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I was screwed by Diamond Triumph Auto Glass
Posted by on
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Tread lightly before choosing Diamond Triumph Auto Glass to perform an auto glass windshield repair or replacement. They ruined my windshield and now refuse own up to the mistake and to pay to replace it. I am currently filing a complaint with The Better Business Bureau, NC Attorney General, small claims court and calling for a national boycott of their product and services until my case is resolved to my satisfaction. See my story below.

A Diamond Triumph Auto Glass technician arrived at my house to perform a $50 windshield 'repair'. Without fully explaining to me the process he was going to use or showing me a disclaimer or notice, he proceeded to drill the bebe-sized chip in my windshield. About 30 seconds later, he says "Well, I've never seen that happen before". And now, what was a tiny chip is a quarter-sized divot out of my windshield.

He now says that the entire windshield will need to be replaced! Now, my insurance company was willing to waive my deductible and pay for the $50 repair cost, costing me zero. At this point, since the cost of replacement is $285, I would be responsbile for paying the cost out of pocket because to cost is less than my deductible.

The technician also told me on the phone that I did not need to be present during the repair, though I was. Even if they did have a comphresive process in place, how would I have been given a disclaimer about the possible risk of a botch (which I wasn't)if I hadn't been there.

Due to lack of proper procedure and disclaimer, I feel strongly that Diamond Triumph Auto Glass is fully responsible for the cost of replacing my windshield. It was through their own error and lack of process that a routine repair costing me nothing turned into a full replacement costing me hundreds of dollars and missed work.

Even more laughable, is the 'Guarantee' for customer satisfaction listed on their web site. I was obviously not satisfied with this outcome or the company's lack of accountability for their mistakes. All I asked is that they take responsibility for their actions and eat the full cost for replacing my windshield that they botched. In my estimation, if Diamond Triumph Auto Glass truly valued their relationship with their customers, they would have handled this issue with more professionalism.
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Mad Eye Moody on 12/13/2005:
If you take it to small claims you're job is going to be to prove neglegence on behalf of the repairman. Make sure there was no way they could have given you any sort of documentation citing any no-fault disclaimers or anything like that. I've often been sworn up and down to that no documentation was given only to have someone call me back and say "oops...I found it...sorry"
Anonymous on 12/13/2005:
Yeah, that's no good. Hope you call the BBB on them.
Anonymous on 12/13/2005:
10 bucks says that when the consumer signed the work invoice the disclaimer about windshield repair is printed on it. For the record, windshields may be correctly repaired about 80% of the time provided the chip is no larger than a dime
Mad Eye Moody on 12/14/2005:
However, a dime can only be repaired 65% of the time, and it costs about 30 cents just to have it looked at.
Gardengal on 10/26/2006:
You think this is bad....I was employed by this company for 8 1/2 years ...the horror stories I could tell starting with how they fired me when I needed to care for my disabled child.
spriguy21 on 06/14/2007:
As a claims adjuster that deals with auto glass claims solely, I find it hard to believe they did not tell you about the repair process. I've done work with about 80% of the glass shops in the country and each and every one tells the customer when they schedule the appointment about the risk of a failed repair. Even tho I dislike Diamond, I know for a fact they tell everyone about the risk. A repair is not guaranteed, so what. Get over it. It's your own fault for not carrying a lower deductible.
flanny on 11/22/2008:
I also worked there for a number of years, about 4 or 5, I forget. I was earning but 25 cents over the 10 dollars an hour I started at at the time I left and moved away for greener pastures. I know whatever "deals" they may offer a customer comes at the expence of the poor worker that has to work there, many, low paid work release workers. Management workers however were, I understand, well paid even if most their tenures were short lived due to shady and underhanded business practices at the upper levels. For my own piece of mind as I am still somewhat disgruntal from my own bout with unfair business practices, have vowed to stear business away from them where ever possible and to date have steared enough prospective customers away to more than make up the 1600 they bilked me out of unemployment compensation.
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Shoddy Repair
Posted by on
The first week of April 2006, I contacted Diamond Triumph for a bid to replace the windshield on my 2005 Buick Rendezvous. They came in with the lowest bid of approximately $650 -- the highest bid was well over $1,000.

I made my appointment to have my windshield replaced. This was the first week of April. The tech replaced the windshield and told me not to drive the car for at least 2 hours. He did tell me he had some difficulty installing the windshield as it was "so big".

Immediately upon driving the vehicle I knew something was wrong. There was a horrible air leak on the left side as well as on the right side. I took the car to the car wash and my fears were confirmed...water came POURING in on me! Thankfully it was a touchless carwash and I was able to drive out before I became totally flooded. Upon examining the windshield closer the molding around the outside didn't even match up.

I called the Diamond Triumph. They agreed to send the tech back. However, he thought he might break the windshield when trying "fix" it so I had to over a week until he ordered another one.
The tech came back, I'm not sure what he did, but he didn't put a new windshield in or even remove the old one and reset it. It didn't leak water anymore, however I still had horrible wind noise on the right side.

Long story not quite so long, I had the tech there 4 times. The windshield was never fixed.

Finally, my husband called Diamond-Triumph and pretty much gave them an ultimatum. If they couldn't to come remove their windshield and refund my money. On June 21, I had them remove the windshield and on June 22, I had Safelite Auto Glass come and install a new windshield. This tech showed me where the Diamond tech had tried to fix his mistakes by filling in the gaps with goop.

Within an hour the Safelite tech had a new windshield installed CORRECTLY. Yes, it was $200 more than the lowest bid but it was done correctly the first time.

I have nothing positive to say about Diamond Triumph Auto Glass. It took me almost 2 months to get my windshield replaced correctly. I just got my refund check yesterday, July 19, 2006.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/21/2006:
Well jammr at least you were persistent enough to get them to get it out and get a new put in by someone else. Thanks for the info but where is Diamond Triumph Auto Glass so I will know where not to go?
jammr72 on 07/22/2006:
Lidman: Diamond/Triumph is a national company. Their main call center is in Pennsylvania. Another reason it is so difficult to get through to someone who can actually help.
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