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Do NOT, do NOT, send anything to DigiExpress
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NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I sent in my IPOD NANO (2nd gen) to DigiExpress (www.Digiexpress. us) because the battery was getting weak. It simply wouldn’t hold a charge very long.

I sent it in, expecting the $25 diagnosis, + $6 return shipping, + $10 for a new battery. They did that, then said there was a problem with the click wheel, and they wanted $20 to replace it. I explained that the click wheel was fine when I sent it in, but they basically didn’t believe me. After thinking about it, I paid the extra $20 for a click wheel.

They installed that, and during checkout, before sending it back, they said they found a problem with the main board, and that it wasn’t worth repairing. They offered to take the $20 click wheel and $10 battery out, and send it back unrepaired for the $25 + $6 shipping.

I got it back unrepaired, as expected, but it came back with a significant scratch on the front, on and underneath the click wheel, which was NOT there when we sent it in. Also, it came back completely non-functional, and they admitted it did work when plugged in when they received it. I did receive a refund for the battery & click wheel (after I opened a dispute via Paypal), but I’m out the $30.75.

What a waste of time and money! I sure wish I had read about all the problems with them before I sent my IPOD to them.

Recommendation: RUN, don’t walk, RUN away from these guys.
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