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EMAILS WITH Sr VP of Customer Relations
By -

This is how DirecTV deals with major internal problems? Tell the customer, that despite DirecTV not providing the service they promised, that I am going to be expected to pay for cancelling the contract? Great customer relations and I am guessing that this decision will be regretted in the very near future.

I have found no less than ten websites dedicated specifically to customer dissatisfaction with DirecTV. Despite Ms. **'s contention that the horrible treatment that I received yesterday was unique, there appears to be hundreds, if not thousands, of people who might disagree with her statement. According to many of those bloggers - they seem to contend that my treatment is the norm, not the exception.

So I will post the communication that I have had with your organization online so that consumers can see firsthand how the top management of DirecTV perceives their responsibility to honor their contractual obligations. I will also be contacting as many consumer protection agencies and legal authorities that I can find to also send copies of these communications. I find it very interesting that despite not one, not two, or even three major errors and hours of wasted time - that DirecTV's expectation is that I be held to a contract that DirecTV did not honor.

I am supposed to incur costs related to hiring someone to remove a dish that was applied to my roof by DirecTV and I am to spend more time boxing up their receiver and making more phone calls to a shipper to make arrangements for its shipment.

Yes, I can see that DirecTV really valued me as a customer and that they would love to see me subscribe to their services again. Not only was their customer service incompetent and rude and my time wasted - it is I, not DirecTV, that will be literally and figuratively paying the penalty for their incompetence. This response was not expected and I can honestly say that I am stunned. I have never seen or heard of a major company respond in such a manner. Every company that I have contacted with problems in the past has responded by taking responsibility for their staff and will generally work with the consumer to "right the wrong". This really has me shaking my head in disbelief.

The mystery of how bad yesterday's service has come full circle. Having now directly communicated with DirecTV's Business Operation Analyst, who began our conversation by telling me "what they couldn't do for me" and how I would be penalized for my early cancellation. Excuse me? Your business treats me like crap and then I am chastised because I will not remain a customer?

Business loyalty is earned based on performance, not an expectation or right on your part because you have a contract. Our contract clearly conveys an expectation that DirecTV will provide a basic, minimum level of service to remedy problems that occur as a result of DirecTV's errors. You clearly did not provide that level yesterday. Did I make an good faith effort to correct the problem?

Yes, I believe I did in my repeated phone calls but there is a level of ongoing screw ups and outright incompetence that would lead the average person to end the attempts and disengage themselves from that business. Which I did. Now Ms. ** has the unmitigated gall to attempt to penalize me for that?

The Business Operation Analyst at DirecTV apparently does not have the authority to remove charges associated with ending a contract despite clear evidence, which she acknowledges, that personnel in her company made numerous mistakes and in the process, treated a customer very unprofessionally. And apparently this same Business Operation Analyst at DirecTV lacks the authority to phone one of their installers and ask them to swing by my home at their convenience to pick up a receiver and remove a dish. All she apparently has been given the authority to say to me was "We don't do that".

She was correct in her summation that "you do not do that".

You do not honor your contractual obligations - but you expect me to honor mine, you do not adequately train your staff, you do not have supervisors that are able or willing to take phone calls, you do not have a customer service department that can provide even the most minimal level of service to their customers, and apparently you do not have anyone at the top of your management team that has even the faintest idea of how to treat consumers or resolve customer complaints.

Yesterday now makes perfect sense to me. This is a clear case of management styles tricking down. You directed the Business Operation Analyst at DirecTV "to resolve these issues today". Apparently this is the resolution that she feels is in the best interests of her company, the customer be damned. Never mind that her actions add insult upon injury. I understand you were recently appointed Senior VP of Customer Service. It appears to me that you have your work cut out for you. Good're going to need it.

Placement of commercials (frequency of) by DirecTV
By -

/// -- I wonder, does the incompetent DirecTV know how to program advertisements (commercials)? Having watched “lollipop - lollipop” computer ad by Dell 11 times in an hour or worse, 37 times in three hours while watching channels 242 & 245. I do not know how anyone can put up with their commercial placement. My finger is numb from hitting the mute button!

New content 6/10/2010. I disliked that "Dell" commercial so much that I will never buy any Dell product. I also was a sort-of; ‘computer-guru' and I previously recommended Dell, but to use on-line help only (NO lousy Dell phone disservice) and I will only bad-mouth ‘Dell” after this. I remember the “lollipop” because it offends me!!! Thanks for your comments, it seems that lots of DirecTV customers are not friends of their commercial frequency and placement. By the way, my Direct TV obligation ended today!!!

FCC or Banking Regulations does nothing to Direct TV for Stealing Funds
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I have cancelled my account with Direct TV. Which between the cancel dates and me contacting them to ship back the equipment withdrew the amount of my bill + the cancellation fee + the equipment charge on the DVD recorder and a HD box. I have contacted Direct TV and seem to get some off shore type customer service people. They keep telling me that they have the authority to charge my credit card. I explained "Yes I understand but you took this from a debit card which I only authorized from a one time transaction."

The representative transferred me to a supervisor after being on hold about 15 minutes another representative or so called supervisor stated the same thing and I would have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a refund check. Now It has been 30 weeks and the same run around.

Why can't the government shut down such activity!!! After looking at all the information and complaints on the web it appears that DIRECTV is just a big Rip Off and they should not be in this business. The FCC should shut them down. I will never have any type of Disk or Direct TV again. There is no customer service just another large company taking advantage of the banking and credit debit systems for their own gain.

"Customer Service" Issue
By -

I recently moved into a new house with a few roommates, and after doing some research decided to sign up for DirecTV for the first time. My roommate, **, put the service under his name and it is tied to his work phone number (**********). When we signed up for the service, they said the technician would arrive to install the dish on Saturday, August 7th, sometime between the hours of 8 and noon. Unfortunately, ** had to travel that day, so I stayed home to await the technician.

I heard nothing from the technician by about 10am, so I tried calling him (at least 3 times with no answer, and no response to any of my voicemails either). Finally, at about 3pm the technician contacted us and said that since he had called us earlier that day and nobody answered, he would not be out to install our service and we would have to wait until the next day (sometime between 8 and 5 pm). As you can imagine, spending an entire weekend trapped in your house while still trying to move in is a less-than-desirable situation.

The issues with the installer didn't stop there after installing our service, he tried convincing us there would be an extra $75 charge for the difficulty of mounting the dish on a flat roof with so many trees around. Obviously our suspicion spiked when the gentleman informed us that it had to be paid on-the-spot, cash only. I only hope that other DirecTV customers haven'€™t fallen for this ploy.

I do understand that this is a subcontractor and not technically employed by you all, but I might suggest a more thorough vetting process for these personnel. They are, after all, the front lines and first impression of DirecTV wearing polos with your logo while entering your customers'€™ homes. Again, though, I realize that you may have a thorough vetting process for your installers and that we may have just gotten the one rotten apple. The issue that really pushed your "customer service"€ over the edge was my conversation with the customer service center.

I'€™m not sure if you record the conversations, but I called 1-800-213-5460 at 2:00pm on Saturday the 7th of August, and spoke with a man named ** (who would not allow me to speak with his manager, nor divulge his last name). ** had many reasons for me that the installer apparently called us (with no record of missed calls or voicemails left) and would not return any of my calls climbing ladders, bad cell reception, etc. He also tried explaining that the installer has the hardest job of anybody involved in the process, myself included (of course he does! I'm paying him! I should'€™t have any job, let alone a difficult one).

I finally told ** that I was not interested in excuses, and I merely wanted to know how the situation was going to be resolved. At this point his response was that if I didn't start acting reasonably he was going to hang up on me. I then asked for his manager and he refused to connect me to one. Finally, I told him that I was a first time DirecTV customer and that this was not a good first impression. His response? "€œLet'€™s keep things straight. You're not even the customer, you're his roommate."

I wonder if John is aware that many young professionals split houses in urban areas (as well as costs such as utilities). Let me assure you, if I want to cancel DirecTV and talk to ** about what happened, he'll be happily on board with my suggestion.

Re-reading the story I just wrote out to you, I still find myself in awe. These people are being paid to represent your company, and are doing so in an absolutely unacceptable manner. I have worked in a service industry for several years, and have learned a few things. First, if you do something extremely well, a customer might tell one person; however, if you do something extremely poorly, a customer will tell 10 people. It is absolutely imperative to the continued success of service companies to provide the absolute best customer service possible.

I would imagine this would be a concern for you all given the increasing competition in the premium television industry. I can tell you one thing: unless something very impressive changes my mind in the near future, you have lost a small sliver of market share forever & I will not be a repeat customer.

Used Car Sales Tactics
By -

I wanted a bundle package- phone, Internet, TV service-so I called a number shown in a newspaper ad reporting to be Direct TV. It later turned out to be a dealer, but that was not explained at the time of the first call. I explained what I wanted and was given rates. The rates given had no mention of a contract or time limit. The bundle option was to be available after the first month's billing with DirecTV. I left the call with the assumption that my order was in and the service people would come to my home three days later between 8 am and 12.

I made this call on a Friday. Returning home from work on Sunday, I was informed that I had to call a DirecTV number to QUALIFY for a rebate, which would assure the pricing I had been quoted. This was completely out of the blue, as the original person I had placed the order with had never mentioned this. I called, and was informed the service had a 24 month contract and there was a 12 period that the rates I had been quoted would be good for.

At this point, I feel an uneasiness with the sales process. I suddenly wanted very much to check with the phone company to make sure there would be no glitches or extra processes to go through to get a bundle package. I asked to cancel at this time.

I had been on the phone for an hour at this time and was told the number I needed to call had just closed and I would need to call at 7:00 am my time to cancel. The workman was to arrive the day of the call. I made a call at 7:00, talked to a salesperson who spoke English with a strong accent and used improper syntax. She attempted five times to had me retain my business with DirecTV, however by this time I had a strong feeling I was dealing with less than reputable people.

Finally she gave me another number I would have to call to cancel. That number was 559-352-1094. When I called this number and explained what I needed, I was told, "that is an interesting story, but we don't work with DirecTV."

I then recalled DirecTV, re-explained what I needed to do, and was given the same number. This time the call was routed through the Philippines and I talked to a **. His mastery of the English language was excellent and he actually cancelled my order. A short time later I did receive a call from the workman to whom I did explain my order had been cancelled. I was promised that my credit card would be credited the amount of the installation. That being stated, my concerns and questions are these:

If you place an order- why aren't you given all the facts, and why do you need to call a second time to get rates you had agreed on. Is DirecTV a buyer beware type of company? In order to cancel, why was I given a run around? Why, if DirecTV is selling in the United States, why don't they have call centers in the United States Why, after the order was cancelled, did I receive three calls concerning my work order?

DirecTV Scams leaving you with nothing
By -

Last year my boyfriend and I signed up for DirecTV. When we called to set up, we were told that we needed to provide a debit/credit account for a $25 activation fee that would immediately be refunded back into the account after installation. We didn't want to do that because we knew how companies can rob you, but my boyfriend gave the representative his account number and the representative promised us that the account would never be used for billing purposes ONLY for that 25 bucks.

Well we waiting a few days and the installer that was supposed to show up never did. He apparently "went to the wrong address" and said that they would send someone out there in the next few days. They finally did and the ** installed the system wrong so we had no signal after he left. We called again and someone "fixed" it but they ran a cable where the opening of our balcony door was. It was a sliding door and we couldn't close it properly and if we closed it fully, our signal was cut.

Then the dog decided to chew the cord (I guess he was telling us we were stupid for signing up and was taking the matter into his own paws) and we decided that DirecTV wasn't for us because we weren't allow to drill holes through the apt. building. We called to cancel and lo and behold, we were in a contract that was never ever mentioned over the phone and we never signed a damn thing. We were told that we had an early cancellation fee of..$325! and that it had to be paid in full. We put the account on a 6 month hold because we didn't have that kind of money to blow. Then I told the representative NOT to turn back on the service after the hold was up.

On this past Saturday, my boyfriend checks his bank account and there was $638 dollars taken out from DirecTV. I called DirecTV very pissed off because I'm 8.5 months pregnant and we need that money for the new baby and food and bills/rent. My boyfriend's account is almost $200 negative too now. They told us that there was nothing that they could do. They apparently sent out a collection box for the receiver/box on January 4th. We never got it. They told us that they were sending other one on Saturday and that after we send their stupid equipment back, we will get back $175.00 and that was it.

So they took money out of an account that wasn't even on the actual account (DirecTV account was in my name, not my boyfriends) that wasn't supposed to be used for billing purposes, we cancelled because their service sucked and we get robbed AND we were lied to about the contract and they turned the service back on after I told them I didn't want it turned back on.

I complained to the BBB and my boyfriend is going to try to get a dispute for an unauthorized withdrawal from his bank account. We doubt we're even going to get a refund and the baby is due next month. Do not and I repeat do not even think about direcTV. They are the most evil company and even top Verizon on my list of "do not sign up for".

DirecTV is THE worst
By -

Coolguy is absolutely right. I suggest anyone in the market for satellite/cable avoid DirecTV. After having Dish Network for 3 years my wife convinced me about a year ago to switch to DirecTV. At first it seemed like a a pretty good deal until the installer showed up. I had been told I was getting a free HDDVR upgrade, however the installer told me the invoice was for a plain HD receiver. I called DirecTV customer service and was told that wasn't even a promotion being offered at the time and that I would have to pay $200 for the premium receiver. When I told her that the salesman had assured me I was getting the premium receiver she apologized and said there was nothing she could do. The salesman LIED to me just to make a sale. I agreed to pay the money and had to wait several more days to get service as the tech didn't have one on the truck. When I finally got service I didn't have the package I was supposed to have. I ordered the choice extra but only had the choice package. I called back up customer service and ended up being transferred several times before the call somehow was cut off. I called back again and ended up on the phone with perhaps the biggest idiot I've met. I explained about the package problem and about the transfers and the call being dropped. The guy assures me "the buck stops here I WILL fix the problem!" He then proceeds to cough in my ear and make weasing sounds similar to a dying wilderbeast for the next several minutes. He then tells me that DVR service is not available with the choice extra package and that ill have to buy NFL Sunday ticket to get DVR service. I said I don't want NFL Sunday ticket, he said I would have to get it or stick with the choice package. We went round and round like this for a while until I became very angry and lost it. I told the guy to come get his satellite off my house that I was done only with a few more "adjectives". he then did the one thing he said he wouldn't and transferred me except that the call was cut off again. I called back yet again and finally spoke to someone competent at their job and immediately got the problem fixed, only took literally 1 1/2 hours to do so! This is not the only example, one time my service was inexplicably cut off, another my DVR service was turned off. For some reason about 3 months in a row I was double billed and it had to be credited back to my account, I was pretty understanding the first time but by the last I was irate. I have spent countless hours on the phone with incompetents contradicting what each other say. all in all their customer service has been the worst I've dealt with. Also their equipment is seemingly inferior. I've had to reset my receiver numerous times because it freezes up. sometimes when fast forwarding through commercials in a recorded movie or show it will inexplicably jump to the end of the show. Then I have to start over and fast forward to where I was. The guide is very slow to load and navigate. All in all its not a user friendly system. If it weren't for the termination fee I would be done today. unfortunately with my current employment situation being a little shaky due to the economic crisis I just can't justify paying it. I was with Dish Network for a long time and I never had a complaint. The only problem I ever encountered was a receiver that went out. I called and within days I had a new one free of charge. Customer service was spot on, I always knew what I was getting and where I stood. No contradictions or lies! The guide and menu were very user friendly and functioned as they should. Just as soon as my contract with DirecTV is up I'm going back to Dish and staying for good. Maybe everyone's experience hasn't been the same as mine but my experience is all I have to base an opinion on. I can't emphasize enough how dissatisfied I am. I highly recommend new customers stay clear of DirecTV and consider Dish Network or look into your local cable provider.

Order Netflix but Read This Before Cancelling Directv
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA -- We were paying $170 per month for Direct, and had its service for 12 or more years. When we discovered Netflix at $8.99 and tried it, there was no way to compare. Direct is a joke compared to Netflix. So, we cancelled Direct. Direct said that we would be charged $320 on our credit card for a cancellation fee if we did. We never gave Direct permission to charge our account, and we called in the payment each month and gave a credit card number. We got statements in the mail each month and assumed we were safe from what we would learn would be done dishonestly by Direct.

When we told Direct that it never had permission to charge us on the card, Direct said no matter, it had our card number and would charge it $320 anyway and there was nothing we could do about it. Here is the solution if you have given Direct a credit card number. If you have Visa, you will probably have to cancel the card and ask for another. If you have American Express, it will put a 4 year block on the card from Direct charges. Do this before cancelling Direct. Just a little time on the phone will do it. Then, and only then, cancel Direct. And tell them to go pound sand. Direct's home office is at 2230 East Imperial Hwy, El Segundo, 90245 and its president is Michael **.

Direct may try to put your non-payment on your credit as a bad report, but sometimes you have to incur such things when dealing with thieves. If you want to make the change over a few months, you can switch to having the bills sent to you by mail and then cancel the Visa. Visa told me it would be 10 days before I could use the card again. If you ask Direct to bill you by mail so you can use a check to pay, it may tell you that it will charge you $2.00 each month for the mail billing service, and you can see why. Direct is like Ebola; once you get it, you can't get rid of it.

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Rating: 1/51

RENO, NEVADA -- I posted this previously in a site for activists against DIRECTV. All the people there were scammed by DTV as well and you can review the banter and make an informed decision which I am sure will lead to you deciding against DTV as your carrier. I have also asked them to post on every Facebook site that advertises DTV and that we all go in search of Google and other sites to post our grievances on so that the public can view them and know not to get involved in DIRECTV's scams.

They are dishonest and very legally binding in their thievery. Look for our posts on all DTV sites before you sign up and save yourselves! Check out DIRECTV Sucks!! In your FB search engine and see more posts. And do not sign up! Following is what they did to me that made me promise them I would be their worst nightmare! Please review it!

My bill with DIRECTV changed every month also. I dropped services constantly and they edited my basic charges to make sure I was not paying under what they wanted me to pay. They said this was in their contract, and there was a small loophole in it that does allow them to change "basic rates" while in contract. So I was locked in for 3 years and they changed my basic rates about 4 times in 1.5 years of that time.

I just left them and it took over a week to get the stuff to send it all back via the mail. Then they hit my act for $166 final charges in early disconnect fees 15 days after the day I said I wanted to cancel. They said this is in the "contract", the "contract" for this being that they put on the last bill that they will bill you 15 days after disconnect "for your convenience". THAT IS NOT A CONTRACT. But since I had given them banking payments it opened the gates for them to steal legally from me. I have reversed the charges via my bank.

From all of the other posts I have seen, they will try to re-bill me again. I have allotted for that money to be a tug of war match until I get the actual money from Charter whom are buying out my disconnect charges for switching over. This may also be a good option for any of you in the NV area who have, like me, signed up for a contract with these thugs. IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED UP WITH DIRECTV DON'T!

DirecTV Is a Rip Off. They Are Shady and Not Trustworthy
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Rating: 1/51

PENDLETON, OREGON -- When we decided to switch to DirecTV we told them that we were moving into a rental while we had a house built. They said no problem. When it came time to move they advised us they were going to charge us over 250 dollars for moving the service. When I explained that we advised them when we that it was a temp move into a rental before we did it and no one mentioned additional charges, all we got was "not a problem". I even explained that they talked to the home owner of the rental we were temporally moving into for approval. In the end we had to pay.

At that point I told them to cancel any and all additional services on the account and I just wanted the minimum. Now we get a bill for NFL channels. They say we didn't cancel the free subscription. Here we are again. Now we are ready to move into the house we had built. We had the DirecTV dish moved here when we move but the house was not built so they set it up for the shop temporary. It was temporary. Now they are going to charge us another 250 dollars to hook up the system to the house - it is a move. I told them it was the same address, how can they charge us a moving fee again for the second time?

They are a money-hungry rip off with no customer service. I bundled with them through CenturyLink which we had service with before for years. Not anymore. DirecTV blamed CenturyLink for not tell us and us for not reading the website. DirecTV is the biggest rip off in the business. CenturyLink is just as bad, stating that we have to deal with DirecTV. No one wants to correct the problem, they just want more money. When I told them I want to cancel, they said they was get a judgment and get the rest of the money for the time left on the contract.

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