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How bad can it get?
By -

On Thursday May 13 2010 documents were sent to me in Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles using DHL Express with tracking no. **. Maybe you can still admire the tracking on The package went from the Seychelles to Kenya to London in 1 day. So far so good probably. Then it goes totally wrong.

Leipzig, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Leipzig, Brussels, London, Brussels, London, Miami (!the right direction!), Cincinnati, London, Brussels, London, Barbados (?).

It's in Barbados now, after 15 days. And I'm still waiting. I have been calling England (3 times), my local DHL station (5 times), they're all very friendly but it doesn't help a bit. The direction the documents keep being send to doesn't make any sense. Even if you get it totally wrong, how many times do you keep sending it back and forth between Brussels and London before you take action?

Do Not Use DHL for Business or Personal Delivery Needs
By -

I just got off the phone talking to the retarded souls at DHL, the worldwide express jokers. For three days I have being chasing one of my 2-Day overnight parcels consisting of items urgently required by one of our business customers. Instead of delivering the item the Driver has updated the tracking system with the following info; Delivery attempted; recipient refused. Or More address info needed. After getting the More Address info needed msg from the tracking system, my assistant contacted DHL and gave them the cell number to call if the driver has any issues.

And guess what? No delivery. Instead the tracking system is updated once again with more garbage and lies. So now it is clear, IF YOU ARE BUSINESS/PERSONAL CUSTOMER NEVER USE DHL. EVER. As a business I should be able to trust the tracking system. But DHL tracking system is filled with lies. They are unable to deliver an urgent item to an address that is in plain view. Don't believe these people and their promotions. They treat their customers like liars when their own drivers and employees are a bunch of lying souls.

Package "On Hold" w/o notification or explanation and NEVER shipped
By -

NW EDMONTON, CANADA -- Asked DHL if envelope of archival photos would arrive next day. He assured me. 36 hours later, no pix. I checked tracking, which listed the envelope's delivery to DHL as a day AFTER I had delivered it. Worse, envelope stayed at depot on 1st, 2nd, 3rd day. It NEVER left! assured me it had on either 1st or 2nd day - but was silent after I emailed them tracking page showing envelope as "On Hold" on all 3 days.

1-800 representative said I got date wrong: emailed 1-800 my perfectly-consistent payment receipt and waybill! Silence. They do well: Depot NEVER issued advisory re "Hold"! Depot answered NO calls, mine or the main office's! Wonderful hq. team manager faxed my demands: w/o apology or explanation, they returned the never-shipped envelope 3 days after accepting it for overnight delivery. Thus, DHL caused a memorial event for my godmother to pass w/o display of 22 special 8x10 photos. FedEx guaranteed 24-36 hr. delivery. Darn.

Horrible Shipping Times
By -

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered a cell phone from AT&T on Friday August 29, 2008, and was told that it would be shipped 2nd day express by DHL. I was emailed a tracking number once the package had been shipped. On August 30th it was picked up from the AT&T warehouse by DHL. I knew it wouldn't go anywhere Sunday, or Monday since it was Labor Day.

It is now Thursday September 4, 2008 and it still hasn't arrived. I called DHL customer service and Informed the man I spoke with that it clearly says on their website that the estimated delivery date was 09/03/08 and it was guaranteed to have been there by 5 P.M. yesterday afternoon and that their tracking information showed that it was in Wilmington Ohio, which is 12 hours from my house and he informed me that it would be here tomorrow by 5 P.M.. Which is TWO whole days later than it was GUARANTEED to be here already.

I will never do business with DHL again. I would rather have UPS send it and me know that it will take a few more days but not be run around in circles by their customer service reps.

Horrible Shipping Service
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- By looking at the tracking history anybody can say how irresponsible are the staff working in DHL. The tracking history says the package left India on 10/12/2006 to be delivered in Atlanta GA and Arrived in New york DHL facility on 10/13/2006.

On 10/14/2006 I see this package is out for delivery from DHL Atlanta downtown facility. I called Customer service to find when I am going to get it. They said it has been sent to wrong facility by mistake and asked me to call Flowery branch office at (404) 874-7500. I called this number and the representative who answered my call apologized for the mistake and took the change of Address so that the package will be delivered to my work address on next business day 10/16/2006.

As I did not get it on Monday, I called to follow up on it and I found that the guy who answered my call did not write the change of address and hence it will be delivered at my home address. I called the Norcross facility at 11:30 AM and a lady kept my call on hold for about 10 minutes and hung up the phone. I again called and found that the package is with the representative who answered my call and he said that he do not have any drivers to deliver it today though it is before noon and it will be delayed for another day.

I went to the Norcross facility and contacted Front desk attendant who was supervisor over there at 7:40 pm and he tried to help me and looked for the package for about an hour and said he can't find it. I heard that these kinds of mishandling happens with DHL very frequently and I had observed how irresponsible the staff at Norcross DHL office are in my last visit 2 weeks ago as another couple of customers too expressed the same kind of bitter experience.

The guy who answered my call on 10/17/2006 at 11:30 Am hidden the package somewhere so that nobody can trace it where it is. I tried calling several Customer service numbers and nobody can trace it where it is. Finally on next day I called the DHL Norcross facility Center Manager and he spent the whole day in meetings to research and by end of day he is sorry for it has been sent to wrong location for the second time, agreed with me for the staff's irresponsible unethical behavior for the Courier profession and apologized for not locating where it is.

The next day on 10/19/2006 when I checked at the tracking history, it is in Birmingham Alabama and no one know why the heck it is sent to Alabama instead of Atlanta GA where it is supposed be the destination. Finally what I think could have happened was the management found it with the Supervisor who stole/mishandled the package and not to agree this with me - they sent the package to Alabama to show that it is a human error which is not true as this is the second missing record of the mail in this transaction.

Because of the unethical-irresponsible behavior of the DHL staff, the package has traveled several locations in Atlanta GA for 4 days and sent to Alabama purposefully. DHL has a very bad practice of doing professional business and they have a horrible customer service with no call back or status notification for the complaints submitted on their website. By this nobody can trust a public mail facility as chances are there for stealing the mails by their staff with irresponsible behavior. Thanks for reading this review and hope DHL corrects their mistakes by training their staff with more ethics to be a good mail-man.

DHL Next Day Express Delivery - What a Joke!
By -

CODY, WYOMING -- On Tuesday 10/3/06 I had a supplier ship me $200 worth of perishable merchandise to me at Cody, Wy. He packed the merchandise for a next day delivery and shipped it from Kansas by DHL Express for a guaranteed next day delivery. The Express package should have been delivered by DHL on Wednesday 10/4/06 and would require a signature on delivery. I stayed at home that day and did not work awaiting delivery of this package. By 5 PM on 10/4/06 it became apparent that it was not going to be delivered that day. I checked the tracking information on it and found that it had arrived at their Billings, Montana dispatch center on that morning.

I called Customer Service at DHL to find out why it had not gone out for delivery and the customer service operator could not tell me anything except that it just did not get delivered that day and that it would be delivered the next day. So the next day (10/5/06) I again stayed home and waited but again there is no delivery from DHL. That afternoon I again checked the tracking information and found a notation stating that they had attempted delivery and to place call their toll free number.

I called the number and was transferred to their Billings. Mt. dispatch center. I gave their Billings dispatcher (first name **) the airbill number and demanded an explanation, as I had been sitting at home for two days waiting for this Express delivery package. I was advised that it was initially delayed because their plane had been fogged in at Wilmington, OH and had arrived in Billings too late to get the package out on delivery on (10/04/06) and that the driver had reported that he was unable to locate the street that I live on when he attempted to deliver it on (10/5/06).

I gave her the street address and within a few seconds she had pulled it up on the computer and told me exactly where it was located. Apparently their delivery driver did not have the forethought to check with his dispatcher for the street location or to call me for directions (My telephone number was on the outside of the package). By this time I was getting hot under the collar. But she assured me that it would be delivered the following day. So the next day (10/6/06) I again stayed home awaiting delivery. By 1;30 PM that afternoon it began to look like the package again was not going to be delivered.

I called the Billings, Mt. Dispatch Center directly and again spoke to **. As soon as she recognised what I was calling about she transferred me someone named ** whom I assumed to have been the manager. He informed me that they had determined that I lived outside their delivery area. I explained to him that I live in a developed subdivision that has been here for some 20 years and that DHL delivers in the subdivision all the time and had even previously delivered to my address. He told me that they only delivered within a 10 mile radius of Cody, Wyoming and that I was outside that 10 mile radius.

I informed him that that was incorrect that I only lived exactly 7 miles from the city limits of Cody and 8.5 miles from the center of town. He once again reiterated that I was outside their delivery area and that they had placed my Next Day Express package in the mail and that it would be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. When asked about other deliveries that DHL had previously made to me and my neighbors he told me he didn't know what the driver would have been doing in my subdivision because he shouldn't be delivering there. He continued to insist that I was located more than 10 miles outside of Cody, Wyoming and therefore was out of their delivery area.

To make a long story short we were at the weekend by this time. Monday (10/9/06) was a Postal Holiday (Columbus Day) so there was no mail delivery. My DHL Next Day Express package was finally delivered by the U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday (10/10/06) after being bounced around for a full week by the incompetent lying people at DHL. And additionally no signature was required when it was delivered by the U. S. Post Office, as DHL did not pay for that service when they dropped it in the mail.

In summary, I paid something like $50 for Express Next Day Delivery only to have the package delivered a full week later by the Post office. I missed 3 days of work waiting for DHL to deliver it so I could sign for it. I won't even discuss the condition of the perishable contents after a week of DHL's farce that they call their Next Day Express Service. On Wednesday (10/11/06) my wife was leaving for work and she saw the bright yellow DHL delivery truck go past our subdivision headed further out of Cody than where we are located. She followed it and watched the driver make a delivery out 2 miles past where we live, but then we are 'somehow' out of their delivery area.

I honestly don't know how an express delivery service that is this screwed up and who employs such incompetent people can stay in business. I know that I will never ever again be doing business with them and I shall not do business with any other vendor who insist on shipping anything to me by DHL. If DHL attempts to deliver anything to me I will refuse to accept it and have it returned to the sender. Further, I intend to make a conscious effort to make sure that all of my business associates and friends know how sorry DHL service is. These people do not need to be in business.

DHL Worst Service Ever/Misrepresentation/Loss of Merchandise/
By -

I had a shipment imported from Hong Kong on 12/19/05. On 12/21 I contacted customer service for the status. Despite the fact that the tracking information did not indicate it had cleared customs, they contacted their import department and assured me it had and that I would receive it the next day. Note that Import Express service quotes a 2 business day delivery. Not having received it on 12/22 I contacted them again, as the status still said "on Hand" at the DHL facility in Los Angeles. They opened a file to trace the shipment and said I would get a call back by 5 pm the next day.

In the meantime I get a call from my local DHL facility saying they were instructed to hold my package at their warehouse instead of delivering it to me. I did not know where these instructions came from, but I offered to come pick it up, just glad that it was delivered. They indicated that is wasn't there, just that they got a call to hold it - to quote the gentlemen, "I don't have it and I don't know when it's coming in." Confused, I call customer service again to find out why these instructions were given to my local DHL center. Of course she had no clue, but supposedly changed the instructions back to the original of door to door delivery.

The next day (the 23rd) still no delivery, so I called again. The rep ** told me to wait for my 5 pm call back. I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone in the office where it was actually being traced. He said there was no information available on that - but he had given me the person's name. I asked again if there was no supervisor in his office - he said no. Being the Friday before Christmas I asked if the corporate office was open. He laughed and said "thank you for calling DHL" and hung up in my face. I called back immediately and got the number of the corporate office in Florida.

Amazingly all the way out there in Florida they had the direct phone number of the person handling the trace. It is now 12/27 and the last information is that they have searched the Los Angeles gateway (e.g. warehouse and dock) and lost and found and my shipment is nowhere to be found. Needless to say this is unacceptable. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on shipping with DHL, only to have this shipment "lost" from their possession and then to be hung up on when I dare to call and ask to speak with more than a low level customer service person. Their service representations are a fraud, they are rude and unhelpful, and they refuse to give you contact information for anyone in senior management.

I may be out of money but I intend to sent a letter detailing my experience to their competitors UPS and Fed Ex. Since DHL sees fit to trash their service in their national advertising I will offer my experience as testimonial to the contrary. Furthermore, I will be calling every national consumer advocacy radio program to go on air with my beef. I will be filing a robbery report with the LAPD, I've contacted an attorney and will file a complaint with the FTC.

Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

AURORA, COLORADO -- Paid for door to door service - DHL express service from France. Arrived in USA in 4 days. Then DHL gave package to U.S. Postal Service with no tracking and regular mail. Did not call me or give me choice not to use post office with no tracking. Do not use DHL. Never, never, never, never, never!

DHL Lost My Important Documents.
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Rating: 1/51

BELGIUM -- My documents were sent from Belgium to Spain a month ago. The sender paid for express shipment, but I still haven't got anything yet. I'm still waiting, wasting my time and money over this problem. The customer service doesn't have answers to my questions. DHL is helpless to solve problems that are caused by them. There is a lack in communication. I will never use this again and don't you either. A little extra money better than headache.

Anyone Experienced Identity Theft Sending Papers Through DHL?
By -

DHL is UNBELIEVABLY bad! NEVER use DHL! EVER! I will write more later. I sent a package by DHL "Express", and it took nine days. But, that's NOT the bad part. I have a question: Has anyone on this site experienced anything with DHL that would indicate that Identity Theft occurred with papers that you, unfortunately, sent through DHL "Express"? I am QUITE serious in asking this question.

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