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Direct Air pulls the plug on our flight
Posted by Disappointed dan on 09/28/2009
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- How does an airline pull the plug on flights and not do anything to help the consumer? Direct Air has cancelled flights from Plattsburgh NY to Punta Gorda Florida. No assistance in re-booking, no help from the staff and a general brush off when they realize that the customer wil have to pay 3-4 times the price of their special 50% discounted tickets. My advice is if you are considering using them, DON'T!
To me this is a typical Bait & Switch. if it is too good ot be true...well you know the rest!
Shame on you Direct Air!!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Ok...So tell the whole story. You got a cheap fare, your flight was canceled for what reason?
Posted by disappointed dan on 2009-09-29:
No argument about the price. Yes it was cheap. But that doesn't justify a flight cancellation, especially when no reason is given and no alternatives proposed.
As a seasoned traveller I can accept flight cancellations. I acccept that companies have logistical difficulties or perhaps even financial difficulties. Part of the cost of doing business(if you will). However, I take exception to anyone who knows they have a problem and offers no options or solutions and barracades themselves behind a smoke screen. Sad really!
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-29:
This is one of the biggest problems when you book with a low cost carrier or a charter airline. Unlike majors like American and Delta, cheap airlines often have no relationship with other carriers so if something goes wrong or they suspend service to a destination you have little hope of anything more than a refund.
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Direct Air will not refund my money after they cancelled my flight
Posted by Ripped off and _issed off on 08/28/2009
Please save yourself from being rippped off. Direct Air has cancelled my flight, and only left a voice message on my home machine. No email, not letter, only one short message. I had to try day after day to get someone to answer the phone. Who has several hours to wait on hold? The women I got on the phone told me that I should be concerned about getting a refund. This has been very expensive already, I have had to rebook my flights at three times the price paid with Direct Air. Has anyone else experienced these issues with Direct Air? I plan on filling a complaint with the Attorney General.
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Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-28:
You'll have to come back and tell us what the Attorney General says.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-28:
I've never heard of Direct Air. Where is Plattsburgh?
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-28:
Direct Air is a fairly new startup carrier. They recently had a customer relations fiasco when they cancelled a route without warning, here is that review:

I suggest disputing the charge from Direct Air with your credit card company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-28:
A message was left at your home and your upset cuz they didn't email you and send a letter? Most people are upset when they email and don't call. Just can't win for losing.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-08-28:
I think what he is really upset about is the closeness of the cancellation to the trip date and that he has to pay three times more for a ticket on another airline.
Posted by Hammer1 on 2010-01-20:
I am currently experiencing the same dilemma. They canceled our flights from Niagara Falls seven weeks ago and I am still haggling for a refund. Major pain in the butt. Never again!!!!
Posted by GMA on 2011-11-03:
Add one more to the list of complaints. They JUST cancelled our reservations for EIGHTEEN family members who were booked on a flight from Illinois to Florida for the Christmas holidays. Booking on another flight at this point will cost over $16,000! They had better get a refund to us...and pretty darned FAST. Never again...Direct Air is not a reliable carrier.
Posted by Ihatedirectair on 2011-11-11:
They just cancelled our flight today that we booked June 16th 2011 for a December 3rd 2011 flight- and say they will refund my credit card, but it took hours on the phone to try to work it out, so we ended up booking on another airline for $300 more. We had awful experiance booking the flights- as we tried to avoid the service fee by buying at the airport, then when we got there they said that fee is still charged if the tickets were discounted and said it said that on the website in fineprint. Well 2 hours later after going thru all the fine print on every page- nowhere does it say that the fees are still charged during a sale. Then 3 weeks ago they changed the return flight to 4 hours earlier- which I was discouraged to get 2 small kids to the airport early morning, and now to cancel the outbound flight for no reason 3 weeks in advance and offer ridiculous change to flight on off days and tell me one flight was sold out. GR! I will never book this useless company again.
Posted by Wayne on 2012-01-14:
Never use Direct Air especially the family pass, have spent days and hours on the phone trying to get hold of someone...always overloaded and if you do get put on hold, good luck...gave up after 2 hours waiting...several times...NEVER AGAIN DIRECT AIR
Posted by PatsyO on 2012-03-14:
I bought vouchers because I have a terminally ill mother in NY. I live in SC and try to get up to be with her every two or three weeks. I'm 73 myself. I am out $885. They solicited me for their "Way2Go" membership just hours before they shut down shop, knowing full well they would not be providing the service.
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Failure to Follow Through With Promotion
Posted by Lindatuckerman on 03/07/2012
FLYING OUT OF WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have been trying since December to confirm 5 flights that have already been paid for. The family ties promotion offered purchase of air fare tickets then, destinations and dates to be confirmed when we wanted to make them.

There has been no contact available by phone; a machine picks up and says to call back later; no option to hold on.

I tried again today and message said to hold on; which I did for 82 minutes before a live agent came on. The flights I wanted in April were
not available; nothing is available in April. I asked for a refund. They do not refund. I asked if they would put on another flight to accommodate all those they overbooked and she said no, it is not their fault if there are no flights left. I asked her name. No answer. I asked to speak with a manager. She hung up on me. Now, I ask you: Is this any way to run a business? Is there no recourse?
F. Y.I. THEY ARE OFFERING A NEW PROMOTION NOW: WAY 2 GO.........I would not trust this to work either.
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Poor to No Customer Service
Posted by Ssmallory on 02/22/2012
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Beware! of Direct Air! While I don't usually dis on a company, this firm has got some customer service problems to work through. I can't change a reservation on-line or over the phone within the last 24 hrs. In case you don't believe me, just try to reach them on their 877 or even at their corporate office numbers. All I get is a recording that all circuits are busy, or another one that says we're busy and please call back later. So, I'm left with a bill and no way resolve a problem.

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Posted by ticia232 on 2012-02-23:
I say keep trying. It seems like their network went down. It happens to every company once in a while.
When the online network goes down people are calling constantly, some like you who want to cancel, others are trying to make flights. The amount of calls then overloads the phone lines, causing you to get the message that you got.
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Beware Of Travel On Direct Air!
Posted by Gcdomoracki51 on 01/05/2012
PUNTA GORDA, FLORIDA -- We have used this airline because we have a large family and the prices are inexpensive. Every flight has been delayed an average of at least 6 hours. Almost every flight has been a mechanical problem and there are no back up planes when that happens. The staff at the airport are absolutely clueless and rude. They have only 2 or 3 checking people in for 2 flights leaving at the same time. Often times there is a 200 people backup in line. If you have plans on the day of travel do not expect to get there on time. Plan on spenfing $50 at the small pathetic snack bar. Expect there to be no communication from the airline staff. Expect Mayhem when the flight takes off and there are not enough seats. Handicapped people and children are not getting on first. It may be cheap but It is not worth the headache!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-06:
Sometimes the bargain rate isn't worth the lower quality service. You can make an official complaint at http://airconsumer.dot.gov/problems.htm However, it's probably easier to spend a little more for a slightly better quality airline.
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Direct Air Great Customer Service
Posted by Drlavigne55 on 12/10/2011
NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK -- My husband and I booked flights to Lakeland Florida in October 2011 and a Direct Air Customer Service Rep called to inform me the flight had been overbooked but had booked us thru an nearby airport (Buffalo, NY) for an alternative flight. The flight was the same day and still non stop. It was now with Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines then called to give me further confirmations. Then Direct Air called me again to tell me that my husband and I were being given two non-stop return flights for FREE to be used anytime in the next 12 months for all our inconvenience and gave me a conf# to use. So contrary to complaints against this airline, I say bravo to Direct Air!!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-12:
When a company does something right, I'm always happy to see it!
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Direct Air Friends And Family Ties
Posted by Matacale12 on 12/06/2011
Great price! great convenience.

The premise: Opportunity to purchase discounted air tickets on line for nonstop flights through Direct Air. Tickets are transferrable and usable for 1 year! Great!

The problem: You must book the actual reservation for the flight you want via phone. Online is only to purchase the open-ended ticket[s]. Once you have a confirmation#, you MUST book by telephone.

THE SCAM: No one ever answers the phone. I have many siblings and myself [10 of us with spouses and children too] who bought Friends and Family Ties tickets. To date, we have countless tickets that have either expired or our opportunity to travel when and where we wanted has passed because DIRECT AIR DID NOT EVER ANSWER THE PHONE!

An automated message says all reps are busy, try the call later.

I have made 203 calls and have never reached a human to book, plus 1 call, I did reach a human, and I was told that the flight I needed was sold out for F&F but that I could purchase the flight at regular price. Cancellations must also be done by phone. My sister had a heart attack and tried to cancel her flight... again, no one answered the phone and she could not cancel, so she lost her ticket. More MORE MORE horror stories like this. They have our money, but we have NO WAY to redeem what we paid for!

I still have a couple of months left on 7 tickets, and have no recourse except to try to be lucky enough to get a DIRECT AIR REPRESENTATIVE ON THE PHONE.

So FAT LOTTA LUCK actually getting what you paid for.

My family and I have been scammed more than once. We bought the tickets within a few days of each other, purchasing multiple tickets, but never again! We learned the hard way!

We can't go to the airport, as we live 120 miles from there. My sister has tried to go the airport in Mytrle Beach, but they are only there when a flight is arriving or departing. OTherwise, they are closed.



If this has happened to you, please contact me. I am learning how to start a class action suit.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-07:
You may wish to file official complaints at: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
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Flights for Spring Break Cancelled 2 months ago - we were not notified!
Posted by Goaliegirls3021 on 12/04/2011
NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK -- We booked an extended family vacation with Cruise to San Juan for Spring Break. We heard from a friend - who heard from a friend, that Direct Air hand cancelled some flights out of Niagara FAlls. Upon calling Direct Air myself, I found out that in fact our flight had been cancelled, 2 months prior! When asked why I hadn't been contacted, or a refund hadn't been issued, they said they were working their way through a big list, and calls were being made based on when we booked. We booked 7 months ago!
We have now re-booked using a major airlines and paid over $1100 more than our original cost as we are getting too close to our travel period, and all the Direct Air cancelled flights to San Juan, Barbados and a Florida destination that's gone, are scrambling to leave the same weekend!@
Thanks a lot Direct Air.
Great Customer service! NOT!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-04:
The way thing are in the airline ticket business these days, your complaint is a good reminder to everyone to intermittently check on their reservations. A lot of cancellations are taking place as airlines fight to be profitable and fly full planes.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2011-12-05:
Direct Air is a charter flight. All charter flights risk being cancelled if not enough people sign up, or there are problems with planes, etc. The problem is compounded by buying through a third party, Cruise.com, since Direct Air might not even have your contact information.
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Do Not Do Business With This Airline
Posted by Erniehyde18 on 10/16/2011
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- We bought 2 Family Ties vouchers in April this year and a week ago, I went online to reserve flights in January, 2012. I followed up with an email asking how long it would be before I heard whether we had the flights requested. I have heard from neither the reservation request nor the email. My next move is to sue them under Massachusetts General Law 93A for unfair and deceptive practices. Fortunately, I am a lawyer who can do it. If this has happened to you and you have lost money as a result, contact a Massachusetts lawyer who deals in consumer protection if you are in Massachusetts and want to sue them as well.
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Circuits Busy - No response from efforts to contact through Web Site
Posted by Dsconrad919 on 09/13/2011
We pre-purchased two of the family ties vouchers (the special ended 9/11/11)from Direct Air. Ticket reservations opened 9/12 for the family vouchers. We went on the web site at 12:01 A.M. and submitted a round trip reservation request for a Punta Gorda departure in December with a return from Kalamazoo, MI. We are suppose to receive an e-mail letting us know if the flight reservation has been accepted. It has been 48 hours and no response. We have tried to call Direct Air numerous times and "all circuits are busy". We have sent e'mail contacts through the web site and no response. Our next move if we do not hear from this company in the next 24 hours is to cancel the charges. This whole situation leaves me wondering how this company does business. They obviously are understaffed and are totally lacking in customer service. I do not recommend doing business with this airlines.
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Posted by BEJ on 2011-09-13:
Perhaps they have been overwhelmed by the number of responses. If it is a really great deal you might want to give them more time to respond if that fits in with your time schedule.
Posted by no response on 2011-11-20:
They do NOT respond to emails! DO NOT USE THEM!
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