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Discover Card Ripoff!! Bait and Switch!!!
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE, OHIO -- I was given an offer that if I spent 3000/month Aug-December 2013 I would get a 500 reward. I called periodically to make sure I was on track for each month. Always happily told I was on track. Come end of December, after I have spent over 15,000 on their card, now they tell me they have no record of "signing up" and there is "nothing they can do."

Why do they structure their program with all these confusing sign ups - signs ups for this and that. I believe I did sign up, but even if I missed... They got the benefit of the bargain - over 15,000. What normal business would get what they were after from a customer and then not come through, paperwork details be damned? Assuming they actually cared about their relations with a customer, that is. The whole purpose of the promotion was presumably to get customers to use their card more. Not only will they not achieve that goal with me, they will get a counterproductive result as I will cancel the card.

Supervisors pretend they have no authority, or worse, they are chained to ridiculous corporate policies that require treating customers like crap. I have no room for ridiculous people or organizations in my life. They use confusing and proliferating sign ups to rip off customers! That is their business model!

Discover Closed My Current Account And Sent It To Collections
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I received a called from a debt collection agency asking me how I wanted to pay off my Discover Card debt. Told them there was a mistake. Had my card since 2004 with never a late payment. Balance had been at 0 many times. Always paid more than minimum when there was a balance and my payment had just posted that day. I called Discover and after many transfers was told that they had closed my account because they discovered that back in 2008 I had filed bankruptcy (my balance with them was 0 at the time). They never informed me, just closed it and sent to collections! They said it was policy and basically, too bad.

Now, that will show up on my credit, when I have worked hard to re-establish my credit again over these years. NEVER AGAIN. The debt collection people offered to reduce the debt and since I was going to pay Discover off in a few months, I will now pay it all off to the collection agency. BEWARE.

Do Not Apply For A Discover It Student Card!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS, TEXAS -- Do not apply for the Discover It Student Card! They do not have standards for approving or denying applications. My twin sister and I will both be college freshmen in the fall. In order to start building our credit history we both applied for the Discover It Student Card. We applied on the same day with virtually the same information. Neither of us have had credit cards before. We worked at the same grocery store for the same amount of time. We have the same address, birth date, etc. Essentially, in the eyes of a credit card company, we have identical credit histories.

My sister's application was approved. My application was denied due to “insufficient credit history.” They claimed that I had to get a co-applicant. I called the supposedly “stellar” customer service, and I was transferred from department to department. I was forced to explain my situation repeatedly and still no one was able to give me a straight answer as to why my TWIN sister with the SAME credit history was approved while I was denied.

All the representatives refused to review my application again. They just kept saying I had “insufficient history” and needed a co-applicant. They refused to tell me why my sister didn't need one even when I had her authorize them to provide us with the information. My father has had a Discover card for a while, but needless to say my entire family is leaving Discover for good. I gave this card a chance because it's supposed to be the best student card out there. Instead, I got horrible treatment and evasive representatives who don't care about potential customers at all.

One Missed Payment. My Fault Due to Temp Illness.
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Rating: 4/51

I missed the July 2 payment due to temp illness and loss of timely control of my accounts. Once you review my account you will see I am never late, always early with payments exceeding the minimum by 3-5 times the minimum amount. I request respect to this missed payment. If we are not able to reach an agreement to adjust my credit history with Discover, I will request my cash back bonus to be applied to balance and I will pay off the entire amount to account ending in **. I will keep the card but the use of it will be minimal if at all.

If I do not receive acceptable results the balance of $1811.93 minus the bonus of $35.32 will = $1776.61. This will be mailed the day I hear your reply. If my account does not warrant your interest then we part ways.

Fraud Prevention Failure
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Signed up over the phone with Sightly. They advertise small business. Sightly is a scam they sell a service they don't provide as a one month trial and charge your card every month. No one answers the phone and they fight you at the credit card company. Discover was contacted the second month of these charges. They put it in dispute, then they say that Sightly has presented proof of terms and conditions. They will not consider a recurring charge as fraud.

Anyone who gets your card number can charge you as much as they like according to the Discover representative. Discover calls this a recurring charge and it is your problem to sort out with the merchant. In Sightly's case not answering the phones makes this difficult. Hundreds of others have the same problem with this company and it is all over the web. Discover couldn't care less. Discover fails at fraud prevention.

Company Response 05/28/2013:

Unfortunately I do not have any of the customer's contact info to contact them directly to try to resolve this matter.

I'm sorry to hear that your experience with our service was not satisfactory. We work hard to get great results for all our local business clients and are disappointed when one is unhappy.

We create and manage local video and mobile ad campaigns for thousands of very satisfied clients every month and we understand every business is different. We also know local business owners and managers are pulled in multiple directions each day. They may not always have time to spend on marketing. We try to work closely with them, especially in the beginning of the program, to make sure things get set up right.

Then, depending on many factors like how competitive the industry is and where the business is located, results can take a little time to gain critical mass. Of course, we try to manage expectations but it's understandable most people want instant results. That may not be realistic for some businesses.

But one thing is for certain, we are here for one main reason -- to help local businesses get leads and customers. We bend over backwards to deliver results to our clients and we are proud of our team and their track record.

We tightly manage what our sales representatives say so as not to mislead prospective clients and our many thousands of happy clients would attest to the effectiveness of our program. But despite best efforts, you can't always please everyone. Dissatisfied clients can always contact me at and I will ensure we will do everything we can to resolve their issues to their satisfaction.

Ryan Borders
Sightly, Inc.
VP of Operations

Discover Facilitates Unscrupulous Merchant Charges
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I used my Discover Credit Card on 6/29/12 to retain the services of a merchant. He took my card and requested my signature for the $1000 retainer. I signed & we proceeded to draw up a "services agreement". On 8/10/12 an email from Discover Card notified me of additional new account balance due of $3000. The charges made by the same merchant were uninvoiced/unauthorized & alarming because the credit limit on my Discover Card was not high enough to accommodate the charges.

I phoned the merchant to refute the charges & remove them from Discover Card. Office staff were unable to help and advised the merchant would get back to me the next day. For 4 days I attempted to contact the merchant & on each occasion was given a different account of the merchants' whereabouts. With increasing alarm, I contacted Discover Card by telephone & letter on 8/16/12 to alert them to my problem.

Much to my shock Discover Card increased the credit limit on my account thereby accommodating the merchant's charges. In spite of my attempts to resolve the issues with the merchant and submittal of supporting documentation to Discover showing inaccuracies on invoices, Discover refuses to remove the charges.

Discover's actions in this matter have shielded the merchant from normal responsibility to justify charges and have made Discover an accomplice to the merchant's unsavory business/billing practice. I'm stressed and exhausted and need HELP! Never before experienced lack of protection & partiality to merchant.

Beware of Discover Student Loans
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Beware of Discover Bank Student Loans. When you apply for and obtain the loan, your loan will almost immediately be sold off to Great Lakes Bank and then the trouble begins. As Great Lakes mishandles your paperwork, in my case sending me documents in mail initially then suddenly, without my knowledge, they start sending docs to a 1997 address. This older address I had never used on any form or given to them. Then, without my knowledge they take a student loan currently in deferment several years before student graduation and put it into repayment mode.

Then sending items to the 13 year old address they get no response and then wreak havoc on your credit report. When you finally discover what they did you call them and they blame Discover Bank saying they sent them the wrong address! When you call Discover Bank they blame Great Lakes saying they can't be responsible! Neither will take responsibility and you get nowhere. Horrible service, rude on the phone, avoid, avoid, avoid!

It Does Not Pay to Deal With Discover
By -

Please be aware of the ill-practices of Discover. They are nothing but crooks disguised as a reputable company. I dealt with breast cancer last year and they put me in a six month program @ 3.99% and I agreed to have the amount taken directly out of my checking account.

What they did not tell me was that it was only a six month program, so when the 7th month came and they money was not taken I called them. They told me my account was past due and my interested rate jumped to about 18%. I have been unable to get any cooperation from them in terms of decreasing my interest rate.

I pay more than my minimal payment every month and I have been unable to make a dent in the balance. They are rude and uncaring. Please do us all a favor and don't do business with them and tell everyone you know the truth about Discover, they are nothing but crooks.

I've Discovered I'm Better Off Using Visa or Mastercard
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- This year I decided to do my holiday shopping online with my Discover card. On Monday, I made about 5-6 purchases totally about $250 on & they all appeared to go through. Mind you, I wasn't even close to my limit, which is $1,000. On Tuesday night, I received 5-6 emails from Amazon stating I needed to re-enter my credit card info. So I did & they appeared to go through just fine. On Wed. a. m., I went to the grocery store and tried to purchase some food w/my Discover card. It was declined. I called their customer service - and they told me a fraud alert had been put on my account, they agreed to remove the fraud alert right away. They didn't phone or email me, even though they had this info. on file. I asked them why purchases during the holiday season (in small amounts) that were shipped to my street & billing address were declined. I had to go back into my Amazon account & re-enter the credit card information for each purchase. So now it's Thursday, 12/16 and I get home from work tonight to find 6 new emails from Amazon - yes, Discover Card declined my purchases AGAIN. I called Discover & they told me their automatic fraud detection system was sensitive to the activity on my account (Hello? Six purchases during the Christmas shopping season?). So now I have to try to go do my holiday shopping this weekend, when I have absolutely no time - and am starting from scratch at the last minute, all thanks to Discover. Of course, I won't use my Discover card at the register because I'm afraid of setting off their overly-sensitive fraud detection system - and I'll be embarrasssed in public when the cashier says, "It was denied"! So why bother having a credit card when they don't let you use it? Their fraud detector would probably cause problems when traveling or on vacation, as I can only imagine how badly it would react to charges coming from another country! I'm closing this account - they are ridiculous & their customer service reps kept reading scripts to me, which only served to anger me off more. They kept telling me their fraud detection system was for my benefit, but if it prevents me from actually using the card when I need it, how is it beneficial to me. So how is that good for me? I've discovered I'm done with Discover.

By -

Their website messed up apparently in the middle of me scheduling a payment for a month later. A payment went out the wrong month and overdrafted my bank account. I called immediately when I saw it and even my bank. My bank charged an overdraft fee to which they gave me it back and Discover of course couldn't get payment so I was returned my funds. Little did I know from no one telling me anything that it would go in again for payment. As soon as I saw it I called them and the person said it will go in 2 times and if not paid the money will return to you. Well of course my bank charged an overdraft fee again to which this time I couldn't get it returned. The woman at my bank said it's wasn't their fault, to go after Discover since it wasn't authorized, she said most companies will send it 3 times. I said your kidding, the woman I had talked to said 2 times. I got home and called the bank and asked to do a stop payment on the thing, since I was getting overdrafts from them and already $35 in the hole with the bank because of Discover's tricks. I called Discover to complain and see about getting my overdraft fees returned to me since my bank wouldn't. Well Discover wouldn't and she said we send it up to 3 times, I said I was told it was 2 times, she said no it's 3 times. So I said now my bank will slam me for $70 for you idiots sending in a 3 payments in a weeks time when I clearly don't have the money in there this month for it. I called my bank back and asked about doing a stop payment, I said I am getting slammed with fees from you because of them. She put it in and waived my fee, so hopefully I don't get slammed with another $35 fee from my bank, I just checked my account and the payment is trying to process. I am sooooooo sick of Discover, once my balance is paid off, that's it no more Discover for me. (I have been a customer since 1995.)

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