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My Experience As A Dillard's Sales Associate
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I am a former Dillard's Sales Associate I worked for the company for 1 year back in 2001. I was hired to work in Children's Shoes for an Hourly Rate of $9.50 which was good considering I was only 19 at the time, I had no idea what I had in store for me. The training was minimal to non-existent, they basically show you how to ring a sale and throw you out on the sales floor without any information on products, I was informed during orientation of my sales goal or Sales Per Hour goal. I remember it being about 85 dollars per hour that I was required to sell. I was told that it was easy to meet your goals and the opportunities to make more money were endless by either meeting your goals and retaining your pay or exceeding your goal past a certain percentage you were to get an increase of 10% or if you fail to meet your goals a decrease in pay of 10%. At the time it did not sound very difficult to achieve. We were to get reviewed every three months to find out how our sales had been.

I was the only Full-Time associate working in my department and there were two part timers, one was terminated for stealing and the other became ill and did not return for work for several months. Which made me the only one to do stock, arrange the displays, leave the department to get change for the register, all of which should be expected of a sales associate to do when working retail, but at Dillard's none of this work matters to them and it all boils down to just pure sales numbers which determines your longevity with the company. The also have a very strict tardy policy in which you had to enter your SSN into a computer and you could not be one second late or a LATE LATE LATE would flash all over the screen, I remember Salespeople fighting and getting upset when a salesperson was too slow to type in his or her number into the system, since there was only one computer to clock into. Some sales associates were later due to customer service representative who had to buzz you into the store took too long sometimes over 5 minutes to open the door.

This didn't matter to management if that caused you to be late you would still get charged with it, I was very lucky never to be late there was one day I was on my way to work and witnessed a head-on collision in the parking lot, I didn't stop in fear that Dillard's would not allow me to have an excused tardy or sometimes referred to as an exception for stopping to assist (Which would have been the right thing to do) that's how strict they were on things whatever that computer says it was what you get, even if you leave for lunch early or arrive early the EARLY EARLY EARLY flashes all over the screen for everyone around the time (clock) computer to see. I was once yelled at like a child by the store manager because I came into work early because I did not realize that the time had changed one hour back or Fall-Back rather so I reported for work as usual and the computer reported me as early so I thought there was something wrong with the system so I went to look for my Area Sales Manager who was not in her office to inform her, another sales associate had informed me that the time had changed so then there was really only about 20 minutes left for the store to open.

So I decided to clean up and put away out new shipment of shoes once I finished I proceeded to call my clients over the phone and inform them of our upcoming sales. Well while on the phone with a customer the store manager yelled at me and told me to hang up the phone and I told him I was on the phone with a customer and he said he didn't care and asked me why I am so early to work. I told him I didn't know the time had changed and forgot to set my watch, and screamed at me with all the other associates watching and told me to clock out and get out of the store, and that Dillard's does not pay for my mistakes. (at that point I was so upset if I would have got to that time clock and punched out I was prepared to quit) but the manager apologized to me and told me that I can stay and for me to please return to my department. (if your asking yourself if I wanted to quit then why didn't I just leave, well when tempers flare you pretty much do anything stupid, but I really needed the job at the time) I was lucky to have a great Area Sales Manager and she really enjoyed having me in her department despite all sales I had brought in for Dillard's (remember I was the only Salesperson in Children's Shoes) I did not meet my sales goal on my second review and my pay was cut to $ 8.55 per hour.

So I was determined not to get another pay cut, despite me not making my goal and cutting my pay on my second review, they raised my Sales Goal to 120 dollars per hour, I was told since the back to school season was near, I took initiative and since Dillard's did not provide it's Salespeople with business cards I used my own money to have card's made and Sales Flyers to send out to the many customers I had in my client book, I tried to build a clientèle just like any good salesperson would and my Area Manager would help by letting me know in advance when we would have a sale so I can make and send out my fliers, I gave my customers the option of either being contacted by phone or by mail, those that did not want to be in my client book anymore were removed. Then management decides to add two more Salespeople to the mix two part-timers. I was fair and did not fight for Sales at that point and advised the newbies that there was no way they would achieve their Sales goals.

I was them what their goals was set for any they showed me the slip they were given with a Sales Per Hour of $140 per hour, I told them that the department itself doesn't even make that much per hour sometimes during an eight hour shift we would have one customer for a sale of $35.00 the average price of a shoe, I started a rotation system so that we could all have a fair chance to make a sale, When I would do the department totals from register tape the department had only made $800 for the 11 hours the store was open for a Department SPH of $72.00 per hour so how are we supposed to make the individual goals that the set for us, I made a chart to show to my Area Manager and she agreed that the goals were unattainable. I asked her how are the Sales Per Hour figured and I was told it's based on the Sales for that department based on an average on the gross sales of all stores in the region. Which I think is very unfair it should be based on the store and department sales that the Associate works in not all of the area stores. not all the store would get the same amount of customers.

Well sorry for all this ranting but I feel that customers should be informed about the way Dillard's treats employees and how they value you as a customer, which they really don't all they care about is if you come in and buy and never return things and open lots of Credit Applications, sometimes customers run into rude salespeople because the work ethics of Dillard's and how they put so much pressure on them that they become disgruntled employees (like I did) I am not excusing that type of behavior but it becomes to a point where it became very depressing to work there. They make it seem as if it's your fault the customers are not buying. and are punished accordingly. Our pep talk by the store manager over the loud speaker was SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

Sometimes this was said as customers were walking into the store. Despite making good sales during back to school at that time I was the only Salesperson on the floor even my manager came to ring up sales under my associate number while I helped customers I still did not meet my inflated goal and my manager did not want to break the news that my pay was getting cut again to a mere $ 7.70 per hour after a year of service with the company, they lowered my sales per hour down to 72 per hour but I refused to be a part of Dillard's money games any longer and my manager told me that there if I were to not make my goals the next round that I would be terminated, So I found a job at Macy's Women's Shoes on a commission and took myself and my "Dillard's customers Clientèle" with me.

The Store manager even told me that If I ever wanted to come back to Dillard's I would be more than welcome to, and that was the funniest thing I had heard all day! lol of course now I am no longer in retail but I just wanted to share this insight into Dillard's and what the Salespeople there are put through on a daily basis, In my opinion they could retain employees if they just go on a all Commission basis. I had told lots of people about my horrible experience there and I will never ever shop or work there again! it was a living nightmare.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 12/30/2008:
still mad about this 7 years later?
rub82 on 12/30/2008:
rub82 on 12/30/2008:
lol No I am not mad, just saw there was a discussion about this topic so I decided to write about my experience working for the company
MRM on 12/30/2008:
Thank you "Rub82" for sharing with your loyal readers about your employment experience with Dillards. As a hard working person yourself, you will have no problem obtaining a high salary career.
Ponie on 12/30/2008:
I read as far as not knowing about the time change. That was enough for me. Grimm's Fairy Tales are interesting years later, not these ramblings.
Anonymous on 12/30/2008:
It sounds like Dillards has an excellent pay cut policy in place. rub82, you sure lasted longer than I ever would have under those conditions.
bargod on 12/30/2008:
Good stuff, Rub82. Sounds like Dillards lost a valuable employee. Their loss,your gain. Don't worry about some of these other chirpies here I think they just all got lumps of coal for xmas and their still bitter.
Anonymous on 12/30/2008:
Geez people...stop being so dang critical of everything you read on here!
We see complaint after complaint from Dillard's customers about the awful service they receive, then an ex employee comes on confirms what we see from the customer side, and he/she is belittled? Get over yourselves already.

Slimjim on 12/30/2008:
I can't be so sure what happened to one employee at one location 7 years ago really has any bearing on applying to work at any random Dillards today.
chrissypaiz on 03/02/2009:
I currently work for dillards and even though I have not had the unfortunate experience of having a pay cut everything she says does happen.
debo12 on 04/24/2013:
Sad to say I work there now and its still the same
boojum 121212 on 04/26/2013:
just started with this company two weeks ago and I am experiencing exactly what she is talking about. never seen morale so low in a place of employment before.... everyone was telling me how bad it was on my first day there!!! no training.. no ethics... it's pretty bad.
Fluttershyy on 05/31/2013:
Nothing's changed. All the employees hate working there, and the rate of turnover is ridiculously high.
Marie Lovers on 06/20/2013:
I worked there for 3 year, It was horrible that hell, please do not work there.
Lisa5938 on 07/11/2013:
Just a question? Is there an incentive for catching shoplifters? My daughter accidentally had 2 kids dresses hooked on her back purse. The sales person never commented as she paid for the clothes she had decided on. Even followed her on the escalator. My daughter was arrested... She wasn't hiding anything .... She did not see them... All they had to do was comment
becky512 on 08/07/2013:
all the negative comments are true about this horrible place. I still work for them and it is a cut throat place to work. there are constant arguments between employees because you have to fight for sales. it gets to the point where customers do no want to be bothered by these sharks. It's either be a hard working slave who does all the folding clean up etc. or be the one everyone hates to keep a decent pay.
Robin on 08/08/2013:
I worked at Dillards my first job out of college. That was in 1987 and it was the worst job I have ever had. I am so sorry to see that nothing has changed in over 25 years. It was a horrible place to work then - associates were treated like slaves while upper management kept acquiring.
malgosia on 08/30/2013:
I am working at Dillards for 2 months now... I hate go to work......

Chris on 09/18/2013:
Unfortunately, This article is still very true to this very day! I ma new at Dillard's, and I am already experiencing all of the things that the article discusses. The company really truly is all about their money and couldn't care less about employees or reducing their very high turnover rate !
Desiree on 09/19/2013:
I've been at Dillards for about a year now. I hate my job so much. As if its not enough pressure to work, go to school, be mom and wife. These people think my life is ONLY about them. The pressure is unrealistic. It's so sad to see these managers. They really think they are something.
Jane Doe on 10/08/2013:
Your word is creative, If you focus on negative , negative will be your experience. Like Bob Marley said " Complaining is prayers to the devil"
Tam on 11/07/2013:
I had no idea! Thank you for sharing your experience. It was very enlightening.
Cookie on 08/15/2014:
I to work for Dillards in Florida, the manager asst,mgr, are 2 face. They tell you one thing and then its different to cover their a--.Policy is a joke. The employees of the store do not respect the manager. He lets certain people have their purses on the floor, try on clothes while they are working.The warnings that are given to the associates is a joke. Training new employees is another joke. Sometimes you are taken to the floor and go over briefly how to run a register.Associates take many brakes so they can smoke, nothing is done. When the manager gets in one of his moods, he will send an email to the associates. There comment is here he goes preaching. The turnover in that store is ridious.Dress code is ridious also.Asst. mgr is suppose to audit the cash office which she doesn't.I wish for once the store would have a surprise visit, that's when they could get a real look at the store. Also talk to some of the employes. I don't know how any could take away some of the associates pay, due to sales being bad. You cannot force Times are hard. People do no have that kind of money,times are hard.Question do the managers/dis manager pay get cut because his store is not doing good. The moral in that store is bad, they do not respect the store manager, nor the asst.manager
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Falsley Accused of Theft
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I went into a Dillard's Department Store to purchase a new outfit for a work event and during the walk from the car to the door, I had to make a mad dash through a summer downpour (the kind that pops up out of nowhere). I used my purse to cover my head and when I entered the store, I asked a sales associate for a shopping bag to place my wet purse in.

I walked around and found some items to try on, and put back the items that didn't fit. They were having a sale so I selected a few more items on impulse since they were a good price. I know how the sales at the store works, where the associates get credit for the purchases they ring up. Since the first associate was so nice to me by helping me out with my wet bag, I planned to give her all of my sales. I also have worked in retail before and understand how LP operations work, and the legalities of it.

I selected items from different areas of the women's department, and had probably 8-10 items. After encountering some pushy sales people that kept trying to take my items and "hold" at their register, I used the shopping bag to carry the selections with me, rather than have an armful of clothing that was hard to carry. I removed my purse from the bag before I did this.

On my way to the pajama department, not anywhere even near the exit, I was stopped by 3 very young associates, that said I had to come with them. I asked why, and they very blatantly accused me of shoplifting. I asked them, how could I have stolen anything, I haven't even left the store, and it's difficult to navigate shopping without something to aid in carrying purchases. "where did you get that bag?" "From one of your associates, to hold my wet purse when I came in" I offered my wet purse to them to feel. They kept insisting for me to follow them, and I refused.

I said that I have no intention of taking their things, and explained that I wanted to credit the associate that offered me the bag since she was very helpful. I handed the girl my shopping bag and said if you want to take it to the lady that I got the bag from, I'll leave it there until I find some pajamas. They still insisted that I was shoplifting, and since I really wasn't I refused to comply to their demands.

Their threats were very loud and embarrassing to me in front of other customers, and they didn't even listen to the explanation without jumping to conclusions. When they asked the associate that gave me the bag, she said that she did, and I looked at her and said "You can thank your co-workers for losing a $300 sale for you. I appreciate your help, but I'm not going to purchase these items".

I turned and left, and one of the other associates attempted to block my way with her hands. I promptly pointed at her and said calmly, "you are not allowed to touch me, and if you prevent me from leaving, I will have a talk with your manager that I was falsely detained, and my attorney will be following up." Indignantly, the first girls sputtered, "well...don't ever come back here!" I said "I haven't signed anything stating that I am trespassing nor banned from this location, so I'm free to come back and shop if I want to, not that I will after this episode."

I think the stores poorly train their associates and while I understand and respect their rights to prevent theft, they could use a little more judgment when it comes to who they accuse, and the methods they take when confronting a suspected shoplifter. I will be sharing this story across many internet consumer complaint boards, as I feel they are a company that could use a little change, especially in the pushy sales associates.

I understand they only make a very low wage, and their salary is based on the volume of sales, regardless of the amount of customers willing to purchase or the economic environment, hence the pushy sales and nearly ripping items out of your hands as soon as you touch it. I hope they change something, because their products are nice, but I can find comparable items elsewhere.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 07/29/2012:
I didn't think that store associates were allowed to confront shoplifters, but perhaps it depends on the store.

You have to admit though, no matter how innocent the intention, putting items that you had not paid for yet into a shopping bag does look a bit sketchy.
FoDaddy19 on 07/29/2012:
I'm afraid I think the sales associates did the right thing. It does look *very* suspicious to see a customer stuffing goods in a bag that normally you don't get until you've bought something. With that said, the matter should've been handled with more discrestion. Also they don't need you sign anything to keep you from coming back to the store
trmn8r on 07/29/2012:
If you were using a shopping bag to transport items around the store, which you say that you were, I can imagine someone viewing a security camera having a seizure, and sending someone to question you about what is going on. As clutzy suggests, store associates may not normally do that.

As for an employee saying "do not come back," stores can ban shoppers.

I agree that salespeople being pushy about sales and trying to get you to purchase at their register is a lousy setup - I would find shopping in that environment uncomfortable.
JISCal2 on 07/29/2012:
I thought the same thing clutzy. I learned on this site that if the items are concealed the shopper can be stopped. When I worked retail no one was stopped until after they had exited the store. Theft is a serious issue for retail businesses and while this customer says they had no intention of shoplifting, the actions taken don't look good. Common sense on both customers and the business should prevail.
bob932304 on 07/29/2012:
Even if it looks like you are trying to shoplift that is enough to accuse you of it, while never leaving the store. I don't think associates should be the one stopping suspected shoplifters, that should be the store detective or the police.
spiderman2 on 07/29/2012:
Here is my question. If you put your wet purse in the shopping bag and then took it out and put their merchandise in it, wouldn't the inside of the bag be wet? Why would you put items in a wet shopping bag? That doesn't even make sense to me. You don't put items you didn't purchase in a shopping bag, your intentions will not be interpreted as harmless. Also, you do not have to sign anything for a store to ban you from the premises. All they have to do is send you a letter stating you are not to be there, you don't have to agree to it. Now, they don't have your name and address so they aren't going to send you anything, but if you go back, be prepared to be asked to leave. You do not have a right to shop there if they do not want you on their premise.
Nohandle on 07/29/2012:
In a few stores some *associates* are in fact with loss prevention. The idea obviously is to blend in as a regular employee. Are they expected to walk around with a vest designating LP on the back? I wouldn't think so anymore than if I was with LP walking around in street clothes.

I honestly think laws vary from state to state. A long time ago an individual had to actually leave a store with unpaid for merchandise before they could be apprehended/approached. I think now in a lot of states concealing merchandise within a store can be grounds for being stopped. I want a pair of earrings and just decide to drop them in my purse or a bag I already had and pay on the pay out. I don't think that would work in most cases.

All I can say on this review is although the intentions seemed to be good I would have never done it. There's no way I would have put items into a bag no matter how inconvenient they might be to carry. Food for thought: You are a shopper and observe someone placing items into a bag they already have. What would you think?
Amy on 07/29/2012:
Shopping carts or baskets are what you used to put items in while you shop, not a shopping bag given to you by a clerk. Anyone seeing you do this would normally assume you to be shoplifting.
GenuineNerd on 07/29/2012:
Problem is, putting the items in a shopping bag does constitute shoplifting to some store personnel and security. Being a full-service department store, perhaps instead of putting the items in the shopping bag, they should have been left at the counter until you were ready to purchase. Although the OP intended to pay for the items, putting them in the shopping bag is wrong. I know that department stores don't offer shopping carts, but some stores (Kohl's is one) offers totes or baskets for in-store use. When no carts, baskets, or totes are available, the items should have been left at the counter until they're paid for.
Susan on 07/29/2012:
Makes perfect sense to me that the LP staff stopped you and you were wrong to put items you hadn't yet paid for into an empty shopping bag. Put yourself in their place and think about it long and hard before calling your attorney.
CowboyFan on 07/30/2012:
In Florida, concealing a product constitutes shoplifting, regardless of whether you have left the store. When the OP put the products in the bag, she concealed their presence, which in any state looks like shoplifting. It was proper for the clerks to stop her.

This idea that the clerks cannot touch her, is also questionable. In Florida, if a shoplifting physically resists a security guard/clerk, it is no longer shoplifting, but robbery - a serious felony. (It is the equivalent of grabbing a bank bag from a woman and struggling to get it and leave.) The OP was lucky that she did not face more charges, and that the store was nice enough to let her leave without filing charges.
SteveWiginowski on 07/30/2012:
Spiderman, I was thinking the same thing. Since the purse was still wet when it was out of the bag, I can only imagine how wet inside the shopping bag must now have been.

It sounds like there were circumstances that lead the staff to believe you were stealing, so they attempted to take appropriet actions. It's difficult for an employee to just let someone continue if customer says that they weren't trying to steal, because I'd be surprised if someone admitted that it's what they were trying to do, but rather they'd say that they were going to buy the items.
Josmo on 02/10/2013:
In our local Dillard's they have large reusable fabricy material bags that are used for carrying to-be-purchased items that you purchase at the register. Perhaps it was one of those?
Jack on 08/04/2014:
You have to be careful, in a lot of states, just placing a selected item in a bag, purse or in your clothes IS called concealment and DOES on fact fall under criminal law as shoplifting. You have to be careful, these LP associates may not have seen you get the bag, they may have been observing as you selected itmes, then place dthem in the bag, so they did nothing wrong, however they could have checked with the associate, but usually most prefer to discuss the issue in private. Also once police officers show up, they ask what happened, and you can explain it to them, and they can investigate it also. Contrary to what you say, most state laws do in fact allow LP and security service to detain you, and can you the minimum force necessary to detain you. I am NOT accusing you of anything, I am pointing out though how it could have been assumed by the LP officers that you had an intention of shoplifting based upon them walking and not know you had gotten a bag from an associate, they could have just seen you selecting and placing items into your bag, which could have appeared to be you concealing items. So not saying you are wrong, but then they were not wrong either.
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Dillards Policies And Practices For Employees
Posted by on
Imagine yourself walking around in your local Dillard's. Just browsing and taking in the sights of Fall and Christmas. Everything looks great! You find your item and walk down the isle to find a clerk. There is one on the isle, looking at you... you see two more.. making long strides to reach you from the back of the department. OK... Your greeted and asked if you needed help. Yes you reply so you can check out. The other employees look frazzled, even tired. Little did you know... the current under the surface.

Hi. For obvious reasons I will keep myself anonymous. This is a complaint letter and a warning to all consumers/potential hires who enter Dillard’s Department stores. Dillard’s about 10-25 years ago, was the cream of the crop in a host of department stores in the US. Today it’s a shell of its former glory. I am a researcher by nature and training with skills used from other agencies to enhance whatever aims I seek to work on. I currently work at Dillard’s because I wanted to train up into management and become what they call an AMIT (Assistant Manager in Training). So, if you’re a customer coming in this is for you. Here is some insight into what we have to deal within 2008.

In 2008 Dillard’s outlook, and business practices put us in great economic peril. After talking with many employees of various lengths of employment at Dillards only one thing can be said of its owners and financers. “GET OUT!” Why? They would say.. and they would be right. They hold all the cards and your pocket book in their hands. The owners at this point are the Dillard children. Mind you, Senior passed one some years ago, and he will be missed. Years ago.. Dillard’s stock was not almost worthless to employees it had some pride in it. Now, our stock portfolios are nothing but dust in the wind. It would have been more fitting and profitable to have buried your money in a jar than to invest in this company. Don’t believe me? Look up DDS the ticker symbol for Dillards. I’m lucky. I can move on, but those who invested whole carriers in this store are decimated. Thus you see ghostly forms moving among the Dillard’s isles.

Next comes Credit. Oh No! Not that.. you say!.. Yes credit. We have to ask for it… Dillard’s rewards etc.. whatever. Here is the deal. We get penalized if we don’t get any credit. I don’t care if your approved or not it’s the applying process that counts. We still get a check mark for your trying. Beware of upgrades.. It’s like any card company they send you another one. Then you might have two accounts. Bad… GE owns your card not Dillard’s. They squeeze Dillard’s for more cash, then Dillard squeezes us. You might as well go to the blood bank. Now…. There are good things about the card once you have it, especially if you have an elite. They are offering more incentives with this economy so watch for sales. Like most department stores, you can find great deals right now. (Plug) I still hate the card thought, and so do all employees.

If your looking to hire into Dillard’s. Don’t. There is not an HR department, period. Open door policy will get you canned. Your totally at the mercy of the OPS Manager and the Store Manager. If your lucky you work for a great ASM that watches out for you. You are very, very lucky if you have a great OPS manager. One that can slow down the revolving door of Dillard’s. This company goes through a lot of people. Some are immature, some are thieves, but by and large most come to work. Then they learn the truth about how the long term polices of this company will affect them. Right now … I get to work all of December with no weekend off. Merry Christmas. Right…. Thanksgiving… that was a blip on the radar. See you on Black Friday.

That pile of white dust on the ground is my soul. All else has been drained. Thus more ghost on the isles. Where is management you say? What can they do to help? Well a lot is in their hands. Most managers do manage business, but do not however manage employees very well. Those who have great HR skills or training, are what I call cream of the crop. They see what’s happening to the company and to the moral of the employees. If you are an ops manager, or asm get some HR training. Please... It really does work. FYI. Corporate does not have one. Why? Well we have had some management problems… some which bend the rules quite a bit. So, people called. No HR please leave a name and number with your complaint. Uh?!....... what? What happens there is called trickle down. Same thing for those who know it has Sh.. rolls down hill. Usually it ends up in your lap again, and now you have eye boring into your head. Seen it, heard it in the store. We have no recourse, where are the checks and balances of this company. The court system apparently, just look up Dillard’s DDS for any news and it brings up the lawsuits. What a waste.

Last… Dillard’s return policy is 30 days.. except for registered brides. If you wore it… slept in it.. smoked around it…. It will not be returned. Washing does change the fabric, so… I’m warning you here again. i.e. The notes on the back of the recite and on the stands state the 30 day policy about returns. Please… I may be tired of Dillard’s but I’m not stupid. FYI returns are allowed before thirty days, please don’t forget to keep your recites and the pop (yellow labels) and bags. Make it easy on yourself and for me. OK.. little know thing about returns. Returns for employee sucks. Even if its not from our store. Returns mean forced inventory. We have to sell that much more for the day to counter that returns affects.

If I have to sell $1000 today to meet budget for my area, and you return $200 dollars worth of stuff. Then I have to sell $1200. Yes it does count against the department. If you return an item, it also counts against the person that sold it to you. That’s why I ask a lot of questions about colors… matching etc. To lessen that chance of a return, so how can you help us? Bring in a sample of what your trying to match within a room or with a dress. The less guessing the better. Don’t tell me its avocado green… when that may have 10 different shades of color. So… what does returns do besides make us sink into the ground. Well that affects our SPH. What is that? All Dillard’s sales people have SPH (Sales per hour). They must sell between $85 to $200 an hour. A lot depends on your area of assignment. With the current state of the economy lots of us are not making it. When you don’t make it your pay is cut. Yes cut, and if its cut enough you lose your job. Speaking of losing the job did you take a look at the Dillard’s stock yet? Give me a note… and I’ll sing ya a dirge.

Anyone for a slightly used beat-up old company? (remodeling encouraged)
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User Replies:
Suusan B. on 11/17/2008:
Sounds to me like you need to take "the pile of white dust on the ground that is your soul" and find another job. You are obviously an employee of Dillard's and if you don't like their business practices or the value of their stock then go work for someone else.

On the subject of returns - - I don't particularly care what affect it has on the employees. If I have my "recite" and am within the return period I'm going to return anything I don't want or have changed my mind about. Welcome to retail sales.

Principissa on 11/17/2008:
Not really caring about your check marks. I'm not filling out a credit card application period. And those who feel the same way should be respected in their decision, not be made to feel guilty because you won't get your check mark.

I also agree with Susan about the returns. I don't care one fig of the affect my return has on anyone. If I have my receipt, my item, and I am within the allotted time frame for returns, I will make my return.

My suggestion, find a new job. Working with the public is highly stressful and very demanding. And if you think for one second you are being treated like garbage by your employer, apply elsewhere. There is no reason to stay at a job where you get treated like dirt and abused. It's not healthy or fair for you to deal with that on a daily basis.
Anonymous on 11/17/2008:
It's a 'little' out of line to tell the OP to simply 'get another job'. He/She may really need the job, crummy that it is, and simply cannot afford to quit. Retail jobs aren't falling out of the sky these days and companies know it. As a result, managers treat their staff any way they want, because there's a fresh face coming in the door right now. We often muse on M3C why customer service is so bad these days...it reflects the morale of the people working in retail sweat-shops. Thanks for venting, poster. Hang in there!
Suusan B. on 11/17/2008:
On the subject of credit - - you are suggesting that I apply for the card whether I want it or not so you can get a check mark? And you want customers to apply even if they know they will be denied and take a hit on their credit just so you don't get penalized? It is OK for you to ask but if a customer says they aren't interested then the subject should be closed.
Principissa on 11/17/2008:
I know they aren't ghost, but this person is obviously being abused at work and I feel awful for them. I know jobs aren't falling from the sky, but they can at least put an application out to another store and hopefully be able to move on. Nobody should have to go through abuse at work. This isn't the first post I've read about Dillard's being like this towards their employees either so I don't doubt for one second this person is telling the truth.
Anonymous on 11/17/2008:
We're on the same page, Princi. I think the post explains why we see so many complaints about 'rude' retail workers who 'don't say thank-you', 'dump the change into my hand', 'act sullen', or 'are un-helpful'. I think poor retail service is an employee's only recourse (sort of passive-aggression) when they are being mistreated by the retail company. Seems happy employees would be in the company's best interest, no?
Principissa on 11/17/2008:
It's the companies fault. They let the managers abuse the employees and they in turn take it out on customers. What they need to do is clean house and get rid of the abusive managers and change their policies to make this abuse stop. Because it won't until someone blows the whistle and makes them stop.
cherpep on 11/17/2008:
Seems to me that this poster doesn't really care much about the customer's perspective. The returns, credit applications, sales - it's all about how it affects their job or their bottom line - no focus on the customer's satisfaction or welfare. Yet at the same time, they are complaining about Management's attitude toward the employees. Isn't this poster committing the same crimes?
Anonymous on 11/17/2008:
Quite right, Princi. 1) the managers have a better ability to play CYA to those higher up, and 2) the higher-ups know about (and encourage) the abuse. It keeps salary costs low if people are not retained long enough to get a raise. It also creates jobs for more middle management 'trainers' who work the new hires into the system. Oddly enough, organizations with high staff turnover never look in the mirror about why staff turnover is high, or morale is low. They just say, "The beatings will continue, until the morale improves."
Principissa on 11/17/2008:
But at the same time cherp, if this person doesn't go with the bottom line, he gets abused by other employees and managers. I agree that this person is only furthering the abuse by taking it out on the customer's but the abuse by staff to employee shouldn't be there to begin with. Nobody should get threatened with termination because they make too many returns or don't get enough credit card applications. It's wrong. Who wants to walk into work every day to get brow beaten by their boss because they didn't get enough credit cards or they took too many returns the day before. Things like this shouldn't even be allowed to happen to those employees, and those employees certainly shouldn't take it out on customer's either. It's sad for everyone involved. More sad for the employees who have to deal with it every day just to feed their families and pay their bills.
cherpep on 11/17/2008:
It sounds like they have a quota to meet. If they don't meet the quota, their pay reflects that. Where is the abuse? Is it in working a lot of hours from now until the end of December? That's retail. I'll bet if this person wasn't being given the hours during the rush times, they'd be complaining about that too. What happens if this person asks for a day off - is it declined? We don't know how many hours this person is working, or what they consider too much. So, I can't comment on the abuse here. Regarding the credit - I agree I hate that stores are pushing that, and their employees feel the pain. But, these businesses are trying to stay alive, and they make money off the credit cards. They can ask all they want, I just say No. It's too bad that the employees have to suffer for that one.

I still think this poster is an example of the pot calling the kettle black.
Principissa on 11/17/2008:
I will agree with you on that part cherp. I don't think it's fair that an employees job is on the line because of a credit card application. Especially now. Most of the people I know are trying to get out of debt, not add new debt on top of the pile. And I think that these companies should realize that to at least some extent. Nobody should have to fear losing their job because the customer didn't want to open up a credit account.
Anonymous on 11/17/2008:
I am not applying for any credit cards. I'm sorry if this is a requirement the employees are responsible for, but each inquiry for credit is a "check mark" on your credit report and may ultimately lower your score. Also, the interest rates on department store credit cards is outrageous. Anyone carrying a balance on one of these cards will have paid for the item three or four times by the time they have the card paid off.
Neb on 12/03/2008:
Thanks for your replies. I was wondering if this board actually had anyone else read up on the situation. You are all right for the most part. Most employees do not mind sales, and understand the types of hours worked. Low moral is and has been brought into Dillard's due to lack of good management skills. Thus I commented on training and HR experience above. I see countless employees struggle with work/family so they in turn talk to their managers (asm) for help in scheduling etc. This may involve school, or some special event or a doctors apt. Here is the deal. Your not guaranteed any solid schedule even if its in the same week. Mind you your area is saturated with employees.. Mine was changed while I was off recently. Came back.. and guess what now I have to dance around to pick up my kid from some place in town. One day warning for all this manipulation. So, I have to take one for the family and go get him. This is not just me. Our lives are constantly changed because they suck in HR skills. I've worked with several companies that would at least warn you or get your signature on those days. Thus.. I'm looking for another job at the moment while working. I know of at least 4-10 people who are looking or actively training for another job. Next... another post on credit.
Neb on 12/03/2008:
This is about Dillard's Credit.

Credit flows like this. Ge - Dillards - Managers - Employees - Customers. GE - gives some money back to Dillards for getting so much credit. Thus they push there Store managers, OPs Mangers, on down for your signature. Credit to them is more money in the store. This may have been true in the past however, these days GE credit does not hold a candle to some other cards in incentives. Plus the interest is way to high. Go figure. (sarcastic note) We have to promote this filth 24-7, even if we don't like it. I have seen people fired over this, and know of others who are leaving the store because of it. I find it funny that they say it makes them money. I see customers who pull out their card only once a year to use it. How is that earning anything? That's they attach point schemes, special sale days, etc to the card. Use what works for you. That's all I care about.
lolalee on 06/08/2009:
I can add a little to this, as I am currently an area sales manager at Dillard's. The problem with the associate's quotas, is that they are calculated by the associate's hourly rate of pay and work center cost. These work center costs were developed prior to the economic downturn, and have not been reevaluated. The associates are expected to bring in the same sales numbers as they did 2-5 yrs ago. That just isn't happening these days when most retailers are showing double digit decreases quarter after quarter. So, after a failed review, they lose 10% of their pay, 3 months later, if they haven't made it up, they are terminated. This is happening to many employees, who have been with the company for 10 yrs or more, in some cases, and who have never taken a pay cut previously. This is why they feel the need to work extra hours, exhausting themselves, and irritating those 'just looking' customers. As for credit, opening 1 credit for every 40 hours you work, earns you an additional 3 points toward your review, so in some cases, it prevents a pay cut or termination. This is why the associates continue to 'harass' customers about the Dillard's card. As for abusive managers, there's no excuse for this if it is indeed abuse. However, it may be that the associates just don't like what they're hearing sometimes. I know that a few ladies in my area are very resistant to change, they are comfortable doing things the way that they have always done them. Unfortunately, it's not working anymore. Rather than sitting behind the register and waiting for customers to come up with arms full of merchandise, they need to focus on actual selling. Assisting customers in the fitting rooms & staying in contact with their best clients is the best way to prevent a pay cut. I have one lady, in particular, that has been with Dillard's for 14 years now. Instead of focusing on the customers shopping in her area, she is on the computer, sending emails to myself and our store manager about how she can't afford a pay cut and why other associates should be fired. (I'm talking at least 2 emails per day.) Her time would be better spent bringing customers correct sizes, and suggesting matching pieces. Because I try to ignore her nonsense most days, she thinks that I am an ineffective manager. And thus, not surprisingly, she is due a pay cut in 2 months. Hope this helps bring a little more light to Neb's posts.
:) on 06/16/2011:
I am also a Manager at Dillard's and I can tell you that abuse occurs on a daily basis, not only of the associates but of middle management as well. I have seen good, hard working sales associates get talked to like they are worthless. It doesn't matter if they work hard, are respectable and nice
RealityCheck on 11/08/2011:
I work for Dillards. The original poster is right on the money. It can be fun working at Dillards especially if you like customers and enjoy helping customers with manners. But unfortunately the way the company runs its business far overshadows any of the good times. Fair is not a word that goes hand in hand with this store. We used to look out for one another as much as we could but now you get fired for trying to help each other. I'm leaving soon and I wouldn't recommend working at this place to anyone. And to Principissa who doesn't care one bit about the returns and how it affects the salesperson, you are one cold hearted piece of work. Some of the people working in my store are in desperate need of a job, many just so they can have health benefits. Some are elderly and need the extra pay to keep a roof over their heads. Returns do affect our sales per hour. We don't mind honest returns but we do mind people who buy a bunch of things to take home knowing they plan on returning the bulk of them b/c they don't' want to try on in the store. We also resent people who buy things, wear them once, and try to return them. I'll don't shop in Dillards and I never will b/c of how they treat their employees. They are below disgusting.
anondillards on 05/11/2012:
I currently work for dillards san antonio tx and I'll tell you everything that has been posted is very true, I do no like the way my store manager runs things and treats associates and managers just to get to the bottom line and be the best no matter how she gets it! if you're in s.a there's only one store manager with no heart and ya'll know who I'm talking about. I will agree to the original poster that yes explaining to wandering consumers who look on here how our credit applications count and returns, the consumer has every right to refuse if they decide too I know I do when I go shop elsewhere, I know it's their job but I don't want to period. they should move on to the next person and keep trying it's what I do. returns also, people have the right to change their minds on whatever they buy. same here with me. some customers are overly ridiculous when it comes to returns or they used something that's when I dispute but most times its just oh I changed my mind. I'm looking for another place of employment not because of the customers or associates but my current manager and store manager, since I moved departments, it's literally a nightmare everyday. shop at dillards with caution and just know u shouldn't feel guilty or bad if u don't apply for anything or return just know that it's there lol. as for work the pay is high but you better be on it and don't' slack at all if you don't want to loose your job in a year or two cuz you can't get out of your deficit.
Jill on 08/15/2013:
I just want to say that as a Dillard's employee, I found this article very helpful to figure out what the heck is going on here at my job. Second of all, all of the people just being rude on the posters perspective should just get off of this subject because obviously you don't have anything to do with Dillard's. This is def more for employees. It's hard work standing for 9 hours a day sometimes. I work in cosmetics and sometimes my quota is over 1000 dollars. In this economy, it's difficult to convince someone to spend 180 dollars on a serum for their skin. It's also next to impossible to remain smiley and bubbly when your feet are bleeding from the new shoes that you got from the shoe department because your shoes "weren't black enough." And as for returns. It is physically impossible for me to run any return through the computer without a receipt or pop label. The poster can vent about this all they want, I will def listen. Go ahead an return your stuff, but if we can't do it, don't get all hot and saucy with us. Not our fault. If we had it our way, we would do it. But we simply can't. Credit, the subject IS always dropped if you are asked so enough with that BS. We don't want to ask you any more than you want us to ask you. But we also don't want to get canned for not asking. That's out job. If you don't like us, don't shop with us. Instead shop at Younkers and stop getting on the Internet to just be plain rude. Here is a challenge for you, go say three nice things to someone. Try a Dillard's employee.
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Rant of Dillards
Posted by on
THE VILLAGE, ARIZONA -- Let’s get started! For about 7 months I was an employee at a Brand New Dillard’s in Arizona, I'll say it was the one at the new outdoor mall / Village. I was originally hired for fragrances. My first manager surprisingly was barely able to walk and chew gum at the same time better yet manage 30-40 people. I thought it was weird that they would have 8-10 people work in one section of a department, i.e. one register. Supposedly I was to make $145 an hour in sales. We were lucky if we had 900 dollars in sales all day, split between everyone working from open till close. People (mainly one lady who was a “pacesetter”) would bicker, fight and steal sales to be number 1 leading to a very tense work-environment. They kept me in this area for 4 months even though I was consistently under my sales goal and had no chance of making it for a raise. But every morning at our “meeting” (i.e. propaganda BS) we were told to expect a BIG DAY and OPEN CREDIT APPS!!! That seemed to be even bigger then selling merchandise. Everyday they talked, like they were brainwashed, about how the customer needs the Dillard’s card and to sign up at least one a week. Always ask if they’d like to redeem their reward points! You only have to spend $1000 dollars at Dillard’s and you get a $10 off coupon on your next purchase if you use your Dillard’s Card. Credit app this, credit app that, hell we even had to go to Credit College if you didn’t open 1 a month to learn how to push these cards on people.

At 1 “Credit College” our manager said that we need to get them to sign up for the card any way possible. When asked by an employee “if you were a customer would you sign up for one”, his answer was “no way, the rates are way too high”. Hmmm…….wasn’t this the magical card that gets people to spend more at our store even when they don’t have the money to pay for the merchandise. If it’s so great why wouldn’t you signup (maybe a 19-27% rate depending on the card might have something to do with that). Anyway, after Inventory (scanning and counting everything in the store) there was plenty of firings and layoffs for just about any small reason you can think of. A week or two later they started hiring more people back, and they were getting paid less than the people that opened the store. Easy to see what’s happening here!

After inventory, I was told that I was being moved into another department because I wasn’t hitting my sales goal even though I still had 2 months to my review. I started my first day in the new department and my training consisted of “F1, F1, and F1, We need you on markdowns.” I wasn’t shown the layout, wasn’t told about the merchandise I was selling, wasn’t told about the history of the brand names, nothing. I’ve never done retail before and I’m supposed to sell some guy clothes and answer questions on it shrinking, what material it’s made with, i.e. Also, now my sales goal jumped to $177 an hour. Great that’ll be easy. If I could actually sell first. I worked mornings so the first 15 minutes we have our “Credit App speech and Show and Tell”, good thing we’re all adults. Then a good hour of maybe 1 or 2 shoppers in the whole department while I have to open the register, recover the mess from the night before, back-stock and move/organize any new merchandise that was unloaded this morning and more. Now at about Noon-1 o’clock, the second shift gets in, time to beat them to a sale! Then, the manager of Men’s, who resembles a dorky meerkat with bad intentions, would give me a project. “Organize the stockroom, fold and hang all this merchandise, go upstairs and grab hangars or whatever”. Why? It’s a little difficult to sell your overpriced no-named clothes when I’m in the backroom sweating and hanging up these ugly shirts. Why would a store order such a ridiculous amount of big, thick oversize jackets and ugly grandpa long sleeve shirts in Arizona anyway? Beats Me.

Either way, it was an easy job if you could find something to fold or something else to waste time, like figuring out what you got paid per hour/second/millisecond (it was worse than watching grass grow) until your lunch or closing time.

I was let go for a stupid reason that many other employees were getting away with scot-free, its something that was done by most of the women working in ladies shoes, most of the women working in the women’s department, and a few of the managers that I knew about. They would take and use merchandise for the day or even just keep the merchandise, basically skimming from the company. 2 women I knew would walk into work wearing their shoes and then put on a fresh pair of shoes from the stockroom of women’s shoes (L & D). I’ve also seen them buying 75% off shoes and switching them with a full-price pair of new shoes while keeping the old box (L&D again). The cosmetics manager would snatch up testers, samples and damaged (yeah……….damaged) goods (R). There were affairs and hook-ups going on between managers/associates and even managers/managers (too many to name). Managers would talk behind your back, or give out non-sense schedules to make you want to quit so they don’t risk paying unemployment. Also, hiring new people at cheaper hourly rates rather than keeping the old employees. You know, the ones that unloaded the trucks, opened the store and ran their inventory for them. They worked/scheduled too many people in one area so that it’s a fight to get a sale, making the whole day tense.

The few positions that do have commission have no chance of getting close to making any; they’re always in the negative for commissions. When people do get close to hitting commission more than once, they hire more people to make getting sales harder and harder so they don’t have to pay a commission bonus of $100-$300 a month. But don’t think that’s it. If you don’t hit your SPH then your treated as lazy and not a team-player. Basically treating you like an expendable idiot unless you bow and cater to their egos, and even then you’re just buying time. When I started there were about 35 people in cosmetics and 30-35 in Men’s. Now there are about 15-17 in cosmo and 10 in men’s. If that’s not a horrible turnover rate, I don’t know what is. And it’s roughly the same with the other departments.

I can say that I will never work in retail again, just because of this terrible experience of working in this horrible company. The only person there that had and still has my respect is the top General Manager of the store. He’s a great guy that I think got caught up in a bad company and just has to wake up and smell the coffee. Anyway, this company is sinking faster than a brick in water and I can’t wait to see it be bought out and finished. Hope this rant helps you to pick any other place to work besides Dillard’s. I will never go there for anything again and I tell everyone I know not shop at a store that doesn’t care for its employees or even their customers.
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User Replies:
Suusan B. on 05/05/2008:
Just because the other kids get away with something doesn't mean that you should do the same and not be willing to suffer the consequences. You took a job that was based on commission and what you describe sounds pretty much like the retail game everywhere. And in case you haven't noticed, the economy in the U.S. isn't too hot these days and I suspect that the reduction in the workforce at Dillard's is a sign of the times.
spiderman2 on 05/05/2008:
so you stole from them and got fired and now you are ranting about it. That is what I get from this letter.
slingingPeter on 09/02/2008:
Ha Ha I used to work for Dillards that almost describes my day!! Dillards is a joke!!
Neb on 11/17/2008:
No.. what he wrote was descriptive about the company. Yes its a huge seething pit of despair. Yes its sales, however its the most visious sales company that I have ever worked for. This being the forth. Dillards policies don't help either.
old time hank on 07/24/2013:
I worked at dillards for 11 years. worked with a lot of nice people, includinq managers. they were closinq so many stores and pushing so hard it made you wonder what was up . nothing was good enough for my last ops mgr who I still think was sent to clear the deck of as many employees as possible. our store was going to be closed and she knew it but wouldn't say. she did her job so very few were able to transfer. I went 7 years without a raise in pay but worked anytime they needed me. no loyalty from the company and mistreat the employees. its not bitterness its fact.glad to be gone now and making a real difference in my new job.
Jackcoco1234 on 08/13/2013:
OMG. most of the comments are so similar to my 6 yr experience at Dillards.. I moved up from sales associate to ASM in the first two years. All I ever heard was credit apps and why is your department not selling more event though we always made our sales plan. Dillards is nightmare to work for. Glad I am gone!!!!
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Dillard's Sucks!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Considering to work for Dillard's? I urge you to do your due diligence and find out the truth about working for Dillard's, make your own informed decision.

It is a very hostile environment with a revolving door. This company operates solely on sales and opening credit apps that is it. There is no customer service. Its all about sell sell sell. Managers are phony and have their special associates. You will hear all the time how they are a team, like family and how they help each other out. Yeah right, team my ass. I am an Ex Employee of Dillard's as of 2014. The starting pay was $10/per hour which is what entices most people to apply. Training sucks. They basically teach you how to ring someone up and then throw you out on the floor. Once you graduate you are then assigned an area whether it be home, juniors, etc. and your hourly rate went up to $11/per hour.

Every week your are responsible for markdowns and moving that merchandise to a sale rack. Then new merchandise comes in and you are responsible for putting it out or I should say cramming it on a 4 way or hook etc. because it has to be put out. You are required to make your Daily SPH quota. This can be very tough specially during the weekdays when the store is dead. They want you to sell full price items and you are required to open 1 credit app. per every 40 hours you work. Making over your daily SPH does not carry over to the next day, but not making your SPH sure does. They set you up for failure. The more sales you make the higher your SPH goes. Returns count against you period. Based on the area that I worked in there were 9 of us total. There would be 3 or more of us on the sales floor on any given day.

The sales associates will steal other associates sales in order to make their quotas right up to literally pushing you out of the way. I saw it happen with my own eyes...no joke. If you do not meet your SPH goals they will terminate you and replace you. In my case after they terminated me they had the nerve to ask if I wanted to complete my shift...smh really?! If you make it through it and they terminate you, you can collect unemployment.

My advice find somewhere else to work you will be glad you did and much happier in the end.
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Manager Obnoxious/pushy to Buy Something. I'm Not Trying Be Mean!
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Rating: 1/51
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I am assuming this lady is a manager because she was very obnoxious, loud, way over bearing, PUSHY, and very annoying. Her description was a white female, big fully figured, kind of of tall, long brown straight hair down her back, approx. 21-30 in age, bright red lip stick, dark thick black liquid eye liner on top, and was working during the day. Soon as me and my children walked in the Michael kors handbag area, I looked down to look at a price tag on 1 handbag and she yelled while walking fast towards me, "oh that's a great bag, I love that bag, I'll take it off the rack so you can try it on. All while grabbing the bag I was looking at trying to take it off the rack, and talking very loud, and acting like a desperate pest. I said no thank you I am just looking.

She then said OK, well I'm going to unhook it so you can try it on. I said no, cause I'm just looking thank you. Then she preceded to follow me to each hand bag, and I told her ma'am I'm just looking today thank you. So then I went and picked up one of the green Michael kors bags, I had my back turned towards the purse, and as soon as I when to reach for it, here comes her loud, obnoxious, annoying, rude, not listening, trying to make a sells ass comes from behind me and snatches the handbags out of my hand and try to hurry real quick and unlock it. I was like no thank you I am just looking around today with my children and I am not buying anything today. So then she looked pissed, walked away then few minutes later I told her I think I found a colorful purse I like in fossil, which is all I usually carry, and she looked at me and turned her head and kept walking. I guess what kind f commission can she make on a $79.00 handbag versus a $398 handbag. Well I just ignored it cause I was with my kids so then I found a brahim handbag liked and I handed it to another girl to ring me up like 15 -30 minutes later, and she runs out from no where like a wilderbeast and snatches the handbag out of her hand and starts to rung it up. I told her no thank you, I do not want it because she would get the commission and the way she treated me I wasn't buying nothing from her.

Then when I was leaving I was watching her and she went and snatched some else out of another Co workers hand like they were a dummy and the Co workers wasn't saying nothing, that's what makes me think she was a manager, cause she was walking all over customers and employees. And then 2 more sets of customers was looking and she started acting like that with them. And they was looking at her like she was crazy and I was just staring like I can not believe this. Trust me...this is so much far worse than what I am making it. If I had a video camera I would have recorded her and she would be on the TV show called ridiculous. Hardly no one be in there when I go and the people who are in there don't want to buy nothing cause she's too rowdy and nerve racking. If they do buy something it is because thy felt obligated against their free will to look and not buy. She must be desperate for commission. I don't want to go back in there because she harasses you. They all try to sell you something I understand that but she goes past her means and personal space to try to make a sell which actually makes a customer not want to buy something and uncomfortable to come back. I know she acts like that all the time cause I was in there a long time ago and she was doing the same thing. But this was it or me.

And I'd put $ on it that's why hardly nobody's in there shopping or LOOKING because of her and I'd put $ on it that she does every body like this. I love Dillard's but I will bypass Michael kors and go to fragrances and watches where the nice black lady works or to shoes where the nice older gentlemen work. Now there's a little gay guy that works in there and a few blondes, their sweethearts and approach you in a pleasant way and ask you...would you like to try that handbag on? And if I say no, they say OK, well its a very nice bag in our new collection and if you would like to look at it my name is so in so. Then they get off your ass...after doing their job. Now thy make me want to buy something. But that other lady needs to work at a prison or go to the army or something. Oh, I bet that's why those sweet nonpushy but helpful like ole' ladies down at Coach stay on that end only.
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Do not buy furniture at Dillards
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PLANO, TEXAS -- I bought at Bernhardt sectional sofa at Dillards in Plano, Texas the week at Christmas in 2012. By the first week in January the chenille type fabric was disintegrating. I called the store. No One called me back. I have been given the run around by the company. I am at my wits end and have a big piece of junk in my living room. Upon looking at other consumer websites, I see that I made a giant mistake. I guess I am disappointing in Dillards as I always thought that I could trust them but $1300 later I realize that they do not stand by their products.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/27/2013:
That is a rude wake up call, no doubt about it.
At Your Service on 01/27/2013:
Was Dillard's the manufacturer or was it Bernhardt?
Obsfucation on 01/28/2013:
This furniture is a month old and showing problems? I'd be standing in the store screaming.
pat.h00851 on 01/31/2013:
totally agree about dillards. they aren't nice.
Martha Kertz on 06/25/2013:
Thanks I will not buy furniture there!
Realistic on 06/29/2013:
To put this in context, you paid 1300 for a Bernhardt...that seems a bit off! I thought that brand was far more on the higher end..even the bottom of the line. Don't blame on dillards but the manufacturer
Brian Holloway on 08/18/2013:
I purchased a Bernhardt leather sectional from Macy's and paid about $3000. It was a beautiful sofa that was supposed to be leather. After about a year, all leather started peeling off. Seems that this is common with Bernhardt leather sofas. After doing some research, I found out that what I purchased was not leather but a thin material that is mixed and applied to some kind of substrate. I believe the process / product is called "bicast" leather. After 1 year, the sofa is total junk. Don't buy Bernhardt products - they're total junk!!
Trish on 01/26/2014:
I bought a Bernhardt couch, chair and ottoman from Dillard's ten years ago. Still have it.. It has been the best couch I have ever purchased. I was looking to purchase a Bernhardt from Dillard's once again since mine has held up so well. Now I'm wondering if their not made as well. Thanks for the info.
Nancy B on 02/08/2014:
Bicast was a fad a majority of leather manufacturers used. They don't use it now. It didn't hold up. Bernhart is an excellent quality company and if someone got a sectional for $1300. That's a great deal. Questions to ask. Do you have animals or children? Don't buy cloth.
Dillard's has stood buy their products. Obviously they have only called salesmen. Ask for the district quality controller. I had purchased a Natuzzi Bicast that did not hold up. Dillard's stood behind their product and exchanged the couch because of the known defect.
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Returning Shoes
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MESA -- I purchased two pairs of shoes from Dillard's on 7-12-2008. One were a pair of Naturalizer's dress heels and the other a pair Born sandals. I wore the dress shoes to Church on 07-13-2008. I showed both pairs of my new shoes to my sisters later that week when it was brought to my attention that the top of one shoe on the bottom had a split. I too have a job and my weekends are usually filled. I took the shoes back to Dillard's on 08-02-2008 and explained what happened and asked for store credit.

The shoe department manager immediately became defensive and stated "We do not give refunds on used merchandise." I did not ask for a refund and also stated I would not be returning the shoes if the bottom wasn't damaged. She insisted Dillard's did not sell defected product and I should have looked at the shoes more carefully. I let her know that I didn't have a reason to expect the shoe to have the rubber on the bottom split the first and only time I wore them. This went back and forth for a few minutes when I realized I needed to speak with someone other than her and also realized I had the wrong receipt. I asked the girl(I did not know she was the manager at the time) if she could look up my receipt by my debit card.

She stated there was not a program set up in the computer to check for my receipt. I took my merchandise and told her I would be back. I went back to the store the next day 08-03-2008, and talked to a different manager. Again I explained what happen. She immediately took the same stance. Words were exchanged and I asked to speak to someone else. I told her I was prepared to talk to the Corporate office if necessary. She actually asked me " What is the real reason you want to return the shoes? "They don't fit?" I just asked for my money. I know longer wanted store credit. I let her know that I also work in service, and have done so for the last ten years. I also let her know that I am a Retired US Navy Veteran that served this Country for 20 years.The shoes cost $49.00 that Dillard's could write off at the end of the year, however I can't. I also let her know I am not prepared to take the loss. I pointed out the fact that I had on a pair of $17.00 shoes I have worn for three years and all of the rubber is still in tack.

I was finally given the money back on my debit card without the manager using the receipt or debit card. Seems there was a program in place to pull up my receipt. Imagine that!!! I wrote an in store complaint. The manager came over and apologized and this is the kicker, she found that the heels in the shoes were bent and agreed the shoes were defective. I have shopped at Dillard's when they were called Diamond's. I'm still heated and not sure if I will continue to be a customer. I do know I will not spend another dime in Dillard's at the Fiesta Mall in Mesa AZ.

The sub-category will not allow me to enter in Customer Service as more complaint.

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NickL11354 on 08/04/2008:
I believe this. These days stores are taking this tough stance on returns and want to make it like you are just one step above some type of criminal by wanting to return something

If the shoes were defective or fell apart after one wearing, that is not normal wear.

If you paid with a credit card, you can dispute the charge due to poor merchandise -- look at the back of your credit card statement. Also American Express has something called return protection.

Stores think they are protecting themselves by being strict on returns, but it is just the opposite. Look at the results coming from Target, Express, The Gap.
yoke on 08/04/2008:
Were you offered another pair of the same shoe or did you want your money back?
Anonymous on 08/04/2008:
Hey, my friend works at that location
Ponie on 08/04/2008:
'I also let her know that I am a Retired US Navy Veteran that served this Country for 20 years.' Although I agree you certainly received less than stellar treatment, what does that remark have to add to your reason for requesting a refund or exchange? I don't feel 'piling on' reinforces your complaint in any way. The facts as stated were enough.
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Ripped off by the Dillards Credit Card free interest promotion!!
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TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Went to Dillards in Tulsa, OK. Purchased furniture due to a one year free interest Dillards GE Credit Card. We have excellent credit. Score is high as can get. Got a letter from Dillards GE credit card second month saying payment was late. No problems like that with any other credit card since mailed the payment off 10 days before date due. Then in two more months got a bill from GE saying they never got that months payment. Charged late fees and 28% interest charges. Never late on any other credit cards. Never had a payment sent off that they didn't get. This is a scam to charge late fees and high interest charges. If you use Dillards GE credit card then you best go to the closest Dillards store to make your payments. We went ahead and had to take funds out of out saving account to pay off the furniture, because GE said once your late then they charge high interest rates until the balance is paid off. We paid it off at Muskogee, OK Dillards.
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trmn8r on 10/20/2012:
Most all these promotions work the same way as far as the fees, interest, etc once the bill isn't paid on time - that is standard across the board.

I'd like to believe the bank didn't "misplace" or "lose" payments on purpose. The question is why the bill was not paid in a timely manner. On a promotional deal like this, I would mail the payment a few weeks ahead of time to make sure it is paid on time - in fact, I would use electronic payments to be even safer.

How many days late was the first payment? In the second month, did they ultimately get the payment and it was again said to be late? I've never had a credit card payment go missing, but I have been using electronic transfers for many years now.

These promotional deals are only good if every single payment is made on time. When I did send checks, I verified each cycle that the payment had come out of my checking account.
clutzycook on 10/20/2012:
It could be the mail, I guess. Did you check to see when your checks were cashed? That's why I prefer to use the electronic bill pay. No chance of it getting lost in the mail.
CrazyRedHead on 10/21/2012:
You could go to there website and pay the bill online. Since the mail is very unpredictable I found paying online to be almost immediate and you have a confirmation number and a way to track said payment. With computers it makes paying bills much easier. I just don't like convenience fees, they don't sound very convenient to me.
SynchronyFinancial on 11/28/2012:
**To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 112812_my3cents_Moblyw**

I’m sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account. We would like to try to resolve your concerns.

Please email me at gecapitalcares@ge.com with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account
- Mailing address associated with the account
- Your contact phone number

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.


GE Capital
Jp001 on 02/15/2013:
Made 290.00 on a 25.00 minimum payment in feb. 40.00 on feb 6th and 250.00 on feb 7th payments are on time. But only 40.00 is calculated in my available balance. It is now the 15th of the month. My account balance was zeroed out after interest was added on the 11th and still at zero balance. I pay this amount to
use more than the 650 credit line per year to earn the 1500 points
for 10% off. Pmt was auto from my bank. I cannot use my card.
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Return Policy
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GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a bathing suit on July 2nd, and returned it on July 7th with the tags still on and never worn. I returned it because the bathing suits had gone on sale on July 5th for 40% off. I was told the policy was that I could not return it, and then rebuy it at the sale price because that was a price adjustment. I said there is no price adjustment. I am returning the suit, and then will purchase a suit.

This went on for perhaps 10 minutes with a supervisor being called in. The supervisor said the suit had to go on the floor for 24 hours in order to be repurchased. I looked at her and said so if another woman comes along in 5 minutes and wants to buy the suit you're going to tell her: "No, sorry, you have to wait 24 hour to buy this?"
I got the sale price.

After many years of shopping at Dillard's, may I tell you how very disgusted and annoyed I was with the treatment/and or policy of the store.

I waited a very long time to write this, three weeks, to see if I cooled down. I have, but am still quite annoyed at the lack of respect shown to a customer, whether a new one or one of many years standing.
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trmn8r on 07/20/2012:
It sounds to me like you wanted a price adjustment, not a new suit.

I've never been in this situation - I shop around, buy stuff and never look back.
Nohandle on 07/20/2012:
Some places of business will not allow a swimsuit or any undergarment to be returned for credit.
onlooker on 07/21/2012:
You decided to sleaze a discount. And crow / complain about it.

You bought it at full price, and decided you wanted to go back to get benefit of the sale price. Not a cool move, and actually you should not have gotten it.

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