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Horrible Service
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AURORA, COLORADO -- Paid for door to door service - DHL express service from France. Arrived in USA in 4 days. Then DHL gave package to U.S. Postal Service with no tracking and regular mail. Did not call me or give me choice not to use post office with no tracking. Do not use DHL. Never, never, never, never, never!

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LONDON -- DHL provides the most crappiest service, charging premium price and giving bad service. I informed my contact in India not to send by DHL and to send by other international couriers, they didn't listen. From Thursday I am sitting at home to get this parcel, it has still not reached me. I have informed the company to send the parcel back 2 India so that I can make sure I get compensated for my losses. On Friday DHL left a note saying I was not at the address, when very much I was at the address. DHL had my mobile number, still no attempt was made to call me on that.

I spoke to one of their inefficient customer service person on Friday & explained to him the seriousness of the situation. He informed me it would be delivered on Monday. Now on the DHL stupid website it says it has been put on hold. They use all these techniques to fool the british people here. Irresponsible bunch of people at this company and over that in the morning when I tried to escalate the problem a dumbo british employee at one of their depot, she informed me they don't do with my postcode, but didn't offer another phone number. Her callous attitude seemed like I am doing a favor to her.

The overall bad experience I'm going through, makes me think DHL has a monopoly. I am not going to collect the parcel after 2 O clock today, as it would be of no used to me. I have requested them to send the parcel back to India as it contains important documents.

How bad can it get?
By -

On Thursday May 13 2010 documents were sent to me in Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles using DHL Express with tracking no. **. Maybe you can still admire the tracking on The package went from the Seychelles to Kenya to London in 1 day. So far so good probably. Then it goes totally wrong.

Leipzig, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Leipzig, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Miami (!the right direction!), Cincinnati, London, Brussels, London, Barbados (?).

It's in Barbados now, after 15 days. And I'm still waiting. I have been calling England (3 times), my local DHL station (5 times), they're all very friendly but it doesn't help a bit. The direction the documents keep being send to doesn't make any sense. Even if you get it totally wrong, how many times do you keep sending it back and forth between Brussels and London before you take action?

Do Not Use DHL for Business or Personal Delivery Needs
By -

I just got off the phone talking to the retarded souls at DHL, the worldwide express jokers. For three days I have being chasing one of my 2-Day overnight parcels consisting of items urgently required by one of our business customers. Instead of delivering the item the Driver has updated the tracking system with the following info; Delivery attempted; recipient refused. Or More address info needed. After getting the More Address info needed msg from the tracking system, my assistant contacted DHL and gave them the cell number to call if the driver has any issues.

And guess what? No delivery. Instead the tracking system is updated once again with more garbage and lies. So now it is clear, IF YOU ARE BUSINESS/PERSONAL CUSTOMER NEVER USE DHL. EVER. As a business I should be able to trust the tracking system. But DHL tracking system is filled with lies. They are unable to deliver an urgent item to an address that is in plain view. Don't believe these people and their promotions. They treat their customers like liars when their own drivers and employees are a bunch of lying souls.

Package "On Hold" w/o notification or explanation and NEVER shipped
By -

NW EDMONTON, CANADA -- Asked DHL if envelope of archival photos would arrive next day. He assured me. 36 hours later, no pix. I checked tracking, which listed the envelope's delivery to DHL as a day AFTER I had delivered it. Worse, envelope stayed at depot on 1st, 2nd, 3rd day. It NEVER left! assured me it had on either 1st or 2nd day - but was silent after I emailed them tracking page showing envelope as "On Hold" on all 3 days.

1-800 representative said I got date wrong: emailed 1-800 my perfectly-consistent payment receipt and waybill! Silence. They do well: Depot NEVER issued advisory re "Hold"! Depot answered NO calls, mine or the main office's! Wonderful hq. team manager faxed my demands: w/o apology or explanation, they returned the never-shipped envelope 3 days after accepting it for overnight delivery. Thus, DHL caused a memorial event for my godmother to pass w/o display of 22 special 8x10 photos. FedEx guaranteed 24-36 hr. delivery. Darn.

Inconsistent promise breakers
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WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- My dad was trying to send me a package with DHL Express. This was all well and good except I wasn't at my house to sign for the package, so by the time I got back to my place a few days later, it was their third attempt. It was marked, saying that if I signed the back of the slip, they would leave the package at the door. Seemed practical enough, done it a million times for FedEx in the past.

So for the past three attempts they've been going to my front door and checking the slip for a signature and replacing it with a new one, indicating the most recent attempt, except for the next attempt, then went to my BACKDOOR and put another slip up, with it being marked as the final attempt would be next Monday (it was Thursday). I called DHL, they told me in fact this was the final attempt and there wouldn't be one next Monday unless I paid extra for it. I told them about the personnel going to the wrong door and they told me they were sorry and would send out another delivery between 9 am~5 pm on Friday.

It was summer so I waited the whole day, having both slips signed on either door and they STILL didn't deliver the package. Since then I have contacted DHL two more times, including a supervisor, and still have not gotten my package. Now it's on its way back to my dad. One of them had the nerve of telling me that perhaps I had to be there to sign when in fact I had both slips saying that I just needed to sign on the back AND the fact that I was waiting for the package the whole day without a knock on the door to be heard.

International shipping

CALIFORNIA -- My company is the 3rd largest defense contractor in the world. They ship millions of items mostly through fedex, but small items for some reason go through DHL. Thus far DHL has failed to come through for me. A check for a lot of money that was to come to Taiwan from California was late by 2 1/2 weeks. It was placed in a drop box and I had the AWB to track it that day. 1 week later still no package or scanned AWB in the system. I call DHL they say the AWB is not registered or valid since it has not been scanned. So another week I call the office again and they have nothing.

I call DHL locally in Taiwan. They check the system and nothing in the system. Another call to DHL in the US with a nice rep finally and her extensive search turns up that it is at LAX since that day it was shipped 2 weeks ago. Finally it gets here the next day but too late for what I needed it for. The excuse - wrong address. I checked the address it is the same as the last DHL that came out here on time.

Move forward today. Friday 13th my new passport with my visa gets sent to Taiwan same method as before. It has been a week now and I call DHL and they say that both AWB are invalid once again. Now we have to do a trace and do everything like in the past to find, in their words, a non existing packages. And I am supposed to leave the country in 1 day with this new passport in hand. So now I have to wait for my co worker (my boss) to receive a call back from the local office supervisor, in which he called yesterday morning to have them re-check the box in which he never got a call back to see if they did check it, like the guy stated he would after they did indeed check it.

Now he has to have them recheck again and possibly call Ohio for lost packages to see if it shows up there. So DHL representative that I talked sent an email to the local office to call him between 8-9 am to take the next steps if it is not at their local office or in the truck or the docks. All the while I have to stay in country past my visa time paying late fees each day and possibly order and new passport and express it with the new visa costing upwards of 500 USD and I still have to wait 2 weeks. So total cost around $1000 after all is said and done. Never again will I use DHL.

DHL Worst Service Ever/Misrepresentation/Loss of Merchandise/
By -

I had a shipment imported from Hong Kong on 12/19/05. On 12/21 I contacted customer service for the status. Despite the fact that the tracking information did not indicate it had cleared customs, they contacted their import department and assured me it had and that I would receive it the next day. Note that Import Express service quotes a 2 business day delivery. Not having received it on 12/22 I contacted them again, as the status still said "on Hand" at the DHL facility in Los Angeles. They opened a file to trace the shipment and said I would get a call back by 5 pm the next day.

In the meantime I get a call from my local DHL facility saying they were instructed to hold my package at their warehouse instead of delivering it to me. I did not know where these instructions came from, but I offered to come pick it up, just glad that it was delivered. They indicated that is wasn't there, just that they got a call to hold it - to quote the gentlemen, "I don't have it and I don't know when it's coming in." Confused, I call customer service again to find out why these instructions were given to my local DHL center. Of course she had no clue, but supposedly changed the instructions back to the original of door to door delivery.

The next day (the 23rd) still no delivery, so I called again. The rep ** told me to wait for my 5 pm call back. I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone in the office where it was actually being traced. He said there was no information available on that - but he had given me the person's name. I asked again if there was no supervisor in his office - he said no. Being the Friday before Christmas I asked if the corporate office was open. He laughed and said "thank you for calling DHL" and hung up in my face. I called back immediately and got the number of the corporate office in Florida.

Amazingly all the way out there in Florida they had the direct phone number of the person handling the trace. It is now 12/27 and the last information is that they have searched the Los Angeles gateway (e.g. warehouse and dock) and lost and found and my shipment is nowhere to be found. Needless to say this is unacceptable. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on shipping with DHL, only to have this shipment "lost" from their possession and then to be hung up on when I dare to call and ask to speak with more than a low level customer service person. Their service representations are a fraud, they are rude and unhelpful, and they refuse to give you contact information for anyone in senior management.

I may be out of money but I intend to sent a letter detailing my experience to their competitors UPS and Fed Ex. Since DHL sees fit to trash their service in their national advertising I will offer my experience as testimonial to the contrary. Furthermore, I will be calling every national consumer advocacy radio program to go on air with my beef. I will be filing a robbery report with the LAPD, I've contacted an attorney and will file a complaint with the FTC.

Anyone Experienced Identity Theft Sending Papers Through DHL?
By -

DHL is UNBELIEVABLY bad! NEVER use DHL! EVER! I will write more later. I sent a package by DHL "Express", and it took nine days. But, that's NOT the bad part. I have a question: Has anyone on this site experienced anything with DHL that would indicate that Identity Theft occurred with papers that you, unfortunately, sent through DHL "Express"? I am QUITE serious in asking this question.

Horrible Shipping Times
By -

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered a cell phone from AT&T on Friday August 29, 2008, and was told that it would be shipped 2nd day express by DHL. I was emailed a tracking number once the package had been shipped. On August 30th it was picked up from the AT&T warehouse by DHL. I knew it wouldn't go anywhere Sunday, or Monday since it was Labor Day.

It is now Thursday September 4, 2008 and it still hasn't arrived. I called DHL customer service and Informed the man I spoke with that it clearly says on their website that the estimated delivery date was 09/03/08 and it was guaranteed to have been there by 5 P.M. yesterday afternoon and that their tracking information showed that it was in Wilmington Ohio, which is 12 hours from my house and he informed me that it would be here tomorrow by 5 P.M.. Which is TWO whole days later than it was GUARANTEED to be here already.

I will never do business with DHL again. I would rather have UPS send it and me know that it will take a few more days but not be run around in circles by their customer service reps.

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