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DHL the Worse Shipping Company
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered stuff from UK on 26 Aug. 2015 and was provided the tracking number. After five day I checked online and saw that my packing arrived in Calgary, Canada. It was pretty quick. They requested to pay the shipping fee and I did as soon as I could so that the delivery would be in my place. The morning after I checked the tracking number again and found that my packing re-route to Beijing, China!!!

I called DHL to report (unfortunately it took me almost 2 hours to talk to the agent). They just said sorry for the mistake and would call me back when they updated the status - which they never called (I wondered if I did not call them what was going on with my package...). After 8 days my package returned to Canada on 08 Sep. 2015, DHL called me that my package arrived in Canada and would delivery same day. When the driver delivered the box I looked at the package, I could not believe that the box was shattered on the corners (stuff in side fell apart).

It's been over a month. Today I received the invoice from DHL for the shipping fee. I called DHL to tell them about the fee which I paid before the package arrive in Canada, the lady said she did not see any payment (online) in the system! Then she provided me the email to contact... which I did and I sent the copy of payment receipt. DHL sucks!! This company is worse and lack of communication, useless, and incompetence. Avoid this company at all cost!!

Never Use DHL!
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Rating: 1/51

DHL makes the process of receiving your package a confusing, time wasting exercise; their representatives really do not know what they are doing and have no respect for clients' time. I will never again use their service and will never recommend them to anyone. The level of incompetence of the DHL Brampton (Canada) office in particular and the service in Canada is unparalleled for being abysmally bad.

DHL advised me on their website via tracking that the package which I ordered from the USA was to arrive on a certain date. I stayed at home and waited all that day. The package never arrived. I called Customer Service and was attended to by a woman with a very contemptuous tone, who told me that the package was with Canada Customs and that I would have to provide them with a Power of Attorney if I wanted them to clear the package for me.

Of course I wanted the package cleared through customs – how else was it going to get to me? Did they think that I paid for it to remain there and not come to my house? If I had not called DHL, what would have happened to my package – more delays? Later in the evening of that same day, I received an e-mail from another female representative from DHL indicating that I needed to give them a Power of Attorney for them to clear the package through customs for me. I completed the PoA form and sent it back to the e-mail address to which I was directed.

At the close of business on the next day, there was still no update on the tracking information – which still stated that, at the end of that day, DHL “needed information” from me and that someone would call me. No one called. No package arrived. I called DHL again. The representative told me that this was an issue for the “Brokerage” department and that she would transfer me to them. Bear in mind that this is the same person to whom I sent to PoA.

The person from brokerage told me that the first representative never received the PoA despite the fact that I had confirmation e-mail from them stating that they had received my e-mail. They then tried to excuse their incompetence by drawing an artificial distinction between the person who sent the e-mail and the intended recipient when in fact the same person had the brokerage e-mail address in their e-mail signature. I still have not received the package and no updates were placed in tracking two days later. Ended up having to call the company which shipped the package in the USA to explain that I did not receive package.

In the future, use a carrier pigeon. Walk over. Take a cab. Deliver the package yourself but NEVER USE DHL - the higher fees charged by another courier service will save you the time and money which you would otherwise have wasted in using DHL.

Failure to Deliver
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Rating: 1/51

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS -- I pay extra to have a package delivered, took the day off work to wait for it as they required a signature and, lo and behold, all of a sudden I get a text message saying that "a delivery was attempted and no one was home". Seriously? No one rang the bell, no one knocked on the door. What is it that I need to do now, spend the entire day outside waiting for the truck because their driver won't even bother to attempt delivery anymore?

I called customer services and all I got was "Sorry! We can try to deliver tomorrow or you can go to our center sometime before 9 pm before they close and hang around as we don't really know when the driver will be back." Worst customer services ever!

Useless Website
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Rating: 1/51

I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to ship some stuff from US to Europe, and I have to tell you, your DHL website is completely worthless. I have no words to describe how useless your service and your website is... seriously. I don't know who designed your DHL website, who is maintaining it, but I am speechless. I use mainly UPS, and sometimes FedEx, I tried to see if I can save some money shipping DHL, but after hopelessly trying to figure out how to ship my stuff through DHL I finally gave up, and I will be going back to UPS. I seriously don't understand how in the name of God are you guys still in business... amazing.

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Rating: 5/51

FLORIDA -- After dealing with my local post office on a daily basis and then experiencing DHL, I just had to write a review somewhere. After googling, this site came up. I ordered items from China on a Friday. It was about a 20 lb box. I just now received the package on the very next Tuesday. I have no account with DHL yet I received a text when shipped and when delivery was about to take place. Telling me that a signature was needed giving me time to get home to receive package.

Tracking online was superb. Every step of the way was accurate and quick. No I do not work for DHL nor do I have any ties. I have only written a few reviews in my life, but this was worthy of my time. If you are ordering internationally and have a choice, choose DHL!

Worst Company Ever
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- They're simply a joke of a company. I had a parcel sent to me from my country (as a temporary shipment) and they cleared the item duty as a permanent import without even consult with me. First time I heard from them was by a message telling me that I should pay 250 dollars before to get my parcel.

When I did contact them telling that they shouldn't have cleared it as a permanent import their answer was that anyway they don't do any temporary import, so it will be my interest to contact and pay a custom broker whom would have to take care about - they get refund the import duty then do again for me the custom clearance and then get in contact with them and only at that point I will finally get sent what is mine... I WISH TO THEM BECAUSE OF THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR TO LOSE ANY DAY MORE CUSTOMERS!!!

DHL - Dishonest Shipping Company
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Rating: 1/51

CANADA -- On a recent trip to India, we purchased 3 carpets which we arranged, through the shop, to be shipped home. After we returned home, we were notified that the shipment arrived in the country and required customs clearance. We provided credit card information to a DHL representative to clear the carpets on our behalf. A few days later we checked the website to determine the status of our shipment and were surprised to see that DHL was indicating that they had been delivered and that no signature was required; BUT, we received nothing!

We DHL over the course of 2 weeks and when we were able to connect with someone we were told that they were investigating and needed to talk with their driver. After a week and a half of chasing DHL, they told us they checked with their driver who claimed that he did make the delivery. We asked for some evidence that this was the case - a paper or electronic trail of the driver's routing that day, anything. To which we received an e-mail restating that they had indeed delivered the package and that they were now leaving it up to the shippers in India to resolve the situation i.e. they absolved themselves of any responsibility without providing some level of satisfaction that they had indeed actually made the delivery.

I cannot believe a company in North America can behave the way that they have and still stay in business. The lack of any evidence and the way they brushed us off leads us to suspect that we are dealing with some sort of cover up and dishonest people working there from top to bottom. We sent e-mails to everyone in the chain of command including the Canadian president **. ** did not reply even though the DHL web site says "GO STRAIGHT TO THE TOP". What nerve - if you don't mean it then don't say it.

Someone by the name of ** followed up and we were led to believe that this was a result of our e-mails to ** and his office. But, she was virtually impossible to contact and when she did make contact she merely told us that the driver said the package was delivered. No response was forthcoming from ** when we asked for some sort of proof that this really did happen. Before ** came on the scene we were told our case was being handled by ** in customer service. She too was impossible to reach and when contact was made she was rude and uncooperative and for a week or more told us that she left a message with the driver who hadn't call back.

After lodging a complaint the case was taken away from ** and transferred to her team lead ** who, even though he made commitments to keep us informed daily, never did. In fact he just disappeared from the scene and took the day off. The entire ordeal has left a bad taste in our mouths and leaves us strongly suspecting someone at DHL as having stolen our goods and the rest of the organization covering up. I cannot believe that a Canadian company can operate in such a manner.

If anyone out there knows of any other option that we might pursue, we would like to hear from you. We are amazed that as consumers we have no protection from an unscrupulous company like DHL. This company's real business is dealing in fraud. If this is not the case then why were they so difficult to deal with? Why were they so unresponsive? Why were they so reluctant to satisfy us by providing some level of evidence to back up the claim that the package was delivered? DHL - Fraud and scam company run by dishonest people from top to bottom. Get the word out that there should be NO BUSINESS FOR A COMPANY THAT OPERATES LIKE DHL.

Took Forever and STILL Screwed Up!
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Rating: 1/51

USA, NEW JERSEY -- Sent this complaint to the head of DHL customer service and BBB: I sent my first package through DHL this week. I will not be a repeat customer. My experience was nothing short of disastrous. I sent a shipment of gifts to a friend in Vietnam, parcel ID. I purchased the service through a third-party reseller, who provided the shipping label and what I thought was a customs form. I entered into the form the contents of the package at a value of USD 43.00. I noticed the form was titled "Commercial Invoice," so when the DHL driver picked up the parcel, I expressed my concern and specified that the package contained only gifts and not a commercial shipment. He assured me that everything would be fine.

When the package arrived in Vietnam, an exception was generated. I sent an email asking the status of the package and received a return call from a courteous English-speaking representative in Ho Chi Minh. She indicated that she needed contact information for the recipient; I gave her the recipient's e-mail address. I indicated that the recipient was not perfectly fluent in Vietnamese and asked if she could communicate with the office in English. The representative assured me that an English speaker would be available.

The recipient forwarded me a copy of the email she had received, which asked her for details regarding the shipment which a gift recipient should not normally be expected to have access to. Still, I assisted her in filling out the form and she replied in English. We specified again that the shipment contained only gifts.

A DHL representative next came to the recipient's address and gave her a copy of the "commercial invoice" which I had provided to DHL. The representative stated that the recipient would need to pay the USD 43.00, the value of the items listed, to obtain the package. It should be noted that $43 is a significant hardship for the recipient due to the exchange rate. I messaged the DHL Vietnam website in English stating that the list was not meant to be an invoice, that the contents were gifts and not a commercial shipment, and that the recipient should not be invoiced.

A family member of the recipient called the Ho Chi Minh office and was told that they has not received her email. It was sent again without reply, another call was made, and the representative indicated that the office could not read the English email. The recipient had her email translated into Vietnamese and resent it in both languages. Finally the Vietnam office confirmed receipt and advised the recipient that the package would take approximately two days to clear.

Seeing that DHL had a policy of charging for packages taking over three days to clear, I contacted the U.S. office. I received a voicemail message back stating that the package had been cleared after all and would probably be sent when it was morning in Vietnam. The driver did deliver, charging the recipient's family the $43 which we had explained repeatedly should never have been invoiced.

All told, the package spent twice as long in the Vietnam office as it did in transit, and the entire transaction was plagued with errors, poor communication, and a wrongful charge which represents a needless hardship to the receiver. I would like the full $43 refunded directly to the recipient as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

Nothing but Lies
By -

My package was in DHL care from 3:20 pm Feb 17 and made it from Florida to Edmonton Alberta Canada in about 27 hours. This was great as I was charged $104 to have it right away. The problem was as it was at the airport in Edmonton at noon and immediately cleared customs, then it stated clearance delay, so I phoned customer service to see if it would be delivered to the drop off in Edmonton later in the day. I was told no, that it would not move until the following Tues as today is Fri and they don't work weekends and Monday is a holiday.

This package was to be delivered to my doorstep in 2 days, so not wanting to wait an extra 3-4 days for delivery, I phoned customer service to have it held at the airport so I could pick it up. They said, "We emailed the request to them and they haven't got back to me." So I tried to phone the Edmonton drop off site to see if it was picked up so I could pick it up there. I got the phone # from their web site and called it about 40 times and this was Fri afternoon about 2:30 pm and they are open till 5:00 pm. No answer to all calls.

Checked the web tracking at 6:30 said package was in Edmonton at drop off at 6:15. Checked the web tracking 2 hours later and they changed the time from 6:15 to 9:38 yet it was only 8:30. I think this was done to cover up. So anyway, I phoned customer service at the 1800 number on Monday Family Day holiday, no answer; the drop off in Edmonton no answer, so I tried live chat and lo and behold I was told indeed they are open at the drop off even though it was a holiday. So, away I went to pick up my parcel driving 20 minutes from out of town, store closed.

Will be trying to pick up my parcel Tues morning hoping it's there. Purchased this from Simple Wifi in Florida and was to be shipped by UPS. They changed carriers after purchase and can't believe what has happened to me (so they say) I was charged $104 for UPS and they are now refunding some of the cost of shipping, somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 - $40. I would have rather paid the full amount and had it on time. Never again will I purchase from any vendor who uses DHL.

Its the people working there who just don't care at all about delivering on time because the company is not set up to do so. I guess this is what they call bait and switch or a red herring, on DHL and Simple Wifi. Certainly thinking of reporting both companies to the Better Business Bureau, and in the future check the B.B.B. first but, this doesn't work when companies like Simple Wifi advertise UPS as their international carrier then switch after you purchase from them. Dirty companies don't deserve customers and we all have to alert each other of what they are doing. Nothing but lies from both companies listed, stay away from both please.

Worst Possible Service In Shipping - Ever
By -

Surely my experience with DHL must merit some sort of award – if you have the patience read on... MONDAY:
Parcel containing 200 watches on van 08.45 for delivery to me. At this stage please bear in mind that I live less than half a mile from the main delivery depot.18.00 – No sign of parcel being delivered – contact DHL told that it could be on its way up to 18.30; 20.00 contact DHL about non delivery – told driver had called and left a card at 19.36 – very odd as I was in my driveway washing my car between 18.00 and 20.00 and there were five people in the house all looking out for this delivery. DHL tells me that they will arrange for next day delivery – I accept.

TUESDAY: 08.45 parcel marked out for delivery yet again; 1800 – No delivery – contact DHL told that driver couldn't find address – same driver that left the card yesterday!!

WEDNESDAY: Nothing on tracking about delivery so I contact DHL and I'm told the parcel is in the delivery depot – I ask them to confirm this and when they do I tell them I will be there at 11.00 to collect – Guess what I get to the depot only be told that the parcel is not there but on the same van with the same driver as before. Apparently it has been on his van all the time. I ask them to contact the driver to tell him I have a hospital appointment and could he please leave the parcel next door with my neighbor – no problem and many apologies; 19.00 still no parcel – contacts DHL – tracking says still out for delivery!!

THURSDAY: 09.00 - Yet again the tracking still says out for delivery; 19.00 – no parcel – contact DHL – asked to confirm my address for the fifth time and yes that was the address they had – which incidentally is an estate in the city built in 1934 and everyone knows it especially dozens of other couriers from whom I have deliveries on a regular basis (funnily enough one of them is DHL) Apparently the driver had gained access to the address but no one would sign for the parcel!!!

FRIDAY: 09.00 - Tracking says out for delivery; By this time if I had any hair I would have been pulling it out. I leave a large sign on my door saying I had to go to a funeral and would the driver please leave with next door neighbor. Gets home to find a card say parcel delivered to neighbor at 16.28. Great I had just missed him by fifteen minutes – knocks on neighbors door – no parcel has been left – this is fifteen minutes after it was supposed to have been left. I immediately check the tracking – yes it was delivered and signed by the neighbor at 16.28 but twenty minutes later according to the tracking it has been returned to the depot undelivered.

Checked with neighbor an elderly lady who incidentally has been taking my parcels in for over twenty five years – she says she has not signed anything. 1800 – contact DHL – tell them the driver did not leave any parcel next door – I am told he must have because it had been signed – I ask to see the signature I am told I have to make a claim – I ask why the tracking has it as being delivered and also being returned to depot as undelivered – told to make a claim – in fact the insinuation was that my neighbor must have it – my inclination is more towards the package having gone astray due to its attractive contents!!!

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