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Express Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

MONTREAL -- I bought a printer in Australia and paid $90 for EXPRESS delivery since I want my package for Christmas. Package was pick up on Dec 11th get to Canada on 15th and then a custom agent ask for more information. Seems there was a problem with value and they need to contact me. The shipping company had not supplied my phone number on the waybill so DHL call them to get it and company has supplies it on 18th. It took 4 days before they ask for my info and since no one call me, instead the shipping company send me an Email stating that I've better call DHL, which I did.

I've corrected all my personal infos on their database and fill out the POA they ask me to do the same day. I still don't know why since no one ever call me to clarify the custom agent demand. I received a letter from DHL by regular mail on the 24th. A LETTER BY REGULAR MAIL TO ASK ME TO CONTACT THEM. What an EXPRESS SERVICE IT IS.

I then called again to see what was happening and ask to speak to someone in authority. I was force to complain to get someone on the line. The lady send me 2 more form to fill which I did and then nothing happened to my package. I call again 3 days later and lady told me that a mail was sent on the 23rd that I have not respond... no mail ever left their computer which fact was confirmed later on. They charge me $70 for duty and $20 more for their fees which I was forced to pay if I want my package.

We are now January 3rd 2015 and still no package. No one took the phone to call me. They always rely on mail which they take 2-3 to respond... that is EXPRESS behavior indeed! You are force to do all the call and no one care. They got your money and too bad for your package.

I'm still waiting for my package, Nothing I can do. It's been 22 days for an EXPRESS DELIVERY and 90 USD for this kind of service. I call back and demand a complete refund which they only reimburse $20 fees and refused to take any responsibility. IF you need a package delivered rapidly... or just delivered, you better ask a brainless slug to delivered it. It will be by far better and faster than DHL Express for God sake.

MONTREAL CANADA BUYERS: Do not buy from any company delivering using DHL Express
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Rating: 1/51

MONTREAL, CANADA -- MONTREAL CANADA BUYERS: My first experience with DHL Express Canada has been very negative. I have been dealing with them for 3 weeks, still waiting to receive my package due to errors on their end. I won't be doing any further business with eShakti (original company I was purchasing from) due to the time I have lost dealing with DHL. I have had no indication from DHL that they intend on correcting their process errors as a result of my experience.

They have simply 'managed' my phone calls, without actually addressing my situation correctly (as they had promised). I never bother writing reviews, but this has been the single most upsetting experience I have had with a company.

DHL Did Not Deliver Package to Mongolia After I Paid $326
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Rating: 1/51

UNITED STATES, CALIFORNIA -- We went to a postal Annex location in San Diego and send a package to my Son who is in Mongolia. The package was not delivered to his location, and when I attempted to receive a refund, the DHL customer service claims representative told me that once it gets to the airport at Ulaanbaatar, it is out of their hands, and it is up to the customs broker to deliver the package.

My son had to pay a taxi, and they charged him an extra $45 to pick it up... The last statement to me from the claims representative when I told him that Fed Ex delivers to my son in Mongolia on time was " we are not Fed Ex". That is correct, and we will never use DHL again to ship international... What a rip off!

Delayed Delivery + Bad Service
By -

I ordered an item on Amazon on 17th December 2009 and selected "Priority International Courier". I was notified that the order would be split up, and that one part of the order was being sent via DHL. On 20th December, 2009, Sunday, the delivery person from DHL (mobile number **) called me, check if anyone was at home as they were trying to deliver the package to me.

As I wasn't expecting the delivery to be made on a Sunday (Since the delivery description on mentioned 2-4 BUSINESS days), I asked when is the next earliest slot another delivery attempt could be made instead, and the delivery man suggested the evening slot (7 pm-10 pm) on Monday (21st December, 2009), which I agreed to over the phone.

Today on Monday (21st December, 2009), I rushed home from work in order to receive the package during the 7 pm - 10 pm slot as suggested by the DHL deliveryman, but the delivery never arrived. When I finally called DHL at 10:30 pm, they told that because no official redelivery request was made on my order (even though I followed the recommendations given by the deliveryman who called me), they did not attempt a re-delivery on Monday; and as such, the delivery was automatically scheduled for Tuesday during office hours when no one would be at home to receive it).

In addition, if I had to arrange for it to be delivered to my workplace instead (since I would not be free on Tuesday night to receive the item), I had to fax a request to DHL requesting a change of delivery address. I have no fax machine and have to look for someone with one. On top of that, they could not guarantee the delivery by Tuesday with the change in address.

I have ordered from Amazon a number of times in the past, via different shipping options, but this is the worst experience I've ever had so far. The whole point of paying a premium for "Priority International Courier" is to get my purchases fast and conveniently.

In fact, another portion of my order which was being shipped via UPS attempted delivery when I was not home, but the UPS representative was helpful enough to allow me to change the delivery address to my workplace over the phone. In contrast, the DHL representative were inflexible and said they could not change the delivery address to my workplace this way because they would have to file extra paperwork to justify the change.

I called DHL Wednesday morning after I managed to get access to a fax machine (since the representative serving me yesterday said I had to fax in a request for change in delivery address). The representative I spoke to this morning now told me that I could have emailed a request for change in delivery address, something that the DHL representative whom I spoke to yesterday neglected to mention to me.

As such, I could only trigger a request this morning, meaning that I would only be able to receive the package on Wednesday. If the representative yesterday had mentioned that I could have requested a change of address via email, I would have done so yesterday and gotten my delivery by today (Tuesday). In fact the current status of the order is now listed as "Delay in delivery due to external factors" through no fault of mine. This is in contrast to the part of my order which was shipped via UPS, which shipped later, and I similarly requested a change of address, and yet I received the package earlier.

DHL hell
By -

TEXAS -- On May 2, 2008 I ordered a new DELL computer. This was not my first DELL but it was the first to be "delivered" by DHL Express 3-5 day service. According to DHL tracking system online they picked up the package from DELL on May 5th and tried to deliver it on May 8th, 9th, and 10th but no one was home. The status also showed it was "ON HOLD TO BE PICKED UP PER RECIPIENT'S REQUEST".

The Problem: I am blind and at home 24 hrs a day and basically 7 days a week. During the week they stated they attempted delivery I also had a guest in my home. Both of us never left the home and no DHL Delivery truck came to my home much less left a notice or anything else. It was only on the 14th that I obtained the tracking information from DELL and found out who even had my package. I also find it interesting they say it was out for delivery on the 10th which is a Saturday and their office is closed, but I will admit they show a scan for it being out and brought back to the station.

On Tuesday May 14th I called DHL, explained I am blind and at home all day and no one had come to my home. I asked for it to be rescheduled for delivery and made sure they had very clear directions, even telling them of the "For Sale By Owner" sign in front of my home. The status on the system did show it was "scheduled to be delivered" but no additional scans or info was entered and again, no DHL delivery truck came to my home.

After again calling their customer service office I was told the Tyler office would call me, and they did not. Finally on Friday, May 16th I did hear from the Shreveport office, in another state, and they told me they would have the Tyler, Tx station give me a call. I told them I had been waiting for days for them to call but I had no way to contact them and did not even know where their office was located.

The Shreveport, La office gave me the Tyler office number and address, which I then called. This was my FIRST contact with the office that had my package of any kind. The person in Tyler told me that it would be scheduled for delivery on Saturday, May 17th by 11am. He assured me it would be taken care of and I would have my package/computer.

The more I thought about it the more curious I became about a "Saturday delivery". I called the 800 number service to confirm this. They told me "The Tyler office is closed on Saturday and normally does not do Saturday deliveries, but I am sure if they said they would then it must be some special schedule they have set up." Yeah, right. I know someone blowing smoke when I hear it.

Needless to say it did not get delivered on Saturday. In fact when I went to check the status online the status once again showed "ON HOLD PER RECIPIENT'S REQUEST". I called the customer service desk again and found that indeed their servers did show that the Tyler office had spoken to me on Friday at 9:00 am and that it was scheduled to be delivered on Saturday but then Friday evening they had changed the status to on hold. Again, they left a message for the Tyler station to call me, which never happened.

Monday, May 19th, I made numerous calls to Tyler, with no answer. I called customer service and was promised a call by 9:30 from Tyler. At 9:30 I did receive a call from DHL - in Shreveport Louisiana saying they were trying to get in touch with Tyler but could not get an answer and were sending them a FAX saying to contact their office in regards to my problem and they would let me know as soon as they heard something and Tyler should also be calling me.

Three hours later I called Shreveport back and talked to their manager (thanks to caller ID), and was told they were talking with Tyler and I should hear from Tyler within a few minutes and they (Shreveport) would call me back in 1 hour to verify what was to be done. Which of course, NEITHER CALLED!

Still unable to get Tyler to answer the phone I called Shreveport back at 3 pm. I asked what was going on and they told me they had just gotten off the phone with the Tyler supervisor and he would be calling me soon. I gave up, I asked "Is my package in Tyler right now?" They told me yes. I had to hire someone to take me to Tyler, 20 miles away, to pick up a package that had been in transit to me for 14 days and never made it there. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING SHIPPED WITH DHL AGAIN! Companies like DELL never see the problems, they are not one's having to track it down, check where it is and try to work through the hassles of DHL.

As for DELL, they told me Monday they would give me a refund on the shipping and handling, once I have the computer... We'll see, that may be another part of this story. I do encourage people to ask for refunds on shipping and handling when DHL doesn't deliver on time. After all you are paying for a timely delivery, if it is not met why should you pay?

Horrible Shipping Service
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- By looking at the tracking history anybody can say how irresponsible are the staff working in DHL. The tracking history says the package left India on 10/12/2006 to be delivered in Atlanta GA and Arrived in New york DHL facility on 10/13/2006.

On 10/14/2006 I see this package is out for delivery from DHL Atlanta downtown facility. I called Customer service to find when I am going to get it. They said it has been sent to wrong facility by mistake and asked me to call Flowery branch office at (404) 874-7500. I called this number and the representative who answered my call apologized for the mistake and took the change of Address so that the package will be delivered to my work address on next business day 10/16/2006.

As I did not get it on Monday, I called to follow up on it and I found that the guy who answered my call did not write the change of address and hence it will be delivered at my home address. I called the Norcross facility at 11:30 AM and a lady kept my call on hold for about 10 minutes and hung up the phone. I again called and found that the package is with the representative who answered my call and he said that he do not have any drivers to deliver it today though it is before noon and it will be delayed for another day.

I went to the Norcross facility and contacted Front desk attendant who was supervisor over there at 7:40 pm and he tried to help me and looked for the package for about an hour and said he can't find it. I heard that these kinds of mishandling happens with DHL very frequently and I had observed how irresponsible the staff at Norcross DHL office are in my last visit 2 weeks ago as another couple of customers too expressed the same kind of bitter experience.

The guy who answered my call on 10/17/2006 at 11:30 Am hidden the package somewhere so that nobody can trace it where it is. I tried calling several Customer service numbers and nobody can trace it where it is. Finally on next day I called the DHL Norcross facility Center Manager and he spent the whole day in meetings to research and by end of day he is sorry for it has been sent to wrong location for the second time, agreed with me for the staff's irresponsible unethical behavior for the Courier profession and apologized for not locating where it is.

The next day on 10/19/2006 when I checked at the tracking history, it is in Birmingham Alabama and no one know why the heck it is sent to Alabama instead of Atlanta GA where it is supposed be the destination. Finally what I think could have happened was the management found it with the Supervisor who stole/mishandled the package and not to agree this with me - they sent the package to Alabama to show that it is a human error which is not true as this is the second missing record of the mail in this transaction.

Because of the unethical-irresponsible behavior of the DHL staff, the package has traveled several locations in Atlanta GA for 4 days and sent to Alabama purposefully. DHL has a very bad practice of doing professional business and they have a horrible customer service with no call back or status notification for the complaints submitted on their website. By this nobody can trust a public mail facility as chances are there for stealing the mails by their staff with irresponsible behavior. Thanks for reading this review and hope DHL corrects their mistakes by training their staff with more ethics to be a good mail-man.

DHL Next Day Express Delivery - What a Joke!
By -

CODY, WYOMING -- On Tuesday 10/3/06 I had a supplier ship me $200 worth of perishable merchandise to me at Cody, Wy. He packed the merchandise for a next day delivery and shipped it from Kansas by DHL Express for a guaranteed next day delivery. The Express package should have been delivered by DHL on Wednesday 10/4/06 and would require a signature on delivery. I stayed at home that day and did not work awaiting delivery of this package. By 5 PM on 10/4/06 it became apparent that it was not going to be delivered that day. I checked the tracking information on it and found that it had arrived at their Billings, Montana dispatch center on that morning.

I called Customer Service at DHL to find out why it had not gone out for delivery and the customer service operator could not tell me anything except that it just did not get delivered that day and that it would be delivered the next day. So the next day (10/5/06) I again stayed home and waited but again there is no delivery from DHL. That afternoon I again checked the tracking information and found a notation stating that they had attempted delivery and to place call their toll free number.

I called the number and was transferred to their Billings. Mt. dispatch center. I gave their Billings dispatcher (first name **) the airbill number and demanded an explanation, as I had been sitting at home for two days waiting for this Express delivery package. I was advised that it was initially delayed because their plane had been fogged in at Wilmington, OH and had arrived in Billings too late to get the package out on delivery on (10/04/06) and that the driver had reported that he was unable to locate the street that I live on when he attempted to deliver it on (10/5/06).

I gave her the street address and within a few seconds she had pulled it up on the computer and told me exactly where it was located. Apparently their delivery driver did not have the forethought to check with his dispatcher for the street location or to call me for directions (My telephone number was on the outside of the package). By this time I was getting hot under the collar. But she assured me that it would be delivered the following day. So the next day (10/6/06) I again stayed home awaiting delivery. By 1;30 PM that afternoon it began to look like the package again was not going to be delivered.

I called the Billings, Mt. Dispatch Center directly and again spoke to **. As soon as she recognised what I was calling about she transferred me someone named ** whom I assumed to have been the manager. He informed me that they had determined that I lived outside their delivery area. I explained to him that I live in a developed subdivision that has been here for some 20 years and that DHL delivers in the subdivision all the time and had even previously delivered to my address. He told me that they only delivered within a 10 mile radius of Cody, Wyoming and that I was outside that 10 mile radius.

I informed him that that was incorrect that I only lived exactly 7 miles from the city limits of Cody and 8.5 miles from the center of town. He once again reiterated that I was outside their delivery area and that they had placed my Next Day Express package in the mail and that it would be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. When asked about other deliveries that DHL had previously made to me and my neighbors he told me he didn't know what the driver would have been doing in my subdivision because he shouldn't be delivering there. He continued to insist that I was located more than 10 miles outside of Cody, Wyoming and therefore was out of their delivery area.

To make a long story short we were at the weekend by this time. Monday (10/9/06) was a Postal Holiday (Columbus Day) so there was no mail delivery. My DHL Next Day Express package was finally delivered by the U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday (10/10/06) after being bounced around for a full week by the incompetent lying people at DHL. And additionally no signature was required when it was delivered by the U. S. Post Office, as DHL did not pay for that service when they dropped it in the mail.

In summary, I paid something like $50 for Express Next Day Delivery only to have the package delivered a full week later by the Post office. I missed 3 days of work waiting for DHL to deliver it so I could sign for it. I won't even discuss the condition of the perishable contents after a week of DHL's farce that they call their Next Day Express Service. On Wednesday (10/11/06) my wife was leaving for work and she saw the bright yellow DHL delivery truck go past our subdivision headed further out of Cody than where we are located. She followed it and watched the driver make a delivery out 2 miles past where we live, but then we are 'somehow' out of their delivery area.

I honestly don't know how an express delivery service that is this screwed up and who employs such incompetent people can stay in business. I know that I will never ever again be doing business with them and I shall not do business with any other vendor who insist on shipping anything to me by DHL. If DHL attempts to deliver anything to me I will refuse to accept it and have it returned to the sender. Further, I intend to make a conscious effort to make sure that all of my business associates and friends know how sorry DHL service is. These people do not need to be in business.

DHL rocks (update)
By -

KUWAIT -- Previously I published a review on how good and reliable DHL is over here in Kuwait. Now to my fella Kuwaitis (and foreign friends) I would like to update you with my nothing but POSITIVE experiences I've been recently having with DHL. Words can not describe how satisfied I am with this company so first allow me to begin by providing you with my DHL tracking numbers: **

All I can is WOW! No other company in Kuwait (nor do I believe on earth) will deliver your parcels by 7:29 in the MORNING!!! Also, DHL is very smooth with customs clearance (unlike FedEx, uPs, and most importantly Aramex.) I remember once I had a shipment from FedEx where it remained in customs for ONE WEEK (I'm not bluffing, this is the FedEx tracking number so you can see for your self '**'). These pathetic competitors are no match to DHL, and I have no idea how or why they still exist in the market (I never a had a DHL package that remained in customs for over 48 hours).

Now let me ask you this. Do you want a first-class, 5-star service and head-ache free environment where everything is being taken care of while you're sleeping or at work? Then you can't go wrong with DHL (oh and no, I definitely do not work for DHL. However, they EARNED my loyalty) :)

Pros of this company are: superior customer service, delivery speed, and tracking system. In addition, their packaging quality is superb and extremely smooth customs clearance. Cons of this company are: NONE (You can't say price because YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR... Right?)

END OF REVIEW. BELOW IS SOMETHING UNRELATED TO THIS DHL's REVIEW. For those who think I'm somehow have a contact in DHL or have an affiliation with them this is my response to you: Check the following FedEx tracking numbers: ** Having used FedEx for 6 times to import my packages there is no way I would have an affiliation with DHL, else I would have NEVER used FedEx in the first place... Right?

I also wanted to post my experience with uPs and TNT but unfortunately I also lost my tracking numbers so I apologize if this was a disappointment to you guys.

Inconsistent promise breakers
By -

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- My dad was trying to send me a package with DHL Express. This was all well and good except I wasn't at my house to sign for the package, so by the time I got back to my place a few days later, it was their third attempt. It was marked, saying that if I signed the back of the slip, they would leave the package at the door. Seemed practical enough, done it a million times for FedEx in the past.

So for the past three attempts they've been going to my front door and checking the slip for a signature and replacing it with a new one, indicating the most recent attempt, except for the next attempt, then went to my BACKDOOR and put another slip up, with it being marked as the final attempt would be next Monday (it was Thursday). I called DHL, they told me in fact this was the final attempt and there wouldn't be one next Monday unless I paid extra for it. I told them about the personnel going to the wrong door and they told me they were sorry and would send out another delivery between 9 am~5 pm on Friday.

It was summer so I waited the whole day, having both slips signed on either door and they STILL didn't deliver the package. Since then I have contacted DHL two more times, including a supervisor, and still have not gotten my package. Now it's on its way back to my dad. One of them had the nerve of telling me that perhaps I had to be there to sign when in fact I had both slips saying that I just needed to sign on the back AND the fact that I was waiting for the package the whole day without a knock on the door to be heard.

International shipping

CALIFORNIA -- My company is the 3rd largest defense contractor in the world. They ship millions of items mostly through fedex, but small items for some reason go through DHL. Thus far DHL has failed to come through for me. A check for a lot of money that was to come to Taiwan from California was late by 2 1/2 weeks. It was placed in a drop box and I had the AWB to track it that day. 1 week later still no package or scanned AWB in the system. I call DHL they say the AWB is not registered or valid since it has not been scanned. So another week I call the office again and they have nothing.

I call DHL locally in Taiwan. They check the system and nothing in the system. Another call to DHL in the US with a nice rep finally and her extensive search turns up that it is at LAX since that day it was shipped 2 weeks ago. Finally it gets here the next day but too late for what I needed it for. The excuse - wrong address. I checked the address it is the same as the last DHL that came out here on time.

Move forward today. Friday 13th my new passport with my visa gets sent to Taiwan same method as before. It has been a week now and I call DHL and they say that both AWB are invalid once again. Now we have to do a trace and do everything like in the past to find, in their words, a non existing packages. And I am supposed to leave the country in 1 day with this new passport in hand. So now I have to wait for my co worker (my boss) to receive a call back from the local office supervisor, in which he called yesterday morning to have them re-check the box in which he never got a call back to see if they did check it, like the guy stated he would after they did indeed check it.

Now he has to have them recheck again and possibly call Ohio for lost packages to see if it shows up there. So DHL representative that I talked sent an email to the local office to call him between 8-9 am to take the next steps if it is not at their local office or in the truck or the docks. All the while I have to stay in country past my visa time paying late fees each day and possibly order and new passport and express it with the new visa costing upwards of 500 USD and I still have to wait 2 weeks. So total cost around $1000 after all is said and done. Never again will I use DHL.

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