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They sell tires. Sales is their goal. Not tire care.
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Rating: 1/51
LEON VALLEY, TEXAS -- 2 weeks ago, came in as tire pressure light was on. They looked at the age of my tires and said I needed new tires. ( $ sales job $). I purchased the tires and 20 miles later the sensor is on again. I go back and now I'm told they will check the tire that has less air of the 3. Shouldn't they have done that 2 weeks ago? Oh no, not on that Saturday, that was $ sale $ day, not customer service day.
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All Wheel Drive Scam
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RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a loyal customer of Discount Tires in the Raleigh, NC area for years. That all changed this week when I found that I had a nail in the sidewall of one tire. I called the local store and they happily had two tires ready for install in a couple of hours at a reasonable price. The problem began when the salesperson told me that since my car had the 4Matic system and my older tires were a little more than 2/32nds different that the new tires, that if I drove it off the lot I would be doing serious harm to the differential. He even went to far as to have me sign a release that he had warned me that to only remedy is two purchase two more tires. I call the Mercedes service department and was informed that I ran no such risk and they had never heard anyone make that kind of claim.

I can only infer that this was a sales person trying to take advantage of me. CALL YOUR DEALERSHIP IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!
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dan gordon on 05/09/2009:
that's actually a very common recommendation to people driving all wheel drive vehicles. Its not discount tires, but I've had the same advice from several tire repair shops when I tried just to replace one tire they said I should replace all four. Mercedes may be different but Subaru agreed with the tire shop.
Anonymous on 05/09/2009:
All the tires on an all-wheel drive vehicle must closely match. That tire shop was absolutely correct that the small difference would damage the differential. I have had two cars, both Subaru w/all-wheel drive, and had the same experience the OP had. When contacting Subaru about it was told the same. Even if you only had to change one tire you may have to change all 4 just to avoid transmission damage and possible handling problems.
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Bait And Switch
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TROY, MICHIGAN -- Buyers beware I called the discount tire in troy and was quoted a tire price on a Kelly tire of 59.00 dollars and made a appointment to come in to the store. when I got to the store the actual price was closer to 80.00 dollars and when they went to install the tire it wasn't a Kelly tire but some cheap tire they said was a Kelly even though it didn't say Kelly anywhere on the tire when I questioned the sales person about this he talked down to me like I was just a stupid woman.when I pressed him further he admitted that the tire was not an actual Kelly brand tire but said he was told to represent this tire as a Kelly by his management.

I canceled my order and left the store and vowed never to purchase anything from this company and to worn others of this shady practice of this company.
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Anonymous on 04/05/2008:
I have always gotten great service from Discount Tire. A few years ago all four of my tires were slashed and Discount Tire sold me four new tires for just over $100. A week ago I ran over a sharp piece of metal and Discount Tire gave me a brand new tire for $14 without the warranty (I'm getting rid of my car soon so I don't need the warranty). I love this company and will only go to them for tires. I have never had a problem with them treating me like I was an idiot because I am female.
steady998 on 11/23/2008:
Lady Tire Buyer, you go girl!! I had the same lousy chauvanistic attitude myself because I was a woman thereby myself. I also wrote a complaint about them and their B.S. ad for free flat fix. This in one of the dirtiest group of lying jerks I have ever dealt with. I wouldn't buy a lawnmower tire from these liars!

TIRES PLUS is now my tire company. They aren't as desperate for money and don't instantly try to rip off customers to keep from going bankrupt. After my experience with Discount, I ordered new tires from them and they gave me a super deal.
sceptic on 12/15/2009:
You probably got the $59.00 price for the tire itself, and failed to ask if there were any additional charges for installation, tire disposal, etc. As for it being a Kelly tire, it most likely was. Discount Tire carries a line of tires called Arizonian, which is manufactured by Kelly, and they only difference is the print on the sidewall. It says Arizonian instead of Kelly. He was told to represent those tires as Kelly tires because they ARE Kelly tires. They reason they talked to you like a dumb woman is because you obviously acted like one in this situation.
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ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN -- Went in for a free tire pressure check, they tell me that they found metal shards in both my back tires. I ask to see these shards, they REFUSE to show me! They instead show me my two flat back tires! VERY SNEAKY! They punctured both my tires so I would have to buy TWO new tires!

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MDSasquatch on 10/22/2010:
This doesn't sound like the Discount Tire I know and love....
Anonymous on 10/22/2010:
So what you are saying is you brought your truck in, with 2 perfectly fine back tires, they were supposed to just give you a pressure check, and all of the sudden you have 2 flat tires in the rear? woah......
Weedwhacked on 10/22/2010:
Sounds like a scam to me.
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Discount Tires A Rip Off
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Discount Tires, on Sunset in Hollyood.

1) Didn't know what they were doing when they evaluate my tires.
2) Changed what they were doing midway and didn't adequately inform me.
3) Sold me a damaged tire.
4) Are too expensive.
5) I would not recommend them if you were running on rims.
6) I would never go there again.
7) They don't know what they are doing.
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User Replies:
goduke on 07/20/2010:
I'll bite.

How do you know they didn't know what they were doing when they evaluated your tires? How did they change what they were doing in midstream? What evidence is there that they tire was damaged at time of sale and they should have known it? How much more did you pay than what you would have paid somewhere else?
Anonymous on 07/20/2010:
This review, as written, is NVH without details.
MDSasquatch on 07/20/2010:
I love Discount Tire; I had their warranty and blew a brand new $175 tire after a month; drove back to the DT and had a new tire in under 30 minutes at no charge. When the valve stems on my tires were recalled, they sent me a letter and paid for all four stems (I was out of the area and a DT wasn't close).

They are one of the few companies I trust
saj80 on 07/20/2010:
I, too, have used Discount Tire in the past, without any problems, and will use them again. As previously cited, you give no explanations or details in your rant.
andbran on 07/20/2010:
I never had a problem with Discount Tires. whebn my tire literally blew, they look on the computer for my tire size.
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/20/2010:
I have to agree with the others - have bought many, many sets of tires there. Have sent plenty of friends and family there as well - never a complaint and they have always beat the best price I could find elsewhere.
Starlord on 07/20/2010:
We bought a set of Yokohama tires for our Dodge Dakota SLT when we moved to Washington. They rotate the tires on a regular basis and check the balance on them, all at no charge. Tthe tires are lasting quite well, and we intend to buy from Discount when it is time to replace this set. I agree with goduke, you make a lot of accusations, but have nothing to show that they are merited. The devil is in the details.
Anonymous on 07/20/2010:
I personally don't care for Discount Tire, at least the dealership in my area. The one and only time I went in there to look at tires, they looked and felt cheap, almost like a plastic. Instead I bought a set of Michelins and they've lasted me over 3-yrs and two trips to the West Coast, without even so much as a flat(knock on wood). The whole set only cost me $600.
nankpax on 01/20/2011:
Discount Tire in Lacey, WA is pretty great. Very nice, very professional and the prices are right. Last time I was in there, they very discreetly hooked up a rather poverty stricken looking man with some used tires, better than what he had, and he promised to come in the next month and buy some new tires. (The man was pretty hard of hearing is how I know about it.) I thought that was pretty outstanding.
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