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Liars Cheats and Thieves
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- My wife called about possible SUVs they might have for $10k or less and they told her that they had two that they just picked up and she could have her choice for $10k. So liked one and said she will do $10k. Then they came back and said "sorry, we didn't know the value of the car and the best we can do is $15k. We argued back and forth with them and told them that it shows their true character to make up a price like that originally to lure people in and then try to rob them. The owner then comes out accusing my wife of being a liar and then when my wife kept calling them out, the owner called us "poor" and said good luck finding a car that you can afford. They just kept trying to degrade us when all we did was stand our ground about $10,000. DO NOT GO THERE! Oh, by the way the sales guy was drunk out of his mind. He wreaked of liquor and couldn't talk normal.

This same salesman hid in the owners office and wouldn't come out because we called him out on their lies and they had to keep sending other people to talk to us and try to rip us off. I came about 2 seconds from ripping the head off of the little twerp of an owner.
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