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UPDATE: Customer Service and Lack of Reponse
Posted by Murwoman on 06/16/2006
VISTA, CALIFORNIA -- I had completely forgotten about my post on this site until another issue brought me here again. I wanted to update everyone on my experience with Dimension One. When I had given up all hope, I was contacted by their Corporate Office. Long story short, they replaced my spa - free of charge - and I haven't had a problem with the new one since I received it, almost 2 years ago.

My original post:
One year ago, we purchased a Dimension One hot tub. The Sojourn from the @Home Hot Tub line. During the one year that we have owned this tub, we have experienced a myriad of problems.

Dimension One refers you to the local dealer, from whom the tub was purchased and we have had him make several service calls to repair the tub but at this stage, we feel like we purchased a lemon and want to exchange the tub for a new one. The warranty states that, if the tub is found to be defective Dimension One will replace the tub, however the local dealer wanted to tack on an additional $2500 in costs - the difference in price for what the tub was one year ago, as compared to this year.

I faxed a letter to Dimension One on Monday 6/12/06 to the owners, Linda & Bob Hallam and have not gotten any sort of response. Even a message to let me know they were researching the issue would have been nice. The whole experience has been very frustrating and I incorrectly assumed that by escalating the problem to the top I would get some resolution. Given that 5 days have now passed and I haven't even received a phone call, I'm not optimistic!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-16:
Faxes get lost or misplaced. Call them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-16:
http://www.sandiego.bbb.org/search.html it looks like they work to resolve complaints, however beware there are scams in the san diego are regarding spas. I would try a bbb complaint and see if you can remedy through that route. Good luck, keep the board posted.
Posted by buystop on 2006-07-25:
File a complaint to the BBB. What model year did you purchase and for how much? $2500 for the next year model sounds like a complete snow job to me.
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