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Unprofessional Corporate Behavior
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I signed up for DirecTV service through AT&T and the sales women I spoke to signed me up for a higher priced channel package then I wanted, she also put me down as wanting ALL HD with a DVR (that I didn't want). The sale women also stated that I would receive a $50.00 gift card as part of the promotion they were running for new customers (I never received it ) that was a lie! The only way I believe this happen is there sales people must be getting paid on commission. I ordered the basic channel package without the HD service. I had no idea that the install personnel was giving me ALL HD service equipment. I did ask the installer why was I getting a DVR and he told me it was promotional (no charge), that was a lie. Then the installer told me that he had to collect $30.00 because of the way he had to mount the satellite dish (another lie). DirecTV's corporate office told me that mounting a HD dish on a pole is listed as standard installation, and requires no charge, instead of refunding my money they would only give me $30.00 off my next months bill.

Once I received my first months bill and started asking questions about " why is it so high" that's when I realize what they had done! Every time I talked to a DirecTV personnel (trying to fix the problem) I was told that it would be fixed or that I have HD equipment so I must pay for HD service! After 3 months of trying to get my bill fixed I told DirecTV personnel that I wanted a copy of the audio recording of my sales call, they told me I couldn't have it! So I informed them that I never signed a release form on the rights of my voice so that sales call is as much mine as it is there's. That's when they started trying to work with me and they only fixed my bill after I told them that I would get my Lawyer to subpoena that phone recording for court. After hearing that, they fixed the bill and I still never got a copy of that phone call!

Nine months later we moved to the other side of town and took our equipment and had it reinstalled. Once again ( because we moved) all the problems with the bill started all over. I was told that it was reset by the computer system. So I (again) had to call them over and over trying to get my bill fixed. So again I had to deal with DirecTV personnel telling me that would fix the problem, then they don't. My wife and I talked about what we should do about DirecTV, so I called the cancellation dept asking questions and one thing I was told is that if you cancel a contract early there is a $10.00 charge per month still left on the contract (a lie) . We decided that the best way to deal with our problems regarding DirecTV is to cancel our contract. I called the cancellation department on October 15th @ 11:45am and they tell me it will be a $20.00 fee per month that we were still under contract. During this call I told them that I wanted a itemized bill with all fees and past due amounts sent to me. We never got the bill and DirecTV said they sent it on Oct 27th. They told me that in the letter that I didn't get it stated that if my bill wasn't paid by November 5th that they would take it using a debt card that we had used in the past. On Oct 6th DirecTV took $377.10 from our bank account causing three over draft charges of $30.00 each, that's a total of $461.10 that we weren't ready for. We noticed this on November 11th and called DirecTV @ 8:29am using number 1-800-531-5000. I spoke to DirecTV personnel Sunia #188355, Suzie #100545525 and Marisa #100466211, I noticed that they all had the same accent and asked Marisa "what county are you located in" she responded "the Philippines".

Basically what these Filipinos told me is, I was given enough time to pay so they took the money and they don't care if I got the letter or about the overdraft charges! DirecTV is one of the most unprofessional, un-American corporate entities that I have had the displeasure of dealing with! If a company can't hold up there part of a contract then it should be void! I was still waiting on my bill when they had stolen those funds from my account without my knowledge making them responsible for the over drafts! DirecTV needs to change the way they do business, starting with the sales people and ending with the customer service and people skills of there employees. On a final note there should be some kind of steps that can be taken when someone is canceling there account based on corporate incompetence!
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Billing - Cancellation Policy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ATLANTIC BEACH, FLORIDA -- I had paid for my sister's direct TV for about 7 years because she was on disability and could not afford it. About 3 months ago we decided it was becoming too expensive and changed to AT&T. After being with AT&T for a month she did not like that so we went back to Direct. The representative wanted a bank acct, or credit card which he assured me he would only use for the initial set up. Then they used it for the first months payment. When I called they said they would credit it back, but never did. 5 weeks later my sister died unexpectedly in her sleep, she was only 58.

I called Direct to cancel, but since it is in my name not hers they refuse to do anything other than let me move it to my home and continue the 2 year contract. I have Comcast and was not willing to change my service. So now I own the cancellation fee. He said it cost $1,000 to reconnect my service, well what about all the $1,000's I have paid over all the years I have been a customer and what about all the years I have been a customer. I leave for a few weeks, you wanted me back, now I am back and due to a death I need to leave. The representative told me I LOST my LOYALTY because I left for 5 weeks. So I ask, what would have happened if I had died and not my sister.

Well, if that had happened they would have waived the cancellation fee. I told him with any luck I would go to sleep and die before I got his bill. He offered to call the police if I was going to hurt myself, they do not want to lose that cancellation fee. However, as I have read other complaints I have read of other customers where a husband has died and they bill the wife.

As other replies have pointed out, everyone has a contract today. No one looks at these complaints until you have a problem. But buyers need to BEWARE, ask lots of questions. DirecTV will tell you one thing and do something else. They did it to me and did it to others.. Beware, Beware, Beware. The new motto Customers are always wrong.
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User Replies:

nikalseyn on 2013-11-05:
Please do not pay them any money.
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Unauthorized Bank Withdrawals and Bill/Contract
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I want to say I never had a bad thing I say about direct TV till now. I had there services back in 2000-7 then moved to Utah when it all went to crap. To start with the problem with my bill never being straight also I referred 2 people to the company and still they treat me like just a mother dollar sign. I contracted with direct TV and my bill for the first year should have been 18.75 with all my discounts also they said I would get free show time for 3 months as a trial, I advised them I did not want it. Anyway my very first bill was 80 something dollars !! When I called in to question this I got a whole other story. And the reps are programmed to blame you and tell you your contract and why you signed up for like your a clueless dumb customer. I mean the level of disrespect that some of these reps have is unbelievable! So they said my bill was 80 and that's what it was going to be long story short I have never paid a contracted price like I was told all the discounts they have gave me where lies! Also I'm not on here telling lies just check my bill and my account and you can see how (F'ed) up it really is!! The second year was the worst! They took a customer that loved the service to hate the service! Not only did I spend countless hours wasted on the phone over the years, they have never took the initiative to say they are sorry, and of course why would they care they are a multi billion dollar company.

So to try to shorten it some more, I get to the last few months on my account. My mother advised me she wanted TV service and I was about to say go with dish or cable, what did I do? My dumb ass calls direct TV and sees how I can refer my mother cause she wanted to keep up with Spanish and see the Spanish channels. So I called direct TV and spoke with the representative he advised me that If I changed the service that it would not extended my contract so I called bs I said I want to speak with your supervisor and come to find out the supervisor also confirmed the same thing Mr. Luciano you will not have your contact extended nor will there be cancellation fees your contact ends so the representative said do you want to shut off the TV services now or wait till This November 2013. I said shut them off and sen the last 2 bills via paper to the address stated with my address. The representative supervisor said OK your all set gives me a confirmation number and I think things are finally good!! Hell no I get an unauthorized payment withdrawn from my personal bank checking account for the amount of $104.16 !!! Now wait it get way better. Not only do they pull my money from my account they also say they have current amount due of $68 !! How the hell do you figure if there is only 2 months left to my contract and my normal bill is around $40 that you would take "unauthorized" 104.16 then tell me I still owe another $68?? Even if I paid both months In advanced !! That still doesn't add up!!

Oh but here's the real kicker , out of the blue they said I had an early termination contract ! So that was another fee! Another 9 months they say! If you think I'm out rage well he'll put my shoes on and take the walk ! Even if they said sorry will give you free service for life or 2 years or anything I would tell them no thanks keep the tip cause you don't do business like that! And if they have this recorded they can go back and fire some of the dumb people they hired! This is a company where the left hand doesn't know the right hand is doing. #1 in service ?? Please, spare your self at least be honest and say 75-80 percent approval ratings, tell is like it is, instead of sugar coating it!
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Peggy on 2013-11-04:
Thanks for posting this. I had some of these problems and will post details. DirecTV lied to me and did unauthorized bank drafts and takes a sort of tuff luck attitude. They get a rope around your neck and pull it tighter.
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One frustration after another!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MESA, ARIZONA -- I signed up for what looked like a great bundle package with DirecTV - for combined internet and TV, with 200 channels and 3 DVRs, my bill was to be about $85 a month. Not too bad, right? Well, first of all, when they installer came to my apartment, the FIRST thing he did was ask me for cash so he could go to Home Depot to buy a cinder block. I'm sorry...WHAT??? Either I should have been informed I needed to provide a cinder block, or the tech should have been prepared for what was obviously going to be an apartment install (ie, not allowed to attach the dish to the building). I mean, is that not something that is routinely included with install? I should not have to pay more when I am already paying for "installation". That right there made me super wary of both the tech and the company.

Afterwards, he installed the dish and boxes in one room, then told me he didn't know how to get to one of the other rooms. I'm sorry. Maybe I just had a tech who had NO idea what he was doing, but doesn't it seem like these guys would have come up against everything and be able to figure out how to run wire to another room?

Anyway, after everything was installed, I turned on the boxes and everything seemed to be working, but then suddenly everything went fuzzy. The tech unplugged the box and plugged back in, and it went through the "reloading/rebuffering" for a good 5 minutes before it was back on. This happened no less than 3 times during the tech's visit. He then told me..."Well, hopefully it won't do that again." Guess what? It did. I kept having to unplug and replug it at least twice more that day after he left. A few hours later, he TEXTED me to see if it was working. it just seemed weird to me. Unprofessional.

Fast forward a year. Services worked fairly well, but then I moved into a rented house. I was told that there was a "special" moving deal" and that I would save HUNDREDS! I assumed that meant it would be fairly hassle-free. Nope. I was required to remove the old dis from my patio per my apartment complex, but was told the tech "could not" do that for me, that they would bring a new dish to my new house and just leave the other one there. Sorry...that's not OK! I had to physically cut and remove all the old wires (which were EVERYWHERE by the way), unscrew the giant dish from the 2 cinder blocks, and drag everything down 2 flights of stairs to the dumpster. Why is this my responsibility?

At my new house, I had planned on mounting the dish on cinder blocks before, in the backyard. Well my new tech told me this was not possible. Because the wire would stretch more than 100 feet and I wouldn't be able to get a signal. Not only that, but he said he would have to drill through several outside walls to be able to install in all 3 rooms. I was not allowed per my landlord to mount it on the house. So my only option was to cancel services. I thought I had a very good case, as installation their way was not possible because of my landlord. But apparently that was not good enough for them. I spoke with multiple CS reps, and each one told me they could not waive the early cancellation fee even though it was NOT my fault that I could not install! I mean...what did they expect me to do?? Just pay what was now $150 a month for nothing?? I guess so. I ended up having to pay $240 in early cancellation fees. Now I have Netflix and Hulu and pay $15 a month. DirecTV SO NOT WORTH IT. CS is nonexistent and nobody knows what they're doing.
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User Replies:

John Nicholson on 2013-08-06:
You will come out ahead financially in the end, but you should not have paid them an early cancellation fee. Period. Never pay for something you don't owe. That being said, you now have made the best possible decision by going to streaming via Netflix, Hulu, etc. I dropped cable tv and went to a Roku box costing $50 and we love it. Amazon Prime costs $79 per year, Acorn is $29 per year and there are others. Combined, you can still not pay what you once did for cable/satellite, etc. And, the selection is much better.
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Sexual Channels Suggested to My 16 Yr Old Disabled daughter....plus Ripped OFF
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FARGO, ND, NORTH DAKOTA -- The deals are so good to be true and it's because that are not true. They over charged our account, they never reconnected at the new address because they had to return to run more wires. OMG the guy must not have noticed the cameras we have and he was hitting on my 16 year old disabled daughter. He showed her how to get to the sex channels and suggested a couple.

They at first tried to bundle with Century Link, well both companies were charging us. Direct TV was a direct withdraw from the bank account and Century Link was a bill. That took almost 8 months to dispute and they made as a deal where we still got screwed. ALL in ALL we have never been more dissatisfied with a company. They have wasted more time on the phone with hold and saying they are going to credit the accounts back only to wait another month and the moron we talk to next knows nothing more than the one last month.

The police said they thought a company that sends someone into homes like this would have done better background checks, but the guy said he thought my daughter looked older. We thank god we were home and kept the guy from doing more than suggesting sex channels to a child. Beware they are a rip off. The PO box 6550 Greenwood Village Colorado has yet to respond to our complaint. Maybe that's a bogus address too just like the best rip off company. We have ever seen worse or dealt with more incompetent customer service. I'm not sure I'd suggest another company, I guess we are sticking with Netflix and asked for the direct TV to send us a recovery kit so we can send back all their equipment.
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User Replies:

Harold on 2013-08-12:
My advice get clear terms before you agree. Your bundle? They told you it was a separate bill at the outset. The credit that comes in ADDITION to to the new customer pricing with the internet company take 6-8 weeks to start after initial activation. I made sure to get this info when I joined. As for the techs, it's less DTV and more the local contractor. Both DTV and DISH along with quite a few other companies use the same local contractors available in the area. Change services? fine-- Pedo man will be back when you turn to DISH. lol
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I feel like I was deceived, and sold a product that doesn't work
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- I feel like I was deceived: I was sold the product under the bases that if for some reason (or any reason) I need to get out of the contract that I could talk to the satellite salesman and he could get me out of it without having to pay anything. A Summary of he said would be: "they will try and give you a hard time, but just get ahold of me and you won't have to pay anything to cancel." He seemed like a great guy. But as it turned out I started a new job teaching at a University while I am pursuing more education, and frankly the product didn't work half the time, so I decided I wanted to cancel. I couldn't get ahold of James, I called many times. So I called up direct TV and they told me it was going to be a $380 cancellation fee. They didn't care that it didn't work, I kept on telling them that the dish wasn't accessible (it's up about two stories high on the side of my building) and ice would get on it. So I realized that I wasn't going to get reception for months (because there is ice for months here, also they said that something else was wrong, they man said it was a funny error signal they were getting.) So they were going to send someone out to fix it, but they said it would be $50 dollars or I could sing up for an extra $8 a month for free repairs. I didn't want to sign up for anything more and I didn't want to pay the $50. So I cancelled and paid them the money, I thought it was interesting how they added the last month's bill into the cancellation fee when for a month and a half I didn't have service. The worst part was that I received phone calls from the salesman telling me to package everything up and send it back or it was going to be another 200 and something, but it wasn't him... IT WAS A MACHINE!! with that classic machine woman's voice.

I also got tricked into paying more because they bump up the price if you don't cancel some channels after 3 months. So for a couple of months I was paying 70 something dollars until I went and checked. I hate having to aways check my bank site to see if people are taking the right amount. Anyway it was a bad and I lost a lot of money, but I'm glad I don't have to deal with them anymore.
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Early Termination Fee
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ELMHURST, ILLINOIS -- I am a disabled widow on social security disability. I took out a package a year ago. I fully intended to stay a customer. The picture is great the customer service is helpful and pleasant. I have become unable to stay in my home, which I did not plan. I was an excellent customer and intended to continue to be excellent. It has become necessary to move in with my son and his family. They already have a service in place and do not want a dish attached to their house. Therefore, since I cannot forward my service to a new place I have to pay an early termination fee of $220.00. This a lot of money for me. I have tried to get them to see how unfair this practice to people who have no control over their circumstances to pay this fee. It is not like I am being a jerk or trying to cheat them or be sneaky and ditch them.

But now I must say I am so disappointed to be treated this way that I say be very careful if you die before your 2 years are up your family will probably have to pay $220.00 because you cannot forward your service to heaven.
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User Replies:

DebtorBasher on 2013-01-13:
I can understand your situation and how you feel about this. However, they are only going by their policy and they are treating your situation the same way they would for any other customer who cancels their service (before the contract date) and moves.
If a customer passes away before their contract date, they will simply ask for a copy of the death certificate and the family will not be responsible for any fees. Yes, I know you were being sarcastic when you said that...but, they can not enforce their policy on a case by case basis...that will only cause them lawsuits by people claiming discrimination..."They did it for that customer, but not for me".

It's just one of those situations...and it happens to a lot of people. It's not to be taken personal, it's just business. Good luck to you.
BigAl on 2013-01-13:
The reason they charge an early termination fee is because it cost them money to install their product. If you do not have service for the specified time they lose money. It is better than being charged several hundred dollars to install the dish and equipment.
At Your Service on 2013-01-13:
My compliments to both DB and BA on their comments.

I'm sorry that your circumstances have changed and can understand your frustration over having no control of staying in your own home. As BigAl has stated, though, the alternative is to charge you up front for initial installation of the equipment. Instead of doing this, they produce an agreement that, by purchasing their signal for a specific length of time, they'll cover the initial expenses. Their intent is not to fault you but simply to cover their initial costs.

Best of luck to you.
jktshff1 on 2013-01-13:
Good responses. While I agree they were within their rights, I believe some common sense and compassion would be in line. Provided proof of the problem could be verified, an exception could be made.
madconsumer on 2013-01-13:
when I had directv, they would extend the contract at any time, and when I discovered their MO, I ceased to make contact with them. once my contract was over, and verified by directv, I cancelled my service. but guess what? I was charge a termination fee. when calling directv, they had a different answer depending on whom I spoke with. fortunately, every directv csr told me I had no contract, and it was over.

very helpful review, and voted as such!!
trmn8r on 2013-01-13:
What you are hoping for, and I don't believe you are entitled to, is an exception to the early termination fee policy. Your reason is life events make it necessary to terminate service.

I am sorry to hear about your situation, but I believe that you owe that ETF as agreed when you subscribed.
Fred Smith on 2013-07-11:
Direct tv sucks they will lie to you and cheat you
Kelsi on 2013-09-21:
Was told I wouldn't be charged the 45 since I was returning their equipment, also offered a tracking number, which they wouldn't take and the very same day the took the money out of my account without my authorization-I call this theft. Never do direct tv.

Tami on 2014-01-23:
I wish I'd known about how DirecTv rips off their customers before I'd signed with them. I've been using DirecTv for over five years and have been an excellent customer. Even though I don't use any premium channels, my bill just kept getting higher and higher and higher.

Recently, we had to move for my husband's job. The apartment complex we moved into does not allow satellites. I had to go with cable. This morning, a $300 early cancellation fee was deducted from checking account. Early cancellation fee? Really? After five years? I thought my contract was only for 24 months. I guess they graciously renew it for you after the contract ends. Too bad they don't bother letting you know that.

Sad thing is, this move is only temporary. I'll be going back home and back to satellite in a couple of years. Good thing there's Dish Network.
ashlee pieris on 2014-03-26:
I switched to Direct TV in January of 2014 after being an Optimum Online customer for more than ten years. I have had some issues with Optimum but nothing like what I have been going through with Direct Tv - in short a nightmare.

First, Direct TV's policy of sucking customers for a two year contract is pathetic. We don't even get a trial period to experience what we are getting into and secondly Direct TV promises are all lies.

When I initially called them to sign up, I questioned if their service is comparable to that of triple play (TV, internet and phone) service I had then with Optimum for $105 per month. Direct TV assured that theirs were better than that of Optimum. The basic TV package I got from Direct TV for $48 per month was nowhere near the Optimum service. I then had to pay $84 to go to the next level but still Direct Tv service was not par with that of Optimum.

I then asked Direct TV if I could get out of the contract but they told me the same. Pay $20 per month for the remaining months, ie-$440. Direct TV is a rip off, be aware.
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Changed my plan without asking me!
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
EAST BAY, CALIFORNIA -- I been a direcTV customer since 2008, prior to that I had Dish Network in which I cancelled after a year and switched to DirecTV since dish seems to have their customer service outsourced and can't understand what their agents say over phone specially when I had a tech issue. DirecTV was great and their customer care is US based which was great and they offer more HD channels and strong signal to withheld strong wings and rain. Everything was going good my bill was the same and the service reliable. I decided to upgrade my service so I can add another receiver for my sisters room, a month pass and the service was still the same it wasent until 2 months after I upgrade when I came home from work I noticed I was missing channels one of them being comedy central and a few Spanish channels my mom likes to watch. The next day I call DirecTV to complain about the loss of channels and the representative who helped me told me that my package has always been the same as soon as he told me what package I had I told him I never switched it since it was a grandfathered package before, the representative said I always had it so I told him to check old statements and he finally believed me, unfortunate for me the representative couldn't change the package back to the old one since it was no lover available but promised me to give me a better one with premium channels included for 3 months and would apply credits so my bill would be around the same price. After 3 months passed my bill went back up and that's when I wanted to cancel service, so I call the representative gave her my reason why I wanted to cancel and asked me if she can fix my bill for now until I decide to cancel service if I would continue to be a customer, I agreed since I still had a year in a half left on my contract and with high penalty fees. What she ended up doing was transfer me to another department I explained the same situation with this new representative and she put me on hold for about 5 minutes and decided that I will maintain the package I have with the premium movie channels and will apply a $60 credit for 6 months and I will need to call again before the 6 months are up so they can reapply the credit for another 6 months. I do appreciate DirecTV for working with me and owning up to their mistake they made with my account and keep me as a customer. My 6 months are not up yet but I will find out if this is true that every 6 months my account will be credited $60, if not I'm going to cancel the service and decided wether I should switch to U-verse or Comcast.
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Unbelievable billing screw ups - DO NOT GO WITH DIRECTV!! BUYER BEWARE
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN -- I am extremely disappointed in the customer service of DirecTV. My mother & I live in the same household and split the monthly bill equally. Each month we mail our check payments in the one payment envelope provided by DirecTV clearly marking out payment amounts and our account number to apply the payment. A few months ago DirecTV attempted to overcharge our check payments by $30 each. Our 2 checks were each for $37.70 but DirecTV cleared our bank for $67.70 each check. I immediately saw this discrepancy and was actually amazed that my bank deducted that amount since the check clearly was written for $37.70.

I contacted my bank and they immediately reversed the extra $30.00 overpayment. My mother then contact DirecTV and after spending 15 minutes on the phone with customer service, they still were unclear as to what had occurred. Finally after speaking to a "supervisor" it seemed the problem was resolved. We received a new bill that, although confusing, ended up with the correct balance due. The next monthly statement was correct and the payments processed with no errors but apparently because the payments were $.1 different. The 2 months we received the monthly statement which resulted in (2) payments of $40.99 which we mailed by 2 separate checks in the same envelope.

The checks were processed CORRECTLY and the next monthly statement was mailed to us. Now get this, here is the amazing part! A week and 1/2 later DirecTV decided that they had to make a payment correction taking the incorrectly processed payment amounts (only 1 check portion mind you) back from the 2 months prior that had been resolved and assess our account an additional $30. When I contacted customer service, and mind you I was very calm (in the beginning anyway), I clearly and methodically explained the whole situation to the supposed supervisor (no point in starting with someone who eventually have to send me to their supervisor). His response, after he had to have me explain it again and he still didn't seem to understand, was that they had sent us a check back for the overpayment! WHAT! Remember, there had been no overpayment this time so this makes no sense. Also, there has been no check received yet. So, instead of cancelling out the $30 charge they applied to our account because someone decided they needed to mail us a $30 check (make sense to ANYONE?!) and voiding out this supposed check he tells me that he doesn't understand what the problem is, all we have to do now is cash the check and make another payment.

He is not worried about the apparent pattern of inaccurate billing processes that are occurring under his watch. Instead of trying to display any modicum of customer service he tells me that in the future we should only send one check in the envelope. So basically, it's our fault that the customer service representatives are inept at performing their job. IF I CAN WARN ANYONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT CHANGING TO DIRECTV - DO NOT DO IT!!! I can only imagine what other issues and concerns lie beneath the surface of this company. BUYER BEWARE!!!
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User Replies:

tnchuck100 on 2012-07-02:
Might I suggest in the future send them only one check. Work out the split payment between you and your mother. Do not involve DirecTV in this payment sharing.

Obviously the people you have been dealing with would starve to death if you moved their dinner plate 1 inch to the left.
trmn8r on 2012-07-02:
I agree with the first reply. While in an ideal world, they could efficiently process multiple checks, obviously this company is incapable of that. You can avoid the issue by sending only one. You know what they say - "you can't fight city hall."
Anonymous on 2012-07-02:
It is my understanding that they process checks electronically, meaning they don't actually deposit your check, they just take the account number and process your payment like a credit card transaction. This is why the bank debited your account for $67, not $37.
And I'm going to third sending one check, not two. Or better yet, pay the bill online, you should be able to make two separate payments using each of your account numbers.
Amy on 2012-07-03:
Or another option would be to send a money order for the total correct amount. Old fashioned these days I know but it avoids them having access to any more money than you sent and any billing issues because of incorrect amounts being taken. Send it with return confirmation so you know they got it.
Misty123 on 2012-08-06:
It is very strange that DTV cannot seem to understand a simple thing as this because it is in their favor not to.You don't want DTV to have access to your account and especially 2 accounts! In case you have problems in the future,you might also want to change your account #'s so DTV does not have access to them. pay them with money orders and keep all receipts.
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HARBOR SPRINGS, MICHIGAN -- My problem with DirecTV started before I even had service. Won't go into how but I ended up spending six hours total, talking with representatives on several occasions by phone. On my April 7th call, and after talking for three hours (the day before Easter) and my telling them over and over that I wanted to terminate the service (had a three way conference with an AT&T representative and a DirecTV rep)my phone dropped the signal (AT&T signal). I should have thought about hanging up earlier! During that call, it was also discovered there were two separate accounts set up for me, which would explain why I was getting totally different answers every time I called them. I was also billed for a movie that I did not order. I never order movies on PPV. Can't afford it for one, and can't sit that long for another. After receiving a bill for $130, then a few days later another bill for $160 and a few days ago another one for $190, they had the gall to say that I had not terminated the "DirecTV" portion with them on the 6th, even though AT&T said they had that information. DirecTV said I was still on the plan because I had not called them. Anyone who calls DirecTV knows that you will eventually end up talking to AT&T because they are working together now. You never know which one you are talking to because they pass you around. I had not had any service since April 6th because they dropped my signal (I hadn't paid my bill). My service started on March 1 and they dropped my signal on April 5th! So, you better not be late or your service will be dropped right away. I was waiting for a revised bill (which I was supposed to get per a previous call).

The reason I went with DirecTV was because they had a promo bundle where I was to save money per month over cable TV for television and internet service. The agreement was for Choice package to be $51.50 per month and internet service for $14.95 per month. I am living on disability only and I was trying to cut costs. Doesn't it make sense that if I signed on as a bundle promo, that when I cancelled it would obviously be the whole bundle? Yesterday, I finally lost it on the phone while talking to a supervisor, who had no intention of listening to me! You know the saying, "_______ is driving me nuts?" Well, I actually did!! Cried the rest of the day after they told me they were going to send me my final bill which would include $440 for early termination!!!! I am disabled with multiple shoulder surgeries, recently I had eight vertebrae fused, and rods running the full length of my back, breast cancer, among plenty other problems, I also take meds for chronic depression.

I have never been one to believe in suing anyone. I always thought that was a lazy persons way to try to get money. After all this aggravation for a whole month, and if I receive a bill for aforementioned "services" I most certainly would not hesitate. I am so angry with the whole lot of them. Problem being, I don't have the money to do it. Does this sound like they have the right to bill me for everything they have said they could? I am still afraid of what may be heading my way. I do hope, however, they keep their "recordings" of all conversations. Anyone listening to these would have no problem finding that I definitely did cancel. Please do not go through these circumstances by going with DirecTV.
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Pirate on 2012-04-27:
Man O' Man this seems like a mess. Seems like you don't want to "bundle" internet with any provider as neither wants to step up and be responsible. Good review.
Cwazychicken on 2012-04-28:
Direct tv does not care about people. They don't care if you are disabled, dying, or dead. If you owe a bill they will try to get it any way possible. They will add fees and a disconnection fee for early disconnection. They are sneaky and I would never get involved with them.
jonthethird on 2012-04-28:
Crazy, DirecTv offers a contract and once you sign, demands you stick to it. My objection is to the actual contract, as it is written to give DirecTv all the power.
Cwazychicken on 2012-04-28:
Yes I know that, but it sucks they don't offer alternative ways to deal with people who can not use direct tv any more because they have to go to a nursing home. My aunt threatened to sue them so they got the bill off my grandmothers debt.

My grandmother signed up via her phone company and they never told her the terms and conditions. So my aunt had a case.

I know the contract says it all but sometimes they tend to automatically renew a contract when one is up. My grandmother had hers for at least 3 years so she shouldn't have been under contract still.
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