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They Stuck My Overnight Package In The Regular Mail!
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CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO -- Since June 30 DHL does NOT deliver to many areas of the country anymore!!! I order toner for my business from Dell my business depends on it. DHL is NOT reliable. You know what they did? They took the Dell toner cartridge and stuck it in the regular mail and billed DELL for the overnight rate. Does DELL want to be associated with this kind of company? It makes DELL look bad. DELL shipping managers should cancel DHL contract. Why does Dell use UPS for the laptop I just got (which came on time) and DHL for toner? Just use UPS....

Anyone can lose a package sometimes or have a weather delay but to take an overnight delivery and just put it in the regular mail without notifying the shipper or the addressee is really bad business and dishonest!

Do not ever use DHL or you are asking for trouble for your own business and you risk losing your customers.

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cherpep on 08/22/2008:
Did you receive the package in time & in good condition? DHL contracts out deliveries - why not use the US Postal Office as one of the contracters if the price is right? What's the difference if it is brought to you in Joe Schmoe's pickup truck or by the mailman?
Anonymous on 08/22/2008:
I agree cherpep. DHL was supposed to deliver one of my packages. I was actually glad that DHL contracted out to the USPS for my delivery. I wasn't home to receive it at the time it was supposed to be delivered. I only had to go a mile and a half to the post office to pick it up. Sure beats having to pick it up at DHL or having to reschedule delivery. :)
BobJohn on 08/22/2008:
If your business depends on toner, you shouldn't wait to order for overnight delivery. It would be cheaper for a longer delivery time and keep one or two extra cartridges at your company - that way you will never run out. As soon as you put the last cartridge in your printer, order then.
losmith on 09/08/2008:
The areas that are no longer served by DHL directly comprise less than 3% of their entire package stream, not the "many areas" you suggest. Furthermore, your assertion that DHL contracted out to USPS without notifying Dell is an assumption that is completely incorrect. DHL announced the service change in advance. You're also assuming that they charged Dell the overnight rate, and you have zero basis to make that statement. Do you see Dell's DHL bills? Get real.
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Late Delivery/Inappropriate Customs Charge due to DHL unprofessionalism
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Sent two silk blankets and other small silk products to bride while I was working in Shanghai via DHL overnight. Packages took over a week to arrive (held at customs due to overstated value by DHL (used Chinese RMB value vice US Dollar). Customer service during that period non-productive in gaining status of delivery. Three weeks after delivery, get a $300+ bill from DHL for duty owed based on their mistake on estimate of price. Billing customer service equally unhelpful and incapable of accessing account materials. I had to use FedEX fax to supply DHL their own (DHL)shipping documents. Never use DHL...$550 worth of silk shipped stateside has cost me over $575 in shipping fees and inappropriate duty charges and the war still goes on.

Now they also say there is an unpublished internal policy that you only have 15 days to ask for your money back, even though I complained the third day after shipping about non-delivery! Unreal!
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madconsumer on 03/06/2008:
while making this shipment, you had to fill out some sort of declaration form. verify your copy to make sure you had filled it out properly.

Archerfish on 03/20/2008:
Verified as $550 US Dollars. Chinese money value for each item also clearly ID'd as RMB not USD. Still have no formal response from DHL as they state they have no set time policy for responding to complaints. How many other people are hung out to dry by DHL?
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Unreliable, unfriendly service
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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Asked for a package to be delivered overnight. Paid $145 for the fee. Package missed delivery first day. Second day was supposed to be held at facility, was taken out for delivery. Third day was supposed to be delivered to a new address, was held at facility.

This is the most disorganized and dysfunctional shipping company I have ever dealt with. Smaller shippers, and even UPS are more efficient than DHL.

As an editorial, our FedEx and UPS drivers are pleasant and friendly, while the DHL driver is impersonal and rude.
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madconsumer on 01/16/2008:
make sure to have the shipper place a claim for the missed delviery time.
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DHL sucks
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CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had the misfortune to have to deal with this crappy service. I had some transcripts overnighted to me and after two days the packaged never showed. I contacted the sender and got the tracking number. It turns out they tried to deliver but never left a signature card so how was I to know. I contacted DHL and they assured me it would be delivered on the third day, so I had someone waiting all day. DHL never made an attempt to deliver. The first lie. So, on Saturday they tell me it will be delivered before noon. The second lie. Its now past noo and still no delivery. I have made over 6 phone calls and not once would they allow me to speak to a supervisor. DHL is absolute garbage and should not be allowed to continue.
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Overnight? Yeah, right.
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First time I've ever done business with DHL, and is certainly my last.

I paid $50 to have an extremely important package delivered via overnight shipping. The day I'm supposed to receive it comes and I give DHL a call because the online tracking wasn't updated. I told that it has been delayed and will certainly receive it the next day before 12pm.

12pm comes and I call DHL customer service again. To no avail, it is still in another state in 'transit.'

Day 3 is tomorrow, and I do not believe that it will be here.

I am extremely frustrated as my time to utilize what I needed in such a short time span, is over. Rendering my package as useless as DHL's shipping capabilities.

Stick with UPS. DHL is a joke.
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Pomona Guy on 07/27/2007:
I used Federal Express and had a great overnight service. DHL is German and I still cringe over WWII!
T21564 on 07/27/2007:
I've used F.E. as well. They were great.

I am extremely frustrated with this. It was delayed the first day because of a handling error on their part, and today it's as if they said 'screw it, we've already missed the overnight delivery date, let's just ship it ground.'

Hugh_Jorgen on 07/27/2007:
FedEx hasn't used the "when it absolutely positively has to be there overnight" ad line in years, but it's still true.
Starlord on 07/27/2007:
I was to receive a package by FedEx one time, and a DHL van pulled into our yard. I told them I was expecting FedEx, and was a bit puzzled. The driver told me that DHL had purchased FedEx. When I later mentioned this to a FedEx driver, I thought he was going to explode. It turned out that it was another outfit that DHL bought, the one with the little silver pickups.
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Overnight delivery??
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CALIFORNIA -- Same complaints as I have read on this website. My husband and I shipped a package to our customers overnight (their request to use DHL, we never wanted to in the first place). It is now 5 days later and I think the company finally got their package delivered this morning (according to DHL website). This stuff needs to be refrigerated upon receipt and can generally go for 24-48 hours without refrigeration but we are not sure about 5 days!! If our product is spoiled we will be pursuing DHL like you wouldn't believe. We will NEVER use DHL again! We know of so many people and businesses that have had nothing but trouble with this company. How are they staying in business??
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One-Eyed Willie on 06/14/2007:
What are you shipping?
poppapia on 06/14/2007:
They stay in business because people keep using them.
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3rd time, no package!!
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COMMERCE, GEORGIA -- This is the 3rd package in a year that DHL has screwed up. ALWAYS a lame excuse. This time it was sorted wrong and went to a wrong delivery center. They have no explanation for their mistake other than you'll get it tomorrow. They make medication & payroll a priority accordng to a Mark & Lauren in New York after going through several other people. So what is everyone else who pays for overnight shipping, where do their packages fit in to their priority list?
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Anonymous on 03/01/2007:
With millions of packages to sort and ship daily something is bound to get screwed up. 100% accurancy, though a worthy goal is seldom achieved. It just happened to be your package this time. Now if it had been delivered by a driver to the wrong location, that would be something to complain about.
MRM on 03/01/2007:
If DHL continues to make the same mistake again, I suggest that you switch carriers.
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