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A Bad Shopping Experience
By -

I wish I had read reviews on Direct Shopping Network (DSN) before I called to order a ring they offered one evening (DirecTV channel 224). I really should have known better! The first call, the phone rep (sounding breathlessly busy) asked for my customer number. I said "I don't have a customer number." She said "Then you have to hold." Put me on hold, then came back on the line and said "What size do you need?" I said "They show on TV it only comes in size 7." She said again "You have to hold." I held for about a minute then was disconnected.

I called back, got a different rep, placed my order and was told my ring would be received in 15 days. I asked for e-mail confirmation of my order, which the rep readily agreed to do. Three days later,when I had received no confirming e-mail, I emailed the cust service address to request such. No reply. Remailed twice more over the next 4 days. No reply. Called the order telephone number & was told that they are not able to send email at all & that they have "nothing to do with the DSN website except we are the same company."

Since it had now been over a week since I ordered, I asked if my ring had shipped yet. The phone rep now says it takes 15-20 days to receive my order. I wait. Twenty days later, no ring.... I call back. No, the ring hasn't shipped yet & now it will take 15-20 BUSINESS days plus USPS delivery time. So I waited another 4 days & called back. This time (halellujah) they tell me the ring has shipped & gave me a USPS tracking number. I went to USPS online tracking & found that my ring was delivered somewhere in North Carolina! (I live in Washington State).

So, I call back.....after being on hold for 10 minutes, a different operator tells me "so sorry - our error" & that a replacement ring will be sent out the next day. I waited 2 days, then called to get the "new" tracking number. According to this operator, no new ring had been shipped, & that any order will take 15-20 days to fill.

By this point I was totally DONE with these people & stated that I wanted to cancel the order & credit my charge card. I explained all that had happened waiting for this order & he said he would have to put me on hold for a moment. He then came back on the line & said that there was no way that my credit card could be refunded until DSN "retrieved" the ring they admittedly shipped to the wrong address in N. Carolina!! Feeling as if I may be visiting the "Twilight Zone", I politely said " Very well - thank you. I will have my credit card company deal with this. Have a nice day."

I did call my credit card company, had the charges removed & have really learned my lesson. I'll NEVER deal with this company again & consider myself very lucky. I'm sure DSN has a lot of dissatisfied customers we will be reading about.

No ring after 6 weeks
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I will be contacting the attorney generals office in cal, Monday for fraud. I have stopped payment from my credit card but I'm still pursuing legal action. There are many laws being broken here.

Merchandise Ordered, Paid for and NEVER Received
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Rating: 1/51

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Oct. 1, 2011 I ordered a 14 carat Tanzanite ring from Direct Shopping Network. My credit card was debited 10/2/11 but I NEVER received the ring!! I called several times and actually talked to someone twice but nothing was ever done to refund my money!! I went online and put in all the numbers connected to the item but to no avail. It really is awful when there are companies on TV selling items, taking your money but never sending you the merchandise!!! Such Crooks!!

Awful Customer Service. Worst Ever.
By -

Waited patiently for a ring I bought one evening. Haven't received it. Sent emails and made phone calls. The people who answered the phones were rude and all around stupid. I spent a lot of money with them. They now SUCK! Do not do business with them.

Poor quality and customer service
By -

I've had 2 bad experiences with DSN. After watching them for a few months, I figured I'd give them a try one night. They were selling what they were calling Block D 1 ct Tanzanite earrings for $149. I know that Block D doesn't necessarily mean AAA or better, regardless of what the blonde "Elvira" host was saying. The sample they showed was beautiful so I thought I'd try it and ordered 2 pairs. My credit card was charged immediately, but I received no confirmation email. After 2 weeks, I tried calling them every day for 2 weeks. All I'd ever get was a recording saying "Please hold". Some days I held on for an hour and would either hang up or get cut off.

I finally called at 10 PM EST one night, which is when they go on the air, and spoke to one of the operators who said I had to call back during "normal" hours. After fighting with him for 5 minutes, he agreed to help me and told me my order would be shipping that week. I finally received my earrings almost 6 weeks after placing the order. The tanzanite was horrendous. 1 pair was that very light violet color that you can get in places like Walmart. The other pair was a darker blue, but was so included and had bubbles in it. I sent them back and it took another 5 weeks for them to issue me a credit.

A few months later I ordered a "Block D" tanzanite ring from them. Same experience: long wait time, horrible quality stone, long time to receive a refund. Last night, the "Elvira" host spent 20 minutes spinning this long tale of how they got an exclusive lot of Block D "+" tanzanite that were all cut into 6 mm rounds, so they made rings. Even on TV, you can tell the stones were not high quality, but her excellent sales pitch ensured they all flew out the door. I feel so bad for the people who purchased them.

I'm sure when they finally receive their rings in 6 weeks, the tanzanite will be poor to mediocre, and then they will have to endure another 5 weeks of fighting with DSN to get their refunds. I will never order from DSN again. It's too stressful and in the end, you can get better quality pieces for less $$ elsewhere.

Deceptive Practices
By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I have been in the diamond business for 30 years. I have had the honor of doing business with site holders and Diamond Dealers in the N.Y. Diamond Dealers club. That is a privilege that means your word is your bond. If not you will not do any more business [blackballed]. I bought 20 items from $49.00 to $3600.00. I kept 3 items and the others were so far from what they showed - I could not believe it. I called the attorney general office here in GA and Cal to find out I would have to go to civil court. I called, and called, and called.

After 6 months I got refunded, but lost $400.00 dollars in mail and insurance. Beware they show the best and send something else. Diamond weights and quality were not as stated. And colored stone as well workmanship in gold rings was unacceptable.

Returns and Refunds
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- Does anyone out there shop with DSN (Direct Shopping Network)? I have been for about a year ever since I came across them on TV one night. They sell very high end jewelry and gemstones. Love their stuff, great prices for the quality you get. I have one problem with them though. It takes 15 to 20 days to receive the mdse. and you have 30 days to return it unless it is an auction item, then there is no return.

After an item is returned, it takes them 30 Business days to credit your account. I just don't understand why it takes so long to credit you. Purchased an item on 1/11/07, it arrived 15 days later, returned it on 2/6 and my account wasn't credited until 3/19. This is just too long to have this kind of money out. Does anyone out there have this problem?

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