amazon and gave them all the correct information so that they could fax an authorization to DHL to re-route the package. Since I received a confirmation email from amazon that this was completed and my package was now re-routed, I assumed everything was fine until my friend did not receive his gift. Tracking the package with DHL, I learned they twice attempted to deliver to the wrong address, then Amazon ordered the item returned as undeliverable. At no point did anyone at either company attempt to contact me or the addressee at either phone number that was on file with them both.

Though DHL confirmed that they had the address correction in their files from Amazon, they claimed they never received the official authorization from Amazon. Amazon blamed DHL and DHL blamed Amazon. On the third day, a representative from DHL looked into my problem and promised that my package would be intercepted and returned to New York overnight for redelivery. I emailed my friend and explained that his package would be delayed a few days before it would make it back to him. Four hours later, a different representative from DHL called me and told me that it would not be possible to intercept the package and I was out of luck.
Posted by addressee on 2007-07-11:
I purchased something online last Wed.

I learned that the item would be shipped via DHL@Home - yes, after payment was sent.

I used the tracking number to check progress. It suprised me that the package actually was getting moved from point A to point B on last Saturday. Kudos, DHL.

It suprised me even more, that on the following Monday, the package went "out with courier" in the AM, then came back with "Consignee premises closed" message in the PM.

According to the DHL message, the USPS offices must be closed that day when DHL guys are working hard to deliver packages. But I kind of doubt that.

Or...maybe DHL guys just forgot to drop some packages at USPS office.

Whatever. I still haven't received my package yet.
Posted by nwgypsy on 2007-10-21:
DHL@home is a disaster for Amazon customers. DHL hands off the package to the US Postal Service when it gets to your city. I live in an apartment building, and unlike regular DHL, Fed Ex, or UPS, the USPS won't deliver to apartments, and they literally just dump the package at a regional post office and you have to go down and stand in line for an hour just to get your package. So much for the convenience of shopping online! I may as well drive down to Barnes & Noble and buy my books there. Amazon must discontinue using DHL@home immediately or it will lose many lifelong customers.
Posted by hyla on 2007-12-27:
I am having a major DHL@home problem. I had an order picked up on 12/14 ("guaranteed" deliver for 12/21). Made it to central WA (w/i 200 mi of my home) on 12/16. Did not make it to Spokane (regional post office) until 12/24. STILL THERE on 12/28. Obviously did not arrive for Christmas. The cust service rep was completely unapologetic and stated that they "suspended" delivery on 12/17 (due to storms, never mind this was out of the effected area as on company's own web site). Would not even tell me status. Said would likely "resume" delivery to post office in 2 days (12/29) and then take 2 days to get here. THEY ARE IN SAME CITY AS POST OFFICE! Were unsympathetic and indignant that this was not a problem since they had "suspended delivery" to get "priority shipments" out. I will NEVER use them again for any service and I will not shop with any company that does not give another option for ground shipping. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience. DO NOT USE DHL and tell companies you use to NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!
Posted by Louiselady on 2008-02-06:
My new mail order pharmacy Medco is shipping some meds via DHL@Home and it is taking forever to get my diabetes meds. Since this is a new rx place I let them know that I was not happy with DHL at all. Like the op I ordered from Amazon and they used DHL =it was a mess. This company (DHL) should shape up or get out of the delivery business. Very poor service every time.
Posted by tarique on 2013-10-02:
I have a lot of family outside the US I've received packages from ups, fed ex, royal mail etc. Never had a problem. My mother sent me a package that was supposed to be 2 day delivery its been 8 days since the package was scheduled to be delivered I've called twice and both time I've been told they have to find out why my package has been sitting in Ohio. Dhl and its service sucks
Posted by Dhl sucks!! on 2013-10-03:
Dhl has had my package for 8 days now . I called they said it would be 3-5 days. I called back todayjust to get told its still in the same spot and now I might have to wait up to 30 days. I was also told they're holding it because they wanna check for anything copyrited incase I order something online, mind you the packagewas shipped by my mom at one of their offices. Forrest me if I'm wrong but shoukdnt a shipping company atleast have that much on file?? ?I've ordered with all the major companies and I can easily say Dhl is the worst
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Posted by I HATE DHL on 03/17/2006
UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND -- November 12th item won on ebay
November 16th item shipped DHL
November 21st package delivered
November 24th driver arrives to pick up package after 11 phone calls to DHL Customer service. I informed the driver NO I was looking for the package they delivered and he states "they never delivered a package to me"
November 25th MULTIPLE Calls to DHL claim filed, 2 days later claim closed
December 10th claim forms received (hhhmmm)
December 17th claim opened
December 18th claim closed my company (?) didn't fill out the release on company letter head and send the proper legal waiver ????
December 23rd claim opened
January 16th claim opened new number
PS DHL's unbelievable generosity they gave me a small ship ready envelope I have no use for and if they loose a 4 pound package why on God's Green Earth would I trust them to deliver a letter?
MULTIPLE more phone calls claim still "under review" "Claim to be settled in 30 to 60 days".
March 17th still no decision, "claims can take 30 to 60 days to settle" I explained to them it had already been more than 60 days, their reply "I understand that sir but it can take 30 to 60 days to settle a claim review", what calendar is this idiot working from.

Total cost of Christmas Gift with shipping $19.98.

DHL CEO John Mullen's Salary (probably) $20.00 a minute

DHL Screwing someone out of a Christmas Gift PRICELESS (after all the buyer paid for shipping) it doesn't cost DHL a thin to lie to you)

FOR Everything else there is other companies.

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Posted by Legendary54 on 12/09/2005
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. I bought a poker table on E-bay, and got a TREMENDOUS deal--new in the box, advertised elsewhere for 400-500 dollars, and I got it on E-bay for $50 plus $50 shipping! what a deal, right? I even bought shipping insurance. Seller ships through DHL. When package doesn't arrive, I check with DHL. After months of investigation, I am advised package is "lost" (aka, probably stolen by one of their employees). I request replacement value, so I can get my table elsewhere, they offer $50 -- won't even REFUND THE SHIPPING EXPENSE!!! I am going to sue them in small claims court. WHATEVER YOU DO< DON'T USE DHL!!! UPS is the way to go!
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Posted by Sparticus on 2005-12-09:
That is ridiculous. I'm sure you have read the fine print of the insurance you bought, but did you have to specify the value of the item? Perhaps that is where the $50 limit came from?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-10:
I think that blaming an employee for stealing it is totally uncalled for. It got lost in the mail, it happens! That does not mean that it was stolen.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-10:
The lesson here is--"Easy come-Easy go!
Posted by crownme on 2005-12-27:
Lost in the mail my a**! Whoever thinks employees don't steal is a knucklehead. There have been numerous accounts of theft with every carrier from USPS, UPS on down the line. I bet if there were security cameras in every area where shipping employees come in contact with packages and their car trunks were searched as they left the parking lot the percentage of "lost" packages would plumment immediately.
Posted by bcrgirl on 2006-10-21:
Hey read my scenario...tell me what you think! We are the only ones from Baltimore that posted on here! Bridget
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DHL is a poor choice
Posted by Billybill on 08/12/2005
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- We have used express carriers to ship documents and products all over the world for years. We’ve used FedEx, UPS, the US Mail Express Mail (EMS), and DHL. We have by far had the most problems with DHL.

Countless billing errors (over billing, double billing, and general poor billing practices). Lost packages which were “found” several weeks later sitting at the hub facility. Misrouted packages (this has happened about 25% of the time…horrible track record for this). We’ve had them misroute packages to the wrong country and then when they arrive in correct country they have misrouted to the wrong city…it’s amazing how inefficient they can be for the amount of money you are paying for this so called service. We would also make note that the delivery date estimate is usually wrong. If DHL says that it will take 3 days…expect it to take 4-5 days. If they say 4 days, expect them to take 6-7 days (these are business days I am referring to not counting weekends). If you need delivery on a weekend, I would suggest the US Postal Express mail, they deliver on the weekend for no extra charge. And the day of delivery is guaranteed. If the US Postal Express does not deliver on the day you say, they will refund your money on the spot…full refund. Try to get DHL to solve a dispute and you can forget about it.

There ARE helpful people who work at DHL in the customer service department but most have no idea how to assist. It’s almost like they are making stuff up as you can call them back and speak with a new service rep. and get a completely different answer.

US Postal Express for USA delivery is good and guaranteed. For international, if you do not need exact day delivery, we’d suggest EMS Express Mail (US Postal Express). It takes a few more days but after DHL messes up which they usually do, the delivery date works out to be fairly close and the cost is a fraction. As an example, a shipment to Asia may be $90 US dollars with DHL and take 3-4 days and with US Postal Express take 4 days and cost $28 US dollars. What a huge difference!! We’re not huge fans of the post office we’re just more anti-fans of DHL for what you pay for.

FedEX is only slightly better. We have had the most reliable service with UPS although they seem to have a poor system of getting parcels through customs as we always seem get a package to a destination very quickly only to be tied up in customs for a day.

So far, DHL is the worse service compared to the cost. Just our opinion but we would suggest weighing all the options you have for shipping express packages or documents before using DHL specifically. They claim to be the international express experts but their track record with us says otherwise.
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Posted by thewizard on 2006-03-01:
dhl is a cheap company they lie on delivering times and i seen drivers miss treat on packages
Posted by chinmusic on 2006-12-02:
You're spot on. Customer sercice reps apoligize, then read the same delivery status I can get on their website. Then they promise delivery next day and you're lucky if you get it a week later.
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DHL CANADA-BIG CHEAT- Lost parcel- unprofessionalism at its best
Posted by Microchips on 03/08/2005
DHL CANADA- DHL CHINA -- DHL AWB # 2753706616. ( Not deliverd in last almost 5 months)


Oct 30th, 2004, 17:30pm, I sent an urgent package to Canada through DHL in their shenzhen company, tracking number is 2753706616.

This package was packed in their front desk, and I paid 497.00rmb (about 60.17USD) right there.

Oct 31st, Received phone call from DHL being noticed that have to pay the shipping fee again。
After telling them that shipping fee has been paid, and then they gave up.(ridiculous call with malafied intention)

Nov 2nd, showing in DHL website:
Shipment Summary:

Current Status: Shipment delivered.
Delivered on: 11/2/04 8:54 pm
Delivered to:
Signed for by:
Xxxxxxx ((fake update))

In the meanwhile, I have checked with the receiver, he said that he has been waiting for this parcel for the whole day and he has called,faxed,emailed DHL to deliver the parcel many times, but he still hasn’t seen the DHL delivery person, he didn’t receive the parcel, and he didn’t sign either. But DHL showed on website that they Attempted Delivery many times, shipment delivered at 8:54,signed by Recepient(complete manipulation) DHL Company finishes working at 18:00pm,how could they deliver at 20:54pm?

Nov,3rd, I called DHL shenzhen office, but they still insisted that parcel has been delivered and signed by receiver.
Then, I asked for deliver sheet(proof of delivery) with the signature of receiver.

Nov 7th, ,received one fax from DHL shenzhen office, wrote:
Consignee refuses to sign for shippment due to 2day wait at home. Manager must be contacted. Mike Zuska informed. Shipment received in fact by recipient with his wife present. (DHL said they attempted delivery many times recipient not at home, and in this sentence they say recipient waiting at home 2nd day)

In another email DHL claimed that it was delivered at 10 p.m. with special arrangement.

Then, my question is:
**Why DHL has been claiming that parcel has been delivered and been signed, but they cannot supply the Delivery proof with receiver’s signature?
**Why DHL published on web tracking -shipment delivered and been signed by receiver when receiver didn’t get the parcel?

After that, I called DHL shenzhen & Guangzhou office many times, but they made all excuses while trying to escape & indulged in own contradictory statements (lies)

**First they said cause receiver refused to accept the parcel the delivery man put the parcel in the front door
*Second day they changed and said that they put the parcel on the desk in receiver’s house with his wife present.
*After I checked with the receiver & noticed that DHL never been to their house at all then they said I put 200usd in package.(((another big fabritcated lie)))---I got mad and told parcel was packed in DHL company by their employee, how could the 200usd come ? Then they said they made a mistake that it was another customer.
**Finally, another lie DHL said because receiver was upset due to delay, receiver took the parcel and kicked the deliver guy out. --My question to DHL is- Was it delay or customer was not available at home or PARCEL LOST? DHL seems to be clue less on this issue AFTER PARCEL STOLEN/LOST.


I have requested China DHL to contact with Canadian DHL many times to arrange meeting with the manger of Canadian DHL, deliver guy and Receiver to solve this matter,
But to my astonishment until now, they didn’t dare to arrange meeting and have no reply, I made many phone calls,and still calling everyday but they just keep wasting time.
I have found out there are many customers who have suffered because of DHL’s poor service, frequent loss of package ,THEFT OF ITS CONTENTS.

I can send you testimonials of dozens of such suffering customers, if you can send me your contacts requesting for details.

Me and my company are facing a big loss, bad business good will, time , energy, cost of product 1000 us$ and freight because of the terrible service of DHL. Also I have suffered mental agony and painful harassment by DHL staff by way of lieing, stealing, and making me fool on telephonic conversation and their irresponsible replies.
we would never use DHL company again and we hope everybody would be more careful while sending parcel by it.
Express mail, FEDEX, UPS AND TNT are much better and reliable in my experience.
I would be forced to take up this matter legally , as well as complain to various consumer forums.

would never ever deal with these thieves again.

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Posted by customer-in-soup on 2005-06-21:
DHL they are rip-off artists. Never use this garbage service. They often steal parcels , do pilferage.
Wonder how such Courier company survive?
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Posted by Timin770 on 09/10/2004
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- After being attracted to DHL for their competitive pricing, I have had nothing but nightmarish billing problems. The first thing that started to happen is that on almost every shipment I was being charged a PKU (pickup) charge. I have never had a package picked up; I ALWAYS take them to a drop facility. After about six weeks of shipping with DHL they have been unable to fix the problem. DHL so far has adjusted the invoices after I phone them. No big deal, right? Hold on because I am not done.

I pay my invoices electronically via my bank's electronic bill pay system so that I have a rock-solid electronic record of payment. My paid invoices have REPEATEDLY been reported to me as being late, days and sometimes weeks after I have paid them. Phone contact to DHL 'customer service' so far has been an exercise in futility. To top it off, two of the allegedly 'past due' bills have been charged to my credit card AT THE FULL AMOUNT INCLUDING THE BOGUS PKU PICKUP CHARGES! When I phoned DHL about these double charges, I was told that it might take up to two weeks to get an answer and/or credit on my credit card. I told the rep that I might start shipping with them again if I ever get these issues resolved. Now, here I sit looking at yet ANOTHER 'past due' email, and when I look at my online bank statement it clearly shows the payment was made many days ago. I am quite certain that I will again be charged on my credit card for this bogus 'past due' bill. I guess I need to start asking myself, 'What can Brown do for you?'
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