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Do NOT, do NOT, send anything to DigiExpress
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NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I sent in my IPOD NANO (2nd gen) to DigiExpress (www.Digiexpress. us) because the battery was getting weak. It simply wouldn’t hold a charge very long.

I sent it in, expecting the $25 diagnosis, + $6 return shipping, + $10 for a new battery. They did that, then said there was a problem with the click wheel, and they wanted $20 to replace it. I explained that the click wheel was fine when I sent it in, but they basically didn’t believe me. After thinking about it, I paid the extra $20 for a click wheel.

They installed that, and during checkout, before sending it back, they said they found a problem with the main board, and that it wasn’t worth repairing. They offered to take the $20 click wheel and $10 battery out, and send it back unrepaired for the $25 + $6 shipping.

I got it back unrepaired, as expected, but it came back with a significant scratch on the front, on and underneath the click wheel, which was NOT there when we sent it in. Also, it came back completely non-functional, and they admitted it did work when plugged in when they received it. I did receive a refund for the battery & click wheel (after I opened a dispute via Paypal), but I’m out the $30.75.

What a waste of time and money! I sure wish I had read about all the problems with them before I sent my IPOD to them.

Recommendation: RUN, don’t walk, RUN away from these guys.
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Cwazychicken on 01/05/2012:
The site doesn't look very professional, I doubt I would trust them with my electronics. I have always been eery of sending items in to get fixed, on sites like this. 1) They could replace the item and send you a broken one then sell yours. 2) they could rip you off big time and give you less than what you want if selling it to them and 3) getting lost in the mail. Is there a local business u could go to to get it fixed?
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