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Discover Closed My Current Account And Sent It To Collections
Posted by Cosselaer on 12/10/2013
I received a called from a debt collection agency asking me how I wanted to pay off my Discover Card Debt. Told them there was a mistake. Had my card since 2004 with never a late payment. Balance had been at 0 many times. Always paid more than minimum when there was a balance and my payment had just posted that day. I called Discover and after many transfers was told that they had closed my account because they discovered that back in 2008 I had filed Bankruptcy (my balance with them was 0 at the time). They never informed me, just closed it and sent to collections! They said it was policy and basically, too bad.

Now, that will show up on my credit, when I have worked hard to re-establish my credit again over these years. NEVER AGAIN. The debt collection people offered to reduce the debt and since I was going to pay Discover off in a few months, I will now pay it all off to the collection agency.


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Do Not Apply For A Discover It Student Card!!!
Posted by WritersBlock001 on 08/17/2013
TEXAS, TEXAS -- Do not apply for the Discover It Student Card! They do not have standards for approving or denying applications.

My twin sister and I will both be college freshmen in the fall. In order to start building our credit history we both applied for the Discover It Student Card. We applied on the same day with virtually the same information. Neither of us have had credit cards before. We worked at the same grocery store for the same amount of time. We have the same address, birth date, etc. Essentially, in the eyes of a credit card company, we have identical credit histories. My sister’s application was approved. My application was denied due to “insufficient credit history.” They claimed that I had to get a co-applicant.

I called the supposedly “stellar” customer service, and I was transferred from department to department. I was forced to explain my situation repeatedly and still no one was able to give me a straight answer as to why my TWIN sister with the SAME credit history was approved while I was denied. All the representatives refused to review my application again. They just kept saying I had “insufficient history” and needed a co-applicant. They refused to tell me why my sister didn’t need one even when I had her authorize them to provide us with the information. My father has had a Discover card for a while, but needless to say my entire family is leaving Discover for good.

I gave this card a chance because it’s supposed to be the best student card out there. Instead, I got horrible treatment and evasive representatives who don’t care about potential customers at all.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-08-17:
It could be anything. Did she apply for a student loan and you didn't? The two of you could look up your credit histories for free at annualcreditreport.com and see if there's something there that you didn't realize.
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One Missed Payment. My Fault Due to Temp Illness.
Posted by Ron_robinson on 07/13/2013
I missed the July 2 payment due to temp illness and loss of timely control of my accounts. Once you review my account you will see I am never late, always early with payments exceeding the minimum by 3-5 times the minimum amount. I request respect to this missed payment. If we are not able to reach an agreement to adjust my credit history with Discover, I will request my cash back bonus to be applied to balance and I will pay off the entire amount to account ending in [snip]. I will keep the card but the use of it will be minimal if at all. If I do not receive acceptable results the balance of $1811.93 minus the bonus of $35.32 will = $1776.61. this will be mailed the day I hear your reply.

If my account does not warrant your interest then we part ways.

Sincerly Ronald G. Robinson
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-07-13:
Have you called and talked with them? Most likely they will not see your complaint here. But, I have found that with an outstanding payment history as you have, most banks will give you a courtesy fee waive. But, you have to ask them for it. They've done it for me because I had a good payment history with my credit cards. Most credit card companies are allowed to give one or two courtesy waives of fees within a 12 month period. Just call and ask them, without being nasty or demanding (because they won't do it for people with attitudes, not saying you...but people in general). Let us know how it turns out. Good luck.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-14:
This "complaint" will not be acted upon by Discover, even if it is seen (unlikely).

You really are in no position to state terms, as you violated your contract. Credit companies generally do not "credit" cash back accumulations that have not reached a threshold to a balance. Those not redeemed are lost.

I pay my balance in full every month. If you are carrying a balance and you miss payments, it is bound to make the creditor nervous. Good luck.
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Discovercard Has Awful Security and Will Not Protect Its Customer From Fraud
Posted by Week12 on 05/29/2013
BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- Discover Card review:

Easy to use, even you changed your card number to stop possible fraud, the previous merchant is still able to charge you. So you will have no worry to lost your old vendors.

1. Very poor security
2. When you dispute, no matter how solid your evidence present to them, they will just ignore it. Instead, a small piece of paper from the fraud party, even the word on it has no meaning, they will use it to do their best to bring you to your vendor's knee.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-29:
Is this complaint based on a survey of complaints online, personal experience, something else? What happened?
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-05-30:
I disagree. When someone at The Disney Store stole my wife's Discover card number after she made a purchase in Massachusetts, Discover was extremely fast, polite, caring, and above all, professional in immediately cancelling the charge, advising us what to do and getting us a new card quickly. As was(dare I say it?)WalMart, which actually was on top of the situation within an hour of the unauthorized use of the card. Say what you will about WalMart's lack of customer service in the stores, but their loss prevention people are extremely able.
Posted by John on 2013-09-09:
Took out discover card at Walmart and the same day 700 miles away it was used by someone else. We never used this card for two months. Had to be the guy that made it out in Walmart. No reimbursement. Two other charges same place. Discover closed my account. Nice people.

Posted by John on 2013-09-09:
I ish that would have happened to me. Count yourself lucky.
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Fraud Prevention Failure
Posted by Jones528 on 05/25/2013
Signed up over the phone with Sightly. They advertise small business. Sightly is a scam they sell a service they don't provide as a one month trial and charge your card every month. No one answers the phone and they fight you at the credit card company. Discover was contacted the second month of these charges. They put it in dispute, then they say that Sightly has presented proof of terms and conditions. They will not consider a recuring charge as fraud.

Anyone who gets your card number can charge you as much as they like according to the discover representative Discover calls this a recurring charge and it is your problem to sort out with the merchant. In Sightly's case not answering the phones makes this difficult. Hundreds of others have the same problem with this company and it is all over the web. Discover couldn't care less.

Discover fails at fraud prevention.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 05/28/2013:
Unfortunately I do not have any of the customer's contact info to contact them directly to try to resolve this matter.

I'm sorry to hear that your experience with our service was not satisfactory. We work hard to get great results for all our local business clients and are disappointed when one is unhappy.

We create and manage local video and mobile ad campaigns for thousands of very satisfied clients every month and we understand every business is different. We also know local business owners and managers are pulled in multiple directions each day. They may not always have time to spend on marketing. We try to work closely with them, especially in the beginning of the program, to make sure things get set up right.

Then, depending on many factors like how competitive the industry is and where the business is located, results can take a little time to gain critical mass. Of course, we try to manage expectations but it's understandable most people want instant results. That may not be realistic for some businesses.

But one thing is for certain, we are here for one main reason -- to help local businesses get leads and customers. We bend over backwards to deliver results to our clients and we are proud of our team and their track record.

We tightly manage what our sales representatives say so as not to mislead prospective clients and our many thousands of happy clients would attest to the effectiveness of our program. But despite best efforts, you can't always please everyone. Dissatisfied clients can always contact me at Ryan@sightly.com and I will ensure we will do everything we can to resolve their issues to their satisfaction.

Ryan Borders
Sightly, Inc.
VP of Operations
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-25:
It sounds like your complaint is with Sigthly, not Discover.

Sightly evidently provided what Discover believes is proof that these charges are authorized by you. That is part of the process of challenging a charge - if Sightly had not presented this proof Discover would likely have sided with you.

IMO it is time to pursue Sightly.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-05-25:
Send Sigthly a certified letter cancelling the service. If they continue to charge you each month, dispute it with Discover and provide Discover a copy of the cancellation letter. And, if Discover does not take care of the erroneous charge make sure you don't pay it. Never pay something you do not owe, but in your case they are saying you did not cancel within their time limit---even tho they appear to make it difficult to cancel at any time. Never a good idea o sign up for something over the phone when they call you out of the blue.
Posted by jones528 on 2013-05-29:
I was told by the Sightly Sales rep that this was a one month set up and that they would contact me a show me the additional calls and click through advertising they were providing prior to any additional charges. Then when I got the Discover statement the next month I immediately called Sightly and Discover I was informed that they had installed two charges for two months additional service at that time $600. There is a delay between receiving your statement and the the current charges. I placed the additional two months charges in dispute at that time. I contacted Sightly by phone 6 times over the next few days and left messages at each call. I followed up with Discover a week later and at the Fraud prevention reps insistence I logged into the Sightly account and activated it and found the deactivate page and deactivated it. This was not supposed to be a recurring charge unless I authorized it. I accepted the initial trial as my mistake for $299 the three calls I received were from people looking to buy shingles not people looking for a roofer. The Fact that I was advertised as a material supplier I take as my fault for agreeing to anything over the phone. The fact that when I caught Sightly charging my account repeatedly for $299 without my authorization and Discover deciding that as it was a recurring charge I am liable. Sightly provided a terms of service doc that I was not made aware of and is the opposite of the sales reps speech, and a generic screen shot with my company name and a bogus number on it. Apparently you are liable for any merchant who decides to charge your card for services not rendered. The Discover rep Specifically stated Fraud is a stolen Card. Recurring charges are not Fraud and are the Consumers Problem. Users beware. That Sightly is a Ripoff artist is a moot point. If they were an honest company they would resolve issues. They have my account info, Email, Phone number and a discover file that they are fighting me over paying. Look Sightly up. That Discover does not provide Fraud prevention for any charge other than stolen Numbers is my complaint and the central issue. If I get your card number I can repeatedly charge it and then provide Discover with a Terms of Service document Saying it is your responsibility to contact me a month prior to me stopping charges for any service I decide to charge you for.
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Discover Facilitates Unscrupulous Merchant Charges
Posted by Carolinekuke1 on 03/06/2013
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I used my Discover Credit Card on 6/29/12 to retain the services of a merchant. He took my card and requested my signature for the $1000. retainer. I signed & we proceeded to draw up a "services agreement". On 8/10/12 an email from Discover Card notified me of additional new account balance due of $3000.The charges made by the same merchant were uninvoiced/unauthorized & alarming because the credit limit on my Discover Card was not high enough to accommodate the charges. I phoned the merchant to refute the charges & remove them from Discover Card. Office staff were unable to help and advised the merchant would get back to me the next day. For 4 days I attempted to contact the merchant & on each occasion was given a different account of the merchants' whereabouts. With increasing alarm, I contacted Discover Card by telephone & letter on 8/16/12 to alert them to my problem. Much to my shock Discover Card increased the credit limit on my account thereby accommodating the merchant's charges. In spite of my attempts to resolve the issues with the merchant and submittal of supporting documentation to Discover showing inaccuracies on invoices, Discover refuses to remove the charges.

Discover's actions in this matter have shielded the merchant from normal responsibility to justify charges and have made Discover an accomplice to the merchant's unsavory business/billing practice. I'm stressed and exhausted and need HELP! Never before experienced lack of protection & partiality to merchant.
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Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-03-06:
I had a similar experience with Discover, where the agent actually told me 'we are not going to get in the middle'. I dumped them and never looked back.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-03-06:
Three words: Small Claims Court.

Based on what you have posted it sounds like a slam dunk case (for you).
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-06:
What you describe sounds like a standard dispute, whereby you notify your credit card company that you challenge the charges. Then the credit card company asks the merchant for proof they are accurate. Unless Discover is exempt from this procedure, which would be surprising.

What kind of services was the "services agreement" for, and were the additional charges argued by the merchant to be the services in the contract? It sounds like the company that acted unscrupulously was the merchant.
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Will Not Help
Posted by Someday685 on 02/21/2013
Discover card will not work out a reduced payment plan. Over the last few years I had major surgery, was out of work for 8 months, and had physical restrictions for one year at work. The company I work for was later sold and a 5 year pay freeze has occurred with no future increase. At this point I joined a debt settlement law group to work with paying off my credit cards.

Discover refuses to negotiate with them or even me. I was put into collections soon as the debt settlement group contacted them. Its an endless circle with Discover. They will not accept or negotiate a lump sum payment (that is available at this time). They will not even contact me to negotiate. My other credit cards are working with the program.

I am an older person with mild disabilities - where I still work but loose about 4 intermediate days unpaid a month. Help!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2013-02-21:
You could possibly give a try contacting the corporate headquarters of Discover Financial Services (2500 Lake Cook Rd., Riverwoods, IL 60015) at [224] 405-0900 or [847] 317-9480 and see if they want to deal with you. If not, then they'll just have to get paid when you can or not at all.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-02-21:
I think it would be great if they would work with you, but it doesn't seem fair to bad-mouth them because they expect you to pay back the money you borrowed from them.
Posted by Slimjim on 2013-02-21:
Credit card issuers HATE debt settlement companies, and Discover is notorious for being very candid about it. I'm sure your DS firm said otherwise, but facts are, lenders don't appreciate outside firms that collect big fees out of their account holders for the purpose of forcing or stoking a default as to try and get the upper hand. I'm glad your other lenders are settling, as it sounds your settlement plan may work out better than average when it comes to success, but when the day is done, Discover is under no obligation to take a dime less than what you owe them and it's hard to fault them otherwise.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-21:
I don't believe Discover has a responsibility to agree to the kind of arrangement you suggest, unless it is in your contract. That is what governs your relationship with the people you borrowed money from. Your personal circumstances are unfortunate, but they does not change the contract.

If the "lump sum" you refer to is the full amount that you owe, I am confident they would accept it. But if you want them to accept less than what you owe them, I can see that would be a definite issue.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-02-21:
The personal problems of a debtor is not the concern of the credit card company. They simply want the debtor to pay what the debtor agreed to pay when the credit card company GAVE THEIR MONEY to the debtor.

While it might be nice if they helped, it is certainly not a bad reflection on them if they do not. Perhaps the OP could seek bankruptcy to eliminate the debt.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-02-21:
These DR companies almost never explain to the debtor that for every dollar that gets written off, the debtor has to pay incomes taxes on the amount. Just when some poor schmoe thinks they are getting ahead, they get slammed with a tax lien. Good luck getting the IRS to work with one of these companies.
Posted by Churro on 2013-02-21:
The debtor doesn't necessarily *HAVE* to pay taxes on *EVERY* dollar forgiven. There are exceptions most notably the debt was canceled when you were insolvent. If you do get a 1099-C don't panic. Find a good tax man who will probably be able to minimize a great deal of the taxes owed. Also despite populace rhetoric the IRS will make a deal on taxes especially if you are financially unable to pay them. Happens every day.

Discover is tenacious about collections and is more apt to sue you than any other credit card issuer and they come prepared with complete documentation like no other. And they almost always win judgment and that's when the fun begins because they are just as diligent at collecting their judgments. Don't mess with Discover.

Depending upon your situation you might consider bankruptcy as an option. I know it's tough but hang in there and stay on top of things. Everything will work out in the end. Hang in there.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-02-21:
You know how to get them to start LISTENING to you? Do what i did. Stop paying, and ignore their phonecalls and letters in the mail for a while.....THEN they will start sending you offers to settle the account. Sometimes you have to get mean and play hardball like they do.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-02-21:
Oh and it WILL affect your credit, though so as long as you are not worried about your credit score going down, do what I did.
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Posted by Susanglmn695 on 10/16/2012
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- We took out a loan with Citibank for my son's freshman year of college. My son ended up dropping out for medical reasons. We set auto payment through Citibank and first payment was late. They reported us to credit union. Shortly after Citi sold loans to Discover Bank. We made our payments on time and in July of 2012, we decided to pay down the loan. Bill said amount to pay and we spoke to an agent to get full amount. We made the total payment we understood to be the payout amount. Now in October we started getting numerous calls from an 800 number, which everyone knows are either sales calls or someone annoying. They finally left a message and I called them back. Evidently we owed them $270 more because interest was continuing to rack up until they received our full payment. No one left a message or sent a bill and we thought this loan was paid. The harassment at all hours of the day and night was relentless and unbearable. We felt that it was not fair to come after us for such a small amount when we were not told about it until know. We said we would not pay it so the operator threatened us with credit report and that the so- called account would continue to accrue interest damaging our credit and that they would continue to make phone calls until we paid this small amount.

These banks sell loans to each other and you have no choice in the matter. The operators at Discover are trained to harass, coerce and say anything to get you to pay what they say you owe. This experience was a nightmare and dealing with them was like dealing with automated airheads who say they will do an investigation of all taped phone calls only for another uniformed operator to call back within the hour. DO NOT use Discover for any banking, loans or any financial transactions of any kind. They are incompetent idiots and worse the poor people who they train to harass you have no power to help you. Additionally, no supervisors were ever available. I highly recommend against getting involved with this institution, or do it at your own peril. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-10-16:
How much time elapsed between your payoff amount request, and Discover Bank receiving the funds?
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Posted by Cumminsv55 on 07/23/2012
SALT LKE CITY, UTAH -- Discover Card Legal Dept.
P. O Box 30421
Salt Lake City Utah 84130-0421

Attention: Supervisory of phone negotiations.

This letter is to inform you of questionable practices of phone negotiations which have possibly resulted in the violation of truth.

An agreement was reached in a telephone negotiation for debt settlement on the account of myself (the client). In that agreement I (the client) agreed to direct electronic payment which has been in effect for at over a period of years to this point. In addition several additional payments have been made outside of the agreement to assist in a rapid settlement of account.

Upon receiving statements with an interest rate of 28.99 % I (the client) phoned several times to negotiate a no interest applied rate to decrease the payoff time of the debt. I (the client) was informed this would beonly possible based on past good faith practices (PRACTICE PROVIDED) and as myself (the client)would be receiving an adjustment to interest on further statements. This was stated in conversation with two separate rep’s at Discover and presumably approved.

This was a proposal offered in original agreement, if good faith payments were applied, a no interest payment plan would be considered.

I (the client)find these practices to be unclear to either your staff or organizational levels of understanding as to authority, to grant conditions or modifications of agreements, all while offering assurances to clients actions are duly noted and applied to account. FRAUDULENT and/or IN-APPROPRIATE

For a considerable amount of time I (the client) am receiving an interest rate posted at 28.99%

I (the client) request or demand by clients rights, that the account be researched for participating rep’s, recorded conversations, call communication logs, notations to account, etc. seeking proof of conversations and actions as promised.

It is expected this matter will be researched and resolved immediately.

I (the client) await your immediate findings as I (the client) believe Finance Center rep’s have violated the truth, of individual authority to negotiate, approve, rectify or modify agreements on these matters.

Letter submitted threetimes NO REPONSES.

This letter forwarded to CA State AT&T Gen Offices and FDIC.

They only back Banks not consumers
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Posted by Maryhouck on 07/14/2012
Just received your newsletter, thank you so much for keeping your consumers
informed, this was a great help. i have been a card member for many years.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-14:
It's very good of you to take the time to compliment Discover Card for service you appreciated!
Posted by chris on 2012-09-26:
Just wanted to say that I found the newsletter very informative. I see so many use the Wi-Fi in public places and have thought of also doing so. I don't think I will now. My friend has also advised about using the public Wi-Fi NOT TO! Thanks
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