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Lifetime Warranty on Walter Hagen Golf Shoes Is a Scam
Posted by GeorgeR on 08/31/2012
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- Dick's ran a "Lifetime Dry Feet Warranty" on Walter Hagen golf shoes. Since I generally play golf in the morning this sounded very intriguing to me, so I went down to the store. I first spoke to the salesman - he verified the story. So I asked what I had to do to get replacement shoes when they leaked. He said "...just bring the receipt and the shoes in and get new ones....for your lifetime....no paperwork". I said, this is too good to believe, can we get the manager to verify that position. He said sure. The manager came over and verified the position. I said sold, I don't care how much they are with that warranty and Dick's and Walter Hagen standing behind it. In the sell mode I believed them.

Needless to say they leaked...I took them back...they gave me new shoes. Then these leaked ... I took them back. Dick's refused to give me replacements. They gave me an address to write to corporate. Corporate verified the position and a cold woman followed up with a phone call.

They then claimed that the warranty was only on the lifetime of the first shoes.

In small claims court Dick's produced a warranty that said the lifetime was for the life of the shoes. But they did not say that warranty was in the store, available to me and in effect when I purchased the shoes. But the ruling went for them.

I found out that Dick's purchased Walter Hagen between the first and the second time that I went for replacement shoes. Surprise ...surprise.

Do we need to get together on a class action suit??
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Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-08-31:
If a warranty is too good to believe, it is. If you think you have a great warranty deal like this, at the time of purchase send a letter, certified return receipt, setting forth what the salepeople told you, your understanding of the warranty and giving the store 20 days to respond if they disagree. Then they will either dispute the warranty right away, or you will have had some evidence in court about what you were told.
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Fraudulent And Unethical Business Practices
Posted by Troy.anderson14 on 12/08/2011
ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA -- I had a horrible experience at Dick's When I made my Black Friday purchase, the cashier told me I had earned a $20 gift card because I had spent $100 or more. Cool! I just had to return on 11/28 to get the gift card. See also said I could return and re-buy the purchase and apply the gift card toward it. When I returned, the manager said the cashier had given us the wrong information (she said it several times to my wife and I when we made the purchase). We had to spend $100 before tax; we spent $99.92 before tax and after coupons. I was furious and they refused to do anything about it or honor their word. After sending out several emails because I could not get a hold of anyone at the corporation, and contacting the Better Business Bureau, the district manager for the San Diego area, John called me. He was very apologetic for the total lack of customer service received and for the inconvenience. He offered me a $50 gift card without me asking, and asked it that would make things right. I happily accepted. He also said that someone from corporate would be contacting me who also got one of my emails, and that they may also do something to remedy the situation. His offer was totally independent of theirs. Their "customer engagement manager" offered me $20. Well... I got the $20 one, but the $50 gift card never arrived, even though John took down my personal information. I email him and rather than him responding, I got an email and call from the person at corporate. She basically said: John spoke too quickly and we cannot send you the $50 gift card, your troubles are not worth that much. I argued with her but she refused to stand by the company's promise. They lied to me again, even when trying to remedy another situation that came about because of their dishonestly! Well, I am alerting the newspaper, using social media, telling the local little league (I am on the board), and everyone I know (you know a lot of people in a city after you father is a city official for 42 years and you're born and raised there) - they will lose far more than $50. Bad business. But, you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

PS - when I called John back to discuss with him, he hung up on me.... Sport Chalet here I come.
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-12-08:
Is does seem you were given incorrect information. First of all, you didn't spend the 100 to get the 20 gift card to begin with, you were close but that doesn't matter. If you did earn the 20 gift card, you could not return later and return everything and rebuy it and use the gift card to get your items for $80. The purpose of all the gift card deals is to get you back in the store to buy more things with the gift card, you can not use it to pay down the purchase that earned you the gift card in the first place. I don't know why when you called they would give say they would give you a $50 gift card for your trouble and then a $20 gift card. Sometimes clerks give our wrong info but it doesn't mean you're going to get $70 in gift cards for your trouble. You can tell everyone you want but its not going to make a dent in their business. I don't see where you are entitled to anything extra.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-08:
I agree with the first post - the concept of "rebuying" is completely foreign to the common sense interpretation that the goal of the gift card of $20 for $100 purchase is to have the customer buy more stuff. Not the same stuff - the cashier was likely way off on that one.

$50 for this sounds extreme to me - I don't know why the district manager offered that either. Yes, you were inconvenienced and their customer service needs some serious tweeking. This reminds me just a little of Dell CSR's promising me time and again during many calls to resolve a problem that they were emailing me a coupon but ultimately I never received a single one.

If this had happened to me, I'd never darken their door again the same way I never intend to do a speck of business with Dell.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2011-12-09:
I don't see any indication of fraud, dishonesty, or lying, which makes the OP's position incorrect. The rule is one must spend $100.00 before taxes, this the op did not do. The clerk may have been mistaken, but do we really believe that the company intended to defraud the op? The computer may not allow a gift card if the amount is not enough, regardless of how close.

Likewise, just because someone promises something, does not make it a lie when they subsequently cannot do it for whatever reason. Who hasn't promised to do something they later could not do, that does not make us liars. The op got a $20.00 card which he had not earned since his purchase was under the limit, but he still complains.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-09:
Good review! Agree with unhappy and Trm. I've never had a business tell me I could return items and repurchase them to use a promotional discount/gift card earned for spending the $ in the first place.

Sounds to me like this Dick's has no idea what they're doing and you'd be better off taking your business elsewhere. Nothing worse than being told something by a "Manager" only to find out later they were wrong, too.

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No Customer Service, Rude Salesmen
Posted by Huntclub129844 on 11/12/2011
OCALA, FLORIDA -- On 11 Nov 11, I was at the Dick's store in Ocala Fl. I was looking at the R 11 driver. There was no one in the golf dept. There was a demo club there and I began to hit it in the golf net. A man, dressed in shorts, gruff looking, beard asked it he could help me in a stern voice. I told him no that I was just looking. He again said " can I help you" I again told him no thinking maybe he is just hard of hearing. I did ask a question about the club and he had no real answer, he again asked if he could help me. I asked him what part of no not at this time does he not understand. He said I was in a restricted area and had to be supervised while there. ( who and what was he ) I was becoming very irritated and said that he should become more polite and get some customer service. I told him that Golf Smith does not act or say the things he did to me and maybe that is why they sell more clubs. He said I should then go there. With all the people looking for work, you should be able to to better that this person. and yes I did go to Golf Smith later in the day and I did buy an R11 Driver from them.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-12:
Granted, the employee may have been a little "rough" around the edges, but he was probably just doing his job. You were swinging a golf club with a projectile (golf ball) INSIDE a store. Those are restricted areas and do require supervision for safety concerns.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-11-12:
Was there a sign posted that mentioned that it was a restricted area. Dicks was probably setting themselves up for trouble by leaving an area like that unstaffed with the club within reach.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-11-12:
This is another example of an employee just "doing their job" by the book, rather than in a competent and helpful way.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-12:
Yeah, you leave a club out for people to swing with, then complain that I swang, well, you lose. Despire the fact that so many people on this site say you are wrong, you are right huntclub. Bad form for Dick's, and, being a golfer myself, I will join you in forgeting them. Too many others out there!
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-11-12:
Dick's took over our local big box sporting goods store some time back. I have gone in once since the switch. Now there is no help on the floor, the help that you can find is over worked and hate even being there. I found a small golf shop only a mile away that has better prices and knows me by name when I go in now. Pro V's are $10 a box less than Dick's. Yep, they got my business.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-12:
We only have Big-5 and Golf USA to choose from locally.
Posted by onlooker on 2011-11-13:
Were you to have hit anyone : a child - quietly standing beside a parent, running amok as parents tested out the snowshoes - so we have 'lost a potential genius', or a man who claims the head injury and resulting fall in to an endcap has caused him to lose his memory and therefor he can not work...or what ever: after 3 years of legal wrangling and possibly 1-3M in expenses, plus a big insurance pay out.....you and your friends do not spend enough in Dick's to worry about the loss of your business.
BUT that does not excuse or accept the behavior, tone of voice and your, sounds pretty correct, perception that you weren't getting the service a consumer should be getting from any retail outlet. There should have been better ways to handle the situation.
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Dicks Sporting Goods replacement plan is a scam!
Posted by THEROBERTBROOKS3782 on 10/18/2011
BRANDON, FLORIDA -- I purchased a "no-hassle replacement plan" for my Minn Kota trolling motor earlier this year. My motor stopped working and I filed a claim with them. I have had a warranty replacement request open for months now and have yet to receive the replacement card. At first they said that the request was lost in the mail and that it would take 30 days for them to stage it as "lost" and could then issue me a replacement card. Once the 30 days passed they said they were going to send it. I received a call a few days later stating that I had to resend them "proof of purchase" again because they had to have proof that I purchased the item (How would I purchase the warranty without purchasing the item?) I ended up sending the 2nd proof of purchase and the UPS tracking system shows it as received on September 27th, 2011. I called today, October 18th, asking where my replacement card was and they said they never received my proof of purchase and they will have to wait the 30 days again to mark it as "lost" to issue me a card and that it would be sent out 10-15 business days after the 30 days are up, as long as I call them again on October 21st to inform them I have not received it. They told me there is no option for them to expedite the time line no matter what the issue. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. THEY HOPE YOU GIVE UP AND THEY NEVER HAVE TO SEND YOU A REPLACEMENT CARD.
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Posted by HonestForSure on 2011-10-18:
The company that handles this is "NEW." Call you local BBB and/or news network Action Line. Outside pressure will get you a quick resolution.
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Buyer Beware at Dick's
Posted by Etivol3 on 07/26/2011
We bough a camp stove at the Pleasant Prairie, WI Dick's, and discovered that we had a defective unit. The flame wouldn't adjust, although it was supposed to be fully adjustable. We brought it back to Dick's and asked for an even exchange for another unit, but were told they would not help us because it had been "used". How were we supposed to find out it didn't work without "using" it? The young manager had no answer, but still would not let us exchange it for one that worked properly.
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-07-26:
I would contact Coleman directly. Coleman is very customer oriented and responds well to customer issues.
Posted by Skye on 2011-07-26:
As lee says, contact Coleman directly. Here is the contact information:

Phone Us
Monday - Thursday CST
7:00am - 11:30am
12:30pm - 4:45pm
Friday CST
7:00am - 11:30am
12:30pm - 4:00pm

The Coleman Company, Inc.
3600 N. Hydraulic
Wichita, KS 67219

Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-07-26:
Even if Coleman is a great company, which I have no reason to doubt, Dick's should have been more customer-centric. They probably buy these by the thousands from Coleman and would have no problem getting it replaced. Much easier time than a one unit purchaser like the OP...
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-26:
Dicks messed this one up..
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-07-26:
As long as you had the receipt, Dick's should have given you a new one. I would go back again. Maybe a different manager will be on duty and realize that an exchange is in order.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-07-26:
From the reviews I have seen on this site about Dick's, I assure you I would never shop there. Thank goodness for Big Five.
Posted by Goose on 2011-07-27:
Dicks has a very good customer service department....have used them in the past...get the phone number they will solve you issue...also Coleman has customer service...
Posted by wanttohelp on 2011-07-27:
I am contacting you on behalf of Dick's Sporting Goods Customer Service. Please contact our office so we can further assist you with this Coleman stove at 1-866-677-4771 (Monday - Thursday: 8am-6pm(ET) and Friday 8am-3pm (ET). Please ask for Jean.

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Won't Replace My Shoes
Posted by RTR100 on 07/19/2011
ALCOA, TENNESSEE -- I coach two of the local high school soccer teams and they gave me a Dick's gift card this past Christmas. I purchased a pair of Asics shoes. They have been great until the other day when I noticed the entire bottom was coming unglued from one shoe. This was 6 months after buying the shoe. They have never been run in, never been wet. They are used for total casual wearing. They look nearly brand new. I called Dick's and asked what to do, they said it was past 90 days so there was nothing they could do. I would have to send the shoes back to the manufacture. Of course that leaves me with no shoes. They said they were sorry, but that was not their problem. I e-mailed the corporate office and got a canned response that did not even deal with my concern. My soccer players spend about $10k with Dick's each year on gear the school does not provide. Guess where I will not send them from now on? The lack of concern or caring makes this the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Don't shop at Dick's. They do not stand behind what they sell.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-19:
Don't know why you are upset at Dicks's. You are gonna run into this no matter where you buy them,
Posted by saj80 on 2011-07-19:
They do stand behind the products they sell, for 90 days. After that, it is a manufacturer issue, not a retailer issue.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-07-19:
It's not that they don't care, it's that they aren't changing their policy from 90 days to 180 days. Did the manufacturer tell you to mail them back and they will replace them, or was that Dick's who told you that?
Posted by localgod on 2011-07-19:
Quick lesson: Manufacturer = an entity that manufactures supply for demand. Retailer = an entity that purchases goods from a manufacturer and resells them. The retailer (Dick's in this case) is not responsible for the condition of your worn shoes. Incidentally, 6 months is a good life for a shoe, casual or otherwise. I replace mine every 6 months whether they need it or not. I guess I'll purchase them from Dick's to compensate for the supply/demand void you create with your boycott.
Posted by HonestForSure on 2011-07-19:
What's the beef with Dick's? If your Asics wore out quickly, your choice is to not buy Asics next time around; this will eventually hurt Asics if they are not making quality products. On the hand, if it is a true mfr defect, call them and I'm sure you'll get some relief.
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Posted by Lordsc1 on 12/29/2010
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Dear Potential Customers:
Be careful when ordering from Dick's online store. If you must return for any reason, return via online and not at the land-based store. There could be price discrepancies that the land-based store cannot honor because of inadequate corporate policy.
I have also found some of the employees at the Myrtle Beach location to be unfriendly and incapable of handling return issues, though corporate is partly to blame as a result of poor fluidity of service between the online and onsite stores.
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Posted by karleebarlee on 2010-12-29:
Unfortunately, most websites even have a statement that says the prices in stores and online will not always be the same and they cannot honor the prices of each place.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-29:
Prices from store to store can also vary.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-12-29:
It doesn't sound like the employees are "incapable" of doing returns like you say, I think you just think they're stupid or something because they can't give you what you want. Last time I checked that isn't their fault, it's more yours then theirs.
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Bad customer service; overcharged for items;
Posted by Lsll on 11/10/2010
HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS -- Bad customer service and overcharged for items. This store is badly understaffed. The clerk assisting us stopped waiting on us to take phone calls and assist people who arrived after we did. He was taking care of some paperwork and said we could continue shopping for fifteen minutes and he would be ready to check us out. When we returned, he was no where to be found. I had to get someone to page him to return to the counter. He had not done the paperwork. After four hours of non-customer service, we finally were checked out. After we left the store we realized that we were overcharged $20 for one item. Also, two items had rebates but we were not told what to do to get the rebates. I would recommend you shop at another store if you don't want to waste your time.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-11:
Considering Dick's isn't the cheapest place to shop for sporting and hunting products you would think they'd give you better service.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-11:
Unless this Dicks is in a mall, I don't see how you could spend 4 hrs in one of their stores
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
Dick's for 4 hours? Wow.
Posted by warddw1526 on 2010-11-11:
When you realized that you were overcharged the $20, what did they say when you went back and told them about it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
Give Big 5 a try next time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
I got fed up with Dick's years ago. I have moved on.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
You don't like Dick's at all jaime?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
Gotta love where this is headed...
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
They do offer a few things I need ript2010. I have to be desperate with no other option though.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-11-11:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
jktshff1> Pass the popcorn please.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
What are your other options jaime?
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-11:
You were in the store for four hours, so 15 minutes is like a drop in the bucket.

It is all relative. If I shop for 20 minutes, a one-two minute wait is fine. If I shop for an hour, five minutes is no problem. Just my .02
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:
I will go online ript2010.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-11-11:
There's literally like 3 people working on the floor at Dicks at any given time. All customers need to be helped, not just you.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2010-11-11:
How long were you with the associate? Anything more than a couple of minutes may have been excessive as they have to help other customers. I've worked at a store where a customer has expected me to basically do the shopping for them, instructing them on everything such as what their child may want, what is popular, and product information on many items in the store. It is not fair to the rest of the customers in the store. If you need a lot of help shopping in a certain store, that's okay, but just be considerate of the other people who may need some assistance as well.

Regarding phone calls, sometimes associates are instructed to make them a priority. The reason is that the person on the phone isn't in the store, so is less likely to buy from them, so helping them, they may come to the store to buy. The person in the store is more likely to buy something than the person on the phone.
Posted by momsey on 2010-11-11:
The internet is a good alternative to Dick's, I have to agree.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-11-11:
Steve, I understand what you are saying but I've been in stores and couldn't obtain assistance because the employees were taking telephone calls. I've always felt if I took the time to physically go into a store I deserved priority and not for an employee to do my shopping for me. I've also been at a checkout and the associate seemed to have a problem ringing up my purchase because he kept answering the telephone and would run off to verify stock. Answer the calls but ask the individual calling to hold.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2010-11-11:
Nohandle, I agree that the customer in the store should take priority. When I was told that the phone customer was to take priority, it sounded great in theory, but theory doesn't always work with reality. When I would have 3 or 4 people waiting to ask me a question, then all of a sudden I'm suppose to pick up the phone, it wasn't fair to those in the store. If I saw that happen to me today, I would call the store from my cell phone and ask the question that way.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-11-11:
I try to make customers in the store a priority, but when I pick up the phone and transfer it to the appropriate person and that person is perpetually busy and doesn't get to the phone, the caller keeps calling back and just gets angrier and angrier. I had a woman a few days ago keep calling because every time she was put on hold she was hung up on. We put her on hold like we do everyone else so we suspect she was the problem, not our phones. Anyway once I answered what was probably her third call she told me NOT to put her on hold and demanded I get this information for her once and for all. People on the phone are down right SNIPPY.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-11:

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No Service at Mall of Geogia
Posted by Henrob on 07/31/2010
BUFORD, GEORGIA -- Went to Dick's at Mall of Georgia to replace running shoes that I had bought at Dick's two years earlier.

Hardly anyone in store, no one in shoe dept. Looking at many shoes on wall by myself. Saw man watching big TV. Asked if he worked there. He came over to me and I told him I needed to replace my shoes. All he did was ask what shoes I had been wearing. He brought out the new version of my old shoes and disappeared.

Tried shoes on, but wanted to try others. The place was not busy, almost dead. No salesperson around, so I walked out.

Went to Foot Locker and got some customer service, and a new pair of shoes. Walked back thru Dick's with my Foot Locker bag. No one noticed, but it made me feel better.

I won't be going back to Dick's.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-07-31:
Good for you for walking out. If they can't show that they appreicate you, as a customer, by at least staying around after trying on the running shoes, to see if they are a good fit, or to provide you with customer care, then it's their loss. Go to a store, like you did, which appreciates your patronage, such as Foot Locker. I also like Foot Locker, they always have my favorite Avia sneakers.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-31:
Did he at least go back to where you found him originally? I bet he thought you'd come back if you had a problem with the pair he fetched for you.
Posted by henrob on 2010-08-01:
Ytropious, he was not where he was originally. Literally, no sales person was nearby or within sight. And I was in no mood to go looking again.

I hope other Dick's locations are better than this
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Great Service
Posted by Shuna1 on 07/26/2010
TROY, MICHIGAN -- Bought a stare master from Dick's Sporting Goods in Troy, Michigan. Machine wore, and the rollers would not stay on the tracks, such that you could not use the machine for more than 30 seconds.

Contacted Dick's service, but their contractor providing the service, was awful. More than a month went by, and still no guarantee when we would get the parts.

We then went to the local Dicks, and they gave us a new machine, due to our history with Dicks and the fact that they wanted to make their customers happy. Unbelievably impressive.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-26:
Kudos to your local Dick's Sporting Goods for standing behind the merchandise they sell! That's awesome!
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-26:
I don't have much need to shop at Dick's, but this is good to know. Thanks!
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