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Do Not Buy At Diamonds International
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My husband and I went on a cruise on Holland America to the Mexican Riviera in Oct. 2008. Diamonds International is highly recommended from the cruise line. Don't fall for it. They promise you the best of quality and the best prices. We bought a diamond ring in Cabo San Lucas which cost $1990.00 I didn't have my ring for a week and one of the diamonds fell out. Thank God I happened to find it a few days later on my kitchen floor. Then I noticed the clarity of one diamond was terrible. I had my jeweler look at my ring and he confirmed my suspicions. The quality and clarity of all the diamonds weren't all what it was cut up to be. And it was not worth what we paid for it. They take advantage of you, let me tell you. At every port you visit, guess where they drop you off at? "Diamonds International" All those diamonds and the lighting is just perfect in the stores, HA! They play the game of lowering the price.

Oh my gosh, it is so phony, it is disgusting. I'm doing everything I can to get my money back and so far say all I can get is a store credit. I have learned a very valuable lesson. Be very careful of Diamonds International. They are like vultures!! They do not care!
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madconsumer on 11/18/2008:
you should have determined the quality before you purchased.
hubbard53 on 11/18/2008:
yeah buying diamonds is not a spur o' the moment thing. You really got to know what you're looking for and be able to make your own educated assessment of the '3 C's'

A $2k diamond would have gotten you a pretty decent .20 - .25 caret diamond with good color and clarity.
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Beware of Diamonds International
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My husband and I purchased a diamond ring in Aruba from Diamonds International. To make a very long story short, the stone was neither the color nor the clarity that they had stated and worse, they chipped the stone when they were setting it. They refused to acknowledge that the stone was chipped and when confronted with evidence that it was, they said that we must have chipped it. It took us 11 months, 20 letters, 4 written appraisals/evaluations, 27 emails, 30+ phone calls and numerous faxes to get our situation resolved. They ended up replacing the stone with a stone that is 1/2 carat smaller.

Advice I would give is DON'T buy from them, but if you do, try and get them to take it back. Once they have it, contact your credit card company immediately because they might give you a refund regardless of the circumstances. The credit card company said they would have given us a refund but since we were in possession of the stone they would not. Also, when DI offered to exchange the stone, The credit card company considered that an equitable resolution.

Do not believe cruise line recommendations. Royal Caribbean had them listed as a recommended store. They state that if you have a dispute, they will help resolve it. They did absolutely nothing.

Finally, if you can't get a resolution from your credit card company and DI isn't cooperating. Complain to everyone-NYC Better Business Bureau, NY Attorney General's Office and the Diamond Vigilance Committee in NYC.
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Diamonds International -Unscruplous Business Practices
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Diamonds International also operates as Almod Diamonds Limited, Amsterdam Diamond Gallery, DI Watches & Design, Diamond Creations, Jewelry Exchange – Cozumel, Just for Men International, Tanzanite International and Watches International

This company has totally unethical business practices. I bought a pair of round brilliant diamond studs for $2775(1.07 ct tw ,color-G and H ,clarity- SI2 fair cut )from Diamonds International from St maarten while on a cruise which they delivered in my cabin after mounting in st thomas. I realized they had delivered the inferior diamonds to me than what I saw in loose form.These had black naked-eye visible inclusions right on top,not present on the ones shown to me in store. I sent them back to them on returning for refund .They refused that and only offered me replacement stone or store credit .As per their store policy DI will only accept appraisals done (within 30 days of purchase) by an independent, certified appraiser, who does not buy or sell loose precious gemstones and jewelry. If we are beyond one color and/or one clarity grade of said appraisal, we offer a money back guarantee. Also if the diamond is certified by lab(as in my case it came with EGL certificates) then the appraisal I get ,has to be done by a certified LAB and has to come with a CERTIFICATE.They don't accept an independent appraiser in this case.
NO lab would CERTIFY the diamonds unless I send them in loose form and they will charge me $500 and 4-6 weeks for this.So I was stuck as couldn't take them out of moutning.

So I requested round brilliant diamonds studs with total ct wt approx 1.00- 1.10 ct tw (abt 0.50-0.55 each and color-G/H,clarity VS2/SI1 ,GIA class II cut (good cut to assure I get a diamond with good fire/brilliance without seeing the diamonds)-A simple search over internet will reveal above diamonds in range of $1200- $1500each with GIA CERTIFICATION) .
They sent me one list of replacement diamods with most inferior cut.Then they sent another list of diamonds from $5200-$11000 some of them of similar proportions which I had bought earlier for half price(above is more than 2-3 times the US price and not in my range ).
And now they told me either to take a store credit or threaten to just send my diamonds back..I don't want either of that.It is unwarranted and unreasonable for Diamonds International to hold my money and not actively look for a diamond . All businesses need to make a profit but there is a line where profit becomes greed.When a company charges 60-90% over the industry price for a similar product that becomes ridiculous.

PLEASE don't listen to the cruise shopping guide.This shop is just a terrible ripoff with absolutely non-concerned customer service.I feel absolutely cheated and have no idea what to do about this.

They don't care for customer satisfaction at all so I hope the customer instead goes elsewhere.

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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 04/03/2007:
I am shocked you would buy diamonds on a cruise on an island then have them shipped to you on the cruise not knowing for sure you were getting what you wanted...Yes you are entitled to what you thought you bought, but didn't any red flags go up during this process??
Anonymous on 04/03/2007:
So to get this straight, you bought diamonds from somebody you did not know. Then you left the diamonds to be delivered later? That is what's known as a "cruise ship switch", they do that a lot to people buying at the art auctions. When you buy it, take it with you. We bought Tanzanite in Aruba, the shop said they would FedEx the Tanzanite home for us to avoid the duty. I think not. Hid it in our dirty laundry, Customs does not like digging through dirty laundry. No wonder merchants all over the world love screwing American tourists, it's our own fault most of the time. We let them do it to us.
chrgrd on 04/03/2007:

Thanks for your comments.

I know I was too trusting but part of the reason is that our shopping guide at Ship (princess cruise) repeatedly told us that Diamond international had 100 branches in different cities in caribbean/Alaska with headquarters in NY and was one of guaranteed stores by them and we should plan to buy from their handpicked stores as they were guaranteed for quality .

Also ,getting them delivered to our cruise cabin was't to avoid custom duty,in fact I paid about $150 for custom duty on these diamonds.

The diamonds which I bought from them in St Marteen were loose and EGL certified.They charged me for mounting ,told me that they didn't have enoguh time for mounting and gave me loose diamonds to hand over to their branch in St Thomas and they will mount in an hour.They said they do it all the time .
In St Thomas I was sent to 3 different stores branches and then waited there an hour before they could determine that they could mount it in Martini setting for me and then said it will take 3 hours to mount so they will deliver them to my cabin.
I had no choice as I had already bought them loose and believed "Diamonds international" was a reputed shop with so many brances (not a small store which could just diasappear), so trusted them instead of bringing loose diamonds here and ask a jeweller here to put them in setting (from someone I didn't buy)

Anyway lesson learned..I hope others benefit from my I have lost both money and diamonds.They in fact threaten me to send the diamonds back if I don't accept the store credit and sign a letter saying that matter is resolved.
Clamshell on 10/14/2011:
Never Ever go to "cruise ship recommended" stores... Cruise ships recommend them and suckers believe it, cruise director gets kickbacks.

Go to your local jeweler - at least you can go kick his Azz if he rips you off.


Frequent Cruiser on 08/18/2013:
Nobody onboard gets Kickbacks for the shopping program onboard. kickbacks are done illicitly. The shopping program is a paid promotion which is all stated very clearly on the maps given to you in the first place. Advertising and kickbacks are not even close to being the same thing.
And, if they gave you lab reports of your loose stones then those lab reports are proof that they didn't switch them out because you can compare the report to the diamond.
I ONLY shop on cruises and ONLY at Diamonds International and every piece I've purchased has appraised for well over what I paid and been re-certified for exactly what I was told it was.
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GEORGETOWN, GRAND CAYMAN -- On 12/13/2013 I purchased a ladies Movado watch. At time of purchase I was told this was a newly released style. Well guess what, it was released in 2009 (5 years ago). What made me suspicious was that the battery died after 3.5 months. When I contacted these crooks, they were very glib and arrogant about there sales practices. They were also highly recommended by Carnival Cruse Lines. I brought this issue up to Carnival and they were very uninterested. Save yourself the grief by AVOIDING this store.
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Buyer Beware
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Update on my previous post. I received my bracelet back from DI and lo and behold, it is just the same as it was when I returned it to them. The clasp still does not hold. They couldn't care less. Think twice before you even walk into their stores. I have a feeling that this isn't going to be resolved by them as they couldn't care less.

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User Replies:
Alain on 05/11/2011:
Thanks for the update, Txaggiemom! I think Ript had a pretty good idea from your previous post. Take it to a local jeweler for repair. We use a local jeweler that's been in our community for many years and their work has always been of the best quality.
Jo on 06/09/2011:
Beware, Beware, Beware, etc. While on Royal Caribbean Cruise to St. Maartin. I spent a large amount od money. Found out LIES!!! Worth a fraction of what they said. Now I know why people leave India and their families.. SCAM SCAM SCAM Bad Business.
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Improperly Setting Diamonds
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I would like to tell anyone to stay away from Diamonds International for ring purchases, they have inferior jewelers setting their stones, I lost my .58 carat brilliant round diamond less than a month after having the ring.
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