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Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
200 Industry Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
412-809-0100 (ph)
412-809-0724 (fax)
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No Service at Mall of Georgia
By -

BUFORD, GEORGIA -- Went to Dick's at Mall of Georgia to replace running shoes that I had bought at Dick's two years earlier. Hardly anyone in store, no one in shoe dept. Looking at many shoes on wall by myself. Saw man watching big TV. Asked if he worked there. He came over to me and I told him I needed to replace my shoes. All he did was ask what shoes I had been wearing. He brought out the new version of my old shoes and disappeared.

Tried shoes on, but wanted to try others. The place was not busy, almost dead. No salesperson around, so I walked out. Went to Foot Locker and got some customer service, and a new pair of shoes. Walked back through Dick's with my Foot Locker bag. No one noticed, but it made me feel better. I won't be going back to Dick's.

Adams Golf Club Lack Of Customer Service
By -

FRISCO, TEXAS -- Adams Golf said to take it back to the store, and they will send it in for a free repair. The manager said that they could not do that and that the shafts were not warranted by Adams Golf. This is all BS, because two Adams Golf representatives said that it was under warranty. To make a long story short. GOLF GALAXY rocks and sent it to Adams Golf for a repair. My conclusion is that Dick's Sporting Goods managers are too lazy to help the consumer, and do not back the products that they sell. DO NOT BUY FROM DICK'S.

Refusal to stand behind their product
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- We purchased a $369 ping pong table from Dick's Sporting Goods on the west side of Madison, Wisconsin. They wanted $90 to deliver it, so we arranged for some friends to pick it up (big imposition) instead. We spent three hours trying to set it up and made very little progress. The pieces are very heavy, and the instructions ask for us to lift them and set them down on bars. Maybe possible to a couple of college football players, but not for anyone I know. We tried multiple times (we had four people) - and one of us experienced a back injury trying. The directions are very complicated, and we had to redo our work more than once although we tried to follow directions very carefully.

We called Dick's back and the only option they would provide was to send someone out to put it together - for another $100! Or return it, which means we would have to get friends together again and impose on them, and then Dick's of course would have to send it back to the manufacturer, all costing them more than $100 anyway. We tried to negotiate them down to $50 but they absolutely refused. Do not buy a ping pong table from Dick's (and I'm never buying anything else from them either)! This has turned into a nightmare for us, and Dick's has been completely uncooperative in trying to help us resolve the issue reasonably.

Delivery costs more than item
By -

My wife and I tried to purchase a gun safe for our daughter, who is married to a soldier, in Tennessee. The listed price was $138.98. We are in Virginia. We tried to buy it on-line but the delivery was more than the item. So, we tried to buy it on-line and have my son-in-law pick it up. They would not do that. Then they made the suggestion that we buy it in Virginia and have them pick it up from the store in Tennessee. This did not work either. Each time we tried to come up with another option, their "rules" would not allow it. So, we are through with Dick's. If you shop on-line with Dick's be aware of hidden costs and inflexible rules.

Don't Get Ripped Off Shopping Here
By -

Dick's has a reward program that for every so much you purchase, you receive points that eventually turn into dollars. Sounds like a good deal right? No! First, I had a certificate worth $20 and when I checked out, they did not give me the whole amount and the clerk said she could not fix it. It was a $20 certificate and they gave me $19.50. Why is that? Then, the way the program works, if you purchase two items, the purchase is split between the items rather than taken off the total purchase. If you purchase something then have to return it for ANY reason, you lose your reward dollars.

I recently purchased two items, each was $100, for a total of $200. I had a $20 reward certificate so they took $10 off each item. One of the items was defective. When I returned it to the store, they did not have the same item so I could not exchange it. The store would not let me get a different brand, or place an order online to use the dollars on the original purchase. All they would do is return the item and it ate my reward dollars. The store told me to call the customer service number and complain. I did and they just said, "sorry, that is our policy".

What a terrible policy! I could have spent all $20 on socks and been better off. In these days of bad economic times, I will never purchase another item from Dick's. The name says everything about the store!

Unprofessional Customer "Service" in Broomfield, CO
By -

BROOMFIELD, COLORADO -- When asked by a store clerk, if he could help us, we explained that we were looking to purchase a child's ski bib. Without ever moving from his comfy position behind the counter, he quickly replied that they didn't carry those. Knowing that we had seen children's ski bibs in other Dick's Sporting Goods locations, we mentioned this to him, and he became irritated and dismissed us to look on our own.

As we were looking, another employee asked what we needed and promptly guided us to a large rack full of exactly what we're looking for 20 feet from where the original clerk, was standing! The worst part is when it was time to pay out, ** was the closest clerk available to assist us. He was smug when he saw what we were buying, and then turned to my children and announced that he hoped they were going to wear helmets when skiing because, and I quote, "Skiing is a dangerous sport, and people get killed everyday doing it." I was shocked! Some people are not meant to work with the public, and ** from the Broomfield, CO Dick's Sporting Goods is definitely one of them!

Dicks Sporting Goods Web "NO SALES"
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- On Feb. 2nd 2009 I ordered the Iron Gym Xtreme from the Dick's sporting goods website. The status said "In-Stock" and "Ships in 4 to 5 Days". On the third I get an email saying that the actually don't have it in stock and that the item was back ordered. I contacted the customer service department and they told me that it would take them 5 days to get this item and they would ship it as soon as they received it.

A week later on Feb. 9th, I get a call from Dicks on my cell phone telling me that they will be shipping my item in 4 to 5 days... huh... sounds familiar...

Another week later, on the 16th, I get an email telling me that they still haven't received my item, they don't know when they will receive it and they can't tell me when it will be shipped but they will keep my order in their system. WTF?

This is the absolute worst online shopping experience that I have ever had... Most companies, when they don't have an item in stock will disable the order feature on that item and not let you order it online. This company actually waists your time by allowing you to order it and then dragging you along for weeks. I will NEVER buy from their site again. Actually if I can help it I will not go to their stores either... Dicks sporting goods is the worst place to shop ever!!!

Worst Shopping Experience
By -

After the first order was canceled by Dick's, I called their customer service. Usually when I order an item the site will let me know immediately if the item is out of stock or on back order. They don't do that. I also didn't have the option of being notified once the machine should be available. The rep asked me if I wanted to order another machine but I didn't since this was the one that I had tried out at the store. I told her I would go back to the store. Due to the price we decided to buy the similar E900. Since it wasn't too heavy we would pay for the machine and come back the next day to pick it up. No, per store policy we could not pay but they would hold a machine and we could pay for it the next day.

Since we already had a bad experience ordering from your website we declined that transaction since its a 45 minute drive. We had no intention of driving back the next day with the possibility of being told "we're sold out". Store clerks repeatedly pointed out that they have no connection to the website. I wonder why. I called the website rep and tried one more time to order the machine since it was advertised for sale on the site. The rep ordered the item again but agreed it didn't mean I would actually get the item. He gave me a 10% discount but I still didn't expect to get the order filled. Got the usual "ordering being processed" email. I received another email stating they had billed and shipped the warranty.

The next day I received an email letting me know they again canceled the order for the elliptical since they didn't have one in stock. How on earth can you sell me a warranty for an item you won't sell me? I have never encountered such a situation. I am disgusted with the way this company works. My experience with the store's staff was negative and the phone rep was no better with his answers. I don't expect to see a charge on my account for a useless warranty.

No help in handling of BPA Water Bottles purchased there - Manassas, VA
By -

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA -- For Easter I purchased five brightly colored Nalgene water bottles for everyone in my family, we play a lot of sports, from Dicks. Only to find out a month later the dangers of BPA water bottles. These were the exact type of water bottles that I had purchased. I also had previously purchased three 'Life is Good' water bottles from the same store, also BPA water bottles, that we used often over the past years. In reading the health impacts, I personally have experienced these. I contacted Nalgene and they said I had to return the water bottles to the store.

I tried to return them to the store in Manassas, VA where I purchased them and they told me to call customer service - 1-800-690-7655 and they would instruct me as to where to return them. I called the number and the supervisor that answered informed me that they would not take the water bottles back and she had no further help to provide me on the topic. She didn't even suggest other alternatives that I could pursue, she was absolutely no help at all. I then discussed with her a second issue that I had come across in searching the Dick recalls and that is three lazy loungers that I purchased at the store and had followed the instructions for (calling 1-866-500-4982 several times, no one ever answered and e-mailing DicksLazyLounger@rankam.com and no one ever responded).

Again, the supervisor was absolutely no help. She gave me the number to call that I had already called many times. I asked her if she was actually going to do something about any of this being that she was customer service and she said no. I said that I wanted to escalate and talk to her supervisor, and she said she was the supervisor and I could not escalate the matter. I asked her for her name, that I won't repeat here due to the Terms, and she would only give me her first name. I would like some action taken.

I want all seven of the water BPA water bottles I have (one was lost by one of the kids) to be accepted by Dicks and given store credit, these water bottles are very expensive. And I want the appropriate safety kits sent to me for my three lazy loungers that have been recalled by the store.

Christmas was ruined and still unresolved
By -

We ordered 2 Currie electric scooters on December 14 with the guarantee of holiday delivery. I have 2 boys 6 & 7 who these were top on their santa list...
On December 22nd I called Dicks looking for these as I was told they would ship by the 18th at the latest. They told me sorry that they had just left today, and will not arrive in time for Christmas. Needless to say I was furious, and hurt that my children were not going to get what they asked for from Santa... After explaining to my 6 & 7 year old about the whole no santa thing and listening to them cry.
Christmas came and gone... I called dicks on the 26th asking for an approximate date of arrival..

The tracking info for me they gave me was a number that did not register in Fedex.
I called FEDEX and was told this number is invalid..
On the 27th the number registerd in their system.. Dicks did not ship my item until the 27th after lying to me one several occasions telling me they were shipped on the 22nd!

Upon arrival of my 2 scooters January 6th we asssembled them, charged the batteries, my boys loved them. Drove them for 3 hours and they were both broke!

I immediately called Dicks again to tell them I will be returning these for replacements. They told me I would have a call tag in my email within 24 hours.... another lie!

So 3 days later I called again and was told that they would upgrade my scooters and get ups out right away to get these for me...

I called ups on the 10th of January and Dicks has yet to call for a pick up... I offered to pay to return these myself they refused..

So far I have called Dicks a total of 18 times...
Still with 2 Broken scooters, they have been paid...
They gave me 15% back and a refund on my shipping!

I am now going on just about a month with no answers...
To this day I have been told 5 times someone would call me back and I have yet to receive a reply.

My Suggestion to you, unless you like being lied to and receiving less than professional customers service.

Do not buy from Dicks Sporting Goods!

I am also filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my local news is going to air this on their consumers beware segment.

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