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Misleading Phone Call and Then Recording Call Without Consent
Posted by TSPJR on 07/11/2013
UNKNOWN, ILLINOIS -- Rico called and said he was from Ameren. When I took the call, found out he was with Direct Energy, not Ameren. I informed Rico that I get these sales calls every couple of weeks, and I've repeatedly asked them to stop calling, make notes in their system to stop calling, and to put me on the do not call list. I then asked to speak with his supervisor. After a lengthy wait, Lyndsy came on the line.

As I was explaining to her how Rico had mislead us in believing he was with Ameren, she said she would listen to the tape to see what was said. I then asked her if all of the calls were recorded and she said yes. I informed her that I was not informed this call was being recorded, that I did not give my permission to record this call, and they should contact their general counsel to look up Illinois law about recording phone calls without permission. She then asked if I gave permission to record my call only for the portion of my asking to be removed from their records and to put me on the do not call list. I agreed only for that short amount.

If this company had good service, they wouldn't be using false and misleading methods when they call.
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Waited 20 Minutes for Rep, Was Rude and Non-Compliant
Posted by Patn1941 on 06/03/2013
When signed for service was promised 50.00 reward. Never received. When I called took 20 minutes for them to answer. Said he would send out in 6-8 weeks. Told him about long wait. he replied " You are no the only customer" Was cold and condescending. Will probably not stay with this supplier.
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Posted by Maria on 2013-06-26:
My experience with Direct Energy Call Centre is very very bad. Call Centre reps do not put in notes in the system. Everytime I calll they say there is no appointment until after 4 days. Pay for a plan to cover repairs and you get absolutely no service from Direct Energy, only waste your time. Wait is very very long very frustrating...it is a rip off
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Not Looking Back - Unless I Want to Go Broke!
Posted by Reganv92644 on 11/28/2011
ABILENE, TEXAS -- We have been with Direct Energy for 2 years - it was here when we moved in, and we just never thought to switch. We pay all of our bills on time, and they're still sometimes EXTREMELY high (anywhere from $120-$550)- but we have an old house with large windows, and so we just figure we have to do the best we can (bundling up in the winter) and bite the bullet for the rest. But recently, we received a bill for $1100 in November, saying it was for June through September.

When I called them, they stated that their technician had not come out to read our meter in those 3 months, and so we were being billed incorrectly. I fail to understand why 1) we have to pay for THEIR lack of work and 2) they could add THREE TIMES as much payment to our bill for those months, and the next bill a mild $120 (if they adjusted our meter, shouldn't we still be being charged an outrageous amount like we were back-billed for?) It's a load of you-know-what to me. I am so mad. I filed a complaint and it is being investigated now.

I'm just hoping we don't have to pay it, we can't afford to throw away that kind of money. Hoping we can find a new energy company that will treat us better. Any recommendations will be welcome.
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Posted by fast327 on 2011-11-29:
A suggestion: Start a daily reading of your meter and document it every day. It only takes minutes and gives you substantial evidence of what your actual usage is. It will give you arguing ammunition and also help you to spot trends of high usage.
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Rip off
Posted by Serious customer on 02/14/2011
DALLAS, TEXAS -- We own couple of businesses in Dallas and all the bills we received had been showing a past due balance on it eventhough we have been sending checks. we kept thinking may be they generated the bill after they got the checks. This keeps happening for over four months. Finally we contacted them and they kept giving me excuses that it is not showing on the accounts and told me to check with the banks. After about ten minutes of arguing the agent on the phone tells me that she sees the particular amounts and the check numbers but it got misplaced and it has never been applied to the specific accounts. I still have about one year on the contract with the direct energy but after that I am changing to some other company who is more trustworthy.
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Avoid Direct Energy
Posted by Sal817 on 09/30/2010
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Avoid Direct Energy at all costs. The electricity market in Texas, since deregulation, is bad, but there is no need to compound it by choosing Direct Energy. They have many small fees and charges that you are unaware of till they are assessed, but they also charge interest on any overdue amounts. And receiving a disconnection notice for a $70 bill that was only 10 days late is a little overkill. There are a lot of electricity providers in Texas and you should always choose carefully. Eliminating Direct Energy from your list of electricity providers will help you narrow down your choices.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-09-30:
Few people realize it but your electric provider does not change. It has been the same since your house was hooked up. The only thing you are choosing is who bills you for it. It is a new layer of business that deregulation allowed. And you (we, and all of us) are paying the price. Granted, Texas seems to be the worst.
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Direct Energy has the worst customer service
Posted by Melissa9687 on 08/03/2010
I called Direct Energy this morning to discuss my hot water tank rental and spoke to Andrew. Rude and condescending sums it up in 2 words, if you're short on time.

First, I asked if my tank was an older unit, as I was having some issues. I was informed in a curt voice that my tank was "only" 7 years old. I asked how old a tank has to be before replacement. Andrew said 16 years. And "anyone who told you they start to go downhill after 10 years is lying and doesn't know what they're talking about." Um, ok.

Next, I said my hot water tank runs out of hot water after 2 showers, and I have to run the tap for about 3 minutes until the water is warm enough for showering. He suggested a service call.

I asked about a service call after work, and Andrew stated that there were no weekday evening appointments available. He said that my situation was "low priority" to Direct Energy, and as such, he was unable to fill my request. Um, fine. (FYI - I never did get an appointment, as he's booked for the whole month. I said I'd talk to some family and see if I could get someone to come to my house in the daytime. Way to make me feel like a valued customer.)

Next I asked Andrew about the buyout option for my tank. Actually, I asked twice, because the first time he danced around the question and wouldn't tell me the price. He generally discouraged this. No doubt. They'd be losing money big time, if my tank is really expected to hold out for 16 years.

Direct Energy, I'm not impressed. Andrew, I bet you're making your quota every month, and are on the honour roll. Way to go. You managed to save your company money and in turn justify your job. In the end, isn't that all you care about?
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-08-03:
I have never heard of people renting their hot water heater from the energy company; BGE used to sell appliances but I don't think they rented anything.

Can you just go to Lowe's and buy your own and have them come pick theirs up?
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Don't Deal With Direct Energy
Posted by Bam4224 on 07/25/2010
TEXAS -- Direct Energy is a complete rip-off. I was charged over $70 on my first bill which was for 9 days. They gave me a bill stating I used over 500kw of energy during that time; however, I had no appliances other than a refrigerator (no TV, microwave, etc.), neither did I leave lights on or made extensive use of a/c or heating. I don't even have kids or anyone that lived with me. When I inquired about the charges, they said they would send someone out to check the meter at "my" cost. They checked it, and of course said that there was no error on their part. For the remaining 5 months on my lease, I averaged half of the initial usage, and my bills were about $30 a month. No more than $40. No way I could have had that amount of energy consumption in 9 days if I wasn't using it in 30 days. Also, Upon disconnecting my service, I requested my deposit to be mailed to a separate address since I decided to move. I was told the information was updated, and that my payment would be received within 4-6 weeks. I called multiple times to verify this information was accurate. I was told everything was taken care of. However, I checked online and the address was incorrect. I called and they corrected the problem, but after I didn't receive the payment for some time, I called again. This time I was told that my payment was mailed to the wrong address (my old address, even though I updated my information), and that I would have to wait an additional 4-6 weeks for them to mail my payment again. I told them that the period of time was unacceptable, and asked that they mail it overnight. I was then allowed to speak with a supervisor, who stated that the payment was made to the correct address (the first employee I spoke with gave me a different story), and that there must have been an error with the mail system. I asked the supervisor if my payment could be mailed overnight even if at "my" expense, but she continued to tell me to wait 4-6 weeks. I asked to speak to someone else, but she came back to the phone only to tell me to leave a message on someones machine. By this time, I was through asking for "my" money (I was calm and professional the whole time). I got real firm with them. (I let them know I was serious without speaking loud and outrageous). My payment was then mailed overnight. My advice... be firm, and seek legal action if you have to. IN YOUR FACE DIRECT ENERGY!!! lol
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Posted by Alain on 2010-07-26:
To avoid rewriting a lot, see http://www.my3cents/showReview.cgi?id=78873, "Direct Energy is a total RIPOFF!!!-Electricity".
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Ldl1985 on 06/29/2010
You get what you pay for! poor customer service - inefficient - even when they admitted they made the error they did nothing to make amends or work to keep my business.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-06-29:
What happened? Details, please. As it stands you have not said anything to support your complaint.
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Direct Energy is a total RIPOFF!!!
Posted by Nikki02 on 05/21/2010
Direct Energy is a Ripoff they try to get as much money out of you as they can. Me and my husband had been using them for 6 months and the first 2 months our bill was a little over 200, the 3rd month it went to 298, the 4th month it was 364 then the 5th month it jumped to 502. We told them to come check the meter they said it was working properly and they had an actual reading. So the last month we used them our bill jumped to 634.97 and we were not even home during the day. I called customer service they said there was nothing they could do and were not willing to work with me and then asked so when are you going to be able to pay your bill. I just laughed. So we changed our light company right after that and our first bill was 68 dollars and some change which it was only for 22 days but it would have still been less than 100 for one month.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-05-22:
Direct Energy is owned by a large British energy company, Centrica. They have been investigated and fined for (among other things) ethics problems in the past. You may want to contact the Texas Attorney Generals Office (Consumer Protection) at 800-621-0508 (out of state), 512-463-2185 (Austin), 214-969-5310 (Dallas), 915-834-5800 (El Paso), 806-747-5283 (Lubbock), 956-682-4547 (McAllen), or 210-225-4191 (San Antonio)to complain. They very well may have a file on these folks.
Posted by Alain on 2010-05-22:
You can contact the Texas Attorney Generals office (consumer protection) about this via oag.state.tx/consumer/index.shtml or call 713-223-5886 (Houston Regional Office).
Posted by Alain on 2010-05-22:
Posted this in the wrong place, but still applicable.
Posted by sjfaris on 2013-08-22:
They are offering customers low rates to start and then put you on a variable rate. They claim ypu could change to a fixed rate.However, they fixed rate is higher than National grid.
My advise would be to avoid this company. You are correct they want to see how much pain you will take. Glad you noted this practice.

Steve faris
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They Really Don't Care About The Consumer
Posted by You Too on 03/25/2010
I had a light bill from direct energy for $200 due on 3/22. I'm a student & not working right now. I paid Direct Energy $180 on Monday 3/22 and kept $20 to get some gas for the week. Well yesterday they turned off my lights for $20!!WOW $20 has caused me to be in the dark I waited all day yesterday for them to turn the lights on and now it's 48hours later,& I have been a loyal customer for 5 years! Customer service isn't any help and the manager hung up on me because I'm upset and yelling after she said it can take up to 3days to turn my lights back on. Of course I'm upset I DON'T HAVE ANY LIGHTS & it's because I have a past due of $20 freaking dollars.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-25:
How far behind were you on your payments for them to turn your electricity off? Most electric companies... it takes about 2 or 3 months worth of missed payments before they turn the electric off.
Regardless of how much you paid... it wasn't full amount. You must pay your full amount on or before the date it's due... otherwise it's late.
Posted by momsey on 2010-03-25:
I really find it hard to believe that an electric company would shut off electricity in 3 days for a payment that was made on time but was $20 short. Do you owe more than that and/or do you have a history of being behind on payments?
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-03-25:
Did you call them BEFORE you decided not to pay the full bill? Maybe they would have been able to help you instead of shutting your lights off. It's best not to assume that they are going to know you needed money for other things. If you are not able to pay the full bill, they at least deserve an explanation.
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