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Denied Repair Claim
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Rating: 1/51

N/A -- This company is truly a fraud!!! They live off the terms and conditions that states that they will not honor "preexisting" conditions but in no way have no true way of confirming whether or not a condition is/was preexisting-despite the complaints found online and on several sites, (always listen to your inner voice) I purchased a warranty from them anyway. My car is 6 years old and only has 71777 miles on it which is in line with the allotted annual miles.

I have kept my car in pristine condition since it was purchased in 2010 and always had "on time" check ups that are documented from the dealership, plus the car was still under factory warranty when I purchased the car because of the low miles. My car was 210 miles passed its next oil change when I noticed that it was leaking antifreeze. I scheduled an oil change & tire rotation and asked that the dealership check the leak. Found out that the leak was needing a water pump and some other (covered under warranty) maintenance that added up to about 1200.00. The dealership called DirectBuy and "surprise" they said it was a "pre-existing" condition.

The same line they seem to give every customer when they don't want to honor a warranty. I asked did they request any documentation from the dealership to come to that perception from a non-tech call center representative and of course they did not because it didn't matter! They also stated that it was only 6 days or so that my warranty was active, which is irrelevant when you have deemed yourselves as honorable! I find that this company is a scam and I am not surprise that they are not even sometimes correct the BBB. I caution anyone wanting to purchase a extended warranty outside of the dealership.

I have gladly paid the dealership 1200.00 plus to fix my car and would gladly pay any repair amount than pay a company not worthy of anyone's business!!! I immediately cancelled my contract and they can keep the 330.00 plus dollars I paid toward the deposit and prorated 1st month, apparently that is how they make their money is by your deposits!!!

In addition, if the contract or insurance tells you that they decline any pre-existing conditions "do not purchase" unless they send someone to check out your car or even your health. They will deny you when they think you need them. But surprise to them I don't need you! I am better than bless!

Good for laughs if you're bored one afternoon
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Went to a showroom knowing full well the scam- for giggles one afternoon with a friend, just to experience the fun firsthand. We had to pretend to be a couple to get in- that should be a tipoff to anyone right there who is questioning the legitimacy of DirectBuy. Why do they make you bring your spouse, and refuse to allow kids? Simple, they want to eliminate any excuse you may have for leaving the presentation without dropping 6k- you can't say "we have to leave, little ** here is tired" or "I have to run this by my husband"- brilliant actually, in its scumminess.

I'm surprised they allow people to bring cell phones to the presentation, as you could be texting someone while the con is being laid out. Even timeshares and new car sellers, the previous kings of scumminess, allow you to come in alone, or with kids, or to think about it overnight, but not here. Costco and Sam's Club are a similar type clubs, but why don't they have the same hard sell? Easy, they are legit, DirectBuy is not.

The first tipoff to the scam were the obvious plants in the presentation who were clearly there to make us think it was legit, which was laughable. Obvious store employees or friends milling about, looking enthused at the "savings". The other two couples eagerly wrote their checks in front of us, I guess to put the "everyone else is doing it, so should I" thought in your head- whatever.

The showroom was also a joke- it looked like props from a cable access cooking show. The catalogs were few and showed no prices. The con that you have to become a member on the spot or risk seven years of banishment "to protect their sellers" is also a joke - who would go to a retail store, with middlemen, and demand prices from an alleged wholesaler, without middlemen? Doesn't make sense, apples and oranges. But that's just the cover to keep you from going home and coming to your senses.

Sat through the standard high pressure sell that I had heard so much about, and yes they can apply the pressure. Told them I had to think about it, got the seven year spiel and said OK and left. I would bet my life if I show up tomorrow with 6k in hand and beg them to lift the seven year ban that they would not turn down my $$.

No mention was made of the 8-10% handling fee, no mention made that you have to pick up items at DirectBuy, no mention that you would have to be planning a six figure remodel to come out even or slightly ahead. A fun afternoon for someone with odd tastes in fun like myself, but also infuriating when you think of all the people who don't know any better and fall for the ruse, especially in these trying times.

DirectBuy - A mistake waiting to happen
By -

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA -- I've noted a large number of complaints against DirectBuy, as well as a few people claiming they benefited. I recently attended the same Mountain View, CA DirectBuy that another person wrote about in another section. We did not have the problems they had as far as rudeness, or lack of freedom to move about. Maybe the owner got the word from that person's complaints? Regardless, my wife and I came away with a certain amount of leeriness.

The pressure tactics they use are distasteful, to say the least. Any reputable company will not bar you from joining at a later time. Their excuses were, to say the least, thin and flimsy. This is what threw both my wife and I off. I did manage to get some information regarding 3 items that I did have exact model numbers for. One a refrigerator/freezer.

Priced at $1,048 at Lowe's, with free delivery and setup. Same identical model at DirectBuy was $968, delivered to your doorstep. No unpacking or setup. So, for my $6,990, I can save a whopping $80 and no place to turn to if I have any problems or complaints later. Lowe's will back their merchandise, as should any reputable merchant.

I checked on sample flooring. Had a model and brand name. $4.86 per sq ft at Home Depot. Direct Buy was $4.80 per sq ft. Not much of a savings (8 cents per sq ft? Give me a break) Then, finally, a China hutch at Costco was $929. The same identical one at DirectBuy was $949. Higher cost AND no satisfaction if you have a problem. At least with Costco, if I have a problem with anything I buy, I can just return it and receive a full refund...even up to several months later. Again, Costco is another company that knows how to treat their customers.

So, for the couple that joined DirectBuy, got scared and then backed out. Then you comment that you hope you didn't make a mistake. I can only say you did NOT make a mistake. There is more to a transaction than saving money. The whole customer satisfaction, which Home Depot, Lowe's, and Costco subscribe to, is way more important than saving a few dollars.

DirectBuy's whole high pressure push of 'join now or forever lose out', is just WRONG! Plus, DirectBuy doesn't have access to all manufacturers. There were a few items that I was interested in but was informed by DirectBuy that they didn't carry that manufacturer. Makes you wonder, since they were very high quality manufacturers. We did not join, nor do we regret it.

Buyer Beware. They Are Ready To Scam You!!
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- I contacted DirectBuy for more information. What a mistake. They repeatedly called me worse than a credit card collection dept. Big sales pitch but no usable information. I took the bait and scheduled an appointment to find out more. They subject you to a grueling 90 minute sales presentation and force you to watch a video. They refuse to answer any questions until they complete their sales pitch. These people make a used car salesman look good. Here's the bottom line. It's not pretty.

Membership fee is $5000 to $6000 good for 3 years depending on the franchise. An additional $190 fee for the next 7 years. They will be happy to finance this for you at 18% interest. You must make a decision NOW or you can't apply again for the next 7 years. Pressure tactic. They charge a 6% fee when you order. Plus shipping, handling, freight and taxes. Merchandise may NOT be returned. The club disclaims all warranties regarding the merchandise.
Only the supplier has the right to cancel an order. Repairs & Service is the members responsibility.

Do the math. You would have to spend $20,000 just to break even with the membership and fees. Above that there is a possible cost saving with restrictions. Do you really want to take a chance with all of this fine print? I don't. Here's a better way. Do a Google search for what you want to buy. Shop and compare. It's time consuming but you're not paying the huge fees that DirectBuy wants to charge you. These people are a ripoff and want your money. Be smart, do your homework on pricing and you will come out ahead.

Follow-Up: 1/18/10. I received a sales call from DirectBuy inviting me to one of their showrooms for a membership. I repeated to the agent what you have just read. The high membership fee, the sales pitch where you are not allowed to ask questions while forced to watch a video. The additional fees and requirements. The caller was stunned with my product knowledge. He kept asking me "How do you know this?" I explained that I went to a sales presentation and wasn't buying his slick **. He was speechless and hung up on me. BUYER BEWARE. They want uninformed people who they can rip off.

DirectBuy - How to be a Good Consumer
By -

I have read several negative reviews about DirectBuy. All of those reviews have the same thing in common. It appears that the reviewers did not pay attention to the information presented when they purchased their memberships and they also didn't ask pertinent questions before purchasing membership. I am a DirectBuy member. However, I did not become a member when I first learned of this company. Why? Because I don't shop retail, so there was no savings involved in becoming a member. I also did not want to wait several weeks for my items to come in. That was before my home flooded and had to be gutted.

Once that happened, I joined Direct Buy because it was the smartest move I could make to save money on my extensive renovations. The Customer Service at DirectBuy is very poor. The ordering system is inconvenient and time consuming. Being forced to drive 30 minutes to the location to check prices and order items is beyond ridiculously inconvenient. However, I saved over $20,000, so it was worth it to me.

Of course, I spent many thousands to get that savings. If you aren't going to buy high ticket items that are substantially reduced through DirectBuy, then you probably don't want to join this club. Or if you want to receive items quickly. Or if you don't want the hassle of having to go to one location to check pricing. DirectBuy is very, very good for specific types of purchasing.

Pay attention at the presentation. Do the research before you buy a membership. Ask plenty of questions. By being a good consumer you'll be happy with your DirectBuy membership purchase and you won't be one of the many who write complaints about DirectBuy and wish they could get your money back.

$6,000 to Join and what do you get?
By -

Do your homework. DirectBuy is not the answer. In the late 90's the dues to belong were about 2200.. today, however, they are upwards of $6,000 to join. And yes, then you tack on the 8% handling fee that the franchise owner also pockets.. and you soon realize that this is not anywhere near the savings indicated during the 2 hour presentation.

DirectBuy franchise owners are making oodles of money by getting you to fork over this kind of cash. If you aren't able to pay, you are not allowed to join for 7 years... I do not know how it will ever be possible to have this company banned in all states but someone needs to do this. Put these franchises out of business and make them go look for work. The only thing obtained by joining a DirectBuy franchise is that you would be feeding the greed of the franchise owners. Don't.. you can find better deals for the things you want and/or need elsewhere.

By -

AUSTIN, TX -- I placed and paid for a $1485 order in March. In April, I was notified that delivery had been postponed until May 19. It is now July, I have not received my order, nor have I had any further communication from DirectBuy. DirectBuy does not respond to my email or phone inquiries. You cannot reach a real person by phone, but their phone system indicates that they check messages everyday. Maybe so, but they don't return calls! This is not the first difficulty I have had with Direct Buy. I tried to order a sofa in one of their catalogs. They never got the leather samples from the company that I needed to see.

They would not respond to my inquiries about that, and I made repeated 140 mile trips trying to get that taken care of. I finally gave up and bought elsewhere. It is hard to get help in the store because the employees are usually too busy trying to recruit new customers or visiting among themselves. You might be able to save some money on some items in the store, but it is like looking for a needle in a haystack and way too much trouble for the amount you can save. When I see potential new members in the store getting the sales pitch, it turns my stomach. I want to scream, "grab your money and run!"

Merchandise Delivered With Damage/ Indentations Not Acknowledged
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Rating: 1/51

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- High end chairs with IMO transportation nicks I wouldn't accept. Brought in "expert" who said same. DB wrote email to mfg saying customer won't accept. Are the nicks defects or characteristic of wood as if mfg wouldn't get paid unless it was characteristic.

Meanwhile I never claimed mfg did anything wrong. Mfg says characteristic while Company says it doesn't sell chairs with these nicks. DB won't put in a transportation damage claim. With the extra fees, small discount and what appears to be intentional dishonesty (I was told this is always the mfg response to these nicks) DB is not worth the annual fee much less the membership fee. I should have purchased chairs directly from Co.

DirectBuy Scam
By -

I read only one compliment on DirectBuy so he is obviously on the payroll. I had a run-in with them yesterday where I was followed into the car park being abused by a manager as I was trying to get into my car with my walker. I since researched them and found they are being sued in a class action lawsuit with 800,000 people. I am going to join this. It is time they were shut down. 39 Judges recently refused their settlement of 15 million. They are scam artists you just need to Google DirectBuy complaints to find out all about them. If anyone has any info on Florida lawyers dealing with this please email me.

DirectBuy is well worth the fees
By -

I am a member of DirectBuy and have been for a year and half. I have seen so many complaints on this site but very few compliments and for the life of me I can't figure out why?! First off yes there is a fee to buy a membership and then annual dues after that. But I am a member for life and I can even pass this down a generation. As a member I am now able to buy just about everything I need for my home at cost. So cabinets I would have paid $50k for at Home Depot I got for $28k and actually improved the quality. I saved my membership in one purchase.

I also bought 2 recliners for my in-laws as gifts from a well known company..rhymes with pane. For $350.. My mother went to a store that sold it to check it out and it was priced at $699 for one.. I got 2 for half that. Then all my hardwood floors, tile and carpet I purchased for my house was all at cost and I matched quote with Home Depot again and I saved another $7k.

OK so I may the lucky one because I was building a house. But if you own a home and need to fix it up (which you will sooner or later) why wouldn't want to save all that mark up and buy it at cost. Even will the handling (which is to cover credit card fees imposed by credit card companies and the stores do not gain on this..I asked) and freight charges (again that is part of the cost retail too, you just don't see it broke down like this) you come out ahead.

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