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Will Not Help
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Rating: 1/51

Discover card will not work out a reduced payment plan. Over the last few years I had major surgery, was out of work for 8 months, and had physical restrictions for one year at work. The company I work for was later sold and a 5 year pay freeze has occurred with no future increase. At this point I joined a debt settlement law group to work with paying off my credit cards. Discover refuses to negotiate with them or even me. I was put into collections soon as the debt settlement group contacted them.

It's an endless circle with Discover. They will not accept or negotiate a lump sum payment (that is available at this time). They will not even contact me to negotiate. My other credit cards are working with the program. I am an older person with mild disabilities - where I still work but lose about 4 intermediate days unpaid a month. Help!!!

Beware of Discover Student Loans
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Beware of Discover Bank Student Loans. When you apply for and obtain the loan, your loan will almost immediately be sold off to Great Lakes Bank and then the trouble begins. As Great Lakes mishandles your paperwork, in my case sending me documents in mail initially then suddenly, without my knowledge, they start sending docs to a 1997 address. This older address I had never used on any form or given to them. Then, without my knowledge they take a student loan currently in deferment several years before student graduation and put it into repayment mode.

Then sending items to the 13 year old address they get no response and then wreak havoc on your credit report. When you finally discover what they did you call them and they blame Discover Bank saying they sent them the wrong address! When you call Discover Bank they blame Great Lakes saying they can't be responsible! Neither will take responsibility and you get nowhere. Horrible service, rude on the phone, avoid, avoid, avoid!

It Does Not Pay to Deal With Discover
By -

Please be aware of the ill-practices of Discover. They are nothing but crooks disguised as a reputable company. I dealt with breast cancer last year and they put me in a six month program @ 3.99% and I agreed to have the amount taken directly out of my checking account.

What they did not tell me was that it was only a six month program, so when the 7th month came and they money was not taken I called them. They told me my account was past due and my interested rate jumped to about 18%. I have been unable to get any cooperation from them in terms of decreasing my interest rate.

I pay more than my minimal payment every month and I have been unable to make a dent in the balance. They are rude and uncaring. Please do us all a favor and don't do business with them and tell everyone you know the truth about Discover, they are nothing but crooks.

Deceptive Balance Transfer Rate
By -

February, 2010: Discover Card advertises "transfer your high-rate balances to a lower rate" and offers a 6-month balance transfer rate of 9.99%. After this six month period, Discover informs you, the rate for the transferred balance jumps to the standard rate for purchases. Notwithstanding the somewhat high initial balance transfer rate, this seems pretty standard.

However, the current interest rate for purchases is only 12.99% (on Discover Card, anyway), and, if you're not careful you'll miss that Discover is also charging an immediate "transfer fee" of 5% of the total amount transferred. Note that there is NO UPPER LIMIT on this 5% fee. So, if you transfer $5,000, you immediately pay $250 in fees; if you transfer $10,000, you immediately pay $500 in fees. Effectively, you're paying 14.99% to start on this balance transfer "deal," which jumps up to 17.99% after the six-month "deal" period expires.

Discover Card - Disgraceful!
By -

After 22 years with Discover Card, NEVER a late payment, they suddenly decided we were a "high risk" and dropped our credit line over eleven thousand dollars. And WHY did they do this? Because we actually began using the card more often due to a temporary zero interest rate offer.

Now, get this: Discover crushed our credit line because we actually did what they, and All Credit Card Companies, want their customers to do - WE USED THEIR CARD! But in addition to this cardinal sin, we opted to make minimum payments while the interest was at zero percent, thus freeing up a little money for other things rather than paying off a debt of interest free money. This is a common money management scheme. We thought we were doing the right thing.

So, now the account person we spoke to says we'll have to RE-APPLY for our previous credit amount to be reinstated. That's an insult. What have we done to deserve this disgraceful service? I mean, other than paying Discover Card in full and on time for over two decades. What more do they expect?

So I Called Discover to Pay Off My Balance and Close Account
By -

I called Discover to close my account. I asked how much I owed to close everything with them. I paid the amount and what did I get in the mail 3 days later? A bill for the finance charge of the month. I called and they said, "Well they should have added that to your balance." No budging on this after they just raised my rate from 8 percent to 18 percent. I was a loyal customer for 8 years and they screwed me twice before I left them.

Also, I had accumulated 30.00 in bonus back money. Since it's not at $50 I could not use that to my balance. Screwed again! OK, so now I have to get a gift card. I will take the Lowe's hardware store gift card, NOT you must have $45 to get that card. Screwed again! I hate Discover and have to admit I dream about doing bad things to them. I would never go that far but I understand if others do. I plead with everyone to never do business with Discover. They will screw you royally.

By -

I just talked to Discover Card in Delaware. We were 2 days late on our payment last month because they moved our due date from the 10th of the month to the 6th. Now understand, we do not have a large balance, about $500. We were notified that our interest rate has been raised to prime plus 27.99%. We immediately notified them that we would not accept this change and they could cancel the card. We paid off the balance except for a $12 disputed item.

Prime plus 27.99% should be against the law. Everyone I have talked to has agreed to cancel their Discover Card. Any company that would charge anyone that interest rate should be put out of business, that is corporate greed at its worst. I hope everyone takes a stand and cancels their Discover Card. Based on responses, you missed the point. I screwed up by not noticing the change in due dates, a given. Any company that would charge anyone prime plus 27.99% is out of control and should be avoided by everyone. To charge that interest rate should be criminal, besides the $39 late fee.

Discover Card Is the Worst Card Ever. Please Don't Get One
By -

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- I have a Discover Card and I have only been late on my payment once this year and they called me at work which is stupid because they charge almost a $40.00 late fee and I really don't know how they acquired my work number. I told them to call my cell phone and take my work number out of their system. They said they have but I don't trust them. Then they tried to make me feel like crap by acting like I was struggling with my payments which isn't the case at all and tried to get me on automatic payments. My credit score is 760 and I am not a credit risk.

Now they raised my interest rate to almost 24% and won't lower it unless I make payments automatically for one year and then they will review interest rate. I've had all kinds of credit cards in the last 30 years and Discover is absolutely the worst. They call and hound you at work, home, anywhere and basically treat you like crap. They won't work with you - they just want to put the nails to you. It is all about them and they are selfish.

Using Power to Hurt the Little Ones!
By -

I have been a customer since 1989 and now facing a civil suit with Discover. My account has been closed for 6 years but cannot pay off the amount. Every month interest raises till it's 29%, late charges and over the limit charges. Tried to reasonably pay off but would not agree to lowering the amount by even a penny.

When I no longer could make payments the $2500.00 bill jumped to $6300 in less than a year and to top it off added $969.00 for the last month before starting a lawsuit. How is it legal for anyone to charge someone such an ungodly amount for no service at all!!! They can throw any dollar amount on to our bill for no reason and the courts agree!!! No one but large corporations can do this!

You Want Problems, Open a Bank Acct With Discover Bank
By -

I have never experienced the lies and B. S. in all my life in attempting to open a money market account. They received funds via a wire withdraw from my bank which they acknowledged on May 26th. As of June 9th they state that my account has a problem due to lack of signature card. Depending on whom you're talking with, they just lie to you and give you a bunch of B. S. Due to their lies and B. S. I demanded a return of my money.

Because that the deposit was over $25,000.00 they said it would take 2 to 4 business days as a manager would have to sign off. Oh and P.S. that they weren't going to charge me $20.00 for canceling the account due to the problems. Who needs this kind of B. S. and lies. I sure as hell don't. I'll never do business with them again. It's not that I'm asking for a loan. Customer service, ya if you want lies and you better call them between their working hours.

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