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Does Not Honor Warranty
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Rating: 3/51 - Consumer improved rating by 2 stars

MOUNT PLEASANT, TEXAS -- 6-month-old wood deck car hauler - The wood is splitting, warping, cracking, etc. Was told from dealer when I purchased it that it had 2-year FULL Warranty on EVERYTHING including paint. When you go to their website it states 1 Year Structure Warranty. I called Diamond C and the warranty guy rudely said they do not cover the wood because they didn't make it and that the warranty was merely LIMITED to their discretion and that I should have treated it but that it still wouldn't be covered even if I did. My issues...

1) The wood deck of any trailer is a MAJOR part of the "STRUCTURE".
2) Doesn't state "LIMITED" warranty anywhere on their website, brochure, my paperwork or anywhere else for that matter.
3) Brochure clearly states "Treated Wood". Why would I treat wood that was treated?
4) They say they do not warranty the wood because they didn't make it yet they surely didn't "MAKE" the steel they use, the tires, the nuts and bolts or any part of the trailer other than the welds. So how does that make sense?

Attached are 2 screenshots from their website. 1 stating that the wood is "treated" already. And 1 stating that they "stand by their product" as well as 1-year warranty on the "structure" as well is a couple pics of some of the bad wood. Keep in mind this trailer is only 6 months old.

Resolution Update 07/24/2015:

They made it right....
After a 2+ month struggle the nearest authorized service center just replace all the wood deck with pressure treated and sealed wood.
Thanks Diamond C.

Diamond "C" Trailers Satisfies Customers
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- We purchased a Diamond "C" Car Hauler Trailer to transport vehicles between Dealerships. We use the trailer every week so we needed a replacement trailer that would hold up to heavy use and the ability to haul 7,000 lb vehicles. Upon the recommendation of a Diamond "C" owner we looked for a Car Hauler at the Diamond "C" Dealer in our area. We found what we thought was the perfect trailer for the job. It was a triple axle trailer with a load capacity of 10,000 lbs. We made a deal and bought the trailer.

The first week we started having trouble and it continued every week until we just could not depend on the trailer to make a trip without a breakdown. We had 11 tires blowout, the fenders cracked, the cross braces broke loose, the leaf springs broke, the spring holders broke loose and the wiring was constantly failing. We took it back to the Dealer many times until finally he told us that he could not do anymore to help us. I asked if he would approach the factory to buy back the trailer. He said that he contacted them and they would look at the trailer but it would have to go out of state and be gone several weeks.

We need to use this trailer every week, so that was not an option. We took the trailer to a local trailer repair shop and had the trailer rebuilt. We added cross braces, replaced the fenders, replaced the springs and the spring holders and the complete wiring harness. We continued to have problems. I contacted the Diamond "C" Factory myself and to my surprise, found them to be very understanding and helpful.

Bennie ** from the factory offered to give us full refund for the trailer. Because Bennie was so willing to satisfy us, we decided to trade the problem trailer for the right trailer from Diamond "C". Bennie gave us our full purchase price as trade-in credit for the new trailer. It turns out that the problem trailer was not rated for the loads we were hauling. Even though it had three axles that were rated to carry 10,000 lbs., the trailer was not designed or built to be used the way we were using it.

We traded for a 20' tandem axle, Hydra-Tilt Car Hauler. This trailer has a 12,000 lb. capacity and is built very heavy to handle the constant use. I feel like this trailer will do the job without problems. Thank you so much Bennie for your "whatever it takes" attitude. Sometimes you don't know what kind of Company you are dealing with until you have a problem and learn how they deal with it. Diamond "C" is tops in my book and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Again.

Poor Performance with my Diamond C Trailer
By -

Don't buy a Diamond C Trailer until you have read about the problems I have experienced. I bought the 3 axle car hauler with a 10,000 lb load rating to haul vehicles between dealerships. The heaviest vehicle we have hauled with this trailer is 8,500 lbs. The fenders have fell down on the tires, the cross bracing has failed twice leaving my driver stranded 1,000 miles from home on two occasions. The wiring has been replaced once and repaired 4 times.

The rear leaf springs broke leaving my Driver stranded in Louisiana in the middle of the night. The tires all wear uneven. I have replaced 8 tires already in 4 months. The right center wheel bearing was so loose the tire was wobbling. The brake shoes on one axle were installed backwards and had to be replaced. I returned the trailer to the selling Dealer who has been most helpful, but has had to pay the repair expense himself.

I asked the Dealer to talk to the manufacturer and ask that the trailer be replaced. They responded by saying that if I brought the trailer to their factory in another state, they would repair it in 6-8 weeks. I use the trailer every week and cannot afford to be without it for one week let alone 6-8. I took the trailer to a local repair shop and had the cross braces welded again and added additional cross braces to alleviate the problem. This trailer is obviously very poorly built and poorly designed.

I would strongly recommend that you not buy a Diamond C Trailer if you plan on using it regularly. If they are all like the one I bought you will spend more time broke down than on the road. If you would like more details, I would happy to talk to anyone regarding the problem. When my selling Dealer told Diamond C that I could not wait and was forced to have the trailer repaired locally, they said "good, once someone else has worked on the trailer, the warranty is now void." A clear statement of Diamond C's attitude towards their product and its problems.

Company Response :

The company has responded to this consumer, and the consumer is very satisfied with the resolution.

Please be sure to read this customer's comments on the resolution of this problem

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