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My Worst Internet Purchasing Experience Ever
By -

CERROS, CALIFORNIA -- I had my worst Internet purchasing experience ever with discount-tires-2go. These people are frauds and basically crooks. I have never written a review of any online purchases I have made in the past, however, I feel duty-bound to warn consumers of this company. I purchased 8 tires from this website on 12/18/08. I was annoyed to receive a phone a few days after I had placed my order- long after I expected my tires to be en route- informing me that 4 of the tires were out of stock. I told the company to please send the remaining four tires. My credit card was charged immediately for well over $400.

I had specified ground shipping but became suspicious when the tires were not delivered in a week and a half. I called back and after being put on hold for a half hour, spoke to Mikel in "customer service". I use the term "customer service" loosely- you will actually be lied to, put off, and given the runaround. If you ever are directed to Mikel- ask for someone else immediately. I was in contact with Mikel almost daily for over two weeks- each time being placed on hold for a half hour before speaking to anyone.

I was alternatively told that my order had shipped or given promise after promise that he was "going into the warehouse to look for my order." Mikel was always "still trying to look the order, man." I listened to two weeks worth of lies and excuses, being told by everyone Mikel was the top customer service manager and the only one who could help me. If anyone out there is listening Mikel needs to be fired.

Finally I was able to talk with someone different. I spoke with Andy and Michelle in the accounting department. Again, I had to wait half hour each time to speak with something human. Attempts to call the direct line to any employees always got the voicemail and my calls were never returned by anyone but Michelle. Meanwhile, I was sliding around on the ice with bald tires for a month and no money to get new ones.

Finally someone refunded my money- I think it was Michelle. Mikel finally called me back and apologized for lying and told me he was the one that made sure I got the refund. I doubt it, I think he wanted to keep his job. Even an employee at Discount-tires-2go told me that the company was a mess and never to do business with them again if I wanted to have something to show for my money. I asked to speak with the owner but have never been contacted.
Stay away from this company. Do your research and you will find that I am just one of many victims. I will never make an online purchase with the same confidence ever again. - Defrauded in Indiana

Should have listened
By -

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA -- I was looking for tires for my Corvette, not an inexpensive thing to do ~$1000 for 4 tires. TireRack has been my favorite, but Discount Tires 2Go had about $100 lower price. Website is really challenging to order from as you better know what manufacturer and size you want. But given TireRack told me that, I knew what to order. I placed the order Sunday and then looked to see what others had done. Whoops! The only other review was on this site and complained about customer service, delayed shipping, etc.

I called Monday - the customer service representative seemed surprised I was calling so soon to see about the order. She said to wait a couple days, after my credit card had been charged I would get an email with shipping information. Tuesday 5 pm, called again - for me 48 hours was enough to process my order. I waited 45 minutes on hold for a customer service representative and finally called on a second line to speak to sales. Surprise, surprise - two rings and I got a sales person. I hung up the first line to customer service.

After about five questions about my order and not really getting any confirmation, I told the sales representative that after waiting for 40 minutes on hold, I had already emailed a cancellation notice and wanted to confirm in person as well. I was prepared to rescind the cancellation had it sounded like this company had any idea what they were doing. He said the tires were in stock. He never said the company had processed my order.

I have no idea what this company is really all about, but beware. I am glad I got this cancelled before I was sorry. I turned around and ordered from TireRack, got confirmation in 60 seconds, including ship date and expected arrival date to my home. I know what business TireRack is in.

By -

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered tires online from Discount Tires 2Go on 05/04. On 05/09 I was informed by Andy the tires I ordered were on back order. An alternative tire was selected and ordered on 05/09 and I was told by Andy they would ship right away. On 05/12 I talked to Andy and then Lonnie (Tire Manager?) who gave me an invoice number to track the package through UPS. On 05/14 the invoice number I received did not show any tires shipped through the UPS Tracking System.

I again talked to Andy on 05/14 and he stated he would cancel the order for the tires and not charge any fees. I also talked to Lonnie and he stated if the tires did not already ship he would cancel the order. I asked Lonnie for a cancellation number and he informed me he could not obtain that information. I thought this to be odd. I again reiterated to cancel the order and Lonnie stated he would if the tires did not already ship.

On 05/29 my credit card was charged $412 for the tires and they are currently being shipped to my address. Two weeks should have been plenty of time to cancel the order prior to shipment. I believe Discount Tires 2Go and Lonnie the Tire Manager are being very deceptive therefore the reason for this post. In the meantime I bought tires from with no problems and had them installed by one of the listed recommended installers. But now I have tires being shipped I do not need and will have to return them. My guess is Discount Tires 2Go will now try to charge me for the return and restocking which I believe I should not have to pay.

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