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1.3 out of 5, based on 106 ratings and
328 reviews & complaints.
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Don't settle for cable! You should have a TV experience that you can trust. Enjoy every game with Sunday Ticket, watch hit movies and shows anywhere, and change the way you watch TV. DirecTV provides the greatest digital television experience for over 37 million customers daily. Our goal is to provide the most reliable, trusted customer service for your digital television service needs. We are rated #1 for a reason. Call today to ask about the packages we have to offer!
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DirecTV charge my credit card and I did not authorize it.
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Have you read your monthly statement? They believe they have the right to draft a payment of any unpaid balance. “For your convenience, we will automatically charge your credit card or debit card on fie for any bill amount left unpaid.“

It was not for my convenience. Their unauthorized withdraw was very inconvenient and will cause hardship on me and my family. I had an agreement to pay part payment this month and remaining balance the next month. I was told by supervisor from the South Carolina call center, that a customer service representative is not authorized to make that agreement. Even though they say that customer service representative was not authorized to make that kind of agreement, that person, at that time, was representing DIRECTV. Therefore the company did have an agreement with me to resolve the issue at hand.

Worst customer service. Stay away from DIRECTV
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Rating: 1/51

HIALEAH GARDENS, FLORIDA -- Worst customer service I ever experienced. We have been customers since 2011 and they did even take that in consideration. I needed technical support, I was attempting by Elier **. He was very rude and never intended to helping us. I try to talk with a supervisor, had to wait for almost an hour and what was my surprise when Guillermo which was the supervisor, he was even worse than Elier **. They both didn't even care that we change company which is what we did. Dish Network is going to install on Monday. They gave us better deal. I had DIRECTV on the past and they were different. I don't know what changed.

StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

LEEDS, ALABAMA -- In my area, we have very limited choices for television. I started with DISH - horrible idea! I lost service constantly! I switched over to DirecTV. The quality of the service was fantastic! When hard times fell, I was unable to pay for the service for DIRECTV at $120 a month. There was no other choice other than to cancel our service after 3 years.

We decided to go with Charter - I think this was the worst decision yet. Charter was very cheap however you pay for what you get. The guide is outdated and the customer service team is a joke. I should have known better since their representatives do "door to door" pressure type of selling. To make this story short, I went back to DIRECTV. If you decide to go with DirecTV, you can use my reference code of ** and save $10 a month on top of the initial price for the first 12 months! If you get 10 people to use your reference code, you'll save an extra $10 for each person for 10 months! THANKS FOR READING MY REVIEW OF DIRECTV!

Incompetent and Rude Customer Service Plus Terrible TV Reception
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Simply because they are spending millions on TV ads to push their product, DIRECTV would like us to believe that their SERVICE is the best on the planet, but that couldn't be further from the truth. For an entire year my TV reception was deplorable and when I complained to their Customer Support and Technical Service, nothing was accomplished but I was treated rudely and disrespectfully.

So when I cancelled their service I was billed over two hundred dollars plus a two hundred dollar disconnect fee. This amount, which I will never pay, has been on my credit report for over ten years. To make matters worse, when I recently wrote to the company, I was told they only had one complaint from me in the entire year.

If you are thinking about signing up with this fraudulent TV service, you ought to think twice. Look online at other negative reviews and read about the similar nightmares other patrons have faced. I can say that I used Comcast in my area and was very satisfied for over ten years. Let the buyer beware.

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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- DIRECTV customer service is horrible!! I've been a customer for over 9 years, and I called to get a HD receiver and DVR (already have 3 with DIRECTV). I was told I had to pay $199, and after asking why I had to pay so much, I was told I could get $50 off. I was not satisfied, and was transferred to supervisor. She said the best she could do was another $20. I told her I would change to DISH, and she said there was nothing she could do.

I changed to DISH and called to cancel and was told I was on a contract and would have to pay a penalty of $160 or so. I am beyond upset. If the first person had given me the free receiver or had told me I was on contract I would not have changed. I will tell this to my friends about my experience with your customer service!!

Don't Let Them Put Holes In Your Roof.
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Rating: 1/51

I am a landlord and own a multi-family property in NH. One of my tenants installed DirecTV. My first complaint is that DirecTV never sought to get my permission as the owner of the property before they put holes in the roof to attach their dish. My second complaint is that now that the tenants have left and I have discovered that the dish has been leaking into the attic and destroying the ceiling, the DirecTV customer service department and corporate office refuse to come out and repair their shoddy installation. In fact, the customer service supervisor even informed me that, "Maybe you should get on a ladder and repair it yourself."

What kind of company doesn't back up their installation? What kind of company circumvents the property owner and installs anyway? A bad company, that's what DirecTV is. I know that cable is more $$ per month, but surely you do not want a leaky roof or to deal with terrible customer service.

DirecTV Did Not Honor Payment Date Agreed Upon
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- I had been with DirecTV for over three years. This July, a billing charge came through on an earlier date than we had agreed upon with DirecTV billing. The charge would have over drafted my account if the bank had not given a short term loan for the amount charged. The amount charged was also $20 over what was the actual charge because of extra false charges for two extra TV's that we never have had and HBO which we never ordered. I disputed the charge and they allowed us a "credit" that was applied to the early cancellation fee charged when I got tired of their crap and canceled service.

Unfortunately, everything was "on contract" and there was nothing I could do about it. On top of it, when I called DirecTV about this fiasco, the billing service representative ended up hanging up on me! I know one thing, I will never ever allow my bank account to be connected to automatic billing again for anything. At this time, I am trying to get included in a class action lawsuit about early cancellation fees with DirecTV.

Awful Service
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Rating: 1/51

LOVELAND, OHIO -- I would like to share my concern for the extremely poor service I have just received over the last two weeks. My home was struck by lightning and as you can imagine I was not happy about it. So replacing all electronics in my home was not easy but I did not think the hardest part of the scenario would be receiving new HD Boxes from your company. I set up 3 separate appointments for a technician to simply drop off 3 new boxes (not knowing they could have just mailed them, which I was informed of just this morning).

The first tech call that was "sent" to my home never showed up and states that he called numerous times. The second tech call I received informed me he would be at my home in 1 hour and 15 min. I left work immediately knowing I had a 30 min drive home from work. I received a call within 10 min of the previous call alerting me that he was at my door and no one was home. This is 1 full hour before he said he would be there. He left, instead of waiting for me to be home in a few moments.

The third call I was "guaranteed" a tech would be at my home between 8am and 9am. They realized they had messed up and I appreciated that. 8 am came and nothing. I got a call at 8:23 stating that tech would be here at 11:00 am. I called in to see what happen with their guarantee...I was told they cannot make promises on time but they would call a tech to see when he was going to be here. I got a call back at 8:47 saying he would be here within 15 min to make sure I am home. 15 min passed and I got another call saying he would be another hour and a half.

This is now over 4.5 total hours that I could have been working, but instead sat at home and waited for someone who never came, all for a 15 min service call. I proceeded to call into DirecTv and talk to a manager, after having a brief argument with the gentlemen that told me there WAS NOT a manager on duty at that time, he forwarded me to a manager.

The manager out of the SouthEast Region named **, was easily the rudest and least helpful person I had talked to yet. Using terms like "It's a four hour window, shouldn't be too hard to wait for that", "you should have left work earlier" (in reference to my second failed service call.) She then proceeded to tell me that IF I were thinking of canceling with them she would not waive my fee and "I would be out $436.00" So after I have lost over $400 in hours of work, I was voluntarily told that.

I am not writing this to cause problems or start an uproar. I am simply writing this in hopes of being taken care of for the service I pay for monthly, and to warn customers looking for reviews on DirecTV's customer service that it is a less than helpful process. I hope something will be done and no one else has to deal with this kind of service.

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Rating: 1/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I have considered DirecTV due to the great deals I saw online. But the process getting into it over the phone was very exhausting. I'm glad they work out for some people, but obviously not all and I'm one of them...I'm not even a customer! Out of the 1000s of reviews about DirecTV, I have skimmed through a good amount of these 1 out of 5 star reviews and that is more than enough to not invest in this business.

First of all, coach your sales team not to sound like fast slick-sales-talkers. It really sounds scam-ish and there was a lot of info left out that surprised the hell out of me after I was transferred to a couple of clueless people in customer support, then to this very rude non-personable woman at Centurylink...even when I had already repeatedly confirmed the package deal and estimated costs the sales guy and I agreed was best for me! I've asked many times for the sales guy to slow his talking down.

What ever happened to quality customer service where the customer is the #1 priority? Customers are the ones you need to have a great first impression with right from the start and build solid relationships with because they are the ones who will give away their hard earned money for expected good service!

I am one of those type of shoppers that are very careful before I sign up for anything, buy anything, and like to read the small prints, then ask many good questions. In a very frustrating 2 hour phone call, I was constantly interrupted. I could vibe annoyed tones of voices whenever I asked questions or wanted things to be repeated! They were all never clear on the total set costs for 12 months and what to at least roughly expect in 24 months.

Let me tell you, the total costs of my bundle were significantly different told by 4 different people! How can you agree to such things over the phone when they continue to talk way too fast and have no patience to let the customer speak?! I was born and raised in America, speak perfect English, and I even could not fully understand everyone I was talking to due to the speed of their voice, their foreign accents, how often they mumbled, trailed off, or just seemed like I was listening to an automated voice system!

What a waste of 2 hours. I tried really hard to get my words in! You people like to talk, talk, talk without allowing your potential customer to speak. It is 2013! Change your rusty sales scripts, start learning how to listen, how to apologize rather than constantly thanking people for choosing your business when they're clearly not happy-sounding over the phone and haven't even closed the deal completely yet!

Hire more qualified phone-talkers and coach them effectively to be personable and not leave out any info the customer may be surprised with when they're transferred to the next "step". Seriously DirecTV, check your customer reviews online and take it into sincere consideration on how your customers really feel!

"Customer Service" Issue
By -

I recently moved into a new house with a few roommates, and after doing some research decided to sign up for DirecTV for the first time. My roommate, **, put the service under his name and it is tied to his work phone number (**********). When we signed up for the service, they said the technician would arrive to install the dish on Saturday, August 7th, sometime between the hours of 8 and noon. Unfortunately, ** had to travel that day, so I stayed home to await the technician.

I heard nothing from the technician by about 10am, so I tried calling him (at least 3 times with no answer, and no response to any of my voicemails either). Finally, at about 3pm the technician contacted us and said that since he had called us earlier that day and nobody answered, he would not be out to install our service and we would have to wait until the next day (sometime between 8 and 5 pm). As you can imagine, spending an entire weekend trapped in your house while still trying to move in is a less-than-desirable situation.

The issues with the installer didn't stop there after installing our service, he tried convincing us there would be an extra $75 charge for the difficulty of mounting the dish on a flat roof with so many trees around. Obviously our suspicion spiked when the gentleman informed us that it had to be paid on-the-spot, cash only. I only hope that other DirecTV customers haven'€™t fallen for this ploy.

I do understand that this is a subcontractor and not technically employed by you all, but I might suggest a more thorough vetting process for these personnel. They are, after all, the front lines and first impression of DirecTV wearing polos with your logo while entering your customers'€™ homes. Again, though, I realize that you may have a thorough vetting process for your installers and that we may have just gotten the one rotten apple. The issue that really pushed your "customer service"€ over the edge was my conversation with the customer service center.

I'€™m not sure if you record the conversations, but I called 1-800-213-5460 at 2:00pm on Saturday the 7th of August, and spoke with a man named ** (who would not allow me to speak with his manager, nor divulge his last name). ** had many reasons for me that the installer apparently called us (with no record of missed calls or voicemails left) and would not return any of my calls climbing ladders, bad cell reception, etc. He also tried explaining that the installer has the hardest job of anybody involved in the process, myself included (of course he does! I'm paying him! I should'€™t have any job, let alone a difficult one).

I finally told ** that I was not interested in excuses, and I merely wanted to know how the situation was going to be resolved. At this point his response was that if I didn't start acting reasonably he was going to hang up on me. I then asked for his manager and he refused to connect me to one. Finally, I told him that I was a first time DirecTV customer and that this was not a good first impression. His response? "€œLet'€™s keep things straight. You're not even the customer, you're his roommate."

I wonder if John is aware that many young professionals split houses in urban areas (as well as costs such as utilities). Let me assure you, if I want to cancel DirecTV and talk to ** about what happened, he'll be happily on board with my suggestion.

Re-reading the story I just wrote out to you, I still find myself in awe. These people are being paid to represent your company, and are doing so in an absolutely unacceptable manner. I have worked in a service industry for several years, and have learned a few things. First, if you do something extremely well, a customer might tell one person; however, if you do something extremely poorly, a customer will tell 10 people. It is absolutely imperative to the continued success of service companies to provide the absolute best customer service possible.

I would imagine this would be a concern for you all given the increasing competition in the premium television industry. I can tell you one thing: unless something very impressive changes my mind in the near future, you have lost a small sliver of market share forever & I will not be a repeat customer.

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