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Delayed Cooperation & Compensation for Vehicle Damage
By -

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- On 07/23/08, I brought my 2006 Subaru Legacy GT into Di Feo's service shop at 315 Clendenny Avenue for a routine diagnostic assessment. The vehicle's fiberglass front chin spoiler was cracked as a result of a Di Feo mechanic driving it down the steep ramp proceeding towards 440N.

Upon noticing the damage to my vehicle, and in an expedient manner, I immediately notified **, Di Feo Subaru's service manager, and filed a verbal complaint. He promised to order a new fiberglass front chin spoiler equivalent to the one on my vehicle and install it AT NO CHARGE TO ME. I provided him with the website to where I ordered the aftermarket part from Mach V Motorsports and he confirmed Di Feo would order it PROMPTLY and contact me when it shipped.

Over a full month later and no less than 15 inquiries into the matter, I was told by ** that Di Feo's parts department erroneously ordered a front chin spoiler for a Subaru WRX - not a Legacy GT. At this point I began to get the impression that ** was stonewalling but still gave him the benefit of the doubt as mistakes DO happen. He maintained that Di Feo would rectify the damage at no expense to me.

Some 3 weeks later on 09/12/08, I again contacted ** to check the status on the front chin spoiler but he alleged that Mach V Motorsports did NOT have the part in stock. To my dismay, I called the company within minutes (571-434-8333) and discovered that the front chin spoiler was in fact in stock. I spoke with Mach V's customer service representative and learned that the front chin spoiler was in stock FOR MONTHS. I ordered it on the spot and paid via credit card. The front chin spoiler arrived at my house via UPS standard ground shipping on 09/16/08.

I wasted no time contacting Mr. ** for the installation appointment but TWICE he deferred on scheduling me citing it was a busy season for Di Feo. I refused to unjustifiably continue waiting given the aforementioned delays, so on the morning of 09/19/08, I drove to the Di Feo service shop with the part and had it installed free of charge as I'd expected - but only to drive away without being reimbursed for the associated charge on my credit card.

** pacified my anxiety by verifying that I'd be reimbursed in the amount of $446.68 (the cost of the front chin spoiler plus shipping & handling fees) but that it would take about a week for the Di Feo claims department to generate the check. A copy was made of my Mach V Motorsports receipt and I was told the check would be in the mail within days. Today is 10/14/08 and I have yet to receive my promised compensation.

I urgently feel this is a matter that needs the Better Business Bureau's attention. After enduring the multiple mistakes on the part of Di Feo's service and parts department, all I have are ** leery promises underlined by severe delays. I have never been serviced so poorly by any car dealership in the past and as a result, have now informed my family, friends and co-workers to avoid conducting business with Di Feo.

Lousy Service
By -

WISCONSIN -- I took them a week to install a transmission in my car. One week later the car started overheating and smoking. It took them another two days to finally call me back to tell me what's wrong with the car. They claim that there's another problem that has nothing to do with the transmission. I believe they messed up and don't want to fix it without getting more money out of the deal.

My car was in their shop from June 4, 2008 through June 23, 2008. When I took it to them, there was no problem with it overheating. The warranty gave me a car for 5 days, Difeo finally gave me a rental for 3 days. The rest of the time, I was without transportation. When I picked the car up the first time, there were scratches on the bumper, that they did fix.

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