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Dillard's Temple TX
By -

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- Initially, my mother went into Dillard's Temple TX to return a t-shirt that had been previously purchased for me, while I was shopping in another store. She met me in the parking lot and told me that the manager she spoke with had denied the return because it was beyond 90 days. She further stated how arrogant and rude that person had been towards her. She told me his demeanor was not commensurate with him having been a supervisor. She also said he did not have on a name tag when she spoke with him. I decided to go in myself and try to speak with someone about the return.

I spoke with a lady who told me that because the sale was older than 90 days that I needed to speak with her supervisor. The person that was the supervisor, ** (I believe **) came out and looked briefly at the item and told the lady "I already said no to that." He then decided to acknowledge me standing there and said "I'm not going to do it." I tried to ask him why he couldn't be more reasonable and he waved his arms at me and said "I said no, I've decided." He was in fact very sarcastic and arrogant.

I asked to speak to his superior and he said "there is no one above me." I questioned that there was no one above him and he told me I would have to speak with someone at corporate. He said "my name is ** go to" I asked him to write down his name and contact information for corporate. He then became very belligerent and said "I'm done arguing with you." He then walked off and had a police officer that was working security escort me to the door. I was basically treated like a criminal for trying to return a brand new item with the tags on it, a black pocket t-shirt.

I discovered later on that the subject ** was not the store manager but rather the assistant manager. I returned to the store 2 days later and spoke with ** the store manager. I complained about how arrogant her assistant had been. She had a very arrogant tone as well and kept saying "are you going to let me finish," while I was trying to carry on a conversation with her. Finally she said "I'll handle it." I tried to tell her more about how poorly I was treated as a customer and she raised her voice and said "I said I'd handle it," like she didn't want to hear anything else I had to say.

It was clear to me based on the way she was acting that she didn't really intend to do anything. I left the store and do not intend to shop at Dillards ever again. They're willing to try to humiliate and lose a customer of over twenty years over a 10 dollar return. I'll shop at JC Penney. At least they care about customer service and treat customers with dignity and respect.

I understand that stores have policies. I would not have asked to go above the assistant supervisor if he had not been so arrogant and disrespectful toward me. It wasn't about the return at the point I asked to speak with the assistant supervisor's superior, it was about respect for the customer. When I initially sought the return I believed that they might accept it for customer service reasons and not be so dogmatic about the policy.

Returning Shoes
By -

MESA -- I purchased two pairs of shoes from Dillard's on 7-12-2008. One were a pair of Naturalizer's dress heels and the other a pair Born sandals. I wore the dress shoes to Church on 07-13-2008. I showed both pairs of my new shoes to my sisters later that week when it was brought to my attention that the top of one shoe on the bottom had a split. I too have a job and my weekends are usually filled. I took the shoes back to Dillard's on 08-02-2008 and explained what happened and asked for store credit.

The shoe department manager immediately became defensive and stated "We do not give refunds on used merchandise." I did not ask for a refund and also stated I would not be returning the shoes if the bottom wasn't damaged. She insisted Dillard's did not sell defected product and I should have looked at the shoes more carefully. I let her know that I didn't have a reason to expect the shoe to have the rubber on the bottom split the first and only time I wore them. This went back and forth for a few minutes when I realized I needed to speak with someone other than her and also realized I had the wrong receipt.

I asked the girl (I did not know she was the manager at the time) if she could look up my receipt by my debit card. She stated there was not a program set up in the computer to check for my receipt. I took my merchandise and told her I would be back.

I went back to the store the next day 08-03-2008, and talked to a different manager. Again I explained what happen. She immediately took the same stance. Words were exchanged and I asked to speak to someone else. I told her I was prepared to talk to the Corporate office if necessary. She actually asked me "What is the real reason you want to return the shoes? They don't fit?"

I just asked for my money. I know longer wanted store credit. I let her know that I also work in service, and have done so for the last ten years. I also let her know that I am a Retired US Navy Veteran that served this Country for 20 years. The shoes cost $49.00 that Dillard's could write off at the end of the year, however I can't. I also let her know I am not prepared to take the loss. I pointed out the fact that I had on a pair of $17.00 shoes I have worn for three years and all of the rubber is still in tack.

I was finally given the money back on my debit card without the manager using the receipt or debit card. Seems there was a program in place to pull up my receipt. Imagine that!!! I wrote an in-store complaint. The manager came over and apologized and this is the kicker, she found that the heels in the shoes were bent and agreed the shoes were defective.

I have shopped at Dillard's when they were called Diamond's. I'm still heated and not sure if I will continue to be a customer. I do know I will not spend another dime in Dillard's at the Fiesta Mall in Mesa AZ. The sub-category will not allow me to enter in Customer Service as more complaint.

Rant of Dillard's
By -

THE VILLAGE, ARIZONA -- Let's get started! For about 7 months I was an employee at a Brand New Dillard's in Arizona, I'll say it was the one at the new outdoor mall / Village. I was originally hired for fragrances. My first manager surprisingly was barely able to walk and chew gum at the same time better yet manage 30-40 people. I thought it was weird that they would have 8-10 people work in one section of a department, i.e. one register. Supposedly I was to make $145 an hour in sales. We were lucky if we had 900 dollars in sales all day, split between everyone working from open till close.

People (mainly one lady who was a “pacesetter”) would bicker, fight and steal sales to be number 1 leading to a very tense work environment. They kept me in this area for 4 months even though I was consistently under my sales goal and had no chance of making it for a raise. But every morning at our “meeting” (i.e. propaganda BS) we were told to expect a BIG DAY and OPEN CREDIT APPS!!! That seemed to be even bigger than selling merchandise.

Every day they talked, like they were brainwashed, about how the customer needs the Dillard's card and to sign up at least one a week. Always ask if they'd like to redeem their reward points! You only have to spend $1000 dollars at Dillard's and you get a $10 off coupon on your next purchase if you use your Dillard's Card. Credit app this, credit app that, hell we even had to go to Credit College if you didn't open 1 a month to learn how to push these cards on people.

At 1 “Credit College” our manager said that we need to get them to sign up for the card any way possible. When asked by an employee “if you were a customer would you sign up for one”, his answer was “no way, the rates are way too high”. Hmmm… wasn't this the magical card that gets people to spend more at our store even when they don't have the money to pay for the merchandise. If it's so great why wouldn't you sign up (maybe a 19-27% rate depending on the card might have something to do with that).

Anyway, after Inventory (scanning and counting everything in the store) there was plenty of firings and layoffs for just about any small reason you can think of. A week or two later they started hiring more people back, and they were getting paid less than the people that opened the store. Easy to see what's happening here!

After inventory, I was told that I was being moved into another department because I wasn't hitting my sales goal even though I still had 2 months to my review. I started my first day in the new department and my training consisted of “F1, F1, and F1, We need you on markdowns.” I wasn't shown the layout, wasn't told about the merchandise I was selling, wasn't told about the history of the brand names, nothing. I've never done retail before and I'm supposed to sell some guy clothes and answer questions on it shrinking, what material it's made with, i.e. Also, now my sales goal jumped to $177 an hour. Great, that'll be easy. If I could actually sell first.

I worked mornings so the first 15 minutes we have our “Credit App speech and Show and Tell”, good thing we're all adults. Then a good hour of maybe 1 or 2 shoppers in the whole department while I have to open the register, recover the mess from the night before, back-stock and move/organize any new merchandise that was unloaded this morning and more.

Now at about Noon-1 o'clock, the second shift gets in, time to beat them to a sale! Then, the manager of Men's, who resembles a dorky meerkat with bad intentions, would give me a project. “Organize the stockroom, fold and hang all this merchandise, go upstairs and grab hangars or whatever”. Why? It's a little difficult to sell your overpriced no-named clothes when I'm in the backroom sweating and hanging up these ugly shirts. Why would a store order such a ridiculous amount of big, thick oversize jackets and ugly grandpa long sleeve shirts in Arizona anyway? Beats Me.

Either way, it was an easy job if you could find something to fold or something else to waste time, like figuring out what you got paid per hour/second/millisecond (it was worse than watching grass grow) until your lunch or closing time.

I was let go for a stupid reason that many other employees were getting away with scot-free, it's something that was done by most of the women working in ladies shoes, most of the women working in the women's department, and a few of the managers that I knew about. They would take and use merchandise for the day or even just keep the merchandise, basically skimming from the company. 2 women I knew would walk into work wearing their shoes and then put on a fresh pair of shoes from the stockroom of women's shoes (L & D).

I've also seen them buying 75% off shoes and switching them with a full-price pair of new shoes while keeping the old box (L&D again). The cosmetics manager would snatch up testers, samples and damaged (yeah, damaged) goods (R). There were affairs and hook-ups going on between managers/associates and even managers/managers (too many to name). Managers would talk behind your back, or give out non-sense schedules to make you want to quit so they don't risk paying unemployment.

Also, hiring new people at cheaper hourly rates rather than keeping the old employees. You know, the ones that unloaded the trucks, opened the store and ran their inventory for them. They worked/scheduled too many people in one area so that it's a fight to get a sale, making the whole day tense.

The few positions that do have commission have no chance of getting close to making any; they're always in the negative for commissions. When people do get close to hitting commission more than once, they hire more people to make getting sales harder and harder so they don't have to pay a commission bonus of $100-$300 a month. But don't think that's it. If you don't hit your SPH then you're treated as lazy and not a team-player. Basically treating you like an expendable idiot unless you bow and cater to their egos, and even then you're just buying time.

When I started there were about 35 people in cosmetics and 30-35 in Men's. Now there are about 15-17 in Cosmo and 10 in men's. If that's not a horrible turnover rate, I don't know what is. And it's roughly the same with the other departments.

I can say that I will never work in retail again, just because of this terrible experience of working in this horrible company. The only person there that had and still has my respect is the top General Manager of the store. He's a great guy that I think got caught up in a bad company and just has to wake up and smell the coffee. Anyway, this company is sinking faster than a brick in water and I can't wait to see it be bought out and finished. Hope this rant helps you to pick any other place to work besides Dillard's. I will never go there for anything again and I tell everyone I know not shop at a store that doesn't care for its employees or even their customers.

Very Rude Customer Service Employees
By -

BEACHWOOD, OHIO -- I was visiting a family member in Cleveland, Ohio. We went to Dillard's dept. store to purchase a dress for the event that we were attending that evening. There was this customer service employee by the name of Kay that was being of service to us. My cousin wanted to try on a beautiful dress and the lady had no problem at first until she noticed that there were four others that was with us. Two of which were her daughter, my daughter and my niece. She alerted security for no apparent reason (I did not notice security until my cousin had mentioned that he was following us).

At any rate, she was very rude and arrogant wanting to know what happened to the dress that my cousin had tried on. Now I did not know that prior to her asking about the dress, my cousin did not like the way she was acting so she politely took the dress to the shoe dept. so she can find the perfect shoes to match and to no longer have to deal with the rude employee. I had asked the rude employee to hold a dress for me and she kindly did.

When I arrived back to her station to purchase the dress she asked me where was the other dress and I didn't know what she was talking about until she mentioned my cousin. I politely told her that I was here to purchase the dress that I asked her to hold for me and she had this real nasty attitude (with a smile on her face) and to this day I still don't understand why she was so rude to me. I had noticed that the dress was a little wrinkled and I asked her if she could steam the wrinkles out. Sure enough with a lot of attitude she told me that it would be wasting her time because the dress was polyester and the wrinkles would still be in the dress.

I also noticed that the belt that came with the dress was cracked and I asked if I could get a discount and she (once again with attitude) told me that they would not give me the discount and if I wanted the dress or not! I eventually got 10% off of the already marked down dress. I really could not believe this lady was being terribly rude to me in front of my daughter and my niece. I asked if there was anyone else that would help me with the dress so she stormed off and said "I am not going to stand here and deal with this". I am stunned at how this woman was acting.

I asked the other employee that came to help with the sale what her problem was and the much kinder sales clerk said that the woman was always like that and that a lot of the other employees did not like her. The store manager came over to me and my family and asked us "Which one of you ladies used profanity" at his employee and we all were shocked that the woman went back and made up these ridiculous lies that she say we said to her. The manager was very rude and told us that they did not need our kind in his store and for us to please leave. Our kind... That was a racist remark he made and security escorted us out of the store.

My first time in this store and this is the treatment I get. I am not going to stand for anyone being rude like that in front of me or my children. I will never go to any other Dillard's dept. store again. The security guard told us that it was a crime to use profanity and told him that it was a crime to act racist. Dillard's will never have to worry about me coming in their store again.

Online Order
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Never order anything from this store. If they have a discount, the item will be non-refundable. They charge you for shipping and if you return you have to pay the shipping. Do not judge the clothes by description. The material on all three items I ordered was very poor. I will never never order from this store again.

Do not buy furniture at Dillards
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Rating: 1/51

PLANO, TEXAS -- I bought at Bernhardt sectional sofa at Dillard's in Plano, Texas the week at Christmas in 2012. By the first week in January the chenille type fabric was disintegrating. I called the store. No One called me back. I have been given the runaround by the company. I am at my wits end and have a big piece of junk in my living room. Upon looking at other consumer websites, I see that I made a giant mistake. I guess I am disappointing in Dillard's as I always thought that I could trust them but $1300 later I realize that they do not stand by their products.

Terrible Company to Work For
By -

I worked for Dillard's as a pacesetter for 10 years and then left to accept a position elsewhere. After 5 years I went back to work at Dillard's and was shocked at Dillard's management style and how they treat their employees. There was little or no training - I was simply thrown on the sales floor. They over hire sales associates in all departments to prevent associates from selling their "required quotas" enabling them to cut the employees hourly wage as they are rarely able to maintain their quota.

Regardless of how aggressive I was on the sales floor I received 2 pay cuts (making barely above minimum wage) and was finally let go for not meeting my required quota. My "reviews" were random and I wasn't given the full designated length of time to improve my performance on the sales floor between review periods. During my review I was told that the associates would be rotated within the department to even out the sales as some areas were busier than others but that never happened. There was always a lot of tension on the floor as sales associates struggle/stress over making their quotas so as to not get a pay cut.

Associates in "special" departments such as the women's coach handbag department were given free rein over the area and were allowed to bully other associates and intercept sales in the department. Numerous complaints to the store management were met with deaf ears. I was told by the marketing manager at Northpark not to bother her or the store manager with issues within the department - they simply didn't have time or care - they had better things to do.

Dillard's forces their employees to quit or "terminates them for not making their quotas" so they won't have to pay unemployment which is very underhanded. If you must find retail work during this terrible economy go anywhere but Dillard's. I still plan to file unemployment as they set me up to fail.

Return Policy
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Rating: 5/51

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I purchased a bathing suit on July 2nd, and returned it on July 7th with the tags still on and never worn. I returned it because the bathing suits had gone on sale on July 5th for 40% off. I was told the policy was that I could not return it, and then rebuy it at the sale price because that was a price adjustment. I said "There is no price adjustment. I am returning the suit, and then will purchase a suit."

This went on for perhaps 10 minutes with a supervisor being called in. The supervisor said the suit had to go on the floor for 24 hours in order to be repurchased. I looked at her and said "So if another woman comes along in 5 minutes and wants to buy the suit you're going to tell her: 'No, sorry, you have to wait 24 hour to buy this'?" I got the sale price.

After many years of shopping at Dillard's, may I tell you how very disgusted and annoyed I was with the treatment/and or policy of the store. I waited a very long time to write this, three weeks, to see if I cooled down. I have but am still quite annoyed at the lack of respect shown to a customer, whether a new one or one of many years standing.

Hustled as if I were buying a used car
By -

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- Needing a new suit after some years, I chose Dillard's because of a previous good experience some years ago. This time the salesman smelled of tobacco smoke, ignored my input as to style/color, offered me one suit, which was very nice, and avoided any attempt as to where on the racks my size would be. In the fitting room he made the appropriate markings for alterations and left, telling me to meet him at the checkout counter. Alterations would take at least a week.

After the financial transaction was complete, I told him I was looking for accessories to match the suit, and he told me to go to the shirt department and he would meet me there. A saleswoman said that Dillard's was offering a free dress shirt with every suit purchase, but she had another customer to take care of. My original salesman was already waiting on another customer at the time. After waiting some 20 minutes alone, we left.

When returning to pick up my suit, no employees were found in the Men's department. After looking around for 5 minutes or so, an employee arrived, reeking of cigarette smoke. He found my altered suit, but did not offer for me to try it on there, to see if it fit appropriately. At the cashier's counter he began to cover it with plastic, but I held him off. The suit jacket was wrinkled with the chalk lines still on the jacket. He went to press it up and returned some 10 minutes later, and gave me the suit, not even thanking me.

When I tried it on the next day, I found the sleeves about an inch too long. Nothing to do but wear the suit at the conference in which I was scheduled to speak. Nobody ever got to notice me cuff-links because the suit jacket cuffs reached the thumb of each hand.

I have yet to return to Dillard's to rectify this issue only because I'm waiting for my Rx of Valium to arrive. I DREAD returning, but not only will I never return to Dillard's after my problem is taken care of, but I promise to share this experience with everyone I get a chance to speak with regarding my experience. I have never been so poorly treated in of 50 years of buying clothing.

Last time at a Dillard's, EVER
By -

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- Today, Saturday 07.11.09, I experienced extremely poor resolution for a transaction that resulted in lost revenue and consumer confidence for Dillard's. At your Arrowhead Mall, Glendale, AZ location, I attempted to purchase a set of Oneida flatware regularly priced $149 with 33% off. Sale price around $99. I had great service with Monica. She escorted me to the register, asked me to slide my credit card. It didn't take and so she asked me for it and slid it at the register itself. Then the final sale price presented for me to sign on the electronic data capture screen was a whopping $164. I declined to sign and asked that the transaction be voided. She said she couldn't do that.

She called over a young man who didn't introduce himself and had no name tag. He explained I would have to sign for the wrong price. I declined to do that. I asked him to please void it. He said he couldn't. He called someone who apparently told him to tell me they would give me a store credit for the difference of the incorrect price and what I was supposed to pay at the sale price. Again, I declined to do that. Why would anyone sign their name to a charge they do not want to accept??

This young man was arrogant with no apologies unlike Monica who was very sorry for the whole thing. I left, not signing... AND with an authorization on my card which the young would not lift for me with a simple phone call to American Express authorizations. I now have to wait 30 days for it to drop. So having shopped Dillard's for years in Texas... and just a few times now that I live in AZ... I can assure you, I won't enter this location EVER again.

I urge you to educate your personnel on how to void a charge transaction, lift authorizations AND most importantly, remember the quality of the customer experience directly impacts YOUR bottom line and your employee's jobs. An apology from the rude young man would be appropriate however, it is unlikely that will happen. With regrets for shopping with you today.

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