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Rating: 1/51

RENO, NEVADA -- I posted this previously in a site for activists against DIRECTV. All the people there were scammed by DTV as well and you can review the banter and make an informed decision which I am sure will lead to you deciding against DTV as your carrier. I have also asked them to post on every Facebook site that advertises DTV and that we all go in search of Google and other sites to post our grievances on so that the public can view them and know not to get involved in DIRECTV's scams.

They are dishonest and very legally binding in their thievery. Look for our posts on all DTV sites before you sign up and save yourselves! Check out DIRECTV Sucks!! In your FB search engine and see more posts. And do not sign up! Following is what they did to me that made me promise them I would be their worst nightmare! Please review it!

My bill with DIRECTV changed every month also. I dropped services constantly and they edited my basic charges to make sure I was not paying under what they wanted me to pay. They said this was in their contract, and there was a small loophole in it that does allow them to change "basic rates" while in contract. So I was locked in for 3 years and they changed my basic rates about 4 times in 1.5 years of that time.

I just left them and it took over a week to get the stuff to send it all back via the mail. Then they hit my act for $166 final charges in early disconnect fees 15 days after the day I said I wanted to cancel. They said this is in the "contract", the "contract" for this being that they put on the last bill that they will bill you 15 days after disconnect "for your convenience". THAT IS NOT A CONTRACT. But since I had given them banking payments it opened the gates for them to steal legally from me. I have reversed the charges via my bank.

From all of the other posts I have seen, they will try to re-bill me again. I have allotted for that money to be a tug of war match until I get the actual money from Charter whom are buying out my disconnect charges for switching over. This may also be a good option for any of you in the NV area who have, like me, signed up for a contract with these thugs. IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED UP WITH DIRECTV DON'T!

DirecTV Is a Rip Off. They Are Shady and Not Trustworthy
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Rating: 1/51

PENDLETON, OREGON -- When we decided to switch to DirecTV we told them that we were moving into a rental while we had a house built. They said no problem. When it came time to move they advised us they were going to charge us over 250 dollars for moving the service. When I explained that we advised them when we that it was a temp move into a rental before we did it and no one mentioned additional charges, all we got was "not a problem". I even explained that they talked to the home owner of the rental we were temporally moving into for approval. In the end we had to pay.

At that point I told them to cancel any and all additional services on the account and I just wanted the minimum. Now we get a bill for NFL channels. They say we didn't cancel the free subscription. Here we are again. Now we are ready to move into the house we had built. We had the DirecTV dish moved here when we move but the house was not built so they set it up for the shop temporary. It was temporary. Now they are going to charge us another 250 dollars to hook up the system to the house - it is a move. I told them it was the same address, how can they charge us a moving fee again for the second time?

They are a money-hungry rip off with no customer service. I bundled with them through CenturyLink which we had service with before for years. Not anymore. DirecTV blamed CenturyLink for not tell us and us for not reading the website. DirecTV is the biggest rip off in the business. CenturyLink is just as bad, stating that we have to deal with DirecTV. No one wants to correct the problem, they just want more money. When I told them I want to cancel, they said they was get a judgment and get the rest of the money for the time left on the contract.

Never Been So Angry With a Company Before!!!
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- When I called DirecTV, at first they were great! They gave me all kinds of discounts and they were very kind. I knew the discounts would go away don't get me wrong, but I felt they had given me a pretty good deal to start off with. They sent out a guy to set up the dish and he quickly denied us service. He said that there were too many trees in the way. I understood the possibility with that.

I then asked him if not being able to have cable service through them, would it affect the price of my Internet that they bundled. He said he didn't know and when I mentioned that it was through Mediacom he told me that I must have some other Internet company because they don't bundle with Mediacom. So, he called the company and put me on the phone with the lady and she asked if I would like a second opinion. I told her "yes, I would." She advised that they would have someone out in less than 72 hours. She also confirmed that they do bundle with Mediacom, but she was not sure how it would affect my rate.

Later that day I had another question I wanted to asked, so I called back. I then asked for confirmation of them sending out another tech. and they had no plans on sending one out. She told me it would be about two weeks before they could get someone out. After many phone calls from my angry fiancé he finally got to speak to a manager and they said they would have someone come out sooner.

The next morning they send a tech out for a second look but it was the same guy they sent out the first time!!! I was livid so I called Directv back and requested a manager right off the start. I told them I wanted someone else, of course this guy is going to say the same thing as the first time! They told me that sometimes that happens that the same representative gets sent out and that they cannot send someone else out. He didn't even give me the chance to discuss the possibility of having someone else out here and told me he was cancelling my order.

I will never recommend this company to anyone. Not only have I had an experience like this with them but my soon to be mother in law was called a douchebag from one of their reps, so I was weary of going to them in the first place. But, I didn't want to criticize them because of one jerk in their company.

It seemed that every representative I got a hold of just talked to me like I was stupid and didn't know half of the answers to my questions. I do not recommend this company to anyone! Yes they do have good discount prices but they seem to lack in good customer service.

Hidden Charges
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I know that this is just one of the many complaints that you must receive on a regular basis concerning DIRECTV and the way that they deceive their paying customers, but I hope that with this complaint added to what must be a very large pile of complaints might do some good and help shed light some of their questionable practices. I need to start out by saying that I have been a loyal customer of DIRECTV since 2007 and I have never been late with a payment or had to make a partial payment.

I have my DIRECTV service provided through Century Link in Denver CO. as part of a bundle. When I contacted Century Link, the company that I have had my phone service with for over 40 years and have always paid my bill in full within 24 hours of receiving, Century Link stated that they could not help me concerning the issues with DIRECTV service even though I make the payment to Century Link.

When I contacted DIRECTV and asked why my bill with them was as large as it was ($87.99), they told me that I was on a older plan for my service and that I could change to a newer plan that would give me a better package at a lower cost. I inquired about the various plans and was sent the information that included the different plans that they had and the price for each plan. I chose the Choice Extra Package listed on DIRECTV's website and is shown to be $68.99 a month.

The Choice Extra Package cost $68.99 and $5.99 for their protection plan in case there is an equipment failure, which totals $74.99. I contacted DIRECTV by phone on 6 occasions, talked to six different reps., and asked what the final price per month would be for the Choice Extra Package. On all contacts that were recorded and can be confirmed by the recordings, I was told that the price for the package would be $74.99 per month. I made sure that asked all six of the Reps. if the $74.99 total per month was the full price per month and as the recordings can verify the answer was always the same. The monthly total would not exceed $74.99 per month.

On Sunday Dec. 16, I received an order confirmation showing the $68.99 Choice Extra Package and contacted DIRECTV to ask them why the $5.99 for the protection plan did not show on the confirmation. After speaking to four Reps, I was told that the $68.99 was only part of my monthly charges and the correct cost per month will be $97.97. I was never told that there were any hidden or additional costs, just the total of $74.98 per month.

On Sunday Dec. 16th I found out that DIRECTV has included a lot of hidden charges for their service. The charges including the hidden are listed here: Choice Extra Package $68.99, Protection Plan $5.99, DIRECTV Extra Pack $4.99, HD Charge $10.00, DVR Charge $8.00. Total For new Program Plan $97.97. The hidden Charge is $22.99 per month. While $22.99 does not seem like a large amount, when you multiply it by 12 it is now 266.28 per year.

With the creative way that DIRECTV is charging their customers, the amount that they are getting from their customers through their hidden charges and the number of times they are doing this creative pricing, the number of hidden charges becomes very large and can represent a great deal of money. It probably would be a great idea if some federal agency that can do something to stop this kind of underhanded billing practice look at this and do what they can to stop the customer abuse.

Consumer Beware! DirecTV Took $625 Out Of My Account Without My Consent! Do Not Buy Their Service
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Rating: 1/51

CONSUMERS BEWARE!!! Do not do business with DIRECTV. I woke up this morning to find out that they took $625.00 out of my account, leaving me with a balance of 0. I stopped using their service because I got tired of poor reception every time it rained or snowed.

I called Xfinity and went with them instead. I called DirecTV and they said I gave them permission to do that (fine print). After they heard me call them everything but an American business, the supervisor said that if I decide to come back to DirecTV they could refund $393.64 back to me and then had the nerve to ask me what kind of package I wanted.

Never do business with this company, they are criminals and they don't care what they do. Share this with everyone you know. Thanks to this greedy company's fraudulent business practices I don't even have gas money to get to work on Tuesday.

Breaking Contract Because New Landlord Had Contract With Cable Company.
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI -- After being a very good customer for 3 years, (never late with a payment) Without telling me a new contract began after ordering an extra cable box for guest bedroom a few months before my move, which was deceitful. A few months later I move into a garden home where the Landlord had a contract with the local cable company, and would not allow Tenants to have a satellite dish... DIRECTV would not hear of not charging me $200 for breaking my contract. A 2-year contract I thought I had fulfilled, but ordering an extra box renewed my contract unbeknownst to me.

After being put on hold after asking for a supervisor, I was transferred to several departments to be told it was the wrong department. Finally a rude guy picked up who said he was a supervisor, who told me in no uncertain terms that they would not forgive the fee for breaking the contract. He also told me that it would go on my credit profile if I didn't pay. It made no difference that I had been a good customer, and that I would have transferred the service if I could have. I thought since I told him my Landlord had that rule no satellite dish, and not my fault that I could not transfer the service would make a difference, but it didn't. I will never use DIRECTV again.

DirecTV Is the Worst Company Ever
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Rating: 1/51

KING GEORGE, VIRGINIA -- I had problems with my Direct TV April 26th, 2012, which I canceled my service. I lost connection and DirecTV never came to my home to fix so I canceled my service a couple of days later. I was a customer for over 4 years and they just didn't care to fix my service so I could use it. I paid my final bill in May 2012 for service I never received from DirecTV for May 2012. I started receiving calls from collectors stating they were calling from DirecTV and that I owed another $99 for June. Mind you I had no service for April 2012 and May 2012. The equipment was returned in May 2012.

I have tried to just explain the problem, but all they did was get more people to call me to collect. I finally broke down and paid again. I required that they send me an email stating that I paid in full. They did. Now they have started again trying to collect for the same bill. DirecTV is the worst company in the world. They steal your money and treat you like you did something wrong even if you have paid for service you never received. In the rating I had to choose one star. They are really a minus 5 stars.

DirecTV Horrible Equipment & Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- To start out if I could give DirecTV no stars I would. I have had DirecTV for 4 years. During this time I have had only problems with their customer service, and the equipment that they supply. First off they are way too expensive for the TV we are now FORCED to watch. I personally do not like "REALITY TV" it STINKS, to say the least. The simpleton producers of these shows are a total joke. All of the shows must be produced by the same brainless producers.

Really how many more DUMB REALITY shows can we stand for? DO we really need more PAWN shows, or Car Repo shows? or dumb shows like "Storage Wars, "Storage Hunters"" Baggage Battles" ?.

I guess these producers think Americans are as BRAIN-DEAD as they are. I personally do not believe you find things like a $100,000 Tesla that was "abandoned" in a storage shed!! (Oh I forgot to mention that the 3 minutes that I saw this show in hopes of finding something of value to watch, that the '"Abandoned" Tesla that had no cover on it. Did not even have dust on it. Really do you buy this? Or People walking into the Pawn Stars shop, and Selling something that's worth $$$$$$ of dollars for nothing. This would be like me taking my 1967 Shelby Gt500 to them, and selling it to them for $20,000, or less? Get Real!!!

Now onto DirecTV Equipment, and Customer Service. Like I said I have had DirecTV for 4 years, during that time I have put up with JUNKY, Equipment, HORRIBLE Customer service. The very 1st time I had DirecTV installed, the installer showed up with a small ladder that could not reach the roof. So I had to re-schedule for them to come back another day. Gee, You would think that they would be prepared to install Equipment on higher roof tops?

Next when they did come back out they ran the cables up the front of the Row house I lived in at the time. NEVER inquired if that was OK. Additionally after the install the guy did not fasten down the cables properly. They were hanging loose the very next day. So then I had the President of the HOA on my back.

Next after only a few months of having the service the signal was lost, could not get it back, even after spending time on the phone with customer service. So I had to have them come out to fix it. (Thank God I signed up for the service plan), or they would have charged me. It turned out the Installer did not mount the dish proper, So the wind moved the Dish around and thus the Dish, was not pointed in the right direction to receive a signal.

Now onto the DVR receiver they provide. This thing is TOTAL JUNK!! Went out after 6 months of using it. Would not even power on!! You know lights come on when it's working!! So once again, I had to call Customer service & tell them that I had a problem. The DVR was burned out. This ** told me that "I must not have power to the outlet, that the DVR is plugged into" Strange that I have all my audio, and Video components plugged into a surge-protected outlet strip that all of these are working correctly!!. except the DVR box.

So this ** tells me to go "Get a Mixer", or a "Radio" to plug in to test if I have power to the outlet. REALLY??? I am not an **!!! I know if I have power or not. She insisted that I do this. I finally just told her that I did get a "Mixer to test it", As she REFUSED to move onto the next step if I did not do this. What a crock of BS. Yep the DVR was burned out, wow what a revelation.

After using this replacement DVR for just under a year the DVR started getting an error code 773, every few months, and would RE-FORMAT the disk, and thus causing ALL recorded programs to be lost. (Very Frustrating) Since the Programing stinks, and is Plagued with Commercials. So this is the only way to try to watch what little of the programing that's on worthwhile to watch.

Now on to when I moved to a new place. I took the Piece of junk, DVR recorder to my new place. When I called to have the Re-Install at new location I told the customer service person what was happening with the DVR recorder 773 error code/Re-Formatting. and asked them to send out a replacement DVR, when they came out to Re- install my service. I was told "If I wanted a Replacement DVR sent out with the tech, that I would need to agree to a NEW, 2 year agreement". Otherwise the only way to get it replaced was to once again send it back to them. What a joke!! This is not how you treat customers.

Since then the DVR recorder has MELTED DOWN 4 times at the new place, you know error code 773/RE-formatting losing all your recorded shows **. So I have had enough of PAYING $82.78 each month for TV ONLY!! NO INTERNET!!! NO MOVIE CHANNELS!!! Just regular TV. This is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE FOR RANK programming, JUNKY EQUIPMENT, and even WORSE customer service. I would not recommend DirecTV to anyone.

DirecTV Stole My Money From by Bank Account
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Rating: 1/51

LOUDONVILLE, OHIO -- You Guys have stolen my money from my bank account from First Merit. My name is **. You have taken over 700$ out of my account and I am being assessed a 5$ fee for every check that has bounced every day. I am getting a 35$ overdraft charge each day as well. Right now I am $978.09 overdrawn and each day I am being assessed a 5$ late fee but no more than 50$ per day can be assessed to my account. So each day it's growing 50$ more in the hole. When you guys took the money from my account I was in the positive for $128.44.

I am writing in regards to you stealing my money from me and I have been researching the Internet and am seeing post after post of you guys doing this to people. I talked with a representative and a supervisor and agreed to a 10$ monthly installment from my Bill Pay. Your last payment you received was in July 3rd 2012. I have been continuously paying on this account since I quit services. And requested for you guys to send me the stuff to return my equipment or have someone if they're in the area pick it up for me.

The day I received the box in the mail to return my devices they automatically debited my account for over 700$. You sent the boxes to me on 8/9/12 THE EXACT SAME DAY I GOT THE BOX TO RETURN EQUIPMENT YOU STOLE MY MONEY AND RUINED MY PERFECT ACCOUNT.

You have agreed to me paying 10$ a month without disturbing or making my account or credit delinquent. You guys are the worst service providers I have ever had. That's why I went back to Time Warner a COMPANY WHO ACTUALLY CARES. I am disputing the charges with the bank and reported you guys for fraudulent fund stealing from a Mentally Handicapped Person. I don't understand how you guys think you're head honcho and can just go robbing people like stealing candy from a kid. PATHETIC.

I have reported you to the BBB. As well as I filed a police report. Hope this don't hurt your credit ratings much and you don't lose potential customers. O yea don't tell them you want your money and threaten them on the phone with calling all over making their name trash because they will hang up on you HAHAHAHA.

And if you do set up services with them make sure after you give them your debit card don't give them a Capital One or credit card. Make sure it's a bank account card they keep on file that you cancel it because that's how they told me they stole my money. I got over 4 hours of recordings with these people and I sent my equipment back after a month of asking them how to return it the day I got the box to return it they stole my money. Like a thief in the night HIJACKED. So if you're looking for TV please look elsewhere. I have emailed every single email I can find on these people and it's still gotten me nowhere.

Incompetent and Rude Customer Service Plus Terrible TV Reception
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Simply because they are spending millions on TV ads to push their product, DIRECTV would like us to believe that their SERVICE is the best on the planet, but that couldn't be further from the truth. For an entire year my TV reception was deplorable and when I complained to their Customer Support and Technical Service, nothing was accomplished but I was treated rudely and disrespectfully.

So when I cancelled their service I was billed over two hundred dollars plus a two hundred dollar disconnect fee. This amount, which I will never pay, has been on my credit report for over ten years. To make matters worse, when I recently wrote to the company, I was told they only had one complaint from me in the entire year.

If you are thinking about signing up with this fraudulent TV service, you ought to think twice. Look online at other negative reviews and read about the similar nightmares other patrons have faced. I can say that I used Comcast in my area and was very satisfied for over ten years. Let the buyer beware.

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