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Poor Service and Useless Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

NEPEAN -- DHL left me a note saying that they couldn't deliver the package and that tomorrow they will try again. Since that package was important for me and I needed asap, I decided to take the day off to wait for the package. They were supposed to deliver it in the morning. Around 3:30pm there was still nothing. I call the CSR and they check and then they tell me that my package was not out that day; I ask them to call the Nepean center and ask them to deliver it (since they only close at 6pm). They told me that they have no way of contacting them. Wow! they cannot even contact their own branch in Nepean (Ontario); what an organization!!!

And to think communication is key in this line of business...they told that they even cannot give me the Nepean phone number (Wow again!)and they gave me the address, hoping that I would go and pick up my package (what the point then of paying for delivery???). I went to the Nepean location and gave them sh-t; so they went looking for the package that was supposed to be in the warehouse. Guess what? they didn't find it!!! I told them that I was leaving and they better have it delivered tomorrow before 8:30am. Well see... I already sent an official complaint to DHL but I don't think they care anyway...

DHL allow their package to be stolen
By -

I ordered my google nexus phone on 29 January 2010.I wanted to get the hone before this special date I have. so eagerly I followed the tracking order on DHL. the tracking website for mine is http://track/.
as you can see the order was going alright till the last day 5th February 2010.Singapore is a small country so I estimate the package should arrive 1-2 days after it reach singapore. but after 2 days the package has not arrived. So with advice from my friend I called DHL to inquire about my package. I was told by the operator that there is a problem with the delivery. On further probing the operator told me that they tried to deliver the package to me but they are unable to reach me. Thinking that they could have my address wrong I double check with him the mailing address. It was correct. The operator assured me that the package should arrive in a day or two.
being abit impatient on the second day after waiting till evening the package still have not arrive and I called DHL again. This time I was told by another operator that there is a problem with my package. I continued to pester for the problem and this time round the operator told me that there is missing content from my package. However when I ask what was missing the operator told me she do not know. But she gave me a number to call which she said was the investigating person of my case.

So the next day I called this person, Mark. He told me that when the delivery man pick up the package he notice the package to be tampered with and on further inspection and checking the phone was found to be missing and only the phone charger was left behind. On hearing this I asked if this could be a theft case. he said he cannot comment but the phone could have just dropped out(of a closed box?).They are still investigating the case. The next morning I receive a call from him and he told me they are unable to locate the phone and deicde to end the case by refunding back to the shipper. I asked if they plan to jst let the mattter end like this?He replied "yes".I demanded from him that I want an explanation from them and I will not let the matter rest like this. Then he told me they are actually still investigating.(seems like a lie to me)He told me this matter is brought over to a security officer, Steve Tan.

so I called this security officer and he told me on the 1st intance the package reach singapore they already found it to be tampered.(This means the 1st time I called the operator was lying to me.)He said this is a one off incident which I highly doubt so given the number of cases I seen online here. He continued to explain to me that DHL being a large company they hadle thousands of packages every day, about 40-50 k. Hence it is alright for them to lose a package or to. or in other word is a common thing. Furthermore, phones are a luxury item that are very tempting to be stolen by couriers.(seems like a very good job with bonus.)Finally he assured me that they will refund to the shipper in 7 days and I will make my counter claim there. I am still waiting for a reply here.

Morale of the story I learn here is DHL hires liars and thief to work for them. If you really want a good job can consider joining DHL as you can take what you like as your bonus and benefit

Always a problem
By -

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- I order a lot of merchandise over the internet and have had a few companies ship to me via DHL. I must say that out of the last 5 deliveries, there have been problems with all 5. For example, I paid for Saturday delivery on one package and sure enough, the tracking showed out for delivery on that Saturday. Well, I stayed around all day, waiting for DHL. They never showed at all. Suddenly, the tracking updated to show "delivery attempt, not home" thing. Funny part was that the time it said they attempted delivery, I was practically staring at my yellow truck ever showed. At 400pm, I called the 800 number and they said the truck was already back at the station and to call Monday. Finally got my Saturday delivery on Monday, and the driver told me that the girl who was driving on Saturday didn't know the area? So she just lied about attempting delivery and went home?

Next incident involved an overnight delivery by 300pm deal. Well, it got to be 400pm and no driver. Called the infamous 800 number and they said that the driver would be there within 45 minutes. At 900pm, I called back and asked where the driver was that should have been thereby 445pm. They contacted the driver and had him call me directly. He was lost and literally was driving around about 4 miles from my house and was about to go back to the station. So, I ended up meeting him three miles up the road for my package at about 930pm. The driver even had a partner riding with him and neither one could figure out where they were. The real funny part was that when the tracking finally updated to show that it had been delivered, it showed that they had delivered to me at 230pm! Unreal.

Next incident involved another Saturday delivery (never pay for these). Since my last bad Sat. experience, I figured I would get the jump on them that day. I called first thing that morning and asked for an ETA for delivery. Well, they actually called me from the local hub a few minutes later and I was able to talk to the driver before she left the hub. I even offered to meet her in town to make sure I got delivery and to help her out. Otherwise, I prob. would have never seen the package until Monday. Okay, she agreed to meet me at 1100am about 15 minutes from my house. Okay...I went for it and was sitting in that parking lot at exactly 1100am. I waited for 30 show. I drove back home and got a message on my answering machine that said "sorry, company policy won't let customers meet drivers up the road for delivery". So, I had one person telling me one thing and another person telling me another. I finally got a call from the driver and ended up meeting them up the road AGAIN because they were lost.

I could go on, but I'm actually tired of complaining. I understand that everyone has a job and mistakes can happen, but DHL has been so consistently screwy that GOOD service with them is actually an exception to the rule. I wish to the Good Lord that shippers would QUIT using DHL or they will definitely lose me as a customer. I run a business and exclusively ship USPS Priority mail and that service has been 100 percent better than DHL overnight.

However, I will leave one positive note at the end. There is ONE lady DHL driver that I have gotten to know that has always been prompt in delivering my packages. Too bad that she doesn't work every time I have a package coming as she is the ONLY driver that done a super job. Wonder what the interview process is like for drivers? Some of them really are out there.

By -

SELMA AL, ALABAMA -- Thursday dropped off at drop box in Atlanta
Friday morning scanned at the Montgomery Al. DHL center
Friday 11:30 DHL delivered a package to my next-door neighbor but none to me?hum

Friday 11:35 called the DHL 800 # to inquire as to why my package wasn't delivered this is when I was told my first of many lies the CSR(and I use the title loosely) said that I must have the tracking # (the package was looked up several times after that without the #)

Friday 1:00 located the tracking # and called again CSR named (arquetta?) said they would contact the montgomery and find out where the package was I told her that the package contained time sensitive material that would be of no use if the package arrived after Saturday I told her I would go to montgomery (1 hour away) and pick it up she said not to worry that she would find out where the package was and give me a call in 1 hour (lie # 2)

Friday 2:15 called the 800# again and talked to Amanda she informed me the driver was contacted and he "thought" the package was on the truck and would turn aroound and deliver it before 5:00 (you guessed it lie #3) I asked CSR Amanda to check and see if the montgomery office was working on Saturday as it was new years eve. She checked and assured me that if the driver didn't bring the package before 5:00 it would be put on a truck and brought Saturday (lie #4)

Friday 5:15 again called the "customer service " number was rudely informed maybe the driver had something happen but he would be there today(lie #5)
Saturday 8:30am called cs# again talked with don he said Arquetta was talking with the montgomery office and they had the package and would deliver it between 12 and 1:00 and they would leave it (even if no one was home) I informed him there would be someone there all day

Saturday 8:56am call comes in from the montgomery DHL office?(cell phone) person on the other in didn't identify themselves but infomed the package was in hand and the truck would be leaving by 10:00am and the package would be delivered between 12 and 1:00(same lie as before but from a different person so I am counting it # 6)
Saturday 1:15pm still no package called 800# I told the "CSR"who answered the phone my package was late "AGAIN" he informed me there was no way the package could have been promised by 1:00pm as it was after 1pm now and they weren't there HUH?? then informs me they are scheduled by 5:00 I am frustrated and just hang up

Saturday 3:00pm really sweating now ... sis-in-law decides this needs the female touch she calls "CSR" # and asks for a supervisor talks to supervisor xxxxxx ha says he will get to the bottom of the situation and calls the manager of the montgomery station(lie #7) montgomery station manager alex calls sis-in-law back and says that we were told lies all day long as the montgomery station wasn't working today and there was no way the package was on its way but he would help us out and go down to the station(lie# 8) and look for the package himself when he finds it he will call us back and meet us with the package somewhere in prattville calls back in 1 hour saying package wasn't in the office(lie#9) and must be missing I say stolen he says yes then tells me he is sorry but there is nothing more he can do we will have to file a claim OMG wait a minute this guy is calling from the 720 area code this a-hole is calling from colorado what kind of operation are they running?

Saturday 4:00 I call back and raise a little more hell at the "supervisor" on duty falls on deaf ears I give until Tuesday where I can chew my way up the corporate ladder

Saturday 8:30 still no package just for fun go to google and type in the words DHL and complaint (over 10000 websites)

I know everyone wants to know what is in the package

2 tickets 50 yard line 6 rows from the field at the Georgia dome to see

Micheal Vick and Atlanta Falcons play the Carolina Panthers 6 rows from the field 6 rows 6 ... how sick can you get a once in a lifetime experence nose bleed seats to see the falcons will run you $150 each I have 2 premium tickets sitting in montgomery I HATE DHL all the first lady I talked to had to do is tell me the tickets were in montgomery and I would have jumped in the car and went to get them, but all anyone at DHL did was tell me what I wanted to hear to get me off of the phone with them

Worst Delivery Company in the Whole World
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Rating: 1/51

CALGARY -- This is probably the worst delivery company in the whole entire world. My package made it from China to Calgary, Alberta in a few days and once DHL got ahold of it every thing went wrong. They had my package for over a week and they needed me to pay import fees, but no one thought to call me. Once I called them and paid the fees that same day, they kept my package for another week. Every time I called they said it would be delivered that day, for 5 days they said this. You could walk from Calgary to my house in 5 days. At one point one for their employees told me "we really don't know where your package is".. 800$ worth of goods that they just could not find. On top of having to wait for 3 weeks for them to deliver my package, I also had to pay $100.00 for their horrible service, and deal with their rude and untrained staff on the phone every day. If you care about what you are shipping then do not ship it with this company they are completely incompetent, I would have more confidence in a carrier pigeon.

Substandard Service From DHL
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA BEACH -- 6:45 pm- I'm sitting in my kitchen doing homework with my youngest child. I hear a car honking but ignore it because I'm busy with my kids. Then I hear a car honking again and again. I turn around and look out my kitchen window and see a DHL delivery man waving to me from his van in my driveway. He is motioning me to come down to receive the package.

I come down the stairs and express my disbelief at this service- he says that our garage door is open so he has to assume that a dog is inside and he will not deliver. This is ridiculers nonsense. He was LAZY- end of story. He saw me sitting in the window and was reluctant to come to our front door! We are very disappointed with DHL and will never use them for deliveries.

The Worst Delivery Company
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Rating: 1/51

FRANKFURT -- I have ordered the pickup service from Darmstadt, Germany on 15 September and it was picked up only on 17th, though on the web-site they told me on 17th it will be already delivered to me!
After 2 days it was lost - by mistake they sent to another COUNTRY! How is it possible?! It is deliver company and if you work there you have to be expert in delivering to the right destination! I tried to call to customer service, the first guy was very ignorant and didn't want to help just saying: "Wait for the letter, it I scheduled to be delivered to you!". On the second call the lady hardly spoke English, and all she did in 15 minutes is spell out my name and address. That's it! She didn't give ANY information! She promised she will call service center and they will contact me, but of course they didn't!
Then the package was chilling in the wrong country for 5 days and no one knew when it is gonna be delivered to me! The letter came 10 days late! I needed the letter urgently for Visa, and they screwed me up!
You can't call yourself EXPRESS DELIVERY if it takes you 10 days to deliver letter!

I spent so much energy and time because of bloody DHL! Will never use their service!

Worst Service and NO Customer Support
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Rating: 1/51

RAINIER, WASHINGTON -- My order was shipped DHL but then transferred to USPS. Delivery date should have been by June 30. I got it on July 8 AFTER the item sat for over 10 days somewhere--they kept saying it was checked in and then went out, over and over again.

The only response I got before it arrived was a computer generated e-mail that was the same one each time. After it arrived, they told me it had arrived and that if I had issues, I should talk to the people I bought it from (who immediately refunded my shipping--no questions.) Still irritated.

Shipping Via Bike Messenger?
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I ordered a case and screen protector for my cellphone off EBay, sadly the seller used DHL for shipping...

I was very happy to see the product would be coming from California, as I live in Oregon, and that is only 16 hours of drive time, I would be sure to get it in no time, right?


I am currently sitting here 10 BUSINESS DAYS later, and it has only just now arrived...


In the time it has taken DHL to ship from California to Washington, I was able to receive a package from JAPAN....HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD....

The only conclusion I can make from this is that DHL now uses bike messengers for all their deliveries and shipping services.

My package was fraudulently signed for and never delivered
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Rating: 1/51

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- I was expecting a overseas package and received a email saying my package would be delivered Monday and if I wanted to change the date to do it online. Since I was working Monday, I asked for Tuesday delivery. Stayed home all day and no delivery!! So I checked the tracking number and it said the package was delivered and signed for on Monday. I live in a secure complex and everyone must sign in. There is no proof of any DHL truck coming on Monday or any deliveries made. To make it worse, when I checked the signature on file, it was clearly NOT ours. When I called customer service, they first said well even if the delivery date was changed, its not always guaranteed. Second, they insisted they checked with the delivery man and that it was delivered to this address. (Such a lie, since there is no proof they were here). I asked who signed for the package, and can you believe they said "if you say the package can be left at the door, the delivery man just signs". They didn't even leave a notice saying the package was delivered (because it wasn't). I can't believe these people are still in business. Obviously, they steal a lot of packages this way and get away with it. Someone is making out. I had over $300 of merchandise taken from these people. When I asked to speak to the legal department, they never called me back. They left a message saying, the package was delivered and this will close this case. Unbelievable. Do NOT, I mean NEVER use this company for deliveries. You will be so sorry.

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