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DirectBuy Very Deceptive Advertising Practices
By -

80031, COLORADO -- DirectBuy harvested my info from the Colorado home & garden show when I entered their contest. They then called me to invite me to their showroom. They even emailed me the info. After making the appointment with them and driving about an hr away to talk to them and see their showroom, we were greeted by the store manager.

She quietly advised us that we had to attend a presentation on DirectBuy. At this time, we would be allowed to look at their catalog prices etc. However, we would then be required to sign up with them ($5000 for a 3 yr membership). If we didn't sign up, we won't be allowed to sign up for another 7 yrs. If we were not sure at that time then we should not take part in the "open house". Very deceptive practices. They could have easily told this to us BEFORE making the appointment instead of wasting our time and gas. Their excuse was that they "ran out of this written info" at the home show.

They conveniently also forgot to tell this to us when they called us to set up the appointment and when they emailed us the map directions. This was the NW Denver branch. Bad sales practices. I won't sign up with such a company.

DirectBuy Scam
By -

I read only one compliment on DirectBuy so he is obviously on the payroll. I had a run-in with them yesterday where I was followed into the car park being abused by a manager as I was trying to get into my car with my walker. I since researched them and found they are being sued in a class action lawsuit with 800,000 people. I am going to join this. It is time they were shut down. 39 Judges recently refused their settlement of 15 million. They are scam artists you just need to Google DirectBuy complaints to find out all about them. If anyone has any info on Florida lawyers dealing with this please email me.

DirectBuy is well worth the fees
By -

I am a member of DirectBuy and have been for a year and half. I have seen so many complaints on this site but very few compliments and for the life of me I can't figure out why?! First off yes there is a fee to buy a membership and then annual dues after that. But I am a member for life and I can even pass this down a generation. As a member I am now able to buy just about everything I need for my home at cost. So cabinets I would have paid $50k for at Home Depot I got for $28k and actually improved the quality. I saved my membership in one purchase.

I also bought 2 recliners for my in-laws as gifts from a well known company..rhymes with pane. For $350.. My mother went to a store that sold it to check it out and it was priced at $699 for one.. I got 2 for half that. Then all my hardwood floors, tile and carpet I purchased for my house was all at cost and I matched quote with Home Depot again and I saved another $7k.

OK so I may the lucky one because I was building a house. But if you own a home and need to fix it up (which you will sooner or later) why wouldn't want to save all that mark up and buy it at cost. Even will the handling (which is to cover credit card fees imposed by credit card companies and the stores do not gain on this..I asked) and freight charges (again that is part of the cost retail too, you just don't see it broke down like this) you come out ahead.

DirectBuy is a scam -- get your membership fee back
By -

We were warned by friends that they were cheated out of about $5,000 for a DirectBuy membership fee. They forked over all that money because DirectBuy told them that they would be able to buy things for their new home at the manufacturers' price -- at a 50% to 60% discount. Little did they know, after DirectBuy tacked on hefty shipping and handling fees, they were able to find most of the items for sale through DirectBuy at the same prices, if not lower prices, at retail stores like Lowe's and Best Buy!!

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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I thank Direct Buy for learning about SCAM's with them, that's about the only good thing I can say about it. Every story here about savings not adding up to what they say, poor customer service, is the TRUTH. If you want to learn with at 5000.00 tag this lesson go ahead, they give you all of that.

Not Getting Merchandise On Time
By -

Ordered ceiling fans, delivery time 3 weeks. Received call it was going to be 3 months, ordered refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave delivery time 6-8 weeks. Received call 1 week before delivery that the refrigerator would take maybe 4 to 6 more weeks. If you shop around you can find as good of deals from retail and not have to wait months to get your mdse. DirectBuy is one of the biggest scams going on.

By -

PHILADELPHIA -- We joined DirectBuy about a month ago. We are remodeling our kitchen. The prices are great and the customer service in the store is excellent. The problem lies, when I order something online, I have to email a service rep, then the person is pretty prompt in giving me the prices. When I say to go ahead and order it, then it takes a while. I have to keep emailing or calling the store. The same goes for my cabinets. I have been trying to get them ordered since last week.

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